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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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private beach in italy and we are going to go out tonight by singeing your retinas with a photograph of that event. third in line to the presidency on a private beach in italy. so get in, ladies and gentlemen. try to go to sleep tonight and get that image out of your head, if you can. see you tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. oh, jason chaffetz is in? >> jason: what are you doing? what did you get every person in the country to turn off the television? you throw that up on the screen? >> tucker: i didn't mean it appeared >> jason: i'm going to have my show before you and do that to you. see how you like that. >> totally fair. good luck tonight, jason. >> jason: appreciate it, i owe you one. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." i'm jason chaffetz sitting in
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for sean. a rare moment of bipartisanship, as we speak both democrats and republicans agree joe biden is not up for the job. 88% of americans believe the united states is on the wrong track. meanwhile confidence in the office of the presidency is at an all-time low. just 23%. biden's overall job approval is also at an all new low, and according to "politico," many top democrats are wondering if biden can rise to any moment. but today during a rambling speech in ohio, biden touted his bold economic vision, and then blamed all of our problems yet again on vladimir putin. watch this. >> it really is historic. this was $90 billion, okay? but the reality is for so many p moving.
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unfortunately, that is probably a trump calling peer to. >> joining me and i was rita lewis. where are you, rita? she is somewhere, i'm told. she stepped out, i don't blame her. >> an economy that grows from the bottom up in the middle out. >> we have a long way to go because of inflation. because of, i call it the putin tax increase. putin, because of gasoline and all the grain is being kept from getting to the market. >> jason: every day becomes more obvious joe biden is not a capable commander in chief, and now even cnn is finally starting to notice. have a look. >> his remarks come as members of his own party and supporters are getting more frustrated. they are questioning if the white house can muster the urgency to deal with huge challenges from the economy to the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. in the rattled confidence is
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widespread. poll found 88% of americans think the u.s. is on the wrong track. that is an all-time low. in the respondent's' top concern? inflation. >> jason: amid biden terrific job performance and plummeting numbers come up top staffers are jumping ship again including communications director kate bedingfield. this leaves us with one big question: is there any chance that joe biden actually runs for a second term? here now with reaction, podcast host monica crowley along with fox business contributor phil flynn and fox news contributor leo terrell. thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity," really do appreciate it. leo, i want to start with you because anytime i hear joe biden all i hear him say is "putin, putin, putin." why do we need joe biden if it is all putin's fault, if he is controlling the economy? >> that is what he wants you to believe but joe biden is honestly damaged goods.
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his base was the progressives. they have abandoned him, they have left him. he has destroyed this country because he complied with the wishes of the progressives. besides inflation, what about crime, what about the border? i think the turning point was the disaster of leaving afghanistan in the manner he did. he is a lame duck president. the only person who doesn't know that is joe biden. jill will tell him eventually but the democrats have already rallied against him. you've got bernie sanders saying i would run if joe doesn't run. aoc refuses to endorse him. he is damaged goods. it is over for joe biden. it is just waiting until the midterms. >> jason: monica, you've made a fantastic point in the past that drives home, these policy positions they put into play, these are not an accident. the rise of gas is not an accident. then someone like congressman
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tim ryan, who i served within the house, he is running for senator there in ohio. he won't even show up here joe biden, the president of the united states, his own party comes to ohio and tim ryan, who is running for the united states senate, won't even show up with him. >> yeah, jason, during the campaign, biden promised he would unify and unite all americans and i guess he's accomplished that because he's actually united all of us in determining his presidency is a historic catastrophe. do you have republicans who have opposed his policies all along, and now independents in droves. you've got african americans, latino americans, asian americans, women, younger voters are all fleeing the democratic party in droves and you've got key democrats who are either running for election or reelection. he mentioned tim ryan but there is also stacey abrams and georgia in the last few months
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not appearing with president biden. they are running away from him because not only are his policies a catastrophic failure, but they are also dragging down the party and they are heading into a critical midterm where they know this is going to be an extinction level event. for the democrats, they do not want to be tied it to him. he cannot keep any staff. it's basically going to be joe and jill in the next couple of months running the entire country out of the white house because everyone else will be gone. >> jason: joe, jill and the easter bunny. can't believe the easter bunny, we need him to direct things along the way. phil, it's not good for the country when 88% of the country believes we are on the wrong track. that is not good for anybody. but you don't get those numbers are so low by losing republicans. we already knew this was going to be a problem. you lose that number by losing independents and losing
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democrats. that is what is so devastating to the democratic party the democratic party. >> you are absolutely right, because everybody, whether you are a democrat or republican, realized that their life is not as good under president biden as it was under president trump. even with the economic shutdown with covid and everything else, they look back on those days almost fondly because when they go to the grocery store, they go to the gas tank, they know they are getting -- and the president has basically not made a compelling economic plan to get us out of this. usually when you have a leader in the white house, like ronald reagan, they have a defined plan. we are going to do this, we are going to cut taxes, expired growth. or president trump, we are going to drill, drill, drill for oil, become energy independent peer president biden doesn't have a plan. he keeps talking about build back better but it seems to be
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tearing -- down everything that has worked in the past with the u.s. economy. >> jason: yeah, i read a report that said something like something like 1 million people have joined the republican party and again, i still get stuck on that 80% of americans believe we are on the wrong track. >> joe biden doesn't have a plan, he read his messages from cue cards. this guy has no thoughts. let's be clear, he went in with the mission of progressives to undo what was working under the trump administration. it is why we are in this situation right now. this is self-inflicted damage because of dislike towards president trump. >> jason: to monica's point.
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this is a salient one, the plany are actually doing it. shame on the people who actually believed joe biden and didn't listen to joe biden because he said he was going to dismantle the energy sector top to bottom and he has done that. elizabeth warrens of the world think that's great but anybody who is filling up a tank of gas, it's just devastating to them, monica. speak up when people say he doesn't have a plan, that is not actually true. this is the plan, to decimate the u.s. economy. we are witnessing the intentional destruction of the u.s. economy because they want to replace it with the neo-communist, more collectivist kind of model. so of course they are going after the energy sector because energy is the biggest lever available to them in order to leverage it to effect that change. while the american people are suffering and the people
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suffering the most of the middle class, working class, the poor, retirees, those on fixed income. all of the constituents the democrats claimed to champion the most, they are the ones really suffering and being afflicted the most. and yes, the democrats don't care because they have their eyes on a much bigger prize, which is reengineering the u.s. economy into a more socialist model. >> jason: phil, we've only got 20 seconds left but what should happen? if we are going to drive down inflation what should happen? >> number one, reverse the anti-energy policies that president biden put in place, get the keystone going. bottom line is he's creating the next energy crisis. a lot of talk about the petroleum reserve being sold to other countries. it's at the lowest level since the 1980s. that is the next crisis and as soon as we have a crisis and there's no oil to replace it, you are going to see a major price shock and that's going to hurt. >> jason: it's going to hurt
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in every sector and when it starts affecting food prices we are all going to file. monica, leo and phil, thank you for joining us tonight. now let's turn to quick flashback. remember in april, this is when joe biden released oil from the strategic reserves to help stabilize the price of gas. not only did this gimmick fail to bring down prices but according to reuters, more than 5 million barrels were actually exported to asia and europe, including going to china. but per usual, yesterday biden's white house secretary, she was a little short on answers. have a look. >> reporter: there is a reuters report out this morning that said more than 5 million barrels of oil that were released from the emergency oil reserves were exported to europe and asia last month, and some of it reportedly was actually headed to china. it is the administration aware of those reports and does the
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president mind that some of the soil that was meant to ease pain for consumers is headed over to -- >> i haven't seen that report so i would honestly have to go look into it and see what the truth is in that statement that you just laid out and see exactly what is happening. i just have not seen that report. >> jason: why bother keeping up with the news when you can read talking points from a giant binder and there has been no follow-up. they really has been no follow-up along the way or they would've done that. joining us for reaction is the host on the fox business network, larry kudlow, finances and the white house. the idea that we took our strategic oil reserve in much of that oil ended up in china, that is not what the president said he was doing. >> it's a very strange story. that's about as much -- we don't have enough details, but some of
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the strategic petroleum reserves were exported to europe and then through trading companies made their way to india and perhaps china. we don't know all that we need to know. i don't really understand -- look, there's a couple things, let's break this down. first point is i don't know why we have to export strategic petroleum reserves. what we should be doing is exporting lng. that is the key, to help europe out and reduce their dependency, particularly on russian gas but also russian oil. that is what we should be doing. but no leases and no permits have stopped all that so that is point number one. point number two, oil is fungible. it doesn't really affect the price. whether it's here or overseas, it's a world market and i just want to say what's happened,
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more important, this is a dumb thing, don't get me wrong, very dumb thing. by the end of october they will have gotten rid of almost 50% of our strategic petroleum reserve which in itself is a dumb thing because that is about energy security and national security. but what's going on is that russia is selling heavily to india and china. so russian oil production is that prewar levels because it goes to customers. they are selling at a discount, 25%, 30% perhaps but still $100 a barrel or more so russia is making a fortune. india and china are sustaining putin's war machine by the same token, because joe biden has a very far left climate change policy, all of this craziness.
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no leases, you saw that from the interior department, they are not granting permits either for drilling or pipelining or refining. this may change because of the supreme court decision, west virginia versus the epa which is a terrific decision and a lot of the stuff is going to be held up in court but nonetheless, we are not getting the production of oil or gasoline because the bidens are violently against all of that. meanwhile russia with china and india have completely blown up the oil sections. >> jason: but larry, what to me permeates this white house and administration is one of incompetence. it reminds me of jimmy carter. joe biden was actually a senator when jimmy carter was president of the united states. those two guys have known each other, they've got to learn from each other. and the problem is the president stands up and says "putin, putin, putin." and i'm going to release this
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oil reserve to relieve the price of gas and then i'm playing $130 to fill up my f-150 and people are sick of it because this president doesn't know what he's doing and he blames somebody else. why do we need joe biden if he can get it done? >> well, that is an important question. i think you will get an answer come november when the cavalry comes and takes the house and most likely takes the senate. probably is going to be a landslide. i actually was a junior wall street economist during jimmy carter's period, so i actually remember some of those crazy mistakes. look, everything biden does is permeated by this left is climate change green new deal. he really believes that we can abolish fossil fuels, he has said it many times, and he really believes that this high price of oil will be ameliorated, mitigated with the
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use of renewables. fossil fuels, 80% of our power right now, renewables, maybe 4% or 5%. it's not going to happen. but they are stubborn and narcissistic and self-centered. he has blamed trump, blamed covid, blamed putin, blamed oil prices, even gas stations because the intern who rode the tweet didn't have econ 101. i love that tweet. i think that is fabulous. and i don't think joe biden understands it. i don't know what he knows. he saw his press secretary, she doesn't understand it. i don't know who understands it. all i can say is we are not going to end fossil fuels. maybe we will and a hundred years or 150 years but it won't be any sooner than that. >> jason: it is clear, transportation secretary pete buttigieg doesn't have a
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clue, the congress secretary doesn't have any answers, they don't have any answers. larry kudlow, thank you so much for joining us on "hannity" tonight. i really do appreciate it. believe it or not, the democratic-controlled house and senate have even lower numbers than joe biden. 7% of americans have confidence in congress. who are these 7% per year but that didn't stop nancy pelosi from lying in a fund-raising email. she was touting fake predictions in battleground states across america. in fact, the email was so misleading that even far left former disinformation czar nina jankowicz referred to pelosi's rosy predictions as disinformation. here now with more is wisconsin senator ron johnson. it's pretty bad when biden's disinformation czar called this
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stuff disinformation. it's really bad. >> may be what nancy pelosi really meant, 14 democrat senators up for reelection. maybe what she really meant is if they are lucky six will survive reelection. if this were a sane world and we had unbiased media, this wouldn't be a wave election, this would be a tsunami. when you have 75, 88% of the american people thinking we are on the wrong track and by the way, they are right, they understand that when joe biden says he's going to fundamentally transform america, most americans believe we have problems that need to be fixed but now we are seeing what fundamental transformation looks like. a flood of deadly and dangerous drugs, record high inflation, gasoline prices, rising crime. at this is the year 2022.
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we don't have enough baby formula to feed our infants in america. this is a disaster. again, this should be a tsunami of election. but the mainstream media has a good deal of power. they are no longer journalists, they are advocates for the democratic party, they are radical leftists themselves and this will be a tough contest. >> jason: and all the disinformation that does go out in places like nancy pelosi's emails, in the last minute or so that i have with you i've got to ask about hunter biden because the places that he's been doing business, we have the new voice mail that's out there but we have photos and emails. between you and senator grassley you've been the champions of getting to the truth and getting to the bottom of this. where do you see this going, how do you see this playing out in what can you do if the senate is in the majority hands for the republic?
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>> his laptop continues to provide further evidence of what i would consider criminal activity. his engagement with international sex trafficking rings, his father's potential financing of his involvement there. my concern is they will seal all the records as part of the plea deal. america needs to know the truth but the media is complicit in covering up the truth. >> jason: it is amazing that the lack of curiosity from the media for something that is so obvious and something that is there in black and white, thank you so much for joining us tonight on the "hannity," i really do appreciate it. coming up, biden's department of justice is suing the state of arizona over their election integrity laws. mark brnovich explains. plus senator marsha blackburn from tennessee joins us with
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reaction, coming up next.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine,
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web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> jason: breaking news out of arizona where the biden justice department is suing the state over its proof of citizenship voter i.d. law, alleging the law violates the civil rights act of 1964 but as mike brought a veg points out, requiring citizenship does not violate any section of that statute and in fact to the arizona law makes voting accessible while preserving integrity at the ballot box. here to explain more as the arizona attorney general and u.s. senate candidates, mark brnovich. mr. attorney general, thank you for joining us. this should be such simple
6:27 pm
stuff, show your i.d., what is wrong with that? >> thank you for having me on, my friend. this is really the height of hypocrisy absurdity that it's curious that arizona passes a law that says you have to prove you are a citizen to vote in a presidential election or vote by mail and at the same time the biden administration is going to sue us while they are allowing millions of people to illegally enter the country. so i guess in addition to giving people flights and hotel rooms they now want to give them the right to vote even though they are not citizens. >> jason: there are those of us that wonder, why would the democrats want millions of people to just flow in and you had places like new york and california where they were trying to give those people who were not u.s. citizens the right to vote. i mean, is that the end game? what are they after relay here? >> i think people can draw their own conclusions but we know that the hard left, the neo-marxist
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vision is to have no borders and they want this socialist utopia and that is why they are trying to nationalize our elections, socialize our economy. but the reality is, i am a first-generation american and most people fleeing the socialist countries know their economic basket cases so why would they vote for democrats when they are promising more socialism in this country? >> jason: i think that is why the hispanic vote really pretty much every ethnic minority group you can name is moving towards the republican party and they are actually in part fleeing because they want the rule of law but democrats aren't interested in the rule of law, as best i can tell. >> joe biden's twisted version of america, anyone can apparently enter the country, enter a voting booth and even a women's restroom without any consequences. >> jason: very quickly, what is the next step with this? where does it go next?
6:29 pm
>> you know i'm a fighter so we will once again see the biden administration in court and i'm going to do everything i can to preserve arizona's election integrity measures and as you know i've argued all the way up to the u.s. supreme court in thd left to preserve every state's ability to pass common sense election integrity integrity measures. >> jason: you've done some great things at the supreme court there and we do appreciate you joining us on "hannity." mark. mark brnovich, thank you. herewith my reaction is tennessee senator marsha blackburn from the great state of tennessee. i served with you in the united states congress. i'm glad to have you tonight on "hannity." i just wish everybody could vote with the same information on the same day and in person. this idea of all this early voting and mail-in voting at all of that, i don't know, it just seems so simple to me. >> you know, jason, when you
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look at this, what the people of arizona did was to say to their elected representatives, hi, we need to get a good law in place that says okay, you are going to need to verify who you are in order to vote. this is important to arizona because what is happening at the southern border with so many illegally entering the country. so the elected representatives perform their constitutional duty, it is called the elections clause. it gives setting the time, place and manner of elections to the various state legislatures. they do that, past some voter i.d. laws which is what the people of this state have wanted and now the biden doj is so busy suing states like arizona for doing their constitutional duty and passing something that the people of the state want, but
6:31 pm
the biden doj is too busy to go after drug traffickers and human traffickers, and go work on helping dhs secure that southern border. i mean, you just can't even make this kind of stuff up. we have the biggest humanitarian crisis ever taking place at our southern border. it has been declared the most dangerous of migrant land route on the face of the earth. it is worse than afghanistan, china, iran, russia, north korea when you look at dangerous migrant land routes. but no, this administration wants to go after arizona where the people of that state have said we want to make it easy to vote, we want to make it hard to cheat. we think it is the right thing to do to have people prove who they are in order to cast a ballot in our state.
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>> jason: is stunning to me, the idea that you have to produce identification to verify who you are. think of all the other places you have to produce some identification in order to move around this country, get on an airplane. all these different places you have to do that but no, never mind the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, the drug cartels being in charge at the border. it really is stunning. last word to you, senator blackburn. i really do appreciate your leadership on this issue. >> absolutely. listen, election integrity is vital, it is important. our states have done good work in tightening up our laws. we need this administration to be watching what is happening domestically, what is happening around the globe as people are looking at us and saying we don't have a foreign policy and
6:33 pm
looking internally and seeing the crisis of inflation, of crime, of drugs, of the open border. and this administration is content with that chaos. that is not good for them and that is why democrats and republicans agree that this administration is not up to the task. >> jason: senator blackburn, thank you for joining us. straight ahead, more covid hypocrisy from gavin newsom. you won't believe what he did this time period and is he plotting at 2024 run? speculation is mounting as his feud with ron desantis in florida is mounting. adam corolla, he joined us next. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: failing far left governor gavin newsom caught in yet more hypocrisy tonight because, get this, gavin newsom is reportedly on vacation in montana. despite california has been on state-sponsored travel to montana, citing policies deemed to be discriminatory towards lgbtq americans. when asked for comment, newsom's office said the governor's travel was not being paid for by the state, but when asked whether security is being paid for by the state, newsom's office dodged that question. of course, it's not the first time newsom has set rules for thee and not for me. remember during the height of covid when he told californians to stay home and save lives, while he was dining indoors at the ritzy french laundry restaurant? meanwhile, newsom continues to fuel speculation that he will
6:39 pm
seek the democratic nomination in 2024, running ads in florida, joining truth social and building his national profile. but the contrast between red states and blue states couldn't be clearer, because while democrats over the last two years double down on lockdown, lawlessness and far left lunacy, red states lead the way in reopening schools, businesses, keeping vulnerable residents safe and secure. it's why many americans are voting with their feet. they are moving to states like florida, texas, utah and others. here for reaction is author of everything reminds me of something, happens to be one of my personal favorites. so glad to have comedian adam corolla joining us. thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity." you live with gavin newsom so what is your take on all of this? >> i live under gavin newsom's
6:40 pm
thumb. if i lived with him i would have killed myself years ago. number one. number two, let's distill this down. there's a travel ban against montana because montana is evil because of their stances on lgbt, whatever. they are probably not handing out free reassignment surgery to all inmates or something insane. but either way, let's just break it down. montana is an evil place because of the way they treat the gay and lesbian community. then who cares who is paying for your trouble? why are you going to an evil place? you are the one that said this is a bad place, bad policies so don't go fly fishing then. don't go there. at the same with the french laundry, it was the same with the sophia stadium where he is taking pictures with magic johnson with his mask in his hand.
6:41 pm
he doesn't believe it, he's a carpetbagger, he is full of crap come he doesn't believe anything he is saying. he doesn't believe covid is dangerous or he wouldn't be out with his 48 friends drinking wine or standing at sophia stadium without a mask on believed it. he doesn't believe it to come he doesn't believe montana, he doesn't believe anything he says and i don't believe anything he says either. >> jason: i get the sense he wakes up in the morning walks into the bathroom it looks in the mirror and says, hello, mr. president. that is the sense i got and now he is running ads in florida? what the heck? >> if you saw those ads, he's talking about freedom. that was the theme of that ad, patriotic music playing, talking about the fourth and freedom. he's talking about ron desantis taking away freedom of spirit of this is a guy who shut down schools, shut down beaches, shut down outdoor
6:42 pm
dining, made sure that 2-year-olds were masked up. shut down playgrounds and hiking trails, shut down small businesses. this guy has got the gall to talk about freedom in a statement that was locked down and by the way, we are still living under the emergency order. he is still in charge because he is keeping the covid emergency orders going in perpetuity so he can remain king of california. >> jason: and i guess that is the point. i am originally from california but i was smart enough to get out of california. why is anybody living there? they can't even get people to bring their u-haul's back to california so people can start leaving fast enough, and he thinks he is it better than ron desantis in florida? come on. >> basically, do the math. everybody is leaving california and going to florida. no one is leaving florida and going to california. gavin newsom is like the owner
6:43 pm
of an italian food restaurant who is watching everyone walked out of his restaurant, go across the street and go to the italian food place across the street, and then he is standing out on the sidewalk talking about how bad the food is at the place across the street. well, people are voting with their feet. >> jason: yeah, no, they really are. i think it's absurd that he is trying to put himself in this place and take the idea and the mantle of freedom where we still believe things are free. adam corolla, thanks so much for joining us on "hannity." it's really fun for me to talk to you, i really do appreciate it. coming up, lori lightfoot hypocrisy is once again on full display. we will show you what she said this time. emily compagno and roy murdoch way and when we return. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast,
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powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: chicago mayor lori lightfoot thinks she's found the solution to america's recent crime wave. she says people just need to treat each other better and stop insulting each other. here are her thoughts on the state of our public discourse, plus a reminder of what she had to say about supreme court justice clarence thomas just last week. have a look. speak of the toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that i think we should all be concerned about. we have got to focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart. and we've got to get back to respect for each other and respect for community >> clarence thomas, we said
6:49 pm
[bleep] you, clarence thomas. [shouting] >> jason: not quite setting the unifying example, is she? here with reaction, the cohost of "outnumbered," emily compagno and roy murdoch. emily, i'm going to start with you because to get a little lecture from the mayor of chicago about stability, i don't know, it's just a little too much for me. >> it is too much and there are two takeaways here. one, her hypocrisy and two is that rhetoric matters. let's start with her hypocrisy for a second because in the same speech when she called for stability and unity she also mentioned that those men and women in uniform, chicago police department she said risk life and limb every day for our safety, which is true. but it was her that defunded the chicago police department by $80 million in 2020. she's never been a public advocate for them and that is why in part and did the
6:50 pm
deadliest year in chicago history in a quarter-century, and this year they've lost already 326 people to gun violence. she continues down the path of words only, and her actions totally belie where her priorities are. then in terms of that rhetoric, you had earlier attorney general mark brnovich on and the person who followed senator kyrsten sinema into the bathroom bid that is a felony. we had squad members, congress amended announcing senator sinema, saying to hold her accountable. we had a president at the time who called that just politics. it then the supreme court, lori lightfoot said this moment is a call to action because the supreme court is coming for us next. and what happens? we have an attempted murder charge on a would-be assassin of a supreme court justice. she is a hypocrite and her rhetoric matters because unless you dilute calls for violence, unless you temper those of flames, people will act on it. >> jason: what is your take on
6:51 pm
this? >> i think emily is absolutely right and i really wish the real mayor lori lightfoot would please stand up. she's talking about stability but she was attacked by members of her staff are sending these emails where she said things like, i need more quality time and private time every single day exclamation .16 times in an email. she also said she would only get one-on-one interviews with journalists of cover because of the excessive whiteness and maleness of the chicago press corps. also this isn't just mayor lightfoot, this is a problem we have on the left in general. these are the same folks who didn't just say we think president trump is wrong. instead he is a russian agent, controlled by the kgb, an anti-semite even though he has a jewish daughter and jewish grandson. and they were egging on the rioters. attorney general of the state of massachusetts who said america
6:52 pm
is burning but that is how forests grow. this is the chief law enforcement officer of the state of massachusetts at the time buildings and institutes were burning to the ground. rather than saying please stop letting things, behave yourselves, be peaceful. she said america is burning and this is the way forests grow. they love to talk about civil discourse but turn around and engage in or encourage or sympathize with people who are engaging in violence. >> jason: i've been on the receiving end of that. my time in congress. i tell you, it is palatable. i've got to tell you, supreme court justice clarence thomas has probably been on the receiving end of more disparaging words and attacks and vulgarity then anybody certainly on that court. >> that is right. certainly nowhere near the respect that his position should accord him and i note that all of that vitriol is coming from the so-called progressive left.
6:53 pm
all of the blatant, racist comments calling him uncle clarence and things we cannot repeat on tv all comes from the progressive left of that claim allow people to vote and -- how they want, but really does coming from people that say because you have a certain skin color you must vote a certain way. because you vote a certain way you must think a certain way. they are prescribing people's voting at the ballot box and proscribing how they think a supreme court justice should vote, missing the substantive point of that opinion but the irony is just astounding, jason, because that is supposed to be the party that claims tolerance and freedom but really they are the ones that allow no room, no wiggle room once however, no thought diversity whatsoever if you do not walk in lockstep or be part of their groupthink. >> jason: yeah, that is the point. i find the people that are preaching the most tolerance are often the least tolerant among us. it really is stunning.
6:54 pm
>> it is stunning, and people want to say we disagree with clarence thomas, we disagree with his decision, that is fine. but rather than disagreeing and stating the difference is, as emily said, uncle clarence, sellout, bad black person, acting white, all of these awful things. people disagree with white a jurist they don't say you are a bad white person, they are saying you're wrong and they might use ugly comments of sorts but don't try to deny the whiteness of justice kavanaugh or the whiteness of justice roberts. but in the case of clarence thomas, if he differs with the lefty is no no longer a black man. you only see people on the left doing that. you don't see people on the right engaging in that outright bigotry which is becoming these days and exclusive province of the left. >> jason: the attacks continue and it is sad because we have a whole generation of people growing up that lack respect. those types of examples are just very difficult and it is just so wrong. to see lori lightfoot preaching
6:55 pm
to us, but then going to a concert and yelling and dropping swearing into that kind of stuff, it just makes no sense and that is why i think a younger generation is just learning all the wrong messages. thank you both for joining us tonight on "hannity." i really do appreciate it. more of the special edition of "hannity" right after this break. ♪ ♪
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for allowing me to sit in this chair. download my podcast, type in jason in the house. i interview pete hegseth and i hope you enjoy it. have a great, wonderful holiday and great night. laura ingraham takes it from here on the ingraham angle. >> laura: great to see you as always, fantastic show and we'll pick it up where you left off. i'm laura ingraham, this is a "the ingraham angle" from wyoming tonight. we have a lot to get to so we are going to dive right in. all about liz, that's the focus of tonight's angle. all high and mighty, liz cheney has spent basically the last year claiming to be the supreme defender of the constitution. >> i will never put party above my duty to the constitution, i swore an oath under god and i will abide by that oath. i'm a conservative republican and i believe dee