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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: the supreme court today ruled in favor of the second amendment, gun rights. john gordon is on capitol hill now calling for more gun control because we are doing nothing to our responsibility. that is how dumb people talk. doing something is good because it is doing something? no. more on that tomorrow. here sean hannity. >> sean: week republican. two words, simple way to say. welcome to "hannity" and tonight shall not be infringed. just a minute, full reaction and analysis to the supreme court's decision surrounding your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. later, this country is facing huge problems but the biden administration, they are more interested in waging a war on nicotine all while handing out crack pipes to drug addicts and leaving borders open for
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fentanyl meth and cocaine at all these other drugs that are killing 300 americans a week. the latest coming up and we will bring you all the low lights from karine jean-pierre's hard-hitting interview in case you missed it on "the view" yesterday which despite the softball questions, was a big challenge for the brand-new white house secretary. look at your screen, they say you miss 100% of the shots you don't take but if you are kamala harris, the same it might be true for 100% of the shots you do take. we will have some of that fun video straight ahead but first, we turn to today's big news out of the u.s. supreme court. in a 6-3 landmark decision the court struck down a new york state law forcing individuals to show proper because in order to obtain a conceal and carry permit. the so-called proper cause provision is often difficult to prove and in a place like new york city is almost impossible to get a concealed carry permit. the state asks law-abiding
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citizens, they must provide evidence to the government that they qualify for the right to keep and bear arms of that is given to them in the constitution. they have to demonstrate some sort of imminent threat or danger they face. how about walking on the streets of new york or riding the subways in new york? naturally, the law would block many ordinary new yorkers from carrying firearms outside of their home to protect themselves, but no more. according to the majority opinion authored by justice clarence thomas, the constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not a second class right subject to an entirely different body of rules other than the bill of rights guarantees." the court's syllabus that summarizes the opinion states "the exercise of other constitutional rights doesn't require individuals to demonstrate to government officers some special need. the second amendment right to bear arms in self-defense is no different.
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new york cause acquirement violates the 14th amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense neede their right to keep and bear arms in public. in other words, our right to keep and bear arms is specifically defined and enumerated as our right in our constitution. in the dissenting opinion, far left justice breyer tossed the constitution write out the window, offered a purely emotional argument about guns and about violence, even evoking the massacre in buffalo. but as justice alito pointed out, new york's proper cause law didn't prevent the buffalo shooting in any way. instead, new york's unconstitutional requirement only blogs law-abiding americans from carrying a gun outside of their home for self-defense. now this major ruling will set precedent for future gun laws and will almost certainly impact similar proper clause regulations. it's now in six other states and
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coming up we are going to show you how the media mob and democrats are taking this new ruling. spoiler alert, not particularly well. here first on the legal side of all of this, reaction to today's ruling and what it means, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, harvard law professor alan dershowitz is with us. let's talk about this 6-3 decision for your professor, i will start with you. you must show proper cause. i thought justice thomas writing for the majority kind of nailed it. there is no other constitutional right we have to show just cause or proper cause. >> in new york state, it is very broad and very vague. if you read the majority decision together with the concurring opinion of justice kavanaugh who helped form the majority, it was for two votes then justice kavanaugh and roberts comprised the sixth and then the three dissenters,
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kavanaugh says this doesn't stop a state from requiring registration, background checks, how old you have to be, what kinds of guns. so it doesn't tell us very much about where the states can pass laws restricting ak 15s or requiring people to be 21 instead of a team. we are going to have to wait and see in subsequent decisions whether or not the thrust of the majority which is exactly the way you described it or the concurring limitations on the majority ultimately become the law. it is a work in progress. >> tucker: if you are talking about the right to carry, we are not talking about carrying an ar-15, it would normally be a revolver, it would be a pistol, 9-millimeter or 40, whatever it happens to be. small, compact, for protection. that seems pretty obvious to me but i wouldn't doubt that the state legislature in a liberal
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state like new york tries to work around this decision probably almost immediately. do you concur? >> they probably will, they no doubt will. the people who voiced utter shock and disbelief at today's decision are either clueless or they weren't paying attention. this was foreseeable, it was predictable because it was consistent with the prior supreme court decisions. justice thomas waited until page 62 to point out that the second amendment isn't a second class right. and over on cnn i was amazed and amused to watch legal analyst jeffrey toobin throw a hissy fit as if that is somewhat new and novel concept. if jeff had actually read the decision he would have noticed that thomas' statement was in quotes. where did it come from? it came from the last major supreme court decision 12 years ago, which jeffrey toobin either didn't read or he didn't remember. he also became unglued, saying
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that conservatives want no rules, regulations, it's going to be a free-for-all as if supreme court would abide by that. no. the supreme court in the heller decision stated very clearly that reasonable restrictions are permissible, and indeed, the court then identified several restrictions that were perfectly okay. so we will have to wait and see whether things like background checks and red flag laws with due process are permissible but i suspect that those things would be. >> sean: professor, does this immediately negate the current law in new york? in other words, would people in new york now have the ability to apply for a concealed carry permit and be granted it and not have to prove proper cause? >> yes, i think that's right. i think the new york law has been struck down, but there will be attempts by new york, as greg
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says, to adapt to the heller decision into this decision, and to permit some kinds of regulations. remember the second amendment talks about a well regulated militia, and militias at the time of the framing or well regulated by the states. so the states still reserve to themselves residual power to do reasonable regulations. what the court said today is new york's regulation was not reasonable because it gives too much discretion to administrators to determine what constitutes a good cause. if you feel frightened, if you have had a subjective experience, you can't get a permit in new york. you have to show that you have actually been threatened any work permits has been very, very hard to get. i think with the court is saying is if new york wants to tighten up its law and make it more objective, that was the word used by justice kavanaugh over and over again. kavanaugh's concurring opinion
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with roberts was an invitation to the states to do better, whereas i think justice thomas' decision set out a framework for analysis which suggests that int all efforts to tighten the law will be accepted. it's a work in progress. >> sean: let me go back to the point about a well regulated militia, our own government at the time to find a militia as the people as a whole. that is how it was defined by the government. >> but remember it was a big fight over hamilton and jefferson about whether there should be a standing army. the second amendment was part of a compromise to give the role of the armed forces over to state militias. so states do have some power, and under our system of checks and balances in federalism you are never going to get a perfect solution. there is always going to have to be a balance struck between the legislature and judiciary and we are going to see this work itself out over the next decade.
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>> sean: we will give you the last word, gregg jarrett. speak of the states and the founders intended that the bill of rights, it was in one of them, all ten of them be primary, be fundamental rights. that is how it was ratified. the trouble with the new york law is it shifted the presumption in the burden of the citizen, that is inherently wrong according to our constitution and bill of rights. >> sean: always good to have you, thank you. as you can imagine, democrats and the mob and the media are not exhibiting today's ruling very well. on twitter senator sheldon whitehouse promoted a conspiracy theory that the supreme court was being influenced by "dark money." meanwhile california governor gavin newsom's dying for attention, proclaiming it with the dark day in america.
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one democratic strategist tweeting about sometimes mass shooters wear robes and sometimes don't have a gun." then the out of work espn analyst keith olbermann, poor keith called for the supreme court to be dissolved. then went on to shout profanities at the justices and even referred to amy coney barrett as a paralegal. joe biden is also upset about the ruling, the guy who left $80 billion in the most sophisticated weaponry of war and at the hands the taliban, doesn't trust his fellow law-abiding americans to have a firearm. the guy who also told his wife, if i'm not here and there is any trouble, take the shot gun and shoot twice. take a look. >> i think it's a bad decision, i think it is not reasoned accurately, i'm disappointed. >> we are disappointed by the supreme court's ruling today. the second amendment as you heard the president say, is not absolute, and permits common sense gun regulation.
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>> we just received some very disturbing news from washington, that the supreme court of the united states of america has stripped away the state of new york's rights and responsibility to protect its citizens, with a decision that we are still digesting, which is frightful in its scope. to speak of this decision has made every single one of us less safe from gun violence. speak of the fact that the court is coming down with this decisin feels a tone-deaf, and i worry that it undermines the legitimacy of the court. >> it seems -- i don't even have the words. it seems stupid. now, it's worse than that. it's not even stupid. no, it is such a middle finger to new york. >> many of us are deeply concerned and troubled by the supreme court's ruling today.
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i believe it defies common sense. in the constitution of the united states. >> frankly, new york city will look a lot more like alabama once this ruling goes into place, with guns are widely available, with concealed carry. >> sean: the mayor, the governor, the vice president, the president. they are all protected by people who have guns. the media mob democrats are predictably upset, but unfortunately we can't say the same of the other two branches. for example at the white house, president joe is having a really hard time with basic tasks. here we go again, take a look at the screen, apparently a white house staffer, that right there, how to create a set of instructions for your president for his meeting today. that thing there reads "you enter the room, you take your seat, you gave brief comments you think participants, you depart. with the only thing missing was
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"you're breathing in and you breathe out." don't forget to breathe, joe. and if you are really good we will get you an extra scoop of ice cream. here with reaction cohost of the five geraldo rivera and host of "unfiltered," no other dan bongino, no such thing as a filtered dan bongino. i want to go back to what clarence thomas said here. the constitutional right to bear arms is not a second-class right subject to a different body of rules than the other bill of rights guarantees. they cut a billion dollars from the nypd. if you go on the subways in the regular basis we are reading stories about people being thrown on the tracks and run over by trans, geraldo. we have homicide rates now in most major cities, setting a record last year and on pace to set another record this year. why shouldn't law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves, just like politicians do.
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>> this is catastrophe masquerading as constitutional process. this decision shows that just as never took the d train, never went to a bar where people get rowdy, never went to yankee stadium where people throw beers at each other. now they are all going to have loaded, hidden handguns. this is a terrible, terrible decision. it is reprehensible as the governor of new york suggests. it is detached from reality. two of the cities that will be directly affected by this, baltimore and newark, are among the ten most deadly cities in america. do you think, giving all those people guns, more and more guns is going to make it any safer? >> sean: what about the law-abiding people that are the victims of crime? i would argue yes, it would make them safer. dan, we will get your take. >> you just totally nailed -- geraldo just made your point.
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he's like all these cities, newark and new york, people are being attacked by people with guns. thank you, geraldo, case closed. you know the crime rate for legal concealed carry permit holders, you know the crime rate is lower than that of police officers? i don't know if you know that, police officers commit more crimes with guns than concealed carry permit holders. you probably don't know that. >> i have in my hand -- from the police commissioner -- >> let me finish my point. i knew you were going to do this. you really, can you try one time, just wants. >> sean: initial thoughts. >> concealed carry record permit holders have a lower crime rate than police officers. the reason the cities you just cited, newark and new york, where i was a police officer, you were not, have a crime problem is because criminals don't go through the legal process. it may get a saturday night special gun off the street, they
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prey on innocent people who now have no right to defend themselves because they obey the law -- >> sean: okay -- >> and can't get guns and new york. >> from the former police commissioner of new york, we respect, "the increased presence of concealed handguns which follows from less restrictive permitting regimes needs to hire rates of police incidents and fatalities." this is from the 58 big career, big city -- >> geraldo -- >> sean: let me ask you a question -- what is an innocent, law-abiding -- >> -- agree with me. >> sean: hang on, what does an innocent law-abiding citizen that lives in an area with high crime, high violence, all these horrible crimes, what happens when they get attacked? what are they supposed to do, geraldo? what do you tell them?
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just scream, call the police question rank even the best response times, the only way to defend yourself as if you are prepared to defend yourself! >> we work together to refund the police. we work together to empower the police. we -- >> sean: but in that moment when a person a attacks you >> dial 911. the shooter on the d train, that is what this is going to be. >> sean: i want to be clear, you would leave them defenseless? >> the odds on you defending yourself with your hidden, loaded handgun, you know who is going to get shot? you are going to shoot yourself in the foot. you are going shoot your kid. >> sean: i've had a license to carry my whole adult life. >> number one, what he says about concealed carry permit holders does not comport with the data. gun ownership rose dramatically through the 90s and 2000s
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and 2010s while crime rate went down so that is just not true. i believe in data -- >> i don't know what -- >> it's really tragic that you actually believe that criminals are going to go through a background check. it's almost laughable. i was a cop -- >> did you ever have a bar fight? did you ever elbow someone on the subway? did you ever have road rage? what if they all have loaded handguns? >> can i answer your question, one quick point, i am not a criminal. i've been in fights, i've never once thought about pulling out a gun and jacking someone with a gun. because i am a law-abiding gun owner. you cannot seem to make the distinction between the two. >> anybody who has spent any time on the streets of baltimore in newark and los angeles and boston -- >> if the guy who broke your
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nose, we both think our noses were broken, he would probably pull out a gun god forbid and do something. that is a criminal. guys like you and me don't do that here there is a difference and the guy who would've shot you is not going through a darn background check. i've interviewed hundreds of these guys. they laugh at gun laws. >> eric adams is the new mayor of new york, the new mayor of new york is struggling to tamper down this rising malignant crime wave that is hitting the city -- >> who is committing the crimes? gun owners? >> not who was a guy, now you have to tell your cops, tell your cops when they go out on patrol at two in the morning that everybody, everybody has a loaded, hidden handgun. >> sean: but we are talking about law-abiding citizens. criminals already have them. by their very nature they don't abide by the law. what part of that are you not getting? >> and you are going to have all of these guns available, and the
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younger brother, and the father, and the uncle, and the neighbors. >> sean: dan, you get the last word. >> in florida in the sunshine state, everyone has a concealed carry permit. why isn't it a problem down here? >> you don't have any subways. you don't have any subways. >> sean: that is a weak answer, geraldo. >> we have malls. >> baltimore, newark, new york, l.a. -- >> sean: geraldo. all i want for the people of new york and for honest law-abiding citizens is the right to have the same protection that mayor adams has, the kamala harris has, that governor hochul have. they deserve the same aright and now they have it, whether you like it or not. thank god. appreciate both of you. when we come back on the white house press secretary karine jean-pierre joint of the ladies of "the view" for predictably hard-hitting
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interview. only problem is, as many softballs as she got, still didn't really go well. we will explain. a leo 2.0 terrell and charlie hurt, next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: struggling white house press secretary karine jean-pierre appeared on the hard-hitting new show on abc, "the view" earlier today where she was loved one softball after another including being asked how she could convince americans that inflation and gas prices are not joe's fault. take a look. >> the buck stops with the president, to paraphrase harry truman, with the president's handling of inflation and the economy hitting lows in recent polls, how do you make the case to voters that his economic policies are working, that it's not his fault, that inflation is
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a worldwide problem, that the gas prices are not joe biden's fault? how do you do that? >> you just said it, what we are seeing with gas prices and inflation, even the cost of food gumming up, it is a global challenge. and a lot of that is connected to russia's war. and another thing that he was able to do is pass the american rescue plan. his plan that only democrats voted for, and now you fast-forward to today. we do have some unique friends. we do have a strong economy. >> sean: really? okay, keep telling yourself that. it's been a rough tenure for karine jean-pierre at the biden white house. here is just a small sample including when she blamed the wind for joe biden tripping three times while attempting to climb the stairs to air force one. a windy day. take a look. >> what i am trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically. so we feel at this
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administration, other experts as well, we feel that we are in a good position to take on inflation. >> does the present i have the stamina, physically and mentally, to go one after 2024? >> you are asking me this question, my gosh! he's the president of the united states, i can't even keep up with him. we just got back from new mexico, we just got back from california. that is -- that is not a question that we should be even asking. >> the president taking a fall on the stairs, is he doing okay? >> as you know it is pretty windy outside. it is very windy. our most welcoming of the steps myself. he's doing 100% fine. >> sean: not a question we should be asking. i can't even keep up with joe biden. i guess the press secretary is in pretty bad shape and my favorite, the wind blew him over. i don't know what is worse, that he fell three times or they blamed the wind and he is so weak that the wind can blow them
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over. it's not like there was a tornado. he was a reaction, fox news contributor's charlie hurt, leo 2.0 terrell. i see leo laughing. for her to just lie like that about the economy, let me say one thing straight, jerome powell, the fed chair debunked the lie about inflation and even said, no, inflation was already at record highs, same with gas prices. long before putin ever invaded ukraine. that lies out of the way. the economy being the best ever and we are in the best position, no, we are not. there is nobody with any economic background that is making that case, leo. even lawrence summers is saying it's pretty bad. >> she's lying to the american public and we are not buying it. let's be very honest of the fox viewers. she's not qualified. she was picked based on gender politics. her gender, or sexual orientation, her skin
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color. it's embarrassing. here is the situation, on the subjects she's discussing, you didn't play the clip where she's looking in the book and reading from a book. i don't need her to read to me. i don't need her to read a book to me. the american public doesn't need her to read a book. she can't get fired because if you fire her than you are a racist. when you have a person like charlie on the show, if they were to ask your question, she doesn't have a mastery of the subjects she's discussing. she was picked for all the wrong reasons. final point, i hate to say this, jen psaki was better. >> sean: oh, boy, that is saying a lot. i will circle back on that one. charlie hurt, your take. >> no, it's true. jen psaki, we may find out that jen psaki was the best press secretary this administration could ever have. partly because what we are seeing here is so bad.
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it's almost to the point where you sort of feel sorry for her because she is so far in over her head and they have been dealing with the press for so long that it's sort of not only going along with the lies and the nonsense that the administration pushes, and have been supported at every turn, but we are in different territory now. we are in a situation where we have serious, serious crises all around the world. most importantly, an economic crisis, a security crisis here at home, and things are getting very, very serious. it's so bad that you have the ladies of "the view" trying to set her down and explained to her, you need to explain to the american people, you need to give some explanation for wyatt to defend this administration. obviously, the talking point is out there, they were laughable and ridiculous about the fact that she had to explain to her that she needs to do something
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like this tells you an awful lot. the truth is there isn't a good answer. this administration can defend the policies they've put in place that have created so many of these crises. >> sean: leo, i will throw this to you. of the problem is these are the very policies that joe biden ran on. i'm going to eliminate fossil fuels, it's gone, i'm done, i'm getting rid of it. look me in the eye, i will end our dependence on fossil fuels. these were his stated policies. now he's implemented them in the predictable result when you artificially lower the world supply of energy, the lifeblood of the economy, is higher prices. higher prices at the pump but they are saying it's okay, until we get renewable energy. what renewable energy? when are we getting these renewable energies? what exactly are they talking about? they just say these things and the one thing they've been saying lately that it's been driving me insane as joe has done everything he can possibly do.
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leo, he hasn't because he can go back to the policies they gave me to dollar a gallon gasoline and that they refused to even look at. >> over 280 million cars they depend on gasoline. less than 2% are electric. he insults the intelligence of the american people when he says they are going to give us a tax holiday and save us $0.18. that's an insult. i tweeted out today, if he wants to increase his poll numbers, restore the trump policies today. simple. >> sean: i think you do that, it is saving someone with a toyota camry about 20 bucks over the summer. not exactly big savings. we will give you the last word. >> you look around, this is the utopia of the democrats been promising forever and this is what you get with all of their policies and you are exactly right. this is what they've been promising us and they now see it in action.
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good thing is the election is coming up this fall and in two years and i feel pretty confident the democrats are going to be taught a lesson. whether they will learn the lesson are not, i don't know but they are going to be taught a lesson. >> sean: straight ahead tonight. thank you, leo and charlie peered straight ahead fda officially banding juul e-cigarettes and decriminalizing drugs at the same time we have open borders, fentanyl, cocaine and heroin killing 300 people a week but they are not focused on that. we will break it down, rampant hypocrisy, insanity and by the way, if you know your government makes $12 billion a year on selling cigarettes, why didn't they ban them? straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now the biden fda today followed through on banding juul vaping products over youth vaping concerns, they say but why are they going after other brands of ecigs? how does the government justify, they are making $12 billion a year off of cigarette taxes, they going to ban them too is that too much money in the coffers? why not raise the age to 21 and make it simple like buying a beer. wise but by not focusing on securing the border? there are estimates that 90% of the heroin in this country, fentanyl, methamphetamine come into this country from our southern border. we are losing 300 americans a week in overdose deaths. by the way, when it comes to states like portland, they are decriminalizing all of these hard drugs.
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methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and even fentanyl. here comes the biden administration with the so-called safe smoking kits with crack pipes? but somehow they want to ban this? a juul? for people that vaped? what about adults? maybe it is time for little balance here? the fda action won't target individual use. they took all my thunder away. in other words, it's illegal for me to have this, it's illegal for me to smoke this, it's legal for me to do whatever i want but as of next wednesday, as i understand, they have to take juul off the store shelves and to stop retail distribution. all right, that took away my desire to hit the juul on air since they won't be coming to arrest me. darn, such a good opportunity. i know the liberal media mob is probably devastated. here with reaction on a more serious note, florida attorney general pam bondi along
6:41 pm
with cohost of the buck with glacial buck sexton is with us. i look at this and i am like, maybe all of these opioid deaths, open borders, not doing anything there. we don't even do background checks on people they are processing and releasing into the country and they get a free phone, they don't get a covid check and they don't get a vaccine mandate, so they get preferential treatment. why are they going after this one company? >> we can talk about this enough and i'm so glad we're talking about it tonight because the unintended consequence of this is as you said, it is not illegal to possess or use, so you are safe tonight beer but when they take it off the market, what teens are going to do was go to the black market and when they do, it is going to be laced with fentanyl just like we've seen my entire career when things like this happen. that is an unintended consequence. parents, you need to talk to your kids because if they can't buy make it legally and adults, if you can buy illegally, be
6:42 pm
careful if you are buying it on the street, it will be laced most likely with something else and you can be heard. yeah, they are putting out crack pipes, they are giving out needles for heroin addicts. taxpayer dollars are paying for those. hypocrisy -- >> sean: how do they justify making $12 billion on cigarettes every year? buck, i will throw that to you? >> there is truly no principle involved here for them. but when you look at the recent history of the fda and how they were asleep at the wheel on the baby formula issue which has caused a baby formula shortage and is still ongoing across the country, the fda joins the cdc and the fda and other three letter agencies as places that just can't seem to get the job done and continue to engage in either in either politicization or distraction like this. there is no principle they can point to as to why this would be banned but cigarettes would
6:43 pm
continue. then when you add this to the mentality that you've seen from the white house, of saying there should be chemical gender transition drugs or puberty blocking drugs for children and yet here the fda is saying we are doing this to protect the children. i don't know what that means over doesn't mean what they think it does. >> sean: the same group of people that without any science behind it, they want to give vaccines to kids under 5 and fauci even shows they don't have any studies that prove the impact or negative effects of it. i'm trying to understand the logic, why this one company because other vaping companies are not at all impacted by this. why did they single out this one company that already pulled out their flavored brands they had like mango and passion fruit, whatever you call them, that younger kids seem to like and
6:44 pm
kept the more traditional cigarette flavors, like tobacco and menthol and that's it. why would they pick on one company meanwhile these other companies are selling the flavored vaped, i guess, pods, whatever you call them. >> it sounds like the company juul will appeal and they will probably be successful because they don't have the data to back up a complete ban on this one company. in the meantime i think people are going to go to the black market to buy products and it's going to be a problem. >> sean: this is scary, you really think when people go to the black market you suspect that people that buy, they are not looking for weed, they're just looking for nicotine, you suspect they are going lease these with fentanyl -- >> i saw it when i was attorney general, adults buying adderall, xanax on the street,
6:45 pm
it was being laced with fentanyl and people were dropping dead. they still are. that is why you should never buy anything on the street, even if it is an adderall or a xanax. nothing. because of that problem. i know it will be happening with these electric cartridges, because you can't buy them legally. so people need to be very careful. >> sean: then they sell cigarettes, can you explain that part to me? the ones with the chemicals in the additives we are told cause cancer? >> and the secondhand smoke that everyone gets when you are around cigarettes as well. >> sean: of people addicted to nicotine, they say it is more addictive than even heroin. >> yeah, of course. maybe they have better lobbyists or some of the folks who are sending checks from the other companies and know which to greece. it just doesn't make sense but when you are looking at a federal bureaucracy and a biden apparatus that is in such disarray, you have to expect
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there will be this kind of cognitive dissonance operating at all levels at all times because who is really steering the ship? i would like to see them fix the baby formula crisis and figure out if it is going to be eight boosters or five boosters or however many they want the 5-year-olds to get before the fda starts arbitrarily pulling products off the market and telling us they are doing it to protect the kids from what could be seeping out of the product. they are not sure yet, they will get back to us at some point in the future. sounds like the federal government doesn't know what it's doing, no surprise. >> sean: at last legal question, pam, if it's not illel to possess it and it's not illegal to use it, which means they won't arrest me, can you buy from another country? is that going to be legal? >> they can't stop you from buying it from another country or importing it, they cannot stop you from using it or possessing it. the fda, they don't have that
6:47 pm
power, nor is doj going to try to create something where they could enforce something in that manner. i would say don't buy it on the street. >> sean: well said, good to see. coming up, another day, another blunder. bad day, kamala harris. wait until you see what happened, we have got big news about pete coming up next. (♪ ♪)
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6:52 pm
[cheering] >> sean: all right, of course harris' jump shot is the least of her problems, we are just having fun with it. americans continue to lose confidence in the administration. here with reaction, author, get this, big news, debuting number one on "the new york times" best seller list, "battle for the american mind" our friend pete hegseth. first, congratulations, sir. i'm not sure if i would have gone as far as to take a harvard business school diploma and ruin it but you got to do what you got to do. >> [laughs] it you got to do what you got to do. thank you, thank you to your amazing audience, thank you to you for giving me the platform
6:53 pm
both on tv and radio to talk about it, and the amazing viewers at fox. god bless everybody and my coauthor david goodwin, i think it is the right topic at the right time because parents are looking for answers in k-12 so thank you very much, i really appreciate it. harvard can keep their degree! i don't want it, they are not the gatekeepers -- >> sean: i agree with you on that part. you earned that degree. >> sure, i earned it, but i was doing it for the wrong reasons because i wanted to get the best degree out there. turns out it is a bunch of marxist teaching critical theory and once we awoke to the reality of what they are doing to our country -- >> sean: but guess what -- >> we should know from them by validating them that they are special. >> sean: i can's to go for you until you they did not indoctrinate you, you survived it. there is a book written years ago "harvard hates america," he was way ahead of the curve,
6:54 pm
right? >> he sure was and that is why i don't want to affirm it. i survived it but we can't have a nation of survivors. we need a republic full of freethinkers who have liberated mines, who have a real liberal arts education. harvard is doing the opposite, so let's stop affirming them and other ivy league wackos like that. to build our own ecosystem of universities and high schools as we talk about an "battle for the american mind" that pump out patriots and freethinkers that we are going to need if we are going to save this country. i know you agree on that front. harvard, see you later, i don't want it one bit. >> sean: but you still have it, it is still on your resume if you ever need it but you are staying here for a long time. here's what i do want to ask you. obviously, when people go to the ballot box and i'm hoping for a wave election year. i don't have a crystal ball, i can't tell for sure but it looks like it is lining up that way. certainly inflation, record 41 year high. certainly high gas prices will be on the ballots.
6:55 pm
the failure in afghanistan, the war in europe, everything in between. you can't point to a single success but issues like education and law and order, they will also be on the ballot. we saw the number virginia. 30 seconds. >> rightfully so. it's a gut check moment for parents and grandparents. what is the government and the government schools doing to your kids? magister while letting your freedoms as we saw during covid, but the future of your kids. kamala harris, 1 out of 6, that is about right for their success so far, the administration. people are going to vote that out amberjack day. we have hope because parents are waking up, and because of work guys like you are doing. >> sean: number one, "battle for the american mind," "new york times" best seller. we are proud of you, congratulations. hope people get it,, and bookstores everywhere. more "hannity" next.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening, as always we thank you for being with us, thank you for making the show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." the news will continue, you can always go to let not your heart be troubled, she is standing by. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" -- what's the angle tonight? >> laura: i have a question for you. >> sean: that's always a bad thing. >> laura: do you know how to set your own dvr? of someone said i want you to series record -- >> sean: yes. you go to settings on your tv. you click on the dvr, you click on the dvr part, you hit record and then it will ask you once only or it will ask every episode of. >> laura: you have people who do that for you, correct? >> sean: i don't! >> laura: you don't know how to do that, you have no idea. >> sean: you take the