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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 11, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: pro-abortion activist keeping pressure on the white
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house to keep roe v. wade the law of the land and president might be ready to cave any day. >> todd: supreme court justices are still the main -- brett kavanaugh was confronted at a dc restaurant, still no condemnation from democrats. >> keep up the information on what is happening and keep up the outrage for what it means for women and pregnant people across this country. >> todd: you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. ashley strohmier is live with new words of encouragement coming from the president himself. good morning. >> ashley: president biden is throwing support behind abortion activists saying he may declare a -- listen. >> president biden: keep protesting and making your
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point. we can do a lot of things to accommodate the rights of women in the meantime, but fundamentally, the only thing that will change this is a national law. >> ashley: progressives, including alexandria ocasio-cortez and elizabeth warren and former members of the biden team are blaming the president for not stepping up enough for their cause. >> i was disappointed in that statement. abortion is a popular issue in the country and it goes across democratic and republican lines, i think it was an unforced error. i took offense to it and a lot of people have. >> ashley: buttigieg came to the support of activists harassing justices after a group that goes by shut down dc tweeted they would offer bounties for
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information on supreme court justice sightings and offered to venmo people for sightings of the justices and $200 if they are still there 30 minutes after the message was sent. youngkin says more needs to be done to protect the justices. >> i wish we could do more, i've called on garland to push the law. this is not a moment where we can allow anything to happen to our justices, this is about democracy. >> ashley: youngkin says he will support a 15-week abortion ban. back to you. >> carley: congresswoman nancy mace will be here to talk about rhetoric coming from democrats in the white house. she was targeted by protesters at her home. don't miss what she has to say. >> todd: and vice president kamala harris trying to make the
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case to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban. >> vice president harris: assault weapons were designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly and the fact that we can't get congress to renew, not like we're pulling something out of our hat, it is outrageous. >> todd: federal assault rifle ban outlawed 19 kinds of weapons, doj study found impact on gun violence likely to be too small for reliable measurement. liberal filmmaker michael moore has radical gun proposal amendment which repeals and replaces second amendment. it would ban firearms for which the sole intention is
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premeditated elimination of human life and would include minimum purchase age of 25 and calls for people owning guns deemed illegal to turn in guns to the government within one month. >> carley: netflix releases -- cancel him. chapelle reacted saying kids said everything about gender but didn't say anything about art. good point. biden administration has a new scapegoat. you guessed it, republicans. >> todd: florida congressional candidate cory mills is up early to respond to that.
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>> todd: biden playing the inflation blame game. instead of pointing the finger at vladamir putin, he's pointing the finger at republicans.
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>> good morning, carley and todd, this week the markets brace for new inflation data. price index will be released on wednesday. price rose 8.6%. further tightening could push the u.s. into recession. the commerce secretaries we shouldn't talk ourselves into one. >> i don't see any reason to think that we will have a serious recession. by no measure, right, we recovered all the jobs since the pandemic. >> americans are facing high prices and record high gas prices and president biden sees his trip to saudi arabia way to unify gulf states and stabilize oil markets. for that, he's had to fend off progressives.
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>> i don't think this is a good idea, we are sublamating human rights with the president going for this visit. >> the president wrote, i know there are many who disagree with my decision to travel to saudi arabia, my views on human rights are clear and longstanding and fundamental freedoms are always on the agenda when i travel. it was the murder of jamal khashoggi that -- >> todd: a lot to cover. thank you for doing so. for more, we bring in cory mills. great to see you. there was a lot to unpack there. start with the comment by begina romundo. it will not be a serious recession. if you are experiencing a recession, it is serious to you.
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is there any member of the biden administration who are not out of touch with what the biden administration is experiencing right now? >> no, not a single person in the biden administration willing to tell the truth about what is going on. recession could be reduction in gross domestic product, a slow in economic activity. i think we're seeing that over the last few quarters. we've seen economists, we are talking about we're in recession as we speak. goods and services have gone up. look at what oil prices have done. people cannot afford to live in the biden regime. i'm endorsed by the oil and gas workers association and i've spoken at length with their president, who i can say is looking at what the solution is, looking at offshore exploration and we are based on oil futures and a simple thing like we will
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be the key to xl pipeline or this is thing the biden administration is continuing to blame putin and continuing to blame other reasons, reality, they are sending money overseas and creating more money there for the downpayment of green new deal and want to act like it is no big deal. >> carley: what do you make of the joe biden tweet, republicans are doing nothing. what do you make of that tweet blaming republicans and is anybody buying it? >> i don't think anyone is buying it, we saw what the economy was under president trump. we were energy independent, we had lower taxation, there was increase in domestic production. i don't think anyone is buying off on it. they see the red tsunami coming
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in 2022. all americans, this is an american issue, we have to get back to energy independence and stop relying on adverse aerial nations and protect our farmland. we understand food is related to national security and secure the borders, that will reduce our ability to have affordable housing. >> todd: the army announced on friday they will be cutting off benefits to 60's,000 national guard and reserve soldiers who are not vaccinated against covid-19. these people risk their lives what is this administration eliminating their freedom, cory? >> it is the most disrespectful thing, these men and women who bravely put on that uniform and swore that oath are out there ready to die to protect this nation and the biden
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administration continue to purge military and lower the standards and look at critical race theory as opposed to readiness. it is abhorrent. that is what this is about, purged noncommissioner rank and purged officers who have been vocal about things and if you want to talk about inclusion or diversity or crt, you are accepted there. they are purging us for unconstitutional vaccinations. these are not going against certain religious beliefs, which is the reason a lot won't take this. we will overturn this and make sure those wrongfully put out of the military or dishonorably discharged will receive their benefits and this will stop.
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biden administration is trying to -- weakened economy, purging the u.s. military. >> carley: cory mills, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, as always. remember jankowicz person picked to lead the disinformation board? >> it is when a -- precocious. [singing] >> carley: well, she's back with a new exclusive for the failed initiative. >> i have a lot of misgivings about the way things went down. the government just rolled over to the critics. >> todd: joe concha is on deck with his response next.
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>> todd: nina jankowicz claims she was not the issue with joe biden's disinformation board. >> given my level of power within the department. all the naruhitoative and harrassment and disinformation directed against me was based on that falsehood. >> carley: joe concha joins us, she says the disinformation board is nothing to worry about, what do you think about that? >> joe: fascinating. she goes on cnn to talk about this and wasn't challenged whatsoever when she said hunter biden's laptop was a product of russian disinformation and now refuses to apologize for saying that or to acknowledge she was wrong and spread disinformation and to go on there and act like
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she was a victim. to say this disinformation board i was going to be chairing, it represented in misleading way by the media is hilarious at this point and the fact anybody would put her on the air and allow her to air grievances without playing back her own words is quite robberingable, but not surprising given the show she was on that is called ironically reliable sources. >> todd: she's saying we were wrong to question government power, especially extension into free speech that was granted by the constitution, i find that completely rich. "new york times" suggesting at 79 years of age president biden is testing boundaries of age and the presidency. your reaction, joe? >> joe: wow, todd, if following
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this correctly, year and a half ago it was fine for joe biden to run for president because the "new york times" endorsed him like every democratic candidate since 1956. 18 months later, he's too old to be there? there is campaign being run by democrats and going to allies of the "new york times" to persuade mr. biden not to run based on the poll numbers which are horrific. on inflation and the economy, on your handling of the border or your handling of gas prices, of course you will not want this guy to run again because it is a losing proposition. for joe biden, he's been profoundly dishonest and incomp hent and found his way up to the presidency despite this whole resume. it is democrats begging mr. biden not to run, the problem is
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there is no one behind him on the bench to fill that gap unless you consider gavin newsom or hillary clinton to fill in that gap. gavin newsom who runs california, one heck of a bumper sticker, i will turn america into what i turned california into. and hillary clinton only ran twice and lost. that is your option and it ain't good. s >> carley: here is buttigieg. listen to this. >> listen to president biden, he intends to run and if does, i intend to run with him, there you go. >> i expect him to run. i will support him. he has a lot to be proud of. >> carley: they have to say that, is anybody believing it? >> joe: boy, that was persuasive when you play it back that way, right? such bigger behind the words.
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no, don't believe it and buttigieg, i should have brought him up, as well. the supply chain, number one thing in your resume and his handling of it, again, no good options, carley. >> carley: no good options for now. happy monday. >> joe: great to see you. >> carley: here is the fox weather forecast. >> cold or not cold, we wish it was cooler. temperatures in the 70s along the coast. 65 in raleigh. back in middle of the country, 77 in kansas city, all this heat and humidity continuing to fire up thunderstorm activity and severe storm there moving across iowa. this big bunch of storms will slowly drift to the east bringing severe weather with it and back across the southeast, very heavy rain we've seen along the gulf coast and stretching to
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the carolinas. that continues, the ground saturated and we could see three to five inches along the gulf coast, the florida panhandle, which means flooding will be possible. the land is saturated, we'll be watching it and it stays warm and muggy moving through the week. >> carley: last time the three of us were together was friday, dancing on the stage with flo rida, and something happened to todd's pants. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> todd: i got too low with flo rida, and split my pants. >> todd: i started out well, doing tropic thunder and i did a really good job, but decided to make it happen and then that
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happened and here we go, here is the visual evidence, nation. >> carley: you can't salvage those pants can you? >> todd: my goal is to salvage them, if not, auction them off to charity, you saw my tidy whiteys. >> i got you gift to commemorate our friendship. i thought you might want to look at this. >> carley: i will keep it in my office forever. >> never forget me and that moment we shared together. >> we were having fun before then and my rear end took center stage. >> carley: todd with his pants split. >> the club couldn't handle me. put this is montecello museum, turned into a monument
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a few biden supporters say they have not been given what was promised. >> honestly, from my perspective and personal experience, he's made it worse for people like me. >> when we voted for biden, he promised things would get back to normal for children within 100 days and that doesn't seem to have happened. >> he will push his progressive agenda and check all of the boxes and none of that has come true. >> todd: monmouth approval rating shows president biden's approval rating -- vice president just 39% giving kamala harris a favorable rating. ron johnson calling out double standard surrounding hunter biden's financial dealings. >> hunter's computer is a treasure trove of information, we have a two-tier justice
2:33 am
system. one will treat with kid gloves or cover up for democrats and their powerful friends, the elite, and we're seeing that big time with hunter biden and his suspicious transactions. >> todd: senator johnson and grassley calling for an investigation into hunter's apparent criminal behavior. >> carley: visitors to monticello museum say the tour has gone woke and is criticizing the third president's legacy. dr. carol swain joins me now. dr. swain, so great to see you. people who have visited monticello recently says the whole thing has feel of propaganda and manipulation and another visitor says the tour
2:34 am
guide never missed a chance to disfame this man. even my 11-year-old daughter noticed the bias. what do you make of trashing thomas jefferson in his own home? >> that is the problem because most americans know you don't disrespect a man in his own home, but in the case of a founding father that contributed to the nation and the world, it is very sad the overcorrecting is an attempt to destroy his legacy. i went on the tour two years ago and i thought it was very balanced, so the change i suspect would be connected to the 1619 project and their effort to push their propaganda, that flawed view of history. >> carley: you mentioned the word balanced and that is the key. it is important to tell the full
2:35 am
american story, the good and bad and the parts that are highlighted are the bad parts. what will the long-term consequences of that be? >> i think it is part of an effort to worsen race relations, they want to create white guilt and shame. it also hurts black americans, hurts our children because america is a land of tremendous opportunity and we need to look forward. so much about america's histories rich, about americans working together across racial, ethnic, religious lines. we have a great nation, it has been destroyed by people who hate america. nothing constructive come from this effort and i urge people at
2:36 am
university of virginia and other virginians to take control and bring balance back to the monuments and to respect our founding fathers. virginia was the home of precedence. something virginia should be proud of, don't allow it to be destroyed. >> carley: thomas jefferson owned slaves, but he wrote the words, all men created equal. there is a sign at monticello that asks ail fair question, is all men created equal being lived up to in our country today? how would you respond to that question? >> i would say that america is the land that people are willing to risk their lives to come here and land of tremendous opportunities and ever since slavery occurred in america,
2:37 am
there have always been people who fought for equality for descendants of slaves. i would say that america is equal, it has some problems, but we got it right in the 1960s with the civil rights movement. we get it right when we adhere to the clause of the institution and what they want, they want everyone to be the same, they want to destroy america. you can achieve the american dream, it should not be handed to anyone. >> carley: i love those words. a monticello spokesperson says our goal is to present honest aspect of monticello. dr. carol swain, an honor to have you on, thank you for joining us this morning. parents who pay $57,000 a year to send their kids to an elite
2:38 am
new york city school are outraged after students are asked to share their sexual orientation and their parent's beliefs. >> todd: little kids getting off a school bus in san francisco, forced to walk through that horrifying scene. cheryl casone has more on that coming up. to be clear, we have never been accused of being flashy, sexy or lit. may i? we're definitely not lit. i mean seriously, we named ourselves which is kind of lit if we are talking... literal... ha ha. it's why we're planet earth's number one site for booking accommodation. we love booking stuff! and we're just here to help you make the best of your vacation. ow... hi... booking.yeah
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>> carley: fox business alert. we are awaiting another inflation report this week. >> todd: cheryl casone is here with a look ahead. >> cheryl: you are showing, but this will probably look worse. good morning. this report promises to be a market moving event when consumer price index is released for the month of june. we will see fresh high of 8.8% year over year growth for prices from gasoline and the grocery store and everything in between. economists say it is going to be a rough report. >> it will be bad news again, up
2:43 am
like 1.1%, we have to spend money on fuel and rent and lower income and lower wage workers are getting squeezed hardest, they have no choice but to allocate budget to essentials. >> cheryl: biggest jumps for the may report include eggs, airline fairs, shelter, gasoline, may read on cpi, was highest reading we've seen since may of 1981s. again, 8.8% would be a fresh high, what if it goes higher and it is possible. there are rough predictions. >> carley: a lot with elon musk and twitter? >> cheryl: see you in court elon musk is twitter's response for the bid to buy twitter. team musk has been clear,
2:44 am
twitter needs to show that less than 5% of users are bots. this morning musk tweeted, they said i couldn't buy twitter and they wouldn't disclose bot information and now force me to buy twitter in court. they have to expose bot information in court. this could be tough for twitter without legal precedence for forcing someone to go through a purchase, but that clause in court and i'm no lawyer, todd, you're the lawyer. that has been for smaller transactions, nothing of this size. i don't think either side wants to go to court, get back to the bargaining table. >> todd: we'll all become experts in corporate law and finance because this will be all over, this is big and huge.
2:45 am
this is not good, this video is sickening. >> cheryl: talking about the economy in the streets of san francisco, new video emerging of school kids getting off a bus and walking through a group of homeless drug addicts. parents are furious. >> get home safe, sorry you got to see all this [bleep]. >> cheryl: this doctor says kids have suffered enough. >> in order to encourage drug use and attract homelessness, we've had the problem explode. people say this is out of compassion and it is out of compassion for homeless. none of this makes any sense. >> cheryl: to be clear, i lived in san francisco for seven years and i have friends that are
2:46 am
parents there and my friends that live in the city pulled their kids out and moved down south to san jose to get out of the city and didn't want their kids exposed to this and the message is not getting across to the po litios of san francisco. >> todd: parents who kids go to new york city school are outraged over a survey that asked students to identify their political beliefs and share their thoughts on race and gender. nicole neally joins me now. nicole, on the screen are the questions kids were asked. first on gender. how do you describe yourself? transgender, nonconforming? next on sexual orientation. what kind of person asks these questions to a 10-year-old, nicole? >> it's a great question.
2:47 am
when parents found out, they were outraged and raised a stink and to the school's credit, they walked it back, apologized and said they deleted the data. in this case, i give the school credit for realizing they overstepped and to apologize. >> todd: there were questions on race that seemed designed to divide the children. why do educators seem insistent on dividing kids into race when we know kids really don't see race, they see kids they hang out with as equals. >> i think there is definitely a school of thought being color blind is considered a bad thing, you have to be color conscious and that seems like racism. it seems agenda driven and forced through surveys like this. you might remember last year during the scandal, education
2:48 am
shot to american consciousness, they claim asking questions like this, it worried every american parent. >> todd: nicole, enough is enough, common refrain from so many parents what can parents do to put a stop to things like this? >> we encourage parents to be mindful if there is an opt-out provision and fill out that form so your child is not asked these questions. we learned in northern vying, opt-outs don't carry forward, be dill upon gent. we don't know how this information will be used against us and weaponized in the future. one to two school districts per day are hacked this should worry and concern parents about what is happening to their children.
2:49 am
>> todd: the response from the school from polyprep, we did the survey to improve inclusion. they walked back from the survey and warning to parents, if you are asked to do a survey, pay attention, the warning signs should go up. thank you, we appreciate it. texas governor greg abbott defying president biden and coming up with his own solutions to the border crisis. so-called border czar, vice president kamala harris, is not happy about it. congressman nancy mace has been to the border to see the crisis first hand and she's next. >> carley: here is steve doocy. >> steve: hello carley and hello todd, the ripper, i couldn't stop thinking about how todd dancing with flo rida, got low, low, low, low and split the back of his pants.
2:50 am
>> todd: steve, should have done your dance, you walked slowly, stared upright. >> carley: he brought the pants in. >> todd: have you ever ripped your pants on national tv? >> steve: no. >> carley: nice pants too. >> todd: now they're done. >> steve: check the pockets for change. >> carley: in this economy, great idea. >> steve: coming up on "fox and friends," president biden on the offense as he repairs for his trip to saudi arabia tomorrow where he will ask the saudis for help with gas. why not use stuff in the united states, texas, oklahoma, you name it. mike pompeo met with the crowned prince, his message to the white house coming up. and a leaked report reveals the u.s. is bracing for 160's,000
2:51 am
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>> we do have an invasion driven by the cartels, we have turned back tens of thousands of migration who have tried to get across the border. >> i would suggest that so-called leaders focus on solutions instead of attacks. >> carley: so-called leader and vice president border czar kamala harris is tearing into texas governor greg abbott arch he defied the biden administration and took matters into his own hands in texas.
2:56 am
>> todd: nancy mace joins us. you heard governor abbott. when says where is the solution it's right in front of her; where is her solution? >> that is the question of every american whether you are on the southern border or not would like answer answer to. kamala harris has no answer to the border which is why she is lashing out at governor abbott. thank god for governor abbott having some solutions. having some creative way to approach the border. security issues that we are having, having millions of illegal immigrants come across the border last year alone at least there is somebody paying attention to our border and it's governor greg abbott because certainly it's not vice president kamala harris. certainly not vice president joe biden or anyone in his administration at this point. >> carley: new report leaked report, actually, finds that the u.s. is bracing for more than 160,000 unaccompanied children at the border this year. also, there's a record number of people coming from 150 different countries across the world, the u.n. just named the u.s.-mexico
2:57 am
border the most dangerous border crossing in the entire world. a record number of drugs and guns also pouring into the country. also 50 people on the terror watch list were apprehended trying to get into the country which begs the question how many people on that watch list have entered the country and we don't know about them? all of these things, congresswoman, seem like they should be issues of bipartisan concern. why is the border issue so partisan? >> it should be issues of bipartisan concern. should be an issue of priority. >> number one and number two priority after inflation for the president of the united states. i have been to the border. i have seen dozens of people coming across illegally on the night that i was there. this year and last year. it is a huge problem. look at the fentanyl coming across the border. what is joe biden and clarifies doing about that? i just had someone that attended a funeral of a young man that died of a fend overdose. this is happening in our communities and every community
2:58 am
and every state across the country. what is the administration doing? absolutely nothing, which is why you are going to see a giant red wave in november, why it's important to back republican who have solutions republicans like greg abbott and others on the border. have looming crisis that is getting worse and worse by the day. >> todd: to another controversial issue joe biden stopping bike ride to your knowledge women to keep protesting abortion. as he is revealing whether he is declare it a public health emergency. take a listen. >> keep protesting because keep making your point. it's critically important. we can do a lot of things to accommodate the rights of women in the meantime but fund mentally the only thing that's going to change this is if we have a national law. >> todd: biden is getting a lot of pushback from the far left to his response. they say it didn't go far enough. where does joe biden go with this? does he cave to the far left on yet another topic ie abortion?
2:59 am
if so, what does that look like, congresswoman. >> he has caved to the far left on every single issue. we have got to be factual here. it was democrats, when joe biden was vice president, obama was president, they had an opportunity with the super majority. they had the house. they had the senate. they have could have codified and made into law roe but they decided not to and make it a juggernaut. we have seen aoc and others on twitter lying about what overturning roe v. wade does and doesn't do. we are seeing a lot of pressure. joe biden every single time they asked him to turn over they has taken that sharp left turn to the other side. devastating consequences in 22 and 24. >> carley: assed to said he is looking into declaring a public health emergency over abortion right what that might look like
3:00 am
2025ed to always united states are have a congresswoman. i need to visit a tailor. let it be a lesson to all you have never get too low when dancing with flo rida. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> it's almost like we are trying to talk ourselves into a recession. >> commerce secretary gina romando down playing fears of a recession. >> i don't see any reason to think we will have a serious recession. >> white house are the ones trying to talk the american people out of what is really happening. >> president biden heads to oil rich saudi arabia this week. >> that trip comes amid heavy criticism of the kingdom's human rights record. >> we have witnessed [inaudible] crimes committed. >> brand new video reveals new york city


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