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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  July 10, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i am mike emmanuel. present buying takes action to provide access to abortion. women march on washington urging the white house to do more. >> it is my hope and strong belief women will in fact turn out in record numbers to reclaim the rights that obtain contempt by the corporate. >> calls for the president to declare public health emergency over abortion rights. and vowing a summer rage in response to the supreme court's action. we will have a live report.
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plus, economic silver lining. a rosy job support, gas prices coming off record highs, but the summer travel season marred by delays at the airport due to pandemic staff cuts and pilot shortages. we will as transportation secretary pete buttigieg about the waves of disruption and new spending to improve airports across the country. and senate democrats and make a last push for a party line package to revive the president's stall domestic agenda. we will bring in leaders from both sides of the al republican conference shared job grasso and senate majority whip dick durbin to discuss the fate of the massive spending bill ahead of midterms. plus, shock and sadness after the assassination of an american ally in one of the world's safest countries. and another key ally resigns after a stream of personal and policy scandals. >> and politics, no it is remotely indispensable. >> will ask or send a panel but
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impact back here in the u.s. all right now on fox news sunday. mike: and hello again from fox news in washington papers by bows to pressure from progressives, take executive action abortion, as women's march protesters returned to d.c. in the white house celebrate new jobs numbers despite growing recession fears and those high gasoline prices hitting americans hard during summer travel. in a moment, transportation secretary pete buttigieg will join us live to discuss the major challenges we have seen the summer. but first, let's head to kevin corke alive at the white house with a ministrations to action for the supreme court's reversal of roe, kevin. >> mike is surprisingly strong jobs report and executive action abortion access rules seem to believe the president with his base this week, and the poll numbers show he needs it.
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>> the fastest way to restore row is to pass a national law codified row, which i will sign immediately upon its passage on my desk. >> president biden this week and bailing executive action and to push back against state legislature and other lawmakers open to further restrict abortion access. this as thousands of pro-choice advocates protested in d.c., many urging the president to declare a national public health emergency as nearly two dozen states moved to ban the procedure. protests themselves have been the subject of intense scrutiny this week in washington, follow reports that an online group targeted supreme court justice brett kavanaugh at a washington area steakhouse. forcing him to slip out the back door. the restaurant said justice and patrons were quote unduly harassed. the white house was less defamatory of it. >> we condemn intimidation, we condemn any violence. peaceful protest -- my people
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should be allowed to be desperate to be able to do that. >> in a restaurant? >> if it is outside of a restaurant, if it is peaceful, for sure pray. >> all this against the backdrop of the president's low poll numbers and americans complaints about high gas prices, economic uncertainty, even flight delays scuttling their summer plans. >> meanwhile the president, as you note, my comments preparing for a trip to saudi arabia and that trip comes amid heavy criticism of the kingdom's human rights record. and with that in mind he actually penned an op-ed overnight in the "washington post". in it he said he was looking to reorient, not rupture long-standing relations was an important ally in the region -- mike. mike: kevin corke report for the white house -- but kevin, many thanks. joining us now, transportation secretary pete buttigieg. mr. secretary, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good morning. let's all start with busy travel seasons during the busy summer travel season. we have had weeks of
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cancellations and delays amid pilot shortage. this comes as there are complaints of passengers there not been treated well by the commercial airlines. and after american taxpayers gave the commercial aviation industry $54 billion during the pandemic, can you understand why some taxpayers feel like they aren't getting their money's worth from the airline industry? >> that's right. a lot of passengers have experienced frustration, including me and millions of other americans. now, we have seen some improvement over the course of the summer. but still not at an acceptable level in terms of performance, cancellation and delays. so, here's what we are doing about it : woke collaborate with airlines when they're ready to take steps that are positive and proactive. whether that is improvement in pay that are helping with hiring or possibly customer service. we are also going to enforce passenger eczema rights. and this is not new for us, as a matter fact, it was lester that i announce the stiffest vines ever imposed under our consumer
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protection program for airlines that were failing to provide refunds to passengers they got stuck with cancellations. as a matter fact, we have just concluded another ten investigations on airlines on these issues, and have lunch another ten or so that we are going to pursue to make sure that consumers and passengers are protected. at the same time, i do and to emphasize again, we have seen movements in the right direction. you know, i gathered airline leaders after memorial day travel weekend. we saw a really high level of cancellations and delays they are. the july 4 travel weekend we just came through widgets of the busiest travel days of the year, definitely fewer cancellations and delays. the numbers i just saw from the last few days, they around too, at 2.5%. still higher than they should be. it's never going to be zero. but we really want to see them push toward the 1% or so with realistic scheduling, responsible customer service, and all the things airlines need to do to properly service the tickets that they are selling to
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passengers. mike: u.s. commercial pilots must retired at age 65 by law. nbc did a study finding, quote, by 2029 at a single baby boomer will be able to legally fly commercial aircraft. as they leap, they take not just a substantial part of the labor force with them, but also decades of expertise and experience in the air. i am told senator lindsey graham is talking with colleagues about potentially raising that retirement age for commercial pilots to 67. would you support that? >> look, these retirement ages are there for a reason, and the reason is safety. i am not going to be on board with anything that could compromise safety. now, with clearly the cases we need to cultivate, train, and support a new generation of qualified pilots. as a matter fact, just last week, i was out with some programs that are helping to cultivate that interest in students and support them as they get their hours and get those qualifications.
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the answer is not to keep the baby boomer generation in the cockpit and definitely. the answer is to make sure that we have as many and as good pilots ready to take their place. to have a stronger pipeline. we are backing that up with faa programs that support high school and college curriculum to get into aviation. and of course, ultimately it will be for the airlines and for those employees to hire and retain excellent talent. and, you know, this is an issue we are sitting across the aviation sector. across the transportation sector at large -- like the importance of having competitive pay, great job quality, so we can bring in and keep the people that are going to be needed to power america's transportation sector. mike: the white house had a major victory last year passing a massive infrastructure package. supply chain issues and inflation are driving up the price tag. you've it said they basically roll defending out over five years. we are seven months into that process. what are you and your team doing to try to move things along? >> well, we have been announcing
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a new program every few days pursuant to that infrastructure law. right now, for example, we are in the middle of rolling out up to a billion dollars in airport improvements. and they say going out to airports across the country but orlando is going to see about 50 million to help expand gates and allow them to have more capacity and accommodate more passengers. chattanooga is going to see improvements that help passengers move more smoothly through the airport. and we are not forgetting smaller, more rural facilities that might not be household names, but could mean a huge amount economically to those regions. the chamberlain, south dakota, for example, their general aviation terminal right now is a mobile home. we are going to fund them to have the kind of terminal they really need an order for flight operations they are to grow into succeed. so, we are proud of what we are doing. the weather it's the airport terminal program going to 85 airports on the country that we are working on this week. or initiatives to eliminate railroad crossings that can be both a headache and a safety hazard in communities across the
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u.s. or, of course, so much fun going to fixing roads, bridges and other facilities that people need in order to get where they need to go safely and conveniently. mike: quick follow-up, how quickly will people see improvements in this airports? >> cell, the funding is flowing now, and abbasid pencil project a little bit. you know, constructing a whole new gate or terminal takes longer than some of the more modest improvements. it really varies from airport to airport. and this is an important thing to point out : we are not creating all the designs in washington. we know that is local communities and individual airports or facilities that are going to know what their needs are. we are trying to provide more of the funding for it but again, those dollars are going to move in quickly. and i'll tell you, even before you see the improvements finished, you are going to see a lot of construction jobs associated with putting them in. mike: will we see any projects that resemble some of the historic infrastructure investment years ago such as when the nation built the interstate highway system?
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>> sure. we are finding a lot of improvements are roads and bridges, too. but we are doing in a better i would say than what has been done in the past. you know, there are a lot of lessons and the choices of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. a lot of communities can point to where a highway that was put in na. where they didn't pay attention to the community or listen to the community. it really cut up and separated a lot of our towns. and so, we are also finding ways to reconnect those communities when a rail line or a highway overpass is doing as much harm as good. were going to do better this time. the 2020s i think is going to be remembered as a. or we set up infrastructure that we are going to be proud of for an entire century. and i'm thrilled to be part of the process of working with states, working with cities, working with communities, working with airports and transit authorities to get that work done. spieth let's go to red hot issue here in washington. your husband tweeted after justice and brett left a washington restaurant due to protesters.
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the tweet reads : it sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions. is that appropriate, sir? >> look, when public officials go into public life, we should expect two things. one, that you should always be free from violence, harassment and intimidation. into, you're never going to be free from criticism or peaceful protests, people exercising their first amendment rights. and that is what happened in this case. remember, that justice never even came in contact with this protesters. reportedly did not see or hear them. and these protesters are upset because a right, an important rite that the majority of americans support was taken away. not only the right to choose, by the way, but this justice was part of the process of stripping away the right to privacy. as long as i have been alive, settled caselaw in the united states has been that the constitution protected the right to privacy. and that has now been thrown out the window by justices, including justice kavanaugh who
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as i recall swore up and down in front of god and everyone including the diocese congress that they're going to leave it settled the case law alone. so yes, people are upset. they are going to exercise their first amendment rights. as long as that is peaceful, that is protected. compare that, for example, to the reality that as a country right now, we are reckoning with the fact that a mob settled by the former president -- spate aren't let me follow-up mr. secretary. >> attacked the right seats capitol, for the purpose of our within the election and nearly succeed in preventing the peaceful transfer of power. i think it's common sense can tell the difference. spate but is a high-profile public figure sir, are you cultural protesters protesting the new owner has to go to a restaurant? >> protesting peacefully outside of public space? sure. look, i can't even tie the number of spaces, venues and sinners were ever protested. in the bottom line is this : any public figure should be always, always free from violence, intimidation and harassment, but
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should never be free from criticism or people exercising the first event rights. spieth let me ask you a campaign question sir. do you expect president biden to run for reelection in 2024? and if not, will you run? >> yes, i do expect them to run for it i will support him. and let me tell you what he's going to have a lot to be proud of because i'm going to choose my words carefully because on appearing as an official this is not a campaign related experience. but i am proud to be part of this administration that is in such work to bring america back from a brink of recession. to create record job growth. to build achievements that would not have been thought possible just a couple years ago, like the bipartisan infrastructure law that i have the honor of working on. you know, people scoffed at the idea that you could get anything done on a bipartisan basis in washington. yet, the president delivered it, and that is after years and years, multiple presidents, multiple congress is coming and going. promising infrastructure bill without any results for this president, this admits ration,
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got it done and i'm proud to be a part of that. spate mr. secretary, thank you and thanks for making time this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you. mike: up next, the impact of the supreme court ruling on abortion and how it could change the trajectory and outcome of the november's midterm elections. will speak with two senate leaders, next. (vo) red lobster's seafood summerfest is fire! turn up for the grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon trio ...and our hottest summer duo, steak and lobster! it's lit! don't miss red lobster's seafood summerfest. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief.
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spate right now senate democrats are in negotiation bring back parts of the president to "build back better" agenda, which fell apart last year. to get it done they're trying to find agreement without the help of republicans on prescription drug pricing, climate spending
11:19 am
and tax increases on the wealthy. but senate republicans are pushing back and threatening to pull support from another major bill in the process. and a moment, we will speak live with the senate majority whip, democrat dick durbin of illinois. but first, from wyoming, and a republican conference chair john brosseau. senator barrasso welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks mike. spate senate leader mitch mcconnell trying to have democrats choose between a bipartisan bill to help the semiconductor industry plus a democrat only climate tax and prescription drug package great is that because democrats all stick together he has limited options? >> american people are furious right now. it is all about inflation rate that is what this election is going to be about in the future of our country. only 88% of americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction. democrats see the writing on the
11:20 am
wall their own pollster said this is the worst environment he has ever seen in his lifetime for democrats. they are trying a hail mary pass. chuck schumer cities once again trying this build back trying to bring it back, rising from the dead. a trillion dollars in taxes, mike. more government spending, piling on the green new deal. look, does anybody actually believe that raising taxes by a trillion dollars is going to help inflation? or taxing the companies that produce our oil, our gas to helr the cost of energy? not a single republican is going to support this, mike. and, my comment to my friend joe manchin from west virginia his boat is going to be necessary for this. mike: yes. >> i would remind him that joe bite is populated in that state as low as it is in wyoming. only 17%, joe should not walk the plank for joe biden. spate part of that
11:21 am
manchin/consumer proposal expected to include, as you mention, bringing in about a chilean dollars in revenue. we are told that half expected to go towards deficit reduction, have towards energy and healthcare spending. is there an economic argument to made nouns at the time for that kind of spending? >> well, what we have seen us with the last big democrat only spending bill, it made inflation a lot worse. democrats, the economist who worked for bill clinton, barack obama said don't do it. it is going to bring out all this inflation. joe biden ignored their advice, denied that there was inflation. the american people know what they want. families are really hurting all across the country. when i talk to people around wyoming in terms of inflation, they are spending $100 a week more now than they were last year just to -- just to keep up. and, you know, they said, what you really want? you want enough money to be able to fill your tank with gas. you want enough money that you
11:22 am
can buy a week's worth of groceries and you want to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. but joe biden is not going there. oh no, he's going to higher taxes, more government spending, and attacking american energy. that is not the solution the american people are looking for, which is why it is only one in ten americans support the direction of the country right now. spate center, let's talk midterm sprayed republicans believe they have a golden opportunity to affect the majority. but if candidates like herschel walker, eric brightens and doctor oz are not winning over the voters, is there possible gop could blow this opportunity? >> well i am very optimistic about the future election coming up in november. the number one issue is inflation. all the issues people care about they look to republicans as the solution on inflation on energy on the economy on the chaos at the border, on crime in the cities.
11:23 am
all those nominees you just mentioned some art in the nominees others are still in primaries and others have not been decided. what we know is they understand their states. they understand the pain people are having in those states. and right now you have candidates running as a democrats who just this past week in ohio, the senate and the governor candidate refused to even show up or be seen when president biden came to their state. people are distancing themselves as a democrats from this administration. very optimistic about her opportunities in november. mike: there are few reports that former president trump could announce a third run for the white house before the midterms. are you concerned that combined with the roe v wade reversal could really galvanize and energize democratic voters ahead of the midterms? >> well, people will make their own decision as to what they vote on and how they decide to vote. i will tell you, when president
11:24 am
trump was in the white house, gas prices were half what they are today. inflation was nonexistent. the border was secure. we were energy independent. joe biden is heading to saudi arabia hat in hand saying please give us more energy because he has killed energy in america. we need to get back to energy dominance, the energy dependence. president trump got us there. bet your fellow will make republican congressman liz a cheney who has been perhaps the most outspoken critic of former president trump, as in primary fight of her life. do you see any path to victory for congresswoman cheney? >> well, wyoming politics is very personal, mike. it is face to face, it is in town to town and you don't listen i disagree i've voted against impeachment of president trump, she was for but i voted against the partisan january 6 commission, she is all in on
11:25 am
that. the election is not for another month. the travel i have done around the state, i think she has a lot of work to do if she hopes to win the primary. you say he was leading right now? the people doing the best of the people that are selling advertisements, and fox news is doing very well. [laughter] spate she has encouraged wyoming democrats across over a boat for her. are there enough wyoming democrats out there to make a difference in her race? >> well, number one, this would not be the first time that democrats across over and flipped their registration to vote in republican -- interpublic in primaries. they are really not that many democrats out there. even the chairman of the democratic party of wyoming, said there are not enough democrats to do that. spate senator barrasso, thank you so much. always good to speak with you, sir. >> thanks, mike. spate joining us now from illinois, dick durbin, the number two democrat in the united states senate.
11:26 am
senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good to be with you. spate lawmakers passed the first gun reform package a month ago. the first significant gun reform in three decades. and yet, this week, your beautiful state was rocked by a mass shooting in highland park. sir, do you see any appetite for additional legislation, whether it be on guns or other root causes? >> well, i certainly hope so. i hope that my colleagues will take a look at what happened in highland park. it's less than a week ago. and what happened that day, of course, seven peoples were killed. scores were injured by a killer who got on top of the building and took a military weapon -- mcnabb, smith and wesson military and police weapon -- megan fired off up to 90 rounds in just a few seconds. people were scattering and running, and sad things happened. we found a 2-year-old who was protected by his father's dying
11:27 am
body and he was finally reunited with his grandparents because he lost both his father and his mother to the shooter. this week, we had good news. an 8-year-old who was hit by this killer is starting to speak again. he is coming out of critical condition. whether he will walk again is anyone's question at this point. the question we have to ask ourselves and i will ask my colleagues : is this what we want and america when people -- families bring up the kids for a fourth of july parade that achille could take out a military style weapon fire off 90 rounds into a route of innocent people and killing so many others? i just don't think that is consistent with america's voice or its constitution. spate center, the suspect in this week shooting invaded your state's red flag laws. is there a loophole there to be close? >> well, certainly. and if you look across the nation we have to be much more
11:28 am
vigilant while this military assault weapons. some say as many as 20 millions for the 400 millions in america they are arguing some are arguing more guns in the hands of american people. it certainly is not made as a safer nation. it's 300 mass shootings this year. i did not know we took this fourth of july break the illinois ultimately every center sadly every center has to face the prospect they will have their own highland park before this is over. mike: to be fair though if it was just about gun laws wouldn't chicago chicago it's of the toughest gun laws in the country be a safer city? >> me tell you something, quickly. highland park is not chicago it is a suburb of chicago small-town a great small town. it's the first place she would've chosen to go to a fourth of july parade with your son, grandson, granddaughter it's a wonderful community. to say oh, chicago is so
11:29 am
dangerous parade yes, it is dangerous but so is st. louis and so is jackson mississippi and others with the murder rate as well. it's exactly we have some against the police i sat down with privately on a regular basis say senator you just don't have any idea how many guns are out there. they are so easily accessible. the gun industry is made a lot of money out of this but america's not safer because of it or. >> may be clear which express my heartfelt condolences to the people of highland park into you sir. let's talk policy on capitol hill. senate majority leader chuck schumer's having conversations with your colleague senator joe manchin trying to a slimmed-down version of "build back better". what are -- what is the nature of that conversation? take us inside the conversation and what is left to be ironed out. >> the centerpiece of courses high prices the prices of prescription drugs. and even before this period of the economy, american families always found the price of
11:30 am
prescription drugs are just too hybrid people sometimes cannot afford the medicines they need to stay alive. they wanted the same drugs made in america it cost a fraction of what we pay for them in countries like canada and europe. and they wonder why we have not done anything as a nation to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. the democrats, chuck schumer and all of us are working toward bringing down these prices for you to say to people who are facing insulin dependent diabetes the cost of their drugs and insulin will be not more than $35 a month. dramatic changes to bringing down prices and family struggle with every single day. now, senator mcconnell stepped up saying i'm going to stop this effort to bring down prescription drug prices buried do not want you to do it and you shouldn't do it. and if you persist in this effort to try and do it i'm going to stop the bill that gives us a better competition with china parade the semiconductor industry is central to economic growth and job creation in this country. we have lost ground on it and we've got to build to change upward mcconnell said is going to stop that bill.
11:31 am
he is going to dutifully violate the pharmaceutical companies plead to us not to lower prescription drug prices but the bottom line is this, american families need help in paying their bills and they need help in life-saving drugs being affordable for the democrats are leaving that senator, opposes it. >> are democrats right now pressing for structural changes to the united states supreme court. here now is congresswoman aoc. >> congress, we have the possibility when we are strengthened by the repeal of the filibuster or even the change to a talking filibuster or a standing filibuster. in doing so we can codify row. we can codify all of the other cases the supreme court indicated their threat we can codify same-sex management codify the right to contraception. we can codify interracial marriage. we can do that.
11:32 am
mike: is she firing up the base major changes are coming when in fact you don't have the votes in the senate? >> well, i can say the bottom line is, she was a change of filibuster rule when it comes to voting rights and other issues. i support that. i think that we ought to make an exception to 60 vote requirement will make it down to fundamental questions like this. it is really up to senators, who are currently serving, the 50 democrats. two of them decided not to vote with this on one of these rule changes earlier. whether they change their position on that since the supreme court handed down this decision taking away the constitutional rights of the americans i don't know. but i will be asking them next week. >> is chairman of the judiciary committee when you say to progressives calling for impeaching some of the conservative justices? >> i don't think it is realistic. i can tell you there is in my mind a clear conflict of interest when it comes to justice thomas and issues related to the generate six insurrection.
11:33 am
his wife is actively involved politically going so far as to give direct advice to the president's chief of staff during this crisis. i would think justice thomas to recuse himself from any decisions that relate to the generate six episode print already he was a single votes earlier on a case related to that issue. i think it is a mistake as to whether he's going to be impeached, that is not realistic. he should show good judgment. at this court is going to be credible it has to be as apolitical as possible. the opposite has been happening for a quick senator a lot of headlights speak about democratic governors including your own of illinois. do you think gridlock here in washington could potentially traded opening opening for one of these democrats to challenge president biden in 2024? >> well i'm not looking ahead six years. i am looking ahead to this week whether we can come together democrats and republicans and get something done in
11:34 am
washington. bring down the cost of prescription drugs, deal with this issue of semiconductor chips which is a frozen economic expansion in this country. let's get this agenda underway per the election in just a few months will take care of itself. on the one ears off is certainly over the horizon for my point of view. >> hundred durbin thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> up next to bring the sunday group to discuss the disconnect between voters impression of the economy and the white house. ♪
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you know where to go. 's
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cooks are stronger economic than we have been in history. mike: karine jean-pierre claiming strong despite inflation not seen for decades. and recession fears on the minds of many americans. it is time now for our sunday group read usa today washington bureau chief susan page, fox
11:38 am
news political analyst juan williams, fox news contributor ben domenech and npr national political correspondent trent eight. panel, welcome. great heavy on the table. >> right to be here. straight so comes as a couple us are here. we have a strong job support this week. the white house took a bit of a victory lap. but i do multiple sets on about 10% of the country thanks the country is heading in the right direction but what about the disconnect here? >> yes. well, it was a good jobs report. the news on the plummet continues to be strong perhaps we won't head into a recession but mixed signals on that. but ablation just overwhelms everything pretty inflation effects americans are to make fill up the tank of the car, it affects them every ten to go to the grocery store to buy something with that that is the economic indicator that defined civil sentiment that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. one of the number from the monmouth poll, only 10% of americans think that country is headed in the right direction. that is a devastating and historic number. straight band, less informants out midterm elections, you've
11:39 am
got the democrats trying to get some of the spending across the finish line. the slimmed-down build back a better. is that putting republicans in an awkward spot? [laughter] i don't think so. this is something now where you have certain things baked in for the election, they are not going to change me the kinds of uncertainty, the kinds of questions that americans have about their pocketbook issues, not just energy prices as susan said, but the other effects that they are seeing. they note -- they went to our economy and a lot of different challenging ways for their things the white house or the democratic party are going to be able to turn around and time to change things for november. spate juan, do you want to jump in? >> well, i think that you know time is short. i think everybody agrees on that paper i do think if you look back over the last three weeks, it might come democrats are in a better position than we would've anticipated. not just because of the good jobs numbers that we saw on friday. but you think about it for second, gas prices directly headed down for their still too
11:40 am
high but they are headed in the right direction. in addition to that coming up to stop and think of at the generate six committee, which has had success in terms of penetrating public consciousness and public opinion. in terms of bringing chaos, trumps chaos to the forefront of the conversation again. and then you think about the abortion decision. you think about the gun massacres that had taken place pretty touched on that was senator durbin. a lot of these issues don't play well for republicans, play well -- better for the democrats and make the republicans look like a radical party. >> i don't believe, want, that the january 6 committee spent anywhere near close after penetrating a broader public conscious by think the numbers you see, in fact, response of the decision on dobbs versus jackson don't support that it is going to be a dramatic change in terms of democrats get a huge vote number out. and the gun issue, what does play against republicans time and again, it doesn't actually kind of election changing
11:41 am
format. >> welcome thinking to look at the generic numbers, just the generic numbers you prefer a republican or democrat in november? those numbers have narrowed. some polls have even the democrats in the lead over the last three issues. so, the president out and up to this money basically depending as being a saudi leader sang his restored stability to the middle east region, what you make of it? >> yes, the op-ed did not mention the word oil and that is what he was accused of, downplaying human rights parade which saudi's have violated a lot. to go hat in hand to ask them to pump more oil. that op-ed did not mention that. but look the middle east is really important region. the president has to go over there. he's trying to tout his accomplishments. it is a difficult position to be in. because he wanted to make a pariah that's actual where he is. and instead now he's going to meeting with those leaders. great susan, we learned early friday morning about former
11:42 am
prime minister shinzo abe of japan but he was out campaigning. talk about his role in terms of his relationship with the u.s. leaders over the years. >> welcome him out for them and their president. he built strong u.s. japan ties. it is especially important in getting japan to move past its world war ii legacy on military build a stronger japanese military. he took a particularly interesting stance towards china big talk to the chinese leader recently stood up for the rights of taiwan the need for other democracies to defend taiwan. definitely very powerful longest-serving japanese prime minister in its history a big loss and shocking in japan for there to be gun violence. mike: ben another political shakeup and let it with boris johnson announcing he will be leaving office. here's how fox nation hosted pierce morgan explained it.
11:43 am
>> it's a massive problem with the truth. it's finally come back till boris johnson when he was caught he did what boris johnson always does and he tried to lie his way out of it. spate was boris johnson's departure about policy or politics? [laughter] >> first like to save my condolences the former editor at the spectator mulls the editor at large now. poll went out for boris pretty is a third prime minister in a row brought down by boris johnson in certain respects. i think we should appreciate. he is an incredible figure and certainly someone who changed the dynamics. part of the problem is boris stopping boris. i many stopping the kind of a populist that conservatives could have confidence in what came to forming the coalition that led to getting 14 million votes in 2019 pay the problem for them now is form that coalition again, i think, will prove to be very impossible.
11:44 am
i'm just one thing i think we should appreciate about politics of the uk is that, you know, as much as people may speak in high duction about honesty or scandal or something like this, this is such a farcical reason for him to be pushed out on so many different respects. it had a lot more to do with the failure of covid related policies. his break with a lot of things he stood for before he ascended to the pm position and not to do to spending too much on parties or drapes. it would be the equivalent of getting rid of gavin newsom for going to the french laundry. doesn't relate track as being very serious. spate juan, what you make of johnson announcing his departure, but sticky rental conservatives pick a new leader? >> welcome i think you know johnson's a lot -- ben was talk about him as a populist leader. thinking select trump in that regard. we see that coming out, trumpets kind of madam nine lives, always reinventing himself and try to
11:45 am
retain a position of power. clearly the conservatives in britain got rid of johnson. republicans, conservatives here are still locked into trunk. i think johnson wants to influence who might come next. his successor. maybe he thanks he might be reelected at some point but he will make a lot of money on the speaking circuit, writing i'm sure. maybe back at the spectator. [laughter] >> he could also come back to america. >> he does want to have some influence on the brexit deal, what's on board with brexit. as well, i think this is more of a global concern, the ukraine. he has been a great friend to present zelenskyy and the ukrainians. i think a lot of people want to make sure that remains in place. spate array panel, we're off to a great start. we have to take a break here. up next, a string of mass shootings adding a call for to govern forms and change her in washington. we'll discuss the response of some of the nation's governors leading the charge. plus, what the fight between ron desantis and gavin newsom could foreshadow for 2024.
11:46 am
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>> you all heard what happened today. but each day we are reminded there's nothing guaranteed about our democracy. nothing guaranteed of our way of life. >> if you are angry today, i am here to tell you, be angry. i am furious. i am furious that yet more innocent lives were taken by gun violence. spate that's present biden and illinois governor jb pritzker both reacting to the horrific july 4 parade shooting but it somewhat contrasting tones. and we are back out the panel. so mara, you are different responses in the president and illinois governor. some people criticizing the the present respondent and elevating
11:50 am
governor pritzker's response, your thoughts? x yes, i mean, there are some democrats active to where the president to bar fiery subsidy tentatively, there is not much is seen pritzker in the present rate they both want gun safety laws, including, you cannot buy got into 21, you have to have universal background check for thousands are supported by huge majorities of americans. in some polls over 80% or 90% are for those measures, and they can't get passed by congress. and that's, i think, the real root of democrat frustration. >> i think -- i think it's all but 20242. >> and will then there's that. but you know, i think -- i think governor pritzker is more the several democrats who want to run it. >> if biden doesn't, yes. >> and biden doesn't. maybe it biden doesn't mean i think there's some of this -- this, the rhetoric for hearing now is aimed at saying present biden, maybe you should consider whether going to announce a writing for another term. >> yes. but you know coming to such an ease among democrats about was quite a happen this november and
11:51 am
with the prospects are looking to sell the road. >> yes. spate to pick up on that, got governor gavin newsom from california going after governor ron desantis in florida, running ads in florida. is this about raising his profile? and is he considering a primary right against present biden? what is hard to imagine why the governor of california is paying campaign funds to run an ad against the former governor in florida unless he is looking down the road. there are -- met both of those governors come i think i'm have ambitions for the white house but with the echoes for each of them. ron desantis, definitely annoying president -- my former president drop by being open about his ambitions there. spate band, do florida voters give a darn about what gavin newsom is saying? and are those ads going to make a difference? or do they just make them feel better about their governor being out there and high profile? >> in the last couple of years, two years i believe, more than 11000 people move from california to florida, bringing with them about $1.9 billion
11:52 am
worth of business according to the americans for tax form. so, i think there's definitely some movement and is not in the direction of california. but to pick up on susan's point, i do think these are kind of signals to the white house. it is signaled to joe biden and signaled to democratic donors that you do not have to necessarily do this again. and you saw the piece in the "new york times" this morning. you see the peace that ran in the "washington post" you see other pieces coming out now about increasingly open skepticism that joe biden can run again given the levels of unpopularity and levels of difficulty they face. >> what about the number people who don't want trump to run again, republicans pretty similar to the number of democrats don't biden to run again. >> all right, one the more immediate concern belts of a power up there and b-uppercase-letter of got republican candidates who seem to be struggling a bit to connect with voters i'm thinking of herschel walker, dr. oz, eric
11:53 am
brighton and perhaps others. what is that doing to mitch mcconnell's hopes up being the majority leader in the new congress? >> i think you just have to look at his behavior. right now he seems like he is upset about the possibility of the democrats passed in this prescription drug bill you discussed earlier in the show. and also the competitiveness bill. think the democrats clearly want to say we are doing something we can get things done it mitch mcconnell tactic over the years has been to stall, to obstruct. he is employing that tactic now at the risk of looking hypocritical because he support these build the past. so the question becomes, what does he think? and i think it is about just what you said, mike, which is that he is worried now that looks better for the democrats with weak republican nominees running for the senate seats. you know, the numbers in georgia have shifted recently with the
11:54 am
suddenly senator warnock doing much better against herschel walker. you look in pennsylvania and similar ships to look at senator mcconnell's well aware of it. saint ben, when you hearing in conservative circles? how much alarm is there? we've seen the past that that they could take back the majority in previous election cycles and it didn't work out. so, other problems going to squander this opportunity? >> well, they are great at it. but ideas don't run for office people do breed that's part of the problem they're facing here in the sense you can have ideas going against the biden agenda of emphasizing energy independence. of not embracing some of the more radical policies and high spending that has been embraced in the past couple of years. but if you are people out there the trail vocalizing this have significant personal challenges that makes it tougher to do. that being said, every indication we have in terms of the overall perspective, the
11:55 am
right track wrong track the level of shifts that you have seen and in some of these special elections and the like seem to indicate a republican way that as we have seen in wave years before end up sending a lot of people to washington who no one ever expected to make it their prey. >> met perhaps some races not getting front and center attention can be surprises, places like new hampshire, colorado, arizona? >> certainly i think nevada is going to be one of these races that could end up in critical terms of determining whether mike connell's the majority leader or not i. >> you have a wave election that really sweeps away the democratic majority in the house. i think even democrats are pretty pessimistic they think that's going to happen for there happen cases were senate candidates have been able to shield themselves to some degree so democrats do hope to hold on even to a 50/50 split. think of the difference in joe biden's last years were second two years of his term as president if he has a divided
11:56 am
congress or he if he has a congress that is united under republican control. >> roe v wade phenyl panelist what is the impact of the midterms? what sets a big question how do issues like gun violence, roe v wade with a energized democratic voters enough to close at enthusiasm gap and make a difference? we do not know yet i think the economy silly number one, two and three issue driving voter concern for. >> folks within the wallet on the gas station for. >> as usual but the reaction to roe was pretty intense for the reaction to the gun violence is intense. democrats are hopeful those kinds of issues can help energize the race. state want to think democrats hold onto think were looking to republican senate? >> think that is up in the air. i would have thought earlier there is more likelihood it would lean republican. i don't think that at the moment. but in terms of the house this goes back to the fact americans have gone through the pandemic. they are upset about this print
11:57 am
they are angry and we see historically they vote against the incumbent in these midterms. happen to clinton comment happen to obama. happen to trump. i think it's likely to happen in the house again. stay alright panelist think is so much for to see it next sunday. up next to a final word on the week ahead.
11:58 am
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>> and that is it for dave ryan mike emmanuel. have a great week will see you back here next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to" sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. today, dereliction of duty. extreme heat in texas, failing to stop the open floodgates of illegal migrants coming into america this weekend. millions swarming the southern border this year from mexico, guatemala and 112 other countries. every day groups of 10, 20, 500. new fox drone footage coming up this morning. no


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