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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 23, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> in a major win for gun rights advocates supreme court ruled americans have a right to carry firearms in public. it is the high court's first big decision on guns in more than a decade. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno, here with my co-host harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany and kennedy and christopher bedford. the justices struck down new york law requiring people to
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demonstrate a particular need to carry a gun in order to get a license to carry in public. the justice says it violates the right to keep and bear arms, the ruling will allow more people to carry guns on the streets of the nation's largest cities including new york, los angeles, boston and elsewhere. watch. >> this decision is not just reckless, it is reprehensible. it is not what new yorkers want, we should have the right of determination of gun laws in the state. the insanity of the gun culture that possessed everyone even up to the supreme court. >> emily: kayleigh, the issue the governor has wrong, second amendment is not about adding a right, adding constitutional right, it is about restricting government's right to dilute
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constitutional right that citizens already had. when governor hochul, she is not seeing it for what it is. >> you do not have the right to trample on law. page nine of this opinion, justice thomas has key points, this is a huge win, emily, the second amendment, we hold when the second amendment plain text cover conduct, justify regulation and government may not pause that the regulation promotes important interest, you have to find it is embedded in history. histories key word of this opinion, this is key word we will see dominate today. in the dobbs opinion, samuel alito said histories counter to everything roe said.
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if dobbs turns out to be true, you can't invent right that is historical, interesting. what this boils down to emily, new york law says you have to find a proper cause for conceal carry. where 43 states say you have to tick off the boxes and prove you are law abiding, six other states say no, go the extra mile and saying you are in high crime jurisdiction that your life is at risk that perhaps you could be the victim of gunfire which we cover on the show each and everyday, the number of children killed at just backyard barbecues in new york, if you are in a crime ridden neighborhood, that is not enough to qualify for your second amendment right, right to conceal carry. a state can't say, you can't
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protect your children, not anymore on this watch of this supreme court. >> emily: absolutely. one fundamental thing, justice thomas said it is not a second-class right and it has been treated as such and not second class to other bill of rights and found this violated the 14th amendment. the white house released a statement, this ruling contradicts common sense and the constitution and should deeply trouble us off. in the wake of attacks and gun violence, we must do more as a society, not less to protect our fellow americans. i remain committed to reduce gun violence and make our community -- >> there it is, totally missing the point. that is what is happen withing governor hochul.
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we spoke to a congresswoman who actually was there, she's been the voice and the proponent and found documents along the journey of the gun bill in the state of new york, what is critical is a flex, right? the last sentence that you read from the white house on behalf of the president of the united states is that they're looking for ways to answer the call of gun rights legislation. they want to show the public going into the mid-term election year, they have done everything they can. heart attack ochul is going to rung, she's got to show she has the right to do that and the idea to do that and as she said in her statement, the fight to do that. the problem is, it doesn't go hand in hand like kayleigh said, with what the law says. you don't have to prove to get a
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permit, it is easier to do so per what the constitution intended. what new yorkers must want, hochul will find that out and may not be predicate rather or not you can get a gun and conceal carry, it is reality for people living in the state. >> kayleigh: that is right. we continue to hear their right presumptive and preimminent right limit our existing right and second amendment acknowledging pre-existing right, affirms it and affirms the government's limit on encroaching on that right. the governor continues to get that wrong, she said, we have a full screen we'll put up. >> struck down new york law that limit who can carry concealed weapons. does everyone understand what a
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concealed weapon means? you have no forewarning, someone can hide a weapon on them and go into our subways, grocery stores like stores in buffalo, new york, where i'm from, go into a school in parkland or uvalde. >> kayleigh: kennedy issue the supreme court recklessly struck down those who can carry concealed weapons, again, she keeps missing the point. >> kennedy: negative rights versus positive rights. this is nonsensical on behalf of local government in new york, you can never meet personal danger in order to defend yourself. a single woman being stalked by her ex-boyfriend could protect herself with a firearm, someone who has a long walk through a neighborhood to high-crime area
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unless you prove hi, 911, there is someone with a knife, can i please get a gun? we are out of balance in this country and what people never admit, guns are out there, people who are obsessed with them will get them illegally and kill indiscriminately, that is not who the law is trying to protect. this is to aid families who want self-protection so vulnerable people in their family have a layer when the police response is long, policing is going down, skyetting in new york and los angeles. good people may be a step closer to doing that, prohibition won't work, they are out there. >> kayleigh: chris, frank james on the subway mass shooter left dozens injured including
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undetonated bombs, the governor tries to delineate and lump them together this is what the supreme court is addressing, if you are a law-abiding citizen, this is your inalienable right to carry. bad actors will act badly regardless of law and law-abiding citizens deserve to have their rights ensured. >> chris: happy birthday to judge clarence thomas on his birthday f. it was common sense why would 43 other states have shell issue permits? new york is the issue, it made it in this state unless you are a celebrity or ex-cop, you are not going to get a gun. justice samuel alito asked one of the lawyers for the state, if i work a night shift and walk through the most dangerous
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neighborhood, is that a reason? can i get a permit? not about safety or common sense and happy birthday, justice thomas. >> well, said. coming up, gas prices are sky high and costs may be going through the roof, a "washington post" columnist says americans aren't suffering as much as they think they are and they just need to stop complaining. stay with us. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt.
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>> the pain americans are feeling in their pocketbooks is real. the cost of just about everything from gas, summer travel, airlines and hotels to
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basic federal items like eggs, bacon and milk is through the roof. the "washington post" columnist says people need to stop complaining and just chill out. >> great deal of americans it is uncomfortable they are spending more, but they are not going to go under. stop complaining, when so many people, inflation rate means they may have two meals instead of three. there are americans who did extremely well, you have a job and it is costing more for gas, but you will still take the 4th of july vacation and you will eat out. i need you to calm down and back off. >> kayleigh: reminds me of when jen psaki said have a marg rita and go to kickboxing class, maybe she heard from karine jean-pierre, watches.
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>> well, positioned to face the challenge because of what the president has done this past year and a half on dealing with the economy. >> kayleigh: well positioned, have a marga rita, chris. >> chris: there is so much that you can make up, take credit for the stock market, blame your opponent for this, inflation is not something you can hide. get over it, every person who goes to supermarket has it and the president is feeling this, if they are getting to work and going and maybe seeing price of pringles, it is through the roof, forget about gas. things are going up and up, chicken breasts were $16, cheapest i could find. baby formula is behind lock and key where cigarettes used to be sold. there is something wrong. "washington post" can run cover,
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everyone sees it and feels it and you can't hide it. >> kayleigh: seems as if karine jean-pierre cued the choir, watch. >> the president has been clear in making sure he does everything he can to elevate, to alleviate the pain that american families are feel whenning it comes to gas prices. >> that was her saying biden intended to elevate the pain, she meant alleviate. watch this. >> republicans saying it is biden's policy that led to this inflation, i know it is a lie. >> we have a very strong economy, unemployment is low, consumer spending is increasing, inflation is up issue prices up on almost everything and overshadowing a winning economy, how do you manage that? >> the economy is not perfect, there are inflation concern,
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there are things to be grateful for. >> harris: i'm jealous i don't live on that planet, there is no oxygen or fact on it, they just live there. i guess gas is free there, too. one thing that jumped out at me preparing for today's show, where the american people are when they close their front door and mind that closed door for millions today, they will make household choices that mean they have less. we heard two meals instead of three from the one sound bite we showed. it is to save cash for gas, that was perfect the way it came out. the basic of gasoline is how we get to our jobs, for most people and in some areas in the country, they are not making as much after taxes as it costs for a gallon of gasoline, especially
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in california. they can fudge and mess with minimum wage, we know it takes over an hour in some places for people to get to work in california, the traffic and so on and so forth. people are sitting around, we will not snack after lunch, mom has to put gas in the car, those are realities people take to the polls with them. 138 days out from the midterm elections, yes, we're counting. that matters and there is air inside the packaging. >> kayleigh: you hear the white house say, there is not risk of recession, i'm paraphrasing, they are running risk of inflation is not transitory, just blowing up in their face. >> emily: pretty sure we passed the transitory space a long time ago. my family has a small agricultural business, the idea
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from ms. singletary, we are complaining or over inflated what we are experiencing as small business is so deeply out of touch and so deeply offensive, i invite her to come out to the vineyard and get a tour and look at how many things we have to purchase to upkeep and commrooi with environmental regulation and state regulations, how costs soared and we refused to pass the cost to the consumer. every month, we are in more and more pain with bills and reagentss and products and labor costs, we do not pass it on to the consumer. unlike them, we respect our fellow american and we know that they're going through a hard time, too, the notion we can expect where our next meal is coming from, thank goodness we dproe vegetables in our garden.
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>> pain of business owner versus pain of pundits on msnbc. watch this. >> did you see the back and forth with biden and the ceo of chevron? i can see the oil executives would be like quit playing games with my heart, with my heart. >> harris: what was this? >> inappropriate. >> he gets major demotion for that. couple things here, talk about the margin of business, there are family margins. summer vacation when the family hant been away from home for 2-1/2 years and trying to figure out how am i going to pay for this, what are i going to give up? they are trying to keep families
9:22 am
afloat and businesses afloat and small business owners are doing what they can and people are eating into their savings which are now nonexistent. sure, people might have made some money, but 3 trillion in retirement savings has evaporated, gone. people close to retirement don't have the money anymore and will have to continue working for several years hoping to build their nest egg back up, the concerns are incredibly real, how insensitive for someone like that say you can get to everything you want. it is nice she doesn't have employees or other people to care for based on that conversation. lock it up, people are in pain and with housing starts plummeting, it will get worse. >> go to kickboxing class and
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drink a marga rita. a top democrat saying out loud what many are whispering, that president biden may be too old for the job, that is next.
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9:28 am
fight to protect american families will march on. my office will take action to address the potential harm this ruling may cause, make no mistake, this decision will not deter us from standing up to the gun lobby and their efforts to endanger new yorkers and american families. since 1913 issue the new york law required a license to obtain to carry a handgun outside the home has been in place and restrictive laws have been there and today inside the u.s. supreme court led by majority of conservative justices issue the answer was no, you are not going to step on the second amendment and tell people they have to jump through that many hoops to get the permit to get the gun they legally can get. that is what this means. you heard from the governor and
9:29 am
now the top law enforcement officer in the state. i'm sure there will be more. what was once a trickle over the president's age and stamina is now a deluge. yesterday headlines argued joe biden, who would be 82 if sworn in second term, end of that term 86 is simply too old for the job. today there is more. new pieces from politico and "u.s.a. today" talking about biden's possible replacement, it is being said out loud. joe cunningham, who is proposing age limit for politicians has this bold message for the president. >> if president biden were -- here and asking my opinion if he should run for another term or step aside and allow a new
9:30 am
generation of leadership to emerge, i would tell him the latter. >> you think joe biden is too old to run for re-election? >> yeah, we need a nie new generation of leadership. he will be 82 in the second term, if he served out, he would be 86. i am not sure if we know of any 86 year old who should be running the country. >> harris: breaking news on places like cnn, inside the white house or most corners of the democratic world. >> chris: on the primary trail in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, it was obvious, joe biden went from whispering to yelling like a crazy old man. we used to make fun of the soviet union for being fossils and our leaders are decade older than they were. cnn writing long thought pieces
9:31 am
trying to explain the fact the president's brain is sticky pudding without saying that, everyone around the country has seen this and democrats made this deal and knew joe biden was old at the time. they chose him knowing this was a problem and now will conveniently talk about him. >> harris: kennedy, he served a purpose, right? everybody decided they didn't want mean tweets and $1.99, one of the best lines from the couch recently. they had to pick somebody they thought was going to be moderate and he lied, he is not moderate. >> people question whether the country is being run by committee, the person, in just a year and a half, seen decline in the president's cognitive ability. if we didn't have all this going on right now, it might be okay, the entire, feels like fabric of
9:32 am
civilization is coming apart and cratering, show me bad things are happening, that you need competent nimble person, there are young democrats who have no idea and should be nowhere near the presidency included on the list, the president, he has lost confidence within his party not to mention the electorate as a whole. >> harris: emily, we are not doctors here on the couch. kennedy speak for yourself. >> harris: okay, dr. kennedy, we can look at the fact we have covered and talked about a man who has been liberal00 i don't want to say, flow out like a gushing stream and make no sense and it takes everything up to easter bunny to say we're not talking afghanistan today. >> that is right.
9:33 am
the national conversation -- >> harris: literal easter bunny. remember the video? >> i remember. driven by the left siloed analysis, it is not about being 82, it is about being 86. the american people are exhausted by what they see as incompetent person whose 50 years of experience flown out the window when we see the policy, the afghanistan exit, value of the dollar, inflation and total out of touchness with response and blame game we keep hearing from him, analysis of the president includes all of those facets and now yes the left is waking up to it and they want us to focus and make sure the gop is focused on one aspect and it is the whole bundle. the bench is shallow and will bite them coming up, the alternatives are just as bad. >> harris: quickly, kayleigh.
9:34 am
>> kayleigh: this is not happening by accident issue the left and media are one, you have steady stream of democratic operatives, "new york times" piece glowing about newsom and they are praising him and pete buttigieg piece about the west wing. >> harris: what about kamala harris? >> kayleigh: there are articles she's been sidelined. it is not kamala, it is pete and gavin. >> harris: coming up, outrage after two major grocery store chains pull patriotic items from the shelves because pro-american slogans are offensive. for every veteran homeowner who needs money
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>> kayleigh: two grocery store chains are facing boycott calls after caving to the far left over patriotic products. just pulled koozies with guns that carry made in the usa labels. one customer in north carolina, who happens to be a democratic candidate running for state office tweeted give me liberty or give me death was insensitive. the kroger chain said it is considering pulling a product that promoted the first amendment. the "washington post" called statue of liberty meaningless and symbol of hypocrisy last year and colin kaepernick and others protested during the american anthem and last year
9:40 am
editorial board member for the "new york times" said this, watch. >> i saw dozens and dozens of pickup trucks withplicitivesagainst joe biden and american flags, which is just disturbing. >> kayleigh, i'm confused what is disturbing about the american flag? >> kayleigh: i am, too, remember macy gray calling it tattered, divisive and a symbol of hatred and chelseshg a wolf wanted to win a flag in the oshg olympics not to wear it, but to burn it. where are we as a country when there is nothing as moral fabric that hold us together, those are
9:41 am
at the heart of it. >> my relatives who fought for this flag, i don't want to be desecrated by symbols of liberty and freedom and justice for all is antithet cal to be american or human. >> kennedy: yep, my mom came over on a boat. what did people see? the statue of liberty, hope to rebuild their lives and send their kids to college and have better opportunities, that is why people are pouring over the southern border, because the united states represents hope. i just ordered a star-spangled banner mini-skirt off the internet for 4th of july. >> they can actually have a
9:42 am
response by the grocery chains, who do you think is more out of touch, grocery chains and leadership? >> harris: where is the difference? they are yoked and woke. where is the opposite represented? read some of the articles, you don't see any effort to go find people who defend what is there 6789 that is what needs to happen, we are open society, those words, when you read them, if they're not on that koozy which would have been on a delicious beverage, that is what it is for, we've all heard them before. i'm confused, are they going to kill the words next? are we killing speech? canceling speech -- you are nodding.
9:43 am
>> chris: they are, this thing, twitter may not be something the average american uses this illustrates how it shapes narrative and lazy press and move corporations and this is intentional and dangerous. if you were to bring back the founding fathers of this country, john adams and said how do we fix what is go og in this country? do you have a functioning middle class, shared hero, share borders and we said no to every one of those they would say, you have a monarchy, this is not a republic. these are attacks on national symbols and politicization espn, they are divisive. >> harris: what is interesting and you and kayleigh loved the
9:44 am
movie "top gun," how will hollywood see that? will there be an award for patriotism? i'm curious how they will react to $150 million -- >> at least britney is free. >> that is true and i got the t-shirt. >> kayleigh: a rescue at a swimming competition, the moment a coach jumped in to save a swimmer's life, that is next. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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>> what about that gas tax holiday? could it make things worse? our eshg-conpanel weighs in and texas senator o'connor joins us and mayra flores is here to talk about the direction that latina voters may take in november. i'm john roberts, join sandra smith at the top of the hour for "america reports."
9:49 am
>> harris: scary moment for anita alvarez. she fainted in the water. her coach jumped in and saved her, apparently this is second time it happened in a competition. she is recovering well and may compete on friday, kennedy? >> kennedy: i wish that some of law enforcement officers in uvalde had the courage this woman did, she knew there were lifeguards and felt urgency, she didn't even think, she doef to the bottom of the pool and gathered her swimmer and went straight to the surface, it was a herculean task. the lifeguards jumped in and
9:50 am
saved her. beautiful moment. >> harris: i pray we will find out about bravery at uvalde that didn't happen because of bad decisions and there were really good people on the sidelines there. emily. >> emily: i was a lifeguard and i think immediacy is required. if you see something, say something, do something. in the water, don't hesitate to jump in, you rather jump in unnecessarily than cost someone their life. >> chris: my first reaction, maybe if you pass out from swimming, it is dangerous. this person has a problem repeated and still goes out and will go out on friday. compare that to people i saw in central park last night, people who are afraid to go out of their house something bad might happen. that is admirable.
9:51 am
>> kayleigh: it is, along the lines of kennedy, i saw the quote from the coach, i saw my swimmer at the bottom of the pool and the life guards were stunned. it made me think about the life guard story we did where life guards in l.a. make half a million. they should have jumped in. >> harris: you bring up a good point, what is friday like? we saw with simone biles, they kept her out of the last olympics until the last moment when they medically cleared her, she got a bronze. >> chris: she persevered. >> harris: she persevered, that's a great word. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> last but not least, she shoots and shoots, vice president finally sinking her basket on the sixth try. the vice president was shooting hoops at an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of title ix. you talked about olympians, olympian, and then you have the vice president. >> i would think of former president bush when he threw out the first pitch after 9/11, right over home plate. incredibly impressive at yankee stadium. if you are not going to make shots, don't take it, it looks really bad. they are already having a hard time selling the abilities of this administration, doesn't help the causes. >> it doesn't. six tries, i would have taken 60 tries. >> i applaud the perseverance,
9:57 am
and why didn't she throw on a pair of sneakers, and kamala harris got upset and said no, no, i want to be in heels, and anna said i thought you looked more relateable in your sneakers but she did not want that. interesting, she wants to no matter what at all times say no, no, no, i'm holding this office, and fox and friends we had a football throwing contest and i was in stilletos and i still won. >> and then revisionist history, seems to be the m.o. for the administration, harris's spokesperson, she said this. nothing but net. i don't think that's what we just saw. >> what are they even celebrated? title ix, the administration has actively engaged in destroying women's sports, using title ix to destroy the lives of young men in college with kangaroo
9:58 am
courts and she's out there, this shot reminded me very much harris of your segment last hour, saying what exactly are the vice president's qualifications to anything? anything? >> my guess, and she is, you know, a high profile democrat, i did not understand. i said just give me one, she could not do it. and what's really unfortunate about that, too, is that there's so many other things that the vice president could have been doing today, today, right, roe is coming. i thought they cared about that on the left. i mean, there are so many things she could be doing to help her team ahead of the midterms. we know the president likely can't help them, i don't know if he can dig out a 33% approval between now and 138 days, november 8th. >> maybe. need to be like bill clinton, a better politician. not this team. >> it's about political posturing, emily. remember, we were told earlier in the week she's not showing her personality, so this is that
9:59 am
effort, like hillary clinton drink a beer shot, whatever she did moment, it's political posturing, it's not policy. >> elizabeth warren as well, cringing like just drink the water. and it was interesting because even in this there was a very targeted percentage of the population she was attempting to appeal to, right. remember, she was saying -- >> who are they? >> she said title ix only appealed to white suburban girls, and she wants to appeal to the trans population, and the lgbtq population. >> and basketball? i would have been more impressed had she gone someplace where people were doing multiple sports. she could have been out there doing a whole host of things. >> or letting them do their incredible things and cheering them on. and no one believes she really did not like that, at least i don't, did not like that cover. >> kennedy -- wore converse everywhere she went, that's what they thought. >> kennedy, you are a athletic
10:00 am
stud. >> i don't like to toot my own horn, but -- >> i would love for her to come out and do a triathalon, great for the sport, for her, goal-oriented, she has not necessarily been lately, so absolutely. >> watch kennedy tonight on fox business. "america reports" coming up. >> sandra: new polling for president biden and the numbers are bad. latest quinnipiac survey shows biden underwater with voters. approval rating at 33%, tying lows he received in three previous quinnipiac polls. >> john: this as the biden administration is under fire for energy policies critics say will not solve the problems. considering the defense production act along with the tax holiday, but critics say a much simpler solution. we'll be


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