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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 7, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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need to get your a1c down? (♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ ♪ >> this is beneath the domain "outnumbered." and i am emily. here with harris faulkner, kayleigh mcenany and carley shimkus and todd piro. law and disorder in the cities with more outrage. a new york city clerk is locked up in riker and charged with murder after forced to grab a knife and sent off a violent
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ex-con who assaulted him first. watch this horrifying video. >> you seed the career criminal austin simon storm behind the counter and violently shove the clerk jose alba, the grandfather to the floor. he gets up, grabs a gun, that's when he grabs a knife and stabs and kills simon. the bail is set at $250,000 and well violent criminals released without bail courtesy of far left manhattan dal the bread. "the new york post" calling it justice gone mad. the self-defense isn't a crime. writing in an op-ed, although brad has turned the city upside down and it's time for him to go." especially after soft on crime policies keep giving breaks to the repeat offenders that you see on the screen. he downgraded the charges for the armed robbery assault, caleigh, the list goes on. we have too many to literally
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name in this hour but they include things like a rap sheet of six felony arrests and 65 misdemeanors, 31 failures to appear in court and two parole violations. two women accused of attacking cops appear at the list on and there is a situation like this so cut and dry, why is it that a maintained behind bars not unveiled to go free when the city is littered with people has been released with no bail or on bail for horrifying crimes? >> kayleigh: emily i feel like i'm in a twilight zone. what kind of sick, twisted police in the middle of new york city where this man alba defending himself is put in jail? another element to this is apparently the girlfriend come alleged to have a knife with he. she also left the convenience store to go find simon appear at simon came back reportedly about 10 minutes later with a mission to confront this individual.
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as you point out shopping against the wall and you point out grabbed him on the back at the neck and all he did was defend himself. alba has no criminal history and a good working law abiding citizen and his daughter said it was either him or the guy at the moment. he has never hurt anybody and never had an altercation to defend himself. this is the first time for him. so you have to make a choice between your life or going to rikers island, which we know is a pretty brutal place. emily, we live in a place trial by jury, the charges will be dropped and in the event they are not, the jury of peers will acquit alba. thank god we live in that kind of country. >> to be clear self-defense to a murder trial. the kyle rittenhouse successful, lawful self-defense looks like per the jury there. but this discussion, what makes it so hard to stomach is exactly
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what we were talking about when we hear these repeat violent assaults on the streets of manhattan day after day after day. and these guys let free every single time. we learn about the guy that was killed, he was a known gang member and we talk about being in a gang. the granddaughter of alba said if there is any justice left in the judicial system, please let it work here in the place i was born and raised, harlem. i don't know if that is going to happen. >> we are at war. it would seem that these liberal district attorneys have chosen their side. if they haven't chosen their side, they are incompetent to let us know what they were going to do to change it, but they are not going to change it. i mean, look the mayor's on top aide was mugged in the city. okay? and the aide tells the guys who were mocking him "you shouldn't be doing this. i work for the mayor." first of all, keep your mouth
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shut. that will make you a further target. these guys know they can get away with anything with anybody. when you send that message, it becomes contagious. let's pray it is not contagious at the bench level with the judge. let's pray that when it gets into a courtroom, that justice remains blind and not ahead by george soros money the way the liberal d.a.'s are. if it gets contagious at that level, it won't just be a war. it will be the situation where might as well put your weapons down. criminals will win everyone. right now, i'm still willing to fight. >> what is so heartbreaking, todd, in that video "i don't want no problems." he tried again and again to prevent what was an attack over and over again. if there is any demonstration of self-defense he did not provoke, the attack, which is part of the analysis of self-defense, it is certainly all on video. and get caught with illegal
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guns, shove an elderly person to the ground killing them and attack someone because they are asian, slap on the wrist. numerous times, nothing. but to defend yourself. >> todd: you touch on a important point, wonky, not only did this individual engage in commits written return of force, which as we all know, the lawyer say you are allowed to do. if someone comes with you with a knife, you are allowed to go at them with a knife. the charge in this case is second-degree murder! we all know there has to be a level of premeditation or extreme recklessness for they are to be a murder charge. murder requires a mental state. to your point, this guy said i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble. this is clearly self-defense. the d.a. to up charge this case the way he did and not up charge -- oh, i don't know every other incidents of horrificness. >> harris: you mean up charge on the victim and not the
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criminal. he already picked his side. >> todd: it comes to this point, not just from alvin bragg but liberal d.a.'s across the country. this notion that self-defense is not what the people should do. you shouldn't have guns. you shouldn't defend yourself. all the protection should be in the hands of the state appear this is what the liberal elite won't appear they want to be in charge. it is sickening. >> emily: you are right and just to be clear, murder in the first, but absolutely it is an up charge. and criminals against victims because again, the thief's the attacker several times he was incarcerated for multiple, violent crimes and released from prison in may 2021 just in time to absolutely run somebody else. >> kayleigh: harris is right, we are at war. the odd thing that is happening right now is that the progressive prosecutors have chosen a side. they are choosing to defend the criminal as opposed to the victim here they are acting like defense attorneys.
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todd, you are right. not just new york but across the country. the recall effort is moving forward in los angeles with george gascon. over 700,000 petitions. one of the women the most advocates for the recall of george gascon, the daughter was murdered in 2020. just a few weeks after she had a baby boy. she had a tough pregnancy and she wanted to go watch the sunset. she rented some bikes with her husband and shot in the chest and killed. her son does not have a mother. she was murdered for absolutely no reason. one of the defendants who spent no jail time at all because he was 17 years old at the time. he was a minor and given 80 hours of community service. and a court spoke out and said regarding the no jail time come up when you make grown-up decisions, grown-up consequences. but she said to gascon "you killed my daughter and you have
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that on your back." she called gascon a crime boss. >> harris: he acts like one. >> because of the soft on crime policies. >> harris: i mention him behind names behind bars. >> kayleigh: the 13,000 cases that he dismissed from his office in 2020 because they don't conform to his special directive spirit that is l.a. d.a. gascon soon to be former l. up next high-profile democrats in ohio skipping the president's visit to their state as growing number of democratic party see him as a political liability. that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> you know while i couldn't be here come i want to thank
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senator tim ryan to commit senator tim ryan. [applause] and senator patty murray in the state of washington for their incredible work on this legislation. with everyone's leadership and there are votes and most of all of the unrelenting labor of all of you, this historic day has been made possible. >> harris: i don't know, that had to hurt, my parents couldn't be here either one of them. [laughter] he democrats were no-shows as you heard when president biden was in ohio yesterday. congressman tim o'brien open seat and former dayton mayor running for governor both skipped that event and cited scheduling conflicts. tim ryan, kayleigh said, this schedule has been set quite some time and he had no opening. >> kayleigh: write them up course using the stacey abrams stacey abrams excuse remember come to georgia with a scheduling conflict? he better get used to it because he's about to be the snubbed guy
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left and right heading into november because everybody sees initially terry mcauliffe would not mention joe biden's name in a debate. welcome him to the state, and what happened to terry mcauliffe? he lost glorious fashion. the white house aide said the rating him as we talked about yesterday. now no one wants to stand by him at campaign rallies. he is the guy that smells bad that they don't want to stand by. state officials don't want to stand by because nobody wants to go down. >> harris: that is the show, folks, see you tomorrow. [laughter] >> todd: i hope i'm not the guy that smells real bad. >> kayleigh: you are not. >> todd: i love the two prong, one, we have a scheduling conflict but number two, now a new line? i want to be the face of my campaign. you know, you can do both, everybody. that is another b.s. line. a tell, you know, this is the
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tale. somebody says they want to be the face of my campaign, that means i don't want joe biden's stench and horrific phone numbers on me. >> harris: let's get to some of the reasons why from democrats themselves. some are saying the biden campaign, let's watch. >> will you invite president biden to come and campaign for you? >> look, we welcome everybody support, but i will be the face of this campaign. i don't think surrogates are going to play a huge role here. >> do you think you will have president biden campaign with you in that district? >> i intend to do the campaigning myself. i am the candidate. it is my name on the ballot. certainly, when i first ran i ran in the seventh district and won in that seat by getting out and speaking to voters. >> harris: so biden will have a lot of free time. [laughter]
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maybe work on the many crises that this nation is facing. >> kayleigh: it is not just politicians but staffers, kate bedingfield the communications director, she will be in the white house. as of yesterday, 19 of biden's staff with departures. it is clear for some of these people that the white house, the biden administration's thinking, self-preservation mode. they want to jump off of a sinking ship. really quickly about biden and gas prices, but this is one of the reasons why nobody wants to be associated with him because of the economy. he said and this is a real humdinger. he blamed republicans for high gas prices. something you talk about around your kitchen table. republicans do nothing but obstruct efforts to lower the gas prices. excuse me, mr. president, even nancy pelosi didn't want to get rid of the gas taxes and only since on the dollars. >> harris: from the
9:18 am
white house, when vice president, also a gimmicky move. we are not doing that. so what i was going to ask you because you brought up kate bedingfield, brian kilmeade and i talked last hour how potentially she wanted to step into the role of press secretary. and she's very skilled communicator. that would have been a good thing, right? >> didn't sandra smith that job also? >> i don't know if it was confirmed but sanders could have possibly been a natural -- >> harris: communications are a problem for the president, especially when it's his own communications. >> when it comes to kate bedingfield come it is interesting that she is leavingn recently complained about the fact that his successes have not been communicated well. >> harris: he did appear >> when it comes to her, you don't know who is breaking up with wht there is some conflict there. >> harris: did you notice, emily the tweet at the current
9:19 am
press secretary's news conference back and forth i think it was peter doocy probably. she made the point that she's not going to correct the president on that topic. she is not going to write -- and that was another thing biden was complaining about that this team was wrecking him too much. >> he wanted to have autonomy and felt disrespected by authorities and constantly coming to have cleanup, even the rest of us sort of breathed a sigh of relief because things that can trigger a nuclear war with putin. on the relationship analogy, when you outgrow your partner, that is how i feel like we have been. and so this speech in ohio, the same talking peace with tempers flare. the rest of the country is moving on and dealing with the myriad of crisis affecting our communities, border every day. we are seeing and empathizing
9:20 am
with people. and we ourselves. yet, he says who did they think they are? or did they think you are for god sake! i ask that of him. he said the whole time he was protecting the unions and all about the unions but remember at the same person who called a union member or said you are full of blank. who dared asked him about gun rights. that same divisive creature while the rest of us have moved on and fleeting communities to get through our days of budgeting and balancing our budget every month. he is the same person, lying face pony soldier. i'm a little tired of those talking points. >> harris: he sees themselves as a dictator. he is acting like someone with complete absolute power. because that is what happens when you've been in politics 50 years and you finally get the apple, right?
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it is my apple and you can't share it and even if i'm choking on it. all right, coming up read a topic the white house doesn't want to talk about. which one would that be? the media is also determined to ignore it. the new developments with the hunter biden scandal next. ♪ ♪ this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur.
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: it's getting harder and harder for the media to ignore the biden scandal but they still do. yesterday cbs reported over 150 concerning global transactions with joe biden. with banks and further review. usually these flags indicate suspicious, potential criminal
9:26 am
activity, but the u.s. department of treasury won't release them to congress. just last week, audio was rebuilt from hunter's infamous laptop of president biden talking to his son about his business dealings back in 2018. >> on wednesday nights, i just want to talk to you. and released it online. >> kayleigh: quite a bombshell when president biden said he never spoke to his son about his business dealings. that was not true it's a white is not the media all over this? i think we know why. the new york post editorial board said they can't protect biden forever especially if the republicans take the house in the fall and compel the white house to answer these questions. harris come i want to play a sound bite of peter doocy
9:27 am
questioning the white house press secretary on this. >> why is there a voice mail of the president talking to his son about overseas business dealings if the president said, he never spoke to his son about overseas business? >> i am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop. i'm not going to talk about alleged materials on the laptop. not happening. peter, i would refer you to his son's representative. >> kayleigh: it is his voice. >> harris: that is not a bad move for her. i'm sure the attorneys -- he has proven without that binder, she could be in trouble. god bless her, that is a hard job and i'm just being straight. i want to go back to the previous video. it sounds like the president says you are clear here. what does that mean? >> kayleigh: right.
9:28 am
>> harris: what is going on that your dad has to call you and after hours, you might be sleeping hunter biden. partying at 2:00, 3:00, when did he call him? he must call him at 12:00. but he is delivering a message about we are clear here. no, she can't talk about that. and if the staff is smart they won't because they will get pulled into the lawsuit and then it gets to be messy. we don't know what the truth is. what we know is the laptop that makes folks uncomfortable, which is why the media don't cover it. maybe they are on it. >> kayleigh: they are not on it. but the woodward tapes, and knelt an example of the tape of the president's voice. it would be untenable proposition to say "i have no comment" i will not comment on tape here that would not work because there were good reporters who followed up and
9:29 am
asked this. watch. >> the conversation with his son, hunter biden come up with regards to his business dealings. i'm wondering how is that consistent with the president's promise to the american public? >> i cannot comment on any materials from the laptop. and i would refer you to the representatives of hunter biden. >> taught this is the one follow-up from one reporter. every reporter asked to follow up, why won't you answer peter's questions? >> todd: the difference between your experience. now come every single person in that room was in the lockstep against you as a member of the trump administration. now come at the exact opposite. the exact member in that by and large when it comes to the hunter biden, the third rail of american politics, the they know they cannot ask many questions for some reason that -- i will probably find out at some point. you know when we will find out?
9:30 am
when we follow the money. >> harris: we know the reason. >> todd: it goes beyond that. this is part of the cover-up. >> harris: he cost peter out in public. he needs that but the rest of the room. >> todd: the next stage is following the money. we have representative james comer to unearth more information from the treasury about these 150 questionable transactions. he's trying to get the information. typically, this is handed over willy-nilly and not a big deal. why are they blocking this? they were something to hide. >> kayleigh: there is a federal grand jury investigation in delaware. that is right. a lot of the question, the argument is grand jury proceedings after witnesses have testified so many months ago, usually the prosecution moves for indictment immediately or when the jury comes to that level.
9:31 am
they move for prosecution immediately. it has been months, arguably years we suffer from delay. and questioning why, the justice department released a series of memos in which several attorneys on about election year sensitivity related to investigations of prosecution. however, number one, plenty of years dealing with this that were not election years. secondly, clearly ignored in 2016 when james comer was in charge. it is superseding in terms of fundamental paramount needs the american people need to know and flies in the face of memos, let's be sensitive to election time. that would totally impact how and why people vote. second, good point, by the way about deflecting answers, someone asked her a specific question about hunter biden. she says, "i need to reserve that for the attorneys." the president statement, he was the one that denied speaking to his son about it. it was a specific question targeted to the president.
9:32 am
and seems to be totally foals. >> kayleigh: that is the key point right there. first, russian disinformation jen psaki said, then the doj, okay, go to hunter's representative but it's the president's voice and the present smiths truth. >> it is almost comical the president is sticking to the lie that absolutely nobody believes. keep in mind two years ago tony bob belinsky, the former business partner on fox news saying joe biden was involved in the family business. if you were ever ran for president he would use plausible liability. keep in mind the reason this matters national security and the question do you want a president who son's business partners of the world shady as people, especially if joe biden's tents for the big guy was involved in that business? are there national security ramifications involved in this? >> kayleigh: a lot of questions. the press has got to start
9:33 am
asking them. national teachers union reportedly things like mandatory masks, vaccines, get this, banning the word "mother and father." you will not believe it. that is next. ♪ ♪ if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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9:38 am
opposition research into organizations the teachers union say "working to diminish students freedom of sexual identity and teacher autonomy." another initiative rejects the word "mother and father" in classrooms replacing them with birthing parents and nonbirthing parents. emily, this strikes me as a meeting of the democratic national committee or socialist workers of america, not of the teachers supposed to be teaching our children. further, leaked documents, of course it will be g cutie with inclusivity and we can't use mother and father anymore. >> emily: you are right, and advocacy group and a labor group in the country with 3 million members and also, request a $140,000 for opposition research about the largest 25 organizations actively working to diminish students including sexual identity and teacher autonomy. remember, on the heels and
9:39 am
against the backdrop of the constitution, constitution and school boards stating they have more precedence over child's education, sexual health, sexual identity than parents do. and test scores have plummeted. less emphasis on test results and more emphasis on what they are learning. and just before the 2020 election, the over emphasis on standardized testing with considerable, collateral damage but instead focus on the racial and social justice. when the reasons have their children in school is to learn. education, formal, standard, criminal justice to the other factor. >> kayleigh: this is another one that caught my eye. a leaked document, the initiative that has to be voted on, carley, the social justice union, female, transgender, who will fight against these attacks on our member students and
9:40 am
reproductive rights of all persons who are able to peer they go on to say abortion. these are teachers. >> carley: like you said, the largest in the country, joe biden is also a member. last year, they approved a resolution that bans critical race theory. and to provide a study that critiques capitalism and other forms of power and oppression. so, these people are active as peer they are educators. i know a lot of teachers that would be very disgusted by what they are doing and then in los angeles all public school teachers they are will be forced to take a training course merits and individualism because rooted in whiteness. merit means you can do something good based on a personal skill set that you have. how is that rooted in whiteness? to say it is is quite frankly racist. >> harris: they are running out of u-hauls in california.
9:41 am
>> remember the two liberal activists in virginia, education, glenn youngkin will won on. >> harris: your little ones learn the words "mom and dad." first, not in my household and neither of my children can say the word "mom." but now you want to take away the very foundation of what children understand, even in terms of language, let alone about their experience. that can change in every household. but those words, you want to change them -- can you imagine teaching 5-month-old, 6-month-old birthing parents? you want your child to be prepared for school. i'm not saying this to be funny. but you want to teach them things early on they will hear. the naa -- nea is not talking about the decisions or ideas for children over the age of ten. we are assuming it goes all the way down to pre-k, like there is no cutoff on the bottom end for
9:42 am
that. so we have to get our kids ready for bed now? that just seems like a waste of time where we have so much catching up to do after a pandemic. how are children going to compete on a global scale for jobs, innovation, a live that. how are they going to be ready to win-win win which is what we want and we want the generations to be competitive in that way? how can they do that if concentrating on -- what is the fascination? i don't have hispanic friends who know what latinx is. >> kayleigh: the public schools, there is encouragement and optimism the supreme court with maine public school vouchers can be used parochial over religious schools. you have a school voucher? take your business elsewhere. >> todd: that is 1 of 50, k lee. harris touched upon a very
9:43 am
important point. this is part of an attack on the family unit. why is it being done? it is being done because these activists posing as teachers want to control your children. they want to parent your child appear they want to convert them in their own image into this great socialist left locust ideal peer that is not what ame. it is what twitter wants but not what americans want. you highlighted the point and that is why it is so scary. this is happening from the ground up. they are trying to get into your young child's mind. how do you do it? change the language. b3 it's about control, you hit the nail on the head, todd appear in "the new york times" getting called out in a different way and covering these two congresswomen. referring to the other as a rising star, oh, my.
9:44 am
♪ ♪ hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles... and they have fast, reliable shipping. ask yourself. are you safe? make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900,
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800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> we are awaiting a live event at the white house where the
9:48 am
medal of freedom to 17 recipients including denzel washington, steve jobs, and others. plus ari fleischer on what the biden inflection point in his presidency as more and more democrats on the far left media or turning on him pure democrat weighs in on ongoing energy crisis. why did oil release from emergency reserve to bring down gas prices here at home end up in china's hands? we will ask kamala harris about that. come join us as "america reports" at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> mainstream media double standard is showing yet again critics call out "the new york times" over these very different way it covers congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez and maillot florez.
9:49 am
the texas republican "far right latino hole in the past new york democrat aoc has a political star and not just "new york times," carley, multiple magazines. she has been a cover star for multiple magazines for quite some time. >> and how they characterize the cover, they characterize republicans as pouncing. the language is so fleeting and so-and-so partisan. how do they know that she is far right? she doesn't have a voting record. she won yesterday and she ran on a platform saying she has a daughter of an immigrant. she was born in mexico, the first mexican born and usually the media loves spirit about for her come a very different story. >> you hit the nail on the head come at the media loves that kind of story. aoc won collection in a district literally a broom handle could
9:50 am
be elected. maya flores flipped a seat but hasn't gone g.o.p. in over a century and yet, treated as extreme and aoc treated like a rock star. >> todd: clarence thomas, conservative minorities get hit harder than anybody, will weather from the democrats themselves or handlers in the liberal media. the reason is, the democrats see the writing on the wall. you talk about the poll numbers, look at the african american vote swinging and the latino vote swinging to republicans. democrats are scared appear they will never get someone like maya flores credit for her position but create a name and label for her. they know what's coming around the corner. we will see it in november. blacks, latinos become republican and nothing will stop them because despite what twitter says and i go back to twitter, latinos want what everybody else wants, which is a normal life. good americans, race is
9:51 am
completely irrelevant. we are all the same and they want the same. stop with the division. speak with the media certainly created a grant and elevated the cultural icon status. you bring up voting rights and arguably her decision was part of the reason there was 30,000 jobs or the opportunity was lost in her district because she presented amazon. >> harris: early on. >> performance has not been one of rock star status. not anywhere near it and continuing to be on late night talk shows treated disproportionately to her accomplish her appearance be when you bring out a great point. there is 80 a amnesia to the fact if they don't fit the narrative they are comfortable with. they want to anoint a star appear they do. they want that big, shiny object and not going right at the border. remember she went down there early on. she's not down there now appear
9:52 am
they could probably use her down there. you don't think biden would like a czar that would actually go to the border? i wonder why he didn't give it to aoc? >> and in front of structures built during the obama administration. [overlapping voices] >> harris: the fact that part of the cages that preceded trump that were not part of the trump administration. that is unfortunate for her. i'm pointing out the obvious with maya flores when you interview her and i have. she has very present. she knows what she is doing for the people. aoc, i don't hear her talk about her district in new york. i see her and i see a scrum of media behind her on capitol hill. she walks through and she's glowing and she's this, but nobody is challenging her own policies that affect the people that she represents. they certainly do that with
9:53 am
new york. they do that with others on the conservative side of the aisle. >> kayleigh: i appreciate the things you are calling out and aoc, she came to the seat with bartending experience and an self manufacture. talking to a student, a student activist on your college campus and mayra flores has real-life experience with her husband. she has experienced so much and somehow that is lost on the mainstream media that still favors ideologue over experience policy creators and advocates. >> kayleigh: this is bigger than two individuals to todd's point, it is about losing the latino vote. if you read "the new york times" which is garbage, four years active republicans tried to win back the hispanic vote using a share a brand of compassionate conservatives them. the latino community and republicans, we have lost them.
9:54 am
it's not happening. except last time i checked, 24% approval rating with latinos and ronna mcdaniel with an npr poll showing winning over republicans 52-39. that is what this is about to appear they don't want you to know the truth, latinos have come back to where they should be which is the republican party. >> in the "los angeles times" where she said the american flag makes latinos recoil. and speaking for the entire population while mayra flores raising the american flag. >> good point. >> americans eating more chipper late despite from the woke left to cancel the restaurant chain. that is next. ♪ ♪
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9:59 am
chick-fil-a was made america's best fast food restaurant for the eighth year in a row according to the customer satisfaction index, so currently, boycotts my cot. >> and politically, shmalitically. we used to go to fox chick-fil-a after fox and friends, how do we let that die? >> it's right across the street. i speak of fast food actually went down in ranking and chick-fil-a continues to go up and stay on top, so it really speaks to how much americans love chick-fil-a even though i am an in and out girl. i speak of the value of good food. amen. >> speaking of a man, we get one? now having the second daughter, this is baby alexis born last month. so your older daughter who is
10:00 am
how old? >> 19 months. it's because she is a big sister now. >> she is a big sister and is figuring it out which many people know is a transition, they become different. trying to get a little from mom and dad, but it's a good way to go. >> alexis is beautiful. >> the looks don't come from daddy. >> blessings to you guys. "america reports" now. ♪ ♪ >> no relief in sight for americans enduring pain at the pump, the national average for a gallon of gasoline in this country now doubled since president biden took office in making matters worse, the country's emergency reserves are now at their lowest levels in decades. >> so that happens after the president decided to give 5 billion barrels of oil out of alaska to countries overseas. and her biggest foreign adversary on the receiving end of some of that oil, california democratic congressman w


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