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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  July 8, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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transportation secretary pete buttigieg, senate majority whip illinois democratic senator dick durbin and senate republican conference chair wyoming senator john barrasso. check your local listings or 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. thank you for watching. "jesse watters primetime" is next. jesse? >> jesse: thanks so much, mike. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: have you ever been caught in a lie before? as a kid maybe you broke something in your bedroom. >> never asked you, do you like guacamole? >> oh, god. >> jesse: you made a mistake. but you don't want to get in trouble, so you try to lie your way out of it tell a little fib.
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lamp broke on its own. maybe the dog did it you just don't want to face the consequences, as a kid you can kind of get away with it but as an adult you need to take the heat. >> sorry, i ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the vcr. >> jesse: but today we have a president who can't own up to anything. and no matter how many times he blows it, nobody ever pays a price. gas prices keep breaking records. that's putin's fault. there's no baby formula, come on, man. he's not a mind reader. they botched afghanistan. we left hundreds behind enemy lines. marines died, billions of weapons left there. but no one in the administration was fired. blinken, austin, millie, they are all still there. jerome powell flooded our economy with funny money, missed inflation. did biden cut him loose? no. he rehired him as fed chair.
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the administration didn't see delta or omicron waves coming, was short on testing. fauci is still hanging around. is the doctor still in quarantine by the way? covid must really be doing a number on him. and how is it that the french lady still has a job? >> so, um, the board has never convened, eh, its, it never convened and the board is, u., yes, the board is, uh, is pause not guilty sense that it will not convene. >> jesse: the worst you are at your job the more job security you have in the biden administration. nobody fails up like the secretary of homeland security though. there has never been more illegal border crossings under any administration in american history as there has been under this president. how the hell the secretary mayorkas still come to work and collect a paycheck at this point? even mayorkas can't believe he
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hasn't been given a pink slip. you know, the only people in the biden administration actually doing their jobs well were these border patrol agents on horseback. back in september, a shanty town of haitians, 30,000 strong, formed under a bridge in del rio, texas. think about that. enough people to fill fenway park, were crammed under a bridge in texas september heat. itching to breakthrough the border. it was a humanitarian crisis caused by biden's broken border policies. of course, border patrol had to go in and clean up joe's mess. in the process of doing their actual job, something the rest of this white house knows nothing about, pictures circulated online of them containing the situation. since they were on horseback, naturally they had the reins of their horses in their hands. itdidn't take long for the left wing media to hatch a hoax, falsely accusing them of whipping haitians. >> there is more outrage tonight
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after disturbing images showed border patrol agents on horseback swinging what appeared to be horse reins. >> the images we saw from del rio are painful to watch. >> it's painful. disgusting, outrage. >> outrage over these images showing desperate migrants. >> really shocking footage that obviously horrified. >> those searing images linger on. >> they certainly do. >> jesse: the administration as cunning as they are dumb, ran with the hoax and attacked their own employees due process be damned. kamala harris said this reminded her of slavery because everything reminds her of slavery. there needs to be consequence and accountability. also evoked images of some of the moments of our history where that kind of behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country, has been used against african-americans during times of slavery.
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the images reminded mayorkas of slavery, too. what are the chances? >> using us in terms of what they suggest and what they conjure up, in terms of not only our nation's history but, unfortunately the fact that that page of history has not been turned entirely. >> jesse: notice how this has nothing to do with slavery at all? but democrats see this and think of slavery. think see this and and think of slavery. the party sees slavery everywhere like a rorschach test. they all need to see shrinks, and joe biden who isn't embarrassed by hunter approval ratings or dreadful scenes at the kabul airport finally found something to be embarrassed by. horrible as you saw to see people treated like they did, horses barely running over people being strapped.
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it's outrageous, i will promise you those people will pay. they will be -- investigation underway now and there will be consequences there will be consequences. it's an embarrassment. it's beyond an embarrassment. >> jesse: biden is embarrassed when border patrol agents do their job and secure the border. and these agents will pay for doing their job. nobody does their job well in the biden administration and gets away with this. there will be consequences. so today, nearly 10 months after the incident, we get the results of their little internal investigation.
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apologize for slandering the agents and move on. huh-uh huh, that's where you are wrong. instead decided to punish the agents anyway. >> as a result of these findings, the board proposed specific disciplinary actions of the four cbc personnel involved. not going to be discussing specifics of the disciplinary proposals today. >> jesse: punishment for what? you just said they didn't whip anybody. what's going on? well, what fox is hearing from federal sources, is that punishment will be two weeks of unpaid suspension. simply for doing their job. but, wait, they didn't whip or
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strike anybody, so what are they being punished for? >> one agent acted in an unprofessional manner by yelling denigrating and offensive comments regarding a migrant's national origin and gender. this same agent acted in an unsafe manner by forcing his horse to narrowly maneuver around a small child on a slanted concrete ramp. several mounted agents used force or the threat of force to drive migrants back into the rio grande river. >> jesse: this is like getting pulled over by the cops but they have nothing to charge you with so they write you a ticket for your windows being too tinted. they're being punished so the biden administration can save face. what did they say that was so offer? well, according to our own fox reporter in the room it was quote, hey, you use your women? this is why your country is bleep. you use your women for this.
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that's it? one agent tried to shame the illegals out of crossing by using his words instead of his lip whip which he didn't have. rode his horse near a kid what was he supposed to be doing social distancing? you are not allowed to curse if you are a federal employee? i got news for you, joe. >> what a stupid son of a bitch. >> jesse: if biden knew anything about law enforcement. he would know the importance of mounted patrols. that dessert terrain out there full of rocks, uneven surfaces and rivers, you can't just roll a jeep out there. you need a horse. and it's not just at the border, mounted horse patrols are used to keep order in big cities all across the country, new york, chicago, dallas, so why were these poor agents punished? is it because this administration is obsessed with race? they don't want to give any impression to their base that they are actually defending the
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border. so a white man protecting the border from a black migrant just won't lie. they don't like the optics. the race and the horse makes the democratic party feel guilty and embarrassed. but what they are really ashamed by is that they were the party of slavery. and they are taking that out on the innocent border patrol agents. so they seized on a hoax to punish the good guys just like they did with jussie smollett. at this point it seems like biden is taking his cues from one of america's great philosophers, george castanza. >> just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it. >> jesse: sarah palin is running for congress in alaska and she joins me now. you know, we were joking around here with castanza but it's not funny, governor. these guys are not going to get paid for two weeks. they have been smeared by the president of the united states,
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the vice president, the mainstream media, and they are never going to get their reputations back. what would you like to say to them right now? >> i would like to say something to congress because we have an equal branch of government, equal to the power in this administration. this administration that has purposefully trying to destroy america. this administration that is lying, doing whatever it can to fundamentally transform america. i said this before, jesse. you only fundamentally transform something for which you have disdain. you want to destroy the thing. and then recreate it into something completely different. that's the definition of fundamental transformation and we were promised this was going to happen. so we are not surprised. however, congress, why aren't they doing something about this usurping of the equal branches of government of power? why don't they call some big press conference, big hoopla congressman and explain to the people what is going on and do
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something about this in terms of proposing solutions? yeah, they are back there talking about the problems, talking about the problems. i'm tired of talking about the problems. it's congress, that equal branch of government needs to start providing solutions to the people. why don't they get out there and talk about even this incident? a proven lie, 10 months of an investigation to prove that those weren't whips? that's the horse riders were carrying? no, i put this on congress because, you know, i have been given up on the administration. >> jesse: yeah, well, congress is on vacation. you know, they get a lot of vacation so maybe they weren't near any cameras or microphones. we are hearing word that former president donald trump is going to be paying a little visit to alaska, your neck of the woods. what's going to be going on up there, governor? >> he is and this is really cool. he will be in alaska in less than 24 hours because he cares and he understands alaska's
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importance to the united states of america. how we can secure the rest of the u.s. by tapping into our domestic supplies of energy, oil, gas, minerals, instead of relying on the dirty dangerous sources of energy that this failed administration under biden is trying to force us to live with. so, it's really great that trump is going to be here. and it's so important for alaskans to understand that this congressional race it's bigger than just the largest state in the union. this is about the future of america. and about stopping what it is that the owe biden, the biden administration in their destruction. >> jesse: yeah. i mean, if you get into congress, we expect some alaskan oil to flow so we can get these prices down because people are getting crushed right now and that's the only solution. sarah palin, thank you so much for joining "jesse watters primetime," have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> jesse: and enjoy the company of the former president big news
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up ahead. elon musk dropping his bid to buy twitter. so what does that mean for you? right back. ♪
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>> jesse: fox news alert. elon musk is terminating the deal to buy twitter. this coming from the sc earlier today. apparently they were not transparent on the number of bot accounts on the site. pulled out of the 44 billion-dollar agreement and twitter is pursuing legal action against musk. clay travis is the founder of outkick. what does this mean for the average american, clay? >> i can't resist the joke.
4:20 pm
this has to be the first time elon musk has ever pulled out of anything when you really break down this deal with twitter. >> jesse: nine kids. >> now got nine kids for those of how can't keep up with the humor there. look, i think what's going to end up happening, i'm looking right now, the stock price is down around $2 in the after hours trading. which suggests what i think is the most likely outcome here, jesse, which is elon musk and twitter are going to engage in a protracted legal battle before they end up coming to an agreement on if i were predicting a purchase price somewhere less than $44 billion. musk can argue that he is getting some sort of compensation for what he believes are misattributed numbers of users on the twitter platform. twitter can still get a better value than they would if musk were allowed to completely walk away and their stock was returned to the open market.
4:21 pm
it likely would fall into the 20's near around half of what elon musk is willing to purchase for. so, based on the way the stock market is reacting here in the after hours to this news, i think there is going to be some sort of negotiated settlement. it may take a long time. practical impact here if it doesn't end up happening, jesse, elon musk can really be destructed to the overall twitter brand and business because unlike you and me and the vast majority of people who use twitter, he has got the engineers and data analysts to be able to review what you basically call the fire hose of data that relinquished to him to allow him to try to determine how many of the accounts on this platform are real. how many are fake. how many of them are spam, bots, versus actual real people. so, to me, if elon musk ever publishes the date data that he may uncover as a part of this investigation, that could be unbelievably crippling to the overall impact of twitter.
4:22 pm
remember, only 20% of americans even based on twitter's own numbers are on twitter. and only one in every 50 people ever bothers to actually send a tweet. we're talking about 2% roughly of the american public. it's not as big as you would think that it might be. >> jesse: i understand. i have my assistant send my tweets so i'm right there with them. clay travis, that's actually a good report. i'm glad you think we are going to salvage this thing because we need musk at the helm. >> i hope so. i think it would be big for right wing and conservative thought neutral platforms. we need it. >> jesse: thanks, clay. find out what hunter biden really thinks of his stepmom. dr. jill. let's just say it's not very nice. and we bring you more on the big guy's tale of our strategic oil reserves to a hunter linked chinese company. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: here at "primetime" we are a very observant bunch and this week we noticed a very interesting trend for months hunter biden was a ghost. you couldn't find him anywhere. maybe he was hold up in his swanky malibu mansion or selling his art in new york one thing is for certain he stayed the hell away from washington. all of the sudden hunter has been everywhere. he has been making the whitehouse's own personal public appearances with the big guy. it started on july 4th. hunter was spotted in d.c. hopping off marine one with his dad after spending the weekend together at camp david. and they spent the day watching the fireworks. what a nice wholesome activity for a nice wholesome family. i wonder if things were awkward between hunter and the first lady because back in 2018, turns out hunter had some beef with dr. jill when she was trying to get him to go to rehab.
4:29 pm
according to texts uncovered by the son from the laptop from hell, hunter texted sketchy uncle jim all the mean things he said in an argument with jill which included telling herself -- telling her to go f herself. calling her a vindictive moron and saying at his drunkest he still is smarter than she is. and he gets very drunk. he also texted his brother's widow, quote: f my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c word as you. lots of strong words, hunter, you need to be as nice to your family as you are to your escorts. but, it looks like jill and hunter may have patched things up because, just yesterday, hunter popped up again. there he was at the white house medal of freedom ceremony dad even shouted him out not once but twice. >> and by the way my son hunter and daughter-in-law are here. his daughter is a great high
4:30 pm
school athlete. my dad, hunter's grandfather used to have an expression -- >> jesse: look at him, front row, greeting guests. not a care in the world. he was making sure he could be seen, just acting like everything is normal. don't look like you are under investigation, man, just be cool. the question is why now? why is joe thrusting hunter back into the spotlight after protecting him for the last 18 months. we have a theory. joe is sending a message to the prosecutor's back in delaware, don't you dare touch my boy. i know you are hot on his trail but he is a biden, damn it. so you better go easy on him. this is calculated. this is all by design. is he normalizing hunter so people get used to see him as the son of a president and not a crack-smoking bribe taking money laundering laptop losing escort monger. joe is trying to remind nerve is my favorite son. the smartest guy i know and don't you forget it but, here's
4:31 pm
the thing. hunter still has a lot to answer for. >> the u.s. attorney in delaware has been probing a number of issues. they include tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, as well as whether hunter, james biden and their business associates complied with foreign lobbying laws. what i can also tell you based on our reporting is that there is a lot of noise and static in the system. based on my experience, that can be an indicator of conversations and discussions between the two parties on whether they can reach some kind of plea agreement. >> jesse: "primetime" is hearing that a deal may be imminent. it must be a good one after all hunter only gets sweetheart deals. i wonder if he would ever agree to do any jail time. i wouldn't bet on it. no matter what happens, this is a huge p.r. nightmare for the white house. bad optics. and you know they don't like bad optics. it could explain why kate bedingfield the white house communication director is leaving. would you want to stick around
4:32 pm
to answer for the first son being charged with money laundering? i don't think so. it's a big mess to clean up like the more than 150 flags placed on financial transactions made by hunter and joe's brother jim. janet yellen is doing her best to stop these flags from becoming public. but who knows how long she can keep it going. and somebody has got to answer for a shady oil deal between the biden administration and chinese energy company that happens to be linked to hunter biden. back in april, biden sold nearly a million barrels of oil from our strategic reserve to a chinese state-owned company unipec also known as sign peck. sinopec. that ended up going to china instead at home. the french woman was asked about it today but she didn't really know what she was talking about. >> was the administration aware that some of that oil ended up
4:33 pm
going overseas? >> so, when it comes to, um, the oil, it is something that oil companies decide -- we cannot control what oil companies do with their oil um, so you should ask the oil companies about where they are sending the oil they purchase and why. that is not something that we can answer from here. exxon oil didn't give the oil to the chinese company. biden administration gave the oil to the chinese company. she is so clueless. here's a bright idea, french lady. don't sell oil to the chinese companies if you don't want the oil going to china. but they did, didn't they? here's the thing. hunter's fingerprints are all over this deal. hunter did a lot of deals with the chinese and he has tied to the oil company and got a nice cut of the chinese action years ago he is not a oil.
4:34 pm
now that chinese are getting return on investment it looks like hunter is finally a man of his word. miranda devine is the laptop from hell author and fox news contributor. how badly does this oil deal stink, miranda? >> well, i guess it's just another pile-on from the laptop. you know, we see the way that joe biden and his administration have gone soft on china, whether it be, you know, diverting a million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve to sinopec. whether it be lifting tariffs on solar panels or whether it's unwinding, disbanding the trump era china initiative, which was a national security measure to try and stop the chinese heaving that our intellectual property. all of that is inexplicable unless you think that joe biden
4:35 pm
is compromised with china. even if you didn't know all the dirty dealings of hunter and jim biden to do with china and the millions of dollars that came flooding into their bank accounts. you would suspect that something was not right and now that we have all this incriminating evidence, it really is a national security problem and it's not good enough for the white house press corps to just accept these empty assurances for being off by the white house press secretary whoever it is, whether it's jen psaki, she was just as bad as jean-pierre. i think we need to really step up the pressure on the biden bi, you can see the shameless, bloodless hutzpah to hut his son hunter biden front and center at the white house ceremony the other day. they don't care. they are laughing at the american public. they think they have got away
4:36 pm
with it obviously they are happy with whatever plea deal that they have come to or are coming to with the delaware u.s. attorney, the grand jury down there, really serious charges against hunter biden other people have gone to jail for them. but obviously the white house obviously joe biden doesn't care. >> jesse: miranda devine i think you are right on it i'm expecting a sweetheart deal and the country is not going to tolerate that thanks for joining us. >> no problem. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: a new york man is charged with murder after fatally fighting off his attacker. you can't even protect yourself anymore. ♪ we ask new yorkers about that. >> you don't know what's going to happen to you. if you defend yourself, you get charged for murder. it's like what should you do? let somebody hurt you? ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: jose alba was a convenience store clerk. one day he went to work and some
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woman came in. she had a knife. she wanted chips. she left. the next thing you know her boyfriend comes in, violent ex-con. starts shoving the clerk into the wall. threatening him, grabbing him. putting his hands all over him. guy is like half his age. he felt threatened. what does he do? he grabbed a knife, he defended himself, and he stabbed the ex-con convict, the ex-con convict is now dead. what do you see on that video. i see self-defense but that's not what the soros funded manhattan district attorney saw. alvin bragg saw that video and charged the bodega owner with murder. threw him in jail, bail was like a quarter million dollars. you can't post that so there is a huge brouhaha in new york.
4:43 pm
the "new york post" blew it up. bragg felt pressure. he drops the bail to about, whether a? 25 grand? something like that. so now the bodega owner is out. but, he is still facing a murder charge for defending himself. we decided to go hit the streets in the bronx do ask people how they feel now if they are going to get punished for defending themselves. >> did you know jose alba? >> yes. he used to come by the store once in a while. in the supermarket right behind me and he was a nice guy. >> do you think that what happened here last week, do you think he was acting in self-defense? >> definitely. 100 percent. >> from what i say, yeah. >> what are you going to do? let him kill you? you are going to defend yourself. >> do you think the clerk here was acting in self-defense? >> absolutely. it is. it is self-defense. he is defending his life. it makes no sense. i don't agree with that i think that he was defending hisself
4:44 pm
and if he has if he hadn't defended himself he probably would be dead. >> jose was charged with murder in that incident. does that make you afraid to defend yourself? >> not at all. if i have to defend myself, i have to. >> not at all. i mean, he is still alive, right? i would do the same thing. >> yeah. when you walk these streets you have all these weirdoes, these drunk people, you don't know what's going to happen to you. if you defend yourself you get charged for murder. so what should you do? let somebody hurt you? >> does that make you afraid to defend yourself in the future? >> kind of. to be honest. >> definitely. because, in this case, if you are [inaudible] you could be charged. that you hurt somebody. >> what do you think of ada d.a. alvin brag? >> i don't think they are doing the right thing when it comes to the law. >> to the city eventually because what they are doing is wrong. >> do you feel safe in this neighborhood and this city? >> to be honest with you i don't
4:45 pm
feel safe anywhere. >> when you are here you have to be very aware. >> do you feel safe in this neighborhood in the city? >> at all that's why i'm moving. i'm so done with new york. i'm done with it crime is a very bad issue here. >> mark mccloskey is a missouri senatorial candidate who is used his second amendment rights to defend his property and prosecuted by it by another soros funded district attorney. there he is with his wife right there during the black lives matter riot. so, mark, you see the same case. i mean, it's on video. it's clear to everybody with a brain. but, these d.a.s go after you. what do you think the agenda is here? >> well, the agenda is to create a total sense of lawlessness to make the population afraid, to make you hesitate to defend yourself to think if i take up my arms, if i exercise my second amendment right to defend myself, am i the one that's going to go jail? all of these tactics are
4:46 pm
designed to frighten the individual and to deter real, you know, response, you know, real resolve to fight back against the mob. this government likes the mob. i mean from protests in front of the supreme court and in front of the supreme court justices' home, chuck schumer standing on the supreme court steps threatening justices having kamala harris bailing people out of jail so they can go out and riot again. this is a government that actually likes lawlessness, that likes crime, that likes to have the people afraid because out of chaos comes tyranny and that's their end game. >> jesse: so you believe they don't want individuals to be individuals and think and act for themselves. you think they like the mob. they can control the mob and incite the mob and get the mob to do whatever dirty thing they want to have done. >> absolutely. and you know, if you can't do it by legislation and you can't do it by law, do it by
4:47 pm
intimidation. and that's exactly what's hang. you know, when you think back about it, it's been two years and a week now since what happened to my wife and i. we were really the first people in the country that just stood up and said no. if it comes our direction we are not going to take it laying down. we are going to say who streets? our streets, private neighborhood, private house. they have no right to come in there. the moment they broke down that gate and charged our house any pretense of peaceful protest was gone. throughout this country there is still this war on the police. there is still this lawlessness and lack of respect for law and order. it is insidious and it is taking over every city. and it makes people afraid. i mean, i live in the city of st. louis which you know year after year is the murder capital of the world and the george soros funded prosecutor chooses not to prosecute anything except law-abiding citizens for example my wife and myself. >> jesse: yeah, i mean, it's a joke. if you are not going to be able to defend yourself and police are not going to be able to
4:48 pm
protect you because they have been defunded and maligned, what is going to happen? like you said, total and utter chaos. >> you know, if you think about it for two seconds, you know, that when you are in a dire situation, when somebody is threatening your life, there is no time to call a policeman if you can't defend yourself, you are absolutely defenseless. >> jesse: a matter of life and death. mr. mccloskey running for senate in the state of missouri. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: we have another exciting edition of sink or swim with raymond arroyo and jackie deangelis. ♪ ♪
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sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: let's take a look at the leaderboard.
4:54 pm
ashley joined towards the bottom of the sea. she needed a little bit of company so now they can swing at the bottom together. raymond arroyo and fox business reporter jackie deangelis. already causing a scene [laughs] that's what we love them. >> try not to sink. let's get started you guys ready? word salad. >> jesse: this leader has a real way with words but sometimes it comes off being unprepared. this is something that i live by and i always have. and i always will. don't ever for any reason to anything to anyone for any reason ever no matter what. is a kamala harris? or the office of michael scott? >> that's actually a tough one. i'm staying with her. it could be.
4:55 pm
>> i'm going with michael scott because it seems over the top even for kamala harris. >> jesse: let's see what the answer is. >> this is something that i love by. don't ever for any reason to anything to anyone for any reason ever. no matter what. >> jesse: he's off to a hot start. twisted traditions. people celebrate july 4th with some burgers an excessive amount of fireworks. this democrat has a new tradition. they're going to watch "the new york times" video of january 6th every year going forward. is it claire mccaskill? or pencil neck the column adam schiff? [laughs] >> what is claire's nickname? >> jesse: i can't say on television but will talk about it later.
4:56 pm
>> working to start a new family trend transition with my family every fourth of july going forward to watch that video. "the new york times" put together of january 6. >> that'll be a lot of fun. exactly. [laughs] >> jesse: you better start paddling because you to be down with ashley that is not a place you want to be. the category is promo code. feels like everyone has a podcast disease. even people we'd all rather not hear from but the spelling doesn't care. data jail and they've a lot to say. so who has the new podcast? is john hinckley jr.? or anthony weiner? >> anthony weiner. please put that down immediately you're scanning the audience. >> jesse: is it? >> were in a talk the problems facing and the enduring power of
4:57 pm
ideas. i'm anthony weiner. >> we apologize for the person us to make that paddle. you deserve combat pay. >> jesse: at this lobby is getting older and she's tired of being alone but instead of downloading tender she is just waiting for her friends to die so she can hook up with her husband's. is it martha stewart? or jane fonda? >> i'm going with jane. >> because martha did go on one of the apps. >> jesse: did you strut study for this jackie? >> have you been cheating? >> jesse: that is a strong allegation. let's see it. >> they're all married to friends of mine. >> you want to believe that maybe that's a relationship that their end is temporary? >> maybe they die when a person just died. >> not painfully but just died.
4:58 pm
>> women arroyo has won. >> jesse: you one johnny for the day. my assistant. >> so basically johnny one me for the day. >> jesse: if that's how you want to frame it that's fine raymond thank you so much. don't miss raymond hosting the ingraham angle tonight at 10:00. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i heard word that cabin off is being dogged by radical left wing portion protesters and they went to his house. and then they went to his fake house. he was having dinner at horton's are my favorite steak houses with the bone-in ribeye. they're getting so rambunctious outside the steak house it was forced to leave out the back door. now i've left out the back door i was just misbehaving myself, but you don't whenever have to leave out the back door because
4:59 pm
there's a mob of angry protesters at the front door. i thought to myself why would they protest them? everyone inside the steak house is steak night. not smart. these protesters are to find out one of these days that that is not a good idea. let's do some text messages shall we? >> mark said that his sibs the democrats would be convening the salem witch trials. hunter needs to go to jail. >> jesse: do we think that hunters actually going to jail? i'm sending a little bit of a late friday summer dump community service. no felony. no jail. hunter might like jail for all the wrong reasons. can we start a gofundme for the border agents are being suspended without pay. they don't deserve this disrespect they deserve to be paid for the job they are doing. when you are a federal employee of the best is almost impossible to get punished some sure that
5:00 pm
they will reap coop. are you continuing your investigation? we want the dash cam of course we are. daniel from jersey happy birthday tomorrow i was nice. it's can be great. thanks. see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" a look back for moment the coronavirus pandemic itself in a government's response have turned out to a been single most destructive event to take place in the united states in our lifetime. so destructive that it's can be for many years until we'll know certain how the last two and half years have cost all of us. even the outlines of it are clear coat would crash our
5:01 pm
economy's first and


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