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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  June 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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just to put a point on what janelle was saying i don't think it could help therats at all particularly in light of the changes that we are seeing. we will see the numbers are not looking good for them. thank you so much janelle for bein ♪. greg: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy welcome to it sunday night in america. anniversaries a natural point of reflection. that's human nature and perfectly acceptable to look back. it was 40 years ago i graduated from high school it was a town of trenton time of great excitement primarily because my trigonometry we graded not yet been posted by did not know find they would be called during graduation. how fun is that?
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you're sitting a high school bleachers of the gym your one if your name will even be called. in august it will be my 33rd wedding anniversary. is the best decision i have ever made in life. almost exactly 13 years ago at my wife and children and i stood in our front yard and announced a bid for congress. life it goes fast every section of our minds get full. looking back can be educational, therapeutic, inspiring make us grateful and sympathetic and wise. we have been meeting here on sunday nights for a year now. a lot has happened in our country and around the world. they withdrawal of u.s. troops in afghanistan the death of american soldiers on that lingering question of what we got for what we paid with the lives of american soldiers over the course of the past 20 years we have borne witness to the war in ukraine, the threat to democracy the mixed messages
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from some in this country whether we should support it democracy or brutal dictators and gas prices inflation crime go up or confidence in the direction of our country goes down. crime is something i follow closely because of violent crime impacts victims and their families forever. i really do believe public safety is the preeminent function of government. we continue to deal with the aftermath of political division and all the way it manifests itself. although it is important to note they have had political divisions as long as we have had a country. anyone who thanks thomas jefferson, john adams, george washington were all of one mind, is not studied them very closely. and yet as we look back on the last decade and even the last year, it doesn't seemed like things are different in america. we look back in part because it's easier to see what has happened for and predicting what
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is going to happen. that is where the real uncertainty lies. it's one of the great dualisms of life. we look back on the one thing we cannot change and spend less time on the one thing we can change which is what is left of today and tomorrow. so where do you want to be in a year personally? as a community? as a state? as a nation? do you ever get tired of the constant negativity? do you wonder where the stories on good cops and good prosecutors are? you wonder where the acts of kindness are? we see the crime what about the goodness of america? do you wonder why the loudest voices in politics are the ones who get all of the attention? do you wonder why sports tend to highlight the celebration after the touchdown more than the teamwork that led to the touchdown. we all look back, that is the
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reason we say hindsight is 2020. it is the one thing we cannot change. how good is our vision of the next year, the next month, the next day? how much time do we spend making sure that when we do look back on tomorrow it will be with joy, and pride and the full knowledge that we did our best to make sure it is a memory filled with less regret and more happiness. people ask me from time to time when will things change? when you demand it. and when we bring about that change but waiting on others is not proven profitable in many regards. for the next year we should think about trying to be whatever change it is we desire. what is left of today and tomorrow it seems like a really good time and place to start. turning south one of my favorite people in the world dana perino. when you look back over the past year what are some of your
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dominant memories good and bad from the news? let's first of all thank you for having me but remember think is on your first show. and i think what you have brought to our viewers is a show of such substance, style, grace, dignity all of it and entertaining. we look forward to your monologues every single week. and just congratulations you have a great team they are able eat led by you. this last year is very interesting as you asked me too come on i been thinking about that. there's a lot of good things i can look back on. especially personally present that was what i was thinking about as you finish there with your monologue. when i am asked about the polarization in america for example what can be done about it i asked people to first of all think about your own life. are you setting the best example in your family? in your neighborhood? at your office? because if you are doing that
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help with our ripple effects on there. some he says we just saw polarization in america that problems seem so big you don't even know where to begin. but starting with yourself and also recognizing that if you were born in america, you already one life's great lottery. this country is so important to the world in my opinion. it's important to the people who live here. that it is worth protecting. you have to get involved with democracy is a participatory sport. i always like to think about something i'm going to say it now you going to be received with the intention? am i being gracious? am i being thoughtful? have i listened? have i really thought through what i'm going to say? can i say something with a smile? can they reach across? barbara bush before she died gave some marriage advice, you don't need any marriage advice you just said 33 years. she's at each party in that marriage needs to be able to go 60% of the way there.
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been thinking about that for america's way think about the polarization or even in congress. can you figure how to get 60% of the way there to help bring people together to solve the problems that we have? i think obviously inflation, crime, the rule of law. some of those things like the rule of law is just so basic you have to have that basic security or else everything else falls apart, trey. greg: you said so many things and that i want to follow up on. it's exactly what i had to on the first show why i have you on the one-year anniversary why i would have you on every single sunday night if they would let me do it. you've spoken in the past about gratitude and the role that place not only in your personal life, but kind of addict vacate to others to be grateful for what you do have. so how do we do that? >> i start what is called a gratitude practice a few years ago. it starts with -- you just a
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notebook or just an intention or every day you write down three things you are grateful for. i took a few steps further. that was to see if i could constantly live a life of gratitude all day long. i used to take the subway we forgot unsafe i would get on and say a little note of grace to people around me silently. the young woman is studying her homework that's a hope she gets an a on that test. somebody in uniform, i hope they are treated well today. i hope that one person gets home on time pretty hope nobody is mean to them. i'm always worried about people being mean to others. but i realized over time is that my dog a jasper of course you remember, he died in september of last year. i remember feeling pretty okay in my grief, and guess what, trey, i found out there's actually scientific proof now if you are living a life of gratitude it is like a runner's
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high. he released a little bit of endorphin every single time you are grateful. that builds up your resiliency so you can handle all of the things that come at you at in life in a better way. one thing it does for your heart. it also might do something for your brain break access by what you on every sunday night you're one of my favorite people. one of the most respected people in all of television. dana perino thank you so very much for. >> thank you. greg: turning to souther witnessing expensing first-hand as democracy is hard. democracy requires work and participation, often times some give and take. what is the state of our democracy question of polling indicates certain pessimism among our fellow citizens. a belief that perhaps our best days are behind as per the divisions are too much to overcome for the good thing about democracy is the fallacy or the truth of those predictions is squarely in our hands. we control our destiny.
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do that imparts with our elections. do that in part with our expectations of those who put in positions of leadership. joining us now chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes. i know you have been gone from d.c. but when you look back at the war on ukraine and the russian threat. you are talking about russia long before anybody else saw that was fashionable. what is your reaction to what is still happening in eastern europe? >> as it relates to eastern europe putin has been out there for long time. i still kind of maintain i think he is not thinking right. this is not normal for him to sacrifice tens of thousands what appears to be tens of thousands of russian soldiers. i look this is going to be a long haul here. ukrainians are not going to give up. putin has got territory in the east. he does not look right to maybury's always been a tyrant.
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but not as crazy as he is acting. i don't know i'm hearing the term this is a bunker or fair for a while it could get a lot worse before it gets any better. greg: for years especially the end of my time there perhaps the end of your time there as well, all the attention was on russia, impeachment, allegations of collusion. did our country, as a result of that or congress in particular spend way too little time on china? i don't recall despite your efforts to direct our attention to china i don't recall the other side wanting to talk about anything other than russia at least so i was there. >> yes they were really covering for the debacle the left had, right? it was not until donald trump won that all the sudden rush and it was a big deal. if you will remember i was someone who called the obama ministration out on their inadequacy and dealing with russia that was when russian went into crimea remember the little green men coming down.
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that whole time russia's always been a problem. working with her eastern european allies like poland and romania right did a lot of work during our time in congress together, trey. it made sense for an hour i was clearly off the ball and dealing with china per think the whole russian hoax that you and i had to deal with and unravel did not allow president trump, at the time, to deal with the putin and a fair manner. i think it put him in a very bad spot. rep of this couple times actually met with putin? all it was, the left, the democrats, the fake news and media in this country calling you, and me, and president trump we were like of russian agents. can you imagine if he would had four years of president trump actually working at a normal manner like all the others have tried to work with putin over those years. instead sharp division was driven where one political party the republican party was painted
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as this pro- russia pro putin ally. so no one was talking to anyone and it leads up to this big breakdown. i think that is what we are dealing with now. greg: term and i must say look tan and remarkably refreshed after you are to enter and tour of duty in d.c. is over thank you for joining us on a sunday night but it's always good to visit with you i look for to talking to you soon. >> thanks good to be with you trey. greg: thank you break coming up a look at our economic landscape. senator lindsey graham former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. both in the state of south carolina to give us their insights next too. >> height mr. gaudi congratulations on a one of sunday night in
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it's been a welcome back to sunday night america. for mass shootings to the board to record high inflation and crime it is a challenging time to be a public service. americans do not think the country is headed in the right direction where there are challenges at home and abroad. we are seemingly always in election mode. let's see where we are at some of the issues for most on the minds of americans and bring it south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, the term red flag laws have come up in the aftermath of mass shootings. every time i've ever heard that term come up in your presence you always mention due process. what do you mean by due process? what are you looking for? >> so what are we trying to accomplish? congratulations on a heck of a year here pretty done a really good job explaining complicated issues to people and away without shouting at each other. what am i trying to do?
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i own an ar-15, okay? most of the south carolina gun owners. my gun has the seal of my reserve unit when i served in afghanistan pretty means a lot to me. i'm not going to confiscate people's air fifteens or any other gun in the name of gun safety. what i will do is require -- allow cops to go to judges to present evidence that john doe is mentally unstable, is threatening people, the judge we need to act now before he killed somebody. that is called a red flag law. count me in for gun -- response will gun ownership. but i would support grants to states that have red flag laws to give them more capability for the police to go to a judge, with due process, to intervene before it is too late. what we find all the shootings? younger people, very disturbed sometimes purely evil with a lot of threats that went unanswered
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and we have got to empower the cops to intervene before a bunch of kids get killed and we can do that. but the key is due process. nobody's going to come and take your gun under any proposal i have without your day in court represented by counsel and the ability to cross-examine those who accuse you of wrongdoing. greg: you know senator, what i find interesting it is always in our life to bet against the law for someone who's been adjudicated, mentally ill to possess any firearm even a bullet in their due process considerations there. people who are fugitives from justice. people who are out on bond for certain offenses there is a due process layer. if i hear you correctly and i've heard you correctly in the past, i do not see the difference been going in front of a judge in a red flag law situation going in front of a judge in getting someone adjudicated mentally ill.
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you have due process in both, right? wes yes here's the problem we are trying to solve, we are trying to protect gun owners like myself are being harassed and having our guns taken away without any good reason, okay? we are also trying to intervene before it is too late. the parkland shooting, the cruise guy who killed all the kids in park what was known throughout the entire school as being very mentally unstable. the cops went to his house 30 times without much ability to do anything about it. so they created rick scott the governor floored at the time, a red flag system for the police could go to a judge and say we have all of this evidence of threats, mental instability and we would like you to give us the ability to seize the guns for a short period of time, then have a hearing as to whether or not they should be seized in a permanent fashion and whether or not this person should get
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mental treatment or be charged with a crime. time is of the essence for you have been a prosecutor every cop listen to spring up nose or some people in the community that are very dangerous to themselves or others. they need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. but due process is the cornerstone of anything i am talking about. therapy note national red flag law. i like to help states going down this road with capabilities they don't have today to make sure there is good robust due process but stop the killing before it is too late. >> senator there is a pretty good chance you're going to the chairman of the judiciary committee at some point maybe even next year. we had a federal judge on recently his son was killed and her husband seriously injured by a disgruntled lawyer. we have threats supreme court justices right now. what can be done to better safeguard federal judges? >> i have a bill with senator menendez that would prohibit the address of a judge being released to the public. protect the privacy.
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finally the house is going to act on securing the supreme court. we need to treat judges, the independent branch of the government the same level of security we have here in the capitol. there is a lot on the books, try that prevent people from going to a judges home to protest, intimidate them in the decision-making process. that law needs to be followed attorney general garland should arrest these protesters out in front of the supreme court justices home. there's also a lot on the book that prevents you from going to a juror's house and trying to intimidate them. we have laws on the books that need to be enforced. we need more capability to protect the independent judiciary. i think most americans went our judges to feel like they can do their job without being threatened themselves or their family. spin and set it i want to thank you for not only coming on tonight but over the course of the past year you have been a frequent guest. i am very grateful to you for
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that part of the viewers are as well. so thank you again for coming on you take care of her. >> thank you. car cluster into the economy inflation is up, gas prices are up, interest rates are up, retirement accounts are down. do presidents get too much credit when things are going well into much blame and things are going poorly? what can and should be done to get us out of this economic or are we in for a rough sledding for a while? mick mulvaney focus on economic issues when he was in the house and use the omb director the chief of staff or president trump. heat joins us now. admit, what is driving this inflation? >> hey trey good to see you again. a lot of different things but one thing more than anything else as we are at a supply driven inflation. a lot of the inflationary cycle to been through in the past are caused by too much demand in the federal reserve raising interest rates for example to tap down demand. but right now, because of covid,
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because of you create we are in a supply driven every cycle by the fed is really going to struggle to help us out of this because raising interest rates as they did recently three cores in a point for the first time in more than a quarter of a century does not put more cars on the lot for sale but does not make more computer chips. in fact raising weights can make it harder to get goods and services to market. i think we're going to be in some inflationary difficulty for good bit of time for congress hasn't forgot their side of the equation yet. they continued to print money for the things we could you i don't think we are doing. >> you put your finger on one thing that vexes me. i do have this correlation between inflation and government spending. but as you points up whole time we served together both sides spent a lot of money. so why is the inflation happening now if it is tied to government deficits? >> that's a great question but it's a multi- variable equation for your right democrats
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republicans of both spent money in washington d.c. you don't get 30 chili dollars in debt with one party only complicit. but the difference between having a democrat in charge of the white house and a republican has to deal in large part with regulation. when truck came in and d wreck like that makes it easier to goods and services to market. this got out important to me places when president biden came into office he started not only to put the old regulations of trumpet got rid of back on the books but started putting new things on the book. every new regulation makes it hard to get goods and services, gasoline, food, whatever to market. when inflation is defined as too much money chasing too few goods you are right both parties have thrown too much money into the economy but the democrats preventing those goods and from getting to market pretty think there is one thing economically speaking the trump administration should be famous for, they should write books about this is that supply-side economics worked.
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if you couldn't lower regulation at lower taxes you can have high employment, height wages and no inflation for the model is there but again the democrats will follow. the state legislative bodies also congress was fiscal restraint. i've sat through where i didn't hear a word entitlement reform or deficit spending. is that still part of the gop platform? i just don't hear much about fiscal restraint anymore. >> i hope it is, trey. the country needs for us to be credible. i meet us republicans on spending issues because sooner or later it's going to cause some real difficulty. it's causing real difficulties now. but you do not hear enough republicans talking about spending too much money. they set, both parties like to spend money for you and i had a colleague one time an older guy had been there forever. but it better for the first time in 2010 he slapped me on the back and said you fiscal hawks
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you guys are great acumen with reagan you left i was still here pretty came in with newt gingrich left and i'm senator you're here now you left them so good to be here. i am back on the south carolina he still spending money in washington d.c. as a republican for both parties have a lot to do they've need to clean the high ground on spending. greg: mick mulvaney eight heavy beka political questions i need to talk to you too i do know it's a mix economics and politics. i know it usually go to bed about the seven sunday night heading to stay up late so i can bring you back and ask you about presidential politics coming up, how is that? >> i've got questions about your hair so we could do that maybe next time. that may take more than one segment. >> i would love that. thank you mick mulvaney where there have been and remain foreign policy challenges all around the globe. what have we learned over the past year? what does the future look like? former director of national intelligence john lee ratcliffe joins us next.
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spieth i welcome back the sunday night america. uber told you $
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afghanistan, that was too slow to indecisive to deter putin and ukraine. that is getting bullied around by china. that is trying to write a blank check to a terrorist regime in iran. they accomplish that in 18 short months. this team in charge of our national security or national security posture. i could talk about china, russia being ahead of us with hypersonic missiles and glide technology vehicles. but really it's my our own national security team of the people making decisions the damage they have done to our national security posture over the last 18 months really worries me where we may go in the next 18 months. i hope the next american president steps in and the united states is still the world's only superpower. greg: johnny want to think of the past 12 months you have been a frequent guest to bring us your expertise and insight.
10:41 pm
i hope that will continue for and whether i have a show or not i hope you will continue to come on and share insights. over the next three months and beyond but thank you for tonight, we will see you soon. >> congratulations on your success, trach thank you. greg: there is much to be grateful for even admits the challenges. assume better to balance the scale of hope and re-leasing that sedrick tim scott. he joins us on sunday night in america. >> congratulations on your one year anniversary sunday night in america. i enjoyed watching the show every week. i am looking forward she's a another year watching on fox
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it's been a welcome back to sunday night in america per these are challenging times. but at least we are alive to be challenged but at least we have the hope and the promise of today and tomorrow. crime may be high but so to his goodness if we know where to look for it. joining us now is the senator from the great state of south carolina. tim scott, i cannot count the number times my own life i have had to go to you for a word of encouragement.
10:47 pm
i am a cynic and you are not. so give us something to be hopeful for and about over the next 12 months. >> congressman, first happy anniversary to your show. god bless you. you've done a fantastic job. we are so proud of you. when you look into the future one of things i am excited about is the fact that our country is coalescing around each other for the truth of the matter is we look into the future we can expect people of good conscience will go out of their way exhibiting the characteristics of the extra mile and continue to invest in people who don't look like them, who are not from where they are from. because we as americans believe in each other. the truth is the future is better that it has ever been. the key for us to get to the better future of course is to deal some of the challenges that are confronting the average person in the zip codes around this country pretty think about the economy, you think about inflation and gas prices.
10:48 pm
these are three things we can actually improve by sending a signal in november. by winning elections in november will change the confidence of the average american and the future prospects for lower prices at the pump. for seeing food, fish, fruit all come down. those are good signs to come. i believe we will deliver for the american people and we will have a chance to lead based on our principles and not on anything else. that is a very good future for america. greg: you know senator, you and i have spent hours if not days talking about how to balance pain, with progress with potential pretty always go to you because you love talk about the progress we have made pete that is a conversation we seem to have -- it's an ongoing conversation. you can't just have it once. so in these challenging times today with their optimism and helpfulness for tomorrow, how do
10:49 pm
you balance pain, progress and potential? >> were things i say about the pain certainly as a kid who nearly failed high school as a freshman, someone born and living in poverty growing up, the one thing i can say about the past is that it should be a part of the rearview mirror. we should literally reflect back on progress and pain to understand how to set the confidence read how to set our gps. the truth is, the bigger windshield in front of us should call us into the future we should aluminate that future by focusing our attention more on the windshield that we do in the rearview mirror. we do that we will discover is that when you and i were kids we probably would not have had a chance to play together. certainly sitting in restaurants and hotels when been more challenging than it is today. tomorrow your daughter, your son, my nephew will all live in the best america because they will be standing on the shoulders of giants for this
10:50 pm
martin luther king jr., ronald reagan, frederick douglass or abraham lincoln for the truth is that america's generation after generation we have always gotten better. it doesn't stop now it doesn't stop at all. so sometimes getting punched in the gut is the way you reflect and refocus. we are in the midst of that gut punch right now, trey. we're going to have to refocus our attention to it really matters. and we will do it i am confident in we the american people. >> all right come south carolina just went through a primary season. you had no opposition. it was kind of bittersweet for me in a way. this november you will be on the ballot for the first time and i will not be there with you. although i think you're going to do just fine. not the least bit worried. but it was bittersweet when you think, not just your political future because you have so many
10:51 pm
different interests. but when you look to the future do you have an idea of what you want to come about? >> i do trey. one of the things i focused on is because of the life of a man a well lived, chick-fil-a operator is my mentor pretty set a mission to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people with the message of hope and possibility hope in the good lord above for it opportunity important principles and financial literacy. why look in the future one of the things i hope to achieve it's a better understanding and appreciation my hope is so important why financial literacy is a part of hope. i hope we focus our attention on making sure every kid in every zip code has quality education because you have have said and i have repeated, education is the closest thing to magic in america. so if we can bring that quality education into the four zip codes will change government dependency. will change incarceration rates.
10:52 pm
we will change poverty rates. we will increase opportunity and prosperity. we have what is in our grasp today, the chance to have a transformable transformational experience for the average american. and i hope to help assure that in over the next couple of years but frankly for the rest of my life. greg: well said we know senator i wish someone had told you and i both about the importance of education when we were in high school part of our marks might have a little bit higher. [laughter] you seem to have turned out just fine despite a rocky year or two in high school. i cannot thank you enough for the past 12 months. you've come on and shared with our viewers prettier i'm sooner my favorite people in the world. think you're one of their favorite people to so thank you for that. >> god bless you happy anniversary keep doing what you're doing would love you. spinning coming up i get to answer some of your question on the special anniversary of sunday night in america.
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>> hi it is isabel, i just want to wish you and the team a huge congratulations on your one year anniversary. keep it up.
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>> welcome back to "sunday night in america". each week we hear from you through e-mail and social
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media. we love to hear with on your mind. tonight we start with the question from audrey smith in west virginia. serious question. coke or pepsi? if you're not a soda drinker then what? >> stan pellegrino sparkling water is to be diet coke and a lot of it than a colleague joey kennedy introduced me to sparkling water one night at dinner five years ago i have not had a diet coke sense. room temperature sparkling water. next what you think is the most important value your parents instilled in you as a child and do you think those are still relevant in today's world? from my dad it is work and what it means to be a good neighbor. i have been working since i was a kid. my dad had me cutting grass for neighbors and he told me not to accept any money. some things you just do because it's the right thing to do. so i was broke but at least
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maneuvers like me. and my mom self belief and unconditional love. they are the first two lovers in the last to give up and the ones who love us the most between. next, when we you get the daily show on prime time? >> i am thankful for what i have right here on sunday nights. takes about three days of work to prepare for one night of television. five nights a week would be 50 i'm sure one —- 15 days of work i'm sure the math does not work out i'm grateful to fox to give me this opportunity to join you every sunday night and mostly i am grateful to you for watching. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us i have a great week ahead you can find
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us online or on the podcast good night from south carolina. life liberty and the vendors up next one —- "life, liberty & levin" is up next >> i am a martha maccallum to pay the biggest week in supreme court history in decades the court overturns roe versus wade. setting positions on life and back to the states where voters can decide. with it an already divided nation has a new firestorm. and a new issue likely to shift the political landscape. [cheering] fifty years of precedent undone. demonstrators take to


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