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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 9, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello everyone i am tran went along with joey jones, nicole safire in jimmy failla. welcome to "the big saturday show". here's with untapped night. joey. >> supreme court justice take out of a restaurant. making harassment further, nicole. >> white house stafford's fleet there more democratic leaders question president biden's ability to lead.
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tonight more problems for the president. >> and jimmy. >> in the country here's what happens in some of our favorite tunes. ♪ ♪ >> a big saturday show is swapping out some lyrics coming up. >> but first the left of melted down when elon musk made his 44 billion-dollar offer to buy twitter. remember this? >> the thing is the enjoyment they get out of being in this town square is being able to harass people. elon musk i guess he misses the old south africa and the 80s. he wants that back. >> it seems to me that it is about free speech of straight white men. so let them have it. >> you do not have to be transparent you could secretly ban one party's candidate or all of its candidates. or turn down the reach of their
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stuff. the rest of us might not even found out about it until after the election. >> delta billionaires determining the deal because twitter misled him he says, the media's melting down again. and so are some twitter employees. one worker telling nbc news quote it feels like the end of a movie where the characters are bloodied and bedraggled with the explosion behind them. we could see this was coming. but in the meantime he is a bleeping destroy the company. so it jimmy, let's begin with the up or destroy the company? plus i love everybody acts like twitter is a feel-good place before elon musk out there. twitter is like a fight club for people who don't get hit pretty just log on there's a confrontation waiting for you at all times. it is such a stupid concept illustrative of how transactional they are. they love to be very he wanted to buy twitter for they hated because he was buying it. another hating it because he doesn't buy it. i've been freaking out the most
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drives a tesla. i love that so much for their like screw this guy cannot believe it. but i don't blame him for though think i would add to this as a silver lining is the idea half the people on twitter is a box comes as a relief to me i don't show others that make crazy people the world's if you tell me twitter's 10% real that is good news not bad news. pleasure buying it. >> right now twitter is saying they're going to sue, right? they are hoping that a judge will force elon musk to go through with the deal for. >> thing about a series of events so dramatic that a billion-dollar penalty is not enough. you got to buy all of it that billy and you're going to give me is not going to help. if you look at the up and down of the stock value which other factors are involved. elon certainly has been a driving factor the belly of twitter going up and down as he purchases we started purchasing 9%. the first headlight way back when he might be the deciding vote for the board.
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and then within weeks he's putting in an offer to buy it. you're sitting here as a consumer or an analyst going that he just not see this coming? did he have this intel thought he was playing chess? was he literally righted the popularity wave saint jo does mommy to buy it, spirit i will buy it. we don't know. one thing i will say babe this is way far outside there's a lot of evidence against this, it just looks like he cozied up to jack, jack dorsey right after all this news broke they're both quoted giving town halls and speaking and kinda being friendly to each other and then they started the same topic points about free public square free speech. the more that came out the more he started with this obit this, over that. just wonder if there's something there. maybe there is maybe there isn't. you've got to think of a guy smart enough to offer millions of dollars to buy out a company may be like knowing there could be box on it is something you
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would know on the front end. so i give up due diligence? >> we do have a statement from elon musk attorney. it reads quote twitter has failed and refused to provide this information. sometimes twitter has ignored mr. musk's request but sometimes it has rejected them for reasons that appear to be unjustified. and sometimes it has climbed to comply at will giving mr. musk incomplete or unusable information. nicole this is the weirdest tug-of-war. >> it is tit-for-tat with the world's richest man probably most eclectic man as well with the larger social media platforms. that's really what's playing out right now. we may beat making into something much bigger than it really is pretty comes down to the business details of it all. elon musk, he had been a proponent for free speech are saying it's really he was embodying up to dorsey who obviously was not a component for free speech that comment we played earlier on msnbc where he is essentially saying it elon musk takes over all the said there's going to be censorship
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of the political party it's like oh my gosh. your own data shows conservative voices are the ones that are centered and not the democratic party? that is just funny at that point. but the bots is a real issue but if you're putting forward $44 billion for company and they tell you there's only about 5% of the consumers of that our bots, elon musk team's thing that's probably closer to 20%. that is a big difference. that changes the dynamics a lot. if i could go and buy a car you put in your offer and you sign that then all of a sudden you go to pick up your car and they change the color. it's different. >> it's a good analogy i want to add to this but he is been asking to see the carfax like look behind the hood look under the hood and figure out what he is actually buying, to johnny's point going from billions of dollars you want to know the deal for the best way i can oversimplify this for the viewers eyes is like someone setting you up on a blind date and you keep asking if the person is good-looking and they won't answer the question. >> really great analogy. >> i love it.
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he loves sports to prove. >> i don't mean to play the devils advocate i was raised on a handshake agreement thing but how do you offer to buy twitter and not even consider the fact that a large portion of the user base. >> they did any in the wrong number. >> he did. >> he for my contingency. he did not ask for due process and the contractual agreement break which is why he can get sued. maybe he should be paying that penalty because he is backing out on this deal for. >> he is a shareholder of twitter. even in that million dollars a thought enough of them because they have lost a huge percentage i don't know the numbers. >> it comes down to seriously question rick is priced far on twitter to realize it just sucks i doesn't want to work in hr job. if you're the owner on twitter everybody tweets at you every time something goes wrong they tell on their friends. i now he's got to work in hr gig
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around the clock requests retreats people they're like oh my gosh. >> he spent enough time is going to build a rocket go to mars and leave. >> do you think people really care? the average person out there, do they care about this fight between twitter and elon? >> know. think people were excited think they might remove some of the censorship of elon musk import that's on the promises he made. and for me that was a big deal. it was a big deal when you see what's happening during the elections, was censorship it is unfair and against our democracy. so i was looking forward to that. >> here's the thing for the one victory for everybody is what he has exposed by attempting to buy twitter he forced them to be a little more forthright with what was going on behind the scenes. like the minute the word leaked he was going to buy it, all the sudden hour follow her accounts exploded as conservative straight up those like the moment your parents are coming home you need to clean up the house before he got in trouble miss all the party were
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throwing. that's going on behind the scenes at two it's unmistakable they minute put the 2020 election because they would later share of the hunter biden laptop story look at polling after the election tells you what question my 50% of binders may change about a thing of the hunter biden story. that is pass interference the rep did not throw the flag because the ref in this instance was wearing a democratic jersey and didn't care. i think about how that shakes out we at least acknowledge twitter has never been honest. >> echoes back to the original premise introduction of the segment which is a people at twitter comparing this to war. oh my gosh. we are bloodied on the battlefield. it's so true you're not private ryan you're watching private ryan on netflix. shut up brickwork sourcing of ever seeing folks, everybody look out. moving on. as the left offers up a 200-dollar bounty for intel on supreme court justices, the vice president serves up another word
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bugs walk back to "the big saturday show" i love that song by the way. after protesters trace supreme court justice brett kavanaugh out of a restaurant this week the intimidation is not stopping there. a leftist group is offering people cash money, a bounty for intel on where the justices are. up to 200 bucks. leave it to kamala harris to serve another word salad about roe versus wade pickwick student democrats fail past democratic presidents congressional leaders do not codify roe v wade over the past five decades? >> i think to be very honest with you, i do believe that we should have rightly believed that we certainly believe certain issues are just settled brickwork squarely we are not the. >> that is right that's why do believe we are living sadly in
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real unsettled times. >> alicia what's really unsettling about this to me. [laughter] >> did she mean to say unsettled. [laughter] >> is the best i've got it's the best i've got guys. let's just roll with it. with truly unsettling about this to me is they are opting $50 they went after the food service industry folks. the people $50 can make a big deal in their lives. hey just let us know they are here. we'll give you another 200 bucks if they're still here will be get there. somebody we are talking to earlier today on fox made the point, if you are just talking to politicos out there that is one thing the going to show up in protest and do their thing. but there are crazy people in this world and they show up every day and do something evil. that is we were talking too as well. >> exactly. you never know where that message is going to land. who it's going to land on and what they are willing to do for
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the person who is set i will pay you money part i will retweet you i will whatever give you attention. it is a frightening prospect and it's a frightening prospect for people on both sides. that is what they seem to be missing here. this can affect everyone. >> i guess what is so concerned the justice department has opportunity for them legislation on their sign, their policy on their side to kind of set this down lease at the homes of justices and tamp it down and show that leader of the democratic party the leader of the progressive party does not condone this work and take a look your suit the white house actually had to say about it. >> if these are protesters and go to a justices house and they can go to a restaurant, where is it you don't think it's appropriate for a group of protesters to go? >> we condemn intimidation we condemn any violence. peaceful protest, people should be allowed to do that, and a restaurant questioner. >> if it is peaceful sure. >> short you're creating a potential really bad situation when there are people.
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even if they are at the time they are angry. >> peter we have condemned in the intimidation and violence. i'm done here peter. >> she is speaking at both sides of her mouth as she not? >> i am right on with peter. i meet that's exactly how i feel that she says we condemn intimidation and violence. what do she think it is when people are waiting for these justices outside of their house, outside of restaurants and now paying money to be told where they are. let's not forget that justice kavanaugh, there is just a threat against his life. why is this not intimidation's? listen peaceful protest in history has made some progress. women's suffrage movement, mlk. that is not what we are asking today you have social justice not even warriors but hooligans who were going out, intimidating people. they are causing damage and destruction. why don't they actually take this energy and put it towards good? what the supreme court of justice did just now, what they
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actually gave a voice to the people. they said take it to the states when it comes with the decision with abortion rights. tune out these people instead of going and intimidated the justices and threatening and disrupting the peace disrupting businesses why don't they actually take it to the state legislation? why aren't there calling their state legislatures every single day trying to get legislation on the books? putting forth they want in the elections and take it in the two true democratic fashion our country is built on? good jimmy. >> i would agree that one 100%. i'm in the diocese position because of fox doesn't pay people to chase me out of restaurants on occasion i do not want me too look to fat in my wardrobe. he's got enough. >> really sorry see them mobilize the left is in a difficult position because this did not move the needle the way they thought it would. they thought the overturning of roe versus wade was going to be like the seismic shift on the ballot. if you look at the breakdown of what people are prioritizing this is still not top-five. >> wireless upset? there's an election in november
2:19 pm
they know this issues not topline progress is that what they want because here's the deal. the abortion rules are not going to change were people of them not in favor of that mean sending it back to the states meet new york and california are going to have all the abortion they want particular red state you may have to cross state lines to get an abortion or look at 15 week cut off. the silver lining i am looking for is hey if people do have to drive to blue states to get abortions maybe the >> democrats prioritize gas prices. maybe we all win here i don't know. >> about the messaging was handled there at the white house press secretary. because of washing that exchange with peter doocy which me and stuck out someone is trying really hard not to say something they use a lot of words. if you are going to condemn an action you're going to condemn an action it is quick and it is very easy to do. that did not happen here. >> on that topic, let's take a listen to the white house stage on this vp kamala harris and some of the clarity she is brought to subjects over the time. >> of got to take the stuff
2:20 pm
seriously. seriously as you argue been forced to have to take it seriously per. >> we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues. to tackle these challenges. and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on, to galvanize global action. >> one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the lived impact has been the pandemic. we will assist jamaica and covid recovery. by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in jamaica. [laughter] teleprompter please? >> at least there's a point communication get in front of the messaging. i mean she is all over it right? >> she does communicate like a 19-year-old who came home stoned and ran to their parents. i know you guys cannot relate to that on any level.
2:21 pm
it's obvious and think she says were working together to work together. this is what you do to your parents owe you guys live here? it's a most obvious thing in the world. yes of course we do we flip to for 20 years but that's the nervous were taken she looks so inauthentic that is the part that kills us. >> i think the veil is over all of our eyes by blue she's put out there to that specifically to make joe look better. that's what i think. >> will know what she starts riding bicycles. >> are going to turn the page here fox news political analyst mourns the loss of his baby brother got it down in chicago. >> the grieving process is started. my baby brother christian did not deserve this. >> right next, his new mission and a powerful message about america's crime crisis.
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♪ ♪ oco scruggs welcome back to "the big saturday show". violent crime is plaguing chicago admit america's crime crisis. the violence taking the life of younger brother fox news political analyst christian beamon. so far police have not arrested the murder of 18-year-old christian. and for he's motivating him to do something for. >> the grieving process is started. my baby brother christian did not deserve this. not at all. there's callous and victims in chicago who also don't deserve this. there are so many people that are dying in chicago, senseless violence people that had nothing to do with the life of gangs or violence. and i hope to use this moment to spark this moment in the name of my baby brother christian to fight for those families as well. you've got to eradicate the soft on crime policies for this has to change rid of christian -- if christian's life is the push
2:27 pm
forward for this, then that's what we are going to have to do. but his life and legacy will mean something for it brother his life and legacy will mean something i'm going to work tirelessly to ensure that it does. >> that was hard to watch with a gianno. joey made a couple very poignant points there. first of all he made the comment that his life needs to mean something. this seems to happen over and over again. we have rampant crime throughout our country specifically in the chicago area. while it makes media headlines for 24 or 48 hours and people are grieving and thoughts and prayers go out, people move on very quickly but you continue to see these policymakers with her soft on crime policies the deep on the police movement. it is your take on all of this? cook some politicians ask for a job when they asked to beat mayor, they asked to be police commissioner they asked to be president of the united states we all understand that is a difficult job. they're not going to about 1000 going to make mistakes are going to make bad calls by the ideas we elect someone who brings wisdom and is consistent and the
2:28 pm
calls they make are the best they can do. we are here in a place in america now where we can't say that. we cannot say that we believe in every instance these politicians and leaders of cities and municipalities are doing the policies they are to keep people the safest to keep crime off the streets. to give us a chance at living a free and safe life. because there are issues now you can used to divide people garner votes by simply letting criminals back on the street to buy simply not taking action by defining the police. very dishonest but fox news we been hit twice by bad policies, benji hall and now gianno's brother. two crises were done with as a country hit this building hard. and so as a family here at fox it breaks our heart to see it. but really what it should do is it should really strengthen our resolve that when we sit here and we talk about the crime that is happening in this country you can put a face in a name to it. every single one of us should make our passion more authentic,
2:29 pm
more genuine. small-town georgia feel connected to what's happening in chicago today. jim you have mayor lori lightfoot. i want put something. she continues to have dichotomous interstate was she's calling for unity but is she really trying to unify her area to decrease violence, let's take a watch. >> the toxicity in our public discourse is a thing i think we should all be concerned about. we have got to focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart. and we have got to get back to respect for each other and respect for community. [inaudible] thank you clarence thomas. >> jimmy she son but unity here she's talking about respect everything you see her saying that one of the supreme court justices. >> laurie life it is a person
2:30 pm
comes over at your table says you're in a no smoking section lights a cigarette walk so she's absolute in the opposite of what she saying we should be held too. but the frustration we have any say this to gianno and he said to know this. christians life did matter. i already mean something to everybody here. to everybody who has taken a side in this fight, to number one uplift the police that are protecting communities across the country because let's not forget not only chicago is relatively lawless at night, but it had a leadership that is not had the cops back at every turn. this always comes at the expense of the black community breed that is my biggest frustration. you have heard gianno say it is probably on the show certainly said this on my radio show payment comes the democratic party it never feels like the black lives matter is much of the black votes. if there is a controversial death they can politicize, we are all in how dear a black person get killed. but there's something white christians life does not seem to be political viable in a moment there's an indifference to that suffering. we care, we are here a few
2:31 pm
gianno that is my message for. >> we deafly are. alicia what is your take on the rise in crime in this area? >> it's awful but on the note on gianno all the back to columbine i've seen family mowers have lost loved ones turn to activism and do something but i would not bet against gianno caldwell but he will continue if this fight over this energy frequency could be mayor if you did not appear my radio show so much is going to look bad on his resume part of the '90s great. >> he could definitely do a better job the current one part coming up problems for the president as biden loses more white house staff than previous presidents. making yet another gaffe, no surprise.
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>> welcome back to "the big saturday show". more problems for the biden presidency as he struggles to get through a speech, even reading accused in the teleprompter out loud. >> it is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so". let me repeat the line. women are not without electorate are precise not and or, or political power. >> the proms are bigger than just gaffes. seventeen white house staffers have said goodbye to the biden administration since he started as a president. that loss is far greater than former president obama and trumpeted biden losing a 15% in his first year in office. trump lost 1% and obama 4%. okay, so joey let me begin with you. the teleprompter thing is difficult.
2:37 pm
but it speaks to a much larger issue that democrats are pointing out too. >> where they doing are they still writing stuff in the prompter? i am glad he didn't say discussion discussion discussion. you know what you are working with. set this man up for some success by don't mean to take it up for biden but you talk about 15% on up, was lost almost her entire communication staff. you hit on this last segment pre-there's not just a problem in a leadership there's a communications problem this entire white house. they're always behind the ball on the headlines, behind on the crisis but they do not know how to get out in front of anything they do not know how to communicate to the american people on anything. i don't know if it is because they have swung so far left that silly influence they have there? i do not who individuals are individually to speak like calmly. go find david axelrod and bring him in, somebody. >> we do know, nicole, the
2:38 pm
president has expressed frustration over the messengers in his administration. however take a listen to this right now, sometimes the problem is actually the messenger and sometimes the messengers the president. >> is doing villanova's and one of my nuns from school is getting her doctorate degree i presented to her it was a pretty good show. >> the president did not make a commencement speech. may be in his dreams he did regret his wife did. [laughter] this is doctor biden that's right. i spent a lot of hours a week dictating i will say sometimes i do say it. it. it is embarrassing. so i have to give the president a little wiggle room for saying" repeat. however as joey mentioned this comes a much bigger problem. the only person that biden actually can put a sentence better than at this point is kamala harris. so for the two of them to have
2:39 pm
such messaging and be unable to communicate with the american people is really frighting right now pretty special as you're seeing so much turmoil, division, he campaigned on the fact is going to bring everyone together but has been one of the most divisive presidents ever. ultra mega crowd or whatever dhec he calls people because they do not agree or fall in line with the super left progressive agenda. but at the end of the day we have to get back to a point where we can look at our president, look at our vice president and know that it represents strength. especially when they go and continue to represent us amongst world leaders. we used to be a free world known for being a very strong power. we no longer look like that because our president cannot even put together sentence anymore. it is very concerning from a global scale and national security. >> of the problem for this present as his own party with democratic governors earlier
2:40 pm
only read this headline from politico on this meeting. quote biden is not running out of ideas, he is running out of time a quote from the article, quote do not just tell us what you have done is how a person familiar with the meetings characterize the feeling among governors because what you have done is not exactly working. weird two years away from 2024 pre-quickset is a big issue. 2024 in biden is an absurdity. he will not be running water in 2024 let alone a presidential campaign and i do mean that. because he physically cannot do is only able to run in 2020 because he didn't have to run he was home for most of the campaign because of the pandemic restrictions there were more elvis sightings in the summer of 2020 that there were joe biden sightings. but the world is reopened in 2024 physically had to do this everyday, don't get me wrong i want to watch it but they're not going to let them get out there and do it. joe biden is a mess that's a big difference of people compare him to trump, okay understand at this point the truck present the
2:41 pm
everybody in the beatty was pretending he was a russian super belly up at this point the biden presidency evans pretending he is sane and coherent. no one is biting it. joe biden so when you know who stops talk in middle of a sentence because he's done he's just sending in the punt team on second down and that is not supposed to happen but certainly not for the presidency of the united states but that is whether the spot therein. getting past the cognitive decline is just priorities. their priorities are out of touch with the rest of the world. that is where we are at. what's the largest teacher student wants to swap the term mother for birthing parent paid "the big saturday show" is swapping lyrics for some of your favorite songs next
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♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show" for the largest teachers union is looking to replace mothers with them birthing a parents breed that is just one term the national education association was to swap out to be more inclusive to the lgbtq ia plus community. imagine if the stick straight may the songs you grew up with would change. for instance mama said by the shirelles. ♪ mama said to be days like this they'll be days like this mama said ♪ ♪ set of mama said the be days like this they'll be days like this mama said it would be birthing parent said there'll be days like this. birthing parent said. where is everybody going customer got your sing and the hits here. earth the culture warriors know
2:47 pm
at once your hall and oates sing. nobody wants to watch julia roberts star in pretty vape. you know what i mean? it is okay to have gender terminology bill start with you because you are a doctor. is there a world where i'm the bad guy here? talks i'm a woman per. >> i am not a biologist. they'll take your word for it. >> honestly it is okay to have gender but it's also okay to be sensitive to people who may not be comfortable or may still be trying to decide what they feel their gender is and that is okay. it does not mean we need to erase the past but do not need to take away from gender to people who are comfortable with their gender as well. i get very upset with you have randi weingarten who is the president of the teachers union. she is on this party train talking about changing the term from pregnant mothers to birthing people, blah, blah, blah she's so out of touch with what people need for the economist just put out an
2:48 pm
article yesterday showing that the detriment to remote learning and covid and everything what it had on children was far more significant than anyone could imagine. it's like no, no, we know. we just kept trying to tell you that but instead of randi weingarten addressing the student she was tweeting about the last 24 hours? absentee ballot drop boxes, abortion and covid. but why doesn't she actually stay in her actually and care what matters to people? this is a flop and distracting from legitimate issues we have is a country for a quick search on it let me ask you this i agree one 100% it's frustrating children don't have a lobbyist group they have parents, they have you they have people willing to speak with to the ridiculousness of what we are prioritizing. on to ask you this johnny would you buy a ticket to see al frappuccino with al frappuccino you got jack nicholson you got tom cruise and sent of a non- binary gender would you go see that movie question for. >> no i don't think i would. but you can't tell the truth that's why.
2:49 pm
here's the deal up my pronouns are he and a hawkeye wetsuit to address me as that. here's the honest to god a hard truth of this break does not matter what my judgment is of you as a human being you are a united states citizen you have rights you also has a savior human level iou dignity and respect regardless of what you look like, how you sound, who you love how you identify. however if you walk up to be sent with a deep voice half a beard arty face dressed in drag you do not get to get mad at me not knowing what to call you. it is okay you can express yourself. you can identify that is cool. i'm the guy that doesn't have legs and i'm and she was and i don't have legs but i had my legs blown off in combat i do not walk up to every building in the city say why in the world is this not convenient for me too walk in your? i gotta find a handrail, grab a buddy to get applicable flights of stairs whatever it is of the elevators goes out i'm screwed but that's okay. the world is not going to change everything about it to suit me i
2:50 pm
am less than less than less than 0% of people this contribute i don't wife is going to be a little bit different a little harder for me. all he asked of around me too treat me with respect. offer a helping hand if you can but you don't have too. if you are walking around with a gender identity crisis you are not insane for being born a man wanting to be up you are insane for boring a man wanting to be a woman expecting everyone else to understand that and always situate with the right pronoun in every movie to reflect that the entire current culture that's hundreds of years in the making to be completely bent towards you. that is what makes you insane. >> i get it. ll cool j record a famous song we need to share before we get to you, alicia let's hear some. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mama said knock you out will be changed to birthing person knock you out. >> i just don't think that's going to be as scary.
2:51 pm
>> that kid who is scared of their mom as a kid who is scared of her mom predicate is not on the oh my god my birthing parent is so scary. in terms of like what summit wants to be called on a personal level if that is the preference have a problem with it. or i have a problem is when it comes to policy. and it something that is expected to be applied to everyone across the board. i think that as we start to get into trouble but we start heading up with a lot more frustration. same thing goes for it latin expert i am latina i do not refer to myself as latin expert if i come across someone in my family and so far i haven't who wants to be referred to as latin next line. but again going to back to the policy part. >> we were also saying i don't think it is fair to mothers to have that term that word taken away from them as well. being a mother is actually hard work. you're talking about being pregnant, breast-feeding, raising that child, you cannot take away the term mother.
2:52 pm
mother it means a lot to a lot of people. you cannot take it away we earn nets. we wear a badge of honor for what we went through. >> and people right there with your people own hallmark stores can you imagine that up and that whole store questioner. >> it's a whole they were not changing mother's day do not take that away from us. >> birthing person sunday. big saturday flaps are next. don't go anywhere. sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!)
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>> welcome back to "the big saturday show". it is time now for big saturday flaps. our picks for the biggest veils of the week. the army, this was mine. keeping it on brand look at the military for the army's going to cut paper more than 60000 national guard members and reservists after they refused to take the covid vaccination. listen guys, i interviewed dan crenshaw about this this morning for the way i look at it there's a certain good order pretty got to follow orders us a controversial vaccine. it is just bad leadership to keep this controversy going the way they are. >> you whites also upsetting? a lot of companies have remove the vaccine manages a majority of over 90% of already had covid. they have a level of natural impunity which is equivalent at this point to the vaccine people took a year ago. makes no sense. that's a very dangerous
2:57 pm
precedent for removing all these to protect their nation. >> lloyd austin you fail. that's it. >> furious mother slams american airlines for losing her daughter after she paid one and $50 for a chaperone for 12-year-old was on a flight by herself from chattanooga to miami. her mom paid the required water $50 fee which is required for an unaccompanied minor. that money ensures an airline employee will escort the child from the gate to the guardian. when the flight arrived in miami early and kimber got off the plane the flight attendants according to kimber's mom smiled and waved goodbye to the young girl. an hour later the mom received a call for american airlines that they had lost her daughter and could not find her. kimber was wandering around the airport with a tag that said unaccompanied minor. fortunately she connects with her dad on the phone and he was able to guide her to the right place for. >> oh my goodness gracious.
2:58 pm
i had parents and tried to lose me at the airport but they quoted it was a little harder. this is crazy to think always joke about them losing your bags. you don't expect to find out, i made it to my kid got rerouted to iowa. >> is so crazy i brought my son with me here to new york he is 12 years old he does have that any form of id has to walk up and have a ticket. or even the irony of your gonna put me through all the security i can even use a military id but because i told you he is to help you don't have to see anything or anybody because he don't take their shoes out because apparently that saves lives two. >> i don't know if this is a flop i think it's actually pretty amazing for anybody who's watching present our very own got maybe a little too low for flowrate to the ohmic and concert series on, on fox and friends yesterday take a watch. ♪ ♪ >> i go to to blow it with the
2:59 pm
and split my pants. ask the best thing about todd the only reason this is an amazing story is because it is todd. todd is like look i actually split my pants by going to loper i think todd is amazing for. >> anyone who knows todd just assumed they were already split and he's blaming it on the dance move at the end. [laughter] that was some sexy dad moves. >> i'm a little upset he was dancing and singing without me because he was my karaoke partner at the christmas party five or six years ago. i love him. >> i did not know that. pyro and sapphire and concert. nobody wants yet i kidding i love you for the world in november won't allow beer this is absurd and it will backfire, weikel's work we do cannot buy beer in the state you drink twice as much before you go and we learn this on planes during the pandemic. there's always beer to soccer game even if it's youth soccer think bobby has not thermoset
3:00 pm
three in the afternoon kids on 80-degree day? by the way to the weather is alcohol at the stretch rectory saturday july 162 shows at seven and 9:00 o'clock way to get tickets at new brunswick stress a come hang out jimmy fail it will get rowdy. >> that doesn't for us produce you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. >> elon musk plans twitter takeover unravels as the world's richest man says he will abandon his deal to buy the social media giant spread good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪. jon: twitter reacted swiftly to the billionaire entrepreneur's announcement late yesterday saying it will sue musk to force him to go through with the 44 billion-dollar purchase. musk's attorney said social media giant failed to provide information


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