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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  July 9, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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set your dvr snow never miss another show and don't forget we need more stories so i can go across country send us your story abouts at cross country at good night america. time. [♪♪♪] brian: hope you are having a great weekend, it will get better. i'm brian kilmeade. are we going to war with russia when it comes to the space station in china over the moon. first things first. let's begin the show. we begin perhaps with president biden's double disappointment. as his domestic policy begins to
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crate everywhere democrats don't want to support him and be on stage with him. kate bettingfield doesn't wand to work with him any more. what is surprising to supporters is how fast he's falling on the stage. domestically it's been a disaster. but in trying to explain away his short comings, invokes vladimir putin. >> we have a long way to go because of what i call the putin tax increase, because of gasoline and all that grain he's keeping from being able to get to the market. brian: his numbers will arguably never recover after he chose to
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leave the longest war in afghanistan, consciously leaving our own people behind. and the decision to empty our strategic oil reserve to lessen the gas prices. >> what happened to gas prices? they went up? it turns out the oil being released isn't for us. brian: thought only has he not brought down the price of gas using our emergency fuel, he's make us less secure because there is less of it. the nations benefiting are china and india. china doing the most to prop russia up. and india should have secondary sanctions because they are continuing to buy russian oil. he's helping our enemy, making
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the u.s. weaker. the chinese company buying it is affiliated with hunter biden. and what about the obsession with restarting the iranian deal, asking the russians to be our go-between currently. >> this deal the biden administration is heading into as bipartisan opposition to it. iran will get a windfall of money like they did in 2013. they can have as many nuclear weapons as they want. brian: i don't get it. he has all this experience in international affairs and he has broken us internationally and at home with an open border. the disappointment at home, socially and economically is
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hard to digest. but we didn't expect it to be this disappointing on the international stage. the author of war on the west. douglas murray. first off. on the revelation the strategic oil reserve is going to china and a company associated with hunter. >> i think many people will be too surprised about this, but we'll be very worried. the whole issue of the last six months, the period putin invaded ukraine. the biden administration has tried to put everything that happened on president putin. the american people don't buy it. we know that we had energy problems from the beginning of
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this administration. we know president biden shut down the pipelines and he's keen to go green as possible in the u.s. while having to go round the world begging other people to provide us with oil. on top of that we get the return of the hunter biden issue. this is a reminder of the fact that the white house can pretend the laptop was nothing, they can pretend they don't have to address this. the democrats can pretend there is no issue. but there is an issue. there is a serious question about the biden family and the way they enriched themselves in ukraine. that has to be addressed. again and again stories like this are going to come up. and the american people will ask why aren't we being told.
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brian: every time we mention vladimir putin, the putin price hike. we make vladimir putin look for powerful to his own people and across the globe. why can't he see that his own domestic political fortunes, even though we are not buying it anyway. >> every time anything has happened in the world in recent years. this is a great reason to go green faster. remember at the beginning of covid, charles schwab, the world bank types, trudeau up in canada and the democrats. the great thing about coronavirus, it has an upside. we can go green faster.
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you have to wonder if the spanish flu a century ago said there was an upside. but there is always we can go green faster. we have that as well of course in every story in recent years. here we are with some of the consequences of this. the consequences, we have politicians with a short-term energy policy because of the ideological goal around green. now we find ourselves with one of the consequences. one of the consequences is vladimir putin is actually doing very well financially. the price of oil has spiked again in the wake of this. the sanctions have the risk of backfiring. more money is going into putin's pocket because the price of oil
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has been popping up. this is what comes from ideological people with short-term policies. and we are feeling it in our pockets. brian: we can provide the natural gas tomorrow and our allies would appreciate it in the name of national security. boris johnson resigned this week, what do you think it means for us in america. >> it's a sad end. boris johnson managed to see through the will of the people. boris johnson actually got into power with a majority. that was one main thing. after that i am afraid he just floundered.
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as i said in the "new york post" friday, there is a lesson in this. boris johnson in the end was driven by events. ukraine, coronavirus, he never really got anything done. he oversaw tax hikes under a conservative government. he did almost nothing that was visibly conservative. he thought he could be a new type of conservative. but he let down his base, he let down the british people. and in the end it let down his political career. if you go into politics and don't stick to our principles, the world will buffet you around and you will have nothing to show for it as you leave. brian: boris johnson he called a clown.
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one of his ministers said i think we'll take back alaska from america. >> let me just remind one other thing. the british public were told that brexit happened because of russian collusion. absolute rubbish. all of it was rubbish. the left around the world did that. boris johnson did take ukraine seriousli' what he was the head effort e.u. and vladimir putin is scorning him on the way out. i wonder what those russia conspiracists think now. the facts keep on coming out. brian: you always have great opinions on the news breaking
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during the day. i thank you very much. coming up, what republicans should take from the january 6 hearings and 2020 election. the latest warning about how china wants to own the moon and russia is flex belligerence at russia is flex belligerence at our space station sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!) age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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brian: the january 6 hearings have been filled with drama. but there is a lot to examine from the 2020 elections that should make it a fair 2024 election. republicans should pay attention to what happened. here is what the january 6 show trials are really after. margo there is a lot to learn for 2024 and it's not voting machines. >> what we should be looking at is how the election system in the united states is so warped.
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we do not have the procedures in place. we do not have election officials following the law and we don't have a way after the election to make sure we have challenges decide in court. what is being done instead is the january 6 committee is trying to make everything look like they were ridiculous claims of election fraud. and that is far from the truth. brian: you look at georgia, pennsylvania, arizona. they were clearly wrong. governors make up rules about the elections without checking with the legislature. these are things that should be looked at. but instead of labeling it under the headline of proud of boys and big lie. >> you also have wisconsin. the wisconsin supreme court
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saying it was i will let to have drop boxes used in 2020. they said if you are going to have drop boxes it has to be the state legislature that does it. so we have wisconsin, pennsylvania, where you have a court in pennsylvania that said no excuse absentee ballots are a violation of the state constitution. you have georgia after the elections there were more than 10,000 illegal votes cast by voters voting in the wrong county. all these things were in violation of the election code. it has nothing to do with claims of swapping boats pore fraudulent ballots. these are rules. if you can't follow the rules you can't trust the outcome of the election. brian: look at florida. you didn't think democrat or republican. you said fix the problem.
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there is a column you wrote about. a supreme court justice opinion that reinstalled the second amendment to states like new york when it was challenged. you can have a concealed carry. but what new york has done, this came down as noteworthy. we'll scroll all the restrictions they put in when the supreme court told them restore the option of concealed carry in new york. what do you think about all the restrictions they put in. >> those restrictions are what the state legislature called sensitive places. the reason that's key is the united states supreme court said delays constitutional right to concealed carry. but it note it doesn't apply in sensitive places. new york basically said every place is sensitive other than maybe you walk out of your house
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with a gun and you walk to your car. you can't go to public transportation or private businesses or assemblies. all the stuff you will need the weapon to defend yourself from. brian: it's so over the top it with push another lawsuit. now you have no choice but to revisit it and they are not going to like the outcome. brian: we could be fighting with russia and china on the moon and in the sky. a little bit later the war on history rages on. a new movement to eve a race the legacy of james madison from his own home. we'll have more on this
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welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier in new york if you own a car and feeling less pain at the pump for how long. third straight week we're watching pricings dip at gas stations across country the average price for a gallon of fuel fell to 4.77 this weeks
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that because supply is a little higher and demand a bit lower. but aaa warns the peak of travel season july a year ago average cost was 3.13 a gallon. major legal showdown against the world richest man because e-love musk wants out of 44 billion dollar deal to buy the social network twitter board vows to pursue legal action an musk wants to slash deal claiming company failed about fake or scam accounts. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "one nation with brian kilmeade" for all of your headlines log on to fox >> this is houston, say again, please? >> houston, we have a problem. brian are's right, we do have a
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problem. beijing is breathing down america's neck looking for everybody opportunity to steal our technology on earth and in space. nasa administrator bill nelson says china is making plans to take over the moon. it's not just china. it's russia, too. the space race is more complicated because russia is flexing its muscles at the space station. a former nasa administrator joins us now. this fear saying we land on the moon on the dark side and call it their own?
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>> i read those reports. i don't think there is any capacity to do that. what i will tell you is part of china's comprehensive national power strategy, they want to demonstrate all kinds of technological prowess. they are doing experiments in microgravity. they have been on the moon with robots and they have a robot on mars as well. it's true that they are progressing very quickly. it's also true, and i think everybody in america needs to be aware of this that the united states of america has pretty stunning achievements of its own. we landed on the moon in 1969 and we did it six times between 1969 and 1972.
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those were not fake, brian. those were real moon landing. we have had astronauts on the international space station for 22 years now. brian: everything you are saying is correct. but china wants to take our technology which they likely stole. and they want to take the minerals and put their flag and say we'll take this area. they are already on the dark side. are you worried about mars? >> i am worried about mars in this sense. when i was a nasa administrator, we discovered that mars is covered with complex organic compounds. the building blocks for life are on mars. we discovered on mars you have methane cycles that match the seasons of mars.
8:28 pm
that doesn't guarantee there is life there, but the probability of finding life just went up. we found water under the surface of mars where it's protected from the radiation of deep space. life could be discovered on a world that's not our own. if it is it should be the united states and our partners and allies doing it. brian: how can we coexist on the space station. is it time to break up? >> it's a big challenge. 22 years on the space station. the united states government, congress, said we are going to keep the space station going until 2030. we have to make sure we are commercializing lower earth orbit with commercial habitation
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as quickly as possible. it will need a public-private partnership to make it happen. what we can't do is seize the territory to our adversaries around the world. the woke mob comes for the legacy of james madison, and we'll investigate. you like to fall asleep with the tv on? tv on? it could kill you.
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brian: rarely has the war on history hit so close to one of found fathers. in the controls hairs, fourth president, key author to the federalist papers, james madison. why would they want to take him down. according to an article in the
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"washington examiner." the. the montpelier foundation supposedly dedicated to madison's legacy has been taken over by a montpelier legacy. montpelier and the slaves who lived there is more about their focus. they are tied to the 1619 project. and other radical left wing organizations. documents from the montpelier show is their true intention is to constructs new history. but that wasn't the only outrage. public schools in los angeles wants to get rid of meritocracy because it's too easy for white
8:35 pm
people to succeed. teachers have to go through race bias training. new york university awarded $40,000 to do a study on why children focus whiteness and maleness over other identities. will this ever stop in the author of race marxism, james lindsey join us now. let's start with james madison. are you shocked they are making the effort to try to dominate the board of james madison's history and his home? >> no, not at all. we are in the middle of a cultural revolution. all these examples are come number of. the communists and marksists came up to the realization that western civilization is too
8:36 pm
strong to take over. ' and so you have to change the culture to one it can control. brian: the guy who led us through the war of 1812. because he had slaves. one of his slaves stayed there his whole life. that doesn't even come up on these tours. >> no, and it wouldn't. it doesn't matter. the justifications they are giving are not legitimate. they are words they say and policies they put in place so they can seize power. their goal is control the means of cultural production through james madison or schools, then you can change the way people see themselves as a culture. >>r. brian: we have to take action.
8:37 pm
first the civil car a stews, so the only person we can study is john quincy adams? let's move to schools. in -- in los angeles, they are moving away from meritocracy. they say it's too easy for white people to succeed. your reaction. >> straight-up marxism. according to karl marx. the critical race theorists said white people created race to give themselves to whiteness and exclude people of color to maintain their advantage. so you have to blame everything in the system that works. then you have to abolish it. brian: the next one would be something they concluded before
8:38 pm
they gave the $40,000 at nyu. why children favor all white faces. >> this is based off a bogus study they did with 3-month-old babies. they put up pictures of different color faces and paid attention to how long the babies looked at the different faces. and in fact the study showed this is based off of the babies looked at the white and asian faces identically. so it's probably not what they are claiming that babies at 3 months old are racist. the explanations aren't real. the power grab is the only real thing here. brian: i am heartened by what
8:39 pm
happened in virginia that got governor youngkin elected. the governor of florida is funding different school board officers who want to keep american history curriculum. >> what happened in virginia is a good sign america is coming together in a coalition. our system is not yet destroyed and we can use the mechanisms of the system. we don't have to follow the path of the 1960s and 70s. i'm heartened by these things and i want to see a lot more of them. brian: we don't study people in history because they are perfect. we should stop judging history from our current values. because they will do the same
8:40 pm
thing about our generation in the future. >> 100%. thank you. brian: major conference realignment might have college sports moving away from their governing body from the ncaa. we put it all in per expect tough next. vo: hi. we're zerowater. and we believe everyone deserves the purest tasting water.
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brian: let's talk sports. the landscape of college sports is changing drastically. the big 10 conference announcing beginning 2024, usc and ucla is leaving the pac 12. this move follows last year's powerhouse sec allowing texas and oklahoma to join them. which left many wondering if it would change the balance of power forever. has the ncaa outgrown its
8:45 pm
usefulness? what is the significant nance of them moving out of the pac 12. >> for the normal fan out there, right thousand we have five major conferences in college football. but two of those conferences, the sec and the big 10 are about to enter into media rights fields with fox and espn to pay them far more money than other conferences will be getting. so the revenue share is about to be drastically different. therefore, the valuable brand like texas, oak home a, usc and ucla needed to get on those life boats. you need to get in that spot where you will grow your revenue into the future and keep your
8:46 pm
longterm stability alive in the athletic department. we are heading into an era with college athletics where we have two major conferences and minor conferences that will be following the lead of the. brian: the nfl having franchises moving divisions without check with roger goodell. so why have it? >> that's the exact question. and it's increasingly getting to the answer you don't know. the ncaa. college football has long been separate from the ncaa. they have no relationship or control over the postseason.
8:47 pm
all of us consume the great basketball games we call march madness. but they have nothing to do with football. football drives upwards of 90% of the revenue in college athletics. as college football grows and the revenue grows, those players, the conferences, the people with power are separating themselves from the ncaa. right now the ncaa covers division 3 football the same way they govern division 1. you can't do that, they are way too different. brian: notre dame, where are they going, why does it matter? >> notre dame is the most valuable institution left. the only school that either the sec or big 10 would want to
8:48 pm
bring under their roof is notre dame. they are independent right now. they will probably remain independent because they are that valuable. but that's the reason everybody is talking about them is because they are the most valuable prize left outside of those conferences. brian: i am wondering if the cals and the san diego state. will they become marginalized? they almost seem like professional teams now. >> perdue is in the -- purdue is in the big 10. it's much of an illusion because we have 14 voted on by a committee. it's an illusion that one * has access to a national championship. i think it will be expanded to
8:49 pm
upwards of 12 teams with a clearly defined path for all teams outside of those conferences. brian: i guess it might just be a theory. but can we give everybody a fifth year because they can't have this travel demand schedule and do good in calculus. joel, thanks so much. great season with the usfl. you brought credibility to the brand-new league. >> i appreciate that. brian: i will duel it out with kayleigh mcenany. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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brian: it's time for the "news duel." helping me out is the co-host of "outnumbered." daily * *. thanks for. joining me is call. kayleigh mcenany.people were pl. 100 people actually won in bingo. the only problem is -- excuse me, brazil. the only problem is there was a snafu. when all winners went to
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collect, they each only got $1.33. kayleigh: we need this kind of luck. brian: they won for that first moment they thought they were winners. and we are overthinkers. kayleigh: good news for those who work out on the weekends. you only need 150 minutes of exercise. or 40 minutes of high intensity exercise. brian: i do work out four to five times a week. but you can catch up on the weekend if you work out two hours each time. is that theory for you? it's all about the total?
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kayleigh: i brought by report card and i work out 140 minutes a week. and i'm pregnant. brian: if you watch television. if you fall asleep with the television on, you could die. it's about the infrared rays. it's all about insulin resistance. cells and muscles, fat and liver don't responds properly. this associated with hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. do you fall asleep with the tv on? >> i used to.
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but i married my husband and he wouldn't allow it. brian: i used to leave it on because i need it, but i don't need it any more. kayleigh: 36% of people said they forget 5 items each month. i'm among them. i always forget something. brian: if you leave your cell phone you probably don't get on the plane. brian: i usually leave a power cord. the top one is 31% cell phones. bottles or drinks. sunscreen, 21%. kayleigh: you strike me as someone who leaves their toothbrush and deodorant behind.
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brian: that would be me. great job on "the greg gutfeld show." catch a brand-new season of "what made america great." we cover hollywood, the history of law enforcement, automobiles, and 100 years of the aircraft carrier. >> brian, another aspect of this, under the nose of each of these combat aircrafts are plaques that identify every pilot killed in action flying this particular air lean by the ships they flew from. this is the carrier hall of fame. this is a giant of carrier aviation. the ship builders, the airplane
8:59 pm
builders. the first admirals, the fires fighter aces. the people who led fighter aviation to be what it is today. brian: that was the uss yorktown. kayleigh: you will be on "outnumbered" every day. meanwhile, don't forget to set your dvr. if you have to plan sunday night, set your series. and you can catch me on radio. and you can download the podcast. if you would like to meet me in person, i would like to meet you. newark, new jersey, albany new york, or tulsa, oklahoma.
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i talk about life, history and fox. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "unfiltered" with dan bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: joe biden is easily the worst president in u.s. history. i'm going to show you how his awful terrible political instincts, and why it's good news for conservatives. and adam corolla is here to react. the world is shocked bit assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo


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