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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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coming. a very active investigation. please stay tuned to fox news channel for breaking news updates on this heart breaking story. tomorrow on "special report," president biden travels to ohio to promote his economic agenda we will bring you there that's it for this "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. "jesse watters primetime" is up next. hello, jesse. >> jesse: hey, mike. thanks so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm sure all of you patriots spent your weekend like i did celebrating july 4th ringing in america's birthday. you fire up the grill, tossed a few dogs on if you know anything about hospitals they are to you. like joey chestnut who manhandled the enemy while demolishing 63 dogs to win the
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annual's nathan's hot dog eating contest that's america at its finest and that is also peak athletic ability. or if you are a kid you played a little baseball under the lights. ♪ spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ purple mountain majesty ♪ >> jesse: those who served our country can recollect upon the sacrifices that have been made which brings a tear to their eyes. >> people don't realize what they have they bitch about it nowadays i'm so upset that the things we did and things we fought for and boys have died
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for it is all going down the drain. our country is going to hell. and that's not what our boys, that's not what they died for. [sobbing] >> jesse: young and old, we all get to wear our patriotism with pride on independence day. we cheer along as parades go by and we honor and salute soldiers past and president who risk their lives to defend our freedoms. so on america's birthday we need to show the old girl some love and give our country the party it deserves. unfortunately for us our president had different ideas. now, i don't know how biden family parties go. but it watters family functions we try to keep the drug and sex addicts under federal investigation at arm's length. that wasn't the case at the white house where joe biden figured july 4th was the perfect time to shove hunter biden down our throat and i apologize for that analogy.
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jobe is just flaunting his family's crimes at this point. take a page out of queen elizabeth's book and give hunter the prince andrew treatment. the queen kicked andrew to the curb after his ties to epstein came to light and the prince was accused of sleeping with a minor. she stripped the prince of all of his royal duties and banished him to the back of the castle that's what matriarchs or patriarchs do for the titles they hold. andrew nothing on hunter. drugs, illegal guns, bribes, corruption, hey, at least he is nice to russian escorts. >> anything on you. anything? i was literally saying i'm sorry that it took so long to give you $10,000. have i ever touched you in a bad way? ever? have i asked you every time if i could touch you? every time?
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sweetheart, look at me. you cannot talk to me that way and say things like that. because i'm more respectable than anyone you ever met. that's who joe biden brought to the people's house to celebrate america's birthday? that guy. i don't want him in my shindig i have seen what he does to m&m. they forgot to write you say god bless america on july 4th. >> thank you all so very, very much. thanks. >> god bless america. >> okay. >> god bless america, thank you. >> jesse: that's like showing up at a friend's party and forgetting the words to happy birthday. maybe instead of no cards, they should just show biden movies of how real presidents conduct themselves. >> we will not go quietly into the night. we will not banish without a
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fight. we're going to live on. we are going to survive. today we celebrate our independence day. >> jesse: all time great moment in movie history. something like that would never be written today because hollywood doesn't really like america and of course the left used our country's birthday to pile on. >> i just feel like i need to say this. you know, i would say say happy fourth of july but it's not really a happy fourth of july, is it? it ain't the land of the free. listen to the star-spangled banner and i go this is not the land of the free. it's hard for me to say happy fourth of july because it feels like we are going back to slavery maybe i should say happy back to slavery day. >> jesse: usually when you celebrate someone's birthday you don't rip them to shah reds when they are blowing out the candles. and if you are at a party you don't want to get between michael moore and a birthday
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cake. probably the most dangerous place on earth. the filmmaker said he will no longer accept full citizenship privileges following the roe decision. one, i didn't know that anyone would actually sleep with michael moore and make roe v. wade an issue. and, two, i didn't think you could pick and choose which citizenship privileges you could exercise. is it like a buffet? you can have a little of this and little of that? but moore promised to keep beating this topic into the ground saying quote until women's rights have been fully reinstated i will not shut up about this. if you invite me to dinner, that's all i'm going to talk about, have a me over to your party and it's going to be dobbs, dobbs, and more dobbs. no one would be able to afford to invite michael moore over to dinner with food prices the way they are so it's a moot point. bette midler tweeted out july 4th was canceled due to a shortage of independence. who does she think she is
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michael scott? >> i would like everybody's attention. christmas is canceled. >> you can't cancel a holiday. >> give it up stanley and you will lose new year's. >> what does that mean, jim, take new year's away from stanley. >> sorry, beth bet, you could cancel a holiday, in that case i'm canceling black friday. i'mjust trying to save lives. every celebrity got in on the action. like a memo went out. samantha bea we didn't know still had a show. >> it's not just about voting in november it's about doing everything in our power to protect and be help vulnerable people access abortion across state lines and we have to raise hell in our cities, in washington, in every restaurant justice alito eats at for the rest of his life because if republicans had made our lives
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hell, it is time to return the favor. >> jesse: the white maxine waters wants to get in people's faces where justice alito eats and since we can assume that alito likes italian food, good luck enjoying your food. samantha is going to unleash the behive on you. here is how they celebrated independence in chicago. [sirens] >> jesse: that's not how you behave, chicago, it's america's birthday and you are acting like the drunk uncle. we are not mad. we are just disappointed.
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>> it only got worse in the windy city as the weekend went on. people can't attend a holiday parade without fearing for their lives as yesterday a deranged freak opened fire on innocent civilians. 22-year-old robert crime mow took position on a roof top overlooking the route and carried out his sadistic attack. killing at least seven people and wounding two dozen others. the guy was suicidal, homicidal, had problems at school h a social media footprint that screamed mass shooter. police had seized weapons from his house, including swords and guns. and officials in illinois still didn't stuff this kid into a straight jacket. anyone with facial tattoos and a track record like that is screaming please, put me in insane asylum. the left saw all of this and decided they wanted it to take guns away from law abiding gun owners. and remember the second amendment as the supreme court just ruled is a uniquely american right and is
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fundamental to who we are. american principles are hard to understand because even the sight of the flag scares the left. >> i was on long island this weekend visiting a really dear friend and i was really disturbed. i saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with, you know, explicative against joe biden on the back of them. trump flags. and some cases just dozens of american flags which, you know, is also just disturbing because essentially the message was clear it was this is my country. this is not your country. i own this. >> jesse: remember that one from last year? because we respect the country and know how to behave on someone's birthday, we didn't give the birthday boy double middle fingers like this holiday actress. hollywood actress. we have better than that we let off fireworks at the beach like
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normal people do. [fireworks] >> that was harry on the fuse. i need microphone hand. i can't blow it off like jason pierre paul. i put out a call to arms last month in desperate need of fireworks since new york state considers them illegal. and my call was answered. a patriot stepped up. drove across state line and secured a considerable amount of commercial grade fireworks for the watters family. and that patriot is prime time very own jerry munoz. thank you, joey, you are the man. so that's how normal people celebrate july 4th. we don't we nouns our citizenship, shoot people, attack cops or invite hunter biden over. you learn a lot about someone by the way they celebrate july 4th. and don't be this guy.
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ing. [growling] >> stephen miller is the host of vs. media and podcast and spectator contributing editor. you didn't do anything crazy like hang out with hunter and do lines and blow people up in chicago, did you, steven? >> >> i'm a little -- i'm past those partying days with hunter. i don't know in chicago this is always chicago's favorite times of year, fireworks or gunshots? i think joey chestnut checking checkchoking out that protesters the best response saving the flag in the outfield. >> jesse: i respect athleticism. on crutches and chucking 63 dogs
4:13 pm
down his pallet: reminds me of when trump leapt across two secret service agents and choking the driver at the same time grabbing the wheel. i haven't seen a display of athleticism since then. why do you think the left decides that on america's birthday, on independence day that is the day of all days to just broadcast how much they hate this country? >> well, it's because it's just -- also the same thing any toddler does throwing a little bit of a hissy fit. won't someone think of the aggrieved celebs on this day. if you want to make samantha bee mad tell. >> geraldo: kids have to go school with poor black kids. you have jessica chastain and her glamour suit and studio lighting and throwing up double birds and looks like l'oréal commercial. do you know who is not doing this stuff on social media had
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is tom cruise whose film has just grossed 400 ba zillion dollars worldwide anti-woke not super pro-america but just have has a message to it. it should be a lesson to celebs and message to congress people showing their grievances off on the fourth on instagram. people like jill men son is not on instagram. call for attention and what they are doing. really does feel like the public is tucker on a lot of that. >> jesse: we are. we don't like being lectured to by toddlers who have just soiled themselves and won't shut up unless we put a pacifier in their mouth. stephen miller who behaves himself these days. >> most of the time. >> jesse: most of the time. thank you so much for joining "jesse watters primetime." >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: nancy pelosi's italian vacation is raising a lot of
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questions. like is paulie p. allowed to leave his hotel? and has nancy removed the mini bar? and "primetime" views america's greediest tycoons, gas station owners. ♪ this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol
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>> jesse: this fourth of july weekend was expensive if you drove anywhere and that covers just about everybody. i have good news for all of you watching at home. the president has identified whose fault this is and no, it's no longer vladimir putin's fault. it's the guy that owns your local gas station. biden said on saturday my message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices
4:21 pm
at the pump is simple. this is a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product and do it now. oh, yeah. gas station owners. the despots of deville. the sultans of slushys, they are the problem. they are making billions slinging sour patch kids and camel lights. flaunting their riches in armani suits behind the bullet proof plexiglass to where they hand you the keys to the men's room. tycoon who sell you lottery tickets are gouging the american consumer like the railroad barrons of the 19th century. at least that's what the french woman who reads from a binder tells us. >> look, we will continue to call on everyone along that distribution chain as i just mentioned from oil companies to
4:22 pm
refineries to distributers to retailers to pass their lower cost through to consumers. that is what is important to make sure that we should not make, again, consumers pay first and get that -- and get that relief last. >> jesse: how care they drive into the quickie mart in their lamborghinis and print money from selling us mountain dew and flaming hot cheetos unacceptable. we sent reporter to confront gas station owners and ask how they can they live with themselves as americans suffer. >> are you filthy rich? >> i right now have a whole bunch of debt. >> are you a billionaire? >> of course not. i'm still working and bumming gas, no. >> anyone who works here a billionaire? >> of course not. yes. we just work in the gas station. how we get make a living that's all. >> we have a loss of customers. the prices keep going up and up. we also have been struggling
4:23 pm
with the store because without customers at the gas station we don't have people coming in the store and everybody is blaming us as the workers when it's the big man making the decision. >> jesse: wait a second they don't own waterfront estates in martha's vineyard profit margin razor thin and only making a few cents on every dollar. struggling like the rest of us. could joe biden be misleading us about who is responsible for inflation? what's that? cnn? >> i think news organizations need to be a lot more forceful here, brian calling out the president when he misleads the pluck library this we know gas station owners are not the ones running away to the bank when gas prices go up. there have been stories in the past how low the profit margin is on gas station owners make money from convenience store there hasn't been pushback from the president of these
4:24 pm
organizations that needs to change. >> jesse: that's what trying not to get fired from cnn looks like. former gas station owner and executive director of new jersey gasoline convenience association. all right, so, what kind of profits are these gas station owners making on gasoline and are they making a lot of serious cash selling twinkies as well? >> they are not making any more today than they were making last month, the month before or even a year ago the president's statement is absolutely ridiculous. and, in fact, it is so untethered.i was frustrated andy annoy that he had would even make the suggestion that it's
4:25 pm
the corner gas station, the quintessential small business of america that is causing this problem i think the best way to make the president understand if he really doesn't, if he is just trying to find somebody to blame, then nothing is going to work. i think the best way to make the president understand would be to ask him a question. mr. president, if you own a gas station and that tank truck comes across your driveway to deliver gasoline today, and that gasoline cost 20 cents a gallon more than it did when you bought it the last time, what should you do with the price on the pump? a? leave it the same? b, lower it because prices are already too high, or, c, raise it so you can continue to pay your mortgage, the taxes, the utilities, the employees and
4:26 pm
your own paycheck so you can pay the mortgage at home? that question may help clear things up for president biden. >> jesse: as everybody knows he had to plagiarize his way through school so i'm not sure he grasp the concept of supply and demand. maybe if he hears you, sal, it will stick this time. thank you so much and good luck out there. and just keep those tycoons in line. okay? we don't want to have to drag you in front of congress in a gouging investigation. i will see you in new jersey. nancy pelosi is having a girl's day out in italy. walking the streets and enjoying the italian sun. maybe doing some shopping. who are these ladies nancy is with? are they body guards? are they friends? how do you say wing woman in italian? we're not sure. and where is paul? he is not in the picture.
4:27 pm
is mr. pelosi allowed to leave the hotel? it looks like he is still in the dog house over the dui and the possibility that he was with company the night of the crash when nancy was all the way across the country those italians who whistle at our speaker of the house i will not have it i hope they treat her with respect. the respect she deserves. the respect that paul obviously hasn't been giving her. we are keeping a close eye, a very close eye on nancy pelosi's italian vacation and we are reading between the lines about what her trip entails and what it means for paul's court case and her relationship with the best stock picker in all of napa county. later, johnny quizes people on the beach about independence day. ♪ >> who was the first president of the united states? >> abe lincoln. borders.
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>> jesse: fourth of july celebrations across the country turned deadly this weekend as we predicted. >> three people are dead after an especially violent night all across the five boroughs. >> as fireworks burst into the sky this fourth of july, unfortunately gun violence didn't take a holiday. a man shot twice here. >> two police officers were shot. >> we're told the shooting that injured six people have been near the four cyber cafe here behind me. the other shooting that turned deadly happened just six minutes away from here. >> it was a busy night for kansas city police responding to a triple shooting. >> kansas city police are investigating two early morning homicides. >> in chicago things got especially violent at least 10 were killed and 62 wounded. when they weren't shooting guns, they were shooting fireworks at police. mobs, jumping on top of police cars, kicking and slamming them. maybe the mob mistook the police
4:34 pm
for the british. we don't know but we doubt it mayor lori lightfoot has a real problem with all of this. >> people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy. the people who are acting so brazenly have not only no respect for themselves, but they don't have respect for the institutions like the police department, the toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that i think we should all be concerned about. >> jesse: no one respects our institutions more than lori lightfoot and no one contributes to polite public discourse more than lori lightfoot. >> clarence thomas he said [bleep] clarence thomas. >> is it me or does light foot get more worked up about a distinguished supreme court justice than killer gang bangers in her own city? no. it's definitely not me. but most of the left's attention
4:35 pm
over the weekend has been focused on a shooting 25 minutes away from chicago over in highland park. at least seven people were killed and over 30 were hospitalized. after some sicko, some 22-year-old bobby crime mow started just firing into a crowd fourth of july parade. he has now been charged with seven counts of first degree murder. >> i can't believe i actually recorded that. [gunfire. [screams] >> jesse: this was a preplanned attack by a wannabe rapper social media profile screams mass shooter plus he has facial
4:36 pm
tattoos. you know our position on facial tattoos. nothing says i'm about to start shooting people more than multiple facial tattoos. but since he is white and used a legally purchased rifle, all eyes are on this little freak. kamala spoke about it today while in chicago. >> i want to briefly but importantly address the tragedy just miles away in highland park. as we all know yesterday should have been a day to come together with family and friends to celebrate our nation's independence and, instead that community suffered a violent tragedy. i said it before, enough is enough. >> jesse: but she refused to mention that more people were killed this weekend over in chicago. the drug dealers shot almost twice as many people as this kid in the windy city. they will probably never be arrested. they will probably all use illegal handguns. and you will probably never hear
4:37 pm
their names in the mainstream media. dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio show host how come you never hear kamala on the south side enough is enough, dana? >> that's a great question, jesse. thanks for having me. i would love to know why they don't. you made a very god point, too about the recidivism rate in chicago. the superintendent of the chicago police department once said that it's the same 1400 some odd repeat offenders that are continuing to drive the city's crime rate and police are frustrated by this because they have to go out and apprehend the same people over and over again. and it just gulls me that these politicians have harsher words for law abiding people than they do the violent criminal offenders that make a city live in fear. with highland park, this horrific tragedy and absolute degenerate who apparently was known to police. this was an individual police were called 2019 to his home
4:38 pm
twice over a suicide attempt and to seize 16 some odd knives. clearly everyone around him was aware that there was some sort of threat. something wasn't right. first off highland park they banned these sporting rifles that everyone likes to call assault weapons. this is a state that has universal background checks. a state that has red flag laws. they have every single thing they say would work but it doesn't work over and over again. they do nothing about the actual violent offenders. they focus on the same things that don't work. >> jesse: like the buffalo shooter he was all over their radar. they have red flags in new york state. here this guy has an amri in his house. a sword collection. a knife collection and he is like flunking out of school. he is a total killer on social media they tip toe around the guy. what good is having a red flag law if you can't enforce them? >> exactly a conversation if
4:39 pm
maybe democrats joined us on this. these are questions that you and i have been asking for such a long time. clearly there is a stereotype. for the lack of a better way to say it something with these individuals, something that they -- a commonality they go and they commit these horrific atrocities. but, instead, we focus on these objects. you take blades away from this guy but you leave the dangerous person. clearly they were focusing on objects and not the dangerous person who was left to go out and offend again and go out and kill people. i mean, it's horrific. why can't we have a conversation about these commonalities. everyone only wants to focus on the objects. >> jesse: you have to profile guys like this. you can't be politically correct anymore. it's too dangerous. dana, thank you so much as always. >> great. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: what happens when two politically correct liberals get into a car accident and the uber
4:40 pm
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♪ >> jesse: the city of portland, oregon descended in parity a long, long time ago. sure crimes grow unprostituted. the gingerbread men are all gender neutral and ordering dinner interrogation. >> i have a question about the chicken if you could tell us about it. >> the chicken is heritage braid woodland fed chicken diet of sheep's milk, soy and hazel in the. >> this is local. >> absolutely. >> i want to ask you this one more time it's local. >> how big is the area where the chickens are able to roam free. >> i'm sorry to interrupt i had the same question. >> four acres. >> the chicken you will be enjoying. >> you have this information. this is fantastic. >> absolutely his name was collin, here are his papers, okay? >> that's great. >> you look like a happy little guy who runs around.
4:46 pm
>> other chickens with friends. putting his wing around another one and palling around. >> i don't know that i can speak to that level of intimate knowledge about him. >> jesse: well, sometimes life imitates art. and even fights about traffic turn into an olympics of oppression. here is what happened when two marginalized groups get into a fender bender in america's most far left city. >> i don't have time to waste on. >> told me to go after. >> driving habit. we don't drive [inaudible] we make someone come here. i'm so tired of people driving like you just did. >> i'm not. >> it's not. driving. >> i know you are white and you haven't colonized. >> it is not about race. >> yeah, it is. >> that's not the problem here. if you want things to change when you [bleep] >> it's on me. >> do not pull the race card.
4:47 pm
>> shut up. you and your colonizer mindset so get out of my face now, you white lady. you white lady. >> get out of my face because i'm done with this conversation. >> then you be walking. >> you [bleep] colonizer. >> you are in my face. >> i'm not in your face. >> you are breathing my air you [bleep] colonizer. >> jesse: here at "primetime" on the east coast we prefer the usual way of handling traffic disputes. the middle finger. here at "jesse watters primetime" we like to introduce our audience to different groups of people. you remember our friend who identified as a wolf. hello there. well, recently we discovered a group of people who identify as mermaids, which is interesting because johnny talked to some mermaids last month. >> what do you think about on a daily basis? >> mermaids, flowers.
4:48 pm
>> brush my teeth. >> what are the two biggest things you think about on daily basis? >> eating and getting to work. >> where are my keys and what am i making for dinner? >> what do you do for a living. >> i work at a vet. >> hair and wig stylist. obviously, right? >> but johnny's segment raised more questions than answers. so we invited an actual mermaid on the show to fill in the details. joining me now is mermaid shannon. all right, so, shannon, what attracts you to the mermaid lifestyle? >> well, you know, i actually make really good spendable money doing this. it's not really a lifestyle for me as much as it is a job. and i don't really think i'm a mermaid. >> jesse: so your job. >> i don't need like a special mermaid bathroom. >> jesse: that was my next question. >> i don't have a mermaid pronoun, yeah. >> jesse: so what is your
4:49 pm
mermaid profession entail and in tail. >> entail are we pun patrols here. okay. well, lately i have been focusing a lot on make a wish. i have done quite a few make a wish adventures with kids. they will fly me out or have me wherever they are at. we will surprise a child who wish to meet a mermaid or use me as a supplement to show them that they are going to the bahamas or something like that. it's a really great organization and i still stay in touch with most of my wish kids. that makes me feel like i'm doing something. >> jesse: that's very honorable. do you speak a mermaid language? how do you communicate? >> so. i'm proficient throwing fingers. i usually will tell people what i need to know or what they need to know if they are too close. if we work in renaissance fairs, some of those fairs require
4:50 pm
their cast members to speak in character. for example we have contracts with my team circus sirens we have contracts that different renaissance fairs one of the renaissance fairs you speak mer-mish. it sounds like a beeps and tweets and i only know bad words. >> jesse: well, without offending the audience could you give us some mermish? [laughter] >> well, basically we just lean over the tank and may eye contact and go woo woo woo. >> we almost had to bleep you. thank you for keeping it clean. shannon, thanks so much for swimming into our world here on "jesse watters primetime." looks like a very comfortable creek. behave yourself. >> it's nice. um-huh. you too. >> jesse: thank you. thank you very much. all right. we test new yorkers on their
4:51 pm
fourth of july knowledge next. ♪ >> what was the war in which we declared our independence? >>
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sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!)
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♪ ♪ >> yesterday was america's birthday, lots of celebrating. how much does the average new yorker know about our fight for independence? we sent johnny to queens to find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what does july 4th commemorate? >> the independence of our beautiful country. >> it allows me -- that's all that matters. >> never heard that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> who did we declare our
4:57 pm
independence from? >> great britain. [buzzer] >> america? >> i don't care. >> there was a king that we kicked to the curb. what was his name? >> king philip. king midas. [buzzer] [buzzer] king george. >> king taught. >> what year did we declare our independence? >> 1820. >> 1776? >> 1951? 1923? >> lower. >> is 19 okay?
4:58 pm
>> 19 and 18, not okay. >> 1725? 1753? 1789? 1775 >> 1776. >> there you go! >> this is the hardest thing i've ever had to do in my entire life. >> which is the war in which we declared our independence? >> come on. >> world war ii, world war iii? >> revolutionary? >> the russian war? >> the great war. >> america. >> the revolutionary war!
4:59 pm
>> what was the name of the general that won the revolutionary war? general washington? >> george washington. >> and i trues travolta. >> who was the first president of the united states? >> abe lincoln. >> george washington. >> who signed the declaration of independence? >> george bush. >> benjamin franklin. >> franklin roosevelt? >> alexander hamilton? >> barack obama. >> finish my lyrics. ♪♪ both say can you see ♪♪
5:00 pm
>> you are going to be on "jesse watters prime time." what do you want to tell everyone? >> happy fourth of july! >> general washington, that doesn't sound right. tucker is up next. i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to tucker carlson tonight. amazingly, it was -- welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there was a lot of gun violence. how did you miss that? probably distracted by all the "amazing" things joe biden is doing like making your travel more efficient and winning the war in ukraine. you probably weren't paying attention on june 25th with this -- bipartisan community


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