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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 7, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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number one, they corner up the world's supply chains and create dependencies. the united states, for example, no longer makes antibiotics and cancer medication. the chinese cornered the market. the suit they handed over to their military. >> carley: congressman, we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> we got a long way to go because of messaging. >> hate mary from a president presiding over record high inflation. >> ultra maga republicans shameful. >> they are not allowed to have positive spin. >> illinois parade shooter suspect at contemplated shooting up an event in madison, wisconsin. >> we got to look at the parents. they had to know something. >> governor gavin newsom on vacation in montana, despite california's ban on state sponsored travel citing policies
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discriminatory to lgbtq americans. >> exactly what this is. >> new video shows 500 migrants illegally crossing into texas. >> a dangerous migrant land route on the face of the earth. >> british media reporting prime minister boris johnson has agreed to resign. the move would end stalemate over the latest scandal to rock the prime minister's office. ♪ pressure ♪ pushing down on me ♪ pushing down on you ♪ under pressure ♪ >> steve: perfect song to start this hour live from london where it is five hours ahead, 11:00 in the morning. you are listening to queen and david bowie sing about under pressure which is what is happening to boris johnson. today the headline is bojo going to go. welcome to the mezzanine level.
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"fox & friends" hour on this seventh day of the seventh month. >> rachel: good morning pete, good morning, brian. happy to be in for ainsley this morning. >> brian: looking for prime minister in england. >> steve: you applied. >> brian: i'm thinking about it looking at the english dissent. pop up on it every time there is a good thing. i have a head hunter looking for different leadership position around the world. but boris johnson, i mean, this guy couldn't do more to blow himself up over the last year and a half from what he did during the pandemic and his denial to who he just hired. >> steve: fox news alert. that is boris konst. we're awaiting to hear from him. he is the currently the prime minister. he is expected to resign over 50
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british officials september down in protest after johnson knew about the conflict a former deputy chief whip who went back out to sexual exploits once he got the job. >> rachel: we will be joined by greg palkot shortly with a live report from london. >> steve: yep. as you look live coming out of 10 downing street nobody famous. bojo got go. we will tell you more about that. in the meantime the president of the united states got into air force 1 yesterday and he flew over to cleveland, ohio. ostensibly to unveil a new federal rule allowing troubled multi company pension plans to be made financially whole to make sure that workers and retirees wind up getting their pension. it was also his opportunity, to talk about inflation and, of course, he blames the republicans. but at one point he also had he
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had something never heard before i'm sure it was a mistake. he referred to inflation as coming from the putin tax increase. do we think there is going to be a tax increase. blow it or is he planning a tax increase. >> brian: president would go to cleveland, ohio to talk about his rescue plan. number two talk about intel opening that's on hold right now and then show up in cleveland, a beautiful city, where two people looking for state office, you would think would want to be by his side but they chose not to. here is inexplicable president of the united states deciding to blame vladimir putin for something else. >> look, the ultra maga republicans, congress is deciding every five years whether your promise of your hard earned medicare, social security would be continued or discontinued or slashed? it's shameful. but rick scott is not alone. senator lindsey graham of south
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carolina. [boos] >> no. he has a proposal. cut social security. we got a long way of-to-go because of inflation because i call it the putin tax increase. >> steve: is he increasing our taxes? >> rachel: you know what, the gas prices are a tax on people. it's not putin's fault. maybe a little bit. but these increases, this inflation, the gas situation and oil situation we are in was started by joe biden. it's interesting he is there talking about union workers and he wants to put into a bill and have it pass. but, the thing is, everyone's pensions are lower because of him. and by the way this is what he says. this is what he does when he gets mad. he kind of has these mommy's and he goes who do they think they are for god's sake my predecessor didn't have the courage to stand up to his own party. such a weird thing to say.
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donald trump was never aligned with the republican party very well one. and, when we are talking about the economy. talking about people's pensions. when we are talking about people's bottom line, their kitchen table issues, everything was better under trump and he can't deny it he can't go to ohio, of all places and teleworking class people that their lives were worse under donald trump when everyone knows that it was a record breaking economy. >> brian: who is doing the communication in this administration number one why is he going to cleveland in the middle of nowhere when he knows is he going to be embarrassed. tim ryan wanting to be it senator tim ryan and pretending to be conservative. to do that he has to deny his record. walk around in a jean shirt and tell everyone how bad j.d. vance is and distance himself from the president. he does not show up in cleveland. he wants to be a senator from ohio. and then whaley wants to be the governor of ohio. she does not show up either. what an embarrassment to the president. if they got an advance of this
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why would they send him anyway? there was nothing urgent about that trip. what's urgent about it if he wanted to do something, maybe he wants to show up in highland, in illinois, maybe he wants to do something there. he's not going to win ohio. he has lost handily to donald trump in ohio as did hillary clinton. but he shows up with between 36 and 39% approval rating. look at the q. poll it's at 33%. is he losing his own party. here's an example. anonymous dem lawmaker told nbc there is a goft having the president out there every day using his executive power show the country you are fighting for them. almost like is he hiding. has the bully pull pitted hiding behind it or under it. it he goes on vacation every weekend. doesn't have any interviews. he doesn't have anything to say. >> rachel: people don't want him out there either. you have democrats running in the midterm as you just said who don't want to appear with him so where is he going to go? what is he going to do?
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>> steve: well, that's a good question. is he running the united states of america. and we need our guy looking out for all of us. brian, you mentioned his current approval rating. the real clear politics approval rating for the president is currently at 38%. when it comes to ohio, he has a negative 19. , which is crazy. and when you look at the midterms that we have seen so far, the republican party turnout has been up 23% and the democrats have been down 29%. so you can see which way. maybe he thought, you know what? i'm joe biden, i can fix it. he can't fix the problems until he fixes his administration. of and that's a big problem for him according to marc thiessen who was on america reports. watch. >> hard to have confidence in the presidency when you have the worst inflation in four decades. the worst crime wave since the 1990s. the worst border crisis in history. progressives are saying to biden the solution is you have got to talk more about abortion. you have got to talk more about
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guns and climate. that monmouth poll, 5% of americans say abortion is their most important issue. and i bet you half of them are pro-life, right? you got 3% who say guns are their most important issues. a bunch of them are pro-second amendment. you have 1% who say climate is the most important thing. if you add up all the people who say inflation, the economy, paying my bills, gas prices, it's 63%. so, you know, this just shows why the progressives don't get why joe biden is in the hole these days these because they're advising him to do the exact wrong thing. >> rachel: surrounded by all these people double down on your progressive policies. >> brian: he got bad news yesterday. his comms director kate bedingfield stepping down she should have been the press secretary. >> steve: it would have been a step down. brian brine she wanted it reportedly and she didn't get it we see how bad this press secretary is now. that's the spokesperson for the administration.
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and if you are good, you are good. if you are not, you really suffer. remember how bad stephanie grisham was so bad she wouldn't hold a press conference now we know she is trying to get a job at cnn. republicans should not get overconfident. because, joe biden, democrats have some strength and if you look at the 538 and some other polls, they are not doing as bad as the president is doing. i think it would be a mistake. especially see herschel walker is now 8 and 10 georgia. dr. oz dead heat in pennsylvania. no clear opponent in new hampshire for a very vulnerable candidate. so, and then you see ron johnson is being blitzed by a hail of money. they think he is vulnerable in wisconsin. i think republicans would be a mistake looking at the president's poll numbers and thinking that they got this. >> steve: the president needs a different message. for him to continue with the
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putin price hike and now the putin tax hike and for him to say maga rather than maga. clearly there is a problem with the communications. now that indicate bedingfield is leaving to go spend time with her husband and family reportedly. >> rachel: yeah, sure. >> steve: they can start over. i was talking to some of the producers this morning, don't be surprised if corinthian karin je becomes communications director and john kirby press secretary. >> rachel: clear jean-pierre is not up for the job. in typical democrat form, the current press secretary hit more identity boxes and that's how they want this country one run by identity politics. >> brian: meanwhile ahead on this show we have so much more to talk about. >> steve: it's 6:11 in new york city. it's 11:11 at 10 downing street
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and following breaking news across the atlantic. we have a live report coming up from london as british prime minister boris johnson reportedly set to resign from his post in the conservative party. >> brian: why don't they have a porch on that house? plus, california's governor loves to bash red states and loves visiting them even more. the outrage over gavin newsom's trip to montana after forbidding his state employees from going there the guy is incredible. ♪ ♪ like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways.
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>> steve: a fox news alert as you look at 10 downing street in london. prime minister boris johnson will announce his resignation of the leader of the parliament. >> brian: met with the queen stepping down from his leadership post. >> rachel: greg palkot joins us live in london with more on this decision that sending political shock waves through the u.k. greg, good morning. >> yeah, shock waves, earthquakes, whatever you want to call it. it is big news here on this side of the pond. we are expecting boris johnson in perhaps a little under two hours to come out from behind the door there at number 10 downing street and saying that he is leaving. that he is quitting his job as prime minister, as the leader of the conservative party. this after about 36 hours of him being harangued by everybody had a lot of cabinet members quit. second rank officials quit. all citing one big factor regarding boris johnson. they do not believe he has the integrity, the truthfulness, the
3:18 am
moral ethical quality that is needed for this job. this was all twigged by a scandal involving a johnson political appointee a while back that ended up being besmirched with sexual misconduct allegations and he sort of fumbled that been fumbling a lot frankly during his three years in office. most importantly i think for the public his misconduct during the covid-19 lockdown. he apologized for that said it wasn't his fault that hit home for the public. he doesn't have any support obviously from the opposition. he has very little support within his party, within his cabinet. and now, according to polls within the public at large here at the u.k. so, in fact, he is stepping down after a lot of hemming and hawaiiing for the past, again, 36 hours. he wants to remain as a caretaker prime minister for the next couple of months. it does take about two months to pick a new conservative party leader and then that leader
3:19 am
automatically becomes the prime minister. he wants to hang out until october. but a lot of people are saying they don't want him hanging around. then, of course, that would lead possibly, to a general election. so, upheaval politics. the u.k. government is firm in saying relations with the other countries in the world, especially the u.s., especially on matters like ukraine will stay constant. back to you guys. >> brian: breaking point was chris pincher it seems. so this guy is a sexual harasser and he promotes him and the guy keeps harassing people. what was in it for boris johnson to put somebody with this background in the more powerful position? >> this was the straw that broke the camel's back, brian, but, in fact, it the one of maybe 20, 30 scandals that he has been wrestling with for the past couple of months and years. really it does get down to his transparency, his truthfulness with the public. you can't lie to the public whether it's the british public
3:20 am
or american public. you will get called out. he is finally called out, brian. >> steve: they couldn't count on him to tell the truth ultimately and that's what everybody for the most part felt like over there greg for the last couple weeks he said i had 1 million vote mandate from the people. ultimately now he is going to call it quits. why we want to stay? he is just going to be a lame duck. >> he says he wants to do the job. there are huge challenges facing the u.k. like the u.s. i mean we have high inflation here. we have slow growth. we have shortages of jobs and workers and goods. there are a host of problems here. and i think that's what the general political community in london now is thinking that we have got to get rid of this distraction. got to get back to dealing with a major, major domestic issues that the u.k. faces right now along with a lot of other countries in the world right now, guys. >> rachel: yeah. thank you, greg. appreciate it.
3:21 am
>> brian: pretty amazing during of the whole lockdown. first he says covid. then he gets it. so out of shape he almost dies. comes back from it tells everyone you are locked down. shuts down all the pubs and then got parties happening at 10 downing street. he said i had no idea i was up there doing my work. there is pictures of him holding a drink in the back of the party. is he a flat outlier. he has got charisma. he does have presence. and when it came to international, he gave them a good international presence at a time in which they were trying to establish their identity outside of the european union. what he what is not able to do. despite saying he would, was produce a trade deal with the u.s. we were going to have this trade deal with this brexit architect and joe biden, with all the way he likes to pal around with him he said yeah, i don't think so. barack obama famously said he goes back to the q. if you guys do a brexit. they did it anyway. donald trump would have done this deal in two seconds.
3:22 am
but now he is unable to produce it and now he sits in that office when a country really needs a leader. >> steve: it was his own cabinet and other foreign ministers who decided to write him a letter and say i'm quitting in the last 36 hours. 53 of his cabinet secretaries and other people in the government quit and so, he and his people, who didn't quit, they thought, you know what? let's just keep appointing people to run the government. so many people, there was an avalanche of resignations, for instance, they didn't think they could keep the government going because the minister is in charge of the security, courts, education, finance, and northern ireland all jobs. so now, boris johnson saw the writing on the wall and it's like, you know what maybe i will go. auto you i'm not actually going to go step down as the conservative party leader and i want them to let me stick around as prime minister until october so i can have a suitable exit.
3:23 am
>> rachel: we will see if they let him do that. carley? >> carley: more news at here at home starting with a fox news alert. the suspected highland park shooter plotted a second attack after fleeing the scene of the independence day parade shooting. illinois prosecutors also revealing he confessed to the heinous crime. that development comes as the seventh victim of monday's tragedy is identified. 69-year-old eduardo passing away yesterday morning after being shot while watching the parade. exclusive new drum footage showing a group of 500 migrants pouring into eagle pass texas, yesterday. some of those illegal immigrants seen waiving and giving a thumb's up to the camera. this new footage released as the doj investigates operation lone star for alleged civil rights violations. the justice department writing to the state of texas, quote: the department received information indicating the dps
3:24 am
may be discriminating on the basis of race and/or national origin in its activities related to operation lone star. american airline pilots will be getting triple pay for flights canceled dug to the company's recent computer glitch. the tech issue allowed pilots drop flights per their schedules forcing the airline to cancel 100 flights over the fourth of july holiday weekend. the deal with the pilots also allowed them to double the pay for cockpit during peak holiday periods. golf star rory mcilroy draw as line in the sand as the sport is split by the feud between the pga tour and saudi backed liv golf league. mcilroy believes players should have to choose one or the other. 21-time you are sort of basically leaving all your peers behind to go make more money which is fine but just go over there. don't try and come back and play over here again.
3:25 am
mcilroy's comments come as a new poll reveals just 16% of pga tour fans watch liv golf's first event. that's a low number, guys. >> brian: doesn't mean there aren't other sports fans watching it. >> carley: good pointed. >> brian: can't launch a league and expect to get the pga's support they have a alternative. they don't mind playing on trump's courses where the pga thought he wasn't, i guess, good enough. his courses were fine but they didn't like president trump so they bailed out of all those courses. costing the president millions. >> steve: let's talk a little bit now about california. the state of california for a variety of reasons banned state travel to 22 different states. and we have got a map right here that showed california on the left. you can't go any of those states on the state's dime. and, yet, cal matters.
3:26 am
the governor blue state of california do you know what? he has gone on vacation to one of those states. is he up in montana. apparently he said that's where my in-law's live. and so that's where i'm going to montana -- rather, the reason california bans travel to montana because the republican governor there greg banned transgender females from participating in school sports for girls. >> brian: like everyone should. >> steve: if you want to go to montana, you can't do it as a government employee for the state of california on the state dime. cannot do it. absolutely not. and yet, he is there. >> rachel: montana stands up for women. for blige women in sports. and gavin newsom says that, you know, state employees can't go there. so we should not be surprised. of course, this is the same guy who went to the french laundry.
3:27 am
he is the same guy against giving vouchers to children poor and minority children to go to private school, charter schools and during the lockdown that he has an absolute tyrant on. he shut down public schools which hurt poor kids. middle class kids own kids going to private school. just like aoc who went to florida on vacation as she championing all the lockdowns here in new york this is exactly what democrats are, representative matt rosendale of montana, he had this to say about the governor of california vacationing in his state hypocrisy the way which they live their lives is very dinner from the policies that they try to impose on the backs of their constituents. this is another example of it we
3:28 am
have seen gavin newsom do that time and time and time again. i'm glad gavin newsom is up here spending money. i hope he spends a lot of time talking to the people so he understands how a free society is supposed to function because we run things a lot differently up here than they do in california, clearly. and that is the main reason that we have seen such an exodus from california to states like montana. >> brian: it's amazing. he has so much time and money. money to go take out an ad to try to governor desantis most popular governor and hottest property on the right. he's trying to rattle him to taking him on. clearly trying to mounted a presidential campaign. the thing about gavin newsom, you would think that his state is running so well he doesn't really have to be there. every major city overrun with crime and homelessness. taxes going through the roof. more people leaving their state to go to another state than ever before. yet, he can go on vacation again and just underline think of
3:29 am
presidential ambitions he can't do this job. one party state. his office tried to explain away his violation of his ban to say that. the travel ban applies to expending state funds. the governor's travel is not being connected by the state. connecting the two is. implies something untoward. the whole thing is symbolism that's why you ban state workers. it's not to hurt their economy it's to make a statement. you undidid that statement by using free time to go too state that i are clearly not upset about. to think it's understood that a transgender man should compete against women and it should be universally accepted or you are going to ban state employees for doing something you think is so obvious shows your lack of leadership. i will add one more thing to your list. he shows up at laker game where he makes everybody show up in a mask and he takes pictures with celebrities and magic johnson
3:30 am
without a mask on and post on social media and is spotted in a luxury box having a great time sitting with other people maskless. >> rachel: another point though, excuse me, steve. >> steve: you bet. >> rachel: he has a security detail. >> steve: that's exactly what i'm going to say. i'm assuming that's being paid for by state funds. i do agree with the state senator. it could be very interesting to go from california that has all of these problems, the homelessness, are the feces on the street, the crime, all the stuff, and go to the free state of montana, that's so beautiful and clean and free and maybe he does come back with a new perspective. >> steve: it's big sky country. can he see things coming, if it is, state security, state troopers with him that's going to be a problem. his people declined to say because we don't talk about the governor's security which means yes it probably is a state trooper.
3:31 am
it will be really funny, when he decides to vacation in a couple of months in orlando. right? welcome to florida, governor newsom. >> rachel: going to move on. president biden is touting his administration's success when it comes -- really, to the economy? >> we made incredible congress -- progress on the economy from where we were a year and a half ago. >> rachel: but our next guest isn't buying it a diner shares how white house policies are taking a bite out of his bottom line.
3:32 am
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because of the i call it the putin tax increase. the putin because of gasoline and all that grain he is keeping from getting to the market. now i'm fighting like hell to lower costs on things that you talk about around your kitchen
3:36 am
table. >> steve: well, our next guest isn't buying it. he has got a kitchen table. he has a diner table. owns the diner on 55th in cleveland, ohio where the president was yesterday and he joins us from the diner. good morning to you demeet throws. >> good morning, sir. the president is blaming president biden do you believe that no i don't. they blame somebody else for the mistakes they made. >> steve: the president was down the road from you yesterday, if you would have gotten into your car, of course it's very expensive to drive these days, and driven over, what would you have said to joe biden about the high prices everybody is paying these days? >> i would have tell joe biden to do something with the gas has
3:37 am
ohas gone up. everything has gone up. >> steve: i'm sure you are breakfast now. what has bay done done in the last year and a half for you. >> bacon 15 pounds $44. right now it's 15 pounds for $59. >> steve: holy cow. so you have got to pass that -- do you pass that onto the person buying the bacon or are you just not making as much money? >> you don't make the money, that's what it is. you can't pass it to the people -- the people sell it, they are going to get their price because they pay more for the bacon, also. and later and everything. you have to eat it. >> steve: you got have bacon. in your business you have got to have bacon. and you need people. you mentioned labor a moment ago. i know you pay more than the minimum wage. how hard is it to find somebody that actually wants to work?
3:38 am
>> well, i do -- i'm a little bit short on the servers. they make good money because i have good, loyal customers. good clientele. they treat my employees very good. if i make it i'm happy. if don't buy it, i'm going to close my door. i wait until things change. i don't know when they are going to change. looks like it's getting worse every day. >> dmitry throws we are looking at a picture of your counter top there at your diner. you talk to the people of ohio is happy with the job the democrats are doing. >> no.
3:39 am
yesterday, there was a table coming in, three gentlemen from the area. and they said well joe biden is in town, i would like to go there and tell him -- you better turn around and do something about it i haven't heard anything saying good when they got the checks. the checks stop, the people just -- >> steve: they are mad. >> yes, they are. >> steve: because everything costs so much more, especially gas, which was your earlier point. >> let's face it, minimum wage $15. what can the guy do with $15 an hour if he works only 30, 35 hours a week? might as well just quit working. >> steve: yeah. you have got a point. demetrios thank you for joining us from the cleveland area and telling us your story.
3:40 am
good luck. >> you are welcome. steve let's hope the price of bacon comes down soon. >> you are welcome, steve. you are welcome. >> steve: still ahead on this thursday, fox news has obtained this shocking mandatory materials used to train teachers in l.a. we will break down the crt based lessons that could be used in your kid's school one day soon. like any family, the auburns all have... individual priorities.
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the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. brian shocking new material obtained by fox news digital crt training los angeles teachers mandated to undergo. listen to this. the lessons include training teachers to be anti-racist and claims that concepts like merit and individualism are rooted in whiteness. fantastic. free black thought co-founder joins us now. eric, do you look at meritocracy as whiteness? >> first of all, i want to say
3:45 am
thank god these weren't my teachers when i was a student. i would have nothing. i would have no success. i would be hopeless. so, the answer to your question is no, merit is not inherently white concept nor is individuality. >> what do you find outrageous about this? >> well, one needs to take seriously the marxistor gyps ever critical race theory. and the need for people to embrace group think. if you want to enable group think, you get rid of concepts like merit and individuality, things that can distinguish people, that can separate people from each other. that's the first thing you do. that seems to be going on right now. >> brian: so what they are saying is, listen, it's easier to be white than black and hispanic. maybe it's easier to be hispanic than black. it's easier to be a man than a many would. that's what they want to emphasize. what do you say about that? >> for one, i do not want to live in a society without individuality.
3:46 am
that is my nightmare. we should be able to make choices about what we want to believe, how we want to spend our time and energy. that's individuality. nothing more. it's not a selfish lack of compassion. >> brian: eric, i want you to see what they say defending crt and equating a meritocracy with whiteness. the idea of amake to come crazy we have to challenge that we have to recognize that some groups have had more opportunities. some groups have had far more advantages, and some groups have certain types of privilege. do you want to take apart that? >> yes. well, if that's the case, then you give those students opportunities and you give them resources to compete. you don't get rid of the concept of a meritocracy. we would have no ability to discern who is best for the job. the fact that they literally think that can the concept of the person who has the best skills should get the job is
3:47 am
inherently racist should tell you everything about them. none of this makes sense. it's the not the kind of world i want to live in. >> brian: could you imagine if booker t. washington said that and fredless douglas said that there are huge obstacles. i think a country of equal opportunity. not equal outcomes. they want equal outcomes got to bring everything else down. i will give you one more analogy. a yankee fan who wants to see the yankees win the world series. what if they took out their best second baseman and put in best hispanic. they would be outraged. that's what they want to see happen. >> yeah. and i use the similar analogy yesterday. you know, you don't start your least skilled player because he didn't have the opportunity to practice like everybody else. you give him the opportunity to practice. and you start your best players so you can be a successful team i want america to be a
3:48 am
successful team. in order to do that we need merit and individuality. >> brian: if you don't want them to be a successful team get them when they are young and treat them like it doesn't matter. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. >> brian: i would like to go outside to meteorologist adam klotz because he has promised a weather forecast. >> hey there, brian. good morning, very pleasant out here on fox square. it is going to be warm across a large portion of the country as we are going to be doing with extreme heat. here is your early morning temperatures. where is that heat? spots are already looking at 70s and 80's here this morning. heat alert for portions of texas, all the way over to the atlantic coast and the carolinas. how warm could it get? well, your actual temperatures, the 90's and 100s as the humidity, dew point getting up into the 70s, really heavy air. feels like temperatures 110 degrees or more across the southeast. it's going to be a hot one,
3:49 am
brian. those are your weather headlines. for now, tossing it back in to you. >> brian: well done. one of the president's longest serving aides is set to leave as his approval sinks and crises mount. lara trump on the latest challenges in the west wing. ♪ ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
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3:53 am
>> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the white house looking for new communications director as we learned kate bedingfield is leaving her post. responsible for helping shape his message. joining a slew of communication officials leaving the administration before the midterm elections as the president's approval rating plunged. here to react "fox & friends" lara trump. lara, so good to see you this morning. she is not the only one, there is a lot of people who have left. why do you think she is leaving? >> yes. you can add this, rachel, to the tally of folks who have jumped ship from the biden-harris administration in the first 18 months of this administration and, look, she does have a bit of a tough job. we all have to admit that she is comms director for the white house and it's joe biden and kamala harris got to work for.
3:54 am
not like those two have been a dream to have to deal with. i'm sure there has been a lot of clean-up. a lot of excess work she has had to do. we can't acknowledge that ron klain gave her a very glowing review in the announcement that she was going to leave the white house. he credits her with getting joe biden elected. he credits her with all the great achievements he says of this administration and at a time when you have 88% of the country thinking that we are on the wrong track as america, that doesn't really bode well for your position. obviously inflation, gas prices and open southern border, an economy that is getting worse by the day. you take any one of those things by themselves, and in the private sector, you wouldn't be resigning, you would be fired from your job for failing so epically if she indeed had a hand in any of those tasks. but, we all know what's going on here, rachel. as we head toward november.
3:55 am
as we head towards these really important midterm elections, there are so many people that see the writing on the wall. a lot of folks in this white house are saying we don't want the stain of this white house associated with us. and we don't want to, quite frankly, be on the losing team. who is going to write joe biden's queue cards if she is out of there. >> rachel: she is not responsible for the policies. response cybil for making them look pretty. as you mentioned 88% of americans don't approve of where this white house is going. the party has also lost over, you know, a million people have registered for the republican party. now they have switched parties. a lot of people think that number is going to be even higher in the midterms. a lot of people don't go through the process of changing parties but then come the midterms they will vote republican. so what do you think, is this going to be just an absolute tsunami for the g.o.p.? >> i mean, i think so. but, you know, we can never take our foot off the gas.
3:56 am
you have to play this game like you are behind every single step of the way. while we do have a lot of confidence on the republican side, we should never be overly competent. but, rachel, i think you are right. we saw this phenomenon happy in 2016. when people went into vote, they voted for donald trump. they came out. they didn't even want to tell the exit pollsters they had voted for donald trump. but, obviously, he won in a huge way. you don't have to be registered as a republican to vote for the republicans, but i think that's what's going to happen as we head towards november. >> rachel: all right, lara trump, giving her predictions. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> rachel: don't go anywhere. because stuart varney reacts to boris johnson's resignation after the break. ♪ going down the road i've only known ♪
3:57 am
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my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems.
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allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. #? we got a long way to go. >> record high inflation. >> huge tax increase. >> ultra maga republicans, it's shameful. >> not a lot to have confidence in. >> haunting revelations from the illinois parade shooter. he contemplated shooting up an event in madison, wisconsin. >> we got to look at the parents. they had to know something. >> governor gavin newsom on vacation in montana despite california's ban on state sponsored travel citing policies discriminatory to lgbtq
4:01 am
americans. >> invasion is exactly what this is. >> new video shows 500 migrants illegally crossing. >> a dangerous migrant land route on the face of the earth. >> british media reporting prime minister boris johnson has agreed to resign. the move would end a stalemate over the latest scandal to rock the prime minister's office. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ and another one's gone ♪ another one's gone ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ hey going to get you, too. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ ♪ >> brian: that's the way it goes in britain. when you continual wrestle with the truth despite the fact you have unique hair and wonderful presence and a nice personality, you lose your job. that he was the story at 10 downing street where boris johnson has said "i'm going to be out of here in the fall" he can start to try to pick a successor, a conservative
4:02 am
successor mainly because of his behavior. kind of stunning news how quick this turned, how quick this story moved. >> steve: well, the people were sick of his lying. we have got a leif camera outside of 10 downing street because we have a fox news alert. we are awaiting to hear from british prime minister boris johnson who is examined to resign from his role as the leader of the conservative party later this morning u.s. time. >> brian: british media, so firmly in his court now say he spoke to the queen ahead of an expected live address to the british people. the news comes as more than 50 officials have stepped down to protest that he didn't step down. >> rachel: the mass after it as revealed he knew about the allegations against his chief deputy that he appointed in february. >> brian: chris pincher. >> rachel: to give us more on this saturday varney the host of varney and company on fox business.
4:03 am
stuart, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. party gate. partying with his staff while everyone else was locked up. losing relatives they couldn't say goodbye to. >> that's where it started party gate can you during the lockdown. boris picture of him partying in up residence 10 downing street with glass of alcohol in his hand. the pubs all across britain were closed and everyone else was locked down in their residences, that's where it started. fast forward to this week when boris appointed chris pincher to be a deputy whip, that's a senior official in the conservative party. this man had the reputation of being sexually misconduct and drinking up a storm. the man is an alcoholic. okay? boris said he didn't know anything about pinker. that was a lie you lie, they
4:04 am
found out. that's what happened. >> steve: there was an avalanche of resignations, 5 # members of his government and government employees called it quits in the last 36 hours. >> because he lied. >> he would have stayed in there had somebody been there to run the government but they all go "we're done running your government, boris." >> he was supposed to have 9 lives. he had nine lives and this is the 10th. he is out. he will remain prime minister until probably october time until the conservatives find another person. >> steve: they will let him stay. >> then there will be a general election. >> is he no longer in control of the conservative party. they will have somebody else who will organize parliament for the conservative party in the meantime. then they will get a new leader. then they have a general election and we will be back to somewhat normal by the early part of next year. may i make this one point? boris johnson is a facial on policy as well. britain has a 9% inflation rate and an energy crisis.
4:05 am
and he is the guy that brought it on. he sounds like. >> steve: he makes joe biden look good. >> he sounds like bernie sanders. boris johnson wants to impose windfall profit taxes on oil companies, just like bernie sanders. he is supposed to be a conservative. sanders is a socialist. what on earth is going on? >> brian: they say one of the favorites liz trust, a former secretary. to be a recognizing star. i will leave that to the british experts. one thing he did have was a presence and he was very strong and asserted his leadership. for the first time because you guys are -- your excountry is free from the eu. time to assert your own identity. he was very strong. he went to visit putin up to the last minute. one of the first to go visit zelenskyy in war torn kyiv, correct? >> he is popular. he was popular. the man was funny. he could crack a really good joke. he spoke very well in the house of commons. prime minister's question time he could answer anything and everything and he was gooded at
4:06 am
it and then all of a sudden people saw him lying. >> rachel: not just you lying. >> boozing it up while everybody else was locked down. >> brian: he lied and said he wasn't at the party he was upstairs studying. a picture of him with a beer in his hand. >> rachel: snuck it in suitcases. all disgraceful. it was because -- you know, when it came to covid, he ended up -- he started off kind of being a little independent and went the globalist route with total lockdowns. and hurt the economy. >> went the cuomo way. >> rachel: exactly. the economy has a lot to do with what happened. these green policies. it's just crazy. not a conservative. >> he is not a conservative. now, over here, during the pandemic, all kinds of democrats were caught breaking their own rules. >> rachel: they were. >> maskless, et cetera, et cetera. they got away it. over there he partied up during the lockdown and did not get away with it. the penalty for liar is
4:07 am
resignation. >> steve: stuart, thank you very much for joining us to talk about that. if you would stay right there. we want to get your take on money. >> okay. >> rachel: president biden is now bashing republicans for not doing anything to lower gas prices. >> brian: exactly. >> rachel: unbelievable. as he plays the inflation blame game, members of his own party don't want to run the political risk of appearing alongside of him. mark meredith is at the white house with the latest. mark, good morning. >> rachel, voters have no shortage of issues on top of their mind going into the midterm elections. but as polls has shown, the top issues appear to be both the economy and inflation. the president trying to address both of those concerns yesterday. he was out in cleveland, ohio. the president trying to make the case that he believes the u.s. economy is better off now than it was when he took office about a year and a half ago. the president also admitting that inflation is still something that is on the top of his mind, too. >> we got a long way to go
4:08 am
because of inflation, because of the -- i call it the putin tax increase. putin because of gasoline and all that grain he is keeping from being able to get to the market. now i'm fighting like hell to lower costs on things that you that you can about around your kitchen table. >> well, the president had a decent size crowd at the event including ohio senator sherrod brown. two notable democrats were not there including tim ryan and it whaley running for governor and senate candidate. telling ryan had previously scheduled campaign events and could not be there. the president is facing growing questions about his political strategy, not just from pundits but from members of his own party. nbc is quoting an unnamed democratic congressman who reportedly claims the president is missing in action. the lawmaker saying there is a benefit to having the president out there every day using his executive power to show the country you are fighting for them and it's almost like he is hiding. he has the bully pulpit and he is either hiding behind it or
4:09 am
under it. i don't know where he is. the president says the white house is leading on other issues. abortion. the party president set to award the presidential medal of freedom to seven people notable names including former congresswoman giffords and actor denzel washington and simone biles. >> steve: busy day at the white house. thank you very much, mr. meredith. let's bring stuart varney back. the president is out trying to take a victory lap yesterday in the cleveland area. the people -- okay. so while he says that it's one thing in his teleprompter but another thing, the reality of the lives everyone in the audience living because they are paying more for everything. >> nan whaley want to be the governor of ohio. tim ryan moderate democrat wants to be in the senate from ohio were not there. the president is toxic. i think he is toxic because of inflation. his polls are all the way down
4:10 am
because of inflation. the one thing that this administration will never do is to admit that the original mistake was ending america's energy independence. >> rachel: amen. >> by cutting energy out from day one of this administration. that was the writing on the wall. that's when inflation started. that's when putin got his idea to start invading ukraine because he knew there were going to be energy short. that's when the lady who used to run germany. >> rachel: angela merkel. >> that's the very moment when she canceled plans to import american liquified natural gas. >> steve: if that was the moment. why doesn't he turn the car around and go back? i made a mistake. >> the greens won't let him. do you think that aoc, bernie sanders and the rest of the progressives, do you really think that they would say okay, joe. okay. go ahead, mr. president. this is how we fix it we are okay with that. >> brian: we would find out how many are in there. how many progressives there are in the party because they failed peripherallably in primaries.
4:11 am
aoc has no coat tails. >> they run their party. >> brian: they don't do it in numbers. we will see. couple of things, for him to continue to elevate vladimir putin on the world stage and overstate his importance makes him stronger at home, makes people -- more people die in the ukraine. it fortifies the war effort. look at the damage we are doing to the evil empire the united states of america. number two, don't say the grain is stuck in ukraine. we have a navy. you escort that for the good of the people of africa and brazil and around the world. we have a navy. you escort that grain right out, humanitarian purposes. within 48 hours you let them know if you want to be strong. number three the biggest story they buried the lead the intel plant that was supposed to bring in thousands of jobs and bring ships back to ohio is now on hold in ohio. that was his big win. that was his trumpian like move. i told intel bring your manufacturing here and intel
4:12 am
said yeah, i thought about it i'm going to put that on hold for now. >> no wonder there are rumblings throughout the democrat party that this guy, this president, really cannot lead us going forward. that's the rumbling in the party. it's getting louder and louder and louder. >> rachel: it's weird they would send him to ohio where he is going to be embarrassed because people don't want to meet with him and failed intel deal. >> steve: delaware. is he popular in delaware. >> rachel: he might as well go back to his basement and have his sippy cup and his jell-o and that would probably be better for him. >> that's harsh. >> rachel: oh, come on. >> stuart: that is harsh. >> brian: i would do legitimate round tables with leaders that trump made famous and very few people were critical of whether it was guns or business or tech. you have legitimate round tables in this area and you televise it live. listen to what their problems are. and try to solve them. >> rachel: meet with the oil and gas execs. >> do you think that this president could handle a round
4:13 am
table televised live, no prompter? discussing the issues of the day? >> rachel: spot on. >> stuart: do you think he could handle that? >> steve: every ceo across the table mr. president, respectfully, here's why you are wrong. >> stuart: right. >> steve: now, before. >> brian: all would say that put them in office. >> steve: you woke up this morning and looked at the calendar what did you think of yourself. >> today is july the 7th. >> steve: what does that start. >> ringo starr. >> rachel: somebody more important than ringo starr. >> stuart: you know it's my birthday. >> steve: happy birthday, stuart. come on. [cheers] >> stuart: i didn't know you knew. >> rachel: happy birthday. >> steve: look at that beautiful cake. >> rachel: wow, i didn't get one like that for my birthday. >> brian: if boris johnson resigns on the day of stuart's birthday let's get him a cake. sure enough, it happened. good job.
4:14 am
>> carley: i was just nervous. i just did two hours of tv. bring out this cake made me more nervous. i thought i was going to fall. >> steve: why light it is fire allowed in the building? >> stuart: how many candles should be on there. >> steve: seven. >> rachel: you are seven years old. >> brian: a lot of room for candles. >> stuart: should be a lot of room. >> rachel: we are going to enjoy this cake and let carley take over from here: >> brian: ted is in a good mood ted loves when we have cake. happy birthday, stuart. stuart all-star thank you very much. >> rachel: happy birthday, stuart. >> carley: i have more news to get to including this 1500 mostly violent criminals rounded up in a month's long nationwide crackdown the doj calls operation north star. u.s. marshals booked 339 fugitives into new york city alone. major busts taking place in big cities like chicago, l.a., and
4:15 am
philadelphia. the justice department says suspects were involved in 230 20 homicide cases, 131 count of sexual assault. officials also seizing over 166 firearms and over 33 kilograms of illegal drugs. and take a look at this. a fourth of july fireworks mishap forces a family to run for their lives. one shell ignites an entire box of fireworks triggering this massive blast, chaotic scene all caught on security camera. parents grabbing their kids and running for cover as sparks fly in all directions. it's unclear where the incident occurred or if anyone was injured. the home security company simply safe is denying rumors it was staged for publicity purposes. and shaq opening up his wallet to help out perfect strangers once again. the nba hall of famer reportedly footing the bill for a couple big tickets purchased at best buy. o'neil paid for their brand new
4:16 am
washing machine and 70-inch tv. o'neil has a history of generosity and said he just wants to make people happy. those your headlines. i couldn't love this man any more. what a perfect person. >> steve: didn't he buy somebody a wedding ring. >> carley: he was at a jewelry store getting jewelry for himself. he saw a very nervous guy looking at the rings. he said you know what? i'm going to buy your engagement ring for you. he does that all the time. spreading the love. >> spreading the love. >> brian: he did a lot in newark, new jersey. >> carley: did stuart take the whole cake? >> brian: when he goes into a city he likes checking out what's new in tech. that's when he was just walking around. spotted the couple, started talking to them and then he bought it for them. >> steve: now they have got to do their laundry. >> carley: that's right. >> brian: only like two or three products he does not endorse. i mean, i cannot believe how much stuff enhe endorses.
4:17 am
>> steve: that's how can he afford to buy people a washer and dryer. >> carley: if you go to the general save some time. >> rachel: stuart took the whole thing and didn't give us. >> steve: it's right there. >> rachel: okay. >> steve: hot lights are going to melt the whipped cream. carley, thank you very much. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if he gave governor huckabee a run at nexium. still ahead, texas officials want their governor to declare border crisis invasion. jonathan turley will react the legality of the move next. >> rachel: new york second grader hailed a hero after saving his classmate with the heimlich maneuver. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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4:22 am
♪ >> you hear the term invasion and that's exactly what this is. it is an invasion that is, pushed by the cartels into our country. and it must come to a stop. >> recognize an invasion. an invasion of the state of texas that is undermining our security. >> in my community we have less than a thousand residents. the thousand residents every day live in fear of the invasion. >> brian: it's, perhaps, the worst decision that joe biden made just to open up the border. we have been telling you about texas officials warning about the worsening crisis at the border, urging the governor to use his constitutional authority and declare it an invasion but our next guest argues the failure at our border is a problem of competency rather than constitution and there is a big legal difference. here to explain fox news contributor constitutional expert jonathan turley. so, all that was was venting. nothing legally they can do by
4:23 am
declaring an invasion? >> well, i'm very sympathetic and i can understand why they used that term. this has all of the markings of an invasion. it looks like a war zone down there. the costs, the rise in crime, the shear death associated with the border have been rising. even our border patrol agents seem to be increasingly at odds with the administration. but, there's a difference between the colloquial and the legal meaning of invasion. this language has been relied upon comes from article 4, section 4 which protecting states from invasion. the framers were referring to an organized army. not this more general or constructive meaning. and i think that courts would really deal with this in rather short order. i think the courts would reject this as a constitutional invasion for the purposes of that provision. >> brian: so the justice department is going to do an investigation. operation lone star.
4:24 am
that's another desperate attempt by the governor of texas to use the rangers and his national guard to round up these illegals because nobody else is. what about that? >> yeah. the problem is that in 2012, the supreme court handed down its decision with regard to arizona, which tried to can fill in the gap, to try to enforce where they felt the federal government was not enforcing immigration laws. the supreme court gave them a very small victory. but, for the most part, it said this is a federal issue. the federal government dictates immigration enforcement. so, texas is going to have to deal with that decision. i know arizona is also moving to the tune of almost $500 million. to create new border security for that state. the biden administration is expected to challenge some of those aspects. congress, because i say in the
4:25 am
column, congress can play a role here. that arizona case was based on a concept called preemtion, where the supreme court says look, congress has passed all these laws and there is no room for state enforcement. congress can change those laws and congress can create more of an expressed role for state enforcement. >> brian: you think the justice department would focus more on something that would be productive. lone star attempt to do with the federal government is not. you wrote a column today about something we discussed on the radio last week that is the attack at george washington university and the push to kick out -- kick out clarence thomas as a professor because of his stand on roe v. wade and this decision. it was repelled. what does it tell you? >> well, look, i'm very proud of the university for standing with free speech. and academic freedom. but this was not the difficult case. it was extremely unlikely that the university would cancel a
4:26 am
sitting supreme court justice and not allow him to teach a law class. the problem is that thomas holds a position which is sometimes called contingency teaching. the vast majority of professors have that same position. they don't have tenure like some of us do. and, you know, the solution can't be as long as can you get a seat on the supreme court you won't be canceled. for thomas, has day job. is he a high profile individual. and it's unlikely that they would succeed. but, for thousands of academics, there is no such protection. and they are routinely being forced out or canceled or investigated for similar types of complaints. and so, for every thomas, there is 1,000 other contingency professors who are facing harassment and termination. those are where we need to sort of focus our attention on. those cases. and there is a rising
4:27 am
intolerance, an orthodoxy that has taken over at our universities. the number of conservatives, libertarians, republicans are falling and thomas is a wonderful symbol of resisting that but we should not forget there is many, many more that don't have that level of protection. >> brian: you write about that today. that's very good thing to keep in mind. i was hoping at some point this trend would stop. you don't see that happening. jonathan turley, thanks so much. >> no. thank you. >> brian: you got it meanwhile, fox news alert now. you can see at the bottom of our screen prime minister boris johnson set to announce his resignation. it will happen any moment. we will bring it to you live. plus, this. a survey reveals 65% of small business owners could be forced permanently closed if prices continue to rise. look at that number. a small business panel shares their message for lawmakers. ♪
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
san antonio steve fox news alert. 10 downing street boris johnson about to call it quits. >> i the process of choosing that new leader should begin now. and the timetable will be announced next week and i have today appointed a cabinet to serve as i will until a new leader is in place. so i want to say to the millions of people who voted for us in 2019 many of them voting conservative for the first time
4:32 am
thank you for that incredible mandate. the biggest conservative majority since 1987. the biggest share of a vote since 1979. and the reason i have fought so hard in the last few days to continue to deliver that mandate in person was not just because i wanted to do so but because i felt it was my job, my duty, my obligation to you to continue to do what we promised in 2019. and, of course, i'm immensely proud of the achievements of this government from getting records done setting our relations with the continent for over half a century. reclaiming the power for this country to make its own laws in parliament. getting us all through the pandemic, delivering the fastest vaccine realized in europe. the fastest exit from lockdown and in the last few months leading the west in standing up
4:33 am
to putin's aggression in ukraine. let me say now to the people of ukraine, that i know that we in the u.k. will continue to back your fight for freedom for as long as it takes. and at the same time, in this country, we have been pushing towards a vast program of investment in infrastructure and skills and technology. the biggest in a century. i have one up sight into human beings it's the genius and talent and enthusiasm and imagination evenly distributed throughout the population but opportunity is not. that's why we must keep leverage up. keep unleashing the potential every part of the united kingdom. and if we can do that in this country, we will be the most prosperous in europe. and in the last few days, i have tried to persuade my colleagues that it would be essential to change governments when we are delivering so much and when we
4:34 am
have such a vast mandate and when we are actually only a handful of points behind in the polls even in midterm after quite a few months of pretty relentless [inaudible] economic so domestically and internationally. i regret not being successful in those arguments and of course it's painful not to be able to see through so many ideas and projects myself. but, as we have seen at westminster, the heard will when it moves, it moves. and my friends in politics, no one is remotely indispensable. and our brilliant system will produce another leader equally committed to taking this country forward through tough times. not just helping families to get through it, but changing and improving the way we do things. cutting burdens on businesses and families and, yet, cutting
4:35 am
taxes that is a way to generate the growth and income we need to pay for great public services. and to that new leader, i say whoever he or she may be i will give you as much support as i can. and to you, the british public, i know that there will be many people who are relieved and perhaps quite a few who will also be disappointed and i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. i want to thank carrie and our children, all the members of my family who have had to put up with so much for so long. i want to thank the fearless civil service it the help and support have you given our police and emergency services and, of course, our fantastic nhs critical moment helped to extend my own period in office. as well as our armed services
4:36 am
and our agency that has served around the world and our conservative party members and supporters whose selfless campaigning makes our democracy possible. i want to thank the wonderful staff here at checkers and of course at checkers and fantastic force detectives, the group by the way who never leave. above all, i want to thank you, the british public, for the immense privilege that you have given me. and i want you to know that from now on until the new prime minister is in place, your interest will be served and the government of the country will be carried on. being prime minister is an education in itself. i have traveled to every part of
4:37 am
the united kingdom. and in addition to the beauty of our natural world, i find so many people possess of such boundless british originality and so willing to tackle old problems in ua. that i know that even if things can sometimes seem dark now our future together is golden. thank you all very much. thank you. >> steve: and there you have got it boris johnson outside 10 downing street going back inside to his office and his home with hecklers yelling and playing music in the background, he said no one in politics is indispensable and he just resigned. he has agreed to step down as the conservative leader today. he is going to continue until probably october as the prime minister. during the summer there will be a conservative leadership race to take his place. and a new prime minister should be in place for the tory party
4:38 am
convention and conference come october. >> rachel: we had stuart varney on a little earlier and he was talking about really what started all of this was party gate. that he locked down the whole country, closed pubs and caught having party himself. also the straw that broke the camel's back was this latest sex scandal where he, you know, promoted an ally of his to high position, knowing that this person had a sexual allegation against him. lying about it. but, also, this was on the heels of other sex scandals. >> steve: he had a string of scandals. >> rachel: ahmad khan resigned after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. that boy was watching porn while in the house of commons. there was a problems in the conservative party. he is the leader of the conservative party. he was not -- i think a lot of people felt like he was lying and he was not taking control.
4:39 am
>> brian: he liked the spotlight at the end. no doubt about it listed at the end everything he has accomplished. he did have a lot to do with the brexit moment. he did lead the first period of the u.k. being on their own. he was extremely strong mounting nato's effort in order to mount a counter offensive to the russians. and he did give them a public face. and i do think that on some level he feels as though he is going to be back. this is what he does. the former mayor of london who made his name there. got the support of the press. i'm wondering if there is another page for him in his career. and i just think about the last few, are outside theresa may, what great communicators they had. everything tony blair the guy can speak. whatever you think of david cameron he was extremely comfortable. boris johnson has a lot of presence i miss that on the world stage and i think that he does cite the fact that one thing that is good about being in parliament, rachel, he get yelled at so much in their format, when you heckle this guy
4:40 am
it's called thursday. because of that's what he is used to getting in. >> rachel: he is inflappable. i don't think i could stay concentrating the way i did. >> brian: will and pete always harangue you. >> rachel: in that regard i'm pretty good. his former boss used to be a journalist. his former boss said he is very talented but did have a problem tell the truth. [laughter] >> brian: oops. >> rachel: it followed him into the prime minister. >> steve: you are looking live at a helicopter shot looking down at downing street. there is a security perimeter. those, obviously the people who are making all the react boris johnson he said his regret was not being able to finish so many things. is he now calling it quits. he just resigned as the party head. piers morgan is going to join us in about 1 minutes to continue the conversation. continues after a brief time-out. >> brian: can't wait.
4:41 am
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>> steve: fox news alert. boris johnson just resigned from 10 downing street. the will of the conservative party there should be a new leader. announcement comes epic scandal and string of scandals around his leadership which led 53 senior lawmakers to quit the government in the last 36 hours. piers morgan joins us live from london in about 15 minutes. >> meanwhile, switching gears. small business owners across the united states of america are struggling to keep their doors open. a new survey shows 65% of small businesses will permanently close if the inflation rate continues to rise as another 35% of small business owners cannot currently pay their rent. here to react, we have got a small business panel, larry larryjohns is the owner of jacky
4:46 am
in medina, ohio. the owner of finn knows soap in oklahoma and martin garcia the owner of gift gallery? san antonio, texas. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: larry, on your website, it says we sugar coat everything. so you have got it use a lot of sugar. tell us about the price of sugar because it could drive you in the ditch. >> yeah. the problem sugar was up this year along with pretty much most of our ingredients and packaging materials but next year it is the highest increase year over year in sugar that i have ever seen in my 22 years here. it will be up 40%, partly due to the high transportation cost of sugar, you know, with the fuel surcharges and so forth. not looking good for sugar. >> steve: in fact, you will have to spend, what, an extra half a million dollars on sugar next year? >> yes. just to produce what we did this year. sugar alone and we are only just
4:47 am
a family owned business. it will cost us over half a million dollars extra in sugar. >> steve: sure. martin, there with your gift gallery, i understand that during the pandemic, you had a deal with your landlord, i will pay you what i can. tell us what happened about a year ago then. >> well, once the moratorium on evictions and i don't even know the details if it actually pertained to only residential tenants that lease apartments and homes but or maybe it was a courtesy or no commercial landlord -- property landlords were not allowed to evict any tenants but i was given that cure testifies is i so then the moratorium last year expired and then, of course, the landlord wanted all of the back rent. i did pay some rent during the
4:48 am
entire pandemic even when we were forced to close by the local government, the mandated closure in half of march and april. i did battle back and i did get caught up. >> steve: you got caught up because you put it on your credit cards. a lot of the debt on the credit cards. the credit card interest rate. we have seen what's happened with interest. martin, that's going to kill you. >> well, sometimes you go ahead and if that's your only option, and i'm determined to keep the doors open, and now that, i have to pandemic and the store is still operating, there is a new challenge currently that we're experiencings and it has to do with inflation. >> steve: everybody is feeling that certainly. jen, you are in oklahoma. and you have been selling soap but because of the high cost you had to close your store front. how are you selling the soap now? >> so we are just doing local farmer's markets and other
4:49 am
events. we are booked out through the summer. so i am actually committed to that. so, i'm just making everything here at home and as you can see, i have jam-packed my entire store into my spare bedroom at my house. so, i am trying really hard to just work around the math and get my product out to my customers because i have incredible customer base. >> steve: sure. you know what? to help all three of you, real quick. i'm going to ask you for your website so the folks can buy your stuff, jen, what's your website? how do they buy your soap? >> so you can just jump on facebook and instagram and it's just at finn knows soap. we do it via message. >> steve: terrific. and send it out. >> steve: all right. larry, what about mcjak candy? >> just mcjak but you can also find many of our
4:50 am
products in most major retailers maybe under private label brands though. >> steve: martin, your gift gallery. >> grammar c gift or call me and i will be glad to give you personal service. >> steve: all right. very good. larry and jen and martin, we thank you all for joining us live. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> you are welcome. >> steve: step aside. more coming up in a minute. ♪ psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®. ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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>> well, just days after the horrific parade attack in highland park, police announcing they followed plans for another mass shooting all on the fourth of july. >> steve: they say it was a tip from a hero citizen anonymous which led to the arrest of two illegal migrants before they could carry out the plan on the fourth of july. >> brian: chief smith, can you rebuild how the tip got to you and what you did after and what you found when you got there? >> sure, the tip came in on jule it as a hero citizen and what i describe as a hero citizen. they contacted our second
4:55 am
precinct. officers in the second precinct took the call. -- officers were knocking at their residence. wanting to know what was going on. from that point on, once inside, our officers start to see other evidence that corroborated the hero citizen statement. investigation continued to where we lock up two individuals and we prevented a disaster. i think there is no other term that i can think of that good describe the citizen who called up but a hero. one phone call prevented that tragedy. >> rachel: this is exactly what we have been saying you need to have happen. this hero citizen overheard a phone call, is that correct? >> no, hero citizen overheard a conversation. a conversation. they had contact. they had direct contact and heard this plan and knew that
4:56 am
they had to do something. many of us go by our day every day. this person said no, not gonna go on with my life but i went to stop and do the right thing and make this phone call. >> steve: you see something, you say something. obviously, this person said something. officers went to this location and found two ars. and we've also got the shot of the two suspects. they are both in this country illegally. and one of them has been deported a number of times, and yet he keeps coming back. and now, you know, you guys are lucky that you are able to avert tragedy by these guys. >> that's true. we know there's work to be done with our immigration policy. our officers were concentrating on the behavior. they were looking at their criminal behavior that actually they had to concentrate on. that made a difference. we can't get into the immigration issues that surround the country.
4:57 am
we had to look and we had to prevent that violence from occurring. i commend the officers. >> rachel: no motive yet? no motive? >> no motive, no motive. we do know that there was the intent. the intent was clear. the intent was to cause a mass shooting and to take lives and to do damage unto untold depths. we have no idea the debts or what the citizen hero prevented. >> steve: and they certainly did. chief, thank you very much for joining us today from richmond. >> you for having me on. >> rachel: now to this, a new york second-grader is being hailed a hero after saving his choking classmate with the heimlich maneuver. david is given the new york state commendation award for his actions. he says he learned the life-saving move from tv. he joins us now along with his dad, david diaz sr.
4:58 am
david, you see your classmate choking, and was this an instant reaction to go towards them and give him the heimlich? >> so, i did that, because you have to save everybody in life. >> and you learned how to do this -- what tv show taught you how to do this? >> "the doctor." the kid that knows a lot about bodies. when he grows up. and he is a doctor. >> rachel: david, were you scared when this happened, or you did you just jump into action? >> i was surprised. i didn't know what to do, so i just did it. >> rachel: you just did it. dad, david, he is your namesake. how proud are you of your son
4:59 am
today? >> i am very proud of my son. >> rachel: are you surprised? you know him. you know him so well. when you got news that your son save the life of a classmate by jumping into action like this, where you surprised? >> oh, yes, i was very surprised. i was just wondering how he even knew how to do a heimlich maneuver. >> rachel: apparently from watching this tv show. you were watching "the doctor." do you want to be a doctor? >> not that much. i would probably want to be a basketball player. i just like watching tv shows. with my dad. >> rachel: that is so great. you are now a hero. how have your classmates reacted to this new status that you
5:00 am
have? you are a hero that the new york city says that you are now. are your friends reacting to this? >> so i don't know. deon cain was, like, he was surprised, i think. >> rachel: we are also proud of you, david. dad, we are proud of you for raising such a great boy. congratulations to you. we're so glad that your classmate is safe. thank you david, thank you dad. >> you're welcome. >> yeah, you're welcome. >> rachel: what a sweetheart. the third hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> president biden: we've got a long way to go. >> hail mary, president presiding over record high inflation. >> it's shameful. >> haunting revelations from the illinois parade shooting.
5:01 am
he contemplated shooting up an event in madison, wisconsin. >> we've got to look at the parents. they had to know something. >> governor gavin newsom on vacation despite california's ban on state-sponsored travel siding policies. >> hair to turn the page. >> 500 migrants, illegal crossing in texas. >> dangerous migrant land route on the face of the earth. >> prime minister boris johnson has agreed to resign. >> i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up. ♪ ♪ >> brian: here you go. it was moments ago when prime minister boris johnson resign. he announced his role as conservative leader will no longer be his just moments ago. >> it is clearly not the will of the parliamentary conservative
5:02 am
party that they should be a new leader of that party for a new prime minister. that new leader, i say whoever he or she may be, i give you as much support as i can. and i wanted to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but them's the breaks. >> steve: m is the breaks when you are involved in an ethical and string of scandals. the embattled leader is going to -- he wants to remain as prime minister until a successor is chosen by the conservative party. when he has done a step down from the conservative party leadership. his resignation comes after more than 50 officials step down in the last day and a half. >> rachel: coming after it was revealed that johnson knew about misconduct allegations against the former deputy whip that he appointed in february. >> steve: what is happened over the last number of months
5:03 am
and years is the british people did not trust him. he would say one thing and would do something else. he would pop up in the tabloids. this thing, it's a question of integrity. he has refused to go even though people have been calling for him to hit the pavement for a while. because he would say, i had a mandate. i had an additional 14 million votes from voters who voted for me in 2019. i'm going to stick around. he stuck around until he saw the riding on the wall. 53 government officials called it quits. the government of the united kingdom and england was in dire needs of somebody to run different cabinet positions and things like that. and so, apparently, his assistants were trying to fill the positions as quickly as people would quit. but they couldn't. they were people who were in charge of security, the courts, technology, education, finance.
5:04 am
clearly, that's a lot of the government. with nobody running it. he's going to leave them -- >> rachel: his problem really started with covid. it wasn't clear how he was going to handle covid, then he got covid. he said he was really touching go. his reaction to his own case with covid was that he really went in the direction of the globalist, you know, lockdown, very serious, very stringent response. and then, he was caught of course partying it up in what is now known as partygate. we've got piers morgan right now. he's going to give us more insight. it a perfect guest for the perfect time. >> he did not apologize. >> now, he should of apologized because complete and utter shambles. if anything prevents the matter of his departure, it is this pretty had to leave over a new
5:05 am
scandal where he told a bunch of lies about one of his -- whose job was to implement discipline amongst all the other conservative mps and was caught drunkenly groping men in the pub. that doesn't sum up boris johnson's -- i don't know what. goodbye. >> he kept groping evidentially. they say conservative lawmaker, you would know better. it gives them a senior position. why would he do this? indications are he knew this guy had sexual harassment issues. why would he put his own political fortunes at risk by hiring this guy? >> boris johnson is basically done this entire life. he's been fired from previous jobs wants from a newspaper for lying, one's when he was fired
5:06 am
by a previous conservative prime minister relying. boris johnson has a problem with the truth. it's finally caught up with him. he should never have hired this guy. everyone knew what he was like. he admitted to various offenses. they had and reach the criminal. boris johnson promotes him. promotes him to the guy who is literally in charge of disciplining other members of parliament. you can make it up. it is finally come back to haunt boris johnson. when he was caught, he did what he always does, and he tried to lie his way out of it. he got caught. civil servants who were behind the scenes in places like downing street came forward and say actually, this is all a pack of lies. he knew all about it. he was told specifically about what the allegations were. you can't do that. >> steve: explain how it works there. now he has stepped down as the
5:07 am
head of the conservative party, nobody's gonna stay on as they prime minister it sounds like you would like to until october. that would be completely be a lame duck. how does it work over there? >> this has been -- boris johnson you can imagine particularly -- that's what he's like. every time you catch him, he sneaks away. always slipping away. he has done this his entire career. he's done at the his premiership. what is trying to do now is buy as much time as he can. boris johnson believes that -- there's always something around the corner they can get you off. he is trying to buy time by saying, i was continuous prime minister until you have a new leader in place. the preface and this country for electing a new leader in these circumstances is very straightforward. any one of the conservative members of parliament can run for leader. they have to get eight other
5:08 am
conservative mps to nominate them. and they all go into -- the eight people endorsing them. the other conservative mps in totality final and downed it to go people. may not with two candidates and go to 100,000 conservative members. regular members of the public. you have to be members of the conservative party. they then cast their votes and she was ultimately who be the leader. to be given the parliament summer recess and a few weeks. take the rest of the summer. we wouldn't have a new leader before september, possibly october. and it seems to most people completely ridiculous. boris johnson, many of his own ministers have quit in the last -- in the last 24 hours. i don't trust a man think he should go. he would now try to lamp on like the ultimately greasy piglet lame duck until november. >> rachel: when i heard a speech and he was pretty
5:09 am
composed. he had all these hecklers when he was giving his speech. i told brian off and wrap it i think he is just auditioning to get on some board for some globalist company and showing that he is still alive. from what i'm hearing you say right now, you think maybe he thinks this political career is not over. >> i think boris johnson doesn't play violent normal rules. many think he's the kind of donald trump of the u.k. he basically thinks he rules over other people. all politicians crave power. he at the moment remains prime minister. and i think that he thinks the process is so slow, can buy him time to potentially try and do something which will keep him in office. i don't think anyone else shares that view other than boris johnson. there is a rising tide of anger from conservative members of parliament today at think that it is ridiculous and she go immediately. my gut feeling is he will have
5:10 am
to go very soon. this is unprecedented. to put into context, over 50 of his own ministers -- these are senior members of the government decided within 24 hours -- we have never seen anything like this in this country. that's a collective, massive. we don't trust you. we don't want you to stay. the only thing he can wiggle off, i think is for the birds. >> steve: we might be in the same situation by having the president of the united states basically saying i'm not running again. he might be saying that in a few months. you have a lame duck no later of a pandemic. we have this global slow down and may be a global recession. you guys got high inflation. you got an international crisis. you got vladimir putin still on the march. he was playing a valuable role in galvanizing the u.k. people and nato. you can't -- i don't think we can afford -- the west can
5:11 am
afford to have the u.k. vacant for four months, can we? >> absolutely not. you hit the nail on the head. this is an incredibly difficult time for the world right now. still in the pandemic. financial crisis. we have future cost cost-of-living issues in the u.k. you have in america. this is a farcical situation all these will be going on whether boris johnson stays on the stage a few hours, few weeks, and a few months. it shouldn't be about him. he needs that cut them off, get rid of him. i said this to someone yesterday, if someone said, you're going to have to drag them kicking and screaming out of downing street. i will stand up with all my civic duty and physically drag them out of there if it comes to it. we need to have leadership in this country. what about this? you didn't think he would getting more ridiculous. the leader of the opposition party who runs the labour party,
5:12 am
we are waiting to hear any day now from the police force about whether you can get fined for having a lockdown breaking beer and pizza party. if he does get fined, he has already made a pledge that he will immediately resign. we could have the precise moment you would take an opposition leader would be getting the champagne out, he might also have to resign. we are now into complete chaos. >> steve: -- is great for you. it gives you something to talk about in your show. who is in the wings who could take over the conservative party? would they take the conservatives in a different direction? >> well, that's a very interesting question because the party is split the ongoing issue of brexit. brexit where the u.k. departed
5:13 am
from the european union. boris johnson won that. he campaigned on let's get brexit done. i think it is important probably continuity and whoever that leader is ought to be somebody who believes in brexit. otherwise, we are basically going against the democratic vote of the country in the referendum. there are lots of runners and riders. it is not a clear-cut thing at all. i don't think there's any stand out favorite. you got ben wallace the defense minister. he seen as a very solid pair of hands. people respect him i think. you've got the foreign secretary. she is already turned the plane around. she came straight back to her run the campaign. she resigned as the chancellor. he will be putting his hat in the ring. interesting story. son of a bus driver appeared pakistani member of the country. what about the story?
5:14 am
the education secretary. in charge of education. he promoted 36 hours ago the chancellor to replace the chancellor. this morning, he wrote a message to boris johnson telling him, i've lost confidence. you've got to go. >> brian: dear foreign secretary was going to the g20. another important conference with vladimir putin and the leader of -- with the foreign secretary there. >> that one person loving all this chaos both in the u.k. and the u.s. and all the uncertainty in the vladimir putin. this all plays right into his hands. this is what he wants to see. countries that should be united to try and stop the rampage through ukraine actually splintering into complete chaos and a vacuum of leadership. this is a really bad time for us
5:15 am
to be going through this. as indeed the situation indeed in america right now with a very weak president. an even weaker vice president. wonders if joe biden can get through his first time. if you are licking your lips and all this. >> rachel: before we go, i would say that the green policies have made the west weaker. i would say that this is all showing itself with the energy crises that we are facing that is completely unnecessary. and in europe as well. i call this the green new deal war because it precipitated. >> is become ridiculously dependent in europe. donald trump to his credit, donald trump warns particularly about germany, massive overreliance. he kept telling the germans again telling everyone, you cannot be this dependent on your energy. if he wants to click his fingers and turn it off, that is exactly
5:16 am
what we are now seeing. >> rachel: you cannot be depended on green energy that is not ready. we could help provide energy for europe, but that didn't happen. >> brian: let me make an observation. you are just as effective with a blazer on as you are without a blaze around. i don't think you need the blazer. i need the blazer, you do not. >> [laughs] is all happening here. about 5:00 this morning. raging all day. five-minute at 7:00 in the morning. it's been total chaos. this is my slightly more casual look. that casual look is a laser focused -- >> rachel: we have been loving you show, "piers morgan uncensored" on fox nation weekdays at 4:30 p.m. we just made some big news with nancy grace. everyone will keep watching that show on fox nation. >> the audacity to say what she
5:17 am
knew what a woman was but how dare a woman say that a woman is a woman? preposterous. >> brian: where to shake it off saying that? >> steve: from london, thank you so much for joining us live. >> great to talk you as always. >> steve: meanwhile, let's bring the publicist back on this side of the landing. the president, president biden's bashing republicans were not doing anything to lower gas prices. this is money. if it weren't so desperate. but as the president plays the inflation blame game, some members of the president's own part i don't want to run the political risk of standing next to him. mark meredith is standing outside his house and joins us live. >> steve, rachel, brian, good morning to you guys. we are going to get the latest june jobs report for telling economist and the rest of us where things stand with the
5:18 am
economy. the president says the economy is pretty decent shape. the president was in cleveland, ohio, on wednesday telling a ground that in the last 1.5 years, he has made "incredible progress on the economy." he also admits inflation is a concern for both him and the american people. >> president biden: we've got a long way to go because of inflation because of the -- i call at the vladimir putin tax increase. because of gasoline and all that green he's keeping from being able to get to the market. now i'm fighting like to lower costs on things. you talk around here, kitchen table. >> you saw pretty big crowd. the candidates running for governor and senate, congressman tim ryan who is challenging j.d. vance called box back in may that he wanted to be the face of his campaign. he was not looking for any distractions. the presidents seeking approval rating appears to be problems for democrats overall. nbc even spoke with the congressman of the
5:19 am
democratic party who claims the president who is missing in action. nbc is not naming this congressman but quotes him as saying "as a benefit to having the president out there every day using his executive power to show the country you are fighting for them. and it's almost like he's hiding." either he's hiding behind it or under it. i don't know where he is." that is a complete focused on the messaging coming out of the white house. we are now seeing a major shake-up with the communications director stepping down from her job as white house communications director a little bit later on this summer. her replacement has not been named. this is a notable departure and one of several we have seen in recent weeks from within the west wing. speak to thank the report. coming up, the effort to expel wolf district attorney crossing a major hurdle setting the stage to oust him from office. an organizer for the movement joins us next. ♪ ♪
5:20 am
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5:25 am
>> that's correct. the next step will be the registrar has 30 working days take out those petitions. they are still determining whether they will count as of 5% sample batch only or the entire submission. from that point, we are hopeful and optimistic that they will verify that we have the required signatures and this will move onto a ballot as early as november or as late as january of next year. >> steve: this is that so i can him. another one fizzled out less than a year ago. this one seems different, because you've got all of these sheriffs i think in 30 towns or something like that. chiefs of police who have no confidence in him. they saw that terrible tragedy two weeks ago where to go police officers were murdered by somebody who is from gascon's own policies. he says he did not nothing wrong and some of the aftermath from mid-june. it seems like people are fed up
5:26 am
with what is happening. >> i think that is absolutely the case. yesterday when we turned in 717,000 signatures, they certainly sent that message. pretty resoundingly. you know, with gascon, i think, it has just been a total disaster for the residents of los angeles. it is not just victims and residents who are fed up and who are aware of when he is doing, it is also criminals. that has really become the problem with all of this is that criminals are completely emboldened. they feel like they connect with impunity. it is while you hear and see that they've the people saying they want to get gascon's name tattooed on their forehead, convicted murderers are choosing them from in jail. i think everybody is aware of it at this point and people are fed up. that is why they have taken the action that they have. >> we have a gravity that shows in the period of six months before he took office versus right now, look at that shooting
5:27 am
crimes up over 50% homicide up 30% goes on and on. i question for you, if you guys are able to get rid of him, who is going to take his place? it could be somebody just as bad. >> i actually have a hard time believing that anybody could do a worse job is district attorney then george gascon at this point based on his performance. i'm sure there will be a number of qualified candidates that step up. i know there are a few that are interested in running that have been helpful in pushing this effort. so i am very optimistic that you will get somebody in there who at the very least just carried out the duties of the district attorney's office and follow the law which is something that george gascon is not doing and has not done. >> steve: he put out a statement after you delivered all of those petitions to the appropriate authority. we remain focused on the work of keeping communities safe and creating a more equitable justice system as we have been since day one trend.
5:28 am
that is what they are all about, equity, isn't it? >> well, i think they say that but not at all. they also like to use the word reform and lots of little buzzwords of how george gascon got elected by telling people he was going to move the criminal justice system into the 21st century. it is all the same talking points and really all it is his soft pedaling soft on crime policies. really he pulled one over on voters and very quickly, people saw the actual effects of what he was doing. that is why there was such a quick backlash and outrage from the victims. the image in the first ever heard. that was really a victim started and led effort. i think with the second time around, we were actually able to build up the resources necessary from the get-go to launch and succeed in such a monumental effort. >> steve: we are going to verify all the signatures. let's see what happens next. thank you for joining us today from california. >> thank you so much.
5:29 am
>> steve: coming up this thursday, a vietnam vet who ran through him a enemy fire receives the military's highest honor. specialist five dwight birdwell joins us live after the break. finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning, as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell while verzenio works inside to help stop the growth of cancer cells. diarrhea is common, may be severe,
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5:33 am
>> brian: president biden awarding four vietnam veterans with the medal of honor earlier this week. >> president biden: and has been a long journey for this day for those heroes and their families. and for the 50 years that have passed. 50 years since the jungles of vietnam or as young man, these soldiers first prove their mettle. that time has not diminished their dishonesty bravery putting their others ahead of their own and their gratitude that we as a nation over them. >> that was the recipient. that led up to the medal of honor being given to dwight birdwell, specialist five. and the silverstar upgraded specialist birdwell, thank you so much for joining us. what was that day at the white house like?
5:34 am
>> well, i was quite overwhelming. from time to time, i thought perhaps i was having a dream. if it is a dream, and has been the longest one i have had. is continuing. a joyous event for the men i started with and for general, i was so happy to be present. >> the year was 1968. you took action. your unit was called on to repel an attack of a major military assault. you had to endure an ambush. recalled how the unit took the brunt of the attacks. that's not where it stopped. that is where you really got started. what did you do? >> my commander was shot in the face. i evacuated him to safety. i took over the tank. i fought continuously. fired all the ammunition i had.
5:35 am
when i ran out of ammunition, it just so happened that colonel otis' helicopter crashed behind my tank. it had been shot down. retrieve the m60 machine guns from it and took one for my tank and resumed firing and did so until it was shot out of my hands. i then used my m-16 rifle until it was emptied. i then collected a group of guys, and we moved forward in the column to do the best we could do continue to resist the enemy attack until help arrived. >> brian: you decided against evacuation. he went back off the chopper and went back and kept fighting. >> i did. i still had enough and made a game going. i wasn't going to stop. >> brian: you decided to sign
5:36 am
up in 1968 where the vietnam war. a lot of people waiting to get drafted. what about your cherokee heritage prompted you to sign up for this war? >> well, those who didn't sign up that chose not to go, that was their decision. this was my decision. it was part of my upbringing. it was something i had to do. i did it. and i am proud of the fact that i brought no dishonor to the cherokee people as well as the citizens of the united states. i did my duty. and i was with that day did their duty. >> brian: out in end up back the rest of your life? you are now 74. >> how did it affect? it helps. it instill discipline in me. he gave me an immense sense of pride that i don't know that i would have had otherwise. i made many made many acquaintances and friends
5:37 am
serving. because of my service in the army, i was able to go to college on the g.i. bill when i came back. it has been a real positive experience for me personally, testimony to the greatness of this country. taking care of its warriors. and honoring its warriors as well. >> brian: congratulations on a special day. and on your incredible -- you are a recipient of the silverstar. i upgraded to a lawyer and still practicing. congratulations. >> thank you, sir. >> brian: fox news captioner hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. we are live from eagle pass, texas, as local leaders begged for help. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures
5:38 am
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>> rachel: 500 migrants entering eagle pass, texas, illegally. >> brian: the justice department is investigating texas for allegedly civil rights violations. >> steve: our correspondent is live in eagle pass, texas, with more. i don't get why all these people are coming, because the administration has said, you know, the border is closed. but it doesn't look closed in windows eight >> i think that is exactly right. they can say it is many times as they like. the reality on the situation on the ground on here is the border is not closed. they frequently told migrants do not come. they are still coming. they continue to come in historic numbers. you guys just mention it. the drone video, a single
5:43 am
massive group, an enormous group of nearly 500 migrants who crossed illegally here into eagle pass. one of the biggest groups we have ever seen during our coverage of this border crisis down here. it was a mixture of single adults and family units mostly from cuba and from venezuela. title 42 is not being enforced on humans and venezuelans but a lot of these people will likely be released into the united states. what are you are seeing is a huge drain on border patrol resources. dozens of agents had to ask of it they cannot be elsewhere patrolling the frontline stopping drugs, stopping cartel runners. take a look at the second piece of video. a few miles away, this was a second huge group that crossed illegally. a group of about 150. mostly cubans, venezuelans, venezuelans, and nicaraguans. they crossed onto private property. it is just more of the same for the del rio sector here which is overwhelmed. just for the fourth of july
5:44 am
holiday weekend. there were nearly 5,000 illegal crossings including more than 1800 just on the fourth of july alone. there were also nearly 1,000 got aways. i got here live, you mentioned of the top, the biden doj has announced in the letter to the state of texas that they are investigating texas' operation lone star of a potential civil rights violations, allegations of potential racial discrimination or discrimination of migrants based off their country of origin. texas is denying that in a statement to fox news digitalization only saying they are following state and federal laws. during this historic border crisis, that biden doj is going to be investigating the state of texas while it is trying to secure its own border through operation lone star. >> brian: do you think there is any chance there has been civil rights violations, or is this -- is this just a political
5:45 am
thing where the justice department is cracking down on the operation lone star because they don't have control over it? >> i can only tell you what we have seen. we have been embedded with texas countless times. at night as they go to work these private ranches looking for renters but we have never seen any kind of discrimination of any kind. i don't care where they are from or who they are up or they're going to to catch and arrest them as they are snaking through private property. i can't speak for everything that has happened along the border over the last year or so. we can't be everywhere at once. i can tell you from what we have seen when we have with troopers and national guards, we have never seen anything of the sort. we have seen national guard soldiers trying to save migrants, throwing them floats in the rio grande. we all know and national guard soldiers died, and drowned trying to save migrants. we will see what comes of this investigation. we have not seen any evidence of that.
5:46 am
>> steve: what happens when a large group of 500 comes over, it's not like they are going to run away. they want to be processed right then so that they can start the meter running so they can get in the united states. unfortunately, if you have 500 people, all the border patrol agents for the area got to go there. over there where the drug smugglers might come in is wide open. >> that is exactly right for that has been one of the biggest frustrations were border agents. when the cartels was across these huge family groups, there are these huge groups of families and single adults turning themselves in. they are doing so because they know that is going to be a huge drain on border patrol resources. it will have to send a bunch of agents. that leaves other part of the border open then where patrol is removed. that is when they can push to their drugs, there runners, their criminal elements. border patrol agents know it. they are frustrated by it. which is why they have been doing a strategy for quite some time. and it is effective.
5:47 am
>> you been doing amazing work at the border shining a light on something our government does not want us to know is happening. thanks for that we will catch up with you later. thanks, though. >> thank you. >> brian: no other network is interested. >> rachel: he's got the meat to himself. >> brian: it's a shame. speak out we have a fox news alert here. weekly jobless claims just received with 235,000 americans filing for unemployment last week. that's more than that 230,000 economists expected and up from the 231,000 who filed a week before. it's also the highest number of jobless claims filed since january. guys, back to you. >> steve: not a good sign. thanks. >> brian: still ahead on our show, california's governor loves to bash red states like montana, but loves to visit them even more like montana.
5:48 am
preventing state employees from going to montana next.
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5:51 am
>> the fbi director with a stern warning about communist china. meanwhile, moscow delivers a harsh assessment of american history. what's up with that?
5:52 am
karl rove back in the missteps of the biden team. treaties got got six of them to line up the debris meet them in converting airbase to help track ufos. you heard it first. dana and i will see you in 10 minutes at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> steve: all right, bill, thanks. california governor gavin newsom loves bashing red states run by republican governors. that's not stopping him from vacationing in one of those states. >> rachel: the same thing happened to aoc. if our live democrat was accused of hypocrisy over his trip to montana, which is 1 of 22 states were california prohibits state-funded travel due to its lgbtq policies. biological women -- >> brian: here to react, he sucked at gavin newsom would do something like this is "fox & friends" we can cocoa pete hegseth. it is so weird for gavin newsom to say one thing and do another.
5:53 am
>> big shocker. it's not hypocrisy. he believes he plays by his own set of rules. we know that. hypocrisy is trying to get away with it. he knows he can. he knows it will get covered. he does not care. ultimately, why wouldn't he want to go to montana where, you know, it's crime free and there's lots of freedom and opportunity. of course he would. when you can leave a state full of -- where d.a.s are being recalled and people are fleeing because of crime across the board. mandate. of course you would want to go there. here's the thing. nobody wants to play virtue signaling hopscotch which is what gavin newsom is going to have to do with their 22 states they are not allowed to go to if you are a state employee of california that includes arizona, florida, montana, north carolina, ohio, tennessee, texas. how do you make your way across the country when you have to jump over certain states? you can't.
5:54 am
ultimately, he is the governor. as a result, there is no such thing as private travel when you are the governor. either you are achieved virtue for you or not. this is why this is all a joke. >> steve: the travel ban -- which he broke. applies to spinning state funds for the governor's travel is not being paid for by the state, pete hegseth. they write, "connecting that two is a responsible and falsely implies there is something untoward." you've got a big year. they are saying no state money is being spent. you got the figure, as the governor is sitting right here into the breakfast table this morning and montana, there is a state employee who works for the highway patrol right back there taking care of him. >> or somebody. there's multiple people. their security. of course that is the case. you know, the analogy this morning -- i love the segment you had at the top of this hour is boris johnson who had a bunch of parties at his mansion while
5:55 am
the rest of everyone else was locked out. gavin newsom counts on is the fact that neither the media nor the bureaucracy, nor his own party which loves his slick hairdo and thinks he might be able to run for 2024 will ever hold them accountable. that is why he will do this. and pretend like there is no state funds but of course the right. and he's got to reliably state -- >> rachel: he will get away with it. we will move to another topic because we are really proud of you. your book "battle for the american mind" is number one on "the new york times" best seller list. for three weeks in a row. you know -- >> congratulations. you have struck a chord. >> thank you, guys. i think so. you know, getting responses from parents who have said we have chained to our kids go to school from teachers saying come and switch the way that i teach and do the educational system. from donors who say i used to get to my alma mater, no i'm
5:56 am
giving to classical christian schools. this is the reason why david goodwin and i are so humbled and honored by this is that we hope we affect the way education is done in this country. thank you, "fox & friends." you guys made it happen. >> rachel: you did a real service to our country putting that information out there. if you haven't gotten the book, it's good. it's excellent and it is now number one on "the new york times" best seller list. >> steve: if you have one, get two. pete, thank you very much. >> you guys are awesome. >> steve: we will be right back. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
5:57 am
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>> flow right it takes the stage, the fox aware stage at the all-american civil concert series. >> had to "fox & friends" for tickets and we will buy you breakfast. >> goodbye, everybody. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning to 9:00 in new york. prime minister boris johnson is out. resigning as leader of the british government, so where does britain go from here is a dramatic question. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. >> i'm dana perino. my husband is british, he had some thoughts this morning. the funny thing was watching larry the cat. last night they put them in front of a podium as a photoshop in the said i don't


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