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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 30, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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transparency and trust. instead, he released all of this private information making gun owners for a target for finance crimes and particularly burglaries. sandra? the a.g. said it was a mistake. gun owners don't necessarily agree and could litigate to keep things private in the future. >> sandra: thanks, william. that wraps our two-hour show. i'm sandra smith. great to be with you, mike. >> i'm mike emanuel. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. 85% of americans think that the country is going in the wrong track. they see it all around them. signs that the country is just not working the way it should be, that we're not the america that we want to be firing on all cylinders, smoking the competition. all of those things that we took pride in. now it seems that americans are getting used to mediocrity.
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faced with delays and cancellations -- look at these numbers and they will get higher heading to the fourth of july. passengers are just trying to deal with it and get through it. they say this. >> i have a five-hour layover. >> i got to la guardia airport at new york in 6:00 a.m. to find out that my 8:00 fight was cancelled. >> even with the delays, they worked with us. we had no problems. >> oh, boy. this person is way more patient than i would be. the pilots are out in force and protesting today. they say they are stretched way too thin, that even -- that flights are being put in place, that they know they don't have pilots for. then there's this concern. listen closely. >> they're trying to fly airplanes without pilots available. they're pilot pushing and
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narrowing the margin of safety. >> martha: that does and sound good. where is the secretary of transportation in this? he announced a $1 billion pilot program for road equity. his office says they're doing things to make sure people get paid back if they miss their flight. bernie sanders is pushing for answers from pete buttigieg sending him a list of fixes that he believes must be done and asking him to get back to him as soon as possible. with that, we bring in anthony roman, an faa licensed commercial pilot. good to have you here with us. first of all, the delays, the cancellations keep ratcheting up. delta has cancelled a ton of flights over this weekend. what is going on? >> well, it's very, very easy to blame the airlines for this. it's a simple answer, which is
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simply not factual. the average airline pilot based on f.a.a. regulations can fly no more than 32 hours in a seven-day work period. no more than 100 hours in a given month. so, you know, pilots are not being overworked. the airlines are faced with an entirely new dilemma, which is not all of their fault. the primary factors are traffic problems at the airports with regard to too many landing aircraft, too many aircrafting in cue for taking off and the airport infrastructure simply isn't supporting the increased airport traffic. in addition to that, martha, what we have are fewer air traffic controllers. as a result, it interrupts the
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real smooth flow of airline traffic and causes delays. it's another factor. global warming, much more severe weather, much more frequently today than in years past. >> martha: what we're hearing is that they're scheduling flights that they know they don't have a pilot for. we also hear there's a pilot shortage. that not as many people want to be pilots anymore. i'm asking the question, what can be done? a, why would an airline schedule a flight that they know they don't have a pilot to fly? >> i don't think that that's occurring. i think that's an exaggerated scenario -- >> martha: no, this isn't because of global warming. the bottom line is it used to be that you got to the airport and your flight said on time. now you get there, and you think what is my plan b, c and d.
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>> well, of course there are some crew shortages. many of the airlines have accelerated pilot training programs, which now are adding big numbers to the airlines in terms of flight crews. and a lot of the pilots that were furloughed and offer early retirement packages and happy took them are returning to the cockpit now. we're seeing a trend that will be improving the situation through the end of the year. but as a result of the pandemic, it created highly unusual stresses for all u.s. businesses but particularly for the airlines with the compounded problems of airport infrastructure and weather. so it is not as simple an answer or as simply a problem. >> martha: i want to get in one more thing here. i think when you have all of these shortages, you'll have people concerned about
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maintenance, you'll have people concerned about tsa. i've been to the airport recently and only one or two lanes open because that's all the people they have to work to get people through. that's another big problem. this is from the "new york post." a u.s. pilot disturbing warning. "humans make mistakes under this kind of pressure. a lot of times we have to push it to fly home. the pressure can make you angry or precious and humans make mistakes under that pressure." what do you say about that? >> there are time limitations that the professional flight crews can work. those time limitations are way below what the average american worker puts in in a given month. is average american worker is working 160 hours or better in a month. flight crews, 100 hours a month. >> martha: you said 32 hours and seven days?
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>> yeah, that's what the faa requires. it's not a lot of time. it's below the average for the average workers work week. >> martha: there's a place that we can start. maybe the transportation secretary can explore the option for that. thanks, anthony roman. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: a win for ron desantis as he fights to crack down on the issue overlying in so much of immigration problems we talk about. that is human trafficking. >> the second thing we're doing, we have filed a petition with the florida supreme court requesting an order to empanel a statewide grand jury to examine international human smuggling necessary works that bring illegal aliens across the southern border and to states like florida.
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>> martha: ketanji brown sworn in as a supreme court justice today replacing justice stephen brier that is retiring and now has done so. before that took effect, the high court closed out their term and they made a lot of huge decisions that really show a lot of the character of this particular supreme court. one of the rulings today was that migrants will not have to remain in mexico while the u.s. considers their asylum claims saying the feds can keep phasing out the trump administration policy that sent thousands of migrants back across the border. so this is one decision that did not go the way that conservatives hoped that it would. let's bring in arizona attorney general. good to have you with us today. what was your reaction to this and what did you read into the
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opinions about why in particular roberts and kavanaugh went on the side of allowing -- not saying that the migrants would have to stay in mexico? >> thank you for having me on. obviously it's a very disappointing decision. we're part of the coalition that was trying to force the biden administration to do whatever it can to secure our southern border. we talked about the catastrophe and chaos that is happening. the remain in mexico is one of the rules that the biden administration has revoked that led to the crisis. it's very disappointing. frankly, i'm a bit worried especially with justice roberts that sometimes they're so worried about political pressure and the blowback that they've seen that an effort to look nonpolitical, they're making decisions that i think are contrary to the law. >> martha: that's interesting that you say that. there's been a lot of questions about justice -- chief justice roberts.
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i read a piece today that asked when he lost control of the court, which i thought was an interesting take. he does seem to be one that likes to stay sort of not rock the boat, which is kavanaugh's words. he said i'm not a not rock the boat justice. it's interesting that they sided together on this. i wonder do you think that that is an element to it? we can't get into their minds. because there was blowback for the other decisions and the other one went to conservative way. do you think this was, you know, sort of a bone that was thrown? >> yeah, obviously i can't put myself in the mind of any supreme court justice. the reality is that justice roberts believes strongly in the court as an institution. when he sees protesters at justices' homes and death threats coming to people like justice alito for doing their job, that causes him concern. what i worry is happening is
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that in an effort to depoliticize the court, he's actually making the court more political. so i think it's an unfortunate irony in his effort to protect the institution, it's times making it more political because the reality is that whether you're conservative or liberal, what the biden administration is doing on our southern border and other instances we did win an epa case today, they're trying to systematically rewrite u.s. law and rewrite the border security. the court mass to step up and make the tough decisions. that's why they have life a time appointments. >> martha: in most positions we've seen an originalist take and not taking it outside of that. that one was different. good to see you today. thank you. attorney mark brnovich. the cartels are shipping young women, children in to sex
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slavery. there's no compassion at this point for these women and the way that the cartels are basically turning them in to dollars and business in some of the policies that are governing this. governor ron desantis and others like him are working hard to end these horrific stories. it's a story you will only see right here. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking -[ altered voice ] denied! in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling--
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of these i'm my knowledges and video are graphic. this is inside a car in laredo, texas. dps says there's at least five dead after a my grant smuggler evaded law enforcement and crashed into a big rig this morning. they also just released this dash cam video from a june 10 incident shows the moment a migrant is killed during a traffic stop in brooks county. all of this as four people now face charges in the deaths of 53 human beings that lost their lives in this sweltering san antonio truck earlier this week. in a moment, florida lieutenant governor janet nunez joins us. first to bill melugin. hi, bill. >> that brand new dash cam video
12:21 pm
highlights that deadly human smuggling incidents are taking place at the southern border seemingly nonstop. a warning to our viewers. this video here is graphic. it shows texas dps troopers pulling over a human smuggler in brooks county who had about six illegals in his vehicle. several of the migrants bail out. one runs into the highway and is fatally struck by an oncoming video. you'll see more run off in to brush. texas dps says the driver has now been charged with human smuggling causing death. and some breaks news. we have also learned that several migrants died in laredo this morning in another human smuggling related incident. a warning again, these images also graphic. texas department telling fox news that four migrants are dead in laredo after a human smuggler crashed his vehicle in the back of a big rig truck. we're told there were six
12:22 pm
migrants from guatemala and mexico. texas dps said the driver, the smuggler was a u.s. citizen. martha, there's been three deadly human smuggling incidents in just the last 24 hours after the border. five dead in this laredo incidents, one in brooks county and two more dead in another human smuggling crash yesterday in the rio grande valley. the numbers don't account for the more than 50 that died in san antonio earlier this week. back to you. >> martha: thanks, bill. the florida supreme court backing governor ron desantis' push for a grand jury investigation into investigations surrounding illegal immigration. it could tackle a range of issues including drug smuggling and child trafficking. florida lieutenant governor janet nunez. thanks for being with us,
12:23 pm
lieutenant governor. tell me what you're hoping to target in this legislation and how concerned you are about what is happening to children at the hands of these cartels across this open border. >> indeed, martha. what we've seen with the supreme court granting the governor's request, we can take the next step investigating the criminal enterprises that are taking hold and child trafficking, human smuggling, drug smuggling. all of the things impacting a border state like texas and states like florida. governor desantis has been clear. we're doing everything we can to keep floridians safe and that includes using the tools at our disposal. the governor is asking for a strike force. he has the grand jury that will be investigating and looking at the things that we can do to protect floridians and he made it illegal for common carriers
12:24 pm
to knowingly work with enterprises that are bringing illegals in to florida. biden's border disaster has made everyone less safe with historic numbers, record numbers of individuals flowing through our border. enough fentanyl to wipe out the entire population of the united states, this is a crisis. it's a national security crisis and humanitarian crisis. governor desantis and i will do everything that we can to keep floridians safe. >> martha: how do you handle the cartel part of this story when the you empanel a grand jury in florida dealing with investigations i would assume in to americans? >> yes. what we're doing, not only working with a grand jury, they will investigate and have all the tools at their disposal. let's be clear. this is not just well-intentioned people trying to get information across the border. these are criminal cartels and they have an elicit industry that is surpassing the arms
12:25 pm
industry and will likely surpass the drug industry. they don't the illegals fairly. what we're seeing these individuals have little regard nor the safety and well-being and they're using them as commodities. so in the grand jury and the other pieces that we discussed, we'll continue to look at ways to not only interdict the human trafficking taking place but make sure to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. >> thanks, janet nunez, lieutenant governor of florida under governor desantis. thanks nor being here. my next guest is the founder of operation underground. a group that helps combat child sex trafficking. timothy, good to have you with us. timothy ballard is joining me now. what is it that people don't understand how large that these child trafficking rings are and
12:26 pm
how much are they a part of what we see with the groups crossing the border? >> thanks. my perspective comes from ten years as a government special agent on the border. so i'm glad we're talking about highlighting the for ring things happening to the migrants. this tragedy has been going on for years underreported and exactly what you mentioned, children. our policies right now incentivize traffickers. they're making $14 million a day by some estimates. they smuggle people, but then they turn into traffickers when they abuse children. the policy that i'm talking about is when children show up at that border, they are by law they have to be released within 72 hours. in 20 days they have to be released. what the traffickers and smugglers are doing, they're taking the children and thousands are unaccompanied we find out later but pair them up with families to make it look like they're the child of that
12:27 pm
family and they get in. the children are being used as pawns and sex trafficked. if you knew how easy it was for a sponsor to come down to the border and say, hey, this kid that is unaccompanieded, he's mine. i'll sign for him. border patrol, it's not their fault. they don't have the resources because the administration is not giving them the resources. it's an easy trafficking situation. i'm glad that governor desantis is doing what he's doing because they end up as trafficking victims and what is a $150 billion year a business, human trafficking. >> martha: it's disgusting what is happening. the cartels are in charge of all of these operations as the lieutenant governor just pointed out. this big is bigger than the drug business. we see what the fentanyl business is like. they have taken advantage of this opportunity to get people across this border. tell me what happens to a young girl, 14, 15-year-old girl that
12:28 pm
comes across and is a victim of sex trafficking once she is brought across by one of these cartels and whatever kind of back of a truck or whatever and gets dropped off. what happens then? >> well, it costs about 6,000 or $7,000 to pay a smuggler. those migrants don't have that money. so they're abused and sold along the way. they're raped for money along the way. if they get across the border, especially the kids that are unaccompanied, and the stats are shocking, martha. these are young kids as young as 2 to 12 years old. 14% of the kids that come across are in that age range. 700 a day are being identified in may alone. so this is a lot of people. if they get into the united states, the united states is the number 1 consumer of child sex material, which makes us a great demand. we're in the top three for destination countries for human
12:29 pm
traffickers. once the kids are in the interior, they're sold online, sold on every social media platform you can imagine and it's a major business. they have nobody looking out for them. their parents have no idea where they are. it's our policies that are creating the incentive for this billion dollar a year business to go on. >> martha: we can talk about the drug magnet that people here want the drugs. people here also want these kids. it's so appalling that this is not discussed all the time. i have spoken with folks that follow this closely. you've spent years and years working on this. it's outrageous. the administration says they're doing things to stop this. is that your take? >> no, not my take. when they're not giving border patrol what they need. border patrol has to -- they're pulling guys off of the line to have them process these hundreds of thousands of immigrants and
12:30 pm
releasing them in to the country. that's where the the resources are going. they're not going on the enforcement side. this remain in mexico thing, understand the solution is simple. if you put our asylum courts and our immigration courts attached to embassies in honduras, guatemala, mexico, only legitimate asylum seekers will show up. remain in mexico was a step -- >> martha: we know only 10% of people have a credible asylum claim in this country. all of these kids are getting over and falling into the wrong hands. it's an absolute tragedy. nobody is looking for them in many cases, they don't have any identity on them at all. thanks, timothy ballard. operation underground railroad if you want to learn more about it. thanks very much. >> thank you, martha. the anger is boiling over at the city county meeting in uvalde,
12:31 pm
texas where 19 children and two teachers were murdered. wait until you see what just happened. also, president biden calls out the court's "mistake" in overturning roe v. wade. he said the court is outrageous and looking to congress to bring it back to make at this time law of the land by using a carve out filibuster. we'll talk to marc thiessen and geraldo rivera after this. >> this decision must not be the final word. my administration will use all of its appropriate powers, but congress must act. ease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through the blizzard of ninety-six... twelve unappreciative bosses... seventeen fad diets... five kids, three grandkids... one heart attack...
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>> martha: okay. we want to bring you this. this is happening now. emotions high in this room. it's a city council meeting in uvalde, texas. we heard in this town, grief is beginning to turn to anger. that's what we're seeing play
12:36 pm
out in this room about the unorganized response, the 77 minutes that law enforcement stood in the hallway when the killing was underway. much of the outrage being brought out in the discussion of this massacre, 19 children, two teachers lost their lives at robb elementary school is being directed at the mayor. watch what just happened moments ago. >> why is it that little kids are not taken care of? [inaudible] why is it that children are calling 911 and you can't tell where these calls are coming from? >> ma'am, i -- >> there's a lot of children that could have been saved. this was not supposed to happen.
12:37 pm
you failed because you're not taking care of the city. the school board failed because the minute this happened, they should have fired them. the minute that happened, someone should have said no. you failed to do your job. had the teacher left the kids, she would have been fired on the spot. these are children. >> martha: ma'am, i realize -- >> massacred. this meeting is not an incident. it's a massacre. you're having a meeting about a massacre that happened. >> martha: she's right. it was not an incident. it was a massacre. there were two teachers that were killed that day. that woman i'm being told is the sister of one of them. we know one of the police officers that responded to the scene was married to one of the teachers. she was alive in the room.
12:38 pm
she died later after telling her husband that she was in the room and she had just been shot. the reports were that he was held back, that they took his gun away. this will come out in the investigation. you can tell for very good reasons, emotions are high in uvalde. we'll stay on that story because it's very important. we need to figure out what happened here so it never happens again in another school when the next inevitable shooting happens. we want the respond to be better and learn lessons from this. we'll stay on it. meantime, president biden says that he supports making an exception to the senate filibuster rule if that's what it takes to make roe v. wade the law of the land again going to legislative route. now, that move would let democrats pass that bill without any republicans. >> i believe we have to codify roe v. wade in the law and the way to to that is to make sure
12:39 pm
that the congress votes to do that. if the filibuster gets in the way, it's like voting rights, we should provide an exception for this, require an exception to the filibuster for this action to deal with the supreme court decision. >> martha: wow. that got a lot of attention. that was big news that the president made this morning that he supports a curve out for the filibuster to make roe v. wade the law of the land. got this reaction from aoc on twitter. she says now we're talking. time for people to see a real forceful push for it. use the bully pulpit. we need more says the congress woman from new york. all 50 senate democrats need to agree. joe manchin and kristen sinema have said that they don't support side stepping the filibuster. with that, we bring in marc thiessen and fox news contributor and geraldo rivera,
12:40 pm
co-host of "the five." were you surprised the president said that this morning? he's had a rough couple weeks in a lot of ways. >> yeah. >> martha: what did you think? >> i was surprised that he attacked the supreme court from foreign soil. the whole politics ends at the water's edge thing is old news. also surprising that he's talking about roe v. wade on foreign soil. he's in europe where 39 out of 42 european union countries bar abortions before 15 weeks. all of those laws would be barred under roe v. wade. their laws are outrageous as well. what is happening here, the democrats are not try to codify roe v. wade. they're trying to i'm most abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. joe manchin and susan collins are opposed to the democrat's
12:41 pm
bill because it goes far beyond roe v. wade. senator manchin said it would do away with 500 state laws and expand abortion. susan collins says she opposes it because it would get rid of bipartisan conscious laws. this is not about codifying roe v. wade, this is about imposing by a simple majority a radical position that is opposed by more than 70% of the american people, which is abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. >> martha: let's play this moment from the news conference from the president. >> the one thing that has been destabilizing is the out -- outrageous behavior of the supreme court in outlawing abortion. we've been the leader in the world for privacy rights. it's a mistake for the supreme court to to what it did. >> martha: geraldo, what do you
12:42 pm
think about the president talking about the supreme court's decision calling it outrageous and this idea that you can carve out the filibuster? >> i think the president of the united states is just blowing smoke, martha. i thif -- i think it's so futile. he has no power to do what he intends or says what he intends do aside from the fact that he's slandering the supreme court. they are the high court. they have ruled. now we're stuck with it until we get a new supreme court. to think that he can get a simple majority of the senate to overrule the supreme court of the united states, he's just wrong. he's flat out wrong. and they tried it just a few months ago and fail 49-51 to even get a majority. he has more chance, i say it tongue in cheek, of getting the tribal territories, the indian
12:43 pm
reservations, the native american reservations to establish safe havens for abortions than he does to get his own majority in the senate to pass a simply law. it's not going to happen. roe is being and has been overruled. we have to deal with that reality. if they want to change that, then what they have to do is what trump did. they have to get like-minded people on the high court of the united states to change and overrule the decision. he's not going to do it by spewing politics. it's not going to happen. >> martha: it's another route. the route the court decided. they can do it in the states. they can vote for legislatures and representatives that want the rules to apply for abortion that they want. this is not a ban on abortion across the country. we said it so many times. people say it is and it's not. it's gone back to the states. that's the other avenue that the president could be encouraging people about. >> maybe -- i am not so sure of
12:44 pm
that. for example, texas now has the six-week snitch law. so what happens if you have -- new york is come one, come off. texas snitches out the texan woman that goes to nobody and that prosecute her or whoever -- >> martha: nobody is talking about prosecuting the woman. they're focusing on the providers. they're not focused on the women. >> how about the truck driver? how about the adviser in texas? it's very -- it's a constitutional catastrophe. >> martha: thanks, gentlemen. always good to see you both. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, i'll speak with philip breedlove about what the president said about his intentions with ukraine and the large expansion of nato on putin's border after this. age .
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>> martha: the president spoke in fairly strong terms about the threat from russia in ukraine and what it means to europe. when asked how long and how much support he would give to ukraine, president biden says that he will continue for "as long as it takes." >> we're going to be providing another i guess i'll announce it shortly, another $800 million in aid for additional weaponry including, you know, weapons -- including air defense system as well as offensive weapons. >> martha: okay. that is from the president earlier today. with that, we bring in philip
12:50 pm
breedlove, former nato supreme allied commander and a distinguished chair at the middle east institute. good to have you with us, general. thanks for being here. one of the thing i noticed this morning in the comments, when were forceful about russia and about the ramp up of weaponry and troops that they expect to put along the border, i noticed in that sound bite that the president used the word "offensive" weapons. it's a word that they had been quite careful to avoid for quite some time. here's jen psaki in the briefing room not long ago. >> i would note that the equipment that we provided is defensive as you know, not offensive and we see that as being a difference. >> martha: does this signal a change in strategy to you? >> well, if he truly meant it and that is now the policy of america, that is a change in policy. because as you correctly pointed out, the administration has been very careful to tell mr. putin
12:51 pm
over and over that we're not going to give offensive weapons to the ukrainians. you've heard the whole conversation about limiting the range of the mlrs or high mars that we gave ukraine. we gave them the shortest range missile so they won't fire them into russia. if we have taken that stop that we're going to give ukraine offensive weapons, that is a policy change and to my mind that is a well-come policy change. >> martha: what do you see as the commitment from the other members of nato? there's talk about over time increasing the troops to 300,000. that's a seven-fold increase. that's a big number and putting a permanent base in poland. what do you think about that and how do you think putin receives that? >> well, first, it's a good idea. actually back in 16 when i was
12:52 pm
there and ukraine was invaded twice by russia, we called for larger numbers and more forward forces. nato took some great steps. so i'm not belittling what they did in creating the smaller force, the 40,000 force that you mentioned. now what we see is that number increasing to as much as 300,000. the first 100,000 being in one readiness state and the second 200,000 being in an improved but a different readiness state. these are all great steps. if i could, martha, just one more remark. if you remember in mr. putin handed us two letters before this war and said sign them or there will be other means. we know what he meant. he meant invade ukraine. in those letters, he asked over and over, no more weapons forward, no more troops forward, no more nato in the forward
12:53 pm
areas. what we're giving him for his immoral, imhuman war is more, more and more forward. so we're sending a clear message. >> martha: we'll see where it goes. good to speak with you, general breedlove. see you soon. all right. we're going to london for a little bit of a breaking update from buckingham palace's review of megan markle's allegation that she was bullied at the palace. that report is now finished.
12:54 pm
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12:58 pm
decision that the results will be kept private. alex hogan is following that story for us from london. hi, alex. >> hi, martha. so buckingham palace did said that an investigation took place and changes have been made although it did not announce what the changes were. all of this stems from accusations of bullying made by meghan, the duchess of sussex. current and former staff were able to share their experience of what it was like working for her. in march of last year, claims of her berating staff members and drying out two staffers that were humiliated. at the time meghan's lawyerers said there were no bullying that took place and this is just another attack on her character. the royal review was handled by an independent law firm. the palace says ever since, human resource policies have been updated and lessons have
12:59 pm
been learned. that being said, there's no word on exactly what those changes were. last month meghan and harry came back here to london for their first royal event since walking away from the family. the couple attended a thanksgiving service for the queen's platinum jubilee, marking the monarch's 70th year on the thrown. harry and meghan did not sit with the family. >> martha: there's reporting out there that meghan markle is agitated about the roe v. wade decision and she said her feminist husband, prince harry, has stood by her. he also outraged. she talked about going to washington. there's been buzz whether she would attempt to run for office in the united states. so, you know, take that with what you will, whether or not that signifies she might be interested in that.
1:00 pm
anyway, it's not really the palace's way to publish a report either way. my guess is they're trying to protect her what some people said either way. so that is the latest from london and that is "the story" here in new york on this thursday june 30. as always, "the story" goes on. thanks very much for being with us this afternoon. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow on friday. have a great afternoon and evening, everybody. bye-bye. >> neil: halfway through, fully fed up. fox on top of a year at the half done point and americans at the breaking point. markets ending this day, this quarter and this half year as they began 2022 with stocks in a tail spin and prices for everything on a tear. inflation the highest it has been in 40 years. the s&p 500 closing its worst six month in more than 50 years. consumer confidence at an all-time low. super power tension


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