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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 20, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> it's a big issue. we'll stay on it. thanks for speaking out, laura. dr. siegel, great to have you with us. that is "the story" for this monday. as always, the story goes on. we'll see you back here at 3:00. have a great afternoon, everybody. thanks for being here. >> neil: summer doesn't officially arrive till tomorrow. try telling that to drivers that still can't catch a break today. flyers having a devil of a time catching a plane anywhere today. fox on top of average folks more than just a little hot and bothered. we have you covered on everything. with jacqui heinrich at the white house and what your president wants to do to cut your tax bill and gas bill. jeff flock on how they're trying to cut down on your waiting time. and james clyburn on the gas tax
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holiday. we hear the president and democrats could be cooking up. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. let's get to it with jacqui heinrich at the white house. hi, jacqui. >> yeah, with gas prices where they are, the white house is considering an idea that they tabled. that's sending out rebate cards to americans. they're eyeing a decision by the end of the week on whether to extend a gas tax holiday. it is a short term solution as one industry ceo puts it that they say runs counter to the administration's broader strategy. >> the first year of this administration, they were focused on demand destruction. this could be an exercise in demand construction. the real focus here should not be on short term solutions like cutting the federal gas tax but long-term solutions to provide american energy security from american producers here in the
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united states. >> whether the fed can cool inflation without trigger ago recession, the white house is getting creative. yesterday morning larry summers was pretty clear all signs point to a likely recession by the end:0 next year. if you ask president biden about it, you'll get a different answer. he claims he got a different answer from larry summers himself today. >> i was talking to larry summers this morning. there's nothing inevitable about a recession. >> biden is instructing his team to sit down with oil ceos to justify profit margins. he's not going to the meeting himself. biden did meet with retailers and logistics companies. one meeting the president is taking is a face-to-face with the saudi crown prince even though he keeps frames this as an international trip that mbs happens to be a part of.
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his administration and treasury -- energy secretary saying that biden will meet face to face with mohammed bin salman and pressuring them to ramp up oil production. the white house has said that that will be a key focus of the discussion. neil? >> neil: thanks. james clyburn is here with us, the south carolina majority whip. congressman, you think we need a federal gas tax holiday? >> thank you very much for having me. yes, i have for some time now been talking about a gas tax holiday for oil consumers. the president has i think rightfully so addressed this issue part of the way with his tapping in to the strategic reserve. that is fine. i don't think that goes quite far enough. we need to equip rural americans
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with some relief with the gas tax. we've done that. we're trying to get this economy back on track after covid-19. we gave a lot of relief to a lot of business people, a lot of restaurant owners and other people that were having difficulty. during all of that time, people, especially what we call essential workers were trying to buy gas. now all of a sudden, the gas tax has gone -- the gasoline for a gallon has gone through the roof. so gas tax relief would be i think a proper way to address this issue. >> neil: is it your sense that that's what the president will do by the end of the week? >> i don't know exactly what the the president will do. i have not talked to the
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president about this. but i think from what i've heard today that this is what he's considering. i think it's a good thing. i'm no expert when it comes to economics. i do talk to people. i've been travels this country quite a bit within the last 30 days. i'm talking about in states like georgia, florida, michigan, ohio, new jersey and everywhere i go. people are addressing the costs that consumers are having trying to stay afloat. this is a fundamental way to address this issue. >> neil: all right. you say you're not an expert. you've had very good economic discussions with me. many people say if it wasn't for you, joe biden wouldn't be in the white house right now. now there's concern among many in your party that he shouldn't re-up for another four years in 2024. are you in that camp?
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>> no, i'm not. neil, you should remember this. halfway through bill clinton's first term, that's all i heard. he would never get re-elected. but he was. the same thing happened with barack obama. never will get re-elected. but he was. and so i think that what we ought to do is just continue to stay focused on what is required of all of us to get this country back on track. i am in the camp of people that believe that the country needs to address some fundamental issues and stop going off on all of these tangents. that's what we're talking about whether or not the president should run again and we have not gotten to the mid-terms yet. >> neil: a lot of people are alarmed by what is happening with the economy. the president says we're not in a recession. others disagree. out of curiosity, you think
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we're in a recession? >> well, for a lot of people we are. there's no question about that. if you can't afford to buy gasoline, you are in a recession. the investor class in this country is not loosing any money. individuals? yes. as a class investors are still making money. corporate excesses making plenty money. that's not the issue. >> neil: when you say investors, they're losing money in the market, you know that? >> i said the investor class. as a class -- >> neil: that's a large class of people that trade stock, right? >> that's true. i'm not one of them. but the people -- >> neil: while we're on that subject, sir, when you hear all of this talk within your party, job shouldn't run, that he's too old and, you know, he's showing his age, is that a concern?
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you think that is a legitimate concern? >> i don't think he's too old, no. i just heard a 95-year-old lady today who many tv stations have had on, their grandmother of juneteenth. 95 years old. i have been saying and i will say again, age is chronologically a thing to talk about. the individual determines what is too old. not the calendar. you know, when you talk about joe biden at his age, he's 15 years younger than one of the sharpest people that i've heard from today. she's a very sharp woman at 95. >> neil: all right. you were talking about the environment could change. you're right. you go back in history when it looked doubtful for bill
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clinton. the different there is that he was flexible. he could read the writing on the wall. see which way the parade was going and in his case he got in front of it. there's skepticism that joe biden can do the same thing. do you think he can? or will he be hostage to progressives in your party that seem to be calling the shots? >> well, you know, he won the nomination when the progressives said he had no chance. i can't tell you what they said to me. people called me and said i was crazy for being for joe biden. i look back on it now and i said who's the crazy one? you will sell yourself short if you sell joe biden short. >> neil: fair enough, congressman. very good catching up with you. james clyburn, the house majority whip. a close confidant of the
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president. he was in the president's corner particularly in south carolina at a crucial moment that paved the way for candidate joe biden to become then't of the united states. he was a big part in that. meantime, what is happening at the nation's airports is yet another added frustration for american consumers, flyers that are having a devil of a time flying with thousands of flight delays and cancellations the last couple days. jeff flock is at philadelphia international airport seeing it first hand. jeff? >> no arguments out here, neil. i always appreciate what you do, to make america hear each other. it's a great thing. at the airport, what they're hearing is cries of oh, no, not another delay, not another cancellation. that's where we are. a terrible weekend and spilled over into today. take a look at the newsest numbers on delays and cancellations. we're up to 355 cancellations today. by the way, there's no bad weather in the u.s. not very many places.
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delays were almost 2,500. the government says the airlines have to do better. pete buttigieg says he wants the airlines to stress test their summer schedules to make sure that they can meet demand to hire more customer services representatives. they're threatening fines or enforcement if they don't do that and they're waiting to july fourth to see if they impose regulations or fines. scott kirby from united airlines said he would like to fly more planes but he doesn't have the staff and he doesn't think there's enough air traffic controllers out there. how bad was it this weekend? how bad could it be for the future? american and delta were the two biggest loosers when it came to
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delays and cancellations. 56 today. delta even more than that. right now it's been a perfect storm, a lot of people want to travel. airlines don't have enough staff. the government doesn't have enough air traffic controllers. things cost money. beside that, it's clear sailing. >> neil: you know, jeff, when you were on fox business this morning, there was another guy at the airport that saw you and said oh, my god, tell me, cavuto that that is not jeff flock. when i see him show up, i don't know if there's trouble. he got a flight but he was worried seeing you. i thought that i would pass that along. >> it's a airport or hurricane scene that people run the other way. >> neil: exactly. the nervous calamity guy that
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nobody covers it better. thanks, jeff. you heard from jeff what the trans moretation secretary wants to do about these delays and hiring problems that are just writling the industry right now. let's get more from james ferrera on what is real hand what we're in for. what do you think about the delays? the weather has been good and yet delays and the people having flights cancels continue. is this a preview of coming attractions? >> thanks for having me. you know, the airline always says weather or air traffic. usually that's not the whole story. it isn't here either. a weather delay in a more normal tight might cause an interception. we had 20,000 flights affected over the weekend from thursday to today. so it's the combination of maybe
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a little weather, but really, severe staff shortages, particularly pilots. we lost half of the world's pilots during the pandemic. it takes time. once a pilot is out of work for 90 days or more, they have to go through recertification, retraining. they have to go in the simulators and find the time slots to get in there. it takes months to recertify pilots. >> neil: and a lot quit during the pandemic. and now they have to retire at 65. there's a push to make that older. where does that stand? >> well, you know, they were encouraged to quit. it's just one of the factors happening here. also surging demand. right? we're in this boon time. you wrap these things together, you get these weekend that are like travel armageddon. >> neil: you know, a number of airlines cut back. jet blue and united and
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southwest. yet here we are again. did they not come back enough or anticipate demand enough? people are getting, you know, ticked off. >> some are doing better than others. there's names that you didn't hear about this weekend like united, for example, who ahead of this cut back 10% of its schedule. they have all cut back. you know, there was no predicting this. nobody had the crystal ball. >> neil: can the transportation -- sorry to jump in. can the transportation secretary, pete buttigieg force the issue? what does the government do? can it do? should it do? >> look, we now how business works. they're good intentions. we appreciate the help. the truth is there a profit motive here. every cancelled flight is full. that cost brand loyalty and good
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will from customers, this is expensive for the airlines. if they could fix it, they would. this is a matter of not that they don't want to get more staff but it takes time to get more staff. >> neil: yeah, it's not a luxury that people have time for. thanks for updating us on where this stands. could get worse before it gets better. hope springs eternal. an sample probably one of the most generous corporate players on the planet. for the workers, there's never been a threat of any of them going union. that was until a maryland store decided to do that after this. (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace
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>> neil: all right. you don't see this every day. a champion that pays their workers double the industry average all of a sudden gets unionized or at least a core store does in maryland. that has people saying, wait a minute. didn't this just recently happen to amazon in new york and a host of other big players like starbucks that are facing almost a brush fire with this type of activity. let's get the latest from connell mcshane where this is going. hey, connell.
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>> it's interesting. in apple's case, we never heard it at all. an apple retail location voting to join a union for the first time ever. there's just over 100 people that work at this store. inside a mall near baltimore. they voted 65 to 33 in favor of joining the international association of machinists and airspace workers. they said we won at towson. no comment from amle. we do have a comment in today from the president of the united states. >> i'm proud of them. look, workers have a right to determine whether conditions they're going to work or not work. >> apple does pay retail employees in the u.s. at least $22 an hour. some workers have been asking for more than that. the bigger story at all of this might be still to come. there's other apple stores around the country that are keeping a very close eye on
1:22 pm
maryland. for example, there's two higher volume locations here in new york city that have signals that they may follow. they haven't set a vote yet. one is in grand central station and the other is at the world trade center. there's a store in atlanta that was supposed to have a vote this month. that's been delayed for now. they might come back to that. as for a larger trend, you hear people say big labor catching on with big tech what the experts say is that apple and amazon are better targets for unions than other competitors because they employ so many people in retail jobs, which are more friendly to unionizing. >> neil: great, connell. want to go to steve moore, what he makes of this. steve, generally you entertain going union if you don't like the pay that you're getting entertained. yet, in a lot of cases, the job benefits say nothing of the salaries and the hourly rates
1:23 pm
are very, very high, very generous. what do you make of it? >> well, look, i don't have a problem with unions. if workers want to organize, that's their constitutional right. what opposed is when people are informationed to june against their will. let's not forget that if you look over the course of the last 25 or 30 years, private sector unionism is way, way down. 6 or 7% of american workers in the private sector are unionized. if the unions want to make a big comeback, they have a long way to go. >> neil: what does this signal to you? it does fly in the face of what you think would have. this is more likely an environment where the workers are abused or underpaid or the benefits are such that they're a joke if any benefits at all. is this maybe a preview of what could be coming? >> you know, what it suggests to
1:24 pm
me is that it's a strong labor market right now. there's no question about it. when you have 9 to 10 million job openings, employees have a lot of bargaining power. >> neil: a lot of it is about the worker conditions, right? sorry to jump in. in the case of amazon, they didn't like the conditions on the floor. they're under enormous pressure to keep stuff moving. that's why we get stuff from amazon so quickly. it's a double edge sword, right? >> yeah. but i can't speak to the working conditions in some warehouses. what i'm saying is the pendulum flips back and forth. no question about it. right now workers all over the country have a lot of bargaining power. i saw a kentucky fried chicken that is offering $19 an hour. used to be $9. any point is how much longer -- if we get into a recession, how
1:25 pm
much longer will workers have that bargaining power. you might have more lay-offs and more hiring freezes and then, you know, workers lose that leverage that they have right now. the real question is, workers want to fork over money to the union bosses that comes out of their salary. that is for workers to desite themselves. the unions make a lot of money off of this, too. >> neil: indeed they do. obviously there's one maryland store for apple and then the one in new york? staten idea. those are isolated incidents. this is not a trend. we're keeping a close eye on it. steve moore, thanks. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: meantime, paying attention at the border. we heard about the migrant wave and also heard about the higher temperatures. combine that, you got a problem. doesn't casey stegall know it.
1:26 pm
casey? >> hi, neil. yeah. overall search and rescue operations are up as are overall migrant encounters and the amount of drugs being seized out here at the southern border, a live report coming your way next. , aria, and jade. just the three of us girls. i never thought twice about feeding her kibble. but about two years ago, i realized she was overweight. she was always out of breath. that's when i decided to introduce the farmer's dog to her diet. it's just so fresh that she literally gets bubbles in her mouth. now she's a lot more active she's able to join us on our adventures. and we're all able to do things as a family. ♪♪ get started at (fisher investments) it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same, ♪♪ but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher investments.
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>> neil: if vladimir putin is hurting, he has a funny way of showing it. china has become his biggest customer for oil. almost not even noticing a drop going elsewhere. more after this.
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>> neil: summer technically arrives tomorrow. but it's been holt and humid and nightmarish along the border for some time now and the thought it will get hotter is adding fuel to the fire that we have a big problem that is a bigger problem. casey stegall in texas with more. casey? >> hi, neil.
1:31 pm
out of the more than 239,000 migrant encounters recorded here at the southern border for the month of may, close to 46,000 of those happened right where we are in the rgv sector of south texas. that is a more than 60% jump from the same month last year. again, only one sector. which means since the start of fiscal year 22, october 21, more than a million migrant encounters have been records along the border and that does not include the known got-aways, which is close to 446,000 for the fiscal year. lawmakers that have seen it with their own eyes say enough is enough. >> republicans on the commitsty saw first hand by going to the border, the problems that this administration has caused. over three million, three
1:32 pm
million illegals have come across the border since. biden took office. more than three times the state of delaware's population. >> a live look at the border now here in la jolla, texas courtesy of the fox flight team drone. summer temperatures are beginning to soar and causes more migrants to get into danger. cbp data says for the fiscal year, more than 14,000 search and rescues have already been carried out. compare that to 5,000 or so for the entire year, two years ago in 2020. of course, elicit drugs, another major concern. so far cbp says they have seized more than 400 pounds of the very dangerous drug fentanyl. neil? >> neil: thanks, casey. let's go to lieutenant chris olivarez, the texas department of public safety. he's been monitoring this.
1:33 pm
always good to have you, lieutenant. we're learning that the administration kind of wants to do what the governor of texas has been doing, and that is take some of these apprehended at the border and bring them north. the difference with the president's plan is to keep them in texas. can you update us on that? >> good afternoon. you're right on point with that. it's great for the smaller border communities along the border. alleviates the overcrowding of these immigrants that are being released. all it will do is transporting those immigrants to a larger facility in larger cities and ultimately you'll transport them to the final destination. this is not an end result. all it's going to do is continue to transport them through the process to larger cities and from there to the ultimate destination. with that messaging, all it will do is create more chaos at the
1:34 pm
border. what i mean by chaos, large groups coming across. that's what we're doing right now. the runners, over 440,000 known got-aways for this fiscal year. we still have five months to go we're not taking into account the got-aways that have got in undetected. those are the individuals that we need to worry about. we don't know who they are and where they've been. >> neil: to your point, the encounters in may. i believe a little north than 239,000, lieutenant. i know it's a guess. those are known encounters. a good many get away. so there's no way to handicapping the got-aways. even if it were 10%, you're talking serious numbers. >> you are. even with the known got-aways, that's an estimate. they're going based off of foot tracks. that doesn't give you a number of how many would be in that particular group that is just an
1:35 pm
estimate. the number is much higher. those individuals, you don't know who they are until you apprehend them and vet them to find out what they're criminal histories are, where they're going, this is where border patrol and state troopers couple across gang members. those with violent criminal histories, sex crimes that are trying to blend in with these family groups. that's what we've been seeing recently, the large family groups. you have single adults mixed in with the groups. goes to show you how the tactics are changing with the human smugglers. they're taking advantage of the groups that are coming across the southwest border. >> neil: the massive groups were a lot more varied than they used to be. we're learning as well, there's a good sampling from latin america and a new influx from columbia. they just elected an m-19
1:36 pm
president. so you could get a new migrant wave from central and south american on top of what we're already seeing. what do you see? >> right. that's exactly what we're anticipating. of course, there's always changes when you have different changes in government from other countries. they'll take full advantage of this situation where essentially the border is open because you're having thousands and thousands of immigrants coming across, record number after record number. last month, 239,000. that's a record high nor dhs. the numbers have not decreased. they continue to increase and escalate. not just in terms of mass migration but national security. you talk about drugs, fentanyl. we have never dealt with a fentanyl crisis and now we're seeing hundreds of americans are dying every day. just goes to show you it's more of an immigration issue, this is a national threat to smaller communities and the entire country as the drugs continue to
1:37 pm
pour in and kill americans. and also the criminals trying to get by, making it to the interior. >> neil: you're right. you called this an emergency many months ago, chris. lieutenant chris olivarez has been correct on this and it's a problem that goes beyond politics. now with the weather, beyond humanity. we have more with putin. we smiles more these days. the ruble is at a seven-year high versus the dollar. he's finding willing customers for oil, e.i. china and right now he's thinks it's the europeans that are starting to blink, not him. after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. so much for this talk that vladimir putin was hurting. he's stepped up attacks on the eastern part of ukraine and increasingly controls virtually the entire area. now word that his rubble is
1:42 pm
soaring. the russian currency at a seven-year high versus the dollar and will he enable customers namely in the name of china to buy that oil that has been taken off of the markets or eventually would be by the europeans and us. right now he's sitting happy. how happy? let's go to nate foy in ukraine and how this is coming down. nate? >> perhaps that's why in st. petersburg over the weekend, vladimir putin said that western sanctions have failed. more in a moment. but first with the situation on the ground particularly in the south. today russian officials report an oil drilling platform was targeted in the black sea by ukraine forces. russian officials save three are hurt, seven are missing and also report of a counter strike possibly in odesa. we're digging to independently confirm that. meanwhile, the intense fighting continues with heavy exchanges of artillery in donbas.
1:43 pm
specifically severeo donetsk which is under 80% of russian control. the ukrainians have held on. another key topic this week, neil, the e.u. meeting in brussels thursday and friday. leaders will decide if ukraine and maldova will become candidates to join the e.u. if that's the case, the vote will need to be unanimous. here's president zelensky talking about that. >> i think it's obvious to everyone since 1991, there's been few such fateful decisions for ukraine as we expect now. i am convinced that only a positive decision makes the interest for the whole of europe. >> president zelensky is back in kiev today after visiting the southern port cities of odesa over the weekend. he's promising to take back all of the land that under russian control. there's no sign that he could give up any territory, which
1:44 pm
will drag out how long this conflict lasts. russia is funding that war effort through energy sales and the biggest customer is china as you mentioned. according to bloomberg, china purchased 7.47 billion in russian crude oil last month, which is $1 billion more than the month before and double what china was buying from russian last year. you mentioned the rubble at a seven-year high. that's probably why. vladimir putin in st. petersburg this past weekend said the sanctions have failed and maybe he's promising to finish what they call the special military operation. now back to you. >> neil: incredible. nate foy, thanks very much for that. l.a.'s district attorney, gascon, is getting heat again over a death that at least a mom of a police officer killed said goes right back to his office. his decisions. after this. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪
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>> gascon needs to be recalled immediately. he's destroyed so many lives and destroyed ours. we're completely devastated. he's left children without fathers.
1:49 pm
mothers destroyed. wives destroyed. they're never coming back. they're never coming back. and i blame it on gascon. >> neil: that was the mother of a california police officer, olga garcia, killed in the line of duty. she's demanding that the l.a. district attorney george gascon be recalled immediately. gascon has been facing growing pressure for his soft on crime policies. more violence with guns and other weapons the last 48 hours in cities like l.a. and new york city and washington d.c. joe cardinelli here with us. we are reminded that this snuff keep happening, doesn't it?
1:50 pm
>> it sure does, neil. what a shame. i mean, just to listen to that mother. it's heart wrenching. what is it going to take for the governor to recall him? we've spoken about this in the past how police officers loose their indemnification and the d. as around judges can do whatever they want. if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd see a different tune by the das and judges. right now they can do whatever they want. >> neil: you'd think the way voters booted out if san francisco d.a., the governor would be reresponding and there would be pressure on gascon's supporters that this isn't worth it, but they don't. >> they don't. the governor should step up and
1:51 pm
remove him. if anything happens in between now and then of a recall other than the governor removing him and something else happens, that's on his hands as well. he needs to take action. enough of this political nonsense and do what you have to do. be the governor and protect all the people of california including men and women in blue and their families. he can easily step in and stop this. they don't. it's this big political machine that keeps rolling without any regard that we suffer the consequences. this has to change. >> neil: it's not, to your point. i'm wondering what kind of a summer we're in for. >> if it's any indication of what we're seeing over the weekend, it's going to be a long hot deadly summer. the cops are understaffed as we've spoken about,
1:52 pm
underappreciated. they need to change. listen, we need to get back to the days of good law enforcement, good days of public having the trust in the police department. when politicians take that trust away, that's where we have a big fall. we have to get rid of that divide and let people step up and to what is good for everybody, not for them and their political needs. >> neil: lieutenant, you're right. this transcends politics. people don't focus on inflation when they're scared. joe cardinale. you've heard companies that are raising the minimum wages, over $20 an hour, a lot of top name companies. when a city does it, what do you think of $22 an hour?
1:53 pm
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>> forget about apple and amazon with their generous pay. how about the city of austin pushing a measure through that will boost the public worker pay to $22 an hour. they hope to get it done later this summer. charles, this is where it starts, right? so you keep raising that wage,
1:57 pm
and of course you deal with the inflation facing it, which is what the austin powers that be are saying. it's the cycle. >> it's a cycle. listen, austin is a boom town. we get it. it's extraordinarily spiff to live there. rents are up 24% in the last year. up significantly more than that in the last few years. a lot of people pouring into texas, particularly that area. they're trying to find an elegant solution, but i think they're setting themselves up for a trap, because we know, when you start to really push minimum wage up this much, 22 now, later to $27, there's a -- small businesses ultimately cannot deal with this. they will not be able to compete. already in this country, for instance, neil, the businesses with 1-19 employees according to adp, have lost workers every single month, over a quarter million workers.
1:58 pm
they can no longer compete. the city is booming. maybe they can afford it right now. i think they're setting themselves up. they already have high property tax. over 8% sales tax. you go to texas, because there's no state taxes, but you get dinged on these things. it's fantastic right now, at least it feels that way, but they may be hurting more people ultimately because businesses instead of being able to hire two folks may have to settle on one. >> and if you're a private business, a restaurant or pizzeria, a small mom and pop concerns, it's hard to compete with the city government. >> right. that's my point. again, the government, you know, it's a boom town. they've got the money. the supporting area around it -- you know, we're seeing in in real time across the nation. who can compete with amazon? $20 an hour, paid insurance, college tuition. you know, and it's shocking. that's one of the unfold
1:59 pm
stories, one of the more heartbreaking stories, because these small businesses are the backbone of our nation, and yet they have no voice and are being annihilated. >> you think about the environment we live, where workers are calling the shots. right now it's hard to find workers. i can't imagine the economy slows down enough the roles will reverse. >> it will reverse. that pendulum is going to go the other direction, there's no doubt. if you look at gdp numbers, one of the lines in there that never goes down is i.t. spending, intellectual property and intellectual technology. these businesses are working hard on getting robots, all these other things. you won't see it overnight, although you are seeing it. you know, you go to the fast-food restaurants, and there are fewer and fewer people there. the mcdonald's near me took a year to renovate. all they did was changed the mechanics of it so the drive-thru went faster with fewer people. >> imagine if they did that for
2:00 pm
what we do, charles. we're doomed. >> we're on the list, my man. we're on the list. i've seen the list. we're on it. >> listen to you. charles, thank you very much. we'll continue to monitor that. remember, trading resumes on wall street tomorrow after having the day off. here's "the five." >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with judge jeanine pirro, dusty waters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." things are not going so moving smoothly for president biden who can't catch a break from bad headlines, multiple reports painting a bleak picture for the democrat as americans deal with historic inflation and raging gas prices. his aides are reportedly frustrated with student debt forgiveness and china


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