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tv   America Reports  FOX News  July 5, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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country than a firework, but part of what you were bringing up, the actual truth of the ruling is restoring votings rights and the authority to the people in the way the founding fathers intended and the constitution protects, they distort the message. >> well said. >> thanks to everyone, "america reports." >> sandra: president joe biden is set to hit the road, his approval rating is lower, and they mock the president for calling on mom and pop gas station owners do more to bring prices down. big oil, pointing to the president's policies the reason costs are up. >> and jeff bezos accusing
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misdirection or ignorance when it comes to inflation. charles payne weighs in. >> sandra: "america reports" with new details from the police just out in the last few minutes on the suspect arrested in the disturbing and deadly shooting that rocked a small north shore chicago suburb celebrating the 4th of july. i'm sandra smith. >> police say robert crimo, iii, attacked his parade route, and he dressed in women's clothing to escape after the shooting. >> sandra: the gunman firing more than 70 rounds with adults and children running for their lives, when they realized what they were hearing was not fireworks. >> we will be joined with more in a moment. >> sandra: grady is live in highland park, illinois, and vigils announced as well by the mayor of the small town.
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what's the latest, grady? >> shocking developments from the press conference just a few moments ago. i want to go kind of line by line, officials said it started several weeks ago when the suspected gunman started planning his attack. they say this was preplanned. he was intending to go to this 4th of july parade and wreak havoc like he did yesterday. they say he purchased the rifle he used in the shooting here in the state of illinois in the chicago area, and he did so legally. in terms of the events that unfolded yesterday, they say he climbed up a fire escape ladder to get to the roof of the building and he was able to shoot down on the crowd below, firing as many as 70 rounds. perhaps the most shocking revelation from the press conference was that he dressed as a woman, in women's clothing
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to conceal his face tattoos and identity. then exited the roof, dropped that rifle and he was able to blend in with the crowd and get out of town. he went to his mother's house on foot, walked to his mother's house, into her car, the honda fit that police eventually saw basically one town away, five miles from the parade route. they surrounded that vehicle and they arrested him. take a listen to what police had to say about how he concealed his identity at the parade yesterday. >> during the attack, crimo was dressed in women's clothing and investigators believe he did it to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape with the other people who were fleeing the chaos. >> and we are learning the names of at least two of the six people who were killed in yesterday's shooting. police confirm to me a few
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minutes ago none of the people killed, the six killed were children, but still, six lives lost, including jacqui sundhein and nicholas toledo was visiting from mexico, he was among the victims as well. a motive, police say he was indiscriminately firing, does not seem he was targeting a specific ethnicity or religion, as you heard, 70 times from the roof of that building. some of the details that we have learned about his history on the internet have been helping guide police investigation. they say that they have been reviewing those videos that you saw showed appeared what to look like the aftermath of a school
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shooting in one case, other posts that had violence and guns in them, but police said they were not aware or made aware of those videos before yesterday and they started combing through to try to get more information on the person who was then a person of interest who has now become the suspected gunman and they say that robert crimo, iii, acted alone and he is in custody right now. >> sandra: grady live in highland park. thank you. chris swecker, and another who lives in the chicago area. tom, you first, by the way, we know you come from the north shore of chicago, you live there with your family. this is known to be a very low crime area. you look at these people with their children, they were out enjoying the festivities of the holiday weekend and this unfolded. how is that community doing
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today? >> well, i mean, it was a horrifying day yesterday, obviously, and you know, it is, it's an affluent suburb, you know, might even be called a little sleepy. you don't expect something like this to happen in this kind of a situation. it was made worse by the fact he remained at large for the better part of eight hours, folks around the north shore were told to stay home, and so i think look, it was just -- it was a tough day for folks on the north shore of chicago and unfortunately it's a scene that we have seen play out in various places around the country and you never think it's going to happen to your town or community until it does. >> sandra: until it does. >> it's still shocking. >> sandra: the head of the lake county major crime task force who gave the briefing in the past hour, say they have overwhelming witnesses to come forward.
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this unfolded during a 4th of july parade, so many people present and probably had their cell phones up and video captured of the moment and scenes of children's bikes left behind as the children were forced to flee the scene. the big revelation as grady pointed out, about the shooter dressing as a woman, so that he could be disguised on his way up. he had a lot of obviously obvious facial and body tattoos and disguised as a woman after he got away after he killed so many. >> yeah, obvious indicators of preplanning. he, you know, decided he wanted to get a vantage point on a building, albeit 1 or 2 story buildings in the area, it was not like he had to be really good shot, the parade was in front of him. but subway shooter dressed up like a construction worker and knew, or at least built in a
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manner of escape. this was not a suicidal shooter, someone planned it, indicates premeditation, planning, escape, all those things come together. there may be mental illness but i don't think the person will fit into the classic didn't know what he was doing insanity defense type person. he wanted to get away and he did a lot of things that to me indicate that he was at least rational in terms of his thinking. >> when you talk about the level of premeditation involved here, you look at the social media post, intended to carry out a horrific attack eventually. he was broadcasting that in some of the music videos as a rapper. do you believe there were enough red flags, he was a resident of the town called highwood, do you believe there was enough there this should have been picked
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off, identified and certainly perhaps he shouldn't be in possession of a gun of that magnitude? >> yeah, i thought about that once all this information came out. i think a lot of these incidents are preventable, and the reason i say that, they are usually flashing red and it's not like law enforcement can surf the internet and social media randomly looking for potential shooters, they can't do that legally. they are required, you know, they rely on tips and leads that can focus them and then unleash resources but in this case as in many other cases that did not happen. i want to hear about the mother and dad, what they knew, who saw the postings. why didn't the old adage of see something/say something, that is ground radar, if you will, failed. but i see these incidents as preventable. if you see something you have to say something. >> sandra: final thought from you, tom, this is a community
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that is reeling, we had the vigil in lake bluff, lake forest and some surrounding north shore neighborhoods. it changes so much when it happens in the towns that least expect it, things change and it's sad. >> things will be different here forever. you know, these kind of shootings get a lot of attention. but chicago, the city has been ravaged by gun crime, you know, day in and day out. a dozen people here murdered over the weekend, 66 wounded by guns and something i have written about, tweeted about, talked about a lot. we don't ever seem to get a handle on the gun crime that goes on here day in and day out and those lives are important and those families and communities are changed forever, too. >> sandra: and look at the city of chicago, some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and that is pointed out
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frequently when the debate continues over gun reform. thanks to both of you for joining us. tom, thank you very much. chris, thank you. and we'll have continued reaction obviously the fbi tip line is integral getting any information on the shooter, how he carried out the attack in the sleepy suburb, as tom put it. >> investigators were scouring the online post and they say planning for weeks, no red flags to police officer. president biden and jeff bezos, bezos slammed biden, peter doocy is live at the white house. peter. >> peter: and rich, the president did that even though 60% of the gas stations in this country are owned by small business people, individuals or families that just own one. and when we heard the president talking about the economy during a 4th of july event at the white
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house, his outlook was kind of gloomy. >> our economy is growing but not without pain. liberty is under assault, assault both here and abroad. >> peter: the president's sweet that got bezos attention read like this. my message is simple, a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product and do it now. but that misses the point, according to industry experts. >> yeah, and it's not like there's some group chat with 150,000 gas station owners on it where they send out a message and oh, the president told us to lower prices so we are going to do it, it does not work that way. >> peter: the president has blamed gas prices on putin and big oil and now small business
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owners. >> peter, thank you. sandra, this is something going on and on and on. the president and the white house have tried to do it with lowering the gas tax, with the strategic petroleum reserve, biting at the edges here. >> sandra: and the latest polling, we'll have this coming up, time after time again, what the polls show, people are most concerned heading into the midterm elections about their finances, economy, sky high grocery and gas bills and the focus is not always there for the white house and it's hurting them politically, and that's what charles payne cares about. >> he told me about that, too. >> sandra: charles will be here soon. growing confusion over how to stop illegal protests at the homes of the supreme court justices. the supreme court marshal is calling on state officials now to do something about it. governors have been urging the d.o.j. to step in. who is responsible for this, and who is responsible to fix it?
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>> today we are setting the record straight. we are upgrading the awards of four soldiers who performed acts of incredible heroism during the vietnam conflict, to respect gallantry and their service. it's just astounding when you hear what each of them have done.
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>> sandra: four army veterans in the vietnam war receiving the medal of honor. they repeatedly put themselves in harm's way to help others during the war. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, she's got more on all of that for us. hi, jennifer. >> hi, sandra. four new medal of honor recipients, all from the vietnam war. >> young men these soldiers first proved their medal, but time has not diminished astonishing braverly, putting the lives of others ahead of their own and gratitude we as a nation owe them. >> among them, specialist fifth class dwight birdwell of oklahoma, proud citizen of the cherokee nation, led his unit through a bloody ambush at the start of the tet offensive in 1968. after his machine gun exploded, he refused to evacuate, staying behind to fend off the enemy with hand grenades. he is the first native american
10:20 am
from the cherokee nation to receive the medal of honor during the vietnam era. >> i'm proud to be an american citizen and grew up in the woods, so to speak, and the man emphasized listen to the sounds around you, listen to the sounds of the birds, the squirrels, even the cattle, they will tell you when something is going on. >> major john duffy of the fifth special force group served four tours in vietnam and 1972, braved enemy fire to coordinate airstrikes. >> one of the vietnamese allies was shot in the foot, causing him to fall backwards out of the helicopter. major duffy caught him and dragged him back in on board. saving one more life. >> he is also an author and
10:21 am
poet. >> tried to medically evacuate me twice, i refuse, you had to have an american on-site for american air assets. >> and another was given the award posthumously, specialist fifth class dennis fuji, from hawaii, helicopter crew chief. after surviving a crash behind en my lines, he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire for 17 hours to direct airstrikes. these four american army veterans are all heroes, now they are recipients of the highest medal for valor. sandra. >> sandra: wow whashgs an incredibly special day for all of them and all of us. jennifer, thank you very much. >> rich: the supreme court is finished with the session but protests continue outside the justice's homes. the court's top security officer is now calling on maryland and
10:22 am
virginia to enforce laws banning such protests. this comes more than a month after governors of those states started urging president biden's department of justice to take action. let's bring in charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor and a fox news contributor. can and should states enforce federal law here? >> well, certainly i'm sure there is some role for them to play in terms of broig security and there are state laws that say, about picketing general speaking outside of private residences. the real law here that's at play is a federal law that prevents this, any kind of harassment, picketing, threatening of a supreme court justice or any kind of federal judge or anybody involved in the federal judicial process. and so it's very much the
10:23 am
responsibility of merrick garland and you can't help but feel for the supreme court marshal at wit's end, of course you have, you know, garland has provided some security to the justices, has been shamed into doing that, but the problem is providing security is not the issue here. the issue here is these people you see on the screen right here, they are breaking the law. they are violating federal law and in my opinion, they should be arrested, put into paddy wagons and carted off to jail until this behavior stops. >> sandra: certainly the ones protesting directly outside the justice's homes, charlie, and not public support. when asked in the latest polling, respondents said it was inappropriate 55% of the time overall. but by party, 58% of democrats say this is okay, appropriate
10:24 am
behavior, majority of democrats. republicans, 70% say independent say it's inappropriate, and charlie, you wonder if the polling and pressure will change anybody's minds on how this is handled. >> you would hope not. it's not a matter of polling or the winds of public opinion. there are federal laws in place and are sensible laws. the same reason you are not allowed to intimidate witnesses in federal trials. it's, or jurors, for that matter, in federal trials. we expect our justices and federal judges to, you know, to do what they can, interpret the federal laws and the constitution. they are not supposed to be at the whim of public opinion. but i think it's interesting, the break you point out there,
10:25 am
sandra, between democrats and republicans, because you have the democrat party in washington trying to build this case about upholding our, you know, building the elections, upholding the institutions and trying to make a lot out of the january 6th, what they call an insurrection, well, it's sort of the idea that you are going to turn a blind eye and not prosecute these people for violating federal law, for basically undermining the third branch of our federal government and that also by the way goes to the highest levels, including to president biden trashing the supreme court while overseas. >> rich: charlie hurt with the "washington times," thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> sandra: president biden on defense, meanwhile, after calling in a tweet for mom and pop gas stations to bring those gas prices down. critics asking if an intern wrote the tweet, jeff bezos
10:26 am
wonders if it is just ignorance. money man charles payne has an opinion on that. >> rich: thousands of flights delayed or canceled over the weekend, why is it so bad when they received billions in pandemic relief? >> this is my flight from yesterday, 7:55 and i can't get home. i don't know how i'm going to get home. about it, there's only one thing you don't have enough of. time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds? (woman vo) viking. exploring the world in comfort. psoriasis really messes with you.
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>> more than 18,000 flights delayed and more than 1500 canceled over the holiday weekend. staffing shortages are forcing airlines to cut back on their schedules for the busy summer travel season. madison alworth is live at liberty newark international airport with more. >> chaotic weekend of travel, thousands of flights canceled and delayed and at the end of
10:31 am
that is travelers just trying to get home. we are seeing all the issues come after pandemic relief of $54 billion went to the airlines to try to keep them afloat throughout the pandemic. the issue is now they are still struggling to fill those jobs. the industry lost 31,000 jobs by 2021. many of those positions, which really range all over the industry from pilots to ramp staff, those positions have not been filled, many of them. resulting in constant delays and cancellations and are frustrating travelers just trying to get home. i met jay this morning, supposed to fly back to newark airport last night, but there was a problem where that flight, he had to book a new last-minute ticket. >> i spent around $1,000 booking through jetblue for four people. i have a totally booked day today for work and pretty much i'm running to like, i cannot do it because like it's getting
10:32 am
delayed. >> jay was far from the only person who had problems this weekend. american airlines had a glitch, thousands of pilots dropped trips in july. the airline said we already have restored the vast majority of the affected trips, and do not anticipate any operational impact because of this issue. you know, we are really at the tail end of this holiday travel weekend. we saw lots of delays and cancellations. when you look at today, 369 cancellations for flights. if they are still making their way back after the july 4th weekend, i'm sure they are frustrated. it's going to be yet to see what happens this summer as industry tries to get back on track as americans are full force back in the sky. rich. >> rich: madison, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: ok, that is the situation there. while we are all dealing with
10:33 am
sky high gas prices still. the president is on defense over inflation and high gas prices. on saturday he tweeted this, my message to the company running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple. this is a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the costs you are paying for the product and do it now. that tweet setting off a fire storm, billionaire jeff bezos accusing the administration of misdirection or misunderstanding of basic market dynamics and l foed by the oil and gas association make sure the white house intern who posted this tweet registers for econ 101 for the fall semester. is this a misunderstanding or a choice to ignore the reality of basic economics, charles?
10:34 am
>> i think it's the latter, they are being gentle, polite. listen, it's not an intern. president biden has made the statement over and over again. these are his words, his belief, his feelings. if you go back to last week when brian deese talked about a liberal world order, it's interesting because you start out saying biden is on the defensive. they are on the offensive. they are ramming this down our throats. and they are telling us you are going to like it, like it because you are going to love the way it looks at the end, love this liberal world order but between now and then you are going to take the pain and be happy about it. in incredulous. we pumped trillions into the economy, this many jobs safed, what the g.d.p. did, president biden, his preamble. >> sandra: charles, you point
10:35 am
out the majority of gas station in the country are involved and operated by -- >> over 60% of individuals are families. i know them, a guy right around the corner from my house, sanjay. i've watched this man suffer through the ups and downs. we moved a year ago, so i have not met with him since then, but you know crude can be $140 a barrel one year and the year later $38 a barrel. it's a treacherous business, a treacherous business. for president biden to find the smallest, weakest link, the people making the least amount of money, they have to sell cigarettes and soda, for them to pick on them is mind boggling. >> rich: why does it take so long to get to the end user when you put the oil in your gas tank b?
10:36 am
>> one thing to take it out of the field in angola or the gulf of mexico, bring it on shore, refine it, distribute it, bring in here, you know. it's a process. >> sandra: can i jump in on that, charles and i did a lot the last time this happened and accusations of price gouging and the mom and pops operating the stations are not bringing down prices fast enough. we charted it out, and the rise $150 oil, and the gas prices at the pump never went up as high as the oil prices themselves. they are afraid it will cause demand destruction so never raised them high enough to meet the $150 oil. so they are losing money on the way up and when it comes down fast they try to make back that money if that makes sense. >> rich: and they are competing with the guy down the street. >> sandra: get this in here, this is kamala harris over the weekend, by the way, on our high gas prices. >> what we need to do
10:37 am
domestically, to bring down the cost of gas, well, right, right, i've seen a meme that says me googling online how to make gas at home. oh, don't do that. don't do that. [laughter] please don't do that. >> sandra: you know who is not laughing, the american people. this poll in the last couple hours, charles, inflation number one concern, top issue for voters, 33% say that's what it's about. gas prices, 15%. this is where they are worried about their future. the economy, 9%. everyday bills, 6%, ok. and those struggling now, 42% say they are struggling economically with their financial situation. in june 2022 compared to 24% a year ago, that's not funny. >> no, it's not funny, and ironic in a sense that president biden says how families talk at the kitchen table, that's what he's all about. he's not about that.
10:38 am
i just -- this is part of the plan and they have admitted it in more ways than one, and starting to admit it again. you don't want to make gasoline at home or baby formula or anything else you need. but people are desperate for real and while vice president harris took it as a joke, i'm not sure the woman was 100% joking. she had a more serious tone, like i have to do something, listen to what i'm saying. i don't want to disrespect you as v.p. but i'm desperate, my family is desperate, help us out, let's not laugh it up. >> sandra: you have a town hall coming up? >> the 26th, the special. listen, this is impacting every facet of life, not just the stock market. retirement, people are putting them off, pension plans, day-to-day living, we will cover all of that. it's so critical and we are going to try to help people get through this. >> sandra: rich had an observation of the circle of friends here. >> we started a business network
10:39 am
together 15 years ago. >> i remember that, like 15 years ago, yeah. doesn't feel like that. >> sandra: october 2007, right? good to have you here in new york, rich. thank you, charles. >> rich: record amounts of illegal fentanyl across the border and pushing overdose deaths to all time highs. hundreds of pounds pulled from the streets this year, enough to kill millions. why no part of the country is safe. >> sandra: plus, did you see this, stacey abrams, one of the faces of the defund the police movement but wait until how much her campaign is revealed to have paid for private security. than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. mission control, we are go for launch.
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if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. matching your job description. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. >> sandra: record amounts of fentanyl pouring across the u.s. border and driving up overdose deaths in cities nationwide.
10:44 am
law enforcement is fighting to turn the tide in what one state attorney general describes as the deadliest drug epidemic in american history. william is live in los angeles on that for us. hi, william. >> sandra, this is a pound, as fentanyl, according to the d.e.a., could kill 200,000 people. you say how? well, typically fentanyl powder is laced into counterfeit pills. antidepressants or pain pills and sold on the street and it's entirely unregulated, a few extra specs can kill you. last month colorado police seized and found 118 pounds in one car. >> this amount, according to d.e.a., could kill up to 31 million people. >> you are looking at an historic haul of illicit fentanyl on a bust from a
10:45 am
colorado highway. >> i would argue the biggest seizure in the united states out of a motor vehicle on our highways. >> captain bill barkley section, at the colorado state patrol, counts 24 members, including eight k9. >> we have seized over 367 pounds of fentanyl, which is a 389% increase over last year. and i would say the majority of our seizures come from the cartels in mexico. >> d.e.a. administrator says by the numbers, this is unlike anything she's ever seen. >> d.e.a. has interdicted counterpart pills, it's everywhere. sourcing chemicals from chinese companies flooding into the united states. >> deadliest moment, the deadliest drug economic of
10:46 am
american history. >> josh stein is in north carolina, illicit fentanyl caused 70% of all fatal overdoses in 2020. even worse. >> more than three-quarters of teens dying of overdoses have fentanyl in their system. it's killing america's youth. >> so right now in the u.s., 300 people a day, 12 every hour, die of a drug overdose, about two-thirds, sandra, from fentanyl or some other synthetic opioid. back to you. >> sandra: harsh reality. thank you. rich. >> rich: vladimir putin declaring victory in a key region of ukraine. here at home, senior officials are concerned about how much longer the united states can help ukraine without impacting our own wartime supplies. former c.i.a. station chief in moscow dan hoffman joins us on that. >> sandra: officials in some texas counties are fed up with
10:47 am
the wave of illegal immigration and set to declare an invasion of the border. art del cueto next. >> they are going to ask the governor to declare invasion and law on the border, since the federal government is refusing to do it.
10:48 am
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text at that texas are texas declaring a so-called invasion at the southern border. the national border patrol council vice president and border patrol agent in tucson, arizona. art, thank you for joining us this afternoon. i want to start off with what texas has previously done. the state government last year called an emergency, put state resources into enforcing the border. has that been going well, and is there any reason to expect the counties could be as successful, more successful? >> it's beyond just being successful, you can't wave the white flag. texas has a good understanding of what needs to be done so they are trying to do something, enforce it, bringing the media attention if nothing else down to the area and people need to
10:52 am
understand it's not just happening in texas, it's happening in our entire south border and somebody needs to keep speaking up with it. so you know, i commend everyone in texas for bringing so much media attention, talking about it, because something needs to be done. we can't just be turning a blind eye and this administration has to take control of what's happening at the southern border. we hear the stories of fentanyl coming in, heroin, sex trafficking and that is happening because the drug cartels realize they can focus on one end, move agents to that area so they can focus on that all the while they bring everything else across other areas of the border. something needs to be done, you know, kudos to everyone in texas, they are not going to wave the white flag and no one should wave the white flooding. >> are the local and state governments equipped, or because they are border counties and states they can be a help to
10:53 am
enforce the laws. >> they are a huge help because they'll provide also eyes on the problem. they can inform the federal authorities of what's going on, what areas need to be focused on more than anything else, so absolutely a huge help. >> a bit of a legal gray area here, especially when it becomes state and local officials to enforce federal law. jonathan turley what's happening in texas. >> i'm afraid i'm skeptical as they say in texas, the dog won't hunt. guarantee clause, generally interpreted and long interpreted to mean an actual foreign invasion. i don't think a court would seriously consider expanding the term invasion to cover this. >> so, art, if a court were to say to the counties, sorry, you can't do this, what would that mean for enforcement at the border? >> i mean, it's just another one of those monkey wrenches thrown
10:54 am
out there. but when you start looking at what is happening, you've got individuals that are coming into the united states, it's been said and proven many of those do not fall under the asylum rules but they are going to claim asylum, released in the united states, many court cases are not heard from 5 to 6 years, and they stay here, they don't intend going to the court, it has to be called an invasion. i've said it for a couple years now and a lot of people shied away from the word but at the end of the day when you enter a country and don't have a legal right to be there and refuse to leave, it's nothing more than just an invasion and people need to call it what it is. >> rich: and art, 200,000 plus apprehensions a month, that's the number border patrol is encountering. do you have an idea how many are coming in with don't know where they are going? >> the agency keeps track of the
10:55 am
got-aways, but no way to know. you can't count just the footprints, they walk behind each other, ways to try to figure out the numbers but no way they have right now where they can tell you exactly how many people have gotten away. that's a humongous problem. you don't know who they are and what drugs or what bringing into the country. people need to be aware of what's really going on. >> rich: art, thanks for joining us. >> sandra: see what the latest is, obviously to be expected with the texas county dealing with the influx of migrants coming over the border, resources, education, it's drying up. >> rich: another summer of the folks walking across or even getting killed in the rio grande river. >> sandra: new at 2:00, jeff bezos calling out president biden for going after the mom and pop gas station owners to
10:56 am
lower their prices. the white house going back after the billionaire. and whether anything could have been done to prevent the july 4th shooting. apparent double standard for stacey abrams, security for me, not for thee, and whether we are depleting our wartime stockpiles to help ukraine. by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $60,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. and don't let less-than-perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. need money for your family? call newday usa right now and use the va home loan benefit you've earned and deserve.
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>> sandra: brand-new at 2:00, even as the nation becomes more divided, one issue has just about every american in agreement. >> rich: now polling in on the state of the nation and where people think we are headed next. >> sandra: stunning numbers like nothing this country has ever seen. and the center of it all, sky high gas and grocery prices and the overall decline in most american's financial health. "america reports" rolls into hour two. i'm sandra smith in new york, and look who is here today.
11:01 am
>> rich: i'm rich edson in for john roberts. fox news alert. [gunshots] [yelling] >> sandra: the sound of gunfire sending people fleeing for their lives as they were trying to celebrate a 4th of july parade in a north shore chicago suburb. now police are revealing new details about the man they believe caused all of that when he opened fire from the rooftop of a building killing six people and injuring dozens more. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america reports" on this tuesday afternoon. i'm sandra smith. >> rich: i'm rich edson in for john roberts. 21-year-old robert crimo planned his attack, even dressed in women's clothing to blend in with the crowd to escape.
11:02 am
police say he used a high powered rifle to unleash a barrage of bullets in highland park, illinois. a scene of complete chaos in the aftermath. >> a woman was wandering the streets screaming her child's name, and dogs were running all over, people dropped their leashes and ran. the aftermath is who was so devastating to me and those are the images, i don't know how i'm going to get rid of them. >> sandra: mike tobin is live in highland park, illinois. news conference a short time ago brought us a lot more detail on what unfolded. >> exactly, sandra. details are coming out fast as the investigation moves forward by leaps and by bounds with the suspect in custody. the information coming through highland park police and lake county authorities. for starters, details say bob
11:03 am
eugene crimo planned it for weeks, he had a rifle similar to an ar-15, and more in his home and in his father's basement. and he fired from a fire escape. the reason we initially got a description of long hair, he cross dressed during the attack. >> during the attack crimo was dressed in women's clothing and they believe he did it to conceal his facial tattoos and hide his identity and escape with the other people fleeing the chaos. >> he escaped by blending into the population and then went to his mother's house. the manhunt did not stretch far, he was stopped in lake forest, the next town north of her. a north chicago police officer spotted the honda fit, he was stopped on highway 41, known as
11:04 am
sheridan park. six dead, 30 injured after dozens, 70 rounds were fired rapidly indiscriminately into the crowd. and if i step out of the way, a live look of the scene and what you can see in the aftermath and this is what you would expect left over after a parade, all the folding chairs, coolers, kids bikes left behind as people fled this area. the reason the scene is still intact, you have reconstruction teams that are going to come out and do the forensics, of course will be very important part of the investigation when they move forward and finally press criminal charges against crimo. back to you. >> sandra: mike tobin on the ground in highland park. thank you. >> rich: 30 minutes south of highland park, 68 others were shot over a violent holiday weekend in chicago. similar scenes of bloodshed nationwide.
11:05 am
philadelphia, two police officers were hit by gunfire. new york city, nine people were killed and dozens more wounded. we are joined for more on this. >> rich, you said it, let's start in philadelphia. these shots were fired during the fireworks, during the concert as it was ongoing. you mentioned two officers were wounded, miraculously they both survived the grazing wounds. it was a very chaotic scene as people fearing for their lives fled the area around the benjamin franklin parkway. it's unclear if the officers hit were targeted but one received a graze wound to the head and it was found in his hat. the other officer hurt was a member of the bomb squad, both treated and released from a local hospital. >> still too early to tell, don't know if it was ricochet
11:06 am
from celebratory gunfire or someone taking a shot at the officers from long range. >> evidence markers littering the street in downtown minneapolis, investigators worked to gather following a shooting at boom island park. eight people are hospitalized, several in critical condition. and no pause in the violence plaguing new york city. dozens of people were shot across the city throughout the holiday weekend. from july 1st through july 4th, there were 38 shootings, and nine killed. and bodega in brooklyn two young men were wounded and ultimately died. this weekend, the wave of violence leaving investigators very busy, looking for suspects, and also looking to get the guns off the streets. >> sandra: even as violent crime spikes across the country, some
11:07 am
progressives are pushing for anti-police policies. but they have no problem paying big bucks to protect themselves from crime. stacey abrams paid close to half a million dollars since the start of the year on private security. that's even though she sits on the board of seattle-based organization that supports abolishing the police. she insists she does not support defunding the police, she supports the group's initiatives. jason, another case of security for me, not for thee. >> absolutely. now, i don't blame here, if i had to campaign through atlanta i would want added security because of the crime surge there. the police department is down 500 or 600 officers where it needs to be to keep the city safe. this is an ongoing fund for
11:08 am
defunding the police and abolitionist movement, it has failed. they refuse to accept the end state of what they have done to these communities and which they have gone after the cops, installed policies that go easy on criminals, policies that don't protect anyone oddly enough except for the criminals. and yet she can't step back and say why do i need to spend so much money on security, because this is beyond what you would normally expect for a campaign. >> sandra: blinded by their own ideology, but at the peril of those around them that are living results of these policies. that is the point. >> yes, and i think what they do is justify the pain and the suffering and the spilled blood on the streets of their cities, they think the end goal is worthy for them, that it will better serve the community when they get rid of police and
11:09 am
prisons and install different policies and they accept there is going to be some collateral damage along the way. that's how sick and twisted this ideology is, because most people, same people would step back and say this is clearly not working and it's not worth all of these victims. but unfortunately, they seem to have one direction. >> sandra: abrams, in an interview, she insisted she supports increased police funding and officer pay as her role with the seattle-based group that we are talking about here, that eventually did obviously fund the security for her. she insists that is becoming a political liability. so you look at this, though, and you wonder if the country sees this, right, that they are now having to live through the peril of the policies on american streets and great american cities, coast to coast, if this will cause a political sea
11:10 am
change come the midterm elections. >> it should, and she's right to be worried about that. this whole idea she does not support defunding the police is of course nonsense. when you sit on a board like this, based out of seattle, they have put a lot of money into anti-police and abolitionist cautions and anti-capitalist, and if you are on the board of the organization, unless you are trying to change the viewpoints of the organizations, i think a reasonable person would say clearly she sides with the majority of the work that they are doing. so by staying on this board, despite all of the controversy, she's telling us pretty clearly where she stands. she's trying to have it both ways, she wants to go out on the campaign trail and concerned about the communities, whether it's atlanta or anywhere else in georgia, she's trying to claim she cares about the community and wants to do what she can to increase public safety, but her beliefs and what she is saying,
11:11 am
the actions and her words don't match up. >> people hear them and final thought from you, jason, if you see the potential for change, if the republicans do come in and there is a red wave in november, if there's a plan to bring safety back to our streets because we see this polling, too, up there with one of the biggest concerns of the american voters at this time. you know, when you head to the polls and you don't feel safe walking with your children down the sidewalk in your small town america you are going to seek change. >> yeah, i think that republicans have to be very clear on this. the branding as pro police and anti-criminal is strong. but it does not change overnight. you have to dismantle all the policies the democrats put in place, and that's going to be the tough work. >> sandra: jason rantz, great to see you today. a question so many voters will ask themselves. a lot of pocket book issues. burish, end of -- but rich, end
11:12 am
of day, you will cast your vote for what's for you and your family. >> rich: and washington, d.c., the mayoral candidate beat a number of other challengers coming out of the left. so, here we are a year later. a fox news alert, and a spike in violent crime is just one of the problems that has americans fearing for the country's future. here is a new poll showing nearly nine out of ten americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. the 88% who say that is the highest our researchers could find going back for decades, only 10% say the nation is headed in the right direction. that's a dramatic difference in just the past month, when 79% said the u.s. was headed in the wrong direction and it's a giant leap from this time last year. the number was 56%. sandra. >> sandra: big changes there. meanwhile, you don't have to look very hard to see what is
11:13 am
driving the discontent in this country. right now, many mothers and fathers are still struggling to find enough formula for their babies weeks, months into this crisis. the shortage is still causing problems and leaving some store shelves empty. a live update just ahead. we await the arrival of a flight that we hope could help. plus, confusion and flight cancellations at airports nationwide. it is happening right now. now president biden's cabinet is placing blame on, wait for it, the airlines. they say not so fast. >> this staff shortage and the fact that we don't have enough pilots, not paying them enough, that's poor management. so, at some point the oversight which is our government, the oversight of these airlines seems to be pretty lacking to me. all-time highs. now's the time to turn the equity in your home into cash. we called and got $76,395. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow
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>> rich: airlines are overwhelmed and fliers are frustrated after thousands of flights were either canceled or delayed over the independence day weekend. charles watson is in the thick of it all, he's at heartsfield jackson international airport in atlanta. charles, you've been there the last five days. how are you holding up? >> i'm doing pretty good. i've been a lot better than a lot of folks having to go through these t.s.a. checkpoint lines. it's been sights like this, long lines at t.s.a. that the checkpoints made for, let's say, less than perfect holiday travel weekend for millions of americans at airports across the country. despite numbers not quite recovering to pre-pandemic levels. let's take a look at the break down here. more than 2 million people traveled through t.s.a. checkpoints nationwide each day this weekend. the grand total was not quite as high compared to 2019.
11:20 am
you can see the numbers on the screen, the u.s. falls short by 1.2 million travelers. recordless of that, airports continue to stay busy. >> the lines are pretty long. obviously there's a lot of cars out here, a lot of people are feeling what they are feeling right now. >> yeah, and even with lower travel numbers than years past, the airlines are struggling to keep up with demand after being forced to let go of staff during the pandemic. they are now scrambling to fill the gaps by hiring flight attendants and pilots. pilots unions are pushing for higher pay of a record overtime this year. >> we take great pride delivering passengers on time to their destinations and picking up record amounts of overtime to let delta keep the operation running. >> yeah, and despite their best efforts, airlines had to cancel or delay thousands of flights over the holiday weekend between friday, july 1st and the
11:21 am
july 4th holiday, more than 22,000 delays and more than 1800 cancellations, but not everyone faced a frustrating travel experience. >> we have gotten really lucky and have not had any issues, no delays, no cancellations. we got really lucky, so -- >> not everyone has been able to be so lucky. we have reached more than -- nearly 2,000 delays nationwide according to flight aware and seeing more cancellations than we saw on total monday and sunday. busy day, rich. >> rich: i hope you have some good food options outside of security. thanks very much. >> sandra: biden's transportation chief throwing his hands in the air. pete buttigieg is blaming the
11:22 am
airlines, the airlines say it's trafg shortages. the f.a.a., which is led by secretary buttigieg, now democrats, including bernie sanders are calling on president biden to do more. andy pudzer, great to see you. i wish bernie sanders calling on president biden to do more would be to tackle the root of the problem when it comes to these airlines and the airlines had a huge problem to deal with what was a significant drop in demand during the pandemic. they were told that they could not fly as much and demand did drop significantly, airplanes came off line, and new skyrocketing fuel prices and staffing shortage and this. bernie sanders says this, the american people are sick of the airlines ripping them off, cancelling flights at the last minute and delaying flights for
11:23 am
hours on end. he says it's time for secretary buttigieg to fine the airlines $55,000 per passenger to every flight they know cannot be fully staffed. andy, you know what it's like to staff in this environment right now, it is difficult. you hear it from every business, small and large. your reaction. >> well, sas you said, everybody is having a difficult time finding employees. airlines are no exception to that rule. the difference of the airlines is if they don't have enough people, people don't show up, or if there is some other reason to delay a flight and they decide not to delay it because they are going to get a big fine, you are going to find there are dangerous situations in the airline industry. right now it's very, very safe and if they have to cancel a flight i'm on because they don't have sieve people or there are concerns about safety. >> you are ok with that. >> cancel the flight, cancel it as soon as you can. there are a lot of things that could be done, none of them of
11:24 am
course are any suggestion that bernie sanders would make. but the first thing we could do is reimpose a work requirement with respect to social welfare benefit, that newt gingrinch and bill clinton did in the 1990s, the requirements were removed during the pandemic, because people were prohibited from working. we are outout of the pandemic. 11 million job openings. unemployment is very low. encourage people to get back to work instead of taxing or fining the airlines will not solve the problem. what's going to solve that problem is positive action by the biden administration, unfortunately kind of action they seem unable to take. >> sandra: it's interesting. he's not making anybody happy with all this, president biden, because he's got bernie sanders after him to do more, and here is another, calling on buttigieg to act in, an american prospect
11:25 am
interview, saying buttigieg needs to make clear he has the authority to go after the airlines for unfair and deceptive practices, he says. he needs to lay out a framework what the consequences will be for canceled flights, understanding and misrepresentations to passengers. same thing applies here as does the calling out of the big oil companies or the mom and pop gas stations. if there is evidence of price gouging, that's illegal activity, called out and the companies held accountable. we have not seen that happen yet. in this case, if you have a member of congress making it out that there are deceptive practices being employed by these airlines, that would be illegal activity and should be highlighted and called out. but there's no evidence of that, andy. what do you make of that member of congress tweet? >> look, they are looking for anybody they can find to blame for the frustrations that the american people are feeling at
11:26 am
the gas pump, in the airport, in the grocery stores, because the real culprit is them. it's the democratic party, it's joe biden's economic policies, it's what they have done since biden took office back in january of 2021. they want to blame anybody they can possibly blame. big oil companies, gas stations, refineries, you know, airline companies, you would think they would learn that if you punish business, all that's going to happen, fewer flights, businesses will play it very safe so they don't incur the fines or penalties and not have the thriving airline industry that we have now. these government overreach never solves the problem, it just creates more problems, and of course the solution that the democrats come up with to the problems the government creates is to expand government even further, to do more to interfere with the private sector and that's the solution they are trying to do here and it's not
11:27 am
going to work. >> sandra: we get it, we get there is a lot of frustration at the airports, a lot of cancellations, delays, nobody likes it, but you know, end of day business friendly environment that would be more conducive for the airlines able to take the flights off the ground. they need better staffing and a better environment where people are willing to work. jeff bezos, he fired off a tweet that has become quite controversial about the white house handling of inflation saying ouch, inflation far too important a problem for the white house to make statements like this. either straight ahead misdirection or deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics. that was in response to president biden telling the mom and pop gas station owners to bring the prices down, and the white house through the press secretary is responding to bezos. update to the story. but not surprising that you think oil and gas using market power to reap record profits at
11:28 am
the expense of the american people, i believe she's talking about the big oil companies, quite confusing, the president was calling on the gas station owners to bring the prices down. majority of those gas stations are not owned by big oil companies. >> no, 60% of the gas stations are owned by independents. only about 5% are owned by the big oil companies or refiners. and look, the profit on gasoline, if you are an independent running a gas station, you make a penny or two per gallon. now, if they went and had absolutely no profit whatsoever on their gas sale, gas sales would come down maybe $0.02. it's not going to solve the problem. again, it's an attempt to try and scapegoat the people that are actually responsible for the problems, and as far as blaming the oil companies for gouging, when biden -- when the biden administration sells oil from the strategic petroleum reserve,
11:29 am
what do you think it sells it for? i think people think the government is giving away the oil or selling it at cost, but president trump wanted it cheaply, they are not. they are selling at the market oil. the market sets the price for oil and the government sells oil at the exact same price the large oil companies do. there's no gouging here. when you have a product everybody wants, your profits are going to go up, because people are willing to pay more for the product. it's not a product of the oil companies forcing oil prices up, in fact, if the oil price, if the oil company sold oil below what the market is willing to pay, who are bought the oil would then sell it at the price the market is willing to pay and have no effect on the market generally. so the president is clearly not in control of the economic facts here and it's a little surprising people in the administration, the ivy league economists are not giving him
11:30 am
better advice. what did brian deese say, we don't care about the price are oil or what you are paying at the pump, we want to preserve the liberal world order. if that's their goal, what they are going to do. >> sandra: and at the price of the american people paying the high prices. and pete buttigieg will be on with neil cavuto, is he going to do anything about it and as the "wall street journal" opinion editorial board calls out the president saying he does not appear he knows anything about how the private economy works. it's a huge problem and not an overnight fix. it's going to be a longer term problem if there is -- solution if there is one. >> rich: and plenty for them to talk about, neil to talk about. flights, transportation on the ground, a lot of issues there. talk about flight delays, speaking of. desperate moms and dads are waiting on a plane from australia packed with the baby formula they need.
11:31 am
months into the shortage, many are asking what took so long? will it be enough? >> sandra: hard to believe that's still going and breaking news out of texas, some lawmakers are set to speak at the border, calling the migrant crisis an invasion. >> when you enter a country and don't have a legal right to be there and you refuse to leave, it's nothing more than an invasion. call it what it is.
11:32 am
11:33 am
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11:37 am
jonathan. >> rich, whether this is a real attempt to use the constitution to change immigration enforcement policy or whether it's more of a publicity stunt simply to draw attention to the situation at the border is certainly open to question, but officials from this group of texas counties say "unprecedented challenges on the u.s. southern border are demanding unprecedented action for the safety of citizens all across texas." so they are invoking article 4 section 4 of the constitution, says in regard to all states the united states "shall protect each of them against invasion." and that's exactly what the texas counties say they are facing, an invasion by illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border. a claim bolstered by the sheer numbers over the past 12 months or more. by invoking the language of the
11:38 am
constitution, the officials, if they want to make it a genuine legal rather political fight, will need to first define invasion and then prove that the government is not doing enough to prevent it. miriam webster defines invasion as an act of invading, especially incursion of an army for conquest or plunder, and the federal government would presumably argue the shear number of enforcement actions against illegal immigrants, 1.7 million since october 1st, shows that u.s. customs and border protection is doing the job the texas officials accuse the government of failing to do. those officials will likely point to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who don't get caught by law enforcement, but as a legal challenge based on the constitution, this case has a long road ahead and it's significant, rich, the texas
11:39 am
attorney general has so far declined to get involved. rich. >> rich: jonathan, thank you. >> sandra: now a crisis, baby formula set to arrive from sydney, australia in the next hour. jeff flock is at the airport waiting the shipment. >> pardon my appearance, but on the edge of the runway here at u.p.s. air hub in philadelphia that this flight will arrive from australia and the company bubs, it means babies in australia. the the company is sending over today but the numbers up, 2 million shipments, they have contracted to send as much as 25 million shipments of baby formula, eight ounce bottles or equivalent of formula. those bottles of formula and
11:40 am
equivalent will be sold at walmart, target, acme and kroger's, and the government has flown in 37.2 million servings of baby formula, that sounds like a lot. it seems -- if you look at the market for baby formula in the u.s., we sell about 50 million servings a week. so, it's a bit of a drop in the bucket. take a look at the numbers on the amount of shortages out there. out of stock formula can go out of stock, normally 10% of stores are out of stock of formula at any one time, but the last report we had, 25% in the middle of june, the first week of june out of stock, and 27% the week after that. those are the latest numbers that we have. and that has angered members of congress, both republican and democrat, i present to you a letter from warnock, the democratic senator from georgia writing to the f.d.a., he says
11:41 am
it is clear there are serious issues at the f.d.a. he says it's alarming it took nearly six months for the f.d.a. to act when it came to the big plant in michigan that had complaints about it in september of last year but the f.d.a. did not step in until february. he said that was a major mistake. they are trying, another shipment comes in today. we hope to have it live on the fox business network in about a half hour's time. sandra. >> sandra: we know that you will be the first to see that come in and hope it helps so many struggling to find the formula. jeff, thank you. rich. >> rich: sandra, breaking news on a major development in ukraine. a day after vladimir putin declared victory in taking over a major part of the country, the russian president is making some major moves. it has ukrainian lawmakers ordering mass evacuations of more than a quarter million people. that's next.
11:42 am
11:43 am
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11:47 am
terrorism task force joins us now. steve, bought it legally, had the post, nobody flagged him to police. what's the answer here? >> well, the answer is to be more proactive moving forward, and look, it's time to end the political debate on guns and start the conversations with the people in the communities who know their communities best and will be able to bring solutions to the table. i'll give you one great solution. we had it years ago. it's called community policing. get the cops on the street. when i worked community policing, the days i was a law enforcement officer, i have to tell you, i knew everyone in the neighborhoods, i knew mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, the kids, and many people would come to us as officer friendly and say that kid has a problem, here is what we have discovered, it's a building of trust between the police and the community. >> sandra: you'll convince people of that if you tell us what could have been done in this instance. the kid, 21, about to be 22
11:48 am
years old, living in highwood i believe in an apartment behind his parents' home, mom was a spiritual healer, dad was, apparently made a run at being the mayor of the town, highland park, there he was in highwood, between lake forest and highland park. there's a high likelihood if you lived in highwood you knew who he was, what he was into, where he would go. the case you are making, how with that have stopped this from happening? >> i believe in every case we have seen, including this one across the country, see on the internet, social media after the act. many people as you said, they had to see this and when you see someone in a school setting talking about pretty much basically planning an attack on a school, at least in my view, somebody should have picked up the phone, called the police. we don't know if they did this that, she should have called the school district if he was involved, but pick up the school
11:49 am
district. see something, goodness sakes, say something. could it have prevented this? it could have triggered something in law enforcement to get involved. in my view, when someone posts something like that, they are planning a violent act and you have enough cause i believe to take action to prevent the act. >> rich: do you think the police departments have the police power? are there enough police officers to be patrolling everything that's online and doing this type of background work? >> let me share this with you, it's a good question. our police departments are the best in the country and highland park and law enforcement officers there, they work very hard to prevent crime but they need man power to do two things. one, to gather intelligence and information. they're ill-equipped to do that and need enough money to get cops on the street, walk the beats, relate to people and bring people together. like in new jersey, we brought the business industry and important aspect of this is the clergy, we need to get our clergy members involved, and go to the parents, go to the people
11:50 am
and communities. >> sandra: bring up that point. he was not a kid anymore, but 21 years old and lived behind his parents. they had to have known some of this behavior. >> you are right. how did he get there at age 21. i'll guarantee if we go way back, this did not start yesterday with him. probably as a child, a lot of problems that he had. and were there drug problems, what kind of thing would lead to this shooting that this guy committed. my point is this. to be proactive, we have to stop this constant hammering on the debate of guns and start talking to the people in the communities. politicians are not going to solve the problem, democrat, republican, it's not a political issue, it's american people, and american people in each community to solve it. >> rich: thank you for joining us. >> sandra: new sense of panic sweeping ukraine as putin's latest move sparks evacuation orders on a whole new scale. breaking news out of ukraine a few moments ago. it is coming over the wires right now.
11:51 am
from the front lines, we'll have that for you next.
11:52 am
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>> one day after russia's president, vladimir putin, declared victory in capturing a key province in ukraine, he's now moving in on the provence next door. the governor of the donetsk region called for the evacuation of 250,000 people. nate has more. >> good afternoon. we're just learning about a russian strike at a marketplace in sloviansk. this is part of the donetsk provence where people are being evacuated from. take a look at this video. you can see destruction here. ukrainian officials say it's unknown how many people were inside the marketplace. firefighters putting out the
11:57 am
flames. president zelensky says it will cost $750 billion to rebuild the country and of course as the war continues, that price tag will just go up. take a look at there video released today. ukraine is showing off the himars mobile rocket system that came from the united states. these are in action in the donbas region as russia is expected to push for full control of the east including donetsk region. back out here live in lviv, we spoke with the mayor's office after an invasion from the north. they confirmed they're working with the military to protect all critical infrastructure in the city. back to you. >> thanks, nate. rich? >> let's bring in dan hoffman, the former cia agent in moscow and a fox news contributor. i want to start with this chart in how much the united states is assisting ukraine and other nations. go down the list here, the u.s.
11:58 am
by far providing more than many of the european allies in this. can the u.s. keep supplying ukraine at this level without diminishing its own readiness? >> you know, under the most trying of times for the world, the united states has always been an arsenal for democracy. look back at the second world war. the brightest, most shining example of that. there's bipartisan consensus to stand with ukraine in their fight against russia. this administration has to have a policy and strategy to do that. working with the european union has indicated their interest and focus on helping to pay for the reconstruction of ukraine. new nato members, finland and sweden will be joining and will provide more military assistance as well. the biden administration needs to work more effectively with our nato partners to increase the supply of military equipment
11:59 am
coming from that region. >> russia is declaring victory in the east. it was an expensive victory for them. where do they go from here? what is the state of russia's military and economy? >> yeah, that's the key question i'm sure that president biden is asking his intelligence community right now. how exhausted is russia? this war is going to be won or not won on the battlefield. vladimir putin said it's going according to plan. nothing could be further from the truth. his plan was to defeat ukraine and install a puppet regime five months ago and still hasn't happened. the fight is on for the donbas. that's why you're seeing the evacuation orders for 350,000 people. make no mistake, this is a war of attrition. while we have significant stores of military, you mentioned the himars artillery which has been so critically important for the ukraine and going forward, the russians are spending quite a bit and they're also losing
12:00 pm
roughly 30,000 soldiers already reportedly. >> dan hoffman. thanks for joining us. much appreciated. a terrible situation there. it continues. >> sandra: indeed. we'll keep following. great to have you here to cover it today. >> great to be here. >> sandra: back to washington and see you back from there. thanks, rich. thank to everybody for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> sandra: i'm rich edson. "the story" starts right now. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. two stories breaking right now. the dow is down nearly 300 points reflecting fears of a sluggish economy and possible recession. what it means for your savings. as we await and update from the chicago police department after a violent poll day weekend, and the capture of an alleged gunman that opened fire in a parade celebrating america's independence killing seven people. sending dozens to area hospita


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