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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 5, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> griff: the suspected gunman who police say opened fire on independence-day parade is in custody after an hours-long manhunt. investigators say he climbed a ladder before shooting at spectators and participants below. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm griff jenkins. >> ashley: and i'm ashley strohmier. the holiday celebration turned
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into chaos. six people are dead and 30 hurt in the horrific attack. a chicago 911 dispatcher says this is typically a quiet area. >> wonderful communities, quiet area, michael jordan previously lived there, this is not some troubled area we normally see things of this nature. across the united states, these things can happen anywhere. >> ashley: the first victims are being identified, including nicolas toledo, a grandfather who flew in from mexico to visit family. we are learned more about the suspected gunman, including a history of violence leading up to the attack >> griff: jonathan will break it down, thank you for joining us. what do you think is the motive here? what can you tell us about what
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we're learning about the suspect? >> i think one thing, griff, this individual follows a pattern we continuously see with mass shooters. an anti-social type of personality, many of these people and i would not be surprised this individual has left this leaning policy tendencies, although that is not always the case. we're seeing them more active when politics and division is more active. go all the way back to lee harvey oswald and see you this. there are signs given by this individual, anti-socialist behavior, ethics and morals people will reflect on and say this individual was somebody who could do something like this, we have to come up with way of looking for this type of
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individual and we need to start identifying these people before they do this because this guy is showing they telegraph these things long before. he had a youtube page, he was putting things up, very odd. pictures of him in drawings pointing guns at people. there was projection here and it was missed. >> ashley: there was a newspaper clipping about lee harvey oswald, do you think social media could have done a better job at flagging and do a better job at flagging posts like this, they could have let people know this is going on on social media and youtube. >> definitely, all the social media out there with exception of a few that is not left leaning.
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they are so concerned with politics and their ideology, they fail to see these things and capture these things. we've seen multiple times, individuals have gone on social media and put things that are blatant and social media will immediately take something down that goes against their values and against anything left leaning. i know i'm sounding political, but this is reality. go back 50 years ago when social media didn't exist and these occurrences were rare. now division is out of control and the people causing that in a lot of cases are not policing when individuals go on there and not policing their sites to point this out and find them. >> griff: a tragedy on the 4th of july, jonathan gilliam, thank you for your insight.
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check out your book, the art of awareness and attack survival. jonathan gillian, thank you so much. >> ashley: to another fox news alert. in philadelphia, police officers were shot during a concert and fireworks show. one officer struck in the shoulder and another suffered a wound to the head, the bullet lodged in the officer's cap, both are now out of the hospital. the mayor is blaming the violence on the supreme court. >> it was a laid-back, chill day, we live in america and we have the second amendment and the supreme court of the united states telling everybody they can carry a gun like dodge city. >> ashley: gop state lawmakers pull for larry krasner's impeachment. there have been 1000 shootings
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in philly and 230 deaths. and akron, ohio declared state of emergency yesterday amid protesters calling to defund the police following the shooting death of a 25-year-old named jalen walker. a group of protesters damaged buildings and started fires, a city curfew went into effect and fireworks display was cancelled. walker was involved in a car chase last month, he got out of his car and were shot multiple times. akron police chief says akron was shot more than 60 times, eight officers have been put on leave. nypd detective is turning his badge in after 18 years on the force. he says the pro-criminal bail policy is forcing him and hundreds of others out the door. we're talking to him next.
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>> griff: tomorrow marks deadline for the recall george gascon campaign in an effort to remove george gascon from office. a spokesman for the effort joined us earlier with this take. >> essentially this point, he's saying my policies are worth it and the loss of life is worth it and we can't look a a few bad instances, we have to push forward. it is beyond belief, this is a failed social experiment. >> griff: 37 cities in los angeles county issued votes of no confidence against gascon in his soft on crime policies. ashley. >> ashley: 250 new york city detectives have retired this year, adding to total 5600 officers who have turned in their badge in 2022 as many become frustrateed with soft on
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crime policy making the city streets more dangerous issue including our next guest who retired after 18 years of service. retired nypd detective joins me now. jason, the nypd, 250 retired, that is 2000 less than two decades ago, what is new york city going to look like without detectives on the streets fighting this crime? >> you know, actually i would not want the city, you are losing experienced detectives, losing experienced cops. there are nobody to teach the ones coming up, that is not good for public safety, to be honest with you. >> ashley: talk about how tough it is to put people in jail and no quicker do you put them in jail than they put them back on
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the street, talk about how frustrating it is and how unsafe it makes everything. >> that's just the thing. you do all this work to go after the person that committed the crime and you take them and go down to court, it's the district attorneys that don't push the charges you are charging them with. before you know it, they are back at the precinct picking up their belongings and they are out again preying on the people of new york. >> ashley: when it comes to making arrests with criminals on the streets, talk about one of it is new laws restricting officers from putting pressure on a person's diaphragm, how will that further complicate the issue? >> in the last couple years i've seen it is more about off-hands
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approach to policing. police officers are unwilling to put their hands on people because of risk of their career and future and their families. you could be sued at any moment and the job won't back you if they have an inkling you did one thing wrong. you'll have police officers that don't want to put their hands on each other and putting themselves in danger as well as the public. >> ashley: nypd police officers retiring at this rate, i will put the numbers back up. 2018, 789 officers retired, but so far in 2022, 1472 have retired. you will eligible for retirement, 18 years on and three years with corrections puts you well over your 20-year mark, a lot of detectives are not jibl for retirement, they
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are losing out on part of their pension because they are so sick and tired of not having backup from the state level or the city level. talk to us about that, i know you have worked with people who vested out and thrown in the towel. >> this is true. i've seen other people go to other departments, who leave for greener pastures, for more money or this type of government that doesn't back you at all. vesting out, people are fed up, you talk to people in the office and other cops and they are like, this job is not what i thought. guys in my position, this is not the job i joined. when i came on, we were doing our job, our bosses backed up, the city and state backed us.
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now it is not like that, it is backing of other elements and not us and it is frustrating for us. >> ashley: jason caputo, enjoy retirement. good luck and thank you for getting up early with us. did you see this? [crowd noise] >> that is ilhan omar, the first somali elected -- here to respond on "fox and friends first."
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[crowd noise] >> ashley: the first somali elected to congress, ilhan omar, getting a not so warm welcome in her home state. >> griff: cicely davis is running to defeat ilhan omar in november. those boos lasting a minute or more according to the video, what do you think sparked the outrage? >> her policies are unpopular to those in her own community. i am not shocked they booed her, very unpopular amongst those and the people are somalia and minneapolis. they decided they will no longer operate as a modelist and she
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does not represent them and they are ready for a change and they are looking for a champion who represents their conservative values in congressional district five. >> ashley: you are running against her to get her out office, what are you running on to get people to vote for? >> the somalis are not running as a modelist. i knew when i entered this race a year ago, i needed to leave no stone unturned and form coalition to win this race. we are running on public safety, we are fighting crime and working on bringing issues to the people and getting them to understand we're focused on kitchen table issues, gas, gas prices, it is groceries and formula for babies. and we are running on education, families in minneapolis and
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businesses are hurting and ilhan omar is a wrecking ball to those who want to survive in this district. i am standing up to hold her to account. >> griff: can you beat her? she's heavily favored, she's a member of the squad, i'm sure has little trouble fundraising, but some suggest the boos were due to comments she made at a town hall where she said she experienced more violence in minnesota than in six years she spent in a kenyan refuge camp. >> how insulting do you think that sounds to the people of her community who fled and know where they came from. she led the charge also to defund the police, which thankfully failed in november on the ballot. she is actively working to make
2:24 am
us less safe. you asked how can i win? this district typically voted blue for quite sometime, i can tell you this, the awakening is happening amongst coalitions i've worked hard to build knowing i need to build coalitions to win this race and i'm telling you, those communities and those people are deciding now is time for a change if they can find a candidate willing to champion something that brings people together. we're going to dissolve the vibe and unify the people and have someone represent the issues that matter to people of congressional district five in d.c. that is what i'm hearing and honored. >> ashley: david patterson has harsh words for congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez.
2:25 am
>> >> ashley: is three letters in the alphabet. i think she is really a phantom of the media. >> ashley: cicely davis, is the squad overrated? >> the squad is overrated, what marxist socialist policies are overrated chltz what is good about this district and the american people, the majority decided they want common sense and holding anyone account who is anti-american and doesn't stand for policies that uplift families and businesses and doesn't hurt pocketbooks. america is chasing under biden administration inflation policies and ilhan omar, one of the largest spenders in congress proposing we spent another $1.75 trillion to erase college debt,
2:26 am
imagine the impact on policy with regard to finances here, that hurts families, that hurts businesses. absolutely overrated, it is time kleaders willing to give it to them, willing to go to washington, d.c. and represent them. take any issue on the level, ilhan omar and the quad are on the wrong side of it, that ends with this candidacy, i'm proud to be the endorsed candidate and i will represent the people. watch for november, that change will come. >> ashley: cicely davis, thanks, we appreciate it. have a good day. and hollywood goes red, white and woke for 4th of july from katie perry turning her song into pro-choice protest to filmmaker michael moore denouncing his citizenship. we'll show you wildest celebrity
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>> griff: fox news alert, the suspected gunman who opened fire on an independence-day parade is
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in custody after a manhunt. >> ashley: live from highland park with the latest as the first victims are identified. madelyn. >> good morning, griff and ashley, we're learning more details about the victims. one was nicolas toledo, a father of eight. his grandson defined him as loving. his family is left numb. another victim is identified as jacky hunthime, a cherished member of nsci staffing. her warmth touched us all. and robert crimo has been identified as a person of interest, he was taken into custody near lake forest after an hours long manhunt.
2:32 am
the car was spotted that crimo was believed to have been driving. >> a brief pursuit went on, ultimately they were able to get the suspect stopped at wesley and 41 in wake forest, the suspect was taken into custody without incident. >> crimo's uncle says his nephew was an aspiring rapper. his social media includes a drawing of a man holding a rifle on another. they had gathered along the parade route yesterday, many staking out spots to get a prime view of the festivities, people mistook the shots for fireworks before realizing what they were. the shooter targeted people from a roof, possibly accessed from a
2:33 am
ladder in an alley. people desperately went for cover. >> it was very frightening, we're okay. >> we're okay. how many shots did you hear? >> 40, 50. tons and it went on for a minute or more. >> you can probably see behind me chairs left behind, people quickly left once the shots rang out and police will question crimo to see what charges will be filed. >> ashley: gut wrenching to hear that woman, you could hear her voice shaking about the shots ringing out. horrific tragedy, we will follow it all day long. madelyn, we appreciate it. turn to this now. celebrities are receiving pushback after taking to social
2:34 am
media boycotting independence day. katie perry, women have fewer rights than an actual spark ler, shake my head. >> griff: and actor jessica chastain. happy independence day to -- cancelled following shortage of independenc sincerely, women. >> ashley: not a happy 4th, dr. kevin roberts is president of heritage foundation. doctor, what do you make of this? >> i think all those people should go to the communist chinese party and see how they like celebrating their national holiday, it is infuriating folks as we sit here, day after independence day issue right of those people to say those
2:35 am
things. they don't appreciate making the money. say we are grateful to be americans and they could say how we could be closer to perfect. they can't do that, it is about virtue signalling. we are fed up with the hollywood nonsense chltz >> griff: what is impact on young people? i have two young daughte katie perry says these things, what do you think the impact is? >> the impact is significant. my wife and i have four kids, as well, we try to shield them from the effect of pop culture icons because there is not a lot of substantive thinking there, we can't deny folks are
2:36 am
influential, i will map the policy solution and i'm a fifth generation educator. whatever school our kids attend, we want them to get a fair shot at understanding the principals of this country. we are the last best hope for the world. if we can inculcate that to our kids to read portions of the declaration of independence, that gives them a balanced view without doing something millennials and generation z abhor, white washing our history. when we have balanced opinion, young americans understand this is a terrific country. >> ashley: n.p.r. ditched 33-year-long tradition of reading the declaration of
2:37 am
independence to focus on the definition of equality. listen chltz >> many debates turn on what equality means what voting rules give equal access to ballot, do abortion laws give a woman equal control over her body? what point is fetus entitled to equal rights? >> ashley: dr. roberts, your take on this? >> n.p.r. doesn't represent the majority of americans who are grateful for what we have in this country and perhaps we need to revisit the federal funding they get and say they can't live without. it is their right to do that type of thing. what is the harm in rereading the declaration of independence. all americans across the spectrum understand what the declaration gave us is equality of opportunity more than any
2:38 am
other civil society in the history of the world and i don't understand harm in rereading the document on independence day. >> griff: dr. kevin roberts, thank you for joining us. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris likening end of roe v. wade to slavery. watch. >> vice president harris: we have a history of government trying to claim ownership over human body sglchltz exactly chltz that is right. >> vice president harris: we had supposedly evolvinged from that. >> griff: wesley hunt had this to say last hour. >> likening roe v. wade to slavery is like comparing apples to orangutans, if they want to bring in racist slavey, kweep in mind, one thf third of abortion
2:39 am
is at the hand of black women. talk about society that may be comfortable with knowing there is particular group of people not going to be allowed on this earth at same rate as everyone else. >> griff: first he turned to dictators for oil and now biden is turning to china for help with inflation, it could involve major rollback of trump-era tariffs. >> ashley: thousands more flights cancelled over the holiday weekend. what is being done about the mess in the airports? we'll tell you what this means for you.
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>> ashley: the biden administration is reportedly divide body what to do on trump-era tariffs. brooke singman will tell us about it, good morning, brooke. >> brooke: good morning. the biden administration is shifting attention to beijing as it searches for ways to fight inflation. treasury secretary janet yellen held a virtual call with china vice premiere. secretary yellen raised issues
2:44 am
of concern, including impact of the war on ukraine again the economy. the meeting comes as white house weighs decision to regularback chinese tariffs put in place during the trump administration, that could happen as soon as this week. officials are torn between easing the burden on american people and taking a tough stance on china. it is believed the tariffs are a drag on the u.s. economy. national security advisor jake sullivan believe they can use the tariffs as leverage to talk about unfair trade practices. most recent consumer price index at 8.6%, highest level in 40's years. president biden blames russia for the struggles. listen. >> president biden: for all the challenges, america has
2:45 am
strongest economy in the world, more people working and starting businesses, more young people dprauting from high school and college than ever before. >> brooke: the labor department will release june jobs report saying the job market is slowing down. >> ashley: major companies are offering to reimbursem ployees for abortion related expenses after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> griff: one company is taking a different approach. fox accident has details. lauren, good morning. >> pro-life employer, texas-based company buffer insurance will pay for birth expenses. secular companies are paying for employees to abort babies, today
2:46 am
we're announcing buffer will pay for employees who have babies, they are paying costs associated with adoption. major employees from apple, disney, netflix to doordash and paying for workers to travel to other states to have abortion in the state they live doesn't allow it after the fall of roe v. wade, guys. >> ashley: talk about the flights cancelled this weekend, it was a disaster. >> it was, airmageddon. passengers got to the airport early expecting their flight to be delayed, hoping they were wrong, they were right. this is july 4, yesterday alone, 254 flights cancelled, 3600
2:47 am
delayed. personal finance expert says more needs to be done now. >> i don't remember a time when it comes to travel, some point, the government has to step in and call people around the table and say this is not working, we need to come up with a better solution. you and iment to travel, we're ready to travel, we can't travel, that is not right. >> rough leading up to the big weekend, 120 flight,000 flight says cancelled since january. calls for the airlines to get fined after accepting covid relief money. buttigieg said he wait to make a final decision until after the 4th, it wasn't just the skies packed. triple a says 42 million dreef
2:48 am
to weekend getaways, despite the high price of gasoline. i hope you did something fun. >> griff: people want to get out and travel, that is the point. thank you very much. >> griff: at least 50 18 migrants died along the border this fiscal year and does not include the 53 migrants found dead in the back of the swelterring 18-wheeler last week or migrants who lose their lives to disease or injury along the way. dr. janette nesheiwat joins us now. i was down there reporting last week when this happened, it was 10foir in my live shot, i cannot begin to fathom how hot it was in that 18-wheeler. as we mentioned in the lead, it
2:49 am
is not just at the handing of smugglers migrants are dying along this major trek. >> what happened to the 53 men, women and children was devastating, what they had to endure, needless loss of life. it is daily tragedy, and not just immigrants are being killed, it is border patrol and nation guardsmen who are losing their lives. we saw one drown trying to save immigrants trying to cross the river, this is all due to poor planning, poor policy, lack of leadership, lack of preeshgsz of life, lack of support for border control agents to help them improve structure. we sea death occurring and we look at disease coming in, title 42, remain in mexico policies
2:50 am
help keep transmission of communicable disease out of the united states or help to check and screen patients, immigrants coming in. we see tuberculosis, measle hepatitis. it poses a health crisis for americans. >> griff: that is an important point. i was on a pecan farm, and while interviewing the woman, many migrants are sick. i traveled with the caravan in 2019, 7000 miles to cross from eagle pass, there were many migrants with tb and other illnesses, it is a dangerous trek and the policies of this administration is a big factor they believe if they can endure it, they will be successful and be allowed to stay. we're out of time, thank you for
2:51 am
the insight. >> ashley: now to fox news alert, we are learning new details about the 4th of july shooting that claimed six lives in a chicago suburb, claudia tinshgsz ney is here. >> griff: check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: good tuesday morning, coming up on "fox and friends" nine minutes from now, more on the attack near chicago, a father of seven-year-old twinings at the parade join us live with his reaction and tells us what was like. also giannoterrell and senator tom cotton, and the white house is negotiating with china to get inflation under control? how would that work? not very well. miranda devine and tom homan here live and yesterday, joey
2:52 am
chestnut won his 15th hot dog eating contest. he was attacked mid-competition, apparently put him in a choke hold and never stopped eating, that is dedication. ask him about that moment. joey chestnut will be on the show live on the program you trust for morning news. pretzel . sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns!
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♪ >> ashley: just hours after a deadly shooting that killed six nominee a chicago suburb. president biden used the opportunity to call for more gun reform. >> hey, guys, one serious note. you know, there was a shooter, as you well know, in highland park. we have a lot more work to do. we got to get this under
2:57 am
control. we have got to get this under control. >> new york congresswoman claudia tenney joining us now. thank you for taking time. was the president meeting the moment there? >> not at all. this is a problem that we have in our society. i listened to some of your guests this morning. we are talking about independence day. and what nobody has really mentioned is the concept of our government and our independence is self-governance. self-accountability. and the ability to protect yourself. and, yet, they are talking about more gun laws. we haven't met the mark yet. we have had all kinds of these horrific tragedies whether it's using a gun, crashing in to parade using a vehicle and killing others, and we have a lack of self-governance. a lack of accountability and it's oso easy the knee-jerk reaction is to blame the one. in new york state, for example, we just had a case that went all the way to the supreme court and justice thomas said we do have the right to keep and bear arms this was derived from a case of
2:58 am
people that are seeing loot of crime rise in their neighborhood. and they couldn't get access to a conceal carry permit in new york state. and it was revealed that in this society where there is no accountability, where there is high crime rates, where people aren't going to work. where people feel threatened they have the right to bear arms. we passed some of the harshest gun laws and happening just this past week governor kathy hochul passed more gun laws to restrict gun rights. chicago and illinois have some of the harshest gun laws yet they don't stop gun violence. we are a system founded on self-governance. accountability. people need to get back to work and off social media. and we need to look at this mental health issue that is being caused by our society. >> you can't say it enough how gut wrenching and absolutely heart breaking it is to see these images and to see this unfold any kay but especially on america's birthday and hear
2:59 am
these people that experience this. they will never get over this. that brings me to this point. we have seen this big push especially from the democrats lately. they take every opportunity to talk about gun control and tightening up gun control but, yet, you know, biden, he just signed that bipartisan gun legislation that was signed last month. you voted against it because you said it didn't address the root causes. so what are the root causes and how do we get these addressed to stop seeing these stories, to stop talking about this? >> look, there is nothing worse than a politician who is ignorant and arrogant. and that's what joe biden is. and that's what a lot of these left leaning politicians who don't understand how important it is that we recognize our basic rights under the constitution. and so president biden just wants to keep talking about gun control. because that's the knee-jerk reaction of the left. this isn't a why who used to believe in that. unfortunately, here we are. we need to deal with the issues
3:00 am
of mental health. we have to bring people back to understanding when you commit a crime, you have to be held accountable. that's not happening in new york. where and chicago unfortunately. >> griff: thank you. we have run out of time. great insight as always. ashley, great to be with you. and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> ashley: have a good day. ♪ing ♪ >> brian: all right. here we go a fox news alert. the man suspected of opening up fire on an independence day parade in chicago suburb, affluent one at that, killing six, wounding dozens, now this custody after intense manhunt about five miles from where the incident took


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