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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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much looks like putin will take donbas. even breaking right now, it is 10:00 a.m. in london. prime minister boris johnson is preparing to resign. >> todd: we are expecting him to make a statement at any appointment. his newly appointed education secretary resigned. one of 50 british officials resigned after revealed johnson knew about misconduct against the former deputy chief whip he appointed. nigel farage here with us during the breaking news. we've been talking for the last 20 minutes about all things boris johnson, for those just waking up, why now? what happened over the course of
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the last 24-36 hours that boris johnson, who originally said he was entrenched and wasn't going anywhere, you would have to remove him with blood on his hands, was the analogy, what is leading him to resign? >> nigel: catastrophic loss of confidence from those who voted in 2019 and those who make up the government and run the country. resigning to a point he did not have a lot of men and women with him to take jobs to keep the country running. i've never seen anything like it. i've seen people's reputation fall and rise in short periods of time. these are huge events and the old story of the straw that broke the camel's back. there have been serious upsets with johnson not telling the truth over the party while the
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rest of us couldn't go visit our grandmothers. many time what he said has been found not true. in the end, it was serious allegations about sexual impropriety and he knew the truth about the individual and did not take care of it. this is it, we cannot go on with it. it happened incredibly quickly for him, for his historical legacy, it is not good. for the conservative movement, very bad indeed. >> carley: will he stay until late september or early october or will he resign right away? that is something he will announce likely when he releases his statement we're waiting for any minute now. what do you think he will
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decide? >> nigel: i suspect he will try to stay on as prime minister but given most people who resigned questioned his integrity. these are serious charges, your own team is saying you do not have the integrity to lead this country. if he does try to stay on, we could see more battles with people that urge him to go immediately and to appoint an interim prime minister, probably robb, his deputy. he is going and will be gone, exactly how this plays out, we have yet to find out. >> todd: for the american audience watching this morning, what does this mean for the future of the relationship between your country and ours? >> nigel: boris johnson had kind of bonded with joe biden over
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climate policy, over co2 emission and no nearer a trade deal, the truth is when trump was in office, the relationship between the two countries was probably best and closest it had been for some years and not been the same under joe biden, but whoever replaces boris johnson will undoubtedly become -- worth remembering just despite big changes in the world, the usa is the biggest foreign investor in britain and britain the biggest foreign investor in america. you think about that, think about nato, you think about intelligence sharing and the fact we all listen to the same music, watch the same films, you realize our countries are incredibly close and will go on
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being so. >> carley: thank you for joining us on breaking news, british prime minister boris johnson just said he is going to resign, we are expecting a statement from him any moment now. we appreciate you as always. meanwhile, in the u.s. -- in the independence day shooting outside chicago on monday has been identified. >> todd: police revealing the suspected gunman plotted a second attack hours after the independence day parade. madelyn joins us. madelyn. >> good morning, carley and todd, heartbreaking new details as we learn about the upon seventh victim identified as 69-year-old eduardo. he died yesterday morning.
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the suspect contemplated a second attack in wisconsin after committing the shooting here. after robert crimo opened fire in highland park, he drove to madison and noticed another 4th of july celebration. he thought about attacking that celebration, but decided not to and returned to illinois, where he was later arrested. police do not know why crimo turned back, they think it was because he had not done enough research. he confessed to them. >> he was questioning the highland park police department, he was read his miranda rights and went into details about what he had done and admitted to what he had done. >> we're hearing from the suspect's father for the first time, who is facing criticism
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for sponsoring his son's gun license, even after making statements that he would like to kill everyone. robert crimo jr. says they make me like i groomed him to do all of this, i've been here my whole life, i will stay here, hold my head up high, i didn't do anything wrong. crimo could face dozens more charges for the people he injured. >> todd: 1500 violent criminals at the doj calls operation north star, marshals booking 339 fugitives in new york city alone. major busts in chicago, l.a. and philly, the apprehended suspected were evolved in, 235 homicide cases, sexual assault and officials seizing 166
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firearms and 33 kilograms of illegal drugs. >> carley: we have footage to show you here. watch this. [screaming] >> come on, come on. hurry, hurry, hurry. >> carley: miraculous fire rescue in indiana, we'll show you what happened next. >> todd: and hunter biden's shady business dealings, we'll tell you where the investigation stands now. >> when joe biden became president, he in the dark of night changed it to where congress could no longer access that treasury.
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>> carley: new drone footage shows hundreds of migrants, investigating the state for trying to stop the influx at the border. >> todd: more about operation lone star, brooke. >> brooke: launching investigation for potential civil rights violations.
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in letter to state authorities doj saying the department is seeking this information after receiving information dps may be discriminating on the basis of race or national origin. texas department of criminal justice says the agency is following laws in response to the ongoing crisis at the border. the biden administration targets, new video shows 500 migrants crossing into eagle pass, texas, many giving thumbs up to the drone. attorney general ken paxton tweeting, this looked like a closed border to you? and tennessee senator marsha blackburn says the administration's priorities are out of whack. listen. >> the biden doj is too busy to go after drug traffickers and
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human traffickers and helping dhs secure the southern border. it has been declared the most dangerous migrant land route on the face of the earth. >> brooke: in may 240,000 migrant -- >> todd: thank you very much. if you are confused, it is understandable. let's review. texas is doing the job of federal government trying to police the border, the texas border to protect the people ofas, what is biden administration doing? the biden doj refuses to deal with. >> carley: doj released a statement, the department is seeking this after receiving information dps may be discriminating on basis of race
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or origin related to operation lone star, which deals with illegal immigrants. how could this be a racial issue when it has to do with people of -- everybody is of a different origin. >> todd: no protected class for nonamerican, that is not an overarching category you can deal with, this is weak sauce from the biden doj, expect this to be handled in court. with that, check out this body cam footage, extraordinary rescue of an entire family from a burning building in indiana. they leap out of a window, watch. [screaming] >> get down, get down, get down. come on. [video recording]
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>> todd: there are people doing good in the world. the family got trapped because the flames engulfed the stairwell. cause of the fire is under investigation, kudos to the folks who saved lives. fox news alert, we are learning british prime minister boris johnson will announce his resignation today. we just met with the queen, we're bringing you breaking details next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb.
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>> todd: 20 after the hour on the east coast. fox news alert. we are learning british prime minister boris johnson has agreed to resign and will be making an announcement from ten downing street. boris johnson has spoken to queen elizabeth before making the announcement. ics cathe most recent scandal after newly appointed education secretary is resigned just 36 hours after starting the
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position, one of 50 british officials to resign after it was revealed johnson knew about misconduct allegation against the chief whip he appointed in february. former brexit leader nigel faragi joined us with this take. >> nigel: i think a number of senior cabinet members said to him, unless you are gone today, we will walk out and the country would not have been governed at any level and the last 24 hours, it's been sort of almost like psychodrama been going on in westminster. truth is, he should have been gone 48 hours ago, if you haven't got men and women around you, you simply have to go. >> carley: news at home. republican congresswoman mayra flores hitting back after being
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labeled far right. an article named flores -- that is todd, this is me, number of conservative politicians who they say gained political clout by shunning moderates and embracing the extreme. flores responded to the charge last night. >> i honestly don't care about the "new york times," they know nothing about me or my culture, we're all about god, family and country, that is who we are in south texas and what they call far right, it is insane. i don't care about the "new york times," i'm focused on the district i'm running. >> carley: flores says the left uses hispanics for political gain and her mission is to stop them from taking advantage of her community. >> todd: so many levels of richness to the next story, brace yourself. biden's disinformation czar
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accusing nancy pelosi of spreading misinformation. e-mail nancy pelosi sent out. the disinformation czar says to drop the misinformation and focus on real issues. here is senator ron johnson on it. >> this should be a tsunami of election, but mainstream media has great deal of power, they are advo indicatess for democratic party and leftists themselves and this will be a tough contest. >> todd: nate silver, the founder and fact checking nancy pelosi says 528 has democrats heavy underdogs.
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>> carley: -- >> todd: montana congressman joins us. montana is a ne-good horrible state as gavin newsom claims it is, why is he vacationing there? >> because it's a wonderful place to be. i'm glad to have gavin newsom come up here and spend money and hopefully he can spend enough time talking to people in montana and find out what a free society lives and operates like. >> carley: that's a good response. newsom's people says the governor's travel is not being paid for by the state, connecting the two is false. the point is he is the representative of california and state-funded travel is in california is banned from being
2:25 am
used in montana. this is a rules for thee, not for me situation, isn't it? >> it is standard operating procedure for the far left. we see this time and time again issue the hypocrisy issue the way they live their lives is very different from the policies they try to impose on the balance of constituents. this is just another example of it, we have seen gavin newsom do that time and time and time again. while balance of population of california, whether for business travel or education or whatever purpose, cannot use state funds to come to montana to see the beautiful landscape and to study our tremendous geography, he is taking the time to come up here himself and take dollars out of his pocket, i'm glad gavin newsom is up here spending money and i hope he spends time talking to people and
2:26 am
understands how free society is supposed to function. we run things differently up here than they do in california clearly. that is the main reason we've seen such an exodus from california to states like montana, where people live freely. >> carley: one thing that bothered me about the story, every article i said said montana has anti-lgbtq policies, without explaining what the policies are and it turns out in montana, if you are born a boy, you can't join a girls sports team, is that anti-lgbtq to you? >> no, go back in history and you will see why title ix statute was put in place and funding to make sure young women had the opportunity to compete in sports and academics at the same level young men were able to and basically these policies
2:27 am
are just the statute that is put in place now is to preserve that, to make sure we don't have young men that were born biologically as a young man to go in and compete academically or athletically against young women, it is ridiculous and we want to make sure we preserve opportunities, young women's upon opportunities to compete for scholarships and compete in sports programs on a fair level. >> todd: we saw the same hypocrisy during covid, politicians blasting florida and where do the woke politicians travel? florida. red states winning in post-pandemic economy, you think the two are connected? gop states adding jobs and blue states still short 1.3 million jobs. congressman, why do you think that is the case? >> absolutely, todd.
2:28 am
because we stayed open. the governor was able to, he lifted every single mandate when he was sworn into office and provided protection for businesses, so they were going to be able to maintain some type of immunity as long as they use proper procedure to protect customers and we open our state back up again and not only did you see that our economy picked up faster, we saw the children were a lot healthier and happier and so that is something else everybody has to take into consideration, a lot of blue states are going to be dealing with a lot of other problems, not just with the economy, but mental health issues because they didn't lock down states, they will be dealing with that for quite sometime. you will see the same stats come back out and show the republican states, republican-run states are going to have a lot less
2:29 am
incidents. >> carley: congressman rosendale from montana, thank you, we appreciate it. >> todd: a gorgeous state. top democrats in ohio snubbing president biden during a visit to ohio, another beautiful state. he appears to be hurting them more than helping them ahead of november, we have brutal details. >> carley: wild video shows a helicopter landing on a busy highway, we'll tell you why that happened coming up next. ♪ ♪ what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns! ( ♪♪ ) favorite partner. crushing topspin. and leg cramp relief.
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>> carley: fox news alert. if you are just waking up, we are learning british prime minister boris johnson will announce has resignation today. he just met with the queen before make his announcement. greg joins us with the latest. >> carley: greg, can you hear us? >> todd: are we going to move on or stick with greg? we will talk about boris johnson, breaking news, boris johnson announcing he would resign as british prime minister today. this coming as we highlighted throughout the course of our show this morning, after days, weeks, even hours, denials he
2:34 am
would not walk away from post as british prime minister come hell or high water, that day has finally arrived. boris johnson resigned. >> carley: the reason he resigned is because of government office parties happening during lockdowns and johnson knew about sexual misconduct by -- we have greg palkot back. good morning. >> greg: a british bomb shell dropped on the british london scene here, the past hour or so, it has been made known that boris johnson will be stepping down, making the announcement maybe in the next hour or two, it had been really rumored for the past 36 hours this was going to be happening, this after a slew of top-ranking cabinet
2:35 am
members and junior officials saying they are quitting on the basis of integrity, of transparency, truthfulness, this whole thing was triggered by recent political point made by boris johnson, turns out associated with the individual were strong sexual misconduct allegations and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. a lot of issues surrounds boris johnson regarding flip-flops and lack of transparency, probably most important thing that hit home with people in the u.k. is alleged and real misconduct by boris johnson during the covid-19 lockdown. he claimed he didn't know about a lot going on, he apologized, that hit home to the people, who just like in the u.s. were suffering through this. the gig was up, he had several meetings during the day and
2:36 am
evening last night with members of his own party, not the opposition or lab our party, conservative party saying he could not go forward and now he's going through with that, there will be a period of time where they find a new leader, new prime minister and maybe a new election. one key takeaway for america, there should be constancy issue the defense minister wants to stay on to keep on strong policy regarding the ukraine against russia and as far as other trade policies, they should stay in place, as well. back to you. >> carley: all right, greg palkot, thank you so much. back at home, president biden is bashing republicans for not doing anything to lower gas prices, if you can believe it, he appears to be the latest messaging hail mary from the president presiding over record-high inflation. >> todd: so bad even members of his own party don't want to
2:37 am
appear alongside him. >> polls show the economy is upon to of mind for most voters going into the midterm. president biden knows he cannot avoid the topic. on wednesday, he was in ohio talking about the american rescue plan telling supporters the economy has improved and admits inflation is a problem people are dealing with today. >> president biden: we got a long way to go because of inflation, i call it putin tax increase, putin because of gasoline and grain keeping from being able to get to the market. i'm fighting like hell to lower cost on i think thiss you talk about around your kitchen table. >> you saw people behind the president, two democrats were missing from the speech yesterday, both democrats running for governor and senate in this swing state chose not to be with the president for his visit. congressman tim ryan said he
2:38 am
planned to keep his distance from the president. >> not an answer if you want president biden on the campaign trail. >> my answer, i want to be the face of this campaign, i don't want any distractions. >> the white house is beginning its search for a new communication director, we learned kate bedingfield will be leaving this job later this summer, she is long-time biden aide responsible for shaping the president's message and what we hear daily coming out of the white house, one of several staffers that have left the administration, but the white house says he will assist the white house, just outside of the government pay parents taking a stand. nicole, parents defending education joins me now with more. nicole, what is going on with this so on-called parent's
2:39 am
council? >> we were surprised when the administration announced parent council. the more we dug in with america first legal fight for school, we figured out this is significant violation of federal advisory committee act, which has to announce creation of committees and be ideologically balanced and the council meets none of the criteria, so it is illegal. >> todd: what is your concern with this organization? >> the fact it is a bunch of yes men who agree on absolutely everything raise huge amount of concern, how can they make policy recommendation for the government if everything they think the biden administration does is brilliant. there is somebody on there who applauded department of justice memo who supported calling
2:40 am
parents terrorists. >> todd: nicole, listen to this, national education association proposing to change the word mother to birthing parent for the purpose of being inclusive. why are teachers unions normalizing this nonsense? >> it's a great question. it raises concerns about teachers unions showing how far they are from the concern of average parents, this reminds me of what van jones said, this is not language you hear at the beauty parlor, these are deeply out of touch ideologues. they need money to advance this. there is not buy-in among their members and the fact they push this on families is offensive. >> todd: we'll not call you a birthing parent, we will call you a mom, nicole neily, thank you so much. another house democrat backing joe biden on inflation claiming it is not joe's fault.
2:41 am
>> none of this is new news because there is inflation right now. these are issues that have arisen in many cases decades of bad policy making. >> carley: doesn't look like voters agree, cheryl casone is breaking it down next.
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>> todd: top house republican accusing the white house of stone walling his bid for information on hunter biden. >> carley: cheryl casone has the latest. good morning. >> cheryl: the top republican james comer writing treasury secretary janet yellen, investigating whether change in long-standing policy motivated by shielding hunter biden from scrutiny. it is troubling the biden administration will create appearance of transparency, he joins you last hour. >> hunter biden and joe biden's brother jim, have had over 150 suspicious reports. when joe biden became president, he in the dark of night changed it to where congress could no
2:46 am
longer access that treasury. >> cheryl: now deadline for document on hunter's business dealings to be turned over by july 20th. >> todd: if you didn't think you could get angry over what is happening at the pump, there is this. >> cheryl: president biden sent 5 billion from the strategic petroleum reserve to asia after promising daily release of oil would help aleaveiate gas prices for americans. neil crabtree talked about it. >> exporting oil is something the united states needs to be a leader in, the problem is where this oil is coming from, this president made it a habit to get into this reserve quite a few times now. we've got three months of him drawing out a million barrels per day.
2:47 am
>> cheryl: through october. see will see if levels hold. the market is volatile, as you know. >> carley: vulnerable house democrat. >> cheryl: record-high inflation this fall, one democrat seems to know it, saying soarring costs from groceries to gas are not her party's fault. >> every one of us work on strategic focus for our districts, none of this is new news because there is inflation right now. these are issues that have arisen over in many cases decades of bad policy making. >> cheryl: that was a congresswoman, latest to claim high gas prices and inflation are not the fault of president biden or her party. a year ago, we were at $3.13 for a gallon of gas and today it is $4.75. >> carley: president biden accusing republicans of failing
2:48 am
to help lower gas prices. >> president biden: i'm fighting like hell to lower prices on things you talk about around your kitchen table, republicans doing nothing to lower gas prices. >> carley: the president says he is lowering costs, new federal report reel videos americans are saving 5% of paychecks after covering everyday living expenses. wilburr ross joins me now. good morning, mr. secretary, it is great to see you. what do you make of what the president said yesterday, gas prices would be lower if not for pesky republicans. >> first of all, the only specifics he gave was cutting back temporarily the federal tax, it doesn't amount to anything, it is zero percentage
2:49 am
point. the guy that doesn't have cash in his pocket to fill up his tank can't be fibbed to, he knows he's out of money. there is a real reason why the average american savings account dropped $9000 and that is because they are having to dip into personal savings in order to meet everyday living expenses, so president biden can talk about all the things he wants, but the guy who isun aring out of cash because inflation is more than eating up his pay, you can't fool him. empty pocket tells the truth. >> carley: i'm glad you mention the fact people are dipping into personal savings to pay bills because last month president biden said american families are doing great. listen to this. >> president biden: sin i took office, families are carrying
2:50 am
less debt, savings are up. stronger economic position today than just about any other country in the world. >> carley: others say we are heading toward recession or we are already in one, how do you characterize the state of the economy today? >> i think it is in a very, very perilous state because so many artificial factors were introduced in the pandemic policies, they overdid all kinds of spending and we're paying the price. my guess is we're in for stag-flattion at best and recession at the worst. you pick and choose, neither one is very attractive. >> carley: new monmouth poll this week paints grim picture of president biden's america, 54% of americans say middle class has not benefited from president
2:51 am
biden's policies. 88% say the country is heading in the "wrong track," and one-third of americans say inflation is their biggest concern. if you saw a poll like that during your time as commerce secretary, what would you be telling the president to do? >> well, he's got to change his fundamental policy, his approach seems to be first try to blame someone else for the problems and second, invent stories, what he's doing to try to solve it and accusing the democrats of bothering him. the reality is 40% of all the inflation is coming from fuel costs and that started long before the russian invasion, it started because the democratic policy is anti-hydro carbon and you can't be anti-hydro carbon
2:52 am
and have low prices at the pump, it just doesn't work. >> carley: former congress secretary under president trump wilbur ross, thank you for joining us this morning >> todd: this fox news alert. boris johnson will announce his resignation today, he met with the queen this morning before making an official public announcement, which could come at any moment >> carley: nile gardener, former aide to margaret thatcher joins us now. major news here. we're hearing boris johnson just met with the queen ahead of resignation statement he will make today, what can we expect to unfold in the coming hours? >>-- >> carley: i believe we're having audio issues, the latest news is he did meet with queen
2:53 am
elizabeth, which is a courtesy prime ministers who are stepping down usually make, they have to meet with the queen ahead of making an announcement and the big question will be, will he stay in office or will he immediately resign? if he does choose to stay in office until september or april to have more of a smooth transition to the next leader of the british government. >> todd: what is fascinating about the timing of all this and we've been focusing on the times since we learned of this report. boris johnson, barely a few hours ago, said i am not resigning, i will never resign. i believe the phrase he used, you will have to have bloody hands to pull me out of office. something has obviously transpired within boris johnson's team, within his unit and support system in the last
2:54 am
couple of hours and he's decided now is the time to go. as nigel pointed out and we need to reference this to nigel, he is knowledgeable about the issues. there was fear they did not have enough ministers to attend regular parliament business because so many people resigned. >> carley: nile, what can we expect to unfold in the coming hours? >> it's an extraordinary situation in london here. we are going to see a resignation statement from the prime minister very, very shortly and the pm would like to stay in office through october, by which time new party leader will be picked and we'll have a new prime minister by october, as well. october is time of the conservative party conference that first week. there are growing calls in
2:55 am
london for the prime minister to go now, some calls within the conservative party itself. pressure will be on pm to go sooner, he will appeal to remain in office. we'll see how that develops. we're seeing more government ministers resigning and it is fairly chaotic situation at the moment with regard to the outlook for the uk. >> todd: what does this mean for the relationship between our two countries, u.k. and u.s.? >> very good question, of course boris johnson is a very big supporter of the u.s. and u.k. relationship. he has had quite a tense relationship with joe biden behind the scenes, most recently significant differences over the protocol issue and certainly has been i think fair amount of
2:56 am
disagreement toward boris johnson and joe biden although both leaders have worked closely together on the ukraine crisis. it is imperative whoever replaces boris johnson is fully committed to advancing the u.k. and u.s. foreign relations, we need a prime minister to advance the brexit agenda and brexit is huge part of britain's future and we need to see strong british leadership in the coming years and strong british leadership advancing the u.k. relationship, having said that, of course, joe biden has been i would say rather difficult on the brexit front, not been a supporter of brexit and biden administration have been unhelpful with the northern ireland issue. >> carley: nile gardner, thank
2:57 am
you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you very much. richmond virginia crediting a tip from a citizen preventing two illegal immigrants carrying out a planned mass shooting at a july 4th celebration. >> their intent was to conduct a mass shooting at our fourth of july celebration. the subject i'm referring to as a hero citizen picked up the phone, overheard a conversation that there was a mat shooting being planned. that citizen picked up the phone and called our brave men and women at the second precinct. once inside that residence they saw evidence in plain view that collaborated the will witness's statement that there was a concern. >> todd: joining us live michael waltz. now that joe biden has basically opened the southern border, how worried are you that people are coming into our country to do us harm and aren't being caught? >> yeah, well, we have hundreds of thousands of what they are calling got-aways now.
2:58 am
so we have the folks that are being detained and then released into the interior at reese there is some kind of processing. you have hundreds of thousands that we know got across from over 100 countries now. including afghanistan and places in the middle east. and we have no idea in this case apparently one of the individuals have been deported multiple times. it's just unacceptable. and, you know, i fear that we're going to have more incidents like this. i do want to say this is what the american people have to step up and do. in terms of this brave individual that saw something, heard something and reported it. we have seen from the parkland shooting in florida to the most recent fourth of july shooting that there were all kinds of independent carrots both online, in their families, in their social circulation that something like this was going to happen, thank god for this hero that took action.
2:59 am
>> carley: congressman the heads of the fbi and mi 5 are warning of a threat posed by china and first ever joint speeches between the agency. this moment felt like something out of a movie and something that christopher wray said was the key. he said that china poses an even more serious threat to sophisticated businesses than we even realize. so where does that leave us? >> if you are an american corporation, hear me and hear the head of the fbi and british intelligence. you will get your technology stolen. it is a matter of state policy to do so from the chinese communist party. no issue with the chinese people or with chinese businesses, but they have no choice. they are told and directed by the chinese communist party to steal your sensitive technology, your propriety systems and processes because they intend to eclipse and to take over as a global leader in doing it through technology. two things they do with it,
3:00 am
number one, they corner up the world's supply chains and create dependencies. the united states, for example, no longer makes antibiotics and cancer medication. the chinese cornered the market. the suit they handed over to their military. >> carley: congressman, we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> we got a long way to go because of messaging. >> hate mary from a president presiding over record high inflation. >> ultra maga republicans shameful. >> they are not allowed to have positive spin. >> illinois parade shooter suspect at contemplated shooting up an event in madison, wisconsin. >> we got to look at the parents. they had to know something. >> governor gavin newsom on vacation in montana, despite california's ban on state sponsored travel citing policies


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