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tv   America Reports  FOX News  July 6, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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heritage are being abused in this way. we should let these people remain stuck to the frame and put a little stanchion around them and say this is an exhibit of people who get arrested for doing stupid protests, leave them there forever. >> we ran the gamut. thanks for joining us this hour. "america reports" now. >> sandra: the suspect accused of murdering seven people and injuring dozens more appearing in court earlier this morning where he was ordered to be held without bond. prosecutors say murder charges are the first of many that will be filed against the alleged gunman. >> police have yet to give a motive and say another attack may have been in the works in a nearby town north of chicago. former nypd lieutenant with more on the investigation coming up with us a bit later this hour. >> sandra: as we anticipate that, fox news alert, police in richmond, virginia say they were able to prevent a mass shooting
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there on the 4th of july as well. hello and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith. and -- look who is here. >> nice to see you. >> john has some time off, i'm bill hemmer. this is "america reports" and good afternoon to you at home. we expect police to provide new details on the alleged plot very soon. richmond about two hours south of washington, d.c. >> sandra: we find our own mike emmanuel, live with us. >> we know in about an hour richmond police chief smith is going to brief reporters here in richmond on a plot, a tip they received related to a proposed mass shooting event in richmond on the 4th of july. we know arrests were made, weapons were seized, and beyond that law enforcement has been pretty tight lipped at this point. there was some violence over the holiday weekend in richmond, virginia as there was in many american cities, but it sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse. plans for a mass casualty attack
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around our national holiday and at this point it sounds like a good news story but wait more details from the police chief when he briefs reporters in an hour. they have been very tight lipped, perhaps wanting the chief to make all the news and make the announcement, but we anticipate getting a whole lot more details in about an hour or so. sandra, bill. >> sandra: mike, thank you. keep us posted. >> bill: president biden on his way to cleveland, ohio to tout his administration work on the economy despite the struggle that many americans are feeling. this is issue number one for so many. biden's trip comes as we have new economic data showing 11.3 million job openings in may, even though 5.7 million are still looking for one. figure that out. critics say the tight labor market is the result of extra covid relief money overstimulating the economy and driving up inflation. all this as a new wall street
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journal report shows red state economies are recovering more quickly after the pandemic than left leaning ones. fox team coverage starts now, karl rove with analysis. but first, peter doocy with the north lawn. good afternoon. >> peter: 11.3 million job openings good, more than pre-pandemic but almost 6 million people looking for jobs means that there are about two openings for every one job seeker. that's not as good, it is near a historic high, and there is a report that the grass is apparently greener in states that are redder, the wall street journal has an item, says since february 2020, the month before the pandemic began, the share of all u.s. jobs located in red states has grown by more than half a percentage point, according to labor department data by the brookings institution think tank.
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red states, added 341,000 jobs, blue states were short 1.3 million jobs as of may. and those blue states are big enough to potentially drag the whole economy down. >> we are in a recession right now, it's virtually certain. if you look at the personal consumption data that came out last week, they, not only bad real consumption growth for last month, but also they revised downward a lot the numbers from before. >> peter: the white house has their own numbers and argues things are not as bad as some pessimistic economyist have you think. >> do i believe we are in recession, no. consumer spending is strong, above pre-pandemic, and household balance sheets remain strong. >> peter: a few minutes ago we heard from a white house official arguing there is a stat
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showing that things are not so bad in the economy right now, and that is the relatively low number of layoffs occurring. bill. >> bill: thank you, peter, from the white house. >> sandra: karl rove, former deputy white house chief of staff and fox news contributor. i guess the guessing game will continue, hemmer is asking me next to us. where do you stand on that, it's anybody's guess. a lot of economists believe we have entered recession, if we haven't, we are on the verge of entering one. when you look around the country, no doubt and now multiple reports and analysis of this, record states are winning the post-pandemic economy. they are getting more people back to work, including your great state of texas, karl. >> absolutely, not only because red states tend to be low tax states and pro business states, but also because they tend to be
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states that came out of the pandemic earlier with fewer restraints, for example, kids going back to actual classrooms. the whole range of quality of life is drawing people away from the coast and to states like florida and texas and the center of the country in part because people want to have a better quality of life and better prosperity. >> sandra: when it comes to the job openings, it is something. two open jobs now for every one job seeker in this country. and we all wonder why the number one thing we hear from restauranteurs, restaurant owners, it's tough to find workers and keep them in their jobs. you look at the airplane travel chaos, it's tough to staff those airlines. i mean, this is a problem that we are seeing continue post-pandemic, karl, getting people back to work. the numbers still show record high number of people just not
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going back to work. >> yeah, we have fewer people working in america today than we had at the beginning of this, in march of 2020. think about that, our country has continued to grow, both by people having babies and people getting older and people coming to this country as legal immigrants and yet we have fewer people working today than we had over two years ago. and that speaks to something that's fundamentally going on in our society. a lot of people are making a decision, you know what, i'm not going to go back to work, i'm going to -- maybe i can depend on government assistance for a while or made a permanent decision to withdraw from the workforce and try and organize my life in a different way. so, lots of things are going on here. the government has create add problem in this by spending too much money on covid relief aid, and 1.9 trillion and then another $900 billion. these two things have ended up putting way too much money into
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the system and inflation is too much money chasing too few goods and a lot of people are taking that assistance, that's one of the reasons we have had record amounts of savings is because the government has been sending out checks so what are we doing now? go back to the original subject, we are having blue states like california say let's send out more money to more people. it just does not make sense. >> sandra: it's hard to believe, and since february 2020, red states up 341,000, blue states down 1.3 million jobs, that's according to the brookings institute. meanwhile, there seems to be growing desperation on the part of democrats, even some in the party now growing increasingly worried about this president rising to the task. it's going to take some massive policy change to right this ship. major economic problems, and now the d.o.j. saying the g.o.p.
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back law turns back the clock, suing arizona now over proof of citizenship voter law. this is an act on the part of biden administration karl in a moment where 2024 is looking pretty dismal for this president. >> yeah, sort of odd. this is sort of complicated. it's a three whiteboard question. federal law prohibits noncitizens from voting in the election. noncitizens cannot vote in state and local elections in arizona, two laws on the books for a long time in the state of arizona and nationally. so, what happens? this is very complicated. in 2002 we passed a bill called helping america vote act, passes the senate, 92-2, passes house with 357 out of 435 votes and
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the object is to avoid a repeat of the 2000 fiasco in florida, sets up a thing called the e.a.c., election assistant commission. that provides a national voter registration form that's uniform across the country that allows people to fill out that federal form and get registered in their state. now, the question is, can the supreme court -- the supreme court had a case in 2013 called arizona intertribal, in which the question was can the e.a.c. decide what's on the national form, that does not ask for proof of citizenship and the supreme court in that case said the e.a.c. has the authority under law to design the form and if it doesn't want to put it on there, it's up to the e.a.c. you about it did not do anything about the federal law that said you can't vote in a federal race if you are not a u.s. citizen. what does the arizona law say?
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it's pretty simple. if you use the national form and cannot provide proof of citizenship, then the so-called federal only voters, about 25,000 of them in the state, 4.3 million people have used the federal form, federal only voters cannot vote by mail because we need to see identification from you and you can't vote for president, which is what the court uphold the right of arizona to do. so, why the d.o.j. is joining with two liberal groups and shortly the democratic national committee and explicitly attacking a law that upholds the concept in a federal statute which is if you are not a u.s. citizen you shouldn't vote in federal races is beyond me, except you put it right, it's partisanship, it's politics and desperation. >> sandra: and seeing a lot more of that. arizona, georgia, and texas that are being sued by the d.o.j. over voting laws. nobody says it like you, karl. thank you for the whiteboard as well. good to have you here. >> bill: it was a three
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whiteboard day, karl. only the first week of july. >> sandra: and by the way thshgs is happening as the new a.p. analysis that you have been covering as well on voter registration, more than a million, put it up on the screen, more than a million voters in 43 states have switched to the republican party in the last years while 630,000 became democrats, that was the latest from the a.p. >> bill: doing it because they want an issue, putting the focus on georgia and arizona will be next on that. i thought we had him, but karl, three boards in one day, i mean this is bonus. 12 minutes past. president biden repeatedly claiming he's never talked to his son about the dealings. a leaked voice mail, we'll talk to katie pavlich. >> sandra: great question in the briefing room yesterday. and the suspect in the highland
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>> sandra: brand-new information and details revealed on the spent in the july 4th parade shooting making his first court appearance. he made a confession and nearly opened fire on a second event hours later, more than 100 miles away. retired nypd lieutenant joining us in a moment on that. but first, an update in highland
10:18 am
park where the community is obviously still grieving and reeling from the losses. >> yes, sandra, and we have learned that the suspect, the 21-year-old suspect spoke with police after he was taken into custody voluntarily telling them admitting to what he had done. as for why, that is still not clear, but investigators now say that after the shooting at the 4th of july parade in highland park, the 21-year-old drove more than 100 miles away to madison, wisconsin and almost carried out a second attack at another celebration. >> it appears when he drove to madison he was driving around. however, he did see a celebration occurring in madison and he seriously contemplated using the firearm in his vehicle to commit another shooting. i cannot speak to why he decided to come back from madison. there are indications that he didn't put enough planning forward to commit another attack. >> at the time the accused
10:19 am
gunman had a second high powered rifle with him, along with around 60 rounds of ammo. it's not clear why he went to madison before returning to highland park where he was taken into custody but he did dump his cell phone up there and the fbi is helping to process that evidence for any more information. the 21-year-old suspect is facing seven counts of first-degree murder a dozens of additional charges will be filed soon as well. at his first court appearance, the judge denied him bail and his next hearing will be later this month. sandra. >> sandra: keep us posted, thank you. >> bill: with us right now, joe, good afternoon. everybody failed here, would you agree? >> parents, family. >> absolutely on that level. police, the system for the police failed, i mean, he should have been on the radar once he had had the domestic combined with the attempted suicide for himself, i mean -- he should
10:20 am
have been put on the radar for that. >> bill: think about what we can do better now, the national instant criminal background system. all 50 states, right, pretty much participate to one degree or another. there is a theory that the state of illinois, which ranks right around just the average frame for the system, which means they are not doing great. isn't it possible that when he went for his weapon that they never put the information in the system in the first place? >> if this is the qualifying information to go on there, sure. i mean, you are talking about a local level for a small police department as opposed to larger police departments, he should have been put in the system once they responded to the two incidents. >> here is the question. if he's not in the system, what could happen, joe? >> we saw what could happen. he fell through the cracks, and it needs to tighten up, they need to share -- every police
10:21 am
department should have a button they can push and say this guy is, or this lady is dangerous, and push that button and it goes all over on the national level, so it's, they do the same thing to police officers when they don't want them to cross country lines or state lines to become a police officer if he's a problem in one state. i'm sure they can do it with this type of situation with the firearms. >> sandra: do you think we are going to learn a motive? >> he's been speaking. i hope he does come about and say more things to them. i think when they pull apart the social media, see the same thing repeated over and over again. >> sandra: we have already seen a lot of it. >> exactly. and they plan them, and i think social media has to step up to the plate and open those doors for law enforcement that they don't open up to anybody else. law enforcement should be the first people that they respond to with these and say listen, we have a logo rhythm over here, a little off with this, need to report it to you but they don't. >> bill: last hour about the
10:22 am
confession of sorts. >> well, his statement was voluntarily, he was questioned in the highland park police department, he was read his miranda warnings offered attorneys, etc. he went into details about what he had done, admitted to what he had done. >> bill: what do you make of that? >> this is a sick individual. his moment to brag about it, to show this is the way he planned things, he's in control of that right now and that's part of the plan. and the fact he wanted to do something would have furthered the plan. so the individual would have been on the radar just as many others should have been, we need to identify a way to put them on faster, as they are growing up, not have the ten years in between when you find out they are doing crazy things at the age of 8, 10, 11. >> bill: you can get protection from the people you live with. >> the parents knew this, the parents should have been the first ones say no way should
10:23 am
johnny have a gun. >> sandra: we are finding out the father helped him buy the gun, knew about the weapons seized beforehand, at what point do you look at the parents, not a child anymore, 21, going on 22 years old, but they had to have seen a lot. >> the parents know about this, they live with him and the parents could be average john and jane doe but protect him to the umpteenth degree. they have to be held liable as well. but the horse is already out of the gate and it's too late for this incident. but other incidents we could, you know, protect other people from going through the same thing with this. i mean, just take the handcuffs off of everybody that needs to get the information and let them get the information. >> bill: one more question on that, it's a great question, too. in your experience, how often do you find the situation where the family will offer protection for
10:24 am
other family members? >> i've seen it during my career, how they would go to the extremes to protect the murderer, get out of the country, out of the state, but i've never seen it to this degree from what we see with florida, with the gabby killing over there, and it's ridiculous how the parents are going above and beyond where they should be saying -- >> sandra: talking about brian lawndrie's parents. >> and closed door, what goes on in the room stays in the am roo, enough. you should know what your child is doing and taking action against that. nice to see you. >> sandra: thank you, joe. the president still getting slammed for his tweet demanding gas stations are responsible for the high price of fuel and they should lower their costs, even though they are not the ones who set the prices. how will this all work out for him and fellow democrats saying
10:25 am
this president needs to do more? oil trader phil flynn will join us on that. >> bill: and southern border, massive numbers of migrants have crossed today alone. we show you those pictures as it pushes several texas counties to announce a series of emergency declarations asking governor greg abbott to help. live on the border coming up next. >> we are finding ourselves inundated with cartel activity, and depriving our land owners to freely use their land.
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10:30 am
us as the workers, when it's the big man making the decisions. >> sandra: after weeks pointing the finger at vladimir putin, now it's the gas station owners bearing the brunt of biden's blame game. going on defense and calling everyone in the oil business to do their part in lowering gas prices. >> everyone along the production chain line needs to make sure they are doing what is possible. their part in bringing down the costs for the american people. >> sandra: phil flynn, the futures group senior analyst and fox business contributor. i thought of you yesterday when we heard that sound bite in the briefing room, what would phil flynn say to that? >> the u.s. energy industry is doing their part, how about the biden administration doing their part in getting out of the way, you know, stream lining regulations, provide some
10:31 am
clarity to the u.s. oil and gas industry that they want to work with them for a long-term sustainable future. and until that happens we are going to hear rhetoric like this out of the white house. >> sandra: and the gas station owners are saying whoa, hold on. we are trying to manage our risk and extremely volatile energy market, a huge task of monitoring oil prices, watching the oil make it to the refine -- refineries operating at capacity, and then turning it over to the stations and squeeze whatever profit they can out of an ever changing environment. but the president is going after those gas station owners, more than 60% of them as you always tell us, phil, are mom and pop operated. these not the big oil companies operating the gas stations they are struggling and now they're
10:32 am
getting the blame. >> you are right. many cases, sandra, as you know, when prices go up dramatically, the station owners take the hit. they are not able to pass on all the costs and they have to make up for it in selling other things in the store, whether it be candy bars or frisbees or whatever the heck they can sell in there, and at the end of the day when the consumers that fill up their gasoline tank get mad at the gas station owners and they don't have the extra money in their pocket, their margins are hurt. so, i think the president is a big bully picking up, picking on the little retail outlets, you know, casting aspersions on them, i would once want to hear the administration take some responsibility for what's going on and work with the companies and the gas station owners as opposed to working against them. >> sandra: always say, if there is any evidence of any gas station owner in the country
10:33 am
actually price gouging customers, that's illegal activity and provide the evidence that's happening, turn it over to authorities and arrest them. that's unlawful. but i have not seen you make the case, we have not seen any of that evidence brought forward so meanwhile it's accusations. and meanwhile -- this is pete buttigieg on with our friend neil yesterday. listen. >> the one group of people we see who are happy about what's happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners. we have seen them out there saying you know, they are not going to increase production, and why would they when they are this profitable. why the president has proposed a use it or lose it policy. >> sandra: what do you take away from that, phil? >> you know, i mean -- you know, how does -- how does pete buttigieg know how happy the u.s. oil and gas industry. the industry officials that i've talked to are not very happy with the current environment that they have to work with. yes, they have to return money
10:34 am
back to their shareholders, that's part of what's keeping them in business. let me ask you this. was pete buttigieg happy when the oil companies were losing $20 million a year ago or massive losses that they have to make back? was pete buttigieg happy, the answer he probably was. listen, this is an administration that has a total dislike for u.s. oil and gas. they prefer to deal with saudi arabia, iran, anybody else but the u.s. oil and gas worker and this is very, very clear. but you know, typical page from the politicians. put in regulations that cause prices to go up, blame the private sector for those regulations, you know, this is the classic playbook. we have seen it time and time again in every socialist society in the world, that's what they do, and biden administration is following the same path. >> president biden had the oil
10:35 am
executives at the white house early last week, did not meet face-to-face with them, did not join them in the room but had green energy executives later in the day and met with them. it's hard to believe at some points but just want the prices to come down, we hope they do, and i'll use this as an opportunity to say grover norquist is going to join us and ask him about the f.p.r., we have talked about the release of the reserves that now we are learning a lot of those barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserves are getting sent overseas. we will ask him about that. thank you. >> bill: and in the meantime, the border. several counties in texas now announcing a series of emergency declarations arguing the biden administration has failed to do enough to protect their communities, protect them from the influx of migrants and they are left with the cost and the burden. and bill caught some images
10:36 am
today live in eagle pass in texas with more. what did you see there? hello. >> bill: summer heat is not slowing anything down. activity in eagle pass exploded. absolutely enormous group cross illegally. the drone team shot this about an hour ago in eagle pass. a single massive group of nearly 500 migrants who crossed illegally here in eagle pass. one of the biggest, if not the biggest we have witnessed during the coverage of the border crisis here in texas. agents telling us the group was predominantly venezuelan and cubans, and single adults and family units, and marched in a single-family line, agents are overwhelmed and sucking up resources, and not allowing them to be other places on the border. you can get more of a
10:37 am
perspective how big the group was, and more of the same for the del rio sector. over the holiday weekend alone, border patrol had more than nearly 5,000 illegal crossings, that includes more than 1800 just on the 4th of july. del rio sector is a smaller sector, it really, really puts a lot of pressure on border agents. and show you this wild pursuit out of the rio grande valley, troopers were chasing a human smuggler, 20 illegal immigrants, they all bail out and start running. shocking to see how many people he was able to fit into the vehicle, they go running all over the place, many jump into the river and swim back to mexico. texas d.p.s. and border patrol only caught two of those people. the rest made it back to mexico. we had a chance to catch up with
10:38 am
congressman chip roy, he says texas is just fed up with the biden administration border policies, and that texas shouldn't have to be dealing with the brunt of those policies. take a listen. >> why sh you had the people of texas have to find dead bodies on their ranches, we are the ones and the county attorneys figuring out how to we pay for it, and how to live while ranches are getting overrun and complete violation of everything we stand for. we should be the country that export the rule of law, not importing lawlessness and fentanyl. >> bill: and border patrol here in del rio sector report over the holiday weekend, nearly 1,000 confirmed got-aways, people they say on cameras or sensors but never had a chance to catch. this as the white house continues to insist that the border down here is closed. back to you. >> bill: another day. bill, thanks, eagle pass, texas. thank you, bill. >> sandra: california governor gavin newsom banned officials to
10:39 am
go to montana over laws over lgbtq community. guess where he is vacationing? he not for thee. >> bill: half of america's murder cases are unsolved due to a shortage in police officers. this is the nypd loses the most officer in a single month in at least a decade, not good for this town. the impact that has on public safety when we continue. >> this national problem is played out on our streets. we are making the right adjustments, moving in the right direction, and we are going to win this battle.
10:40 am
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>> sandra: many american cities are fighting rising crime rates and harder to do that with fewer police. a new report now shows only 54% of murder cases were solved in the year 2020. a problem that is partially traced to a severe lack of officer. how does that rate compare to previous years? >> that clearance rate of 54%, lowest on record since they started tracking the data. all coming from the murder accountability, they are showing that 2020 drop in clearance
10:45 am
rate, which is when a murder is solved, it was the largest single year drop since the fbi began tracking data in 1965. and, during the last seven months in 2020, the majority of murders went unsolved. a decrease in funding and resources are driving this problem. >> the financing of law enforcement is the critical factor in the plummeting rate at which we clear homicides. put simply, this is a resource issue. local police lack necessary person power, they lack necessary trained detectives, they lack forensic technicians who can go to the crime scenes, they lack laboratory capacity, they lack everything. >> without that support, officers are also leaving the job at alarming numbers. here in new york city in the first half of 2022, 614 officers resigned. that's not people retiring,
10:46 am
that's people leaving the force. already surpasses all of the resignations for 2020, which was 553, and we are on pace to pass 2021, 1,032 resignations. less people to work on existing cases, and unfortunately the murder rate is also increasing. in 2019, 15,563 murders in 2020, 20,221. and of those tens of thousands of people killed, only 54 of the cases had their cases lead to an arrest. so essentially what you are told in america, is that if you have a homicide in your family, or you know someone is the result of a homicide, you have essentially a coin flip as to whether or not that case will be solved unless something changes. sandra. >> sandra: madison alworth on a reality that is sad. >> bill: sad. >> sandra: thank you, madison. americans continue to struggle
10:47 am
with sky high gas prices, a new report says millions of barrels of u.s. emergency reserves are heading overseas? is that going to drive down costs here at home? all right, americans for tax reform president grover norquist is here. we will ask him. >> bill: leaked voice mail actually president biden talking about oversea business dealings with his son hunter. he has repeatedly denied talking to him about that. why is the white house -- >> are you disputing the president's voice is on the voice mail? >> i'm not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop. >> peter, i refer you to his son's representative. ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. age is just a number.
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>> not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. i am not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop. >> bill: so, that was yesterday. the white house dodging peter doocy's questions over a leaked 2018 voice mail. on that voice mail alleging that president biden knew about his son hunter's business deals with a chinese energy company. message reportedly referencing a "new york times" article on
10:52 am
hunter meeting with the chairman of that energy company and you can listen to that now. >> it's 8:15, on wednesday night, a chance, give me a call. nothing urgent. just want to talk to you. i saw the article online, printed -- clear. >> i want to bringing katie pavlich, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon, bill. >> bill: i guess the white house can refuse to answer these questions so long as there is no one under oath. and until that day happens, i think you are going to get the reaction we got yesterday to peter's questions, despite his best efforts. >> katie: yeah, strategy from president biden when he was on the campaign trail and peter doocy asked if he had been in
10:53 am
contact with the business dealings and the candidate said i have never spoken to him about that. but the evidence piles. we had the voice mail, business partners visited him at the white house when he was vice president, we have photos of him golfing with some of the members of the barisma board, hunter biden was paid tens of thousands of dollars each month to sit on that foreign board and two things important and relevant. the first, the president said he never had a conversation about these business dealings. it's very clear and obvious that was not true and very dishonest when he says and continues to say that. the second thing is, it's not necessarily about hunter biden, it's about joe biden and the conflict of interest he may have when it comes to policy with the foreign governments. russia, ukraine or china, when it comes to sanctions, human rights, and personal benefits from these business dealings. and so there's a mountain of evidence to show the president
10:54 am
knew not just about the deals, but was maybe involved in profiting from them, but also managing the fallout as we just heard in that voice mail about the media calling and having questions about what was going on. >> bill: i want to make one more point and ask you about, you reference the question on the trail, i think it was iowa, it was the summer of 2019, and the exchange went like this. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> bill: here is the catch in all of this, there's a federal grand jury we believe is still seated and pouring over evidence or information we believe in wilmington, delaware, and when that grand jury speaks we could know a lot. >> yeah, and the white house continues to say reporters need to refer to hunter biden's personal representative to get information about the laptop or
10:55 am
the contents of the laptop. the white house has been helping to manage hunter biden's art career. used taxpayer dollars to make sure in their words there is no conflicts when it comes to ethical concerns expressed even with democrats with the deals, so they continue to say it's a separate issue, the department of justice is handling it through this investigation, but they are using taxpayer resources to help manage hunter biden's career and yet they won't give the american people answers when it comes to the president's voice on a voice mail to his son about these dealings, and president biden set his own standard. he is the one who said i never spoke about it, and people have a right to know when there are dozens of examples of him directly involved and speaking to his son about the issues when there is foreign policy decisions that have to be made based on a lot of the conflicts of interest. they deserve to have some answers about what he knew when he knew it and how he may have
10:56 am
benefitted from the deals. >> bill: at least one other reporter tried to help peter out. that's as far as it went now. katie, thanks. >> sandra: new at 2:00, police are expected to reveal details what they say would have been another mass shooting on july 4th. unlike highland park, multiple potential attackers in this plot. breaking details ahead. president biden hitting a milestone. lowest level since 1975. plus, grover norquist, and a whole lot more coming up in a brand-new hour. best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses.
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11:00 am
>> sandra: montana for me. california governor newsom branded as bigoted, banning state workers from going there on taxpayer funds but turns out governor newsom has no problem soaking up big sky country on
11:01 am
his own dime. and that's our top of the 2:00 hour on the east coast here. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into hour two. i'm sandra smith, wonderful to have you here. >> bill: i'm in for john roberts, bill hemmer. happy to see you at home, or your mobile device. >> sandra: or the beach. >> bill: one of the top concerns for americans, the struggling economy. >> sandra: you are looking live at cleveland, ohio where president biden has just landed. he is there as we are told by the white house to push his successes on the american economy, and retirement accounts. you may not want to check your retirement account today, many have seen their savings go down significantly or disappear all together under sky high inflation and flailing and falling markets.
11:02 am
>> bill: it is clear that this issue is number one across the board whether you look at this poll. inflation, high prices, gas prices, the economy, a lot of instability out there, a lot of people thought the abortion issue would rise in prominence, but yet to get into double digits. all the polling we have seen, some of the polling at the end last week, abortion was in the single digits. it is the economy, it is inflation, where you see it around 30, 31%, you have increasing food costs, surging crime and civil unrest below that and polling like this. here we go. 23% of americans have confidence in the presidency, which is a new all time low, according to gallup. and reports that even democrats are turning on the president,
11:03 am
edward lawrence to take us through the beginning of this hour. >> the president is going to tell us that he's guiding a wonderful, great economy, tout the low unemployment rate. what we will not hear, anything about a possible recession. the atlanta fed g.d.p. now tracker estimates the second quarter g.d.p., pointing possibly to a recession. i asked about that at the white house. here is the answer. >> so first we believe we are in recession, no, that's my answer to you on that. we held steady to 3.6 of unemployment rate, consumer spending remains strong and above pre-pandemic trends. business and investment remain strong and household balance sheets remain strong. so we do not believe we are in a recession. >> however, 88% of americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction. the top three concerns as bill you mentioned, inflation, gas prices, economy, gun ownership,
11:04 am
above healthcare, above crime. chief economist says he's seeing economists pivot because of inflation. >> i have to say it's kind of amazing. i'm reading progressive economists not long ago are saying we have to have helicopter money, the fed printing money and give it to everyone, are suddenly saying oops, maybe we did too much and need to slow down. >> there's no pivot here at the white house. the president will be again highlighting more spending, this time to prop up and bail out pensions for unions to 2051 that were close to failing. >> edward lawrence, we know where he's pitching the economy. you have to sell something, right? thank you for that from the north lawn. >> sandra: or defend something. mark thiessen, great to see you here today. your reaction on that, the now poll showing confidence in the presidency dropping to a
11:05 am
multi-decade low, 23%, what does this tell you, mark? >> it's hard to have confidence in the presidency when you have the worst inflation in four decades, the worst crime wave since the 1990s, worst border crisis in history, highest gas prices in history, not a lot to have confidence in and the progressives are saying to biden, talk more about abortion, more about guns, climate. as bill pointed out there, the poll, 5% of americans say abortion is their most important issue and i bet half of them are pro life, right? you've got 3% who say guns are the most important, a bunch of them are first amendment. and add up the inflation, economy, paying my bills, gas prices, it's 63%. so this shows why the progressives don't get why joe
11:06 am
biden is in the hole, because they are advising him to do the wrong thing. >> sandra: 88% of the country say the nation is moving in the wrong direction, the president says he loves to talk kitchen table issues but his policies are hurting the most, the very people he says he is setting out to help. here is some of the headlines that show just how desperate, not just the white house, but democrats are now getting in the wake of this presidency going so wrong. this is a cnn headline, after a string of supreme court setbacks, democrats wonder whether biden white house is capable of urgency moment demand. the hill frustrated democrats expressed alarm over biden's powerlessness, and the washington post as some democrats grow impatient with biden, alternative voices emerge, more signs out there that democrats are increasingly frustrated with this presidency and growing more and more desperate, you can make the
11:07 am
case. >> what are they frustrated with? his inability to pass build back better, another $3.5 trillion. what caused the inflation bringing down his popularity? $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. we -- the government poured so much money into people's pockets, the helicopter money, they were talking about it in the segment before this, and people, as a result in demand has increased, supply cannot keep up, and as a result inflation and shortages. so you know, the first rule of holes is, when you are in a hole, stop digging. so because you spend too much, don't spend more money but they are trying to convince joe manchin to pass another trillion in spending before they lose control of congress. so they are frustrated but frustrated for the wrong reasons, not reassessing the policies and the damage they are doing and why biden's approval is collapsing. >> sandra: the blame game when it comes to food and fuel prices and especially gas prices.
11:08 am
you've got a white house that would not deny the fact it was not transitory, that the white house said the prices would eventually just fix themselves, that did not happen, then vladimir putin, now it's the oil executives, that they are pointing fingers at. meanwhile, just said on board air force one, a quick gaggle with the white house press secretary, karine jean-pierre, play this out for viewers, listen. >> pritzker and newsom have emerged with guns and loudest and, you know, most potent voices of the democratic party at this point. where is the president? >> the president has been also very loud and also very focused on those two issues. when it comes to gun reform, the president led on that. one of the reasons that he was able to sign a bipartisan gun reform bill right before he left for g7 and nato was because of
11:09 am
his leadership. >> sandra: pritzker of illinois saying get loud, fight harder and a reporter on board air force one saying where is the president? >> yeah, you know, the funny thing is, senator chris murphy, when he was negotiating the bill with the republicans, he told the white house to stay out of it, so it was not joe biden's leadership that got the gun compromise done, it was the fact the democrats told him just stay out of it, you will only ruin it, and again, they are caught in a, between a rock and a hard place. the reason they are unpopular, inflation and gas prices and the serial worsts they have unleashed on the border and crime and the rest of it, the reason their base is -- we have this enthusiasm gap going into the election, because their base did not do all the left wing stuff he promised to do, and instead of uniting the country
11:10 am
he was going to try to be a second f.d.r. they need to energize the base but the moderates and independents are angry because of the stuff they didn't do. nothing they can do short of changing their policy to fix it. >> sandra: the american people are living through all of this, inflation the top priority, the top concern of the american people. marc thiessen, thank you for joining us. >> bill: the list is long, and running out of ink here and you have a big challenge right now, right. you have coming up on the midterm, four and a half months and the results may dictate the last point marc is saying. will policies be different -- >> sandra: you wonder if they are seeing the polls. >> bill: i'm sure they are. that's why you go to cleveland, ohio and talk about the economy and sell it as best you can. see how the arguments goes. >> sandra: stunning new warning about china and why no place on
11:11 am
earth or space may be safe from the chinese communist party's reach, not even the moon. >> bill: oh, let's go to the moon, smitty. according to the u.n., the u.s. southern border is the deadliest in the world. a congressman trying to take the state into their own hands and can they do it legally, next. edy and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family, use the valuable va home loan benefit
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>> bill: nearly half a century after american astronauts planted the stars and stripes on the moon, china is planning to claim it as their own. a top space commander saying we are falling behind. meanwhile, back on earth, president biden's border crisis
11:17 am
getting worse by the day. u.n. calling it the deadliest land route in the world. horrific smuggling tragedy last week in san antonio, texas. a group of officials and lawmakers pushing the border crisis as an invasion, a constitutional declaration could allow the governor to deport migrants. texas republican congressman is joining me from plainview, texas. good to have you on. thanks for your time today. just go ahead and make your case about what you see and then i'll ask you. >> the constitution is clear and explicit. if the federal government fails in its guarantee, its covenant with each and every state to protect it against an invasion, then the states retain the sovereignty and the power of self-defense. they defend their sovereign border and protect their
11:18 am
citizens in a situation like that. in a number of accounts it is an invasion. it is a deluge of people coming and the economic and social cost associated with that, the volume of drugs which is the leading cause of death for people in this country, age 18 to 45, and the other criminal activity, it is overwhelming. the president has been derelict to faithfully execute the laws of the land and provide a common defense. the federal government has abandoned texas and other border states and it is not only our right, but i believe our duty to our citizens to step up and stop this nonsense. >> our correspondent, saw something from a drone, he's been down there for a year. a number of those in the sweltering heat that have crossed today would blow your name. 2021, 728 migrant deaths, and
11:19 am
disappearances from the u.s. mexican border, up 53% from the year prior. stunning numbers here. jonathan turley says you don't have a legal leg to stand on. his headline is invasion or evasion, crisis at the border is a political and not constitutional problem. he says you don't have much to go on here. how would you counter that? >> well, on a couple of levels, first of all, it has not been meted out in the courts so the question does not have a lot of case law. i think the united states gave great deference because of the clarity in the provision for the states to preserve the self-defense power. and you've had a supreme court where conservative judges like antonin scalia, alito and thomas said in the case of arizona, that they should be able to enforce the laws of the land, even the federal laws, and if they can't do that in that
11:20 am
manner, then we should stop calling them sovereign states. those are the words of jus -- justice scalia. most americans can read the constitutional language. it's not federal or state statute, this is our constitution and scenario where it has to be activated or we are going to get two plus more years of the staggering numbers and it's unacceptable and unsustainable. >> bill: just a short time left here. if republicans run the table in november, do you think the policy at the border changes or goes on for two more years after that? >> well, i hate to say this, but i don't see any interest, any political will on account of our chief executive and commander to relent from his open border policies. we will push back with the power
11:21 am
of the purse strings, we will certainly turn on the oversight and investigation and you may even have impeachments of secretary mayorkas, for his failure to enforce laws. at the end of the day, two more years of the lawlessness and chaos, if texas and other states do not step up like those county executives have, like the a.g. from arizona brnovich has, says enough is enough, deport the people that shouldn't be here and protect our citizens and uphold the constitution. extenuating circumstances, but one there for a reason. >> bill: we'll see if it's successful, thank you for your time. plainview, texas today, on this july afternoon. >> sandra: thank you, bill. top american space officials are warning china will far exceed
11:22 am
the u.s. in space by the end of this decade. may even go as far as to try to claim the moon as their own. the communist party has teamed up with russia to build a lunar base. >> may no longer be the 4th of july, but there were real fireworks this week coming from beijing after bill nelson sounded the alarm accusing china of wanting to occupy the moon and warning of a new space race this time with china. "we must be very concerned about china is landing on the moon and saying it's ours now and you stay out," nelson added, "china is good but also china is good ba us they steal ideas and technology from others." he accused china of using the space station as a platform for learning how to destroy other people's satellites. china's foreign ministry spokesperson accused nelson of smearing china. >> this is not the first time
11:23 am
that the united states nasa has disregarded the facts talked as they pleased and smeared china. some u.s. officials continue to make up facts and slander china's normal and reasonable foreign affairs. china firmly opposes such irresponsible remarks. >> nelson doubled down on his warning in a statement provided to fox news. the chinese space exploration program is run by their military. this is different from nasa which has always had a peaceful and open civilian space program with international participation. general david thompson for the pentagon space force said the u.s. is watching china closely. >> building air their space capabilities at twice the rate we are. >> the u.s. was the first to land an astronaut on the mine in 1969, but china's focus has ramped up with an uncrewed moon landing in 2013 and plans to
11:24 am
send astronauts there in the next six years. all of this coming as the fbi and head of british intelligence gave an unprecedented joint speech at mi-5 headquarters in london saying they are the biggest game changing challenge. and the fbi is opening a counter intelligence investigation against china every 12 hours. these investigations, he says, are up a whopping 1300%. sandra. >> sandra: wow, all right, jennifer griffin, thank you. >> bill: the world's richest economy pledged to go green but energy shortages are sending the countries back to fossil fuel, including some here in the u.s. a live report from coal producing pennsylvania on that with the latest. >> sandra: joe biden may be lowering surges at the pump by tapping into the oil reserves? now it's reported other
11:25 am
countries are getting that oil, not your local gas station. grover norquist is here. he'll react.
11:26 am
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you're an owner. helping you take care of the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. >> bill: guess what's making a comeback? coal is making a comeback for some of the world's largest economies and last week's supreme court ruling could open the door for production in states like pennsylvania. jeff flock live in philadelphia with more on this part of the advisory today. jeff, good to see you, hello. >> bill, good to see you, sir. some people have wondered perhaps maybe some of the coal fired electric generating plants might come back online as a result of the supreme court ruling. sadly, this one is not going to, this is the richmond generating station in philadelphia, long time coal-fired plant, one of the biggest in the world when it was built, but it's not coming back and the suspicion is that not many are. in fact, we have not found any that are going to restart after having been shuttered.
11:31 am
take a look at the numbers on coal plants in the u.s. 530 back in 2010 generated electricity. the vast majority now shut down, 356 shut over the past 12 years. if you look at the future, the government predicting that less coal is going to be burned for electricity going forward. last year, 500 million tons and this year, the projection is for less than that. perhaps all that's going to be accomplished from the somebody ruling say those who favor coal is that maybe some of those plants slated to be shut down may live a little longer. listen. >> using the e.p.a. and weaponizing the e.p.a. added a clear financial burden to coal power plants, and i think coal plants without the burdensome regulations now may have a more fair chance at competing in the
11:32 am
marketplace. >> unfortunately right now, bill, the marketplace is tough for coal. good if you are a producer, take a look at the prices. central appalachian coal, virginia, kentucky, tennessee, $129, high in june, per ton, jumped to $168 a ton this month, increase of 30% in one month. and that's good news for the coal producers, yeah, they are making some money right now, companies like console, archcoal, peabody up, year over year, 170%, if you have the stock, but not the investment and infrastructure going forward. and without that, tough to produce more and bring the price down and make it competitive. >> bill: nice to see you in philly, jeff flock. talk to you soon. >> sandra: thank you very much, jeff flock. you've heard it a lot from the white house, they continue to
11:33 am
remind the american people suffering through the high prices that it is releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to try to bring down prices. but it turns down all those barrels of oil being released are not staying in the country. communist china is actually benefitting and reaping the rewards of that release. reuters is rewarding at least 5 million barrels of oil were exported to europe and asia last month and a cargo of oil was sent to china. let's bring in president of american's for tax reform. i think people are trying to wrap their minds around this, grover. so, you have a president that is releasing an unprecedented amount of oil from our emergency reserves to bring down gas prices for american drivers but yet we are exporting those emergency reserves to europe and china? >> well, because the sale of some of the strategic petroleum reserves was a p.r. stunt, an
11:34 am
effort for the white house to say we are doing something, trying to be positive. they have done the same thing when they talk about maybe not collecting gasoline taxes for a few months, maybe say now until the election. these are small things, the strategic petroleum reserve is supposed to be here in case they get cut off from the rest of the world and cannot import oil. it becomes more important because we are not producing as much as we used to before biden started shutting things down seriously. so, this is -- and so it does not really matter whether you sell it to europe or asia or china, because they are not trying to accomplish anything other than get a headline that says memo, president cares, sorry about the inflation. >> sandra: one can make the case while the prices are global and more oil supply in the world that could eventually bring down prices, but grover, you and i know we have refiners operating at capacity right now, the highest that we have seen in history, cannot refine any more because so much refining
11:35 am
capacity is brought off line in the past couple of years. make the point even if there is more oil we cannot refine it into gasoline to go into the cars. nonetheless, the white house yesterday at the briefing room, asked about that reuters report, and here was her answer. >> the administration aware of those reports and does the president mind some of the oil meant to ease pain for consumers is headed overseas? >> i have not seen that report so i would honestly have to go look into it and see what the truth is in that statement that you just laid out and see exactly what's happening. i just have not seen that report. >> sandra: do you find it hard to believe the person answering on behalf of the white house and the president on such an enormous task to bring down gas prices and to have reports that that oil that has been released is leaving the country and she
11:36 am
did not know about it? >> well, what she just told you is they don't have a good answer which is why they went with no answer. she answered the question, is there a good reason for this, no. >> sandra: wow. that being said, we are watching what the president says is a strong robust economic recovery in this country, although when you break it down by state, which moodys and the brookings institute and others have, you will see that red states are coming out of this pandemic much better than blue states. in fact, look at the pandemic job growth. since february 2020, red states have seen jobs go up by 341,000, blue states have lost 1.3 million. so a clear difference in how the states are recovering and the policies that they have implemented are working, grover. >> oh, absolutely. you are seeing everything from the red states opened up sooner rather than remain shut down,
11:37 am
but also there are about a dozen red states that are looking to phase their state income taxes to 0. so we already have nine states that have no income tax, another 12 now that have actually passed legislation or the governor is pushing legislation to, over the next decade or so, get down to 0 because people see that the growing states are particularly the republican-led states but the other thing about being republican-led, is those are the states with no state income tax, or very low state income tax. and so other states are saying i want to be texas, i want to be tennessee, i want to be florida, i do not want to be new york or california, and they are bringing those taxes down. >> sandra: grover norquist, always an interesting way to look at all of these things. thank you very much for your analysis. and by the way, can we tee up karl rove? we caught a bite, he joined us last hour and he was talking about the quality of life issues in those red states and the
11:38 am
results from that. listen. >> the whole range of quality of life issues is drawing people away from the coast and to states like florida and texas and the center of the country in part because people want to have a better quality of life for their family and greater chance of good prosperity. >> sandra: and that's the state a couple years now. >> bill: i take florida in february. you always think new york city will come back and come back strong. >> sandra: you have been a big believer. >> bill: i have been, i agree with you. i think we are at the bottom, i don't know, could it get worse here, i guess it could. talk about the crime issues and the quality of life in manhattan as opposed to two and a half years ago. you think we are at the bottom but a chance we can go lower. >> sandra: you have to get the workers back. you are starting to see the restaurants fill back up, you would agree with that. >> bill: midtown and some neighborhoods. >> sandra: but you don't have the big office buildings getting filled again and before it was covid, now its crime and the workers are making the case they
11:39 am
don't want to return to the big city because of the crime issues. chicago with ken griffin, taking citadel out of there down to miami. >> bill: you don't want that to happen in manhattan, either. i hope we have hit bottom and will not go lower but we do not know. okay, from new york to washington, d.c., the white house is dodging questions about a voice mail from 2018 found on hunter biden's laptop and the caller was his father, president biden, delivered a message about his son's business dealings with china despite the president saying he has never discussed that with him. mark meredith, what's the latest on this today. >> good to be back with you in the afternoon hours. the white house is stepping side questions, features the joyce of joe biden in 2018, well before he was president. "daily mail" obtained this voice
11:40 am
mail, from a laptop which once belonged to hunter biden. >> it's 8:15, on wednesday night, give me a call, nothing urgent. want to talk to you. i thought the article at least online printed tomorrow in the times was good. i think you are clear. >> it appears biden was referring to a story in the "new york times" which discussed his son's ties to a chinese oil giant. what's surprising, the president told peter doocy he had never discussed business dealings with his son. on tuesday, peter tried to follow up with the white house and the white house left questions unanswered. >> i'm not -- i'm not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop. not happening. >> are you conceding it is -- >> peter, i refer you to his son's representative. >> ok. >> the white house's decision not to comment is not likely going to end this controversy. one house republican sent a
11:41 am
letter to the treasury department asking them to turn over documents which may detail suspicious behavior about the biden business affairs. and the federal probe continues, whether or not there were issues with his previous tax filings. and when the federal prosecutors may take action there. >> bill: president biden arriving in cleveland last hour to tout his administration's achievements on the economy. but folks in ohio say that's not the message they would like to hear. we'll check in in a moment to the buckeye state. >> sandra: a bit of a polling conumdrum. g.o.p. and democrats are deadlocked for what would be control of congress. ll newday u. why? home values are at all-time highs. use your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand.
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call the barnes firm to find out i could've made. what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ >> sandra: president biden set to speak on the economy a short time from now, you are looking live in cleveland. this is expected to happen, the president at least, the top of the hour and tout his progress on the economy and his accomplishments. the crowd is waiting in cleveland, it's a high school
11:47 am
auditorium, the crowd is fired up. all of this is happening in the backdrop of skyrocketing inflation and sky high gas prices. a completely different mood we are hearing from small business owners dealing with that down the street. alexis caught up with some ohio in cleveland. >> they are talking about the gas prices and inflation and officials from across the state of ohio are talking about pensions, and people want to hear about the economy when president biden arrives here in ohio to speak at the high school. some of of the clips from today, the president here in cleveland on the ground to meet with union leaders and members from across ohio. talk about retirement security, administration says at least 3 million american workers and retired workers are facing big pension cuts. the president will highlight a new program under the american rescue plan that he says will save those pensions and as they talk about that plan, sandra,
11:48 am
you can hear the applause erupt at the school. i talked with union members who had their pension cut years ago, they would like a timeline from the president when they could see the hard-earned money back in their pocket, listen. >> cut, i can't do things i want to do with the wife, i can't go where i want to go because the pension has been cut. comes back to me would make a big difference in my livelihood and my way of life. >> this as it comes as biden is -- biden's approval rating has dropped, nearly half of americans say they are struggling to stay where they are financially, tough for people here in ohio, too. we stopped in at a local diner this morning in cleveland and talked to people how they are holding up in the economy. inflation at more than a 40-year high and gas at record prices, gas around five bucks a gallon in cleveland and the owner of the diner says it leads to his
11:49 am
higher food prices and puts him in a tough spot. >> i would like them to do something with the economy, yes, economy. the gas is the main thing, you know. it's unbelievable. >> sandra, the president expected to be here any minute to talk about those pensions and also possibly the economy. sandra. >> sandra: very, very interesting. we'll see the pitch and see if he makes the case, top of the hour the president is expected to speak. thank you very much, alexis. >> bill: just heard alexis talk about the numbers, 88% of the country think america is at the wrong track. and yet they are split which party should be in congress, conventional wisdom holds the party out of power does well in midterms but they say it will come down to turnout. is the economy the driver here.
11:50 am
jackie deangeles. it's got to be, right, economy. >> i think it is, for so many people and i'm going to listen to the president later this afternoon what he tells 57% of people polled in the monmouth poll say over the last six months they have been hurt and their families. 54% said the middle class has not benefitted from the president's policies. he came into office saying these are the people he was going to help and he has a disastrous inflation problem on his hands, still no solutions in place to try to fix it. >> bill: cbs had a poll, wrong track, in the fall of 2008, remember what was happening there, the end of george bush's second term, economy is in freefall. they were at 89% wrong track. i don't know the last time monmouth was on 88% wrong track with the country. that's brutal. >> i think it's significant and
11:51 am
people are going to show up to the polls, they are passionate about the issues, but the biggest issue is the economy, that affects the person, their family, kitchen table issues the president is kind of out of touch with. when is the last time he went to fill up his gas? he's saying it's mom and pop gas stations are gouging at the pump and essentially we need to pay for the war in ukraine so many people are saying why, why do we need to pay for that. and so people are looking at this and they are suffering right now, and they are thinking back, as a matter of fact, to 2019 when things were substantially better, 25% of people said their lives were improving. they are not saying that now. >> bill: a couple things here. biggest concern, your family faces right now in the poll, inflation, 33%. gas prices in, you are in the mid 40s, right, 15%. also, how you doing, are you stable, improving or struggling. at the moment, you are at 42% saying they are struggling,
11:52 am
jackie. >> four out of ten people or more than that are saying they are kind of struggling to tread water, to keep things together, right. this is america, this is the place where the american dream was built. people want to feel like they are working hard and they can get ahead, they can invest. the guy was talking about his pension, how it's really strapping him. i do some of my own unofficial polling and talk to more and more people close to retirement age saying i can't do it, i have to put it off, the numbers don't look right and people looking to sort of head into their golden years. >> bill: it's tough. 88% number really stands out how people are feeling about america today. >> it sure does. >> bill: jackie, thank you. she says with a smile, smitty, you see that, says it with a smile. >> i try. got to keep it light. >> sandra: thank you, jackie. rules for thee but not for me. california governor gavin newsom accused of hypocrisy with his
11:53 am
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>> sandra: heading out west. california state workers are banned from traveling on taxpayer's dime to nearly half the states in the nation. california banned travel to certain states based on lgbtq status. governor newsome signed the law. newsome's critics want to know why it's okay for him to spend his own money in one of those states. he's on vacation in montana. his office making clear that paying his own way does not violate the ban. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles for us. now we're hearing newsome's office is responding. >> yeah, they're talking to us today. without confirming or denying he's in montana, his office told
11:59 am
us he's on a personal trip to visit family that live outside of california. there for in their view, this is much adieu about nothing. in a statement to us, the governor's communications director described some of the reporting as reflecting "a lack of understanding of state policy". she thanked us for our efforts to be accurate going on. "the travel ban applies to extending state funds. the governor's travel is not being paid for by the state. connecting the two is irresponsible and falsely implies there's something untoward." montana is one of 22 states to which california bans state travel as a result of the results on lgbt + issues. the state doesn't regulate where they can have family or tell them how they can visit their family. newsome's wife's family owns a ranch in montana. to continue with our efforts toward accuracy, we ask the
12:00 pm
governor's office if they can confirm not a single state-funded employee is on the trip with the governor, a member of his security team for instance. that would violate the state travel ban to montana. we were told they could not comment on security because of security. we can't say 100% this state travel ban isn't being violated. >> sandra: thanks, jonathan. thanks for joining us. see you on "the five." i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm bill hemmer. we're in new york. >> martha: good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. breaking right now, president biden in battleground ohio this hour where he will make the case that his economy is working for blue collar workers. it's a state that he lost to president trump by more than eight points in 2020. where a key senate seat is now up for grabs this november. that is between trump-backed


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