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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 8, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have never seen in america before. you have hillary waiting in the wings. you have michelle obama who people like to talk about. truly, it is a tough spot for the democrats right now. >> todd: rock meet hard place for the democrats. lara trump, have great weekend. and with that "fox & friends" and flo rida. >> steve: it is 7:00 p.m. in japan and we start this hour of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. >> former japanese prime minister chins abe has been shot dead after being at a campaign speech in western japan. we have got the video when it happened we have to warn you the footage is graphic.
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>> secretary of state antony blinken reacting to the shocking news. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with him, for his family, with the people of japan. this is a very, very sad moment and we're awaiting news. >> former president donald trump who had a very close relationship with abe saying, quote, absolutely devastating news that shinzo abe a truly great man and leader has been shot. he has a true friend of mine and much more importantly america. >> brian: you heard it was serious and he ended unjust passing away. abe who was japan's longest serving member left office in 2020 due to his health issues not political issues. the suspected gunman was immediately taken into custody. we don't know much about the gunman except he was 40-something years old and seems to be a hand made gun. you don't hear a lot about violence in japan.
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and shinzo abe still taking part in the political process was campaigning for somebody when he was struck. this is stunning news because simultaneously the g-20 is taking place. all these foreign leaders, foreign secretaries, secretaries of states are meeting. >> steve: a little more back story. he was at an event in a portion of japan where he was campaigning for a local candidate because the elections are sunday. now, given the fact that he has been assassinated there is some question whether or not those elections will continue. security was with him but the attacker was able to pull out the gun and shoot him at a very close range without being checked. reportedly, the shooter a navy vet immediately arrested at the scene. brian, you are right, they is say he had some sort of a homemade shotgun. he has already confessed to the murder. he said he wanted to kill
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mr. abe because he was, quote, dissatisfied with him. abe had just started speaking when the shooter came up from behind and shot him twice in the back. >> i mentioned to you that donald trump had a very close relationship with abe. it was unusually close because other people were at that time not sure how to handle donald trump but abe embraced trump. here is lara trump on donald trump's personal relationship with her father-in-law. >> i know he visited mar-a-lago multiple times. they respected one another as leaders of great countries. they also, i think, had great friendship that developed over the years. they played golf together so many times. i believe the prime minister even attended one of the first lady's birthday dinners unexpectedly but that's sort of the relationship that they had. and obviously a tragic floors japan. >> brian: in terms of the type of person he is and the type of political agenda he had, you see
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why they got along because he looked at the long malaise it seems japan was in. this let's start pouring cash into the economy. we got to start get industry going again and get it back to the 80's. since the late 80s they have been wallowing after basically for a while we thought they were going to be our number e. number one economic foe. ended up not being that. wanted to get them off the peace time footing and have them take responsibility for their own military and losing guilt that germans feel because of the nazi path, that the japanese felt because of their fascist past. put that behind them because they saw all the threats in the region. that was the most controversial thing about him. there was a lot of people in japan that thought that is not where japan should be heading. >> the image as investigators try to plot out the last few steps of mr. abe and the shooter, the shots that we saw just a moment ago was of mr. abe when he was visiting then
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president trump and that's the moment-just shot. that right there is -- was in the papers down in florida a year or two ago. they are on the ninth hole of trump jupiter and you can tell because that great big american flag is in the background that you can see for miles around. brian, regarding mr. abe, and you mentioned this a moment ago, he was the youngest prime minister to assume power at the age of 52. but he abruptly stepped down because he had a debilitating bowel condition. he had a sort of colitis. and it was too much for him. and then in 2012, about 6 years later, he regained power, went back to the job. evidence held that for 8 years and he stepped down in 2020 when the bowel condition reemerged. for the people of japan, as they -- you know, 7:00 p.m. in the evening there in japan.
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this is shocking for them. because japan prides themselves on low violent crime. and extremely tough gun laws. but it sounds like this man, who shot him, made his own gun. >> rachel: fascinating stuff. whoever knew. a great background too on that connection. that businessmen tattle about how to run your country and how to take responsibility for your own security and place in the world. so, you can see why they would have that connection. it the former it prime minister abe who has now so tragically passed away and our former president. >> brian: the nhk is reporting when this guy came up from behind and everyone said it sounded like a toy. and the gun looks homemade. and he was able to get two shots off. after the first shot it didn't fall and large bang and then it happened. they quickly grabbed this guy. and then abe collapsed and say
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it was grave right away even though they said unresponsive when the shooting first happened they knew the way they were describing it that it would be hard to imagine him coming out of it. so he ended up passing away at a very young age. i was shocked to see in his background his whole family has been leaders throughout japan. >> rachel: they have. a long history. we have no idea what the motive is as soon as we get some sort of incorporated occasion of that, we will bring that to you. we just don't know yet. >> steve: the shooter confessed and he said it's because i'm dissatisfied with this guy given the approximate location of the shooting to the elections on sunday there is some who are saying was it about the election? was it about politics? we don't know that part yet but stay tuned. once again shinzo abe, japan's longest serving prime minister has been assassinated in japan. >> brian: passed away at the age of 67. >> steve: 6:07 here in new york city. big news here, a new york city
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bodega worker, the guy behind the counter was sent to jail on a murder charge after he killed a violent attacker who was a career criminal who came in and assaulted him in his store. the guy behind the counter is finally home after a judge agreed to lower an astronomical bail. >> rachel: that's right. the man and his family await his possible sentence 15 to 25 years in prison if he is convicted of second degree murder. unbelievable. >> brian: todd piro is here with the details. >> todd: the poo did he go go posting the money needed to get out of jail. it wasn't until after the judge agreed to lower his bail from $250,000 to $50,000. 61-year-old jose alba back home after being at rikers island on a murder charge. that's not a place you want to be. alba charged with second degree murder after fighting off his attacker, an ex-con with a long history of violence. shown here in security video attacking alba coming behind the
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counter and shoving him into a wall. alba's family insists he acted in self-defense. the that democrat makely lower bail outcry from the murder charge. even democratic mayor eric adams saying he supports the hard work clerk. listen. >> it's time for new yorkers and americans to start standing up for people who follow the law. >> this is just the latest controversy involving liberal da alvin bragg known for soft on crime policies whether it comes to defendants with long records. the latest numbers showing 31% uptick from 2021 with 11,000 incidents. as part of his release agreement alba cannot leave new york city and after turning over his passport assuring he would not go to the dominican republic on a trip that was planned. back to you. >> brian: thanks, todd. so his son owns the bodega. the dad is working at the
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bodega. 129th street and broadway. the young girl comes in i would like to buy the chips. there is no money on your chips. i'm buying them anyway. she gets violent with him. in comes the boyfriend. instead of buying the chips for his girlfriend he is going to beat up this guy. what they probably weren't ready for he comes out -- he comes out and he gets a knife and he stabs him twice and the guy ends up dying. this is a career criminal. the other guy has got no criminal past and he just stands up right now and represents so many people who feel as though they have got to take their law in their own hands because cops have been defanged. defamed and they feel as though they can't be in every block. by the way in new york in particular, they are all retiring on a record pace. they can't fill up the academy. they're easing up on the physical restrictions because of it. and this is another story where people feel as though i don't want to be a victim anymore. >> rachel: defanged, defamed and defund dollars as well. the lady who came in who wanted free chips from her welfare
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credit card and the credit card had no money on it,. >> steve: she got mad because he wouldn't give her the chips. >> rachel: for free, so she said to the bodega owner i'm going to go get my boyfriend. we know exactly what happened. i know several people who work in high end retail stores here in new york city, which by the way, has now become one of the most dangerous jobs ever to work in retail or work in a shop in new york city. >> steve: absolutely. >> rachel: they are told just let them take it if they come, in just let them take it this is the mentality that people have right now. someone like that who should be grateful. she is on government assistance, the rest of us are paying for that card that she is obviously overdrawn. and she feels entitled not just to our tax dollars but to this private business owner's goods and she is going to bring in her boyfriend and he is the one that goes to jail. i tell you even in this city, which frankly in my opinion deserves some of what it gets because it votes for these people like bragg and like eric
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adams who i think is a massive disappointment, i predicted this when he was elected. they kind of deserve it anyway, in any case, people are outraged here. >> steve: they're outraged because when they arrested initially the bodega guy. >> brian: jose alba. >> steve: the judge put his bail at $250,000 which is unbelievable for somebody who is defending himself. remember, the guy came in and assaulted that guy. and he pushed him against the candy wall and then he started to drag him out. the bodega worker's daughter said when he saw himself being taken outside, he thought his life was being threatened and he defended himself and he pulled out a kitchen knife, and it's off camera so you can't really see it and he stabbed the guy five times after being assaulted he was defending himself but what is not visible from here is the guy's girlfriend, the career criminal's girlfriend while this is going on, she takes a knife
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out of her purse and she stabs the bodega guy five times. and do you know what happened at the end in the career criminal mortalitily wounded and wound up dying but then the bodega guy had five stab wounds because the woman, the girlfriend took the knife out of her purse, stabbed him five times and she has not been charged. it's upside down rule. it's okay to stab a guy who is working in a bodega who is trying to defend himself but in this town, it's against the law to defend yourself. this is nuts. >> brian: yesterday, they had $20,000 on the go fund me page and go fund me said yeah we are not going to do it. we are not going to allow to you raise money to get somebody out of jail. >> rachel: they deplatformed him. >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: we don't support
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violence. >> brian: somehow he managed to get in there. i guess he has a good investment plan when you are in expenses don't have many expenses. he had a $350 amiri t-shirt. i don't know they sell them for $350. gold earrings. we see dividend checks and able to go from and do what he does best. what i also think this works with the press conference that took place yesterday at 4:00 with the police commissioner. she says crime is up # 3%. the only thing that's down is murders and it's not significant. grand larceny, burglaries, everything else suspect. they say it's the same people committing the crime over and over again which is the bail laws that allow people to get out because we, as a society, are too tough on criminals in the past. there is good intentions to criminal justice reform. president trump put some stuff forward. definitely studies to be learned. is there some rehab possible? and other people that can't be rehand. if you let him out, they go -- they get unleashed on society and nobody is safe.
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kayleigh mcenany weighed in yesterday from their couch. >> i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. what kind of sick, twisted place are we sitting n the middle of new york city where this man who was defending himself is put in jail? alba has no criminal history. he is just a good, hardworking person who imgreated to this country and been a law-abiding citizen. his daughter said it was either him or the guy at the moment. he has never hurt anybody. he has never had an altercation where he had to defend himself. this is the first time for him. so you have to make a choice between your life or going to rikers island which we all know is a pretty brutal place. emily, thank goodness, we live in a country that's trial by jury i hope these charges are gropsd. >> rachel: important to note who is funding these d.a.s who is creating this kind of culture in our cities? that is george soros. it is the story that we all need to get to the bottom of to go why is george soros so invested?
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why has he created this fund that funds the campaigns across the country. not just in new york city. these d.a.s are all across. one of the insidious. it's kind of evil. >> brian: didn't he put the d.a. in waukesha, too? >> rachel: that d.a. came in before -- maybe subsequent campaigns have been funded by him, but other ones in st. louis and others. we need to understand why is someone funding d.a.s who will come in and eliminate bail and as you said it's the same guys that run through even in small towns like my husband's when he was a d.a. it's the same people that come through the system. >> steve: sure. but here's the thing. the people of the towns vote for them. alvin bragg was voted here in mid-atlantic. >> rachel: funded by george soros. >> steve: a lot of people can put money out there but ultimately it's the people that vote for him. the people put that guy in. he put the bail at quarter of a million dollars for this man
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acting in self-defense. it is shameful. and let's see what happens when asked about why the girlfriend who stabbed the bodega worker had not been charged, the d.a.'s office said you know what? we are continuing our investigation. >> brian: to sum it up, no election is it too small to take part in from school board electors to the d.a. does it really matter? the answer is absolutely. >> steve: meanwhile, moving on. go down south to the state of texas. there, they are taking on the border crisis by doing something unique. governor abbott's plan to return illegal migrants right at the border. they are going to drop them off at the bridge, if the president won't sweep them up and put them in jail. a painful, blistering rash
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♪ welcome to my house ♪ baby, take control now ♪ we can't even go now ♪ we don't have to go out. >> brian: if you are at home, i urge you to get dressed but also close your eyes and imagine that stage with flo rida who you are hearing right now singing that very song on our show exclusively. they will not play on another morning show. we have the exclusive because it is our concert series. >> steve: the all-american summer concert series today brought to you by our friends at lowe's. how many times have we played that song from this house? over 100 times. >> rachel: every intern and young producer in this building. >> brian: is here. >> rachel: they all got to work early and people working in the evening suddenly come in early.
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>> steve: flo rida. >> brian: i'm coming to your show tomorrow. that's nice. >> rachel: you weren't connecting the dots. thought they were coming to see you. >> brian: i did until i got up and i go wait a second, it's not about me. >> steve: during the week we tell to you sign up for the v.i.p. ticket to get into the v.i.p. area not only do you get front row seats but you also get breakfast performed by the guys from masterbuilt. there is john. where is the other john? >> steve, rachel, brian, i'm not sure where john is at. i think he has abandoned me this morning. but what i'm bringing in to your studio is this. we have a seven bone in tomahawk prime rib roast come to you guys soon and maybe -- there he is. >> rachel: there he is. >> this is a double bacon, double cheddar with a little bit of briivelt brisket in this mashed burger that we are serving.
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>> steve: how do you smash a burger. >> rachel: what does that mean smash? >> put a ball of basically meat on your griddle and you smash it and season it. >> brian: is that t rex ribs? >> steve: john sr. that tomahawk roast that you have got right there. given the price of beef these days what is that worth about 800 or 900 bucks. >> take a small loan out of your home mortgage to get this. if you buy it at a club you can get this for 10 to $15 a pound. >> this is a prime cut which is a little north of the 18 to $20 a pound. >> so if you want to be behind bars, that's where you want to be. and we are going to be serving this up and bringing it inside to you. rachel, get ready, this is coming your way young lady. >> rachel: i'm ready for that. >> steve: john and john, thank you very much. our walmart sells tomahawk steaks like that for $10 a
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pound. not every day. >> brian: i would not be surprised if nabisco makes that a cereal because it is perfect in the morning. ribs in the morning. >> rachel: smells good out there. >> steve: on a friday in the summer it is perfect. meanwhile, that's coming up. meantime talk a little bit about what they are doing down in texas. yesterday, the governor ordered decks national guard soldiers and also law enforcement officers if you apprehend somebody who is in this country illegally, what we're going to have you do. >> brian: there they are. >> steve: that's just a tip of the iceberg. what we're going to have you do is we are going to have you take them, load them up and drive them down to the southern border. they are not going to enter mexico. they are not going to dump them off in mexico. >> brian: not aloud. >> steve: donald trump them off in the bridge point south and say all we can do is a s. say home you are not welcome here. the big problem for texas though this is going to be a challenge because the federal government under joe biden says, look,
3:26 am
migration, that's our department, not yours. >> rachel: governor abbott was on the larry kudlow show yesterday and here is how he explains it. >> so what texas is doing. we have taken unprecedented action to respond to this. including building a border wall, deploying the military, laying down military grade razor wire and now doing the unprecedented. and this is texas law enforcement and national guard, anybody they apprehend coming across the border illegally they will be returning to the border. president biden ran for president on the basis of having open border policies. and what texas is doing is disrupting what they wanted to achieve. they want open border policies. they want all these people coming across the border. they do not want to follow or to enforce the immigration laws of the united states of america. and texas is stepping up, trying to compel the biden administration to actually follow the laws passed by the united states congress. >> brian: just be clear, beto o'rourke is running against him is probably within six points would not do any of this.
3:27 am
he would pave the roads for them to make it easier to get here because he believes everybody belongs here. he was going to take down the wall. don't let anyone kid you. over the weekend how bad is it? 5,000 people came through texas just over the weekend illegally. you have that, including 239,000 that got here just through may alone. is he putting $30 million in additional grants for cities to have operation lone star put additional teeth into it which is essentially texas rangers and national guard as well as cops. now, i know he is desperate to try to get some attention because the federal government is not doing their job. but what's worse is, they are not even trying to do their job. and the. >> steve: the feds. >> brian: the governor is sending up flares. whether it's dropping in washington or drop them at the border. obviously if you drop them at the border they will turn around again and get. in i think it's better than leaving them in jail or tent cities. we have got to feed them. we have to support them. we have to clothe them.
3:28 am
and what mayorkas did over the weekend. >> i encourage you to torture yourself and put on face the nation. and if you want to see a guy lie through his teeth, it's the homeland security secretary mayorkas tell margaret brennan over and over again that when these guys come in they get processed and if they are not in a situation where they are refugees we send them right back. that is not hang. and there was no follow-up question. is he flat out lying. and this out of everything the president o -- the biden administration is doing i would argue that this is the most egregious. this is if the house flips they have to investigate and find a way to enforce that border. they are actually building the wall in california that trump paid for. we paid for. that trump had going up, but it's laying rusting in the dessert. so they finally realized we kind of need it. so they are putting it up in california. >> rachel: well, i'm confused as to why the illegal immigrants aren't being dropped off in mexico. it always feels like there is something just not quite right with how it goes.
3:29 am
the governor talked about the -- listen, i agree that beto would be far worse. i think that governor abbott is trying to do something. but i watcher with my own eyes the razor wire, i watch border patrol lower it so people crossing just across the river could cross over and they could process them. what's the point of the razor wire? i watched border patrol lower it so they could walk over it. >> steve: they don't want anybody to drown ultimately. >> rachel: with eye own eyes. >> steve: frustrating. only people telling you about it here at fox. coming up at the 6:30. carley joins us. >> carley: more headlines including this funeral services are being held today for three of the seven victims killed in the independence day parade shooting in highland park, illinois. as those families say their final farewells, the youngest known victim of the mass shooting an 8-year-old boy is fighting for his life. cooper robert's family said he
3:30 am
was shot in the chest and suffering from severed spinal cord. the suspect is being held without bail. the white house is bracing without is expected to be underwhelming june jobs report due out in a little over two hours. the data is projected to show the weakest job growth since april 2021. but press secretary corinthian . will gas prices are out of control despite putting the blame on vladimir putin. and tributes are pouring in for hollywood icon james caan who died on wednesday night. no cause of death has been given. caan iconic elf, misery and sony corely own in the godfather. ing. >> again i will kill you.
3:31 am
>> carley: robert deniro sharing a touching tribute saying quote jimmy was my fictional brother and my lifelong friend. it's hard to believe that he won't be in the world anymore because he was so alive and daring. caan played tough guy but made people laugh starring along side will ferrell elf. james caan was 28 years old. >> brian: i remember him on brian's song the first time. >> steve: aired on a friday night 1971. i remember that too. he was on the "fox & friends" program couple of times. charming guy. >> rachel: i loved him on elf. he was awesome on elf. >> brian: he couldn't quite figure out what will farrell was doing. 31 minutes after the hour. >> rachel: breaking overnight. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is assassinated during a campaign event. a live report from hong kong is
3:32 am
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♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is dead after being shot during a campaign speech in western japan. we must warn you the footage you are about to see is graphic. >> carley: former president
3:36 am
donald trump saying quote absolutely devastating news that former prime minister shinzo abe a truly great man and leader has been shot. he was a true friend of mine and much more importantly america. abe who was japan's longest serving leader left office in 2020 due to health problems. the suspected gunman was immediately taken into custody. steve? >> steve: a terrible story. carley, thank you very much. all right, meanwhile, let's talk about this. that bodega worker who stabbed and killed an ex-con convict and career criminal in self-defense was released from rikers island yesterday. but new yorkers are outraged at da alvin bragg for charging the man with murder in the first place and putting the bail at $250,000. even mayor eric adams spoke out in support of the worker jose alba. >> from the video, i saw a worker here inside the store following the law and he should
3:37 am
not have been approached in the manner that he was approached. >> steve: right. that's an understatement. here with reaction is joe borelli. >> good morning. >> steve: it comes down to this, this career criminal comes in and starts roughing up the guy. at one point he starts to drag him out and the guy thought okay, he is going to take me out and kill me. and he was defending himself and his place of business. and even though it was self-defense, the d.a. here in manhattan charged him with murder. >> right. it's deeper than that. this is not bad call from alvin bragg. this is criminal justice system talking about right and wrong with the wrong angle. this is someone who was doing the right thing, working, working to support his family and now is he a criminal. the message from the woke left prosecutors is that you must let people steal from you, you must let people assault you. and if you in a moment of
3:38 am
genuine fear try to defend yourself you might be the criminal behind bars and rikers island which is insane. >> steve: perfectly summarized this entire crazy thing. that's why it's the cover of the "new york post" today just that he has finally been let out. apparently the judge said there is the cover free jose. a judge said wait a minute, this was a self-defense thing. it can't be $250,000. he made it 50 and this guy's family came up with 5,000 bucks and now he is out. if you ask the average person on the street they would think, you know what? here in new york city of course you have a right to defend yourself. even if every to use a knife, if you think somebody is going to kill you, you are threatened and the law should protect you, except maybe in new york city. >> that's sort of the irony of this whole situation. again, it's not just one bad call. we have years of woke police policies. we have years of awoke progressive d.a. and the net result is that we have lawlessness in this city where people who are doing their job working day in and day out
3:39 am
feel they have no recourse from the justice system, from the police department, and they are forced to take matters into their own hands. it is alvin bragg's policy that he ran on. he didn't hide this. he ran on these policies of not prosecuting and having no consequences. the net result is that we have a more dangerous city where more men like jose alba are working in bodegas feeling unsafe and unprotected by our true justice system. >> steve: you go into bodegas all the time. they are little groceries stores on streets where people can go in and get a variety of different things. crime in bodegas is up 70% or 80%. so often the guys know that the d.a. is not going to do anything so they just let the career criminals clean them out. same thing we have shown the grocery stores and drug stores and retail stores where people just go and grab whatever they want to because they know there's no consequence. here's a guy who finally stood up to a bully and, you know,
3:40 am
ultimately defended himself, now he is in trouble. >> he is the one left holding the bill for alvin bragg's bad policies. again, we have to somehow blame the voters a little bit, too. this is someone who ran for office promising on day one he was no longer going to prosecute thieves and small offenders. the net result is that we have the system as you pointed out where people like this perpetrator can go in and feel like they have absolutely no threat from law enforcement or the justice system and can act as though they want. this is the results. >> steve: if that was his campaign platform, why the hell would the people of new york vote for this guy? >> it's a shame. they tend to go blindly into the polls voting for the most progressive. this is the problem with a one-party city where have you democratic control at all levels. >> steve: except you are a republican over on staten island. >> that's true. >> steve: the exception to the rule for the most part. all right, joe. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: it's crazy town. still ahead on this friday.
3:41 am
supply chain chaos forcing drivers to wait months for repairs and parts. our next guest warns these delays are worse than anything he has ever seen. plus, breaking news, terrible news from japan, former japanese prime minister shinzo abe assassinated during a campaign event. our coverage continues as we learn more about the shooter my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ discover intuitive technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. at the lexus golden these aren't just shipments. they're promises.
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3:46 am
"fox & friends." probably the most common is the catalytic converters with a lot of theft of those catalytic converters some of them are available after market. some you have to wait for the dealers. we had a customer that had -- was on a waitlist for three months. the other ones are some of the chrysler products. the oil filter cooler housing. they were up to 60,000 national back orders. so, it's the problem with the supply chain because after market if you can use that great, quick repair. the problem is when you have to use original equipment from your dealers, that's where we run into the time. >> brian: what do they tell you? can you track the order on the parts? do you understand where these are? are they stuck overseas? are they stuck on barges? what do people tell you? >> they are just stuck. you know, you got to be proactive and be able to, you know, not sit back on your
3:47 am
laurels. you have to get on the phone and start calling around and, you know, my son, dan, he called around 12 different states and finally found one in atlanta, georgia. and you had to pay a premium for it. but the customer was thrilled the fact that we were able to find it and then be able to get his car back on the road. >> brian: what's the solution here? i mean, how long is this going to take? we have been out of this pandemic for a while now. >> that's a great question and i don't have the answer. here at bobby and steve's auto world our philosophy is yes is the answer. what he was the question? we just have to be patient and work together to get it figured out to get your car back on the road. >> brian: gary, just thinking about how it works, you wanted to help please people. these people want to get back on the road. they can't afford a new car. can't find a new car. everybody is paying above sticker. a lot of cars are waiting in the lots waiting for chips. you are trying to put people back in used cars in a lot of situations and you can't get
3:48 am
paid because you don't have the parts. you can't do the work. they can't get back on the road. must be so frustrating for you. >> it is very frustrating. that's why we just ask, you know, let's work together, yes is the answer. be patient. you know, the other side of the story that we haven't talked about is preventing from breakdowns and having to be in this situation is maintain the vehicle you have. make sure, i mean, an oil change is the cheapest insurance you have. and if you continue to check all your fluids, filters, valves, hoses, all the key maintenance items. that's going to prevented breakdowns. breakdowns happen. but if you maintain what every, i mean, it's the second largest investment next to your home is your vehicle. need to maintain them. >> brian: i hear you. i would also like to have more truck drivers, more people unloading these barges. but the orders to come in. all of this -- everyone has just got to do better. gary derusha, especially in
3:49 am
washington. thanks so much. >> you are awesome. have a great day. and go out there and make it happen. >> brian: all right. bobby and steve the answer is yes. what's the question? love it. meanwhile, come up straight ahead. a major win in the fight for school choice. how arizona's newest law helps kids looking to get the out of public schools take advantage of other options. coverage continues following the shocking murder assassination of japanese prime minister shinzo abe. what we know today straight ahead. ♪ ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
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>> rachel: a major win for the school choice. choose any type of schoolings they want to attend. new law allocating more than $6,000 in state funds for each eligible kindergarten through 1st grade student to help cover tuition and private, parochial and homeschooling. here to react candidate karen karentaylor robison. hart to state how historic this legislation is it is absolutely, i think in my lifetime, one of the biggest educational advances for school choice for sure that we have ever seen.
3:54 am
>> it certainly is. rachel, thank you for having me on this morning. you know, arizona has been a leader in school choice for decades now going back nearly 30 years with governor simonton signing the first charter school legislation in the state of arizona. i'm very, very browse proud of what our state legislature and governor doug ducey has done to expand school choice and really start to reimagine or recreate a system of education that is designed for the kids and not the adults. you know, we have a moment of opportunity in this country where parents have woken up and they want to have better options for their children. and so i'm very proud of what the state of arizona has done. >> rachel: it's interesting. because public schools are actually flush with cash right now. they got all that code money. so it's not about the money and the funding, it's really about the product. i think a lot of parents are saying i don't want math, science and history served with a side of maxism with a side of gender fluid radical ideology
3:55 am
and this is giving parents the option to say i'm in control. i'm going to decide which school reflects my values. >> absolutely, for far too long we have had a one size fits all education system. and as we know, you know, i'm a mother of four. every one of my children had a different educational pathway. and like every other parent that i know, they want options. they know their children learn at different paces and different ways and different methodologies. the once size fits all education system is truly a relic of the past. and if covid taught its anything. it taught us that you know, our kids weren't learning what we thought they were learning. and so this moment of opportunity is one that the arizona legislature and governor doug ducey have seized upon. and i certainly hope that other states around the country do the same thing. >> rachel: such a great point. they seized on the moment when parents woke up and they did something about it. and they are setting an example. your state is, and hopefully
3:56 am
other states will follow school choice is absolutely one of the human rights issues of our time. so, thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. >> rachel: congratulations to your state. >> thank you very much. >> rachel: okay. breaking overnight. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is asasse sin nateed during a campaign event. we are live overseas with the latest. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor ifwhat if i sleep hot?g meningi...or cold?nation.
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♪ >> brian: fox news alert. here we go. and it's not good news. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is dead after being shot twice during a campaign speech in western japan. the suspected oneman was immediately taken into custody. >> rachel: abe who was japan's longest serving leader left office in 2020 due to health problems. >> steve: it's just coming up at 7:00 on the east. mark meredith joins us now at the white house with reaction from washington, d.c. which we are waking up to this morning, mark. >> mark: steve, rachel and brian good morning. news coming in not only here but around the world of the horrific news of the assassination of the former prime minister shinzo abe. the shooting happening earlier this morning as you mentioned the suspect fired multiple shots and he is now in custody. abe had just began giving a political speech in nara, japan about six hours south and west of tokyo. he was airlifted for medical treatment but pronounced dead at nearby hospital. the current japanese prime minister and cabinet now returning to tokyo to reassess
4:01 am
the situation. the prime minister calling this attack barbaric. overnight the white house had a statement after the shooting but before abe's death was confirmed in which it said we are shocked and saddened to hear about the violent attack against the former japanese prime minister. we are closely monitoring the reports and keeping our thoughts with this family and the people of japan. we also heard from secretary of state antony blinken traveling overseas in indonesia. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with him and his family, with the people of japan. this is very, very sad moment. we are awaiting news. >> we also received a statement overnight from former president donald trump who had a close relationship with abe when he was in office. he said it's absolutely devastating news that former prime minister, a truly great man and leader has been shot. he was a true friend of mine and much more importantly america. we may get updated statement today. abe was the longest serving
4:02 am
member in 2020 he stepped down medical condition ulcerative clitsd required him to pull back from work. even though he was not in power very eninfluential. we may not know what motivated the shooting. likely to have repercussions not only in japan but region long time to come. seen tributes pour in not only from asia, india. support. condemning senseless act of violence. as for president biden we are expecting to see the president on camera a few different times today. i bet more than likely he will have something to say about this and get another white house reaction as they are just waking you up here in washington. steve, rachel and brian back to you. >> brian: stunning news. we thought it was stunning when the prime minister yesterday during our show and today we found out to find out about the shooting and passing of shinzo abe shot twice. gunman wearing a gray shirt, brown packets from behind with a sawed off shotgun looks like two barrels. they say it was two pipes.
4:03 am
it's homemade. got really strict gun laws over there lurking in the background. you see a lot of still shots wearing a white mask. walks up and shoots him twice. once in the neck. he had really no vital signs when they were bringing him to the hospital. not many people were optimistic that he would survive sadly. this doesn't happen in japan almost never. first time a former leader or a current leader has been shot really since 1930. who is the gunman? i can't go go -- a 41-year-old navy vet. >> brian, to your point about how rare it is in japan to have gun crime. in 201, there were 33,000 gun deaths in the united states, 33,000. in japan there were six. you know, and obviously japan prides itself on its low violent crime numbers. so they are going to be trying to figure out the motive as mark meredith said they don't know exactly. here you see the images as he
4:04 am
was being medevaced to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was just outside a train station standing on a traffic island, indescript traffic island and this guy came up and because the -- right there is where it happened. because gun crimes are so rare, his security team just lets the guy walk up and then he pulls out this double-barreled homemade gun and kills the guy. unbelievable. >> rachel: trending right now on japanese social media is we want democracy, not violence. and so abe, as we mentioned, is the longest serving prime minister. when he stepped down because of health issues, colitis, i guess. donald trump, former president donald trump called him and told him on the phone that enforce the greatest prime minister in japan's history as brian brought up earlier, they had a very close relationship, and very parallelled, you know, very similar ways of viewing the world and the economy, abe very
4:05 am
intent on trying to get japan back to being an economic power house. donald trump felt the same way about making america great again. and they shared that commonality and developed a friendship, golfed together very often. was, you know, showed up at melania's birthday party. so this is going to be hard on president trump who considers him a close friend as well. >> brian: yeah. i think a couple things. in terms of his goals for japan. remember, the 1980s looked like they were going to be our ghub one economic foe and seemed to wallow for a while. his goal economically was to jump of the economy. put some money in these sectors and start having everyone be more productive. he wanted to get those hostages back from north korea. the north koreans just came, in picked up a few actresses, some japanese citizens and trying to get them back. unable to do it. he wanted to finish off a territorial dispute with russia. going back and for the since teddy roosevelt was president. he also wanted this and perhaps the most controversial.
4:06 am
revision of japanese war renouncing constitution. japan, because he saw the threat of north korea. he sees the threat of china. he sees what kind of pressure is on south korea and on vietnam. says, listen, we can't just depend on the united states. we have to start sending our own way and bending up our own military. that's where a lot of controversy rose up. >> steve: right. in fact, he was known for bolstering the national defense. he was an arch conservative. but, famously, that's so sad just seeing him within the last few hours where he was gunned down. he was known around the world and you kind of touched on this, brian, for, you know, trying to get his country out of the economic dull drums. they referred to his approach as abenomics. his approach to get the economy out of at that point it was deflationary dull drum situation. there you can see the spot in western japan where a few hours ago he was assassin nate.
4:07 am
he was a good friend of the trump's families. we had lara trump on hours earlier recounting this man who ran japan as prime minister longer than anyone. listen to this. >> i know that he was at mar-a-lago multiple times. they they respected one another. very highly as leaders great countries. >> they had a relationship. they played golf together. he attended first lady's birthday dinner unexpectedly. that's sort of the relationship that they had. obviously a tragic loss for japan massed away at the 61. we don't know what the numbers are going to be. we have been adding jobs ever since the economy shut down.
4:08 am
we told all of america except for essential workers to go home. people going back to the jobs they had. joe biden had an inflationary approach to this. he took credit for it. every single month. look i added 5 million, zillion jobs. >> rachel: every democrat governor shut down every single state you are going back to work we did it. >> brian: that could come to an end today. >> steve: it could. with the pandemic we lost nearly 22 million jobs. nearly all of those jobs have come back. and we have been averaging about 500,000 per month over the last year. today that number is expected to come to a screeching halt. they are expecting maybe about 270,000. that is a terrible, terrible number. and that's one of the reasons why, you know, as federal reserve tightens interest rate slows down the economy and people lose their jobs or not as
4:09 am
much hiring. that's one of the reasons why you look at the right track wrong track poll monmouth came out with that a day or two ago where it showed 88% of the country feels that america feels america is on the wrong track. if you are on the wrong track. who is on the train the president? peter doocy asked the press secretary about that lousy number for the administration. 88% and whether things are going according to plan. >> we have a plan. here's the thing, we have a plan. republicans do not have a plan. what they want to do is take away rights from the american people. >> but do you think it's possible that your plan just is not popular with the american people right now? >> i don't think it's that our plan is not popular with the american people. we know that the american people are feeling, um, the high costs.
4:10 am
we'll understand what they are feeling because, because, when you look at inflation, when we look at where we are economically, and we are in a strong -- we are a stronger economically than we have been in history, when you look at the unemployment numbers 3.6%, when you look at the jobs numbers more than 8.7 million of new jobs created. that is important. but we understand that gas prices are high and we understand that food costs are high. and that is because of once in a generation pandemic and also putin's war. and that's just the facts. >> steve: got to blame somebody. >> rachel: still putin's war still not taking responsibility. look. inflation is the number one topic in this country. gas prices and inflation and what's interesting is politico has a report out that within the administration there is a great debate. there great fight. and the progressives are saying, first of all joe biden is saying okay, we're going to need to
4:11 am
deal with this inflation thing. when you have an 88. >> steve: let the federal reserve worry about it. >> rachel: 88% of the american people saying we are on the wrong track. the progressives are saying whoa, whoa, whoa on all this inflation stuff. if you take down inflation right away here is what they said we are going to have problems dealing with the issues that we want to deal with. we need the nation's infrastructure and we want it to rely more on clean energy. we need this transformation. so just so you get it clear, the progressives within this administration are saying our number one concern is green energy and if we deal with inflation and make you a little less poor, we might not be able to get all this green energy transformation going on and that's going to be a problem for us. so don't hit the brakes on the inflation, president biden. that's kind of crazy stuff. it tells you a lot about their priorities and what they care
4:12 am
about. >> brian: natural gas we could be putting in europe and filling the gap that the russians aren't doing. we have the germans making big decision to re-fire up coal plants and nuclear plants and now start putting $100 billion into their defense systems. they are doing dramatic and cut down oil and gas from russia precipitously and rapidly. russia is cutting it off. we are not stepping up. we have all the resources to help ourselves and to help our allies and we are doing nothing because of what you said. is he more in love with the prospect of green energy than he is of helping the american people with their budgets. >> steve: right. so the progressives are saying hey, do something. you know, an executive order, do something about green energy. climate, abortion. supreme court, do all that stuff, mr. president, don't just sit there. well, is he just sitting there. >> it. >> brian: he will go to the beach this weekend. >> steve: job number about 75 minutes you will see it here on fox. all right. 7:12 now here in new york city.
4:13 am
carly, good morning. >> carley: good morning to you. i have an update on the president's schedule here. president biden will reportedly sign an executive order on abortion later this morning at the white house. the associate the press reports the president will urge the doj and hhs to push back against states that limit access to the abortion pill or restrict travel across state lines by those seeking an abortion. biden will also direct agencies to work to educate medical providers and ensurers about how and when they are required to share privileged patient information with authorities the move coming two weeks after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade sparking celebration and protests across the nation. san francisco mayor london breed naming a new district attorney after the recall of chesa boudin. brook jenkins is a former prosecutor from boudin's office. now, she resigned from the role last year to join a campaign calling for her old boss' removal. boudin was ousted in june.
4:14 am
60% of voters favored replacing him and his progressive policies. and a scary scene in san diego. padre's outfielder collapsed after clydeing with rookie shortstop c.j. abrams. watch this. abrams makes the catch but cleats go into profar. >> carley: he ended up getting up and collapsing to the ground again. two went after a fly ball in shah low left field. took a knee to the jaw going for the divining catch. they put pro far on a stretcher and appeared to be in good spirits flashing a smile before being carted off the field. it was a scary moment. >> brian: looks like he got clipped in the head by the knee. >> carley: he was able to smile which a good sign.
4:15 am
>> steve: meanwhile today, a summer friday, all all-american summer concert series. as you can see outside we have the young mclemore and now the older mclemore is jumping for joy. they have been making us breakfast. we have a platter. dave. come over here. you have some of the sliders. you have made your smoked mac and cheese. i see some brisket and then this thing fred flintstone zone tomahawk steak. >> the tomahawk steak is our favorite. serving this to the band coming up soon. to give you an idea, we smoked it on the masterbuilt grill for five hours. 225. give it a good reverse sear and john is going to show you we have a bacon wrapped apple pie fatty. so we have actually never done this. this is the first time we revealed it this a fried apple pie inside of a bacon wrapped
4:16 am
fatty. >> steve: looks delicious. vnchts a bite? >> steve: does it taste like a bacon apple pie? that is really good. >> all of the recipes they are making today is are on their website where they also sell their grills go to >> check out the mclemore boys for all your recipes. >> brian: all right vip good job. they will be out there. >> steve: they are smoking. >> brian: all-american concert series continues today it's flow ride da warming up in the green room. he will discuss us in the discuss new hit single in about 15 minutes. that's before taking the stage and entertaining you for a complete hour. unbelievable. ♪ ♪
4:17 am
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>> brian: fox news alert now. it's not good news. we continue to follow the assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe fatally shot after giving campaign event all caught on camera. here to react fox news strategic analyst and retired four star general jack keane. general, the role that abe played and the relationship with president trump, what are your thoughts? >> well, certainly, this is a shocking tragedy and our heart goes out to the family and also to our japanese friends here. abe was very much respected as a leader, longest serving prime minister. and when he came into power, he wanted to revitalize the economy, which he was very successful at doing. but he was also very clear-eyed, brian, about foreign policy and the threats to japan. and that was north korea, and
4:22 am
china. and as a result of that, he developed a very close relationship with president trump. abe saw the united states as the indispensable leader to assist in providing stability and security for the region. but he also felt that the allies in the region, the countries that were underneath this threat had to step up. and that is why he wanted to increase the defense budget. and, as you mentioned before, one of his aspirations was actually to revise their constitution that was renouncing war. and all of that is a result of world war ii. and he felt the constitution needed upgrading to face the relates and threats that the japanese people were undertaking. and i was told by his foreign minister when i was visiting japan and he was laying out in no uncertain terms the threat of north korea and china how close their relationship was between his prime minister and our president. in fact, he said he believed
4:23 am
that president trump talked to his prime minister president abe more than any other world leader and that grew into a personal relationship as well as a professional one. >> brian: he is singing the president's song, take responsibility for your own security. pay for what you get from us. and also was big into revitalizing his own economy. as the former president was. let's pivot if we can over to vladimir putin. he is talking a lot now. he is doing an operational pause in ukraine. and he said this. in a meeting with russian parliament. he said we hear they, meaning the west, nato, wants to defeat us on the battlefield. what can you say? let them try. so he is taunting us and he says we are really the problem right now. stopping ukraine from getting into talks because things are only going to get worse from here. what are your thoughts on all of that? >> yeah, well, this kind of pro-shadow comes as a result of putin's military momentum which they have in taken the eastern
4:24 am
part of the donbas region the so-called lieu ants, better known as province the cost of doing that is immense. their casualties are very significant. they poured everything they had into this one single access. they stopped all other often operations to be able to do this one. and they began it in april. and it's taken this long for them to complete it. they actually thought they would have the entire donbas region, not just the eastern portion of it to include the donetsk. he doesn't use that term. he said our troops deserve a rest after the long fight. the truth is they have to be rearmed and refit and a lot of them are no longer cohesive units. what does this present? this presents an opportunity for zelenskyy and his military to do limited counter attacks that hopefully in a few weeks could
4:25 am
lead to a major counter offensive. and if they are able to mount that that could would be very significant in being able to take back territory. it is going to be a huge challenge for sure. but the fact is despite the military momentum that putin and his thugs have been able to achieve, they are back on their heels because it's cost them so much. what will be decisive, brian, is will the west, led by the united states, and we are providing more arms and ammunition than anybody else by far, will they be able to sustain the arms and ammunition that zelenskyy so desperately needs? and the europeans, there are some of them that really have to step up here because there is a lot of rhetoric and not a lot of show. and there has been a lot of rhetoric at the meetings last week. and hopefully, they come through. zelenskyy cannot succeed in taking back territory without the arms and ammunitions being provided to him. and, our artillery and the high
4:26 am
mars rocket launchers have been imminently successful and devastating in terms of the damage done to the russian military. >> brian: we have got to keep it going. general, always great. always informational. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> yeah. have a great weekend, brian. you and the team. >> brian: speaking of the weekend. saturday night 8:00 and again at 11:00. one nation gets fired up again amongst our guests, douglas murray puts all of these challenges the general just talked about in perspective from london here. jim bryden stein joins us about china literally trying to take over the moon. the astronaut gives us insight are we up for that challenge and kayleigh mcenany will do the news duel. i believe she is up for that challenge as well. straight ahead on this show, doing what the white house won't, texas governor abbott signs an executive order allowing law enforcement to apprehend illegal immigrants and send them back to the border. congressman brian babin wants dhs secretary mayorkas impeached. we all do.
4:27 am
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- why would a company do that? especially with hr and payroll software. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. fox news alert shinzo abe is dead after being shot after a speech in western japan. the gunman was immediately taken into custody. abe who was japan's longest
4:31 am
serving prime minister left office in 2020 due to health problems. alex hogan is dive in london with reaction. alex, good morning. >> hi, rachel, good morning. the former prime minister of japan, as you mentioned, has been assassinated. shinzo abe was 67 years old and he was japan's longest serving prime minister. now, what we know as of this morning. it was earlier today when abe was campaigning for a parliamentary election in western part of the country when just minutes into that speech he was shot from behind. the conservative did not die at the scene. instead, he was being airlifted to the hospital and he underwent intensive emergency care, including massive blood transfusions before doctors declared that one of the country's most powerful and
4:32 am
influential people had died. so far little is known about the shooter. security tackled the 41-year-old moments after the shooting and he is currently in custody being held in suspicion of attempted murder. in japan the news really comes as a shock given the extremely strict gun laws across the country. internationally it is a shock as well with world leaders echoing their concern and their condolences. french president emmanuel macron says that his country stands with japan after this heinous attack. foreign ministers meeting at the g-20 in bali expressed grief and, again, solidarity. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with him, his family, with the people of japan. this is a very, very sad moment and we're waiting news. >> former u.s. president donald trump responded as well saying in part he was a man who loved and cherished his magnificent
4:33 am
country japan. shinzo abe stepped down as you mentioned in 2020. his wife arrived at the hospital at the scene just hours ago before he was officially declared dead. pete? >> steve: all right, thank you very much, alex from our overseas news room. more on that throughout the morning. switching gears to the united states. texas governor greg abbott says he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands as he warns the crisis at our border only getting worse. >> so what texas is doing is taken unprecedented action to respond to this including building a border wall, deploying the military. laying down military grade razor wire and now doing the unprecedented and this is texas law enforcement and national guard, anybody they apprehend coming across the border illegally, they will be returning to the border. >> steve: all right. here with reaction, texas republican congressman brian
4:34 am
babin. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. good to be with you. >> steve: it's great to have you, sir. there is a lot of frustration. the part of texas lawmakers, like yourself, because there is, what you refer to as an invasion going on. and the federal government isn't doing anything. >> simply has fallen down on the job completely. a colleague of mine, jim banks and i wrote an op-ed and we also sent a letter to secretary mayorkas warning him that he needs to reverse course and start securing our border. instead, it's getting worse and worse, and i would say i think it's important for us to remember that under biden and mayorkas his appointee they have erased all of our border control. they are doubling down, tripling
4:35 am
down worst month 239,000 came across in may. we don't even have the numbers for june yet. and we have 53 dead illegal aliens who were left cruelly to die in a tractor-trailer. so, it's time for us and no one has done any more than the state of texas and governor abbott. i applaud what he has done. i have really think though, steve, that until we get this into the courts, and article 4 section 4 of the u.s. constitution is going to be set, that -- and well-known that states can protect and defend themselves and their citizens and their property. that's what needs to happen. we have got to declare this an official invasion. i think that courts are going to have to rule that this is true. that we have to be able to -- states have to be able to stand up and defend themselves against a derelict president and a secretary of homeland security. we're being inundated and
4:36 am
overrun. we cannot sustain it. >> steve: congressman, so, what your governor abbott has said is -- all the texas national guard soldiers and law enforcement, if you stop somebody in the state of texas, the interior of the state, and they are in the country illegally, just drive them down to the southern border and release them at one of the bridges and just point south and say okay, go home. because we don't want you here in texas. but you know it's going to wind up in courts. because the federal government says, obviously, has the responsibility to keep the nation safe, but you say they are not doing it but, congressman, secretary mayorkas is just following orders. you know, you say he is derelict in his duties, but joe biden is telling him what to do, and he is saying while joe biden says the border is closed, we know that it is wide open. >> we know it's wide open. we personally met with secretary mayorkas. he tells us he has operational
4:37 am
control of the border. ms. jean-pierre, the white house press secretary said the 53 individuals who died in the tractor-trailer came in because the border is closed. it is the most absurd, ridiculous statement i have ever heard in my life. and, quite frankly, i'm going to say that i really thank the governor for making this, this executive order. but we have to put these people into mexico. we can't just drop them at the border because they're just going to either come back in or they are going to continue to turn around and walk north. and we are seeing that mayorkas, under biden's authority, exactly as you said, we're spending millions and millions of dollars, steve. directing these people, transporting these illegal aliens from the inundated swamp to border cities to the city of their choice interior in the united states of america. it is a joke. and then we find out that ice is
4:38 am
dismissing cases. there is 2 million case backlog. and they are. >> steve: unbelievable. >> completely dismissing. by the end of his term they have will dismiss million. there is already 2 million cases. they have dismissed between 40 -- excuse me, between 60 and 80,000 cases in the last two months. >> steve: well, let's see what happens. we know what the state of texas is going to try next. congressman brian babin of texas, sir, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, is steve. >> steve: you bet. good luck. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up flo rida is going to take the stage for the all-american summer concert series right there. going to join him. going to join him to discuss his new single. stick around. ♪ low, low, low ♪
4:39 am
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♪ oh what a night ♪ yeah, sing it ♪ steve yeah. our next guest is grammy award-winning singer and one of the top 10 all-time best selling rap artist with over 100 million records sold. [cheers] >> brian: going do release brand new single "what a night." platforms even ones rachel uses. >> rachel: every young person in this building suddenly had to work this morning. >> brian: i know. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, give it up for flo rida. [cheers] >> steve: can we start with the obvious question? taking you back to your childhood when did you come up -- you are living in florida. when did you realize that florida was flo rida? >> you know, i was like in ninth grade. i wasn't too fond of having a nickname. my d.j. slash boba come up with
4:44 am
a name. can you rap? can you know. i'm like a speed rapper at the same time the ride da stood out to me. thinking flo. thinking florida f flo rida and the rest is history. >> brian: most fascinating to me people wonder how you broke into the business it started as a hype man. how would you describe a hype man. >> the life of the party. gets the crowd going. >> steve: it's all about flo, flo. >> brian: how do you do that go out there like brown alli. >> exactly. >> rachel: he wasn't just a hype man for rap stars also football. football league. >> the fyfl we started this i thought we would find a way to get back. my partners. my brother lee print we started this we have over 10,000 kids. we have cheerleaders as well. >> rachel: cheerleading and
4:45 am
dance not excluded in this i love it. >> we have track and field as well. it's phenomenal. we always, you know, make sure that the kid are getting education and definitely, you know, just reach the biggest dream. >> steve: one of your dreams was to be a performer. in the early days, when you were the hype man as brian aptly puts it, you were popping up, you were working, i think for two live crew and other crew. you were essentially just a d.j. but some of the mixed tapes that were circulating had you on and they helped make you a star. >> most definitely. the one of my first gigs i got spotted at a nightclub they asked me to follow them to go to hawaii for a show. that definitely changed my life. >> brian: tell me about the new single. >> oh yeah ♪ o what a night. [cheers] >> rachel: all your music is about partying and just having fun and being an american. i just love how fun it is. >> yeah. i'm the life of the party. i grew up in miami gumbo of
4:46 am
different cultures we come out to party. that's me. >> steve: we have got a little soundbite back in the day when american idol was very popular. i think people forget i finished third in season four of "american idol." this was part of my audition. i was either with randy or simon. and i was trying to sing your song low. watch this. >> rachel: get ready. >> steve: bottom jeans with the furr. >> steve: at my house the kids were always singing apple bottom jeans with the furr. >> dj produced it and my brother t. payne. that's one of the first records that i report recorded. like an hour's time. after that we put it, took it off to the djs and took it around the world. >> steve: you don't see the apple bottom jeans with the furr do you. >> i definitely do.
4:47 am
[laughter] >> rachel: what's the best part of being a rap star? >> just being able to put smile on my family fans you are my family around the world. just going out there and bringing joy to everyone. it's a blessing. [cheers] >> brian: new york is about to pick up garbage during the interview that's the banging in the background. tunnel to towers foundation concert and it was pouring rain. jones beach. and people were getting flooded out of the first row. you guys didn't stop. why was it important to be there? you could have been at central park but you chose to be on the beach for the troops. >> most definitely. i think it's important that we show our troops that we love them. you know, i love come up here and just giving back any way that i can. [cheers] >> the rain couldn't stop us. most definitely. everyone needs to sacrifice to be out. i had to be there and shut it down. >> brian: you did shut it down that's great at the jones beach concert. >> steve: all right. ladies and gentlemen, flo rida is going to start performing in
4:48 am
about 20 minutes. [cheers] >> steve: his song "what a night" is available on all streaming platforms and you are going to start at the top of the hour, right? >> i'm ready to party. >> rachel: going to play in my house, right? >> steve: are you ready to party? [cheers] >> steve: we're taking a time out. back in a moment. look at the guests on the rest of "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal;
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4:52 am
>> adam: welcome back to "fox & friends." we are tracking warm air across the country. seeing early a lot of spots in the irp 60's, the 70s. low 80's out there this morning. that is all part of what is going to be a whole lot of heat settling in for portions of central texas all the way over to the carolinas. we have got heat advisories. heat warnings where actual temperatures running up to as high as 100 degrees but you add in the humidity, just the moisture you feel in the air when you step outside, when the numbers start climbing into the 70s like you are seeing here, it is going to feel really hot. your heat indices or feels like temperature, you are seeing easily 105, 110, 113 degrees in little rock. so heat the big weather story out there. those are your weather headlines. rachel, tossing it over to you. >> rachel: thank you.
4:53 am
all right. well, goodbye mom and dad. the national education association teachers union proposing a resolution to replace traditional terms with birthing and non-birthing parents. >> the nea suggesting with this language, quote: members need not worry about definitions for maternity leave, mother or father. the language is an inclusive reflection of how lgbtqia plus members builds families. even though the resolution was voted on still sounding the alarm on the agenda. tina and tiffany justice of moms for liberty join us now. tina and tiffany, welcome to the show. i'm writing your name on my card here. i want to make sure i remember. really quick. so, the teachers union is prioritizing, tina, this in the midst of what i sees a an educational crises if you look at our scores, our national scores for our kids relative to other countries around the world. why are they doing this?
4:54 am
>> hi, rachel. thank you so much for having us on. you know, the national education association. these national teachers unions, they are political activist organizations. they aren't focused on education in the least bit. we are calling on -- there are 3 million members. and americans everywhere to reach out to your local teacher's union and tell them. demand that they put educating american children first. >> tiffany, let's talk just a little bit deeper. what is behind it? because it just -- it's so insulting, actually, to mothers, real mothers and fathers. but there is something else behind this. what is it? >> it seems like a real lack of focus on education and really what we're seeing is a complete, you know, really the biden administration, the teachers unions, everyone ignoring really what american parents want and need. american parents want to partner with education and school but
4:55 am
don't co-parent with the government. what we saw out of the national education association representative assembly was a focus on lots of things. abortion, guns, climate change, foreign policy, but what we didn't talk about was education and literacy. and with, you know, two thirds of american fourth graders not doing well in school. not reading proficiently, what american parents want to hear the national education association talking about is education. maybe they should change their name to the national extremist association. that would be a little bit more fitting. >> rachel: or a wing of the democrat party. it doesn't make any sense as you said. just not a lot of focus on education. here is a statement from the national education association. nnea members submit new business items concerning a wide range of issues. some are intimately tied to nea operations and others reflect policy positions. nea is committed to democrat processes and open debate and di 63 was not considered by the 22 neara. tina, basically they are saying we didn't vote on it don't
4:56 am
forget we said this. we got some blow back on it what say you? >> i say they did that and they had to draw that back because they know american parents are not going to stand for that mothers everywhere defender their title. we wear that badge proudly. we have earned it with all of the work we put into our children. we love our children. we are not going to let their radical ideologies steal that from us. >> rachel: the nea has definitely discredited itself during the pandemic and continue to do. so tina, tiffany, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, rachel. >> rachel: don't go anywhere. it's the moment you have all been waiting for. flo rida takes the stage at the all-american summer concert series still ahead. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ 1-2-3, go ♪ ♪ >> rachel: good morning, everybody. here in new york city, that is flo rida with "good feeling" an all-american concert series. that is what makes him so great. he makes you happy. everyone onset is happy singing his song. he has such a great guy. i'm dealing with brian getting over the fact that producers
5:02 am
didn't turn up for him this morning. they turned up for flo rida. >> brian: he is the party. as far as you can see on fox square for the all-american concert series today brought to you by our friends at lowe's. he will continue to sing. go to, or if you have fox nation on your phone, do it that way. my wife just alerted us and she says... speed to absolutely best performer ever on "fox & friends." i tell you, the music off, we can't stop moving with the music in her ear so we had to turn it off. >> brian: i never met a dance move that never did me any good. and i would say this, i feel lucky because i had that same shirt on. if i would have changed it, it would have been so awkward and i think steve is jealous too.
5:03 am
usually, we get a shot of west virginia and you get flo rida. you are dissing west virginia. >> brian: i apologize joe manchin. >> steve: the concert series and many more on fridays. we give an opportunity every friday to get vip tickets, do just that. in the meantime, the best seats in the house because 27 minutes exactly, the monthly job creation number is going to be released. and it is not expected to be a good one. over the last year, the administration has says look at all these jobs we are adding but on average about 500,000 jobs per month. today, it looks like the number will be about 268,000 and that is what is projected. but things are slowing down because the federal reserve is tightening credit. you know, this is a perfect indicator, early indicator how much trouble the american economy is in.
5:04 am
and for you personally at your house because no one business is thriving right now? pawn shops. people are pawning computers... how else do you spell pawn shop? >> rachel: confused. [laughter] >> brian: i wanted to make sure. >> steve: at me show you how pawnshop works. give me your watch. all right, you need to pay for gas and groceries so you go to a pawn shop. >> brian: thank you. >> steve: you give your apple watch to the guy and he gives you $50, right? if you ever want to see it again, you have to give him $50 and something else. but people are pawning computers, tools, phones, video console and sentimental things like jewelry and family heirlooms simply to buy gas and groceries because we have not seen inflation like this during a lot of people's lives. >> rachel: and you talk about
5:05 am
the jobs coming back, these are jobs that went away because of covid because they shut down the economy. and how people are coming back to work. when donald trump was adding jobs, the manufacturing sector was growing and businesses were growing and restaurants were booming and they had to hire more workers. workers were getting paid better because demand for labor and they needed more people. the lower classes were rising up faster. right now because of inflation, which is an attack on the poor, people are getting poorer. the biden administration says "we have a plan." peter doocy asked karine jean-pierre about his plan, taking a look. >> we have a plan. here is the thing, we have a plan. republicans do not have a plan. what they want to do is take away rights from the american people. >> but do you think it is possible that your plan is not popular with the american people right now? >> i don't think that our plan is not popular with the american
5:06 am
people. we know the american people are feeling the high cost. you may understand what they are feeling. because, because when you look at inflation and you look at where we are economically, and we are a stronger economically than we have been in history. when you look at the unemployment numbers 2.6% and you look at the jobs numbers more than 8.7 million of new jobs created, that is important here at we understand that gas prices are high. and we understand that food costs are high and that is because multigenerational pandemic and putin's war and that is just the fact. >> steve: but the people that are getting upset or democrats because they don't see the urgency or see a plan. they don't see cohesion and they see the president with nothing on his schedule except handing out a few important metals, gotcha. it's got to be more proactive. cleveland to say something about
5:07 am
the past year and a half ago, not effective for democrats with the theory straight ahead that their own individual political future and that is their party. and this other thing, they use this term "don't just sit there mr. president and watch the economy get volker." what paul volker did was double figures and maybe that is the only way out of inflation but they want to hear plan c and that would mean credit cards go up, no one is buying houses, tough to sell a house, jobs and the economy shrink in order to obtain inflation. they fear that with i think collection 115 days away. >> steve: the jobs number will come out at the bottom of the half-hour and we will bring it to you. >> brian: thank you very much. >> rachel: there are two ways to skin the economy. shocked the economy with raising interest rates or really slow, painful thing. and i think people even within
5:08 am
the democratic party are debating and the debate in the democratic party is, you start focusing on inflation, biden, which he claims he will laser focus on inflation, we still want climate change. we still want abortion rights and to focus on all these other things. these are conflicting priorities according to the democrats, because you can't deal with inflation and transitioning to a climate, a green economy at the same time by choking american gas and oil. there was a problem for that, they have to do with that conflict. >> brian: they try to do it with the executive order and the president will come out according to mike regarding abortion later this morning. in the meantime, brian i'm looking at your watch. >> brian: that is a little personal but get into my health and tell me how my heart is beating and how i'm sleeping. >> steve: you need to stand up more. >> brian: that is why i have
5:09 am
staff appear the jobs number comes out in 22 minutes. in the meantime, the top story of the day, and assassination in asia. we continue to follow the horrifying assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. >> rachel: he was shot giving a speech in western japan and the longest-serving prime minister abed in 2020 due to health problems. >> steve: at the white house as everyone gets to the office into the house. what is the reaction, mark? >> brian, rachel, steve, reaction not just in washington but around the world and as you mentioned, the former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the suspect also mentioned is in custody believed to be in his earthly 40s and fired multiple shots. abe gave a speech in japan six hours south and west of tokyo when the attack happened. he was airlifted to a hospital
5:10 am
bed as you mentioned died after japan's current prime minister calling the attack barbaric. overnight, the white house put out a statement following the shooting but before we learned the confirmation of abe's death, we are shocked to hear about this attack and closely monitoring the report and keeping the thoughts with his family and the people of japan. brand-new reaction from secretary of state antony blinken. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with him, his family, with the people of japan. this is a very, very sad moment, and we are awaiting news. >> steve: former president trump had a close relationship with abe when he was in office when he stepped down in 2020. trump called abe the greatest friend bill mack prime minister in history. a statement from the former president who said, "he was a true friend of mine and more importantly america peer of the wonderful people of japan loved and admired him so much. abe was long serving leader
5:11 am
before stepping down. at the time his medical condition and also forced him to pull back from work and even though he was no longer in power he was considered highly influential throughout japan. we will see if president biden has reaction. i checked in with the white house and they will have a statement out but no confirmation what time that will be pure the president will be on and he will weigh in. former chicago mayor robert emanuel who called abe outstanding leader and unwavering ally of the u.s. a lot of people are too broken and shocked over this news. >> rachel: thank you, mark, an incredible interview with jack keane and the death of the prime minister and his leadership impact. >> abe was very much respected as a leader and while surfing prime minister. when he came into power, he wanted to revitalize the economy which he was successful at doing. but he was clear, brian come
5:12 am
about foreign policy and the threats to japan. that was north korea and china. and as a result of that, he developed a very close relationship with president trump. abe sold the united states as the indispensable leader to systems to provide security for the region. but he also felt that the allies and the region, the countries underneath this threat had to step up. >> brian: he was willing to do that and get the chinese economy back going. and reinvigorated as they saw china as a huge threat, north korea as a huge threat, vietnam and others looking to ally with them here they thought they had to arm up and that was for the first time. and change the constitution. who knows? he had ulcer colitis which comes and goes. he might have had another chapter in his political career. >> steve: that is why he left in 2008. the ulcer colitis was so bad and
5:13 am
he stepped aside and came back in 2012, held a job for eight years, but then at the end of eight years, the bile condition reemerged and he had to step aside. i'm sure what they will do in japan today because gun violence and gun crimes are so rare but they will try to figure out how that guy with a homemade gun was able to get that close. so apparently, it was concealed. he had it in his clothing and really close to mr. abe standing in the middle of essentially a traffic circle in the middle of the street outside of the train station. got right up to him and squeeze out two shots before anybody could do anything. >> brian: and he sees the gun on the ground, you see everything, every camera was on the train. you see the grandma though my camera. >> rachel: it was very graphic. we want -- a society that prides itself on not being violent so obviously this was shocking to
5:14 am
the japanese community and touching on donald trump and how important that relationship was. about abe and donald trump shared a desire to see their country economically strong. and shinzo abe understood that a strong america was good for japan. and so, he wanted to make japan a grade again, but he wanted america to be great again because he thought that was good for the region as well. >> brian: meanwhile 13 minutes after the hour -- >> rachel: a big story here at the new york city bodega worker charged with murder for allegedly killing a repeat criminal in an act of self-defense finally returns home after being on rikers island. the judge dramatically lowering his bail after facing public backlash. this democrat mayor eric adam shows his support for the hardworking clerk. >> it is time for new yorkers and americans to start standing up for people who follow the
5:15 am
law. >> rachel: this is the latest controversy with liberal d.a. alvin bragg known for soft on crime policy. elon musk twitter take over reportedly in jeopardy. three people familiar with the proceedings until "the washington post" that elon musk team stopped having discussions about funding for the $44 billion deal. ever since the tentative agreement was announced, elon musk and twitter officials have gone back and forth over spam accounts twitter has on its platforms. elon musk threatening to walk away if twitter cannot show less than 5% of daily active users or automated accounts. and a franchise owner in ohio being praised for keeping his employees paid for months even while his restaurant was closed. tony kept workers while renovation was being done saying "my employees helped me and without them i wouldn't be where i am right now. the rest is history and nothing matters than being here."
5:16 am
he is 90 years old and served in the korean war after coming to the united states from greece in 1947 when he was 14 years old here that is a cool story, guys, what a guy. >> steve: part of the family. hats off to him. thank you very much carley. still had california's governor gavin newsom loves to bash red states. it is time to go on a vacation to a red state. the california governor currently vacationing in montana where he has banned state under travel. dave rubin from the west coast to talk about the hypocrisy. but first, here is flo rida in the middle of the crowd performing. >> it is my song! ♪ ♪
5:17 am
forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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5:22 am
dave, state travel but security says state travel and symbolically, this looks terrible, don't you think? >> of course, but there is no level of hypocrisy or also exposing his hypocrisy that will shame this guy. he is absolutely shameless. him going to montana where he banned state travel, this is the same guy locking people in their houses, literally during quarantine and lockdown who was eating at the perhaps most expensive restaurant, french laundry in the sonoma area and dining with lobbyists. and something around $20,000. but the hypocrisy is one thing. what he actually has done to the state in terms of crime and homelessness and drugs and house prices and taxes on all of that pier is a fact there is a water crisis. all of those things and somehow this guy dare shows his face and maybe he knows he can't show his face anymore so he goes to
5:23 am
montana where they won't recognize him. >> brian: and the lakers game, everyone wearing a mask and with celebrities taking pictures without a mask and watching the game. his kids go to private school while the public schools shut down the pier at everybody zooming in who needs the education the most. but this guy almost lost his job to an embarrassing recall. and he is front and center to be the democratic nominee. but what is ingenious on his part, but he wants to take the most popular successful governor and the country, arguably ron desantis. he is factually trolling him saying "if you want freedom, come to california." actually, florida is as pretty as it gets and they got so many people from california, 60,000. >> yeah, look, brian, the book 1984 george orwell with the future, newspeak that words will basically have no meaning. everything will be opposite of reality.
5:24 am
the idea democrats particularly gavin newsom talking about freedom and liberty, you know. as you know, i fled california about seven months ago because of all of the reasons we just discussed. i now live in free florida, which is flourishing, absolutely flourishing. florida is growing up in a good sense, metaphorical sense while california imploding in a literal sense. go wander around the streets of san francisco, los angeles, or anywhere else. you are right, he has trolling ron desantis but i don't think ron desantis will fall for it. what gavin newsom is from burkett dome at propaganda 101. the mirror of san francisco, destroyed that city but he became the governor of california and this is clearly all of his run for president in 2021. the democrats are done with biden, and they will have to go with someone more radical because that is the direction of the party. >> brian: the 1960s, sam
5:25 am
hopp said he's only want to stop jim brown the running back. of course, he couldn't but the best running back ever is sam half because he made up this fictional rivalry the redskins and browns. and i think that is what gavin newsom is doing is trying to take jim brown and trying to be sam huff, the american people to buy it or not? what do you think of my analogy? >> i think it is a solid, the proof is in the pudding. which way are people moving? east here the last two years they have lost hundreds of thousands and no one is leaving florida, i assure you. >> brian: i understand that. 25 minutes after the hour david rubin. straight-ahead a guy left ohio for new york. geraldo rivera is live. but first, flo rida performing "wild one."
5:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:30 am
♪ ♪ >> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." manhattan's bodega worker charged with murder after killing a guy who attacked him here the judge lowered his $250,000 bail. d.a. alvin bragg with outrage for charging the hardworking clerk with murder. in his case of self-defense. here to react "the five" cohost
5:31 am
geraldo rivera. geraldo, thank you for joining us. always good to see you. this is a little personal for you because you have folks who own a bodega and you know what it is like to work there late at night. >> my aunt angie and uncle johnny in the south bronx not far from this neighborhood very near where george washington bridge hits manhattan if you know the area. very concentrated dominican republican, struggling immigrants. the bodega serves the function of the old general store. you can get anything there. you can get credit there. it is a friendly environment. in this case, a young lady who lost and didn't have enough money to buy chips. jose alba, the person involved here said, "i'm sorry, no money you will not get the chips." takes her boyfriend jose and
5:32 am
starts pushing him around. you can see the bodega owner did not intend violence until he was pushed. he was reasonable, seems to be come a reasonable fear that deadly force was going to be used against him. he used the knife and usually a gun involved but he grabs the knife and kills the perpetrator. the girl who started it all comes in and stabs jose three times in the back. about the real story, i mean it is a tragedy and i hate that it happened over a bag of chips but the district attorney and the office i used to work the manhattan district attorney's office to chose jose alba with murder for goodness sake. there was nothing on his mind. he didn't wake up to premeditate homicide. he was in reasonable fear of deadly force being used against him. he got the knife. he did what was right to protect himself. i hate that it happened.
5:33 am
it is clearly not murder and d.a. alvin bragg is way off the mark. >> rachel: this man is a hero! he defended his store and saved his own life by murdering this guy who came in. it is also revealing about her, she maxed out her credit card and still feels entitled to free chips. by the way, that is a welfare credit card that she had to. and i want to get your opinion on another topic, i minister shinzo abe. your thoughts. >> i think it is a loss to the united states. as general keane was suggesting, most vigorous ally of the united states purity was very close to president trump. they both saw the need for muscular japan to hold up the threats from north korea and from china. i liked him very much. i like his style. the longest-running prime minister in the history of japan. he was all about modern and a
5:34 am
realistic world. i hate that this happened. the guy that killed him apparently japanese navy veteran who knows guns in japan. so he made a couple of ghost guns and bombs. i guess he used a printer. just amazing he got so close to the prime minister and it could kill him. we have lost a vital ally. >> rachel: a great friend to our country indeed, geraldo. thank you for joining us this morning. always good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> rachel: all right the june jobs report released with a u.s. adding 372,000 jobs in june. charles reacts with those numbers lived. but first, here is flo rida! ♪ ♪
5:35 am
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5:40 am
steve come over to you. >> steve: thank you very much, carley reaction on fox business, charles payne you were looking at the numbers. >> better-than-expected but still less than we have. >> that are than expected. it is interesting because a different kind of additive supply. it was stronger-than-expected, although we have over 11 million job openings. you still wonder because the one thing i always looked out and the first thing i look at his participation and you want people participating in the economy. that actually went down. the participation number and the labor force, the appointment population went down. those are the things you look at. the unemployment rate way they measure it is so skewed and so wrong, it is not reflective. if you'd drop out the labor force, you do not counted at all. it was better than expected. wages 5.1% and again looking for a percent but remember inflation
5:41 am
8.6%. in the real world, people are still going to be struggling mightily because your wages still not keeping up with inflation. >> steve: sure, inflation 8% and the federal reserve, you know, laying on the brakes to bring inflation rate down to 2%, that means they will jack up the interest rate as high as they can. what that immediately does is that knocks people out of the labor market because people get laid off and people don't get hired. >> it is so amazing if you think about this, for the folks out there some politicians get all kinds of money in the mail. they go out and spend because that's why they sent it to them. all of a sudden later on, the wage spiral and inflation spiral. the federal reserve comes in and tries to deliberately ruin their lives and make them miserable. they want the unemployment rate to go higher up here they want wages to slow down. it is so remarkable, caught in the middle of the policy and
5:42 am
active citizens out there. that is why you have so much misery out there poll after poll, people say it's never been worse even though you talk about "strong job numbers." >> steve: that is what the white house always says. the spokesperson for the president was asked about the white house correspondent and he said, according to the latest poll 88% of the people watching right now across america say we are on the wrong track. her response was, "we have a plan and it is working." >> it might be working for them. >> steve: is not working for us! >> but remember, you just said it. we have a plan and it is to fundamentally change america. we are on track to do that. we will cause you pain and misery that you will love it once we get there. >> steve: holy cow! before you go, weigh in on the assassination earlier today in japan of shinzo abe, who was the longest-serving prime minister of japan.
5:43 am
he was archconservative but also known for a phenom x because he had a situation with deflationary circumstances and he figured a way out of it. >> you know, they will always debate abe economics because the exact opposite of hours, and the entire economy but the problem when he came into the economy, they have an aging population from 120 million to 180 million people. he wanted to bring back the samurai spirit. young men out there who play video games all night but they don't want to emulate their parents. they don't want to work 80 hours a week. they don't want that. unfortunately, their economy is dying. he has tried his best to bring it back. he also tried to reshape the past constitution, which angered a lot of people. but let's face it. you have leaders and other in asia pleading with japan police
5:44 am
we have imperialistic china to swamp everyone in asia if we don't stand up to them. so i admire him a lot. it is unfortunate and it said no matter who it is but this particular case, he was the leader that japan needed because they are a kara shutt mary telfer every country in the world including america because we have gone down that same path. a dying old population and a lot of young folks shouldn't work and you just can't live off of the things of the past but you have to make yourself great every day. >> steve: we will look back at his life and times. a special town hall july 26 at 2:00, cold inflation in america. if you would like to join the audience, email him at invested in you in making money this afternoon at 2:00. >> appreciate it. >> steve: coming up at the top of the hour, adams inside
5:45 am
because flo rida is making so much noise outside. >> i just ran inside, it feels like it is 100 degrees. it is a blast outside but feeling warm and that will be one of the big weather stories across a large portion of the country from texas over to the carolinas. a heat advisory in place. what does that mean? the temperatures will be hot. temperatures in the 90s but you add in humidity and that is where it starts to feel warm as you step outside. sticky, muggy air and temperatures middle 70s. that is when you get feels like temperature. 105, 113 degrees in little rock. incredibly warm weather for the weekend, actually. all in till sunday. those are your weather headlines. i will go back outside so kicking it to you. >> steve: i'm going to go outside too, thank you very much. stick around the moment we have
5:46 am
been waiting for, flo rida takes fox square stage. what a night. that is coming up on "fox & friends." but first, let's check in with bill hamrick who would prefer to be outside, but he's got work to do. >> those guys are jamming. they are having a great time. happy friday to you appearance donning story fascination of international political leader. more what we are learning overseas on that and breaking news on the economy moments ago. we will tell you what the numbers tell us today. the white house is losing employees quickly and chicago pastor says, "what about us? "as the murder rate is ignored and he makes his case live here today. eddie money team, big friday morning. we will see you in 10 minutes at the top of the hour.
5:47 am
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> new york city! [cheers and applause]
5:53 am
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>> welcome back, folks, to the all american summer concert series. you know, earlier we heard from adam, the meteorologist, about how even though the temperature outside is only what, 71? it feels like 105. [cheering and applause] >> how great was this guy? [cheering and applause] >> you've been big for 15 years. do you remember the moment where you thought i will be able to do this for a living? >> yeah, that time when i got a chance to go and perform with my brother ice in hawaii. locals traveling all throughout the united states. >> it was great. your first hit? >> my first big hit. send out to my brothers.
5:58 am
every time i perform it feels like the first time. thank you guys so much. [cheering and applause] >> feels like the first time, i like that. so when i talked to you i was surprised to hear we were talking about the after-school programs and charity you do and we were kind of shy. how is that possible? >> i was very shy. i grew up in a family seven sisters. i have a twin. the only boy, the youngest. the spotlight was always on me but i was real shy. i knew that my passion and my heart and love was for doing music. i had to come out of that shell and just show you guys the greatest party on earth. >> absolutely. [cheering and applause] >> you can tell during the summer in new york city, not that many people come to work. when you look at the windows in the skyscrapers people are looking out. something infectious about when he starts singing. when he starts singing
5:59 am
everybody starts jumping. during a commercial break i actually -- i'm sure you are wondering why is he dancing behind me? we've got some of that video. we have that video. i'm just dancing. >> it was like oh oh. >> you thought it was a will smith moment? >> you saw the remake. >> doocy is coming at me and i have to take a swing at him. >> the greatest compliment is you make people happy. >> my mom told me when you get blessed, bless others. i want to bless you all with my presence every time. >> listen, we would like to thank the guys from master built. there you go. right there. >> you are amazing. >> how great is that?
6:00 am
do us a favor. for performing today download some of his music so you can dance along at home. >> oh what a night. >> oh what a night. almost had me down. >> have a great weekend, everybody. [cheering and applause] >> bill: great show, good morning. 9:00 as we turn the corner now on a day of news that is stunning. assassination stunning the world. the former japanese prime minister shinzo abe, a close ally of the u.s. is shot and killed. tough news to begin with. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to our program. dana has the day off and julie, welcome back. >> i'm julie banderas, "america's newsroom." a strong word of caution, this video is graphic but here is the moment the gunman struck.


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