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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 18, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we're out of time . thanks for taking the call roblox get back in our studio in 5% tenebrae francophiles i love you america. lo hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro along with jessica roloff. joey jones. they can make valid right out ofwi this and in front of the teleprompter. it's five o'clockits in new yor city and i'll bet you don'tt know where this is. this is aboutyohe five presiden right. and pepsi with the mediafl and lying his butt off about inflation, the commander in chief claims he deserves no blame whatsoever for
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the economy while denying his reckless spendingg led tori record prices. quote the idea t that it caused inflation is bizarre. if it's my fault, why is itwh the other major industrial? why is it the case that in every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher? you asked yourself i'm not being a wise guy at the end of the quote peter doocy pressing the white house on that whopperm of a claim. >> he says that inflation is worse everywhere but here that's, not true . u.s. says worse inflation in germany, france, japan, canada, india, italy, saudisa arabia, which i think what we are saying is that when we talk about inflation, it is a global thing and it is not just about the united states. this is something that everyone is feeling becauseth of comingts out of once 1% once in a lifetime pandemic because of the war that russia has started in ukraine. th
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and after blabbinge away to the ap, it seems like those close to the president didn'tan want him to do any more talking . >> we're of the 100% the white house is also now considering trying to buy voters off by sending americans gas rebate cards to offsett the surgees in prices. there's so. many places i can start, but i'm not starting with you, greg, because you put your hand in front ofpu the telephonet so we can startp with you. so the president says pacifically if it's my fault,t why is it the case in every other major industrial countryry in the world that inflation is higher now? they can make every choice
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they want, but he lied.. he lied or he's incompetent, which is the most surprising thing is that she didn't make a good excuset so many ways to spin it that she could have found some little small group of countriesfa that havebe something in common and say butt we're better than they are. and that's what i happened. and so, you know, so maybe there's another job out there for maybe trying to get rid of me. no getting a lot of people could do better from that podium, i think i think jen psaki, tremendous job now to have something to compare it to. but listen, i saw a video on instagram of all places that have congressman nice enough guy. i don't. know much about him, but he's real. and janet yellen and he gets t her to admit that theirhe strategy for reducing inflation in part is to reduce the deficit because that's one of the things they think they've gotten right and whendu you look at how they reduce deficit, it's laughable. but if reducing deficit reduces inflation, then it doesn't takel a very smart person to say that increasing government spending maybe increases inflation. t and really wish you would have driven that point home because
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i think that's the point that if you've janet yellen to admit, then joe biden does have to accept responsibility for the majority of this problem. you know, any leader worth his or her salt would admit would empathize and would offer a solution. this president is incapablere as much as people ought to empathize about covid is incapable of acceptingobit the t that he is responsible for what happened to this economy and is doing nothing as he continues to trash fossil fuels. well, he isn'til f wrong and karine jean-pierre isn't wrong as well that this is a global problem. tr buty he is the president of one country. no, but no, you can't just e leave it atve that . he said every other major t country he misspoke on that. i have learned there are some that are i don't know, no model. i like what you're elected to office. there are i want to see countries doing better than we are in the whole world is
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what we're familiar with , you know. but how many countries are we sitting here ? because last week you threw out a lesson in the philippines on philippines is not related at all to what's going on here in the us countries that are related germany, the uk, netherlands, they need brazil. p they are spain nine point eight percent. netherlands nine point seventy eight point five one. you know that's a lie. it's if you think of the lie to me has malicious intent. the president should not haveay said that . he should say we are facing a global challengeng. wewe are running basically in te middle of the pack here , the economic situation that they're in and say you have no responsibility. for this , but i don't't think you should have no responsibility for and to see what he's trying to do. it'sra just strange to me. i guess you could call say and be screaming you're a liar. or you're incompetent. obviously he just he doesn't want to acknowledge that thingst
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that he did ended up pushing us in this direction and people from his former team, certainly people in the administration have written off as about and said that we spent too much. janet yellen has admitted that she wanted the american rescue to be at half the size that it ended up being.. that is a fine argument to make to adults in this country who understand generally speakingea that we are part of a globalized economy, that we needed a bailout toy. some degree, but perhaps it went too far . and i think that changingng courseth on that and showing that covid empathy from the campaign trail would benefitrail him but is back is p against the wall and he doesn't want to do it. so okay, all right. so be so tone deaf and so clueless that he's now hosting a meeting. greg, on climate change when people can't afford gas to drive or work. well, i think that's that's the bigger story i'm with jessica on this the accusing politicians of lying is like accusing birds of chirping.
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it's just in their dna. i will i have to point out that we are part of a globalized economy, but we have to remember that as america goes, so goes the world. i think biden likes to pretend that it's the reverse. but no, it's like when we do well, they do well. when we do poorly, they do. poorly. >> so it's like the inflation our high inflation is kind of responsible for a lot of other high inflation. and i'm saying s that as a fauci economic economicus i'm an economic blame game. this is where the blame game i think matters to your question the way the white house has the hierarchy needs backwards. all we want right now when we talk about food on the table, fuel in your car , law and order on the street and your hierarchy of needs, that's what people want. not solar panels, not cricketg recipes, not drag shows for kids. those are all, the fun things
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you can have when everything else is great. okay, you knowe what i in the hierarchy of needs you have toha have the food, the fuel, the law and orderve. let's talk about sending drag drag performers to grade schools. but don't do that right now when people are suffering worse. we have replaced self-reliance with self actualization. so a lot of these young people in the white house, they don't know how to solve s actual problems. however, need an instagram photo during a special month or a special day and you can sayu you know what to say that they can do they can ask that .ou but if you talk about gas priceses or if you talk about baby formula, if you talk about war , if all these bigger issues, they do not know what to do. and the real example, they just appointed kamala harris to run another like on anti online harassment board and it's likeny that does nothing to helpbo anybody that is like again this kind of virtue signaling external behavior that is just purely symbolic and no practical value. what's every judge i love
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your jacket. it's very colorful. i can tell you're not impressed with me, but that's okay. it's friday. okay, take it. listen, you're really you're the numbers person. you're the economist. i don't buy it. you know what ? to me, someone who is the president of the greatest country on earth has ans obligation to be truthful to the people who voted for him, the eighty million who voted for him. all right. so when he comes out and says don't blame me, you know, blame putin, i don't see anybody running around saying, you know, that putin, he's responsible for this . and he says inflation is worse everywhere but here . and then he talks about the fact that , you know, he says that the american that he inherited a bad economy ,he inherited a bad economy, he inherited an economy that was recovering from covid and he underco brags about jobjo
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creation. we're still shortb . it's roughly about eight hundred thousand jobs from we're not back to theck employment we haddo before the covid lockdown's. but what joe joe biden's strategy is going to be to jackie jaw and flap is gone and talk and and moan and get mad . then he should come out and say i will veto anything that will increase government spending for the foreseeablet future until we get inflation under control and that means the student the moratorium on student loan payments. that's money that's going to rich kids who are doctors and lawyers that runs until at least august. you watch will probably wind up extending it so he could atng least do that . but they're taking it one step further. this is the levelonon of idiocy that we're talking about from this white house. they're talking from about gasta rebates. this is what anybody in that white house knows. this from the econn 101nd
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that they took an undergraduate school. the dumbest thing that you when you're trying to fight inflation do not give money out to buy a commodity that is in limited supply that you already havece access demand. they're literally handing money to peopless to just demand when supplies are tight. yeah, that is beyond baronetcy and they will continue to do this . they probably already in a recession it's going to take a deep recession to fix this inflation and joe biden will own it all day long every day because he reappointed jay powell as the head of the federal reserve whenve he could have fired him and they and they i'm notec saying they're going to understand the economy any better, but you guys just expandedus vocabulary by about. twelve words. >> so what ? here's another one in i'm calling it the end biden session because stagflation is n not going to be enough. it's inflation with biden . crhe middle and a recession
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the birdcage is now on sale for a limited time so hurry go online today that we are dot .com. >> what is that . pro-life groups under attackck by left wing agitators. but biden l and the democrats could not care less radical pro-abortion and group change revenge encouraging the violence after declaring
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open season on pro-life clinics, the fbi is finallyng taking action and investigating these crimess. we'll see if they actually do anything. this comes as we learn that the majority of democrats are okay with intimidating supreme court justices that their home. 58% say it's appropriate toes protest outside of their houses. and new calls for attorneyyne general merrick garland to resign for the doj s inaction. the threats republicans demanding that the ag act what you are seeing is violence. >> it should be investigated if it werein other groups that are supporting the left and they were experiencing this kind of violence and harassment, they would have immediate been investigated and action would have been takened without delay. but since it is pro-life affiliated groups and religiouss organizations, this doj has not done it's illegal to protest
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in front of a justice's crime. >> you know, there's a reason for that . why why can't we go to the anybody who is but you know, for this protesting outside their homesti, put your money where your mouth is and put your address up so we can go to your house. the problem is, is that we won't go to your house because we have lives like conservatives and republicans. they know they're not going to go to liberal judges house and bother them because they're not losers. this is the people that are going to people's houses are losers and it is illegal. and the fact that garland hasn't done anything he's ath loser. they're all losers. that'ser my word for friday also isn't the amazing how the media believe that trump was a threat to institution and yet what'sns under attack right now? erthe supreme court, which is an institution you could throw the electoral college could throw border patrol lawer enforcement the relationship
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between parent child, all of these traditional elements of society are under attack under a democrat white house. now you can break the law and show up at the supreme court justices house to intimidate them. you can manipulate court decisionsla with acts with choreographed leaks that undermines the institution ,not trump and judge. the justice department is using a similar statute under which protesting in front of a justices or even a judge's is illegal and it's picketing and parading and the justice department is using a similar statute, same crime to prosecute people for just beingl on the grounds of the capitol during a riot but not going after people who are essentially threatening supreme court justices. and that's exactly the problem. we have a justice department that does not believe in the the equal application of the law. they decide when they're going to enforce the law and againstgu whom they will enforce that law
2:20 am
. they have proved it over and over again. the unfortunate part of this is that something like 55% of americans think it's absolutely inappropriate to protestho in front of the justices homes.e it's not just inappropriate, it's outright illegal. it's title 18 section fifty no. seven . i so what we've got here is a mob. iss a mob that is being sanctioned by the white house, by the white house press officer because every time they were asked to questiony jen psaki would say and the green as well, although she's not as clear as as jen was, you know, we believe in peaceful protests. that was like the summer offikof 2020. these are peaceful protests. they got fires and burning buildings behind them. the left is the party of anarchy, chaos and the disruption of institution who were engaged in theater where they're trying to convince the american january 6th without the disruption of an institution. and i came out and said they should be prosecuted.
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butey what they're doing'r right now, the people from january six for trespassing, they're in solitary confinement for six months and but these people the attempted assassination of a supreme court justice, don't worry about it. we won't even cover it on the news. americans need to understand that we're at a tipping point here . the left does not believe in justice. it does not believe in law and order and they hated it from the moment donald trump mentioned it in twenty sixteen just a this jane'sne revenge, this group that the what's the line if abortionsedta aren't safe then you aren't>> either the justice department could potentially prosecute that group in under rico statutes if they are if they can prove it. it's an enterprise that affects and theye commerce use the interstate commerce. there's a really low barmm to charge and crimes against that . ifng they cared, they could evo use that to bring charges to keep them away from justice's home or and stop them from bomb
2:22 am
fire bomb and these it's already illegal to be in front of a judge, but the pregnancy center is firebombed over an fbi investigation into what's gone on at>> t these pregnancy centers and also a series of attacks against faith based groups and churches. so that is happening. it'll continue to pressure merrick garland. i don't think of merrick garland as someone who thinks that this is appropriate at all. we know that it is a violation of the law to be protesting outside of their houses like that . they deserve the protection that frankly was in the bill that everyone thought was bipartisan. now the gop is opposing seemingly because clerks are beingec protected as well. they're holding it up and i don't know if that's just because they think that the leaker would then get protection just like the security that the supreme court justices wouldldseou. but that's something we knowth actually what he said. but this ise, the bill right noc whichever one every republican is saying we need is being held up i by the republicans, not by i have something to say about this loser and the law that info because yesterday we just said the oppositett.
2:23 am
well, you don't need a bill. you'vee got a law on the books right now. merrick garland doesn't buy it. why aren't those two blunderer stop with the nonsense and not enough of the nonsense aboutut how it's leftists that are l the let me tell you why i would argue against that . so first of all, there's a new jersey federal judge after a liberal whose son was shot and killed and her husband was shot by a men's rights activist' that was not someone from the loony left that was an anti feminist. the judge is not. and for those you can't see her on air say, well, what about bernie sanders? said i completely against what happened. i'm sorry that you support trying to judge. my point is that it's not just okay, they go to say this part since roe v. wade was made into law, the pro-life groups havee in the name of being pro-life committed eleven murders. twenty six attempted murders for kidnapingsted. forty two bombings. ng six hundred and sixtymb seven bomb threats and one hundred and eighty nine arsons.
2:24 am
do not tell me that those t people are a bunch of left out of those mind. those are right wingers. here's wilson. radical george w. bush's administration arrested eric rudolph, put him behind bars for the rest of his life where he spends forty three hours a day in solitary confinement and if they could have, they probably would have killed him because what he deserved because w of the crimes he committed murdering people and threatening people. by the way, that was 30 years ago. and roe versus wade is still the law of the land that make change. but for thirty years his acts of terrorism didn't change that . soen for the james revenge out there, understand that the only thing that will comenderpaf this is you will go to prison or youou will die and that'ses what you will deserve if you hurtrt people and try to bring terrorism into our political system. and i don't know whyor, citing however many attempts of right wing people who should also be in jail or given the death penalty people people denaturalizes out with merit. oh , it was this is only a 50%
2:25 am
outside of justice is why are they less violent? why are they after arrest? they don't have to be violent, right? yeah. for more than a dozen attacks. you've got to go back fifty years to make it about conservative and not about and not about the left with your family in the last two years again. fifty years we got to go back and count that because of the more than a dozen casesthe that we have of 11 recently had to go back in history really something like fifty years. fifty years just to blame it on the rightt. guy right there. elon musk takes on the workers of twitter. on >> find out what he said to themem next on them. >> if you have age related macular degeneration, there's only so much time before it
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>> elon musk addressing e the woke employees over at twitter for the firstth time since the company agreed to a forty four billion dollars takeover. the world's richest man talking about everything from free speech to aliens. leaked video of the meeting was obtained by project veritas. but fox can independently verify it. >> let's check it out. i think it's essential to have free speech and court and be able to communicate communicate freely within a month multiple opinions, but just make sure we're not sort of driving narrative. how many times has the media gotten it right? i almost never not never but almost never reached out on twitter for comment about the meeting. but we haven't heardmm back judn one of the things he kept going i'm sorry, are you ready toad go ? yeah, well, he said he believed in freeing up speech allay the way to the point is legally
2:31 am
same . there's a difference between potentially harmful and legalbes fauci says it was it should be allowed on twitter. a surprisetenot call. the first amendment. this is the united states of ta. america. hehe believes in it. , i mean, obviously if it's defamatory, go through someone i and that's what that's with johnny depp that they want and that's the end of it. but what stuns me about this guy is he's got everybody coming after right. and we only know what we can see and what we hear about you going after him every which way i thinkic he's a fascinating character. i think that i don't know that it's so much about him or his ego. i think he just has like his moral core and he's goingd to stick with it. and what i think is most fascinatingg about him is that he wants he briefly diverted the conversation into discussion. and greg, i want toio known what you think about this about aliens and human consciousness. >> movecons. so i pick up on that as well. elon musk is a like me,n a believer in the simulation. >> the fact that we are all
2:32 am
part of the matrix. the matrix. i hate using the matrix though as an analogy, but that's the best way to do it, i guess. >> but he is it's interesting that the the, the world's richest person is red pilled. i mean it is pretty and it's like there's no turning back for him what his political views are. and he said moderate, which is how someone says conservative when they're talking exact. i meante he's definitely changed and it's weird he's doing these things because employees have certain concerns about certain things that they shouldn't be concerned aboututsh if you'rf you're coming to work, you know, looking for a sense of belonging and good vibes and love, i would suggest you start a family. >> i had a conversation with somebody i don't know . o it was i know it's not that easy, but i mean, it's good.d., i mean, i think like family of friends, it doesn't have to be i hate community but i'm a but i'm what i'm saying iss ifta i talk to peoplelk about
2:33 am
this only happens in liberal organizations, even in charitiesral , they will hire young liberals. right. who see their work as a platform for their self-esteem and self actualization. not really for helping or actually doing any work at all.t so they end up spending out ofho eight hoursur a day of their tie thinking about themselves and thinking about their feelingsbo. that's what you're seeing is that traditional boss and elon musk who's saying i don't havet time for this. if you write an open letter on spacex saying you wish i'd be nicer on twitter your frier because you know, you probablyob did that alan work time and you and you and you did an open letter which is also just bogus. and we you don't take don't air your your company's laundry in public, which is'sbl what happened to the washington postic taking in the other big hot topic for employees. they were worried about getting laid off and about in not being able to work from home. he just simply said, look,ar we're spending more money than we're making. e it has to be financially successful. it is a business. there's a difference between making cars. you have to be at work and doing twitter. and he said exceptional employees might be able to work from home. >> what do you think about
2:34 am
that ? i think that ifom you're are working from home, you're cherkin because i'm old and i think you get getng at work. >> why are you in this? i'm the one who shop at your house in the middle of o the day wanting to know if you even putf pantsyo on to go to work. i do not know if you work at twitter and you want to. elon musk has promised to pour resources into twitter and makeo it a more open platform and if that chaps your backside and you want to leave twitter, it's better for twitter. elon musk f and the entire united states of america and the fact that these tate these twitter employees are so hard. you're talking about the blog, their own bloated self-importance. elon musk doesn't careown . , he doesn't know their last names. he's like i got a robot army of automobile sales and i'm shooting rockets into the sky of twitter. r it's like not even my snack between breakfast and lunch on a wednesday. you o know, just one day he did say he said there's definitely
2:35 am
freedom of speech and freedom of speech. and really what he's saying is we don't have to ban donald trump to keep from amplifying if we don't agree with thewen'ru message, is he really even doing trying to do something all that radical or just stay in the headlines a little bit? >> well, i don't think it's that radical. if there is a way to create a place what i call the ideas or the i forget his original terminology, that's what these's places should be and frankly,yo most people agreeu with that. if you ask them and there's this has always been a very aggressive movement of an isolated groupve of blue checkmarks that wield tremendous online power but not real power. we saw that at the ballot box is what happened with joe biden winning the democratic primaryli that everyone was screaming online. it's got to be elizabeth warren, got tonebe aer be bernie sanders. and then people werele like actually we're the ones that are gonna show up at the polls and we're telling you it's going to be this guy. so i don't have a problem with public. i do think it is weird timing
2:36 am
and i understand that space x is a private company in an open letter is notacac necessarily the best way to go about this . butti the timing of that leaked video of him talking this way and then firing those people who are speaking out against him within his own organization doesn't feel completely kosher to me.i i think you probably could have used that as an example to amplify his free speech. youo. could create an at least thing go to twitter and tweetin about it or it could themg angry motorists confront climate wackos blocking traffic in a mustst see fastness. >> this is also this isn't just free . free . these aren't their promises, promises cpac meets with a time and a place they've been promising from'r everything because it means everything to you, buddy.
2:37 am
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the brain cpac is i know you already got the filthy part out . now there's more going to get rid part of treasure here week are going to help. >> you're doing great, sweetie. facing the first episode exclusively on fox .com. welcome back to the fastest first step climate after
2:41 am
blocking traffic on a busy road and road learning the hard way to not mess with angry italian motorist saw this little girl from galina is amazing. in case you didn't hear that ,. that is a judge cackling and she loves cigaret smellis that is definitely in my world. everything about that . he evenn being polite. he was polite. sorry. is there a question on the table just watch you that it's so much fun. one of the chicksuch gets pulled by her hair is even better. i obviously there's peoplein that are better. you know, this is something and somebody could be going with emergency. you know what this is?
2:42 am
this is proof that sometimes violence is the answer. er yes, p i right. i wouldn't call that violence. i would call a concert just probably you could argue there's somebody that could lose their life that's in traffic right now. that's what i think because they having a baby. yeah. this is in rome., it's the busiest not the loop around rome. i willro only add one thing. well, there they should be rome and it was in trouble again like you take it out. the traffic in out of my way. if it was the u.s. though, they kept walking back into the road and blocking traffic again, we would havein thrown gy i want this guy i was with my g neighboruy. he's got a cigaret you know, he's got no time for this. he probably got something frozen in his truck. he's got to get like that . but why don't we why would people think this helps the coffee? what think why do people why do people think this helps your cause? it makes your cause sole unlikable? why does that not happen in the united states? whwhat have i united states it
2:43 am
actually does. but somebody some beefcake in a pickup truck shows up and picks all them up and throws them in the bed of a pickup truck and drives off to ensure they don't keep blocking traffic. oh my gosh. alldo well so and finally rest easy history. kim kardashian did not destroyoy marilyn monroe's dress. people have been accusingnr a reality star of damaging the historic 60 year old gown after she dallah posting these before and after photos as proof. but the owner of the dress, ripley's believe it or not sayse no damage was done to the well. michael moore said disagrees some of the things first of all, what is she doing in marilyn monroe's dress? she's the modern day marilyn monroe, she says a symbol embroiled by controversy that goes straight to the wire. the only people who should be marilyn monroe's dress is the kennedy. was this just an excuse to show you? but it's very c0. yeah. yeah, yeah.
2:44 am
i mean, to me that's desperation. oh , i want to be in marilyn monroe's gets her own dress. i have spent way too much of my life thinking about this dress and staring at kimin kardashian well body in her brand>>, her brand and it's beefcake in a pickup truck of shadow twitter account just like i don't like i don't know that i hate to do this , but the segment is no fan mail friday. is that okay? brady can be listed as the only really cool 66000 of your firm. actually anybody who owns prophage worth about 90%. there's no other crime that it's so easy until you're
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2:46 am
day tony fauci lost the mortgage. your title non stop alerting you to suspicious activity. you need a warning note that this first step can happen even stop the rest meet here hearing he signed up for a long time lock and was immediately alerted to suspicious activity. so i received the report and saw hey i have a lien against my property i didn't know about. we got it fixed right away and if you call in the next 15 minutes and promo code you'll receive your first thirty days . absolutely free to do your right if you me i mean nrsc go one more call now 1-800- three four four one five and to to the district in the
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get minion net, with speeds of up to one minion bite per hour. [ low screaming ] but that was an epic fail. with xfi we can stream, share, swipe, like... impress your mom with super-sonic wifi. it's unbeatable internet for a more unbeatable gru. i mean, you. time so go online today that blue .com oh exciting for today. all right. fanmail friday is a great question for moretta. what is the one thing you never thought you'd need and now you just can't live without it and injections in the face really? oh yeah. never thought he just went for it. yeah yeah. that stuff shot in the face. >> i need it. it's always well congratulations 92 .'m it's amazing. joey vfp barking or as some
2:49 am
call it a handicap pass. yeah right up front of it. t that's fantastic.. i think you earned it. yes. definitely. >> is someone necessary. yeah yeah.yo yeah.u, what about you jessica? earplugs. i startedd using them in 2008 and now even if i'm by myself, no noise, anything. >> i cannot sleep without them . >> and judge, what is one thing you can't live without? you never thought and you can save me. i think he had two minutes and told me okay, i'm thinking coffee. i need to i'm startco drinking e too. i would like ng for eight. wow. s soo it's about three years ago when i worked at a coffee. yeah i'm fox and friends you know i'm up every morning. i watch it religiously. i love the kind of sultry sounds of kilmeade and deucy bouncing off each other and the comedic expertise of ainsley earhardt. i watch every single morning without fail.
2:50 am
i can't live without it that your next question from ricky what's the best thingne you've gotten at a yard sale or a flea market? denuke don't you go to flea markets, jessica? you probably did you brooklyn flea markets i betle more manhattan going toam brooklyn for the flea market. yeah, but yes, i have a great pair of levi's. i buy one from a flea marketfr and i don't understand i hateom when people say it's gross. yeah. where previously she's about six so i , i just put my word. > you taking it judge you were thinking oh what did i respect . yes. she said jeez it might be okay. i was i was i remember i was in law school and there's nothing funny about it butut i remember there was a crystaltt perfume bottle and it wasle twow dollarsas and i remember buying it from my mother. i was so excited that i got what i thought was a deal
2:51 am
and when my mom passed a couple of years ago, i remember finding it on heron dresseron and it was one ofe those moments. oh , that's beautiful. there you go . well, can't top that, joey. i can tell ever pair ofr underwear socks i had grown up came about from a flea market, really went over by the fairground there in georgia. so yeah, that flea markets down south are not of had a hand it on a boat so different they're not you know. as but the best thing was my first shotgun blast from the flea market didn't have to do a background check. >> jessica has never hurt anybody. youu go and nothing nothing bad is around a fairground, right? nothing but good things comeme out of o a fairground and get some from fairground. are you kidding? well, it comes to the towno i locked it. there's a lot don't badmouth the carnies. well, yeah, there's a lot of vomit around fairgrounds because people eat too much and ride the carnival whatever flea market yard sale. yeah. flea market>> on sixth avenue. i went down there when i moved to new york thirty years agoth thinking i was going to meet mickey rourke just like a nine
2:52 am
and a half weeks. >>an but i didn't yeah. anyway i did first my first apartment on the got the lead market. yeah i picked up a mickey rourke at a flea market. i think mic i got there was likn indian head nickel. >> i thought that was a big n deal back thenic. did you like american buffalo. no. oh because that was all aboutt an indian had claimed. well thank you foror that information jessica. >>rg quickly forget it in this break. that's hey look, it's friday. >> would you expect one more thing is up next right now 75% week and now they're rehearsing. their classics with a class because they're classic sweet onion sauce is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak. terry, we've got a refresh to line.
2:53 am
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♪ >> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing. greg, hit it. >> greg: what a great show on tonight gutfeld kat timpf dagen.
2:57 am
i do a lot of live shows up in connecticut and then in houston, texas smart financial center. but releasing our tour trailer just to show you what it is like to go to my show. roll the trailer ♪ ♪ >> greg: right over here, ladies. how are you doing? ♪ ♪ >> we're so excited. we watch greg every night. >> greg: ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together, greg gutfeld. >> greg: it's becoming part of the identity circle. >> greg gutfeld. >> greg: it's that bummer jesse isn't here i want to rub his face in it. jean join i won't be at fox wood october 1st nashville tomorrow at the road to majority conference. fox nation is streaming the
2:58 am
conference. i was there actually one year ago to the day. road to majority is all about the faith and freedom coalition. there i am from last year with ralph reed, jason williams from north carolina. it's a great group. it's a graduate roots organization. conservative activist who fight for their values, fight for the country and fight for religion. so, watch it on fox nation. road to majority and i will be there in nashville and dagen? >> dagen: babies are evil and i have the proof. greg was talking about it earlier. watch this. [laughter] 7-month-old baby pulls a chair out from under her day care teacher. >> judge jeanine: that is amazing. >> dagen: can't even walk. >> greg: filming it, too. that is crazy. >> i watched that on a loop even before my one more thing. >> not as exciting as the italians. >> jessica, go ahead. >> so finally allowed to do a
2:59 am
one more thing because the golden state warriors won the nba title last night in boston. fame 6. the first team since 1985 l.a. lakers to beat the celtics in boston to win an nba title stephon curry who won the mvp award. this is their fourth title in 8 years and sixth final that they went to. i'm happy to talk with anyone online about where kevin durant plays in all of this. anyway, really exciting. >> joey: want to cover a real sport braves have won 14 in a row. >> jessica: i'm happy to talk about it. once a year every day bret is like no more basketball. no more basketball. >> judge jeanine: all right, joey, hit it. >> joey: sam swarth slus columbus, ohio. 16 years old already proven himself to be a warrior. he was diagnosed with spinal cancer. this is his make a wish to become a marine. he went to paris island, south carolina where the real marines
3:00 am
were made. always wanted to be a marine because the marines are best. in two days he did the crucible how you earn it the gas chamber, rifle qualifications. swim qualifications. welcome to the corps, buddy. >> judge jeanine: that's fantastic. see you back here on monday. have a terrific ♪♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪♪


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