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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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stopping at the toll booth and making the rest of us have to wait. you can see me at the stress factory next saturday, july 16th. two shows, 7 and 9, get tickets at new brunswick stress see you there. >> "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. ♪ jon: a scare for passengers on a flight in atlanta as their plane catches fire shortly after landing. good evening, i'm jon scott s and this is "the fox report." ♪, and. ♪ ♪ jon: it happened this morning on a spirit airlines flight from tampa to atlanta. the airline says the fire started after one of the plane's brakes overheated. thankfully, no one was hurt. more on that coming up. also ahead hour, the nypd says a 14-year-old has died after he was stabbed on a subway platform yesterday. police have just made an arrest.
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that and more on the rise in violent crime many in several major cities. and ongoing concerns about the security of supreme court justices after an activist group offers money to anyone who reports the locations of the six conservative members of the nation's highest court. more on these stories lout the hour. but first, to president biden defending his upcoming visit to saudi arabia in a new op-ed ahead of his trip to that nation and others in the middle east this week. kevin corke live at the white house with that. >> reporter: jon, good afternoon. frankly, no two ways about it, the president's upcoming trip to the saudi kingdom comes with fairly heavy risk on both the domestic and international fronts. from the international perspective, he'll to obviously tie to smooth other hard feel feelings with the saudis, all while maybe encouraging them to open the spigot when it comes to oil production. but there's heavy cost and heavy risk here domestically because the president is also facing fairly significant criticism from both the political left and
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right that what he's essentially doing is shuffling over to the saudis with hat in hand while tamping down domestic oil production if right here at home, not exactly a picnic when you consider he's been harshly critical of the saudis' human rights record. still, the upcoming trip, quote: from the start my aim was to reorient but not rupture relations with a country that's been a strategic partner for 80 years. today saudi arabia has helped to restore unity among the six countries of the gulf cooperation council, that's the gcc, and has fully supported the truce in yemen and is now working with my experts to help stabilize oil markets with other opec producers. that, of course, from that that washington post op-ed. now, understand i by over on capitol hill gop lawmakers are skeptical, accusing theth president of ignoring the obvious answers here at home like our own ability to produce if significantly more oil which could, in turn, are reduce
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inflation. >> you want enough money to be able to fill your tank with gas. you want enough money that you can buy a week's worth of groceries, and you want to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. but joe biden's not going there. >> reporter: john barrasso speaking there. the white house, for its part, says despite heavy criticism coming from, frankly, both ends of the political spectrum it is, in their opinion, improving, things are improving. and that includes reducing the pain at the pump. >> it's our number one priority to get a handle on these prices. and we will. you know, the fed is taking strong action, our, the president and the administration, we're doing everything we know how to do. wholesale gas prices are coming down. but until, until we do get a handle on inflation, i think it's the natural for a family to be feeling that pinch. >> reporter: pinch is one word to describe it, economic
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calamity is another way to describe it for millions of americans having to pay significantly more to fill their tanks. just as an example, the average price for a gallon of gasoline is now at $4.68 a gallon, that's up from $3.14 a gallon just a year ago. and and while prices have begun to come down slightly and lowly -- slowly, it's still an awful lot of money. i should also point this out in case you have not had a chance to read the entirety of the president's op-ed in "the washington post," it was more than 1300 words long. of those, the word oil was mentioned once. jon? jon: kevin corke live at the white house, thanks. >> reporter: you bet. jon: in a end recent speech, president biden referenced a report of a 10-year-old girl who recently was said to have traveled from ohio to indiana for an abortion. supposedly after she was raped. the report published by the indianapolis star cites an
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indiana doctor as its only source. well, now "the washington post" is raising questions about the legitimacy of the story the president raised. the post's analysis is time thinged, a one-source story about a 10-year-old and an abortion goes viral. it reads many part, this is a very difficult story to check. dr. bernard is on the record, but obtaining documents or other confirmation is almost impossible without tale that would identify the locality where the rape occurred. the left-wing activist group shutdown d.c. is offering bounties to poem who provide realtime locations for supreme court justices so protesters can target them. this comes after justice brett kavanaugh was harassed as he was trying to dine at a morton's steakhouse in washington, d.c. last week. alexandria hoff with more on the security threats. >> reporter: shutdown d.c. is
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looking to incentive incentivize service industry workers into reporting where supreme court justices are in realtime. on friday they put out the call writing,: we'll seven mow you $50 for a confirmed sighting and 200 if they're still there 30en minutes after your message, despite twitter's policies that discourages the harassment of specific individuals. quote: this includes to but is not limited to for calls to target people into behavior such as physical harassment. twitter has not responded to fox news' inquiry into why that tweet is still up. now, the bounty offering came exactly a month after a man was charged with showing up to justice kavanaugh's home intending to kill him and two days after kavanaugh was forced to escape out of the back door of a d.c. morton's steakhouse. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez the mocked that moment writing: poor guy, he left before his souffle because
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he decided half the country should risk death if they have an ectopic pregnancy within the wrong state lines. to be clear, no state has banned that, but thousands that marched against the white house yesterday feel the supreme court's ruling threatens a woman's health and privacy. they called on the president to declare an abortion-related health emergency. jon? jon: alexandria hoff, thanks. steve bannon is now offering to testify before the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot. ban nonis currently facing two counts of cop tempt of congress for defying the committee's subpoenas with his trial set to begin a week from tomorrow. two members of the committee said today they would be interested in a deposition with sworn testimony. the committee's next hearing set for tuesday. former japanese if prime minister shinzo abe's suspected assassin is set to be charged
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with murder. police say hay found a number of homemade pyre arms at the suspect's home similar to the weapon he's accused of using to kill abe during a campaign speech on friday. the assassination is raising security concerns for police who say a lapse in protection allowed the shooter to get too close. abe's funeral will be held tuesday for close friends and family, a vigil will be held tomorrow night. a 15-year-old has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a 14-year-old boy in new york city. police say the boy was killed yesterday on a subway platform in broad daylight. lauren green is live in if our new york city if newsroom with details as america's crime crisis continues to explode in the big cities. lauren. >> reporter: well, jon, the stabbing's another senseless crime that happened in the middle of the day when most new yorkers believe the subways are relatively safe. instead, one teen is dead and another charged with his murder. yellow police tape blocked the
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entrance of the subway station in harlem where 14-year-old ethan reyes was found stabbed on the train platform, a 15-year-old male charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. police say reyes knew his attacker. >> our preliminary investigation indicates that a fight or dispute began on the street and continued into the train station the where an altercation occurred. >> it's really hurtful because, like, i live around here, i grew up around here. and it hurts because, like, so many kids who are our age, it's so surprising to hear, andst very hurtful to hear that somebody who we could play around with got hurt. >> reporter: crime is posting double-digit increases from a year ago. new york, over 37%. chicago up 34%. philadelphia, more than 25%. if philadelphia police are looking for a pack of teens who beat and killed a 72-year-old, james lambert, with traffic
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cones. the disturbing video shows hem laughing and smiling as they murder their prey. and the senseless killing hits close to home as the fox news family mourns with gianno caldwell as he laid to rest yesterday his younger brother, christian. the 18-year-old was fatally shot in chicago. >> for those who may want justice for their families as well, keep fighting. the fight never ends until you get it. so keep fighting, keep persevering, keep working towards that because there is hope, and i'm here knowing that there is hope and that there will be justice for my baby brother. >> reporter: and, jon, one note on the death in new york with this crime surge, shooting incidents are actually down compared to last year. jon? jon: lauren green in our new york city newsroom, thanks. turning now to the to the crisis at our southern border. the department of homeland security is quietly preparing for a record number of unaccompanied migrant children trying to cross the border illegally this year.
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according to data obtained by the washington examiner, dhs estimates as many as 161,000 children will try to cross border this year, surpassing last year's 147,000. bill melugin with the latest from the border in eagle pass, texas. >> reporter: well, jon, good evening to you. the epicenter of the border crisis is no longer the rio grande sali, it is right here in del rio sector, specifically the city of eagle pass. case many point, take a look at the video we just shot late yesterday afternoon, another massive single group of migrants crossing illegally into eagle pass. this is a private ranch where every day we have seen enormous groups crossing here. the largest about 540 on wednesday. and as you can imagine and as you can see from the video, this is a huge drain on border patrol resources. this sucks up agents and makes it so they are not elsewhere
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patrolling on the front lines. her here having to process these large groups, do the paperwork and the transport. take a look at more video that we shot from the ground of this group. keep in the mind this is summer out here at the border, these temperatures are sweltering. about 108 crees -- degrees when we shot this video. this border crisis is not seasonal, and these migrants really struggle in the heat, many of them desperate for water, begging for water, and it's the hard on the border patrol agents as well. these migrants are coming from as far as bangladesh earlier this week. and for that reason, texas governor greg abbott was on fox news earlier today saying what is happening down here, he believes, is an invasion. >> we do have an invasion driven by the cartels coming across our border that are pouring people into our country at unprecedented levels. and. >> reporter: take a look at these photos from border patrol's el paso sector of numerous stash house busts in recent days totaling 93 migrants
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in total. cartels will smuggle people, put them up in these stash houses where they'll keep them there and wait until they're able to move them deeper into the united states. just since october 1st, they've busted 156 of these stash houses totaling nearly 1,700 migrants. and then lastly, take a look at this photo, a monumentally massive bust of meth in san diego county. more than 5,000 pounds of meth seized by rah law enforcement down there after they tracked two trucks that went through the mesa port of entry. four men from mexico arrested and charged in this incident which law enforcement says is one of biggest meth busts mt. history of san diego county. and then back out here in next door arizona, cbp making two separate major fentanyl busts totaling more than 50,000 fentanyl pills. yet another reminder that at all times cartels and drug syndicates are constantly trying to move deadly drugs into the
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united states. we'll send it back to you. jon: not just trying, succeeding. bill melugin, thank you. well, frustrated border state governors are taking new steps to try to combat the surge of illegal migrants seeking entry. texas governor abbott authorized the arrest of migrants and their return to the border. arizona will spend more than half a billion dollars on new security measures including maintaining former president trump's border wall. meanwhile, the biden administration insists the border is secure. let's bring in arizona attorney general mark brnovich, also a republican u.s. senate candidate. so arizona, general brnovich, wants to spend more than half a billion dollars to do the job that the federal government ought to be doing? if. >> yeah. thank you, jon, for having me on. it really is absurd absurdity, because when with it comes to border security, national security can, that is when the federal government, the white house is at its ultimate peak of
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power, and it shouldn't be up to states like arizona and texas to have to do the job the feds won't. unfortunately, we taxpayers in arizona are having to pay for this when all of us, all across the country now, we are all border states because, as bill melugin just reported, we have a record amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine coming into country. we have people on the terror watch list coming in. not only arizona and texas, the entire united states will be affected and people will die as a result of joe biden's failed policies. jon: the headline is -- i'm sorry, 564 million committed to border spending by your governor, doug ducey, because the biden administration, he says, is not doing anything. inaction, he calls it. says that he's dedicating a record $564 million to help secure our border with a physical barrier, address critical public opinion safety staffing shortages and modernize the technology and public safety
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equipment to target the criminal activity and keep arizona's citizens safe. i'm just guessing that you applaud what the governor's doing. >> yeah. well, arizona, we are trying to do something. and, jon, i wrote the first opinion in the entire country that basically says what is happening right now at our southern border constitutes an invasion. and i'm working with folks like representative arrington in texas to make sure that we're doing everything we can so the states can use the tools in their toolboxes including apprehending and expelling people that are violating, essential hi, the invasion clause of the constitution. but take a step back here. the big problem is, is that it's a matter of policy. we can have all the fences and all the drones, but if joe biden is incentivizing and monetizing people breaking the law and now he's decriminalizing it by refusing to deport people, he wants dhs to grant asylum basically to people that have
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broken the law are. so when you have federal government, when you have a federal government having policies that incentivizes decriminalizing, if people are coming here illegal will hi and being rewarded for it, you're going to continue to see people break the law. that's why it's so demoralizing when you have people literally, jon, crossing the southern border with carry-on luggage. you get more of a hassle from at the airport than you will right now coming into our country illegally because of the joe biden administration. jon: yeah, well, the department of justice is apparently looking at the program in texas, operation lone star, where they're using national guardsmen to apprehend illegals and ache them back to the border -- take them back to the border. the doj says that could be a violation of the constitution. give us your take on that as arizona's attorney general. >> well, as someone that's had to sue the biden administration numerous times and just got sued again, i will tell you that the biden administration does not have a very good grasp of the
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law, and they have less grasp of the u.s. constitution, and they're basically trying to centralize power in d.c. and we, arizona, we just got sued last week because we have a law that says only citizens can vote in our election, you have to i prove proof of citizenship if you want to vote in the presidential election. joe biden's let more than 3 million people into this country illegally, and yet he wants to sue arizona for trying to check citizenship of people voting in our elections. so people can draw their own conclusions what joe biden or whoever's talking in his earpiece is doing here, but it's the hype of hypocrisy to incentivize, decriminalize and have a record amount of people entering our country and at the same time they're going after folks like greg abbott for trying to stop illegal immigration and protect his communities, and at the same time they're suing us in arizona, and i'm going to have to be in court again defending a common sense if election integrity measure that says only citizens can society in our u.s. elections.
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jon: and it's not just the people coming across the border, it's the fentanyl which comes, essentially, from china, gets transported to mexico and brought across our border. it is now killing americans in record numbers, and the biden administration does not seem to care. >> they don't care. and this crisis, the catastrophe will not be stopped until joe biden and kamala harris care more about middle america than they do about central america. and that's a harsh reality. and as a first generation american, it breaks my heart when i see what's happening here, this undermining of the rule of law. as a former gang prosecutor, i will tell you the record amount of drugs right now that are being seized it seems like every few months we're seeing the largest seizures and prosecutions. just a few months ago there was enough methamphetamine -- excuse me, fentanyl pills seized to kill half the population of, --
3:20 pm
of arizona. this is going to end up in des moines and chicago and all over the united states, and that's why i'm doing everything i can in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion, running for the u.s. senate as well to make sure we do everything to protect not only my children, but all of our children. jon: attorney general mark brnovich. general brnovich, thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: coming up, a harrowing emergency landing caught on camera. more of this incred incredible video shot from the cockpit of a small plane in trouble in the north carolina mountains and how it all ended. that's next. ♪ ♪ jeff's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. and wherever this guy runs off to. a life well lived should continue at home. with home instead care, older adults can stay home, safe, and happy. home instead. to us, it's personal.
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jon: dramatic video of a pilot landing his single-engine plane on a north carolina curving highway in the blue mountains, blue ridge mountains. here's the view as the emergency landing unfolded. the pilot said he lost engine power. he maneuvers to avoid power lines and cars as the plane descends. the local sheriff's office says the pilot did a, quote, outstanding job and that there were no injuries. he added, quote, there were so many things that could have been catastrophic, but they didn't happen.
3:25 pm
>> in georgia a plane full of passengers catching fire shortly after landing at our nation's busiest airport. it happened onboard a spirit airlines flight from tampa to atlanta. charles watson live in atlanta with details for us. charles. >> reporter: good evening, jon. good news, airport officials here in atlanta tell us all of the passengers onboard that spirit airlines flight from tampa to atlanta are okay following a fire that broke out during the landing process. it was quite the sight to see, jon. take a look at video taken by a witness who was there as this all unfolded. cardiac heavy smoke and -- dark heavy smoke and bright flames shooting from the underbelly after it landed at hartsfield-jackson international airport. according to spirit airlines, a brake got a little too hot as the flight was landing around 9:30 this morning, and that's's what's believed to have ignited the flames.
3:26 pm
it was quite a scary situation for a lot of folks onboard, many of whom were confused and on edge as flight attendants tried to keep passengers calm. >> keep the aisles clear. we do have to evacuate, so just leave your bags. we will let you know. >> i was shaken up. like, i have a 1-year-old son, and, man, my baby moms was talking about bringing him onto the plane. but instead they drove back from tampa. if i would have had my 1-year-old son, it would have been, like, more of urgency. >> reporter: so we're told first responders were able to knock down the flames pretty quickly before things could get any worse. spirit airlines telling fox news many a statement in part, quote, the aircraft was towed to the gate where guests safely deplaned without any injuries. thank you to the atlanta first responders for immediately meeting the aircraft. the plane will be temporarily removed from service for
3:27 pm
maintenance. so good news there, jon. no injuries. but can you imagine what it was like for those passengers on there? talk about a flier's worst nightmare with flames popping out of this plane. jon: yeah, a little nerve-wracking, but it bears pointing out that aviation in this country is incredibly safe. charles watson live in atlanta, thanks. police outside atlanta are investigating a recent road rage shooting caught on camera. a warning, some viewers might find this video disturbing. [gunfire] >> oh, my god! [bleep] jon: police say the suspect in the red truck fired 14 shots into a blue bmw sedan wounding the driver. they say the victim tried to pass truck several times before the shooting. a police officer happened to see it all and arrested the suspect. he faces charges including
3:28 pm
aggravated assault. well, still to come on "the fox report," inflation is taking a bite out of profits for restaurant owners, and it's no picnic for customers either. tell you about the surprise now appearing on the menu at a restaurant near you. ♪ ♪ cheeseburger in paradise. ♪ heaven on earth is an onion slice. ♪ not too particular, not too precise -- ♪ i'm just a cheeseburger or in paradise. ♪
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3:33 pm
in queens, new york, police shoot and kill a man who threatened to blow the head off of officers. he reportedly dialed 911 and threatened to kill governor kathy hochul and other elected officials. police paid him a visit, he fired seven rounds at them. they returned fire. and this alarming twitter video is going viral. it shows san francisco school kids getting off of a bus on the way home and walking past an apparent open air drug den. twitter user says this happens in an area known for rampant drug use. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to fox news as frustrated american -- as frustrated as americans are already over inflation, many are getting hit even harder than they realize. take some restaurants, for example. the menu prices might still be the same, but sure to read the fine print.
3:34 pm
phil keating has that story from miami. >> reporter: the next time you're grabbing a meal at your favorite restaurant, you may notice that it costs a little more with new fees added to inflation. >> everything costs more now. >> reporter: connor green is a restaurant owner and says costs were already up due to the pandemic. >> the food and the beverage, our repairman costs more, our credit card fees have gone up. >> reporter: last october green pivoted to a commission service charge model for all four of his locations. >> it helped us absorb these costs versus having to continue to just raise our prices. >> they're feeling squeezed from profitability9. >> reporter: national restaurant association ceo michelle coarse ma points out that many restaurants across the u.s. have chosen to add various fees to the final bill instead of increasing menu prices. some of those sur surcharges are listed as wellness and kitchen
3:35 pm
appreciate fees. >> they're trying to get creative. in the past 12 months, wholesale food prices have increased 15%. in that same time frame, restaurants have only increased menu prices about 7%. the idea is that if you have that surcharge, you're not increasing your menu prices. >> reporter: and according to alignment research center data, 72% of restauranteurs, that's 3 out of 4, fear they're going to have to go out of business and close up shop unless inflation prices start to moderate. and a recent harris poll found that 84% of americans say they, because of inflation, are going to scale down on a few things starting with, number one, dining out. on ocean drive in miami beach, phil keating, fox news. jon: >> i don't see any reason to think that we will have a serious recession. it's almost like we're trying to to talk ourselves into a
3:36 pm
recession. inflation is our problem, and it is our top priority. jon: that that's your commerce secretary, gina raimondo, downplaying fears of a recession. for more on the prospects and the ongoing impact of inflation in america, let's bring in texas republican congressmanman lance gooden. congressman, so from your perspective on the financial services committee, what do you say to the commerce secretary who says it's like we're trying to talk ourselves into a recession? >> well, i think the masters of spin at the white house are the ones trying to talk american people out of what's really happening. and i think it's interesting that they now have the commerce secretary doing the talking. i think janet yellen perhaps was too honest, and they're running out of faces that are honest. they're having to pull new people off the bench to spin this narrative to the american people that we're in better shape than we are. and all with we need to do, the average american needs to go to the gas pump or the grocery store, and they know that we're
3:37 pm
in a heap of trouble. and the reason we're in this position is that the inflationary pressures that we are seeing are a result, in fact, of congressional spending that joe biden has pushed since he took office. bad decisions such as reining in our american energy policy, refusing to unleash american energy and if open up the spig spigot of oil here at home. and we're suffering, my constituents are suffering. but one of the interesting points that she made was that this jobs number was actually a positive. i would, in fact, agree that it is a positive. but what she failed to mention is the reason these numbers are looking better from a jobs perspective is because of all the red straits that are creating these -- red states that are creating these jobs. none of this good news was coming from blue states, and i think it's pretty hypocritical that the administration is so hard on these red states, yet they're using their successes to help pad the numbers. jon: meantime, the president is
3:38 pm
going to saudi arabia to beg them to pump more oil. all the while he's been tapping the strategic petroleum reserve in this country which is supposed to be saved for a rainy day. lo and behold, it turns out that 5 million barrels of that oil was shipped to other countries including almost a million that went to china to a company controlled by the chinese communist party, a company that also has ties to hunter biden. ro khanna, the democratic congressman from california, mentioned that. here's him along with governor greg abbott. >> i don't understand why we're allowing the oil to be exported to countries like china when we need it here in the united states. >> texas is one of the, if not the most prolific producer of oil in the entire world. and all we need is the permits from the biden administration, the authorization to build more refineries. we could be producing the gasoline that would lower price
3:39 pm
at the pump, and the biden administration would unleash american oil and gas ingenuity. jon: pretty hard to argue with what governor abbott has to say there. >> yes. and, you know, it's so bad that ro khanna, one with of the most liberal members of the democratic conference in the house of representatives who i serve with, he's even being critical of this biden administration. i'll also remind you and your viewers, do you recall when donald trump said let's fill up strategic reserve when prices are were so cheap, when you couldn't get enough gas in the tanks because we were all sitting at home and enjoying the cheap gas if we were with enjoying anything in life? it was the ability to fill up your gas tank. donald trump was ridiculed for that. nancy pelosi said, no, we're not going to do that. and now we're pulling from these reserves and shipping oil to china. it's un-american, it's embarrassing, and i think it's a disgrace and a true sign of the times that liberals in california even have a problem with it.
3:40 pm
jon: and i believe the strategic petroleum are reserve is at its lowest in history or close to i- >> what a shame. jon: congressman, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. jon: well, it is the people's house now, and it's mayhem as the presidential a palace in sri lanka is taken over. protesters force the president out of his home and out of office. that story and more when i take you around the globe ahead. ♪ ♪ real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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♪ ♪ jon: to the war in ukraine now, at least 15 people have been killed and many more could be trapped after a russian missile destroys an apartment building in eastern do the necessarying
3:45 pm
province. lucas tomlinson has the story. >> reporter: russian forces are slowly making gains in eastern ukraine and now control 20% of the country. we spoke to some ukrainians who have fled the onslaught. >> translator: they are shooting heavily. last night my neighbor's house was burned. then they hit the city center. peopled had their hands and legs torn off. three days ago school was bombed, so my child has nowhere to go to school. that's why we decided to leave. it's hard, they shell train stations, markets, stores, central markets. we had victims, and it happened in different places. >> reporter: in recent days russian forces have taken over the hue hasn'ting region in eastern ukraine. russia a wants to take over the neighboring province next, completing the takeover of the. donbas region, rust belt of ukraine. the russians have paid a price for the advance, losing tens of thousands of soldiers. yesterday a russian missile strike targeted kharkiv,
3:46 pm
ukraine's second largest city, not far from the russian border. now off limits, sending u.s.-supplied weapons under strict rules of engagement set by the white house. russia's been making gains in the east, ukraine now launching counterstrikes using new gps-guided rockets sense from the -- sent from the united states. they've destroyed 14 russian ammunition bases in eastern ukraine. here in lviv, a former austrian and polish city, we saw groups of soldiers attending funerals. a block away we also saw a baptism. jon? jon: lucas tomlinson from lviv, ukraine, thanks. now some other headlines from around the globe. in south africa 15 people are dead after a mass shooting at a johannesburg bar last night. a group of men opened fire. no word on the motive. in a second shooting at a bar near the country's eastern
3:47 pm
coast, two gunmen killed at least 4 patrons. none of the suspects has been caught. in sri lanka, the country's opposition parties met today to try to agree on a new government one day after the country's president and prime minister offered to resign when thousands of protesters stormed their homes, angry about the nation's economic crisis. >> in thailand, u.s. secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. is closely monitoring developments in sri lanka. he also said southeastern asian nations are not doing enough to press the government to put that country back on a path to democracy. in japan, a major victory in odd today's palmently election. the win might have been in part because of sympathy votes of former prime minister shinzo abe. in italy a wildfire burned a rome archaeological park as dozens of firefighters battled
3:48 pm
the flames. a nearby site also caught fire causing several explosions. in england, moe advantage djokovic proved once again why he was one of the best tennis players ever with a four-set victory today at wimbledon. it's his seventh championship at the all-england club. and that's a look at some stories from around the globe. all right, to brave the ocean depths for a good concert? coming up, a show that's making a big splash in florida in the summer. ♪ ♪ i'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade ♪♪ sinesses rely on. ditch cable and switch to verizon business internet, with fast, reliable solutions, nationwide. find the perfect solution for your business. from the network businesses rely on. sorry i'm late!
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jon: several massive wildfires are burning in california and utah. firefighters in california are continuing to battle the electra fire which has burned nearly 4500 acres, and as of the last update, was about 80% contained. but in nearby utah, the jacob city fire, which just began yesterday, is growing rapidly due to erratic winds. officials said this morning the fire has grown to about 4,000 acres and is 0% contained. excessive heat is gripping
3:53 pm
much of the country with nearly 33 million americans under heat alerts today alone. here's a look at people on the beach in miami trying to stay cool in that hot weather. so how long is the heat wave going to last? fox weather meteorologist adam klotz has the full forecast for us. adam: hey, jon. great day to be at the beach because it is hot, hot, hot, particularly in the middle of the country. 101 in dallas right now,9 -- 98 in denver. this ridge of very warm air again in the middle of the country, and that's where we see a lot of our heat alerts. there are others farther to the north, but a large area from san antonio to houston, up to dallas, including austin. spots where feels-like temperatures are getting up close to 110 degrees, so incredibly warm. we've seen a lot of humidity across the country, and that's popped up a lot of showers particularly in the southern tier of the country, but a little bit of severe weather swept through portions of the great lakes and a line of storms
3:54 pm
continues to be on the move. most of the humidity and moisture continues to be along the gulf coast, and this, of course, across the carolinas, days of rain. so the ground's already saturated in these places. additional rain could mean flooding, and there is going to be more rain on the way. ground already saturated, you see some of these oranges, another 3-5 inches of rain along the gulf coast, stretching up along the atlantic when you get up into south carolina and the georgia coast. so with that, no surprise here, we at least see some flooding potential there as there's a flood watch in place with all of that saturated ground. and unfortunately at times, very heavy rain with all that moisture still on the way. your forecasted highs for tomorrow, you're going to see more heat and, jon, this heat isn't going anywhere. so as i go through the next couple of days, a lot of triple digits across a large portion of the country. jon: adam klotz, thanks. the florida keys are noun for --
3:55 pm
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jon: fox and friends weekend co-host rachel meeting some animals in the encounter, features a noah's arc. to be of biblical dimensions, it has a zoo and zip lines. >> town of mcdade, texas hosting watermelon festival this weekend with a parade, watermelon eats and seed spits conch --
4:00 pm
spitting contest. that is how "fox reports" this sunday july 10 of 2022, i am jon scott, "sunday night in america" is next, i'll be back here next week, see you then. ♪ ♪ >> this was not a decision driven by the constitution. it was an exercise in raw political power, beyond choice. we cannot allowance out of control supreme court working in conjunction to take away freedoms, and our personal autonomy. >> keep protesting, keep making your point. it is critically important. the only thing that


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