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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 8, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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looks amazing. almost looks like a desert here on earth. no signs of life yet. we're still waiting. >> julie: yet. >> bill: we'd go there and then there would be life on mars. >> julie: where do you fall on do you believe life on mars? >> bill: on the short side of that. >> julie: i'm with you, there. >> bill: thanks for being here this week. have a great weekend and enjoy the summer. here is harris, bye-bye. >> harris: fox news alert. it is happening. president biden about to make a major move following the u.s. supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. we're told he is going to do this in a news conference this hour telling america about his executive order giving access to abortion services and protecting patients' information at the federal level. is this going to be biden and his pen versus the nation's highest court? we'll cover the news live as it happens. i'm harris faulkner and you are
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in "the faulkner focus". president biden had better get set for this. normally a commander-in-chief gets an increased jobs number and it is good news. this time experts are warning the high cost of gas and food is pushing americans to the brink and they now need high-paying jobs immediately. the labor department releasing its june jobs report today with the economy adding 372,000 jobs. again that's good news. the unemployment rate holding steady near historic lows of 3.6%. an indicator that until now, at least, people had stopped looking for work. inflation is the game changer. the white house says, however, the president has a plan to bring down inflation. >> he is going to continue to work to make sure we lower those costs but we understand what the american people are feeling. we're doing everything that we can. we have a plan. here is the thing, we have a plan. republicans do not have a plan. what they want to do is take
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away rights from the american people. >> harris: the latest monmouth university poll finds the top four concerns for americans are all about their cash flow. 1/3 say inflation is the biggest concern facing their family and also in the top four gas prices and everyday bills. economy as a total. when it comes to president biden's policies, the same polling shows more than half of the middle class families say they are not at all benefiting. >> he doesn't understand or get what we're suffering because of this. >> i'm trying to shop all the sales, buy one, get one free. whatever chicken was on sale, burgers on sale. >> i canceled a long trip i was thinking of making this season because of gas prices. >> gas prices now cost more than milk, you know. milk is what, $3.99 almost. if it goes up anymore it will be a problem.
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>> harris: david asman in "focus" now. you said that potentially this could come. >> yeah. remember we have -- let's not bury the lead here. this is a good jobs number, a very good jobs number. 100,000 more than than what was expected. the problem is that americans are running out of savings. americans built up this huge pile of savings during the pandemic because of the lockdowns where they couldn't go out and spend money on vacations and stuff. 2.7 trillion of savings was developed over the pandemic. that created a tremendous buffer for them coming out of the pandemic. of course, they've been spending a lot in the past six months or year since we got out of the lockdowns, but inflation has kicked up at the same time. and what is happening now is that americans are actually dipping into their savings because of inflation. so they are running out of their savings. what do you do when you are at home and run out of savings?
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you go back to work. a lot of people who had been sitting on the fence are now seeing these 11 million jobs, cherry picking the really good ones. there are a lot of good ones out there and getting jobs. that's the news. >> harris: potentially making a little more money as the employers have been desperate to get people to come back to work. the bonuses and things. will we start to see some of that go away, though? >> you will because of the fact that businesses themselves are suffering from inflation. in particular if you think of restaurant businesses and those that are most vulnerable to the inflationary pressures. the cost of gas, the cost of fuel that they use in these businesses, the fact that they are still having difficulty in getting workers. a lot of them are going out of business right now. and that's why there are recessionary concerns and why we had a 1.6% drop in the gdp in the first quarter and the atlanta fed for one is suggesting we'll have another drop in the second quarter.
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two quarters back-to-back of negative growth indicates a recession. so we might be in a recession and that means that a lot of those 11 million job openings will dry up. >> harris: i will ask my team to pop up labor secretary marty walsh who was pressed on biden's plan to spend more money. he will hit inflation with more cash. watch in >> . i wouldn't make a decision what will add to inflation if you help the american worker and help the american family and that's what the president is doing. >> harris: i thought it's part of how we got here. >> not just spending more cash, which is what causes inflation as you say, it is also the fact they think of raising taxes particularly on small businesses right now. a "washington post" piece today suggesting that joe manchin, who was against the bbb bill essentially killed the build back better bill that huge $5 trillion spending program. but he is now working with senator schumer and all you
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need are all 50 democrats to vote for something and they can get it because of reconciliation. >> harris: what could it look like? >> we go back to coming out of the recession in 2009. just when we were coming out of the recession in 2009, 2010 then president obama raised taxes and raised regulations and ended up with the slowest recovery in our history. modern history in the 20th century. we could end up with serious problems if they do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. this jobs number is good. it is good because we have the buffer of job openings. 11 million job openings. but if those begin to close up because of a recession or something close to a recession, then we are really going to be out of luck. you don't want to kill small businesses more by raising their taxes. >> harris: we used the talk about joe manchin in a different way. he stood between the president spending more money with build
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back better and not that we doubted he was a democrat but that he could work with chuck schumer. >> >> it is not a sure thing. the pressure is on manchin. you don't want that kind of recovery, the false recovery like we had in 2009, 10 and 11. >> harris: axios analysis says the job numbers carry risk in both directions but the goldilocks scenario is the hope of both financial markets and the white house. an economy still expanding with workers able to find jobs readily without tightening the labor market to go the fed to raise rates too far too fast. >> axios has it wrong. the economy is contracting, not expanding. we had a contraction in the first quarter. the economy, that's the problem. the economy is not expanding right now but contracting. we won't get the final numbers of the second quarter until the end of this month. but if in fact we're online to
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what the atlanta fed says, we'll have two quarters back-to-back of contracting economy and that's a recession. >> harris: this is not our first rodeo. why do we keep riding the pony? we have to get back on the big horses. >> we know what causes inflation. big government spending money they don't have and the fed prints phony money in order to pay. it's politics but more than that we have an election coming up and a lot of people particularly in the democratic side but some republicans are doing it, too. the easiest way to get elected is by spending not their money but taxpayer money. >> harris: it is politics. >> yes. >> harris: the white house is joining world reaction right now after a the assassination of shinzo abe.
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the united states stands with japan in this moment of grief. also with condolences on this day. former president donald trump over the loss of the iconic conservative japanese leader. alex hogan live in london with the latest. alex. >> former prime minister shinzo abe was campaigning in a parliamentary election in the western part of the country when shots rang out. he unknowingly was giving his final words when we heard this gunfire. take a listen. two bullets striking the politician from behind. the 67-year-old went into cardiac arrest at the scene. he was still alive before being airlifted to the hospital but despite extensive emergency care he never regained vitals. doctors shortly after that declaring the death of one of
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the most prominent figures in the country. so far little is known about the gunman. security tackled the 41-year-old man next to what is believed to be a double barreled handmade gun. the shooter is in custody and held on charges of suspicion of attempted murder and reportedly telling police that this was not about politics. now worth noting the attack is almost unfathomable for the people of japan. the country has some of the strictest gun laws. world leaders expressed shock as well. back in the u.s., u.s. president joe biden calling it a tragedy for japan and all who knew him. former president donald trump saying in part he was a man who loved and cherished his magnificent country, japan. former president barack obama tweeted i will always remember the work we did to strengthen our alliance. he stepped down in 2020 after having some health concerns.
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right now tonight in japan people are arriving back at the scene laying down flowers on the pavement where he was shot. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. outrage in new york after the manhattan district attorney alvin bragg charged a convenience store owner with murder for defending his own store and life from a violent ex convict. is the biden administration covering up for hunter biden? >> to have 150 suspicious activity reports, hunter biden is a national security risk is what we've been saying all along. >> harris: james comer among them going after new rules that make it harder to look into hunter biden's financial activities. sean duffy will help peel back the curtain on this one in "focus" next. for every veteran homeowner who needs money
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>> harris: president biden set to speak on abortion services. he is expected to sign an executive order that would safeguard access in states with restrictive laws or bans at this point. it comes as the left has been eviscerating the president after the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade. the white house continues to criticize the high court's recent decision as extreme. here is white house press secretary. >> the president has been very clear about these extreme decisions that the supreme court has been making. not just on roe but epa and others, decisions that have come down recently. we have republicans who are
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doing extremes. the president calls them ultra-maga, part of the ultra-maga wing trying to take away the rights of the american people. that's what they are trying to do. >> harris: i know someone who can't wait to jump in here. former congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy. >> to talk about the ultra-maga wing of the republican party? listen, let's be clear. you have democrats that are running away from donald trump right now -- from joe biden now. people coming in in ohio, tim ryan, the senate candidate. what joe biden appears in ohio he runs away. republicans are seeking out donald trump's endorsement. the ultra-maga take won't work. democrats talk about democracy, harris. look at the supreme court decision in regard to roe v. wade. they are sending it back to states letting voters have a vote on abortion. epa was clear saying you can't
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do radical extreme things unless you have a directive from the congress. that's democracy in action. the spokesperson was also talking about a decision that will come out in regard to affirmative action. should we base people's admission or opportunity to schools or to jobs on the color of their skin or the skill set that they have? the work they've done to get into a school or get a job. that's a decision that will come out. these are basic american fundamental principles that i think the marxist wing of the democratic party is shunning going in a different direction. >> harris: sean, i don't want to gloss over this too quickly. what the president is willing to do now is take on the u.s. supreme court with his pen. and that's the kind of precedent i would imagine that would get everybody on the hill to chime in. and yet crickets. he is going to come out with an executive order to give at a federal level that was given to the states.
8:20 am
and what has been explained on this program resides there because the constitution puts it there. >> yeah. what's interesting to your point you will not hear anything on the hill from democrats. you find this on both sides of the aisle. i saw it in my nine years of congress. when members of congress agree with the executive's decision and use their pen they say nothing. if they disagree they're loud and vocal. you will hear republicans in regard to this executive action but democrats will be silent which is why congress has become less powerful over time and giving more power to the executive. i think the supreme court was very clear. >> harris: they hated it with trump when the executive had more power. i would think both sides would want to chime in right now. this is a huge power grab. for political purposes it would seem. >> when i was in congress i would go to democrats and say i'm about congress reclaiming power. let's work together and roll back power for trump.
8:21 am
you have to join us when the next democratic president comes in. congress is silent. but he doesn't have much authority. you have to have the congress act and joe biden sign a bill on abortion or the states get a vote on it like the supreme court said. his pen is not going to do much based on the decision that came from the supreme court. he can try to appease the left but it won't do much with the pen. >> harris: let me ask this. obama had both houses of government on the hill. by kam ral majority. this was an issue then. they could have codified roe v. wade then but they didn't codify it then, right? is this an issue that's truly important to democrats or is this an issue because they are so close now, 123 days away to the mid-term elections and they're in trouble and they know it. is this more of a cultural issue for them to bite onto. they could have done this years ago if they really cared.
8:22 am
>> obama had a 60 vote majority. they passed obamacare during that time and ted kennedy died and there was a republican senator from massachusetts. democrats can't run on the economy, border, crime or foreign policy. the only thing they can run on is the supreme court and ultra-maga. that's all they have to motivate their voters which is what they are trying to do. i applaud them as democrats trying to get voters to the polls. it is not going to work. the number one issue for people is the economy. 40%, is the economy. if joe biden would focus on that. poll numbers would come up from 36%. you would see not 88% of americans say we're going in the wrong direction. you would get the number down. joe biden is committed to the leftist policies and those policies don't work for the american people. they want a change.
8:23 am
i can vote for the democrat allies he has in the house and senate and throw their butts out. >> harris: "new york post" headline. with friends like these, you can almost feel sorry for biden. as bad as the president's policies have been, those demanded by many of his fellow dems are far worse. they want executive action on abortion, dran conan measures to further their green agenda. supreme court expansion. marquee priorities are massively out of line with voters. they are terrible on the merits. sean. >> the "new york post" is right. joe biden has gone hard left but you have aoc and bernie sanders and the marxist wing of the party saying you haven't gone far enough. it's insanity. joe biden should shut them out and pivot back to republicans and moderate democrats. what can we do together? >> harris: he struggles so mightily when he speaks. he struggles mightily and maybe it's a function of he is trying
8:24 am
to do all the balancing you say he is trying to do within his party. >> harris, he struggles when he speaks. it's not fact he can't find the bathroom or answer questions. it is the policies driving this. joe biden was hiding in his basement when he ran and the very little available to the press. we knew he wasn't functioning well and america still voted for him. they will go with joe biden if he changes course, changes policies and if he does things that make our lives better. that means shutting out the leftist crazies and coming back to the center like joe biden was when he was a senator. people are frustrated that he can't communicate well but it's the policies driving the poll numbers down. the policies that are affecting the families. we can't afford food or gas in our car to go to work. this is horrible right now what american families face and joe biden says i don't care, i'm hell bent on bringing the green agenda forward. i want to transform america and
8:25 am
teach crt and transgenderism in schools. what? people don't get this. get back to the basics, joe and your poll numbers will go up. >> harris: hunter biden was front and center at the white house yesterday as his dad was awarding the presidential medal of freedom. republicans accuse the treasury department running interference. james comer went after them. he says in quotes, the biden administration changed the rules to severely restrict congress access to suspicious activity reports in the dark of night and with no explanation. treasury department's sudden change of longstanding policy is a broader pattern by the biden administration to run cover for hunter biden and to possibly hide information about whether joe biden benefited financially from the biden family's business transactions.
8:26 am
glen greenwald weighed in last night. >> we're talking about protecting joe biden as well as hunter biden. at the least we should have an independent prosecutor who is not beholding to the chain of command that ends with joe biden to make decisions not just about hunter biden but also about the president himself. >> harris: is that fair? >> it is fair. this is a huge story. the treasury department knows what is in the sars reports. there are a lot of suspicious activity reports that are generated that mean nothing. those could be 150 mean nothing sars reports generated for hunter biden but the treasury won't release them tells me there is something big there. if you pick up that biden garbage can it absolutely wreaks to high heaven. they don't want congress or republicans or the americans people to see it when joe biden promised us transparency. they don't want us to see what's in the reports and they won't turn them over.
8:27 am
you need a majority in congress. you need democrats now in congress to support us turning over those sars reports to you james comer who is the republican lead of the oversight committee. i guarantee you this. when republicans take control and they ask for those sars report treasury still will not turn them over. they'll play games. i have was the oversight subcommittee chair on financial services and dealt with treasury. they play games all day long. i guarantee they will fight even turn these over when republicans win the house. they know that joe biden and hunter biden is dirty. this is so simple. if the f.b.i. wanted to do a forensic audit of joe biden we could know tomorrow whether joe biden was making money off hunter biden. whether joe biden was exposed to foreign deals and whether he is compromised as the u.s. president. we could know that. they don't want to look at it. where there is smoke there is fire. >> harris: you and i have talked about why it matters to the american people. if we can know something maybe you and i can't know it right
8:28 am
now, somebody also can know something, enemies and can use it against -- it is leverage. it puts our leadership in a capitulateed, bribery position and endangers us, too. >> so right. >> harris: sean duffy, thank you for being in "focus." a crisis of safety as gun violence surges in cities across america. and many people are blaming liberal district attorneys and their soft on crime policies. it is a drumbeat that's getting worse. >> with gascon i think it has just been a total disaster for the residents of los angeles. criminals are emboldened and they feel like they can act with impunity.
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>> harris: the new york city worker charged with murder for fighting off an ex convict inside his own store is back home for now. the highly publicized case saw intense backlash when the man was taken to ryker's island
8:34 am
prison. the cover of the "new york post," free jose after his initial bail was set at $250,000. the judge then lowered to the bond to 50,000. supporter say he acted in self-defense. in general crime is overtaking the city and we all know how mr. alba must feel at times because we watch it daily. robbery and overall crime up nearly 40% compared to last year. felony assaults spiking 20%. david lee miller is live for us in the city. >> the manhattan district attorney's office in this case initially requested half a million bail. a growing number of new yorkers are outraged about what happened especially after seeing security camera video obtained by the "new york post" showing the 34-year-old upset about a dispute alba had with his girlfriend and shoved alba.
8:35 am
court documents say alba stabbed simon five times. supporters say it was self-defense. d.a.'s office issued a statement about the bail reduction that reads the people have been in conversation with defense counsel on this matter to come up with a bail package that balances the fact that the international contacts and least restrictive to assure his return to court on this serious matter. d.a.'s office had expressed concern that alba might not return from a previously scheduled trip to the dominican republic. he has to surrender his passport. not leave new york city and monitored electronically. the mayor made a private visit to the store yesterday afternoon where alba worked and told reporters he believed alba did nothing wrong. >> as i saw it from the video, i saw a worker here inside the store following the law and should not have been approached
8:36 am
in the manner that he was approached. >> now at a briefing, the police commissioner would not comment on this case except to say it is in the hands of the district attorney. as to the new statistics you touched on them. major crime in the city last month is up 31% compared to the same period a year ago. there was also some good news. the number of shootings and murders decreased. harris. >> harris: david lee miller, thank you very much. a "new york post" op-ed is also defending jose alba and calling out the controversial manhattan district attorney claiming self-defense is not a crime. it is time to ditch alvin bragg. former prosecutor with this. >> we have to hold the d.a.s accountable. i don't understand how d.a. bragg comes to this conclusion. how do you look at the evidence and the history and the criminal history of the deceased and say this guy is
8:37 am
the one that needs to be charged? as far as i know mr. alba has no record. he was sitting there working. >> harris: we do know this problem goes far beyond new york city. voters forced out san francisco's chesa boudin last month and the mayor appointed one of his top critics to replace him. that just happened. and some officials reportedly think los angeles d.a. george gascon will be recalled in november. they have had the signatures to do it. philadelphia d.a. and cook county prosecutors under fire as crime surges in their cities. political analyst understands all too well this issue. my heart is with you. i know your baby brother, christian, was murdered gun violence a month ago, the funeral is tomorrow. always prayers and your perspective on this is fresh
8:38 am
and spot on and we can't wait to hear it. we showed a picture of christian. >> well, harris, i'm going to be honest, this is quite a difficult experience to say the least for me and my family to be fighting in the name of justice for my baby brother, christian, to be burying him tomorrow. my 18-year-old brother. i've cried so many tears my eyes hurt and i just think i've gotten to the point where i can mention his name and not bust out in tears but i recognize what has happened in this city of chicago. we just had over the weekend fourth of july weekend over 70 people shot. you know what people are saying here in chicago? well, at least it was only 70. what? are you serious? what should accept this? this should not be happening in any american city whatsoever. and what we have is individuals in leadership in the city of
8:39 am
chicago, the mayor, county prosecutor and whoever else who implemented these policies that have influenced criminals into creating more crime. that is simply what we have here. they don't fear the police. they don't fear being charged. and that's the sentiment that continues to ring true in the city of chicago. this has caused my little brother to be murdered in the city i grew up in and the city that i love. it needs to end. it must change because there are countless other victims being created by the day because of these policies that have been implemented. it must change, harris. >> harris: as i'm listening to you and i know the category i read was gun violence but that's the category. you have an administration trying to get to the root causes of certain things. let's get to the root causes of what you just said. when those cases are
8:40 am
adjudicated it is based on the das. bragg wants to rewrite a crime and self-defense isn't allowed in his world, apparently. >> and that's an even larger issue, i think. you know, in the city of chicago as an example, they have these ankle monitors that people wear, those who committed crimes. on average 3200 of those being worn just at any given time. there are over 100 people who are suspects in murders who are on the streets wearing these ankle brace lets. they get the opportunity to do additional crimes or murder a witness, whatever the case may be. it is two examples of what this means. i will tell you across the country whether it's los angeles, san francisco, a clear example, even liberals are recognizing that these
8:41 am
progressive policies are endangering the lives of their families and friends. that's why we're seeing so much success in the recall efforts. it has gone too far. you can balance criminal justice reform, police reform and still have rule of law as justice. that's what we need. law and order. that must be the order of the day. that must be the law of the land. because if you don't, you certainly handcuff the police from doing their jobs. >> harris: before i let you go you say you talked to people in the chicago and they're grateful more weren't shot or killed. does anybody draw the link? we have had jail house tapes. you heard them on the air on "the faulkner focus" of the criminals saying i'm glad so and so, that would have been chesa boudin or gascon or any of them. nothing will happen to me now. are people aware of the fact the revolving door includes the district attorney's office? >> yes, the criminals know that. they know the laws.
8:42 am
>> harris: do the potential victims? it's a war between the potential victims and the killers, violent actors who will do anything and know that they won't get punished the way they used to be. >> listen, harris, they're so confident. i'm referring to the criminals that they won't get charged. they go on social media and take credit for their crimes. you see that time and time again and i've spoken with detective on my little brother's case. he wasn't the intended target. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time is what the detective said. every place is the wrong place wrong time in chicago. i will tell you, there are so many other people who walk down the streets of chicago or downtown or anywhere else and they're concerned for their safety and their lives because in chicago, the idea that resonates with a lot of people is no one is safe and that's an issue and it should be the first job of any mayor or any
8:43 am
county prosecutor, safety and security for its residents. it's not happening in the city of chicago. >> harris: you got the mayor there in lori light foot who would rather get her afro done during the lockdowns. >> she won't even meet with me about my little brother's case. i reached out to the mayor's office and they aren't even responding back. >> harris: god bless you and your family as you say going home to christian tomorrow. thank you. illegal border crossings at record highs and now texas governor greg abbott is taking matters into his own hands with a new executive action. plus growing outrage over a new proposal from the nation's largest teachers union. members want to replace the words mother and father with birthing parents and non-birthing parents. the white house silent,
8:44 am
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great to see you both. i'll start with your reaction david. >> nea is benefiting teachers now as much as inflation is benefiting consumers. it is why you see teachers continuing to leave the nea. they had to raise their dues that they forced members to pay
8:49 am
because their membership is down. and it is why you'll see this upcoming election, harris, a record number of teachers joining with parents to vote these -- vote for policies that actual educate kids on readings, writing and math in our schools. >> harris: desirae, i just wonder who are the nea representing in changing the language like this. most little ones learn mom and dad first, right? those are our first words when they come out. now i have to teach my kid birthing parent so they'll know what the teachers are talking about? >> i don't necessarily think that's the case. the nea has more than 3 million members across the country and i'm a public school graduate and so any time i see an organization that is working toward providing more inclusive language is a great thing and proud our first lady is a
8:50 am
teacher and is a member of the teachers union. that's something we should be thrilled about. and hopefully optimistic about those policies and policies in the future that will strengthen our public schools across the country. >> harris: last one david and we'll move. >> you never hear democrats talking about an education policy that prepares kids for the future and the basics of whether that be stem or reading, whether it be writing. that's where russia and china are focused on educating their kids and yet our education system doesn't seem to want to focus on that. >> harris: i would say this just real quickly. the gap that our kids have gone through. you talk about desirae being a graduate of public schools. i was, too. i grew up on military bases and that's what we did. not that we didn't have access to private schools. my mom was a public school teacher, too. it worked, right? but now we have to concentrate on the gap. i don't hear that language,
8:51 am
either, david. i don't hear anybody saying before we change words and wokeness let's catch up. >> that's because republicans are slashing public school budgets across the country and so it is hard to keep up. >> harris: that's a reflexive talking point. parents watched our kids and the fall-behind process was on digital when they didn't need to be locked down to the points where they were and you are going to blame it on the opposite party. that's just reflexive and it is -- god blessing you. >> i tell you the public school i attended had textbooks that were 20 years old and so i experienced the full impact of those cuts to public schools. and i'm telling you we need to invest more. >> harris: we don't have time for that let's get to this. fox news quoting one of the resolutions as saying nea shall compile research to create fact
8:52 am
sheets among the largest organizations learning to diminish the students right to honesty education and teacher autonomy. the cost would amount to more than $140,000. david. >> it would be nice to know which states actually led by republican that actually cut education. you won't find one. to this, why not pass a resolution saying that during the pandemic, our kids got behind and we know that and for parents what we want to see is more of a focus on getting kids caught up from the education they lost during the pandemic. we aren't seeing resolutions like that out of the nea and why they are losing members. teachers are tired of it, too. >> harris: desirae and david i will see you next time. thank you very much. >> we've taken unprecedented action to respond to this including building a border wall, deploying the military. laying down military-grade razor wire and now doing the
8:53 am
unprecedented and that is texas law enforcement and national guard anybody they apprehend coming across the border illegally they'll return to the border. >> harris: governor greg abbott taking new action to fight the surge of illegal immigrants in tech as by ordering when national guard and institute troopers to return illegal immigrants back to the southern border on the u.s. side. bill melugin is live at the border in eagle pass, texas. bill, what's the plan here? we'll keep them and then what happens from that point? where do they go? >> good morning to you. what we're told by the governor's office is he is authorizing texas troopers and texas national guard soldiers to not only just apprehend illegal immigrants but bring them down here to the border and drop them off at u.s. ports of entry. they won't be deported to mexico. they'll drop them off at u.s. ports of entry. as we pull up some video here of prior embeds we'll explain
8:54 am
what changes here. up until this point when texas troopers have encountered illegal immigrants they take them to custody and call border patrol and hand them to the federal government. what happens now texas governor greg abbott has authorized them to round up the migrants and bring them back down to the border and drop them off at a port of entry on the u.s. side of the border. what happens after that remains to be seen. that's the governor's plan. why is he doing this? look at this video. massive numbers of migrants spill into texas. we shot the video late yesterday afternoon. a single group of 200 that crossed illegally single adult men. i'm told that president biden is about to speak and i'll send it back to you, harris. >> harris: thank you very much and wouldn't it be wonderful if he could bring up a host of policies including the border for people to ask questions of. let's take a peek of what we're waiting for. he is almost 30 minutes late
8:55 am
and we see the door opening there. we were told he would be speaking before the top of the hour so we aren't sure if that's actually going to happen, if he will take questions. we do know this. that little desk, that resolute desk to the left of your screen he will sign an executive order giving federal level access to abortion after the overturning of roe v. wade. stay tuned to fox. two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure.
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>> we are awaiting president biden computer can see there is the roosevelt room. in moments you will hear him sign an executive order to protect abortion. the president is expected to outline efforts to mitigate some potential penalties women seeking abortion can face following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe vs. wade. the plan would obstruct the department of justice and health and human services to push back


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