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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there is a baby in there. i looked down. i will could see the baby sticking out. >> after seeing a flipped car on a highway, a bystander called 911 and quickly jumped into action. the man lifting the jeep enough so the baby boy could be safely removed from the vehicle. never skip a leg day. nicely done. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. jesse, take it away. >> jesse: i skip leg day every day. [laughter] thanks, see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: when a man loses confidence things shall we say are just off. you can't perform at a high level if you are not confident in your abilities. and everything suffers. this is where america finds itself today. we have lost confidence in the pillars that hold our society up. our trust in american institutions has been plummeting for the last 20 years.
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how did we get here? well, the war in iraq went sideways and there were never any wmds. katrina exposed how unprepared we were for natural disasters. and then a great recession cooked up by bankers left the country in a huge hole. and not a single one of these crooks went to jail for it. we're losing faith in our institutions because they keep failing us. and in other cases these institutions are being destroyed on purpose. a new gallup poll shows less than half the country has confidence in the police. this started in ferguson. they told us an unarmed black man was killed by a police officer while he had his hands up. remember? the riots over hands up, don't shoot? turns out it was a hoax. then george floyd's death created the defund the police movement that caused the a crime wave. even less, americans trust the medical system. people don't like getting billed
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by insurance monopolies and we don't like being drugs we don't need by doctors who are compensated by drug companies. and then covid came. and we realized that everything the medical experts said was wrong. the mask mandates, the lockdowns. and then they told us if we got vaxxed, we wouldn't get covid. >> this is not just a vaccine that protects the individual but that protects even people who are not vaccinated yet because it prevents transmission. >> the vaccines do work against the variants. >> our data from the cdc today suggest that vaccinated people don't carry the virus. >> we know it does not transmission. >> if you get the polio vaccine you don't get polio. if you get four covid vaccines you can still somehow get the virus and pass it along just ask fauci. i'm not saying they don't work.
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i'm saying they didn't work like they were supposed to. covid also revealed the dirty politics in our school systems. teachers unions use the pandemic to shake down taxpayers for over $100 billion. and after they got the cash, they still refused to come in. >> we need the money for ppe. we need the money for, um, extra teachers. we need the money for extra cleaning and extra buses. but, my members really want to be with their kids. they just want it to be safe for both kids and for themselves. >> jesse: then parents learned what the teachers were teaching, critical race theory and transgender studies. and then when parents protested, the criminal justice system targeted them as terrorists. everybody agrees how rotten our justice system is. if you are married to the speaker of the house, you can drunkenly crash your porsche into oncoming traffic and the da
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in napa county will treat you like the victim. we are looking at you alli. if you are a famous actor you can fake a hate crime, turn an entire city upside down and only do a couple days in jail. da's like gang bangers roam free but if you work for trump they kick down your door and put you in shackles. america has lost trust in big tech, too. silicon valley rigged an election and banned the president. big tech does not even believe in free speech. >> do you think there is a difference between twitter's definition of free speech and elon's definition of free speech? >> twitter does not [inaudible] >> we weren't really comi as f. social media allows teenage girls to destroy their brains but won't allow to you ask about the origins of covid-19.
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one of the only industries less trusted than big tech though is the news media. the "new york times" won a pulitzer prize for reporting on russian collusion that didn't exist. and "the washington post" wrote an obituary for the leader of isis referring to him as a religious scholar. near the bottom of the barrel is tv news. when they are not spiking jeffrey epstein stories and white washing democrat corruption, they are just straight up lying to you. >> i want to be clear in how i characterize this. this was a mostly peaceful protest. it is not -- it is not generally speaking unruly. but fires have been started and there is a crowd that is relishing that. >> native americans say video speaks for itself. >> he got caught doing something incredibly racist and disrespectful. >> at love questions in this case but i know jussie smollett is a really, really good guy. i just want justice to be served. >> looking ahead to 2020, one
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reason why i'm taking you seriously as a contender because of your presence on cable news. >> the question about wuhan lab. we know it's been debunked that this virus was man made or modified or anything like that. >> for all we know, these emails are made up or may be some are real and others are fake we don't know. >> you now have to figure out how to deal with a president of the united states who wittingly or unwittingly has been compromised. >> and white house press briefing democrat reporters outnumbered conservative journalists 12 to 1. and nobody is surprised by that. if we don't have a media holding our leaders' feet to the fire our leaders don't do their job. they think they can get away with pretty much anything. which is why nancy pelosi is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars and congresswoman ilhan omar can marry her brother and not have to pay any price for it. i mean, maybe her brother is a catch. but marriage fraud is against the law to skate through
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immigration. only 7% of americans have confidence in congress. can you name anything congress has done in the last 20 years to make your life any better? it's hard, isn't it? nothing really comes to mind. they can't secure the border. they can't break up big tech. they don't let us do anything on energy. but they can sure spend our money. and when inflation follows, they just blame putin, and when we need them to fix something, they just hold their silly little hearings, around for the cameras, throw around soundbites and go back to their office and dial for dollars. only a quarter of the country has faith in the supreme court. probably because it's not a split court anymore. oh, and also because the left smeared the justices as rapist and uncle tom.
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>> a person of grievance for as long as i have known him. resentment, grievance, anger. >> jesse: that brings us to the white house. no one has confidence in the american presidency anymore. the last president was hunted down like a dog and impeached twice. and this president is already a lame duck who can't do anything right. >> to join our alliance. happy ♪ ♪ all of these institutions have been disrespecting us for far too long. they don't listen to the people. and they don't even pretend to be about the people that they serve. and the ones that do are savagely attacked for it and so the country is at a crossroads. some just want to escape into their little iphone. some want to burn everything to the ground.
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and some want to kick out the idiots running things and put some people with common sense back in charge. the question is, which one are you? tulsi gabbard is a congresswoman and former presidential candidate. so, do you agree with my assessment of where we are as a country right now? >> i do. and the examples that you gave, jesse, very clearly illustrate why these numbers are so low. why the american people have lost trust and confidence in these public institutions that literally exist to serve the well-being of the people. instead you have people in positions of power. the permanent washington establishment who are essentially weaponizing these institutions for their own personal or political gain. you gave many great examples. you see how taking some of these institutions or the department of justice, or the irs or others using them to target political opponents. they are lying to us to protect
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their power. we, again, see this ministry of truth in whatever version or name it has taken on now, seeking to censor our free speech and control what kind of information that we see and that we hear. it is no surprise at all that people are frustrated that these people in power, it's not that they can't deliver for the american people, it's not that congress is incapable of doing its job. it's that they are choosing not to. and that's the critical thing here is that people who hold these strings of power, these levers of power in our country are choosing to put themselves or their political ambitions ahead of actually working for the well-being and interest of the american people and that is where our opportunity comes in to get rid of them. to fire them, to actually bring leaders into these positions who are committed, truly committed to supporting and defending the constitution. truly committed to putting the american people and our
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well-being first. >> jesse: that's why it's so critical to have a media that has aggressive instincts. no one was ever held accountable for the afghanistan situation. it was like 20 years there. we didn't win. we wasted billions of dollars -- i don't know how much money and then we pull out. it's an absolute catastrophe. did anybody get fired for that? we had a special counsel under bush. that was a joke. we had another special counsel under trump that i can't say another joke. no banker went to jail for the security fraud. there is always going to be corruption, tulsi, if you can't take the corruption out of the system and cleanse it from the system, then it's just going to keep growing and growing and growing until it's too big to fail. >> exactly. you hit it right on the head. in that poll it showed that people's faith in the mainstream
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media has gone down as well because it's very transparent about what they are seeing. they are not seeing that hard hitting journalism by and large that is holding the powerful accountable. that is shining a light on those dark spaces that the powerful don't want to be exposed. that's the rolling ever journalists. that's the role of the news. instead, we see the mainstream media colluding with those in power. i have personal experience of this when i ran for president, to be able to hold their positions of power without any accountability or sense ever responsibility, frankly to the american people. it's no wonder people are turning off their television saying you know what? i'm not going to put up with this crap anymore. >> jesse: well said. tulsi gabbard, thank you for joining "jesse watters primetime." >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up, an investigation into this so-called biden official, yes, they work for you. and how much crack can hunter biden smoke? we found out in some new video.
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>> jesse: if i have learned anything from watching horror movies it's that sometimes you are not even safe in our own home. >> traced the call it's coming from inside the house. do you hear me? it's coming from inside the house. jess and sometimes when it comes to running a business, the greatest danger a company can face comes from inside the building. woke workers across the country from waged war on their bosses. because of microaggressions that were invented by snob from professors who can't find a date. make the wrong person work on international pronoun day and have you got an hr complaint on your hand and more times than not the companies fold.
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that just emboldens the mob even more. but thankfully not all companies are folding like cheap suits. a universal music employee refused to go to work the day after the roe v. wade ruling. he claimed he needed a safe space to mourn saying, quote: paired with the flood of anti-queer and anti-translegislation it's been hard to process how companies expect us to be productive while our rights are being stripped away. he decided he wasn't going to perform his job duties that day. duties that were very important to the rest of the company and their clients. instead he wrote this: i didn't do them today. i'm in mourning due to the attack on people with uteruses in the u.s. federally granted access to abortion is gone. and guess what? he was fired, rightfully so. and he responded as you would expect. posting this: a brown queer
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person terminated during pride month speaking in support of abortion rights seems like that's exactly what america is all about right now. >> jesse: a philadelphia cafe called mina's world, they stole that from me, should take a lesson from how universal music handles politically correct complaints. the store prided itself on being a super woke queer-owned small business until it faced a worker revolt. employees accused the two owners of being antiblack gentry fires and released a statement claiming they were victims of systematic employer opposition. they even released a list of grievances and demands including abuse of power and manipulation. but don't all bosses manipulate you and abuse their power? grievances also include tokennization as a way to appear safe by association. >> i don't even know what that means. so, did the owners stand up for
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their businesses? no. the owners shut down their own cafe and agreed to turn over ownership to their angry staff who then turned around and tried to sell the barack obama the "primetime" team reached out to the former owners to see if they would give us a statement or even come on the show and their response, eeeh no, block me quote unquote. joining me now is brad anderson former best buy ceo and job creators executive board chairman. it is funny. it is funny. but, i mean it is happening. it is hang and these employees are just running the show and i feel like the people in charge have no idea what's going on. >> this is kind of like no companies taking political stands unless they have to the
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minute you respond to pressure you learned in school if a bully gets a few inches they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing and no place they stop. people are so afraid of being called racist or homophobes we literally are in the land. it feels like living in a twilight zone. employees have customers to serve. if the employees don't show up they don't exist. >> jesse: could you have had a best buy if your employers got together and complained about the lack of transgender bathrooms or the way some of the drills were misgenderred in the appliance section? you couldn't have run a company, right? >> no. and in particular, when it was a little company, it literally couldn't have survived. but, i mean, because essentially a good company is based on delivering a consistent service to a customer on the customer's terms. not the employee's terms.
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and so you got a mission that you have got to accomplish. have you got to gather people together. and i think we had people of every religion i can think of. every joe biden. every kind of orientation and political point of view, they had to work together to serve the mission of the company which was to serve customers not to make a political stance. it's not a church and it's not a political party. >> jesse: what an epiphany we just had. you are actually supposed to serve the customer instead of the employees. if everybody from mina's world would understand that maybe they would still have a job. >> i don't have a high iq but it doesn't take much. thank you. >> jesse: listen, if we can understand it, anybody can thank you, brad. [laughter] >> jesse: whenever a new hire joins the biden administration, we try to give them a fair shot. all we ask is that they be the most talented and the most qualified person in their position because they work for us. well, now there is a new kid in town. uncle joe hired someone named
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brad brenton to serve as deputy assistant secretary of the department of energy specializing gender fluid goes by they them. their favorite past time dressing up drag. we don't care about any of that. what interests us a whistleblower report claiming substantial irregularities during their hiring process. according to a letter obtained by national pulse, a whistleblower complained that sam is maybe not the best or brightest and chosen because of gender identity. quote there is concern that making personnel selection decisions for a career positions based on political considerations and gender fluid identity as means of exerting political influence over the workforce and at the expense of other better qualified candidates. wow. joe must really think sam is special. let's find out why.
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well, for starters, sam loves talking about their sex life and something called puppy play. in their free time they like giving college lectures on kink. we are not going to get into details. most disturbing of all of, they have a thing for dr. fauci. >> i like to think of daddy fauci looking down on us and seeing this type of a song to young people in his life each and every day for the many things that he has done. ♪ cleared off the table ♪ wash dishes and put them away. >> jesse: daddy fauci, let's try to keep those thoughts to ourselves, sam. sadly, that's not the most disturbing part of their sexual portfolio. back in 2015 sam went to war for the website rent it's a gay prostitution site
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that was shut down for promoting underaged prostitution. britain ton wrote an op-ed saying the rent boy is more dangerous than the website ever was now young men might have to return to communities and homes who rejected who they are. that's where the real danger begins. i think the real danger is letting unqualified person being in charge of our spent nuclear rods but, hey, maybe i'm just old fashioned. debra messing says she got joe biden elected as democrats all across the country turn on joe. and don't invite this guy to your wedding. ♪
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>> jesse: shock waves ripped through the white house last week.
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spiraling after the fall of roe v. wade and looking for help from powerful friends. so, they held a conference call with the biggest political player in washington. things didn't go as planned. according to cnn, this power player screamed at white house aides, took credit for getting joe biden elected and couldn't believe the administration was even asking them for more help. so who is this mystery power player? how about james clyburn was the one who got joe biden elected. this doesn't sound like the way clyburn would behave. so, was it barack obama? he is joe's old buddy. maybe he was giving him a little tough love. but, doesn't seem right. this is somebody far more powerful than clyburn and obama combined i will give you a hint. >> 5, 6, 7, 8. >> oops, i did it again. i played with your heart ♪ got lost in the game
4:33 pm
♪ oh, baby, baby ♪ yes, it's totally it. >> jesse: that's right will and grace actress debra messing is the most powerful woman in washington. after all, she was the one who put biden in the white house. but as the saying goes, the good debra giveth but she also taketh away. and right now debra is very upset. like a lot of other hollywood celebs she isn't happy with the state of the country. roe is overturned, gas is through the roof. and inflation is eating away at her will and grace royalty checks. joe biden has lost debra messing. and when you lose debra messing, you lose democracy. you see, she is not alone. one by one democrats are turning their backs on biden. cnn is reporting that some members of congress have described the white house as rudderless, aimless and hopeless. ouch. >> a lot of frustration that they want more action out of president biden. they feel like days, weeks go
4:34 pm
by, there is not enough going on to say that they are taking decisive moves to combat inflation. >> there is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he is not in command. what do we have to celebrate about america today. >> hey, gas prices high as hell. bread, milk your energy bill. >> jesse: yep, we can thank joe biden for all of that. i don't blame democrats for frustration. i do too. this is the guy they put all of their hope in. turns out he can't even ride a bike let alone run a country. democrats are done with him. no one wants to work for him. not ocean most loyal aid. of today we learned that biden's communication director kate bedingfield is leaving the white house, jumping ship. leaving the life boat. the biden presidency is underwater and the next person in line to the throne isn't much better. actually, she is a lot worse. she still can't form a complete
4:35 pm
sentence. >> we'll deal with what we need to deal with in terms of also as we move forward all agreeing that we got to be smarter as a country in terms of who has access to what and in particular assault weapons and, um, we got to take this stuff seriously. as seriously as you are because you have been forced to have to take it seriously. >> jesse: seriously. this is what happens in trouble. kellyanne is former counselor to the president and author of "here's the deal." what is the deal here? >> well, democrats are cutting loose of biden and harris. and, look, the vast right wing conspiracy are not the source of these quotes. and all the usual boogie men that the democrats and liberals and biden and harris and the rest of them have always used as a stocking horse, blaming this one, that one. they can't do it anymore. joe biden won because he wasn't trump but he needed trump and needed covid to continue the juice in his presidency.
4:36 pm
and without being able to talk about either one or blame either one day by day, he is lost. he has completely bereft. as you were saying earlier his problems were coming from inside the house. here, jesse, not only has he lost hollywood during argue. with elon musk and they are also an argument with jeff bezos, so in argument with big tech. in argument with the woke crowd. he is in an argument with the squad that doesn't do squat. the far left frozens. far left senate candidates like tim ryan in ohio won't show up. scheduling conflict. if you are a senator, democratic senator up in 2024. you won in 2018 kyrsten sinema in arizona. you are casey in pennsylvania. you are jon tester in montana, you are going to run with this guy in the top of the ticket? so i think those blind anonymous quotes from consultants and congressman in the paper are one thing, joe biden's biggest problem right now is he has people on the record named gavin
4:37 pm
newsom, governor of california. joe bastardi pritzker governor of illinois taking him on and flirting with the 2024 run when they have got their own guy eligible to run for a second term what were you expecting. use urgency when you discuss and you address joe biden? what were you expecting? as for kamala harris she sat in louisiana. did you use the word louisiana was misspelled behind her? it was a metaphor for everything. the first letters were lousi lousy. the i was missing. they don't have confidence in her either. where are the stories biden is out but we can't wait for kamala harris. none of those stories. i think the democrats are racist and sexist. they don't want kamala either. >> shouldn't they have known that joe couldn't cut it because it took so much work to bring them into the white house. they needed help from big tech. they needed help from covid. they needed help from the big media. he could never stand on his own
4:38 pm
alone and when he collapsed they should have known better. >> what were they expecting? he and the president he served obama did not codify roe v. wade. they promised on the campaign trail in 2007 and again in 2008 they were going to codify. >> jesse: they had 60 votes in the senate. they had a super majority. they failed to do it. we should have listened to barack obama when he said joe you don't need do this he doesn't have what it takes. they were busy bailing out the banks. kellyanne can stand on her own and ride a bike. >> can i ride a bike. >> jesse: fourth of july if you weren't getting shot your car was blowing up. and new hunter biden video. he is doing what he does best. that's next. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too.
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and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> jesse: doesn't work for you. they are too busy working for the biden administration. according to cbs over 150 concerning global transactions involving hunter biden or james
4:44 pm
biden have been flagged by u.s. banks for further review. now, usually these flags indicate suspicious or potential criminal activity. but the u.s. department of treasury won't release them to congress. treasury secretary janet yellen could just hand them over to house republicans. but she doesn't seem to think there is anything noteworthy about 150 suspicious transactions by the president of the united states' family. and many of these suspicious transactions involve foreign powers. probably because she wants to protect the big guy. you see, we already know joe and hunter's finances were intermingled. we have the email from hunter's business partner eric schwerin telling him that he was gonna transfer joe's tax real estate fund money to hunter because he owes it to you. and we know they shared bank accounts and we know hunter's guy did dad's taxes. and we also know joe talked to
4:45 pm
hunter about his foreign business dealings no matter how many times he says he didn't. we have the voice mail joe left for hunter back in 2018 thanks to the daily mail. giving him an all-clear, thumbs up after the "new york times" talked about his corrupt chinese associates, which hunter was paid a million bucks to help hey, pal, it's dad. it's 8:15 on wednesday night. if you get a chance, give me a call. nothing urgent. just want to talk to you. i thought the audience, at least online it's going to be printed tomorrow in the "times" is good. i think you're clear. >> jesse: if you try to ask the biden administration about it like our very own stupid son of a bitch peter doocy did you learn how to avoid a question. >> peter. >> he said i think you're clear. how is that not him talking to his son about his overseas business dealings. >> we are not -- from this podium i'm not going to talk about alleged materials from the
4:46 pm
laptop. >> are you disputing that's the president's voice on the voice mail. >> i'm not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop. >> jesse: speaking of alleged materials on the laptop, newly uncovered laptop video from 2019 shows way too much of hunter while he is taking a hit of what seems to be a crack pipe in a detox center. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: joe biden paid for hunter to go to that detox center. would you say that's money well-spent?
4:47 pm
representative james comer is the oversight ranking member demanding yellen turn over suspicious flag. so why do you think she is not cooperating. >> looks like they are trying to cover for hunter biden and this certainly is a pattern in this white house. but if you go back to the history of stars, they were created september 11th right after george bush was president. it was a way for banks to help the federal government try to catch foreign money laundering and cherish groups who were funneling money in to potential terrorist cells in the united states. that suspicious activity reports came about. and the fact that hunter biden and the president's brother have had at least 150 and we don't have access to his bank records for the last three or four years. this was just what was on the hard drive. at least 150 suspicious activity reports. some of those accounts may have been co-mingled with then vice president joe biden. this is very serious. but congress used to could get
4:48 pm
the suspicious activity reports from the treasury department. all you had to do, any member of congress, you would have to be on the year sight committee. any member of congress could request from treasury a list of sars in their district or states and sars would turn it over. joe biden became president without telling anyone in the dark of night he changed that rule and now you cannot access those suspicious activity reports. >> now this is administration wide cover-up in the treasury is now covering up for what the biden family is up to. what does it tell you about the biden family business not one, not two, not six suspicious activity flags were caught by treasury but over 150, congressman? >> >> i came from a banking background. my family is involved in banking. i can tell you this it's very uncommon for anyone to get a suspicious activity. 99.9% of americans never get a
4:49 pm
suspicious activity report to get 150. i'm going to go out on limb, jesse, that's more than anyone in the history of the united states. i would be willing to make a wager of that. of this is what multiple banks. and i know the banks i was affiliated with, whenever someone occasionally did get a suspicious activity report after all the compliance and all the regulations and all the time that was consumed in dealing with that, the bank would politely tell the customer please find another bank. so, you know, he wasn't treated like a normal bank customer at the banks where he was banking and to have 150 suspicious activity reports proves what we have been saying all along. hunter biden is a national security risk. >> jesse: yet another record set by joe biden. thank you so much, congressman. stay on yellen. she needs to release these flags. >> we will. >> jesse: god help you if you try to charge these ladies for cheese fries. and i will be reading your texts. ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
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gophers up, if you plan on drinking at a wedding, -- >> first pup, if you plan on drinking at a wedding, be aware of your surroundings. what do you think about the putting the arm through the fire move? >> he created the problem but then solved it. i think it's fine, but the best part of the video to me is -- i would like to hear more clearly
4:56 pm
this woman who was yelling at him. you clearly hear "stop." i think this was a final straw moment. if that's the case, she's probably happy that happened "five-hole you quote >> and he gave it to her. >> he sure did. >> it could have been a lot worst worst. up next, we see why warning labels on fireworks are there. this one is explosive. this failed fireworks set off the entire box. fireballs everywhere, luckily nobody was injured, but listen. you have to launch your fireworks in the right direction. >> not directly behind your vehicle. [laughter] i'm not a pyrotechnics expert, but i think i could figure that out. nobody helps the child.
4:57 pm
-- >> we do not know whether we are in michigan or fallujah. over here, we love our local restaurants. it should go without saying that you should treat restaurant workers with respect. [car alarm] so, twerking is the a sign of disrespect, or is it -- >> it's everything. they wanted to charge $1.75 for
4:58 pm
sauce, but not an excuse to consult people though it is an outrage. >> you never pay extra for sauce? >> i do, but that's a lot. >> you draw a line at $1.75 $0.05? >> to be clear, i am not on their side. [laughter] don't try to spin it that way. it's crazy. nothing will happen at this restaurant at 4:00 in the morning. >> they only sell my fries? >> it's a specialty place. they will -- they caused damage and hurt people. i see it on twitter like a normal person. >> my window is -- i like this more than steak sometimes, more than chicken, more than veal.
4:59 pm
mutton is underrated. i'm talking about lamb. you have to keep the bone in. i like the shop. i don't like this thing. it's too sweaty and sophisticated for me. you know how it is. sometimes, you just pick it up with your bare hands, like a lollipop -- a little pass around. that's the all-time order. sophisticated -- you could eat it with a knife and fork, but lamb is underrated, and i think america needs to know that. since you save the world, how do we fix these problems? l "i'm worried about the country for my son and daughter." i did not actually save the world. that was a play on words. "i can only assume nancy's trip to italy as of the taxpayers expense. how much?"
5:00 pm
do you think nancy and polly are charging us to hang out with the pope and walk around on the beach? they'd better not be. sophia from montana. "what is a colonizer?" apparently it's a white woman that -- watch tucker. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a quick recap on the ever-changing rules of the world. the three things any functioning country must have an ample supply our food, water, and energy. those are the fundamental necessities. not diversity, equity, and inclusion: food water in them. with


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