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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 5, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the next thing you know he calls the chicken police on me. chickens died every day. churches, popeyes and kentucky fried chicken. really. >> what foul news. that guy needs his own show. thanks for watching. remember it's america now and ever. "gutfeld!" in the gang take it all from here. here we go. yes, that is true. great to be back. happy tuesday! we are back after a long weekend, july 4th. hopefully the fireworks didn't freak out your pets or give joe biden flashbacks to the war of 1812. in either case, there is a lot
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of carpets that need cleaning today. weird. it is weird how even that holiday is considered divisive these days. and not even by britt's whose limey we kicked, right? i wasn't even born. i wasn't born and i take credit for it. but it's americans who don't like it. it's like only one half of the country gets to enjoy july 4th while the other half trashes, which is fine. if you want to make july for the right wing holiday, we will take it. add james bond birthday. by the way, happy 109. he was great and the joker. but it's not really the case that people hate july 4th. it's just the people with the pedestals who want you to feel ashamed of this country. if you are a fan of america for just one day, somehow that's a
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dog whistle. you are celebrating the birthday of hitler and not the cool one, steve. i thought it was funny. a guy named steve hitler. he didn't thank of changing his name. they are already mad that you are having fun. you throw-in family time, the old red, white and blue. it's more americano then the leftists can bear. all that's left is a t-shirt can and filled with apple pie that you can shoot into my face. here they come. barbra streisand, jessica chastain, bette midler, ron perlman, rob reiner. they all weighed in. and with michael moore, that is literal. he said that until roe vs. wade is reinstated and congress is 51% female, at any party or dinner he is invited to he will only talk about abortion, which is funny.
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he is invited to parties. that's like me saying until roe is reinstated i will not be sleeping with chimpanzees. i know, it's the opposite. until roe is reinstated i will not not be sleeping with chimpanzees. a little beastie alley humor doesn't go over well with this crew. it's the usual tripe. the paintings are meaningless then the instructions on a pop tart box. rob reiner gets his cardio from hyperventilating on twitter. he called july for the strange thing to be celebrating although not as strange as him celebrating a successful movie. something he hasn't done in decades. meanwhile the dying ember of waukomis espn featured an article called baseball, barbecue and losing freedom this fourth of july. that will ring a bell with joe spix back at home watching the game. espn is like watching msnbc with a few baseball scores thrown in. it's the only network that
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expects you to neil for the anthem before every game. then there is npr which skipped the declaration of independence of criticizing it. the npr abandoning the reading of the declaration is like caitlyn jenner abandoning men's suits. of course they did. finally are inspirational president weighed in. i wonder if liberty is under assault both here and abroad. >> liberty is under assault, both here and abroad. the recent days there's been reason to think this country is moving backwards. freedom is being reduced. that writes we assumed were protected are no longer. >> you know, that is a problem. i wonder who could be the president. i don't have to. it's you, you old coot to. it is pretty funny. talk about july 4th. just one day. it's not like a whole month
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called pride. i get it. 30 days for rupaul and one day for ben franklin. rupaul does have better legs, though. but that's not the problem. according to a gallup poll the number of people who are extremely proud of the country is dwindling. like joe biden's neurologist, we are seeing a decline. why shouldn't there be when you have media repeating the idea that you are evil? it's like the abusive parent telling his or her kid that he or she is worthless. guess what? it might rub off. now it's not just religion being sidelined. but patriotism too. they are not coming from some other country. they are born here. they are not immigrants. they are homegrown. why is that? the people coming here get it. they know what they are leaving. but the brats living here have no context. there is no comparison. now we mock the influences that would help them search our lives meaning. they turn into empty vessels. we remove god, family,
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patriotism and tradition the words that make up the tramp stamp. what do you replace that with? subservience without redemption. i don't own a bible or a flag work legally i'm not allowed to own scissors. but i understand the importance of both. you see it when both go missing. when they are gone, the alternative is pretty scary. the goal of the woke left is to replace religion with an ideology that demands the same obedience but without forgiveness of religion. it's insane. at least with religion you get to heaven. with woke izm you get on earth. now it's being done to patriotism. the love for your country is a shared experience among people of different pigments which runs counter to identity politics. identity politics believes in empathy among people who share these traits.
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you and i cannot see eye to eye if my eyes are blue and you are not. according to the laws of intersectional woke izm the only human who gets you has to be exactly like you. >> it is so important. you have to share this trauma was someone who truly understands. that's why i can only share these feelings with another anarchist polyamorous. thank you, doctor. i couldn't agree more, deborah. my last therapist drove a car that uses gasoline and she was happily married with two kids. how could someone like that ever help me? she would never get it, but i do. that will be $500. i am short. can i pay you in a couple weeks? >> the magic of television. it's no wonder patriotism which unites us over values and not race is a threat to the left.
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hence this two-step process. replace what unifies us with what divides us and erase redemption with historical guilt made as a permanent stain. could the death of patriotism followed the death of religion much like the death of a heavy drinker follows the death of a liberal? maybe. july 4th is now like a religious holiday. purely optional. it's not a patriotic birthday. it's a reminder of the original sin of repression. the sins of the father are now your own. there's nothing you can do. no confession, no forgiveness. there's apology after apology to the mob that see them as appetizers. and you are the meal. welcome to nights guest. she passed the bar and then went back to order margaritas. our cohost emily. this comedian will make you lol
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oh. you may remember her from such tv shows as cops and live tv. boston contributor cat dems. and a folding chair with his money clip. the world television champion. emily, with our countries birthday yesterday i trust you behave yourself but had a patriotic good time. >> i did. i celebrated. >> that's what one does on a birthday. you don't go to the birthday boy or girl and dress them down for their history, do you? >> birthdays are for popping out of cakes. >> i'd like to see benjamin franklin popout. >> i work here.
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>> i will weigh in on hollywood celebrities with all of those tweets. katy perry sent out one where she said women have less rights in this country banned firework citing her top 10 or number one song. the insularity of these celebrities is so to me. it is so nauseating. these comments are totally delusional. she is talking about voting rights. we have less voting rights? what about and in kenya were pregnant women cannot leave the house so they have no rights. or where women have to vote as their husbands do or risk death. and then when we talk about schoolgirls, which are the majority of her audience. the reason she is wealthy. in afghanistan under the taliban they cannot go to school past
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six grade. for her to not realize this is the greatest country and it's amazing to live in, to me, is one more indicator how insulated hollywood is and how out of touch their opinions are. she needs to learn. she should ask her husband who is from the uk where abortion rights are more restricted than here. >> who is she married to? orlando bloom. >> exactly. >> i'm glad we got there. how did you spend your fourth? we're you angry, defiant? did you sleep through it? >> i didn't hear anything about bette midler and all these celebrities saying we shouldn't celebrate. i was too busy actually celebrating the holiday. that's what you do. it's nice and i love the holiday. i think it's great. it's confusing. you don't have to listen to bette midler. she is not in charge of your freedom.
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>> that is true. she definitely didn't speak to my heart. that's for sure. i did bring up this replacing certain things that we really didn't appreciate. i didn't really think about what patriotism is or even what religion is until you suddenly see what the left wants to replace it with. what do you make of that hypothesis? >> i don't think most people think about that even now. all of these tweets are like now i am not celebrating the country on the 4th of july. how much were you thinking about the country before? you don't have to be all excited about the reason for the party to want to go to a party if it's going to be fun. i also didn't see any of this stuff. i was celebrating. they also think they are so noble and cool for all of this stuff, tweeting all this stuff. i will also say i am not that impressed by it. it didn't kiss me off.
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if you want to be miserable, go ahead. >> also katy perry thinks babies are fireworks. >> if i have to hear that song one more time, i will blow my head off. >> babies are human things, not fireworks. >> it would be fun if they were part fireworks. you could light them. >> you are not allowed to have children. >> what if we fused a firework on two babies? >> everything you are saying is a bad idea. >> hear me out. roman candles. >> you cannot even be an uncle. >> how did you spend your 4th of july? >> me and the brothers got together. we thought about a revolution. it was all the red tape and all the work. we said screw it and barbecued, lit up some fireworks and watched baseball. here's the thing. you want to fix it with celebrities.
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all you have to do is book them. give them a show on the 4th of july and they will love it again. that's all it is. every one of them, they weren't booked. the hell with the 4th of july. i'm pretty sure i had to sit through nine hours of katy perry's fireworks on the 4th of july everywhere. here's the deal. this is what's beautiful. you don't have to celebrate it and no one will come after you. espn, the brother that wrote this, was trashing america and talking about how unpatriotic of used to be. he forgot the game he went to in new york, the yankees and red sox. the reason why it is a day game is so we can have fireworks at night. he forgot it's a forgiving country. you can be accused of choking your wife in public and plead down, which means you did it, and still have your job and still be able to give an opinion nowhere else but in america can
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you do that. he seems to forget those things. give them all jobs on the 4th of july. no one is watching because we are playing outside. put them all on a show together. >> how smart is katy perry to name a song fireworks knowing that it will be played at least one day a year? my former band, before she lost the rights to the record company at amusement parks and stuff. that's why she is mad. >> i will release a record in which all of my songs are based on holidays. easter bunny, the eggs. >> it will be like christmas again. >> my next album will be called pride month. >> that is great. it should be two months. i will push for two months next year. up next he called out grocers and angered the woke stir.
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great job. his tweets angered the mob, now he's out of a job. i speak of a 24-year-old from michigan. aren't they all? james griffin green moved to the bronx for a job in nyc. already we know he has bad judgment. upon arrival he had a hard time shopping at local bodegas which is what people call all the small grocery stores in new york. these are places where you can buy and overpay for detergent, beer and cold medicine while a cat sleeps on a loaf of wonder bread. take it away, griffin. >> i just moved to new york and i'm trying to go grocery shopping. i've typed in grocery stores on apple maps.
8:21 pm
every one i go to i am walking to. they are like this. this is not a grocery store. i'm trying to get eggs and yogurt and cheese. look at this place. i've been to five of those now. i don't know what i'm going to do for dinner. where is kroger. whole foods? i am buying cereal and ramen for dinner. >> great. that clip made the rounds on twitter with people calling him a racist. some busybody losers tweeted his new place of work a software company called outreach demanding that he be fired, so they did. but now they say he was fired for sharing a confidential employment letter on social media. it's obvious the mob did him in by scaring his employer. we reached out to griff. that's what i call him because we are tight. we throw down. >> you just like saying griff.
8:22 pm
>> we throw down. he says he never meant to trash the neighborhood, adding, quote, through this experience i have learned that food deserts are a huge issue in some urban areas across the country. new york specifically. i had no idea this is what i was walking into. i was essentially a golden retriever that stuck his nose in a bees nest and got stung. that's a beautiful analogy. he also filmed himself buying food from bodegas and distributing it to the homeless, which is fine, i guess. when i do my charity work i never recorded. that is tacky. also they won't let me bring my camera into the chip and in dale's dressing room. jeff, hero oh? >> i have to pick him one of two? >> you can say was he right to be fired? it was his second day on the
8:23 pm
job. >> i am shocked that he found he worked in tech. i think we learned a lesson. he's a bro. that's why people are mad. i live in los angeles. i'm a bro. i'm a straight white guy. he's got to know that you've got to live. you have to lie every day if you want to keep working. you identify as a wolf. my moon is rising. me too. men can have babies. >> you live so you can work. there you go. he was a victim of his own naïveté. did you see any truth in there? >> everything he said was accurate. he just made these films close to his face for my taste. i just am shocked. you know how you knew he was
8:24 pm
from out of town? he paid for everything. >> do you all steal? >> you haven't been in new york in a while. >> if he would have robbed every place he would have went to, he would have been a hero. he didn't single anybody out and he gave food to the homeless. cancel this guy. i hope this inspires him. usually stories like this will turn into this guy opening grocery stores all over the east coast. he will look back on this day and laugh. >> i have a theory that bodegas are designed for people like you. somebody at 2:30 a.m. in the morning that is inside these narrow things thinking they will buy some hose. i will buy some jerky. i will buy some cat food. and then you just bring it up there like this. >> you know me so well.
8:25 pm
>> it is designed for people buying stuff while they are slightly inebriated and not looking at the prices. or even noticing that maybe it's stale until you open it up. >> it usually is. i feel like i do have to say this guy sucks. not because-he should have gotten fired. but look at him. there's so many shirtless gym mirror selfies of him that are floating around. he is like the kind of guy that is hitting on you at a bar and never understanding no matter how obvious you are being about not being into it. he gets excited when the chain smokers come on. >> you are describing your husband. >> i resembled these comments. >> i love my husband so much but he does have the musical taste of forever 21. it does create issue sometimes. we can talk about that later.
8:26 pm
>> you know what, emily? i was probably closer to what he was back then. if i had social media at that age, i never would have survived. i would not have a job. >> but the point is we didn't. thank god we don't have to talk about it. we were perfect. >> exactly. i did nothing bad. >> i feel like the company breathes a sigh of relief when they saw he had posted that offer letter. now we actually do have this legal hook. then they threw in the comment about how they are dedicated to inclusion and diversity just in case the mob comes after them too. there was a gofundme account set up for him. he has already raised over $4000 for himself. >> that's a lot of ax body spray. >> that's a lot of ramen. he was saying he was screwed because now he doesn't have a job and he is stuck here for 12
8:27 pm
months which is like a billion dollars. >> we could hire him here. >> no dzingel. >> we already have his twin, the guy in the back. andre. he is always the guy asking the monkey to have sex. the only time you hear his voice. >> he could be andre. they would compete for your affection. >> this is the last bastion of persecution. can we admit that it's not racist at least? he might be dumb, young and stupid and on the internet and definitely zoomed in. but we think bodegas are not grocery stores. that's not a racist statement. >> we will be right back. see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues.
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welcome back to rick newman two famous singers stand up to woke left-wingers. first, bette midler comments about women's rights and they have activists twisting in their tights. i don't know if that is true, but we will go with it. she tweeted yesterday, women of the world are being stripped of our rights, our bodies and our lives. they don't call us women anymore. they call us berthing people or menstruate errors and even people with the giant is. don't let them erase you. every human on earth owes you. i stopped listening after she said women of the world. i figured it was something about a new fabric softener. of course she is not saying who they are in the criticism. does she think it's the right who are calling women berthing people or the left? it's certainly not us. we have been sure of what a
8:33 pm
woman is for years. aside from one honest mistake years ago in tijuana. pedro had such soft hands. i still kept the postcards. broke back, indeed. of course on social media at the woke labeled her a trans hater for supporting the right for women to exist. macy gray recently went on piers morgan's show. if he asked her what a woman is, what would she say? >> if i asked you what a woman is, what would you say? i would say a human being with booms. we should start there. and of a giant. >> someone wants to be a biologist. it sounds about right to me. a human being with could be a man. have ever seen brian stelter on a treadmill? his cups runneth over.
8:34 pm
i wouldn't lie if i didn't say a couple times in equinox i got aroused. but those changing your parts make you a woman? >> i will say this and everyone will hate me. as a woman if you change your parts, it doesn't make you a woman. >> finally for once a woman making sense. >> yet another sexist thing. >> a lot of sexist in the office today. it's terrible. like they always say. if you need a sign, ask an early 2000 rnb sound. if it wasn't for nelly i would have no idea it was hot in here. that was written for me because i don't understand it. before either one of these has to apologize to insensitive marginalized groups. >> i am shocked we haven't seen it yet. i don't know. it's one of those things where i will call you whatever you want. i don't want to purposely make
8:35 pm
you feel dehumanized by not acknowledging your identity. but i also want to call myself what i want and referring to myself as a regina however feels dehumanizing to me. >> i agree with that. >> exactly. >> you know that bette midler conflated left and right. she thought it was the right wing coming up with these replacement words. it is her side. >> and with the restrictions. my favorite response to her tweet was someone who claimed to be a doctor. they said this is ridiculous. she said of course this is correct. the only times we use the gender inclusive language is really specific times like involving physicians and involving the medicinal field. really? and the state of california it's
8:36 pm
a misdemeanor to call someone by the wrong gender pronoun in certain industries including the nursing home industry for some random reason. there has actually been a complete accountability sent out there in the criminal justice system here. if you use the wrong pronoun. we know kids and teachers have been disciplined for doing that especially if there is some type of intentional component assigned to it. i also love that j.k. rowling liked her tweet. she is the harry potter empire. someone that is involved. >> she identifies as a woman. >> that goes back to j.k. rowling. she's been in the wilderness for three years. no one took her side. now women are speaking up. >> it is good they are speaking on it. it's ridiculous. macy grace is one of the nicest people you will meet. she truly is nice woman. for her to come and speak on it, that says something.
8:37 pm
no one group has been under more attack and had more things taken away from them then women. it's amazing to me. the whole point was for everyone to be on the same page. they don't want to stand next to women. they want to replace them and take everything it is that makes a woman a woman. bette midler was right about one thing. we owe it to women. none of us would be here without a woman. i'm never going to call someone a regina have her. but to call a woman these things are deliberately making things more complicated. in life you are supposed to simplify communication. the more you complicate things it's like deconstructionism that we had to learn. what do you think? >> i think that she also brought up a thing. she was talking about trans athletes. that is where this gap might get bridged. when you see that then you can't be all sweet and cute. it doesn't really matter.
8:38 pm
maybe there is a difference. anyone with a logical brain will go may be that giant swimmer is different than those other gals. >> when you look and see the difference, there is nothing. there are two sexes and you cannot. one against the other physically or psychologically because it's not fair. i don't even know what that meant. we could all be together. >> you are doing a great job. >> shut up. coming up a guy said roe v. wade caused him trauma and his job said bye-bye to him. pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys
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i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit he thought he would still get paid by skipping work over roe v. wade. an employee said was told to work somewhere else. universal music group.
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michael lopez was supposed to send reports about upcoming releases on the day roe v. wade was overturned, but he refused, sending this e-mail instead. quote, i didn't do them today. i am in morning due to the attack on people with uterus is in the u.s. people with uterus is funny. where do they keep them? and the glove compartment? let me get my uterus. it's going to happen. he claims that hr called him and fired him over zoom the following monday due to his failure to do his job. here's his reply on linkedin. quote, a brown, person terminated during pride month speaking in support of abortion rights. seems like that is exactly what america is all about right now. fortunately he did posted on linkedin were potential employers now know not to hire him either. i guess he learned there are limits to keeping your job, like not doing your job.
8:44 pm
the company said in a statement that it could not discuss an individual's personnel record but added that what was posted on social media was inaccurate. an inaccurate social post from a lefty activist? now i have heard anything. cheer up. as an incompetent lgbtq person of color you may not get another job sending useless e-mails but you could always be white house press secretary. this guy is not in the same realm as the bodega boy. >> he is worse. >> you should have been fired. >> he was in morning? >> you want to be in morning? you are that brittle? that's how brittle you are instead of showing up? i guess what kills me about this particular mindset of when
8:45 pm
things don't go my way, i take my ball and go home. i frown on anyone else who didn't agree with me. when you get hit in the mouth they fold up. it wasn't even directly. he was out of the game. he is in no way affected other than a sister or a friend. as a black man when someone says the oj thing. i feel so sorry for you. i don't know him so why are you talking to me? >> you don't need allies. >> no one wants an ally. if you identify as an ally, please stop. seen that the whole ally thing. you are an ally. that is basically saying i think i am better than you are. i am you. i know you struggle, brother. >> this is all based on the illusion that we have created that the workplace should care
8:46 pm
about your feelings in general. this person thought he could get away with it. >> he wanted to be on tv. he's just running amok. he even labeled himself and his groups and said. i didn't think you could mourn a current political event. >> introducing new stuff to talk about. >> it can be changed. can we have ceremonies and stuff? you have to take a week off because i am morning. >> click it or ticket. i love driving around with no seat belt. then i a week off. so sad about it. we have been tricked into thinking the workplace cares about us. the workplace is scared of lawyers. we are inundated with e-mails about charities, what is the running thing? >> treadmill?
8:47 pm
>> a 5k. >> i went running on a 401(k). we were tricked into thinking our workplace is a benevolent mother. it is not and never should be. you go into work and think about what you will eat and then go home. that's what i do. >> i don't think we have been tricked. we see it for exactly what it is. the younger generations and the woke left is how they want us to see it. the thing is the laws exist to account for you taking time off or whatever you need. that's called a personal day. you can take off and mourn roe v. wade if you want to. the time off is not for your mourning. it's for whatever you want. that's why people who advocate for random specific things for a specific pet care or whatever, that falls under your personal days off. whatever you want to. whether it's federal or state.
8:48 pm
i'm sure he had limitless days. in edition to that quote he said where i guess this is the kind of company that finds a trans member. he put why he was fired. i am paraphrasing. not doing my job, disrupting the day of 275 people and exercising poor judgment. and he spell judgment wrong. that is called at will employment and that is why you were terminated. >> he is not even ava giant however either. he doesn't have one because he is unemployed. >> last word to you. any special days based on weird morning like a band breaks up? >> if i do i will let you know ahead of time. i don't think i have ever called in sad to work. he would never see me. it's all right. work is a great distraction when you are sad.
8:49 pm
it's the way he said they fired me. he said the company e-mail, now we know how the feel about people who speak out. they feel about people who work. you are not a rebel. he was hung over. >> i'm sure this wasn't the first time he was in mourning. pretty sure he mourned a lot in february. it is black history month and i am in mourning. they finally said you are fired. >> he needs the morning after pill. >> he never will. >> companies have never, even if they say they are, they are pretending. here at taco bell we stand with the me too movement. they don't care. they protect themselves from litigation. up next, the restaurant
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what is your favorite fast food? >> any of them. i have to say that as a californian. you know what blew my mind? they have 170,000 employees. that's an army. that's amazing. >> they could take over the world. a little chicken army with feathers. that's a weird thing. >> i believe fast food is the best food in the world. it has to taste better than everything else to get you hooked. don't you think so? >> i like it. how does that win best restaurant? i don't want to get controversial. voter fraud is what i think. >> do want to explain? should we look at the machines? >> i could thank of 100 restaurants better than chick-fil-a. i didn't get to vote. >> but not fast food restaurants. what is your favorite? >> i get a lot of food from amazon.
8:55 pm
>> i like the bodega boy. it's just serial. >> what is your favorite fast food? >> probably phat burger if i had to pick one. i actually hate chick-fil-a. i played arena football in charleston and i had the only races checker at a chick-fil-a. i will never be back. i have never been back, but my kids love it. i will be at the drive through. i said never ever. i don't care how good it smells. but i am not brittle. i don't have to protested. i just raise my children to hate chicken. i don't pull the cows off. i let them go. i am just not going. >> you didn't make a sign? >> mock no. >> do you believe this is fair? >> no. i love fast food. i could never pick one. i love burger king, mcdonald's, taco bell.
8:56 pm
>> you are like a 12-year-old boy. >> in every single way. except the one. >> don't go away. we will be right back.
8:57 pm
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>> greg: we are out of time. next to emily, kat timpf, tyrus, studio audience, "fox news @ night" is next! ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in new york. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, new details about that deadly shooting at the fourth of july shooting parade in highland park, illinois, seven people killed, dozens of others wounded. charges now filed against the accused shooter and we will tell you what his parents are saying tonight. plus, how the president is trying to shift the blame for gas prices. it was vladimir putin at big oil,


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