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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  July 10, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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fox. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "unfiltered" with dan bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: joe biden is easily the worst president in u.s. history. i'm going to show you how his awful terrible political instincts, and why it's good news for conservatives. and adam corolla is here to react. the world is shocked bit assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe.
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there is nothing the liberal media hates more than a strong conservative woman. that's why mayra flores is such a concern. i celebrate america's birthday with a trip to the national park with family and friends and met up with a black bear along the way. what happens if you were even encountered there. is joe biden the worst president in u.s. history? of course. i'm asking the libs watching, too. it's easy to point out his endless stream of ridiculous gaffes and word salads and none n his non sequiturs like this.
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dan: every day i post on social media, joe biden is the worst president in u.s. history. i believe it's true. he has zero political instincts and doesn't have the political instincts needed to succeed as president of the united states. despite our open border crisis, the biden administration quietly altered the immigration policy to make it easier for afghan nationals to enter the u.s. the new exemptions may apply to the following. individuals who provided insignificant or certain limited support to a designated terrorist organization. as long as you on the provided
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limited terrorist support, you are aok. it's hard to believe it's even being considered. here is another example, the worst i have ever seen. remember now joe dipped into our a tee jim oil reserves to help bring down the price of gas? take a look at this. 500 million were reportedly exported to europe. even some to china. you have got to be saying this is clearly a mistake. nobody is this dumb. it's not. now we learn that biden has the ability to stop the reserves from being exported but he didn't do. and hard to believe there is reportedly a hunter biden connection to the chinese firm that got the oil.
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forget about biden being president for a moment. these moronic decisions don't square. exporting our strategic oil reserves as we pay record prices in the u.s. what kind of an idiot does that. tore a guy who was called lunch bucket joe, he seems to make a lot of dopey decisions. i covered this in the past. it makes me wonder if this is all on purpose. after 15 months joe biden couldn't be doing any worse, necessary was trying to screw up the country on purpose. liberalism won't work because it
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can't work. when liberals are given power they are going to abuse it, and we see the result of their action and inaction all around us. what about when liberal ideas fail? and then liberals are forced to enact conservative ideas. smart politicians. i'm not judging their character. smart politics make this pivot because they have political instincts. i'm not vouching for them. i am just saying, remember when bill clinton did it? >> we know government does not have all the answers. we know there is not a program for every problem. we know and we have worked to give the american people a smaller less bureaucratic government in washington. and we have to give the american people one that lives within its
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means. [applause] >> the era of big government is over. dan: imagine a democrat saying that now? you would be kicked out of the party. i am not a fan of him, but it's called political instincts. despite all his scandals, he left office with an approval rating higher than 60%. but there is a flip side to all of this. when conservatives do liberal things bad things happen. british prime minister boris johnson resigned after pushing lockdowns during covid, catering to the green energy brigade. remember this from the "wall street journal." the rise and fall of boris
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johnson. a lot of people know it. the same is true with liberal policies. it doesn't matter who does them. it always ends badly. it's a lesson a lot of republicans are still learning. take liz cheney. abuse power, these things happen. it's not about the politicians, it's about holding principles and policies that actually work. in florida the conservative ron desantis does conservative things, conservatives and americans win. all you have to do is follow the footsteps. americans are leaving states like california and new york and moving to red states. joe biden and his entire administration are not smart
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enough to understand how bad their policies are. biden did everything the left asked of him. the "wall street journal" said the people who pushed the agenda are now blaming him for the failure. proof of conservative values and policies is in the real world. joining me now, comedian adam corolla. it seems they are just laughing at us now. governor gavin newsom vacationing at one of the reddest states in the union, montana, despite his travel ban. >> he kinds of is -- he's kinds of a predator. people in california are so dumb
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that they are they will vote for him over and over again no matter how much he tries to destroy the state. let's just break it down with gavin newsom. i said a year and a half ago when he got caught eating out with 27 of his closest friends at the french laundry. people called him a hypocrite. and he is a hypocrite. but i kept saying he doesn't believe in the dangers of the virus otherwisee wouldn't be doing what he's doing. montana. there is a travel ban. if you work for the state of california, you can't go to the states of montana on business spending california tax dollars. montana is evil. they have lgbt whatever policies
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that are evil. so gavin newsom, gavin new so many spends his money there, gavin newsom vacations there. when someone says what are you doing in montana. he says i'm not spending taxpayer money. let's just say there was a donut shop and it was a racist donut shop. and i said i'm not going into that donut shop and no one who works for me can go into that donut shop because it's an evil 0 donut shop. then then minutes later you find me in there with a baker's dozen. but i say i am not spending taxpayer dollars. it's evil, you are hypocrite. dan: what did you think about my monologue about biden's
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political instincts. you see this open border crisis, then you change the rules, and export our oil over to china somewhere people are paying $7 a gallon in california. give me the local plumber. at least they are valuable to society. stick him in the white house. but not joe biden. he can't figure it out. >> you are playing that clip of clinton and talking about being a good politician, or a bad politician. a good politician has to be a fielder. you are not sure where the ball is going before it comes off the bat. you have to play the ball. and for some reason, joe biden and the biden administration cannot pump a brake or say maybe
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that was a bad call in retrospect but it's not going to happen again. the economy is in the toilet and his take is the economy is great. at some point you have to have some fluidity. the ball is going to go over your head every single time if you are playing centerfield and charging toward the mound after the ball is pitched. some of the policies, just go ahead and go, we security the pooch, it's not going to happen again. everything for him is 100%. did you know about hunter biden's business dealings? i never talked about my son's business dealings. that's impossible. if your son had a frozen yogurt stand at thanksgiving you would talk about the business. just have some nuance, stop
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being so self in assured of everything. dan: adams new book comes out soon. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is assassinated. how could this happen?
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get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." the world is in shock that former japanese prime minister shinzo abe was tragically gunned down during a campaign event. i want to warn you the video we are about to play is disturbing. abe was sent to the hospital and the suspected shooter is behind bars. this is a horrifying incident. this means a lot to you and i.
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we were agents together. i want to show you one of the angles that violates the rules. take a look here. now, chuck, you saw that. we were always taught you go to the protectee first, you don't go to the problem first. >> that's what happened. i think we can see the shock in the pause of response as well. in a country where there is not a very high rate of gun violence. as a matter of fact it's extremely low. there may have been a level of complacency.
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for this suspect to get so close especially from the rear of the former prime minister, it's very problematic. from behind is the extreme vulnerable point in protection and it did not seem they had much coverage back there. dan: i know you have been on many protective details like me. i was talking with jeff james from the secret service. he said i spent more time in the secret service walking backwards than forward. the joke is we are always covering the six behind the protectee. and this assassination of rabin. the shooter is behind him. they are not watching the six. and right from behind, you see him walking up and the shot happens and that's it. he's killed.
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you have got to cover the six. it's one of the golden rules of protection. >> absolutely. the other thing for an advertised planned preannounced event, there weren't a lot of processes in place. certainly there weren't technologies in place to screen for weapons. even the organization of the crowd to allow people to remain directly behind when the former prime minister is speaking. you can't have a known event with the time, location and all of that public and not take the appropriate counter measures and procedures and have those in place to mitigate the risk, especially around the political event as the former:prime minister attempting to reenter
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politics. dan: don't you think social media, the availability of information like that changes the threat environment in you two tweet out, i just saw donald trump at a donut store and all of a should a thousand people show up. >> that's right. the threats move as fast as the speed of social media. if you are going to give protection, you have got to do it right here. you can't go about it in a halfway complacent manner. you have to make sure you are providing the full sweep of protective counter measures to make sure the people you are protecting will remain safe. that includes the appropriate manpower and coverage. dan: thanks a lot for your
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service. appreciate you coming on. when the left loses they change the rules. are we really the united states any more? katie pavlich joins me "unfilteh
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dan bongino. [♪♪♪]
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dan: folks, are we leg in the united states of america anymore? we are clearly in this cold ideological battle where there doesn't seem to be a middle ground anymore. we used to have an abortion stance from the democrat party but it's rare. you have a democrat party committed on one side to infanticide in many states. the middle ground is gone. where do you get that middle ground where the united states sees the other side, right? wait until you see that with guns and due process. you don't see any that. this may issue where you may or may not issue a carry permit has got to go. you have got to give them their
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carry permit. the governor of new york said we'll do whatever we want. the governor of california said the same thing. we'll start reviewing people's social media. where is the united in the united states of america. where is the middle ground? it used to be pro second amendment democrats. where is that leading to the supposed united states america? it's leading to destruction of institutions. the poll that came out about faith in institutions in the united states is the most frightening thing you will ever see. the supreme court, 25%. this is because of a multi generational fight by the left to politicize every institution from the fbi to the fda to the cdc, to every three-letter
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agency in the book. what happens when you criticize them? you get pelosi hole just laugh it off. we have one side ignoring the law and the other side having fidelity to the constitution. here to talk about this is my friend katie pavlich. there is just no middle ground any more with the left. there is no pliability in their position. >> exactly as you pointed out. you see new york basically saying we are going to make it as difficult as possible even with record crimes for people to exercise their second amendment rights. people claiming they are about norms and institutions, and the very people doing exactly that. when you talk about faith in --
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lack of faith in institutions. i go back to the obama years where they were sending thousands of semiautomatic rifles and machine guns to the mexican cartels and blaming it on gun owners. they went after the tea party being against president barack obama's political agenda. they destroyed their lives. you saw the fbi completely politicized. it was in black and white in the text messages to prevent him from being democratically elected. after he was elected. four years of the special counsel investigation. but for a silver lining, there are some institutions that are holding. the senate is one of them. you had president biden's
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calling for the filibuster to be eliminated for what he calls the constitutional right to an abortion. and two democratic senators saying no we won't get rid of the filibuster for this one particular issue. people are calling their senators and telling them how they would like them to vote. dan: where do you see this going with new york state and california seemingly flipping off the supreme court saying we'll continue to do what we want to do. >> obviously more lawsuits will be filed. but i see people leaving those states. voting with their feet. they are moving from california and new york and moving to florida and arizona. my family would say don't come to arizona unless you are going to vote opposite of the way you voted in california.
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dan: katie pavlich, thanks for your time. coming up on "unfiltered." we heard the phrase see something, say something. why isn't it working for these red flag shooters?
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." we all heard the adage, see something, say something. say what? why isn't it being applied to social media? in the case of the highland park shooter, the signs were all over social media. joining me is security advisor michael balboni. we hear that all the time, see something, say something. but the hard reality, what are we looking to see? and if we say something, what can law enforcement do if there is no crime. >> my perspective comes from the kind of terrorism work we have done in new york state. when we were focused on a foreign enemy, we could set up
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surveillance and go after them from the association standpoint. here the front lines of preventing these tragedies are the people who live in the homes with these individuals. family members or those associated with them. what are they saying out there? the challenge dan is what somebody says is not necessarily what they are going to do. that's always the challenge. when you take a look at the parkland shooting, the illinois shooting. all of those cases, the individual had prior contact with social services or law enforcement agencies. something in that interview did not require another follow-up. that's what we have to focus on. >> i remember reading the secret service report on school shootings. it said 80% of the time the attacker told at least one
12:39 am
person. and 40% of the time they told two people. >> a lot of times what the shooters will do is do what we call pre-op rational surveillance and planning. they will try to acquire weapons. in the case of the buffalo shooter, they traveled great distances to look at the site where they are going to commit the act. and these types much steps give the opportunity for others to take a look and say, what are you doing here. social media should be viewed in the same sense. you can't have this george orwell big brother perspective on things. look for triggers. just what the secret service does so well. >> that's a great point.
12:40 am
>> we don't want an orwell surveillance society. but if somebody is publishing on social media they are going to do something. thanks for your exer-tease. -- expertise. dan: have you noticed how the liberal media despises conservative women?
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the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." there is nothing the left hates more than a strong conservative woman. check out niece headlines from the "new york times" slamming texas' mayra flores as extreme. but they promote radicals like aoc. >> it's ridiculous. the fact that the liberal media would call me a far right latina because i group in a conservative family and live on the border. but they praise aoc and the
12:45 am
squad. they don't represent our values. >> i don't care about the "new york times." they know nothing about me or my culture. we are all about god, country and family. that's what they call far right. dan: the hypocrisy is nothing brand-new. remember margaret thatcher? remember the freakout over sarah --over sarah palin? >> may whera has the left in a panic. he's a woman and a minority. >> this is not a case of the "new york times" being out of touch. this is a case of the "new york times" being very scared because
12:46 am
they understand mayra flores and other women represent the communities they come from. and the hispanic community is god faring and pro-life. they want school opportunity and pro-choice. just like far left latina like she is crazy? aoc is too afraid to have kids because she thinks the world is going to end in 12 years because of the weather. she is a socialist. and hispanics hate socialism. she refers to herself as latinx. we don't even know what latinx means. mayra is a mexican-american. 60% of the hispanic population in america is mexican-american. they cannot afford to bleed
12:47 am
mexican americans in this cycle especially. and they can't afford to have this friend. they have only been able to rely on that vote. now they have been exposed because of covid and so many other things. hispanics are on to themmen seeing what necessity want to do with their kids, all this gender ideology. they are not having it anymore. dan where our families are close. i was just at your daughter's beautiful wedding. when we first started hanging out, i said i feel like i already know you. you were on "the real world." you were one of my first experiences with conservatives on pop culture tv. back thin were an anomaly. conservative on tv hispanic female. you are not an anomaly anymore. they are moving over in droves
12:48 am
to the conservative side. they are tired of what you just said, all that nonsense. >> you are absolutely right. a lot of them come from countries that were dysfunctional and socialist. they don't want any part to do with it. i'm not an anomaly. i'm constantly telling our network. hispanics are up for grabs. they are signaling to the country that they are. and whoever speaks to them, whoever reflects their values. now, you know. the thing about aoc that's so interesting, she is from west chester. latinx. she went by the name sandy in high school. she is not your typical latina. but what she did for the left is she took the mask off of the left. she is an out and proud socialist.
12:49 am
she empathizes with communist deck day noars latin america. her radical abortion position as well. the left thinks the abortion issue will be a winner for them. it will help them in the suburbs i think perhaps even republican women. but it is going to expose them to republicans. they have been trying so hard to hide their radical up to 9 months on abortion from hispanics. they have been trying to hide their anti-school choice positions. now all this is out in the open. and hispanics are getting politically savvy and i think it will benefit republicans. dan: keep calling them latinx, it's working for us. coming up.
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my july 4 weekend was filled with the sights and sounds of yellowstone national park. we even got to see a bear up close. it got a little tense.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered. folks i took i from out west it was beautiful. gorgeous stunning yellow
12:55 am
national park and my family got to see picturesque views if god is a painter he painted yellow stone in jackson i got to see some geysers, actually come to mind, here's how it actually went. >> glad you're home honey. >> what did you say? >> chase me? >> get off -- get off. >> what do you think? >> i think you look like one of the village people. ♪ ♪ you think -- here boy. here boy. maybe not the first part but city slickers part but near the
12:56 am
end of the trip getting ready to leave been there for a couple of years haven't seen anything. we came across a massive black bear. i'm not messing with you that is a picture from my cell phone do image search you won't find that anywhere but dan bongino instasocial media. joining me now to discuss my dangerous encounter is survivalist e.j. snyder we love you on the show you've been on before we nearly shut down your website because you were so great i startled bear but not by mistake it was 30 yards away. it was a big black bear and even worse have one of the cubs close by so god forbid this whats to you luckily nothing happened and it can want eating and walked away. but what do you do thank god is right believe me i prayed after that. what happens you encounter a black bear like that? >> i've run into black bears in my career countless number of times and this is big thing.
12:57 am
you have to remember we're going talk about black bears a whole big difference between black and brown bears we're talking black bears and what do you do first thing you have to stay calm because animals sense fear now if bear hasn't noticed you stand still enjoy moment and move away quietly in opposite direction get out of there. if you encounter bear and he's aware of you doangts run because that may trigger bear to chase you. back away slowly and opposite direction wait for bear to leave. stand tall look bigger, make your arm stretch them out make yourself look like larger than you are and remember as you ran into -- a momma bear sometimes you'll see a cub -- and you won't see the mom bear but they don't go too far get away. it is a dangerous situation. now what happens if bear becomes aggressive? you know if that bear starts approaching you stand your ground don't turn your back on that bear. start to back away only if the bear stops its approach. and again make yourself look
12:58 am
bigger outstretch jr. arms. try to stand on a rock or stump nearby. get your jacket up start swinging over your head try to intimidate the creature to let it know you're not its meal and stay together and then -- get your bear spray if you have it with you get the safety off be prepared to use it. and then you know, gettering else in your hand prepare to fight. walk and stick club of a knife or if bear charges you you have to stand your grounds and again you want to remain calm as can be that is tough with the bear with you. and they tend to bluff charge first and intimidate you and got you out of there. once it veers off and its to get out of there. and then prepare for other defenses to get ready. dan: e.j. i have 30 seconds but you have an outdoorsy guy i'm no indiana gongs. but you know, i saw the outdoors
12:59 am
for the first time in the park out there. so picturesque, i mean it is really worth it even though there's danger if you're smart worth seeing your thoughtings on that. >> everyone should see yellow stone i saw it about two months ago i was out there first time i know what you mean and for your viewers tonight i'll have a black bear survival pam flengt ready at e.j. ?ielder go there there will be a floaty guy out there and e-mail automatically get the download pdf and those signed up waiting for you at the website. e-mail all of that stuff up. dan: we have the e-mail e.j. ?ielder we always appreciate your input. before we go remember you can catch the dan bongino show every day on fox nation here's burn from this week. >> it is not a stock up. there's no ceo. and so that distinction is very important and i think the fundamental value of bitcoin is still that. dan: you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation week
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days from 12 to 3p eastern and don't forget instagram at unfiltered on fox. that does it for us here tonight unfiltered see you back here next saturday night, at 9 p.m. please don't forget so set your doctor, vr if you can't make it. thanks for tuning in. ♪ ♪ lawrence: twok cross krkt we begin with a fox news alert bullets fly outside of mil whoa key grocery store sending third to the hospital a man came into the grocery store yelling security reportedly escorted hill out and police say the suspect then shot and killed a man and injured a nearby woman. security then shot that suspect killing him.


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