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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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by the way to the weather is alcohol at the stretch rectory saturday july 162 shows at seven and 9:00 o'clock way to get tickets at new brunswick stress a come hang out jimmy fail it will get rowdy. >> that doesn't for us produce you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. >> elon musk plans twitter takeover unravels as the world's richest man says he will abandon his deal to buy the social media giant spread good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪. jon: twitter reacted swiftly to the billionaire entrepreneur's announcement late yesterday saying it will sue musk to force him to go through with the 44 billion-dollar purchase. musk's attorney said social media giant failed to provide information about fake or spam
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accounts on the platform despite multiple requests. all of this sets the stage for a potential major legal battle. a conference this afternoon musk avoided commenting on his decision or any potential legal fallout. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on this, christina. >> john, elon musk was in front of an audience of tech ceos and investors at the allen and company conference today at less than 24 hours after he announced he was to back out of his deal twitter. but he did not talk about the deal at the event according to reuters for yesterday musk announced he wants to walk away from the merger agreement with twitter claiming the social media giant has not provided accurate data on how much of its user base is made up of fake accounts. his legal team says musk needed that for business planning and sec filing they said quote twitter has failed or refused to provide this information. sometimes twitter has ignored mr. musk's request. sometimes it has rejected them
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for reasons that appear to be unjustified. and sometimes complies with giving him incomplete or unusable information. now, twitter could push him off to pay the $1 million breakup fee associate with ending this deal. but instead the chair of twitter's board said they are going to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement and they are confident they will prevail. twitter's market value was taken a nosedive with all of this drama over this deal. their shares peaked in late april to board accepted musk's offer. the company is valued at more than $39 billion. but as of yesterday its market value was about 28 billion. that's more than an 11 billion-dollar loss. >> it has been a soap opera from the beginning. what started in april is a head scratcher 44 billion-dollar bid now ins in a twilight zone moment in turn of musk cutting the cord. >> after big announcement as a shares for twitter fell about 5%
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to $36.81. that is well below the $54.20 per share that he offered to pay for the company. now there is speculation that musk attempts to back out of this deal because it's part of the negotiating strategy. >> musk can argue he's getting some sort of compensation for what he believes are misattributed numbers of users on the twitter platform. twitter can still get a better value than they would if musk were allowed to completely walk away. and their stock was returned to the open market. >> 's ongoing feud between 200 and musk could end up being a long legal battle. some twitter shareholders already suing the two parties over how they have handled this rocky acquisition, john. speak more to come casino : live in los angeles thank you christina. well, critics are slamming customs and border protection decision to punish its own
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border agents despite the agency's investigation finding no evidence that those agents used violence on haitian migrants last year. now, disciplinary action could sideline those agents at a time when cbp could use all the help he can get. this large group of migrants continue to pour across our southern border. texas governor greg abbott has ordered the state police to return migrants to the border. bill melugin is live in eagle pass, texas with the latest. >> john good evening to you is right texas governor greg abbott announced that action an executive order presenting scott today because the numbers of illegal immigrants spilling across the border in texas every day. particularly here in eagle pass per case in point take a look at the video or drone team shot just a couple hours ago. right here in eagle pass this was yet another single massive group of approximate 200 people who crossed over all at the same time in the middle of this blistering heat. it is about 108 degrees out here.
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many of these migrants we have seen are really struggling and the temperatures put submit of them having to sit down the weight under trees until border patrol can find them. we have seen this happen multiple times a day every single day but of god massive groups here in this exact spot for the biggest group we've seen so far was more than five or 30 on wednesday. border patrol resources here completely overrun. eagle pass is ground zero of the border crisis right now. into that point take a look at these photos right here. texas dps posting this tweet earlier this afternoon appearing to be the very first incident were texas state troopers have apprehended illegal immigrants and brought them to the port of entry here in eagle pass to be dropped off to border patrol. this is what texas governor greg abbott announced he was authorizing state troopers to do. this is the first instance of them doing a print happen today. what happens with their release to border patrol custody? we don't know. it appears the state of texas is going to continue is pretty much
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the horse patrol investigation police images up rewind the clock to last september and the false narrative was pushed by the president, politicians and the media accusing these agents i've whipping haitian migrants. cbp finally announce a result of the lengthy investigation yesterday. they confirmed there is no evidence whatsoever that any migrants were whipped. however they are going to administratively accuse these men of wrongdoing. particularly working in an unsafe manner, unprofessional conduct for the seaworthy agents was using derogatory language was maneuvering his corset dangerously for this and several other agents were using their horses in a threatening manner to push it migrants back into the rio grande. i'm now told by federal sources they have been issued proposals for discipline that includes potential discipline up to 14 days of unpaid suspension. but remember, president biden falsely accuse these men. said he was strapping migrants pretty promise back then there will be consequences paid these men will paper those comments turned out to be false in the
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present the border patrol unions at the president needs to apologize, take a listen. >> the president of the united states had these individuals would pay. and the moment he said that those investigators had no choice but to find some sort of fault weathers criminal or administrative in this case it's an administrative charge. they had to find fault they had no choice at that point. >> and john, i am told is border patrol agents on horseback will fight these allegations. low chance to respond and give their side of the story if they would like too. as for the numbers piercing out here in eagle pass. it's just another reminder this border crisis is not seasonal even though the white house claimed that last year. nothing is slowing down as we get into these hot summer temperatures with any think the numbers are only picking up, will send it back to your prefix dangerous times in that heat. bill melugin from eagle pass, texas. bill thank you. it's a rally in the nation's capitol today to protest the supreme court decision to
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overturn roe v wade. women's march demonstrators gathered at the white house this afternoon urging president biden to take more federal action to guarantee abortion rights. this comes after the president signed an executive order yesterday intending to protect women against penalties for seeking an abortion. good news and bad news for the white house this week. president biden continues to malign the supreme court first decision to overturn roe v wade. but the june jobs report came back better than most economists expected. giving the administration a little forward momentum. capitol hill correspondent chad pergram is live at the white house with more on that, chad. >> democrats east good economic news because there has not been much good economic news lately. unemployment holds steady. 3.6% for four months. >> largest gains are seen a wage growth have been historically lower rage workers.
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on the inflation site clearly we know we still have work to do it's making some moves here to bring inflationary pressures down. and yet we still are living within the pandemic time. >> demand for workers means they have more leverage for that means higher wages which also sustains inflation. that is why the fed is poised to raise interest rates again. it's an effort to temper the economy. >> the problem is we are seeing wage increases that should accompany about eat up with inflation. unless you really go back to getting inflation under control, whether people are working or not they are not going to feel wealthier if their money continues to be evaporated with inflation. >> the gop is campaigning on a bad economy for the midterms in november but the president is now pushing abortion as a key midterm issue. >> we need two additional pro-choice senator in a
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pro-choice house to codify roe. that is federal law. your vote can make that a reality. i know it is frustrating and it made a lot of people very angry. the court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women. >> pro-choice women rallied in front of the white house today. they want the administration to do more on abortion. now, congress is back this week, expect talk about a carveout for the filibuster for abortion were built to codify roe. it is about the map and senate democrats lack the votes to do either, john. >> shadow program reporting from the white house. chad thank you. in addition to some decent new jobs under the biden administration get some relief with a bit of a drop in prices at the pump. is that enough to turn around public opinion regarding the economy? and will it help the democrats come november?
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with some answers let's bring in princeton university political scientists laurent rights. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks john. >> the top six issues for american voters are up on a full screen we are about to show our viewers. abortion which the president is trying to fan some flames about comes in at 5%. inflation is the top issue according to this of monmouth university at 33% gas prices a little under half of that. 15% the overall economy at 9%. where should the president in your view be focusing his efforts right now? >> it might be more of an issue of minimizing republican gains than toppling the economy as the top issues voters care about. that has been the case for many months now. it is probably not going to change. part of that structurally is
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that as we know the president's party tends to lose about 26 house seats on average. that has been the case in every election since 1946. and on top of that voters tend to blame the president's party for economic conditions. those are uphill battles. however there is also been some polling evidence lately to suggest that on the margins the political situation is changing for democrats. so if they keep talking about abortion, they keep talking about the decision which is unpopular overall with americans, they might be able to prevent some of those republican gains. that seems all but inevitable lately. >> where'd you you come down on the senate projections republicans have high hopes of winning back the senate, can they do that? >> that is a great question. the senate has been less
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consistent in regard to what happened to the president's party. sometimes the president's party might even gain seats. it's not nearly as consistent as the house. why think this will matter tremendously is in those swing state elections where went roe is the law of the land a message from herschel walker in georgia for instance that he thanks abortion should be illegal in every single circumstance might hit voters very differently than it does now with the prospect of some of the swing states making abortion completely illegal. >> let's take a look at the president's approval rating. it is 36% according to the reuters poll. that is lower than donald trump ever got. his lowest rating was 38% approval rating. president biden has fallen below that. what is that say to you about the democrats prospects come november? >> i mean they are not good.
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and very little will change that. but they can do is minimize the losses and some of issues we just talked about. but really what historians and political scientist like me will ultimately look at is the average approval rating over time. so at this point in time which is very important because we are heading into an election, that is a very low rating in a very bad sign. but what we know is when some big decisions come out, major news events, polling can be inconsistent. we also know polls are not predictive of election outcomes for instance until the final days. so not much biden can do about this a special regards to economic conditions. but if democrats pay attention and emphasize the abortion issue for instance, maybe they can keep some of those seats they would've otherwise surely lost. >> princeton university laurent right thank you.
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>> the house select committee invested in the generate six capitol right will hold its next hearing on tuesday. this after former white house counsel pat testified behind closed door for nearly eight hours yesterday. fox news also has learned stuart rhodes the leader of the group oath keepers has offered to testify at a committee hearing as long as it is live and not taped. he attorney said roads would agree to testify under oath and waive his fifth amendment rights. rhodes appeared before it lawmakers closed-door questioning back in february. fox news has reached out to the committee to see if it intends to take rhodes up on his offer. the committee has not yet announced the witnesses for tuesday's hearing. the body of former japanese prime minister is back in tokyo tonight. japanese immediate say his funeral will be held on tuesday. police are working to figure out
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why a former japanese navy member shot and killed the countries longest-serving leader. he was shot will speak in a campaign event on friday just days before national parliamentary election. president biden is one of many world leaders paying tribute to shinzo abe he offered his condolences with a call with japanese current prime minister. she appealed lawmakers are fuming part of the american oil reserve is being sent to a chinese company. this as americans continue to struggle to pay the steep prices at the pump. economist and former naval intelligence officer john jordan talks to me about it when we return.
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every search you make, every click you take,
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every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> we consistency is the chinese government that poses the biggest, long-term threat to our economic and national security. >> that was the fbi director christopher wray warning of the ongoing threat that china poses to the united states. the biden administration is considering lifting some tariffs against china. this is several gop lawmakers criticized the administration for sending sinuous oil reserves to china. economist and attorney john jordan joins us now is also a
3:21 pm
former naval officer. an overseer at stanford's hoover institution. john, thanks for coming on tonight. the idea behind releasing some of these or revoking some these tariffs against china would be to lower the cost of consumer goods to americans. when you think about that notion? >> first of all its author goal for the democratic goal her the biden administration is to mitigate the effects of inflation the midterm election that's the american political power is there both are willing to sacrifice american security and long-term prosperity to do that. just the mere leaking that you might do this that we might relax sanctions imposed by pro- child not only sends a message the chinese they can do what they want as long as they afflict the appropriate amount of american political pain in proximity to an election this is being seen in moscow as well. moscow mountain may look at this and stay tuned cheat what if we take 5 million barrels of oil off the world market, that would
3:22 pm
potentially spike oil prices over $3 a barrel. conversely if the iranians decide to make trouble in the straits that would raise the price of oil at least double it in the near term. this sense a real message of weakness to america's adversaries, all of them. when resolve and strength to be the wiser course of action. >> the president took 5 million barrels out of the strategic petroleum reserve. supposedly intending it to ease oil prices for americans. and then he took a million of those barrels roughly and sent them to a chinese firm which has ties to his son's firm, hunter biden's investment firm. why? >> a couple of problems with this. first of all the strategic petroleum reserve came into b pursuant to the energy production and conservation act of 1975 as a response of the 1973 oil embargo by the middle east for the idea was america would have enough oil in case
3:23 pm
such another cataclysmic event happened. is not intended for politicians to use it to make shows of strength to try to make it look like they are doing by dropping a couple million barrels into a world market which consumes 100 million barrels a day. strategic petroleum reserve center its lowest level since 1985. only 25 days of supply. this is potentially a real threat to the united states. but the biden administration was to look like they are doing something. they see this as a messaging. and on top of icing and shipping it to a company that hunter biden has some ties. his venture capitol company but a steak in one of the other subsidiaries. one has to wonder why this oil is going overseas even of the oil is a fungible market should be staying here in the united states it should be stake in the ground and the spr. >> rights. the idea is the spr is supposed to be something that we tap into it when we truly needed if there
3:24 pm
is another oil embargo or something like that. it is not something you're supposed be shipping to china or my wrong about that? >> actually not. there is potential violation of the law here for this may be a little bit of news. under the e pca the president must declare some sort of supply disruption, other emergency threatening america's oil supply and ability to conduct business in order to tap into the spr for this is not something you can just dribble and dabble in her the 1975 statute. that is something that needs to be looked at from a legal point of view. >> it will be interesting to see whether anybody challenges the president on that sale. we will see, john jordan thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and national treasure imperiled wildfires once again are threatening to burn the majestic sequoias in yosemite national park. we'll take a look at what firefighters are doing to try to save them.
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>> i am jon scott this is the fox report. the bottom of the after just joining a serious look at our top stories. first we want to warn our viewers this video may be difficult to watch. in a philadelphia group of teenagers caught on camera beating an old man to death with a traffic cone. police said they are searching for the seven teens recorded laughing and attacking 73-year-old james lambert last month. new york city the workers facing a murder charge after defending himself against a violent violent attacker is finally out on bail. the knicks are slamming manhattan d.a. alvin bradford charging that worker but not his attackers girlfriend who investigators say stab the clerk in the arm. and in northern california wildfires inching closer to the largest group of giant sequoias in yosemite national park.
3:30 pm
fire officials say they are using every firefighting tactic they can think of to save the trees. some of which are thousands of years old. for more on these and other stories tell of the fox news app. you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to ukrainian officials say russia continues attacking civilian targets in the countries east work missiles hit a residential building today. at least six people hurt. meantime washington is authorizing another $400 million in military aid to help ukraine keep up its courageous fight against vladimir putin's forces. lucas tomlinson with more from gianno, ukraine. >> good evening john. russia now controls over 20% of ukraine and they continue to gain ground in the east. those gains have come at a high cost. over 30% of russian ground forces have been destroyed. today at restaurant launched short range ballistic missiles at ukraine second largest city
3:31 pm
not far from the border at 10:0. only six were injured including a 12-year-old girl. these missiles were fired from inside russia which remains off limits to u.s. supplied weapons since ukraine. rules of engagement set by the white house. this woman witnessed the russian missile strike. >> the russians for the sake of the children. russian by nationality, thank god no one was here. nobody was killed. ten more minutes and five children would have been here. could you imagine what could have happened? >> british prime minister boris johnson the most hawkish leaders the nato alliance the first western leader to visit ukraine exactly three months ago. heat wants to defeat russian kick them out of all of ukraine including crimea. find what you don't hear out of washington. in an indonesian meeting of the world's richest nations, secretary of state tony blinken ignored his russian counterpart. many western allies followed suit. a protest over russia's continued war.
3:32 pm
lincoln is demanding tons of ukraine ingrained that remain stuck and rotting import be allowed to be exported. >> again and again we heard calls from across the world represented in that room for russia to open the plexi, free ukrainian grain shipments. there was a strong consensus and rush it was left isolated as it has been many times since its were began to quick there is no sign the u.s. or nato will sent warships to escort that out to see. yesterday at u.s. government announcing plans to send 400 billion more dollars in weaponry to ukraine including former satellite guided rocket systems. that would bring the total up to 12. some experts say ukraine needs 60 -- 100 rocket systems. john p. >> lucas tomlinson reporting from ukraine, lucas thank you. no sign of russian missiles attacks letting up anytime soon effect vladimir putin says the war has only just begun. five months and he faces growing pressure from leaders across the
3:33 pm
world as international shellshocked from his invasion drives up oil and food prices. meanwhile as we just heard from lucas the u.s. continues to support ukraine's right for freedom. let's bring in general jack keane fox news senior strategic analyst chairman of in situ for study of war former vice chief of staff of the u.s. army. general kain it's always great to talk to you. give us your assessment. first about russia controls as we just heard from lucas, more than 25% of ukrainian territory. what if russia decides all the sudden to say okay we are done with our special military operation as they call it. and call for a cease-fire. what would happen then what should happen then? >> well, i think any cease-fire at this time would be a certain disadvantage to the ukrainians and here's why. the russians and taken eastern
3:34 pm
portion of the donbas which began in april taken them several months to do this, it has taken significant casualties, john. so much so that some of the units are no longer cohesive units. and even putin last weekend when they were celebrating their victory, said that we need to rest the troops. he sort of change that tune a little bit because people took off on that and recognize the situation is much more grave than he is letting on. but nonetheless where we stand is they have military momentum for sure, the russians. but they have to refit in rearmed just to take the rest of the donbas at the institute of the study of war were i am associated we are not convinced they have the wherewithal to actually do that. so it is a bit of a stalemate in the sense that the russians are going to have a tough time taking more territory. the issue is can ukrainians take back territory?
3:35 pm
they are not going to be able to do that, john, unless the support continues led by the united states with the right munitions they need and weapons in the right quantities and certainly as quickly as possible to get them to them. all that said the ukrainian still have a real opportunity here to take back territory. we should not underestimate them despite the challenges that are in front of them. >> you said led by the united states general. there are a lot of voices out there saying hey this wars being fought in europe. the european union ought to take a much bigger role and supplying ukraine with arms, what you say to that? >> i totally agree with that john. united states obviously is the richest country. it's not surprising we are providing most of it. but if you add it all up if you took all of the other countries that are providing assistance,
3:36 pm
and their numerous now of them, 30 plus. add that up it does not equate to the contribution of the united states is making. it's not for the united states to duplessis for the europeans to do more. they've got to step up and look at the rhetoric when they meet at the g7 last week and that nato summit all good. but does it get executed commenced or without rhetoric? the answer to that is no. particularly the french and the germans. the uk, boris johnson loud voice mentioned here earlier, he was the first world leader to call for victory in ukraine the defeat of the russian military. something we totally agree with. there is no better deterrence to protect nato and the former soviet republics that are in nato and on the border of russia then to have that kind of impact on the russian military. to defeat it would take them
3:37 pm
years to recover before they would be able to anything against nato. now on the money john, i know people are concerned about the money. but listen we are talking right now seven and a half billion dollars close to 50 billion has been approved. that is nothing compared to what this administration has been spending, john and the last year end a half. it is in the trillions. and here we are talking about securing arrangement of europe. the security of nato and also the survival of ukraine and its people. and certainly that amount of money spent on it is worth every bit of it. >> we sat and watched while hitler gobbled up much of europe back in the 30s. while we eventually put a stop to it but it took a while. general jack keane always gives greater insight, thank you. >> great talking to john thank
3:38 pm
you. spent an ominous warning on the beaches of long islands, beware of sharks. another lifeguard bitten accord to the experts. the story when fox report returns. iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? mission control, we are go for launch. ♪ um, she's eating the rocket. ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. ♪ ♪♪ is this where your grandparents cut a rug, with a jitterbug? or returned from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. ♪♪ where your dad waited for his dad to come home from the factory. is this where they gathered on their front steps,
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>> and beachgoers are new york long island are on high alert after back-to-back weekend shark attacks. each involving a lifeguard and beachgoers elsewhere better beware as well. long island is not the only place shark sightings are on the rise. lord green has this weekend's report. >> good evening john. it is a perfect summer weekend they had to long island beaches. but warnings of sharks will prevent many people from dipping their feet into the atlantic seasonal warm waters. the latest shark attack of a
3:43 pm
17-year-old lifeguard happened thursday during a training exercise. but what her 50 yards from the shores of fire island. bitten around his ankles the team required five stitches what will be fine paid authorities close the beaches as a precaution. it is one of his many as three shark attack since the beginning of july. the other, further east. the third unconfirmed report at jones beach. long island officials warned that while shark attacks are rare predators can and do swim in shallow waters. >> the sharks can come in water up to your waist basically. so if you are in above your waist there could be a shark. but i want to stress it's very, very safe. this is very, very rare. it happens but you have to be careful by quick shark sightings have increased as the ocean waters warm. as of yesterday there have been 40 shark attacks around the world this year. including six that were fatal. attacks off newark beaches are limited they still make swimmers
3:44 pm
increasingly cautious. >> i am afraid of the sharks. everybody's in the water so it's crazy that there's a shark in there that's insane for. >> i was excited to go into the water i was a little bit bummed when i heard there were sharks in the water. but it's okay were having a good time. we are just kind of tipping her toes into. >> teachers have reopened but those were shark sightings will fly red flags warning swimmers of dangerous marine life activity. john. >> remember, more bee stings kill people. lord green thank you. a wet weekend full of heavy rain for parts of maryland and our nations capitol. roads looking more like rivers as a flash flood to hit hard. reagan national airport recorded 4 inches of rain overnight but that's as much as the area it usually sees all month. fox weather meteorologist adam is wide with a look at the forecast, adam for. >> a job a lot of that rain we are sitting across the mid
3:45 pm
atlantic across the southeast being driven by some really warm temperatures. really humid conditions but you seeing some the high temperatures right now. a lot of at 90s, 100 degrees. that heat that he made his way to stick around it's going to feel more and more that weather. see musick clear conditions other than here at the southern tier of the controverted again ran across portions of maryland and stretching back across the southeast where it has been very hot, very humid. folks went on with this for a while. what they are getting whole lot of rain for the other spot were tracking a decent chance for severe weather just not now but throughout the afternoon. in the evening hours even into early tomorrow morning across montana and eventually over into the dakotas will we can see some big severe thunderstorms. we do have a warning for that. now otherwise this is been driven by that extreme heat we have been seeing. he alert advisories across much of the south at this point. what is it actually feel like out there? actual temperatures around 100 degrees and a whole lot of cases with the dew point up into the middle 70s it starts to
3:46 pm
feel even warmer. we step outside what is it feel like? your heat indices 115 degrees. 110 degrees, 110 degrees. john it is really hot out there for there's a lot of moisture in the air and that is going to cause more and more of this rain and flooding i think throughout the weekend. >> welcome to july. adam thank you. still to come on fox report that legal saga of former spouses johnny depp and amber heard. not over yet paid by the actors now thanks she is entitled to a retrial. details when we return ♪ ♪ aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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♪ ♪ speedy trials are but these saga between amber heard and johnny depp continues. now attorneys and further heard demand the judge declared a mistrial a juror mixup could have tainted the verdict. charles watson joins us live with the latest on that, charles. >> hey good evening john. the saga continues. amber heard legal team filing document in the virginia court on friday saying they are
3:51 pm
entitled to a new trial because this person of interest known as juror number 15 was not the person who is actually called to serve on jury duty. herds team stated this person could not have properly served on the jury at this trial. the reason for these claims is that the jury panel list included 77 rome individual with the birth date is 1945. however they say a 52-year-old individual lives at the same address as the 77-year-old was the person who actually showed up and ultimately served on the jury. because of this mistake they are alleging for lawyers are saying her due process was therefore compromised and under these circumstances a mistrial should be declared and a new trial order per the jurors this motion was filed in fairfax county, virginia does have some safeguards in place to avoid something like this from happening but they require all county residents to log into the seven digit juror number, zip code and birthdate.
3:52 pm
but now there are plenty of questions whether those safeguards were used or worked this time around too correctly verify the jurors identity. this new filing comes about a week after requested the judge to throw out more than a $10 million verdict awarded to her ex-husband actor johnny depp in a very public defamation trial. a jury found heard force him to miss out business opportunities following a "washington post" op-ed in which heard alleged she was a victim of domestic violence. and john, legal experts say this is not a clear-cut argument for heard she's going to have to prove a couple of things paid won this was not just a simple mistake into, that this a juror in question was somehow unfair to her, john. >> and it goes on. charles watson, charles thank you. breaking news report out of newark city police say a 14-year-old has died after
3:53 pm
stabbing on a harlem subway platform. the suspected attacker is still on the loose. lease on the 14-year-old boy on the platform this afternoon with a stab wound to the abdomen. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. the investigation is ongoing. and some other headlines and around the globe now, in sri lanka the president and prime minister agreed to resign. thousands of protesters stormed both of their homes today after months of unrest over the nation's ongoing economic crisis. and indonesia's secretary of state antony blinken met with his chinese counterpart, blinken said beijing support for russia's war in ukraine is complicating u.s./china relations. and i round the un nuclear watchdog says the country is still ramping up uranium enrichment. talks to revive the iran nuclear deal remains stalled. european union officials say they believe uk prime minister boris johnson upcoming departure from office will do little to
3:54 pm
solve problems and that uk eu relationship. in this vein, thousands are for the annual running of the bulls. officials say at least seven people were hospitalized with non- serious injuries. an increase, nuns on the island welcome visitors back to their church beginning next month after a two-year closure because of the covid pandemic. and that is look at some stories from around the globe. coming up, legendary guitarist makes a major announcement after collapsing during a concert this past tuesday in michigan. details straight ahead. sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale.
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guitar legend karl santana who postponed his next shows up her
3:59 pm
health scattered concert this week. the 74-year-old collapsed on stage tuesday. who's suffering heat exhaustion and dehydration we are told. the manager says carlos is doing well and anxious, to be back on stage soon. doctors recommend he gets dressed rate bullet. the postponed shows be kept up. miami's sea turtle hospital celebrating grand opening by releasing his first patient back into the ocean. video shot wednesday shows zoo workers cheering on the sea turtle as he headed for the waves. sonny is the first turtle to return home, the hospital that is been treating patients for months. the second eternal hospital in miami-dade hospital aimed to protect the five types of sea turtles that call florida home. good of you zoo offers new
4:00 pm
hands-on experience, visitors can feed giraffes and america's first zoo. guess are excited to get up close and personal with the animals and offer food to three of the tallest most popular giraffes, stella, abigail and see. that's how fox reports this saturday july 9, 2022. i am jon scott. gutfeld is next. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: and i don't care! happy hump day america. do have a great monologue tonight, the best one of >> i have a great monologue tonight. the best one of the year i think. you got to be somewhere?


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