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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 10, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: three big stories for you at this hour. the group shut down dc offering bounties for anyone who can provide realtime locations for conservative supreme court justices. so protestors can then target them. that after justice brett kavanaugh was reportedly having dinner at swanky washington, d.c. steakhouse and protestors forcing him to escape out the back. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live i'm eric sean.
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alicia: i'm in for arthel neville. we are watching at the president is visiting the middle east. this with inflation and gas prices sky high here at home. eric: more on the southern border, leaked data shows that more than 160,000 accompanied this children this year shattering the record from last year. alicia: fox live team cover with bill melugin but first alexandria hoff. >> incentivizing them to report the whereabouts about conservative and supreme court justices in realtime. the left-wing group shut down dc
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and venmo use confirmed $50 for sighting. this includes but not limited to calls to target people with abuse or harassment online and behavior that urges offline action such as physical harassment. twitter has not responded to fox news inquiry as to why the tweet is still up the bounty offering after man was charged to showing up kavanaugh's home and kavanaugh was forced to escape back steakhouse after protest learned whereabouts. >> poor guy, he left before
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sufle, to be clear, in state has banned treatment. yesterday thousands of protestors marched into the gate of the white house demanding that the president declare abortion public health emergency. it is unclear home tips that shut down dc on locations of justices but judging from social media responses it likely includes plenty of phoney ones. alicia: alexandria hoff reporting from washington. eric. eric: president biden preparing for a trip to the middle east and defending the controversial stop in saudi arabia after he has long accused the kingdom of human rights abuses. the murder of jamal khashoggi still casting shadow over the kingdom for some. kevin corke with the preview of the president's trip, good afternoon, kevin. kevin: critics have ridiculed
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for going to saudi arabia hat and hand looking for quick oil production over there and at home. however, the white house, indeed, the president himself see this upcoming trip very differently. mr. biden pinned an op-ed. quote, from the start my aim was to reorient but not rupt corrupt relations and working with experts to help stabilize oil markets with other opec producers. especially gop lawmakers are skeptical. not surprised. they are accusing mr. biden of
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snakes oil salesmanship with no solutions for big problems hiding in plain sight like high food prices like surging inflation. >> you want enough money to fill your tank with gas and you want money to buy a week's worth of groceries and you want to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. joe biden is not going there. >> the white house says despite criticism from both ends of the political spectrum it is doing all it can to lower the pain at the pump including a number of measures which the white house believes are already bringing down wholesale costs. >> our number 1 priority to -- to get a handle on the prices and we will. the fed is taking strong action, the president's administration, we are doing everything that we know how to do. you are starting to see gas prices come down, wholesale gas prices are coming down but until
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-- until we do get a handle on inflation, i think, it's natural for a family to -- to be feeling that pinch. kevin: feeling the pinch is one way to describe it. the average price of gas for a gallon of regular unleaded is 4.69, up from 4.16 a year and how you see this might impact budget. the word oil was used once. eric. eric: meanwhile in terms of gas right you are but also have been going down declined in the past 25 days straight in a row. kevin: you can use it. eric: absolutely can. alicia. alicia: eric to the crisis at southern border now the department of homeland security is quietly preparing for record
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number of unaccompanied migrant children to try to enter in the u.s. illegally this year. dhs anticipates up to 161,000 migrant children will try to cross the border easily topping last year's 147,000. bill melugin live in the southern border in eagle pass, texas, hi, bill. bill: good afternoon, to you, that's right. we continue to set records here month after month after month of the southern border. the last 3 months alone we had more than 200,000 illegal crossings each month. we've had more than a hundred thousand unaccompanied children show up at the border since october and it is just not slowing down. take a look at the video we shot right here in eagle pass yesterday afternoon. this was yet another single massive group. group of 201 that crossed over during summer temperatures. predominantly cubans and venezuelans, a lot of kingle adults crossing at once but this
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is in a private ranch and in this exact spot every day since we've got here we have seen massive groups crossing, the biggest group being 530 on wednesday. as you can imagine it's a huge drain on resources in del rio. you can see the sweltering temperatures taking a toll. it's about 108 degrees here every day. horrible temperatures out here in terms of the temperatures, but the migrants are still crossing in massive numbers every day. several days last week they had more than 1800 illegal crossings just in 24-hour span in del rio sector and coming from all over the world. there was someone from as far as bangladesh this week and that's why the governor of texas said this morning he claims what is happening here is an invasion. >> we do have an invasion driven by the cartels coming across the border that are pouring into our
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country at unprecedented levels. >> in the meantime take a look at these photos out of border patrol sector where agents are reported busting multiple stash houses, totaling 93 illegal immigrants in just the past several days. what happens with stash houses once migrants get across the border they will put them in stash houses and told to wait until they get them further into the united states. just since october, they've busted about 156 of these stash houses totaling nearly 1100 migrants. then take a look at these photos out of san diego counties where authorities made there massive bust. we are talking 500 pounds of meth that were seized in two trucks in san diego county. authorities watching the trucks as they came from the mesa port of entry and they busted it. four men from mexico all charged. it is one of the biggest meth
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busts in the history of san diego county and back out here live in the nogales port of entry in arizona in recent days cbp made two separate at the present time nil busts totaling more than 50,000 february nil pills. so, guy, just another reminder that drugs are constantly trying to get across our southern border. we will send it back to you. alicia: bill melugin thank you, just ahead former chief botello weighs in on discipline horseback border patrol agents even after cleared of accusations of whipping migrants. eric. eric: debate over banning young people under 21 from buying assault weapons. the guns on the street and crime in epidemic especially among young people. here in new york city a 14 yielder was stabbed to death in harlem subway platform in broad daylight yesterday. a 15-year-old reports say now in custody for that. sadly, though, that dead teen far from the only victim this
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week. lauren green live with the very latest on that horrible crime, hi, lauren. lauren: the stabbing adds more fear to cautious city and happened in the middle of the day and that's when most new yorkers believe that subways are relatively is safe. a teen is dead and attacker hopefully yet to be in custody. 14-year-old boy was stabbed in the abcomen in platform after responding to crime in progress, police reportedly say the boy and the attacker knew each other. >> a preliminary investigation indicates that a fight or dispute began on the street and continued into the train station where an altercation occurred. lauren: across the country crime is posting double-digit increases from a year ago. new york over 37%, chicago up 34%, philadelphia more than 25%
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and philadelphia police are looking for a pack of teens who beat and killed 72-year-old james lambart with traffic cones, the disturbing video shows him laughing and smiling. senseless killing hits close to home as fox news mourn with gianno caldwell as he laid to rest christian, the 18-year-old fatally shot in chicago. >> for those who want justice keep fighting. the fighting never ends until you get it. keep fighting, keep working towards that because there is hope and i'm here knowing that there is hope and that there will be justice for my baby brother. lauren: one note on the crime stab in new york with surge in crime, shooting incidents are actually down compared to last year, eric. eric: our heart certainly with gianno and his family and crime
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victims across the country. lauren, thank you. >> at least 15 people were killed and several more hurt in a mass shooting in south africa last night. police say -- police there say it happened at a bar on the outskirts of johannesburg when group opened fire and took off in a white mini bus, no suspects identified and no motives so far, eric. eric: well, the haitian migrants were not wined as those thoughts claims first said so. remember the pictures with cpb agents on horseback but they still are being punished. we will have that in a moment as former border patrol chief ron votello tells about what he thinks about that punishment.
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eric: well, four horseback border patrol agents are still being pushed for what supervisors said usingen necessary force against haitian migrants, remember the pictures, this coming despite internal investigation that found the accusation that is the agents uses their horse reins to win the migrant but the claims that were reported were false.
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previously president biden and white house officials condemned those agents. >> it's outrageous, i promise you, those people will pay. >> this has been an incredibly heartwenching issue. >> i was outraged by it and it was horrible and deeply troubling. eric: rob voiotello served under five administrations. ron, you have been out there in the field. what do you think of the administrative punishment even though they found that the agents did not whip anybody. >> that was not an assignment that they chose, that was a directed assignment for them to be don there. they were trying the best that they could in an almost impossible situation. we had a number of days where up to 30,000 people, mostly from haiti crossed the border almost simultaneously in the span of a couple of days. they were down there in an impossible situation and why was
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that situation so impossible because this administration recklessly removed any control that we had on the border with the my great protection protocols and sent a signal around the globe for people to come to the united states. this group decide today do at the same time. those agents were sent down there. there was a photograph taken where some people believed and the fake news ran with it to the top of the hills and said that they whipped people that were coming across the border. quickly after the story broke, the reporter himself said that nobody was assaulted but yet the president, the vice president and the secretary condemned those agents without any evidence whatsoever and without any investigation up until that moment. when everybody found out that that did not happen, did we hear from the president? did we hear from the vice president or the secretary, did they revise their remarks and did they put out a tweet, did they do anything to report the agents out there and all the other agents and hard work being done by men and women of dhs.
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they didn't do any of that. they said the worst things about them and trashed them in public and have yet to apologize for those extended remarks in which they condemned them. eric: what do you want to hear the president say? >> i want him to apologize. i want to say that the -- that the due process has not changed, that there has been no amendment to the constitution removing due process if you wear a uniform of this country. that's what i would like to see happen. they went through the administrative process, they did a hearing -- they did a press conference about the investigation and they found wrongdoing and found misconduct. those agent wills have a chance to respond to the government's proposal to discipline and i wish them the luck in the world to push back because they were given an impossible task, they were trashed the president, the vice president and the secretary and have yet to be apologized for that. eric: the 511-page finding pretty detail says that some of them used unprofessional conduct, one of those agents said used unprofessional and
9:21 am
offensive language. one of the agents maneuvered the horse around near a small child on concrete ramp, endangering the child, what about that administratively, do you think any of that holds water? >> well, unprofessional conduct is unprofessional conduct and if it's misconduct that's what the disciplinary proposals for but that doesn't negate the fact that the entire administration condemned the people and you have career professional at cbp to suck it up and have investigators to find something that was out there and you have the spectacle of the agents being called the worst ever and we want the rest of the border patrol, the rest of cbp and rest of dhs to do work professionally after they have seen directly that this administration is not going to stand behind him, that's what concerns us all. >> let me read something, there was no evidence found that any migrant was forced to return to mexico or denied entry into the united states. what is it like when you're out there on the horse and you're
9:22 am
facing that, what are the pressures for the men and women of the border patrol who are on the ground and trying to do the best job they can? >> well, it's ridiculous, they are trying to make order out of chaos because this administration believes more in open borders than in border security or have immigration system that has integrity. they left behind their responsibility and they've derelict and they want to do a 40-minute press conference on the investigation and how about how 4-minute press conference on how to fix the border and 40-minute press conference on how they overstepped relationship and took away due process from the agents. eric: agents are doing a tough job, former border patrol chief ron, we thank you for the service to the country. hopefully we hear from the border patrol agents and get their side of the story, ron, thank you. >> thank you, eric.
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i'm steve. i lost 138 pounds in 9 months matching your job description. on golo and taking release. golo saved my life. i was way overweight, and that's what sent me down the path, was i--i wanted to make sure and live for my kid. plain and simple. eric: vladimir putin's barbaric assault against ukraine continues as the war there drags into its fifth month. governor of the donetsk region said several people have been killed and many trapped in rubble. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenksyy saying putin's military is targeting civilians on purpose. human rights activists saying putin is war criminal creating crimes against humanity without
9:28 am
consequences. >> eric, at least 15 people were killed in an apartment and at least 30 are thought to be buried in the rubble. here in lviv we spoke to some people that fled the violence and russian advances in the east. >> he understood the things that they needed to do. they historically done a nation that hadn't armed itself and he knew the chinese communist threat was a threat to way of life, he was prepare today work with the united states, austria, india and partners in the region to deliver outcomes for his own people. >> in recent days russian forces have been taking over the luhansk region under heavy felling. russia wants to take anybodying donetsk, rust belt of ukraine. we reported on another missile strike in kharkiv, second largest city not far from russia's border, launched ballistic missiles off limits to
9:29 am
u.s. supply weapons. while russia has been making gains in the east and control more ukrainian territory, ukraine is fighting back launching counterstrikes using rockets sent from the united states. they have destroyed 14 russian ammunition bases in the united states after boris johnson announced resignation the british government started a new boot camp, the first of training nearly 10,000 ukrainian recruits to turn them into combat ready should soldiers. secretary of defense ben wallace spoke about the training. >> training matters when you're in war and against russia, you need to make sure that you're as best as you can be. that's the process we are doing here and starting to do that. >> we have seen many soldiers here for funerals, block away a
9:30 am
baptism. eric: we apologize for the clip that we played, former secretary of state mike pompeo was talking about shinzo abe, we will be talking with jim walsh a little later in the newscast about this. lucas in lviv ukraine, thank you. alicia: a lot of warning signs may have been missed about the suspect ahead of july 4th parade. place records show officers were called to robert crimo, jr.'s home a number of times dating all the way back to 2009 and those records pain a very disturbing picture of the confessed killer's home life with allegations of both verbal and physical abuse and that was before the 2019 incident where crimo, jr. threatened to, quote, kill everyone in his home and police confiscated all of his knives, joining us chris, former assistant fbi director. thank you so much for being
9:31 am
here. i want to start off talking about red flag laws but first let's listen to an exchange between mike emanuel this morning on fox news sunday and illinois senator dick durbin. >> senator, the suspect in this week's shooting evaded your state's red flag laws, is there a loophole there to be closed? >> well, certainly. if you look across the nation we have to be much more vigilant because there are over 10 million of the military assault weapons that have been sold. some say as many as 20 million. there are 400 million guns in america and some arguing that we need more guns in the hands of more people, it certainly hadn't made us a safer nation. alicia: he focused on the number of guns in the country. the question whether or not there's a loophole in the country, where do you place the blame here? >> there may be a loophole that needs to be strengthened and that's where it applies to a
9:32 am
purchase of a firearm when you don't have foid or attempted purchase of a firearm but my reading of the statute is it does cover that, it's just not crystal clear but in this case i'm going to lay the blame on the hands of law enforcement. the statute is there to use. it's only been used less than 20 times of year in the state of illinois but the statute says it's observed behavior. you don't need a diagnosis of the federal disorder, you don't need a felony conviction, you just need to observe behavior that shows that this person is eminent danger, harming himself or others. that was clear here going back to 2006 or whatever that time period was but especially in 2019 when the police had to go to the house because he was threatening suicide and another time when he was threatening to harm other member it was family and you combine that with postings on the internet, it all adds up. alicia: is this a situation
9:33 am
where law enforcement needs more training because we also know that the father well aware of the history of his own son sponsored the purchase of this weapon. >> yeah, i do think they need more training and the training is to emphasize the procedure that is allow you just in domestic violence order to seek restraining order. i think you hit a great point, alicia. i don't think law enforcement across the board in 19 states are trained in this. they learned how to get domestic violence restraining orders or to assist in that and they need to get proficient here and don't need a victim to sign a complaint. it's not a felon any, it's in the a criminal charge, it's a civil order that you get, it's a fairly-straightforward showing and it's just simply preventing them from buying a firearm or taking away a firearm if they have one because they presented
9:34 am
danger. alicia: is there a way to assist the rest of us, like seat belt laws and the war on drugs an all of that, a way to educate the public and family members more as well. i covered the king super shooting in boulder, colorado and family was aware of issues but were not alerted to law enforcement. is this something that we can all help participate in. >> absolutely, parkland was the same situation, there was red flag on top of red flag. when we say red flags, we are talking about behavior that's concerning that adds to this person presenting a danger. i do think not just law enforcement but the general public needs to understand how these statutes work. if they are going to be on the books and i think they are reasonable, i'm former law enforcement officer, i think most of my colleagues would say these are good laws. they require a third party, a
9:35 am
judge, not magistrate but full-on judge to make the final decision and it has to be revisited every six months. so, you know, due process facets of it that i do think pass all constitutional muster. i'm sorry, just what happened in highland park. that was preventible. alicia: we are all looking for answers and we will continue to do so. chris swecker former assistant fbi director. thank you for your time today. eric: some of the victims of the parkland massacre laying to rest. eduardo came to the united states from mexico and this past saturday he would have turned 70
9:36 am
years old and jacqueline, 88-year-old steven strauss and 78-year-old nicholas toleda and katie goldstein and katie, the child now an orphan, a gofundme page for the little boy who will be raised by his grandparents. d. oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball. 19th hole, sam adams summer ale. [goose squawks] (here you go.) (cheers guys!)
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alicia: lawmakers in the south asian nation sri lanka are trying to calm and country's president and prime minister beth said yesterday that they will step down after thousands of people stormed their homes to
9:41 am
protest sri lanka's house. eric: japan is holding parliamentary elections today and officials say they will protect free and fair elections there. voters going to the polls just two days after the shocking assassination of former prime minister shinzo abe gunned down in broad daylight while making campaign speech in support of the ruling party. looking at the suspect, 40-year-old suspected gunman apprehended now in police custody reportedly he said he had a grudge against unnamed group associated with abe. investigationor say he admit today a shooting and made homemade weapon, shooters are extremely rare. what is abe's assassination mean for japan and the u.s. as we beth confront china, jim walsh, international security expert, mit security studies program.
9:42 am
jim, it seems that the motive by the suspect, it has nothing to do with geopolitical politics. abe, he aligned himself with washington and the u.s. militarized japan, something that had been unusual because of the world war ii legacy. what does that mean for politics and going forward. >> i think it's certainly a major blow to all japanese citizens regardless of political affiliation. i think they are shocked, they are sad, the whole nation is in mourning. that is just an incredibly rare event that you don't see in japan, so first is the shock effect. i don't think it's going to have an effect, eric, on the election, why do i say that? of course, people are going to go to the polls more sympathetic to abe's party, ldp, but the ldp has basically ruled japan ever since 1955 with only a handful
9:43 am
of exceptions. so that party has ruled japan for a long time. it was probably going to win elections anyway, so i don't think it's going to somehow alter what was going to be the electoral result but, but it may affect politics within the ldp because abe was a central figure in one of the leading factions. eric: abe was central figure in confronting china. here is what mike pompeo said yesterday on fox news live. >> he understood that things that they needed to do. historically nation that hadn't armed himself. he knew chinese party was threat to citizen and he was prepared to work with the united states, with australia, india and partners in the region to deliver really good outcomes for his own people. eric: will that continue and continue especially as beijing is making threats against taiwan? >> oh, i think it will continue in a general sense. abe came on the scene and i
9:44 am
remember this eric, old enough to remember, i don't know if you're old enough to remember, you probably do, he came on the scene as sort of a charismatic break in the mold of the politician. offered up older, cautious, people like this guy was younger, active and charming and controversial. he engaged in a number of controversial views, at you might imagine, any leader in japan that's arguing for a more muscular foreign policy as you referred to at the top of the segment, more muscular foreign policy, that's going to raise eyebrows in a region that suffered in world war ii. whether this happened, the party has been marked by abe. there was some form of abeism, the current leader, same party basically, had similar policies,
9:45 am
that is to say pushing for a more aggressive stance in foreign policy, pushing back against china and north korea so we still see elements and i expect we will for some time. eric: it is a tragic loss but hopefully some of those poll soy especially against china will continue. >> thank you. eric: alicia. alicia: authorizing are warning drivers to keep their cool as report of road wage shootings are on the rise. we are on that straight ahead. er♪ ♪ ♪ i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen. i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to.
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alicia: elon musk did not say a whole heck of a lot of pulling out of 44 billion-dollar deal to buy twitter when he spoke at a conference at tech moguls in idaho resort but the fallout continues after he blamed the social media site for not being transparent of the number of fake accounts on the platform. christina coleman live in los angeles with the latest, hi, christina. christina: hi, alicia, the share of twitter's board is committed to closing this deal he says they will take legal action to force merger agreement and confident they will prevail
9:50 am
against billionaire. twitter to pay 1 billion-dollar for ending agreement but instead they said we will see you in court and musk intend today walk away from 44 billion-dollar deal followed by twitter taking legal action is not surprising to some. >> he was never going to pay 44 billion. in my opinion there was way too much leverage in the system and revenues weren't showing it and i don't think that bret taylor and if the burden at twitter is going to say, yeah, give us a billion but our stock is down 10 to 15 billion, since you started playing this charade. christina: musk didn't address decision to terminate deal with twitter when he was in front of tech ceo's and media mogus at the allen&company but former president donald trump didn't hold feelings on the matter while campaigning for republican midterm candidates in anchorage,
9:51 am
alaska and did not expect musk to go through and he called it musk contract with twitter a rotten deal and he claimed musk lied about voting record. >> i tell you what, elon, elon is not going to buy twitter. where did you hear that before, from me, from me. fake accounts. a lot of them. he got himself in a mess. he said i've never voted for a republican and i didn't know that and he said he's voting for me. he's not going to be buying it. christina: twitter has taken a big financial hit since all the drama over merger agreement. stock dropped over 30% since twitter accepted musk offer in late april. alicia. alicia: christina coleman in los angeles, thanks. eric. eric: road rage cases increase across the country, police in georgia are investigating a highway shooting that was caught
9:52 am
on tape. charles watson live in atlanta with this, hi, charles. charles: hey, good afternoon, eric. we are seeing a disturbing rise in road wage incidents involving guns plaguing out in highways across the country and unfortunately, eric, a lot of the disputes are escalating into deadly violence. >> oh, my god. what is it? charles: woodstock, georgia, a man identified as 61-year-old wayne shot 14 shots in sedan wounding the driver twice. police said victim tried to pass before the 61-year-old starting shooting. mind you in the view of a police officer who quickly caught up with the shooter and arrested him. facing a number of charges including aggravated assault. this is just one example of a rise in road rage incidents that rending in gun violence according to an analysis from every town resource. the latest numbers showing the
9:53 am
percentage of road rage incidents that ended with a person being shot or killed doubled last year averaging 44 people a day compared to pre-pandemic average of 22 people. deadly scenes like this one in springfield township, pennsylvania, suburb of philly, this man facing first-degree murder after police say he got out of a car driven by his mother and fired two shots at white toyota camry killing king ho and are facing serious charges for what authorities say was a simplest act. >> it happens all over america these days. i think it probably has a lot to do with the easy access to firearms, to people who shouldn't have them. charles: what's interesting that the road rage altercations are not exploding and numbers what we are seeing is larger share of
9:54 am
them and they're ending -- and they are ending with deadly violence that in some cases are taking folks' lives, eric. eric: horrible and easy access to firearms. charles in atlanta and we will be right back.
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9:57 am
alicia: we are well into july and the heat is ons, tens of millions across the country are in the grip of oppressive temperatures and under some sort of severe weather alert or
9:58 am
warning. meteorologist adam klotz in the weather center with the weekend forecast. adam: heat fueling thunderstorms and the heat piling once again sunday, early but plenty of spots upper 80's and 90 degrees and we see heat advisories in populated areas houston, san antonio up to dallas and extreme excessive head in the area and that's ultimately fill the thunderstorms. just a lot of humidity and heat. now, across the country it's dry in texas. you see large areas where it's clear but where we are seeing storms fairly significant, we could see a good opportunity for severe weather as this line of storms continues to run across the dakotas and minnesota and over towards wisconsin eventually and rounds after rounds of rain continue across the southeast, at this point along the florida gulf coast the florida big bend and stretching up into the carolinas where they have seen days at times very heavy rain if you're down there you know how humid it's been so the air is really, really moist
9:59 am
and with that, when it does rain you can get absolute downpours and that is what is currently happening and happening in the last couple of days. that's additional rain, the ground saturated, you're looking at everything in the orange colors, getting up to 3 to 5 inches widespread even in the yellow colors 2 inches and running up into the carolinas spots where they've already seen a ton of rain here in the last several days. so i wouldn't be surprised if we see flooding if some of those areas as a result. we will be running in 105 degrees in dallas. you see how cooling it is, 100 degrees in denver. if you're in this area, you will see extreme heat, 107 in dallas on monday, still close to 90 degrees in chicago, you see a lot of red in the entire country. tuesday, much of the same, wednesday unfortunately much of
10:00 am
the same. but it is july, it's hot but this is fairly typical. alicia:s is summer. meteorologist adam klotz, thank you so much. adam: you got it. eric: that's it for us for this hour but we will be back at 4:0. 3 hours from now, right alicia? alicia: exactly, rich edison is next with more news from washington, have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ rich: as gas prices dig deep into american wallets, president biden heads to the middle east this week including a stop in oil rich saudi arabia, there he must balance desire for more oil production with his own tough words against the kingdom's human rights records. welcome to fox news live i'm rich edison in washington and kevin corke is here and joining us with more. hey, kevin. kitchen kitchen great to see you, my friend. let's be honest about this, the president's visit to saudi kingdom comes with fairly cost
10:01 am
both domes


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