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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: tomorrow night hunter biden calls is stepmother a big think of more on. also the forbidden word we cannot say. we will see you next tuesday. here sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker, the woman's groups were outraged about that. >> tucker: a good question. >> sean: shocking hypocrisy on the level we've never seen before. thank you. a big breaking news on multiple fronts to nights out in san francisco open air drug use and look at this. it's gone from bad to worse and now young kids are in the crosshairs. you won't believe the video we will show you tonight and explain and we will show you disturbing video from minnesota tonight where young kids are
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seen berating police officers. if you ever wonder what's happening to our country? more developments tonight in the case of the new york city board dayco worker being charged with second-degree worker despite more video evidence bolstering clear self-defense. all straight ahead. but first the walls are closing in on the imploding joe biden presidency because prices rise as costs search as you the american people continued to suffer under the failing far left extreme biden-harris agenda. the approval numbers continue to hit one low after another and get this, according to a brand-new "new york times" poll them at "the new york times" has biden's approval and a dismal 33%. biden underwater with nearly every demographic including young voters and independence. the paper record itself, "the new york times," they appear to be turning on biden running yet another anti-biden
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piece this weekend. the article titled "at 79, biden's testing the boundary of age and the presidency" going into great detail about how the white house staff is in a full-fledged panic about biden struggles. the piece reads "he often shuffles when he walks and the aides are worried he will trip on a wire." he stumbles over words and they hold their breath to see if they make it to an end without a gaffe." it comes as democrats and president continue to play one blame game after another. they blame it on the pandemic, russia, russia, vladimir putin, and then rich people. big oil, gas station owners, fox news, donald trump, every republican. biden tweeting republicans are doing nothing but obstructing our incredible and heroic efforts to crack down on gas price gouging. lower food prices, health care costs and lower your
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prescription drug costs. the american people aren't buying any of this including democrats and then the poll finds a whopping 64% of democrats see what's going on and they want someone else besides joe biden running in 2024. of course that means some democrats are finally waking up what we have been showing you night after night after night. we used to joke about it but it's not funny anymore. your president joe biden is weak and frail and he's a cognitive wreck. he continues to suffer one bizarre blunder after another. here biden making yet another teleprompter flub actually reading the q instructions you're not supposed to read them. say it again, repeated, you're not supposed to read that. it he did it out loud and then they lied about it. take a look. >> it's noteworthy that the percentage of woman who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men
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who do so. repeat the line. women are not without elect orpolitical power. >> sean: repeat. it joe, you're not supposed to read the cues. maybe the staff needs to make the cards again walk into the room, say hello, sit down them a listen attentively, say goodbye, walk it off. baffling gaffes appeared to run in the biden family. earlier today, though first lady joe biden said this during a latinx conference in san antonio. take a look. >> this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community as distinct as the bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. >> sean: unique is the
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breakfast taco. imagine if a republican said that. it probably be breathless hysteria from the media mob from days on end if not weeks. ask yourself what the biden white house and this much disarray more than ever as with the democrats more divided than ever, where do democrats go from here? what's their plan b for 2024? is a kamala harris, elizabeth warren, gavin newsom? the more we see vice president harris, she might have thought she was the heir apparent, but it's more obvious every day that they never the never-ending word salads don't make sense. might take her out of contention for 2024 and beyond altogether. let's see if you can decipher and understand her answer to a recent question about the supreme court's abortion role. see if you can make sense of this. >> i do believe we should have rightly believed but we
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certainly believed certain issues are just settled. that's right, and i do believe that we are living sadly in a real unsettled time. >> sean: went okay, i got it. harris' failures don't stop there. let me play a small sample of the vice presidents low lights and the propensity she has to repeat words in one sentence over and over and over again. >> talking about the significance of the passive time. the significance of the passing of time. when you think about it, there is great significance with the passage of time. or parents are seeing the value of educators. of saying we are not paying them nearly enough. >> it's time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. every day, it is time for us to
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agree. when we talk about our children, i know for this group, we believe when we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community. we have to take this stuff seriously because you're forced to take it seriously. >> sean: seriously, the passage of time. inappropriate giggling by our vice president. beyond all the blunders, the word salads, the far left climate alarmist called called for the policies there and what's at the core of biden's failures? we have failed energy policies, border policies, day 31 of joe biden abandoning our fellow americans in afghanistan. the warning signs of the biden economy could not be any louder as the president continues to put it in america last policies and put u.s. energy security completely at risk. don't forget it all started the second joe biden took offense. he canceled the keystone xl
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pipeline but simultaneously gave a waiver for vladimir putin to build the north stream to pipeline giving biden more leverage over our allies in western europe. it was joe biden who put more restrictions on drilling, joe biden who continues to attack u.s. oil and gas industry, joe biden who still has no solution to make american energy and us energy independent like donald trump he inherited a country that was energy independent. get this, a new report from bloomberg says natural gas prices have now soared over 700% across europe since the start of this year alone. threatening a worldwide recession and even more surging inflation. but does your president have any answers? avoid going down the same failed path as europe or will the far left climate cultist continued to set the agenda and continue to make americans and all of us in our economy needlessly suffer
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so democrats can tried to turn their far left climate policies and to what they is reality. biden is in as much control as ever as the head the trip to saudi arabia, we know what he's going there. he's basically going there to get on his knees to kiss the ring of the crown prince that he called a murderer, that he said murdered the journalist. the nation he called the pariah nation during the campaign. you know, joe will beg for more oil production. meanwhile, we've got hundreds of years of her own supply of oil and gas and coal right here in this country. why don't we go back to being independent paying $2 a gallon for gasoline instead of $5. what does joe think he's going to accomplish here? especially as leaders around the world, our allies, adversaries, they see weakness and nonstop failures and they know darn well he's not up to the job.
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here with reaction author of the number one best seller former counsel of president trump kellyanne conway along with former trump chief of staff mark meadows. it's like a series with "the new york times" going after joe biden he can't run the policies and they are not working. they almost kind of deserved to give me credit and say hannity was right all along about the guy but i don't see the day coming because they've got pollsters selling nothing but a hoax and conspiracy theory. >> it's all quite curious and here's my take. it's not just today's poll or next month poll, they know that joe biden and kamala harris are completely damaged goods. democrats are looking past both of them and looking at 2024. this guy has been here for a year and a half. he's got the energy, look at him go, he's got the mental acuity. now they're done with him and i think they are worried about
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what's going to happen and that he lied about talking to his son about china and that he lied about family members making money because they were connected to him and him taking government plane are brought doing that. they know it's a storm coming and we are about five or six weeks away from the one-year anniversary anniversary of the deadly chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. intelligence and equipment within the wingspan of china turned over to the taliban and afghanistan. women have fewer rights because we have a female vice president who can't speak for them. they know all of this is coming and the second half of 2022 will be even worse than the first half. "the new york times" and let me tell you quickly, notoriously pro-democrat, pro-2015, pro-biden 2020. going to win by 61-16, kansas by 71, 14.
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it joe biden it's to win by all ohio. list goes on and on, the samplings are not great for republican and its they are poll, 64% of democrats want some of the beyond joe biden in 2024 and 94% essentially everyone, 94% of democrats under the age of 30 want someone other than joe biden. they are talking about 24 and nobody is going to go with him. >> sean: i think he's done, i think he's been pushed out. and he doesn't know yet, is in a prime candidate or elizabeth warren. i wonder who's suffering the most under the policies. before the middle class people. so much of this is rooted in the idea that we can import oil from russia, iran, venezuela, opec,
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the saudis, but not produce energy domestically knowing that we have hundreds of years of supply where we can be self self-sufficient. i have a hard time understanding the logic in allowing gas prices and energy prices and everything else go sky high. >> made in america is good for energy as well, sean, you know that. when you look at the poles that kellyanne conway was referring to, one has 13% of americans believe we're headed in the right direction. that's pretty bad performance for joe biden, but here's the interesting thing. you could actually do something about it, but he is playing to the left, the donors in california, new york, donors in boston. what happens is they want the progressive green energy kind of solutions and yet what he can do is fast track drilling in
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america. they said we have allowed more lead to happen, yes, they have, yet we can lower prices. i talked to a guy the other day, he says i'm having to fill up his truck each and every week and it's a reminder, a constant reminder that somebody could do something about it. in his words, donald trump did do something about it if we get him back in the white house. >> sean: western for both of you. what do democrats do in 2024? >> lose. if they are going to lose. i think donald trump has a better chance of being the republican nominee than joe biden has of being the democratic nominee right now and july of 2022. i've never seen anything like this. they argue with each other. terribly because they went backwards, two political
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outsiders, then we went backwards with the loch ness monster over the swamp. pete buttigieg and kamala harris ruins themselves by being in the administration. >> sean: mark meadows in your mind, who would be the replacement? >> they're going to lurch to the left and they are going to continue -- you'll hear elizabeth warren's name a lot more than you have. we are about to enter into this 60 days of blame and shame. blame the democrats, the republicans, blame everybody but democrats. hold your head low and suggest that you have nothing to do with this biden administration because of results. what we will ultimately see is joe biden bowing out and they will distance themselves and hope they can reclaim congress after they lose in the midterms in just a few months. >> sean: mark meadows, kellyanne conway, thank you both. with biden's failures more
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obvious than ever, they're desperate to distract the american people with the one-sided show trial. we confirmed on january 4th 2021, meeting in the oval office the president requested up to 20,000 national guard troops. he made available for security at the capitol, or the five individuals in the meeting have confirmed it on camera to testify for the committee. the committee never played it for the american people. remember biden's general department of the defense, they did a long investigation into the dod of trump and the response to generate six. they not only found no wrongdoing, but they did everything right. the key revelation, page 31 of the actuation report finds on february 5th, trump stressed the importance of a safe event.
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general met with the president at the white house at 5:30. a primary topic they discussed was unrelated to the scheduled rally. general milley told us at the end of the meeting, the president told mr. miller that there would be a large number of protesters on generate six and mr. miller should and sure sufficient soldiers to be sure it's a safe event. he expected that the dod acted appropriately. now ask yourself, why would they january 6th committee a special especially if they don't wanted to happen again, why would they ignore the facts which are critical? it's because this is not and never has been a serious investigation. the outcome has been predetermined from day one which is why this committees lying on the hearsay testimony from a low-level white house staffer whose claims without any evidence just hearsay evidence. i'm not saying who told the truth and who didn't as the 45th
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president tried to grab the steering wheel of the limousine he was in on january 6th and claim that she wrote a note to mark meadows saying anybody who entered this before without proper authority to leave immediately. two glaring problems here. the media mob continues to ignore. first the presidential limousine driver and the lead secret service agent said that they testified under oath that neither man was assaulted and that mr. trump never longed for the steering wheel. why don't we bring him in and see who we believe? let the american people decide the aerated they've not been called by the committee which would help us get to the truth and let the american people decide all of that. secondly, former white house attorney eric herschmann said that he authored the note that it's his handwriting not hutchinson's. i don't know the answer. why not hire handwriting experts and see who's telling the truth? by the way, if lawmakers really want to conduct actual oversight
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to protect the country, they want to look into the current president and zero experience on and family shady foreign syndicate lying that he never talked to his son about it never a single time. learning more tonight about the biden administration shipping oil from our strategic reserves to the chinese gas giant that was linked to hunter biden. just the latest in a long trend of trump going soft on china or as miranda devine writes "the new york post" biden disbanded the initiative to target beijing's economic espionage. if biden refused to press china on the origins of covid. despite widely known surveillance and national security concerns, hero wants to revoke --he wants to revoke tariffs. china, russia, ukraine.
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we have even more disturbing developments in the chronicles of hunter biden. take a look at your screen. a new video obtained shows hunter doing, well, let's just call it things hunter likes to do like filming himself in something called a float while apparently doing drugs. but it only gets worse from there. another video obtained by the daily mail shows hunter biden weighing crack cocaine on the scale. if you decide you decide. >> 2.07. we got the bag. >> sean: we reached out to hunter biden's attorney and the white house for comment but they haven't gotten back to us. according to the daily mail, hunter biden could face charges for transporting these women across state lines and
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disguising checks to them as payments for medical services. what did joey know and when did he know it? he lied repeatedly about this. it democrats, the allies in the media mob do not care about any of the corruption or the quid pro quo, unless they can use it to feel the far left narrative against their all political enemies. if you're with reaction, author of a brand-new book on,, bookstores everywhere, former white house press secretary ari fleischer. let's talk about this from the media standpoint. all of this combined, you have now spent about a year writing the book with a lot of research. what did you find? speak of press or after this, the mainstream media they are partisans to the
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nations process now. we can no longer as a country rely on the press to tell the news objectively and fairly. it's not just me who saying that, the american people poll after poll have said the same thing and what's the presses reaction? they are in denial and decline. they are not trusted, people don't look to them for honest and accurate news anymore. it hurts the democracy when the mainstream media becomes activists for the democratic party instead of fair and neutral. of >> sean: 2020, the russia hoax -- i'm sorry, 2016 the russia hoax leading up to the dirty dossier, moscow. that had to do damage for donald trump and none of it was true. hunter biden's laptop told us was russian disinformation. all of it was true. weeks before the 2020 election, does that impact elections? >> [laughs] boy, does it elect elections, it impacts fund-raising and
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everything. that's why i call my book what i call it. the press area so many deceiving stories , but it's not only about the steele dossier or about pollution. you remember when donald trump removed mailboxes from street corner so he could steal the 2020 election? they refurbish old mailbox or from street corner's. but for weeks they went into a feeding frenzy on that one. here's my favorite deception i found. the day that joe biden was declared the winner of the race, that is saturday after the tuesday election, church bells went off in paris. fireworks set off in london. abc, cnn, msnbc all reported that that was an international celebration of the defeat of donald trump. you know what? it was the weekly call to mass
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in paris. if it was a 500 year old holiday in england where they shoot off fireworks every year since 1605. but the media would all say we don't know how anybody could be for donald trump. they declared it a international celebration of donald trump's defeat. they fabricated it and made it up because they think everybody thinks like they do and it's false. so many deceptive stories and that's why i wrote the book. somebody has to blow the whistle on the press and talk about the job they're doing and give them the reckoning that they will not do for themselves. i try to be fair, but when i watched unfair bias, wrong coverage of donald trump, i was compelled to write this book. i name names, there's a chapter about cnn, "the new york times," the press has it coming. >> sean: i urge everybody to get a copy of the book.
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it leaves it out and all its gory detail and i think you put it altogether, it's a slam-dunk case. ari fleischer, congrats on the book and we will have you back to talk about it more as we move along. it coming up, the left is now encouraging incivility and threats against those they disagree with and we will tell about it later. kids walking through an open air drug done as they head home from school. his own musical
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> sean: the left in the country continued to spew more of the hate especially towards the supreme court justices. last week brett kavanaugh was harassed while eating dinner at a d.c. steak house. the restaurant released a statement to "politico" asserting that brett kavanaugh had the right to congregate and eat dinner.
6:30 pm
the statement sparked outrage from the left. all retaliation. went so far to publish a piece titled there is no constitutional right to eat dinner. another group shut down d.c. now actively looking for tips on republican justices whereabouts and promising to vent mow over $50 for a confirmed sighting. another $200 if the justices are still where you spotted them 30 minutes later. despite the serious growing threats against the supreme court justices, the administration not only refused and condemned it, many are saying they should expect it. here with reaction, fox news contributor lara trump emma kayleigh mcenany. this is happening to your family now. justice kavanaugh in particular. able to stop an assassination plot against him.
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he's in the steak house, harassing and intimidating them, then you've got joe biden says they shouldn't stop these protests. pete buttigieg said they should expect it. is that the new american left? >> unfortunately, sean, i think it is. it's domestic terrorism. what's happening in the country. where's the ag? the deal dlg, they're allowing it to happen and to your point, we have so many folks on the left that are actually encouraging this sort of behavior and you named a couple of them they are. you be familiar with the speaker of the house, the president of the united states joe biden, encouraging people to continue this sort of absurd behavior but none of us should be surprised after all these are the same people that are allowed to break the law and absolutely nothing was done about it when they were outside protesting illegally in front of the supreme court justices home before their
6:32 pm
roe v. wade decision came down. i think a lot of people have to ask the question, what's the goal here ultimately? is the goal to have the justices go back and say wait a minute? we made a mistake and we want to change her mind on the decision. obviously, that's not going to happen. one can only determine that the goal here is bullying like the left loves to do. intimidation so that the next time they're in the major decision made by the supreme court and the united states, they are going to have to think twice about it because the message coming from the democrats in the left is that if you don't reach a decision that we agree with, then anything goes. we will harass you, your family, there might be attempts on your life made, but that's who they are now. they finally shown all their cards in it so antithetical, sean come into who we are as americans and everything we stand for. our institutions were not designed to function like this and it's disgraceful and
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disgusting. >> sean: the same people who were silent or encouraged or said they shouldn't stop kamala harris 574 riots in the summer of 2020, kayleigh mcenany. the same party whose senate leader is by name saying you won't know what hit you and that being chuck schumer against specific supreme court justices. they only care about one riot and not investigating any other of the incidences. how will this end up? >> the press secretary said oh, well, this is democracy. it's democracy? welcome a pass along your address please. i'm sure you would willingly do that for people to protest. people are upset, okay, i'm sure you would love it if people were doing this at your home. meanwhile, what happened that
6:34 pm
brett kavanaugh's home was not a protest, it was an assassin who came to his home. the only reason this is allowed because it's enabled by the media. today, i googled biden condemning eric cavett on assassination. she is seeing something over the weekend if he condemned it. the headline was this, biden condemns actions of men who threatened justice kavanaugh. this is new, when did this happen? that was a headline from june 8th. reading the actual words of the articles saying press secretary condemned it and the headline says biden did. i'll tell you this, any time trump did not specifically denounce something prior to the press briefing, it was not enough to have my word, president trump would always follow, but that was not enough. the headline would have read president trump refuses to denounce the assassination attempt because it was insufficient that the press secretary spoke on his behalf.
6:35 pm
at different roles of the game and the press enables the kind of violence that we are seeing when they enable the president who will not condemn it. >> sean: if any of us give out the address of any prominent democrat or liberal supreme court justice, i promise you, it would not go unnoticed and we'd probably all be arrested. that's how bad the double standard is in the justice system today. lara trump, kayleigh mcenany, thanks. it when we come back in, shocking video. seeing it out of california, kids getting out of a school bus and they have to walk through an open air drug done on their way home from school. we will show you the tip. newt gingrich will respond. tell us how to save america's future. that's next. ♪ ♪ dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner
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♪ ♪ >> sean: california governor gavin newsom might be waiting in the wing for the democrats of 2024 showed biden step aside which seems likely. california cities are not exactly thriving under gavin newsom's watch. take a look at this, it's a bunch of schoolkids in san francisco and look at what they have to walk through to go home as the bus dropped them off. take a look. >> yell get home safe okay? y'all get home safe. sorry you got to see all this [bleep]. okay. get home safe. [bleep] come on, man. >> sean: you've got drug addicts, and we thought we'd drop the kids off there? take a look at your screen,
6:41 pm
olympic volleyball silver medalist, brutally attacked by a deranged homeless man on the street apparently threw a large metal object at her vehicle she suffered injuries and you can see it right there, thankfully she is expected to fully recover while the attacker was arrested and being held without bail. good luck getting any jail sentence. here with the reaction author of the brand-new book defeating big government socialism, newt gingrich. the economy, inflation, 41 year high. we have the highest gas prices we've ever had. we've got open borders, a disaster in afghanistan, we've got our schools teaching chan genderrism to first graders, critical race theory, and then this adam schiff show and a lot of major cities in terms of law and order. i don't recognize the country, mr. speaker. >> the big government
6:42 pm
socialists, gavin newsom would be the big perfect democratic nominee for 2024. campaign on the grounds that he will screw up the whole country as badly as he screwed up california. at least have an honest debate. the fact is that the policies they believe in putting criminals back on the street, tolerating massive drug abuse, creating entire homeless communities that are open air drug markets, having a system where the schools do not teach but spend lots of hours worried about what your races, what your use of pronouns is. go down the list. you have almost a religion, this is a theologically fight. it's not fighting left-wing traditional traditional americans and right-wing traditional americans.
6:43 pm
it's between people who really believe in a radically different world and change america decisively 100%. rise of the bolsheviks in the early 20th century because the both of its were setting out to change russia totally, creates what they called the new soviet man. you look at what's these people, many appointed to high a government offense. it listen to what they say they believe in. i think this is part of why i wrote "defeating big government socialism." it's not just about one incompetent president or a handful of incompetent governors or congressmen. this is about a value system that's very deep, very wrong, and we have to defeated both at the idea leveled -- >> sean: okay, let me ask you. i will put up on the screen this book. i've interviewed you many times
6:44 pm
and your number one "new york times" best-selling author. as i told you earlier today, this is the single most important book and timely book you've ever written. "defeating big government socialism" and saving america's future. you just mention it has to be defeated. that brings us to these midterms, then to 2024. we will focus on one election at a time. it seems like we are at a point where we've got irreconcilable differences in the country. how do you reconcile energy independence, open borders, people that are happy with $5 a gallon gasoline? i don't see a middle ground. >> is a historian, occasionally you're going to have a split and it ends when one side ends. i think we're in a situation right now where we have to recognize that either the people
6:45 pm
who believe in the classic america of hard work, the constitution, the rule of law, patriotism, the importance of the american flag, either that side is going to win or they're going to lose to a militant minority were prepared to use the power of government to oppose the rest of us and impose a radical value system. i talked to big corporations were convinced every day into lying about what they believe because otherwise they will lose their jobs. not just schools, but this whole spreading of what i think is a secular religion and they are, i'm really quoting theodore wade back to 1972 who said that the liberal ideology has become a liberal theology. i think that's the case. you're dealing with people who are fanatics precisely because it's a religious belief system.
6:46 pm
>> sean: i called the climate alarmist called. i think it's the best book you've written in the most important book you've ever written. defeating "defeating big government socialism,", we appreciate you being with us mr. speaker, and high hope people will read it and give it to their friends and have them read it before november. and thanks for being with us. straight-ahead, new developments, the new york bodega worker charged with murder after acting in cell defense? we've got footage. and another disturbing video. kids heckling the police. why? they are executing a warrant. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: new developments tonight in the case of the new york bodega worker who was fatally stabbed an unruly ex-con customer. first audio of the incidents was obtained by "the new york post." it shows the worker jose alba saying he wanted to avoid conflict. look for yourself. >> what's wrong with you? >> sean: now the guy went around the counter as you can see and look at your screen right here. a new surveillance camera angle is revealing that the attacker's girlfriend drew a knife during the incident and finally alba who's been charged with second-degree murder appears to have acted in self-defense and expressed remorse over the stabbing. all of this comes as attacks and harassment against police continue from coast-to-coast. it look at the shocking video,
6:52 pm
young kids reacting to police officers in st. paul, minnesota, executing a search warrant. take a look. >> lee [bleep]. [bleep]. [bleep]. [bleep]. >> sean: can believe it. here with reaction to all of this, clay travis, former new york city talk show host courteously with us. you know new york as well as anybody. guy literally said it and quoting exactly on the tape, i don't want a problem. the guy comes from behind the deli counter. we've got a video of the girlfriend with a knife. what is the guy supposed to do,
6:53 pm
curtis? in that situation, he is saying please, i don't need any problems and i don't want any trouble. he did everything right from my perspective, do not have right to defend yourself anymore? >> of course you do, he was the peacemaker and tried to calm the situation down. that predator who got out of prison for assaulting a cop, an enemy of society, comes over the counter. i was a night manager in the bronx in 1979. there was a standing rule, you come over the counter, you are a dead man walking or a dead woman walking. you don't do that. you have to give them a beat down and i would grab them, lock them up in the freezer until the police arrived because if you don't, you lose total control. he would not be the first to violate that. others would come in and steal and rob and loot and then out of business. possibly stabbed himself or shot himself. you've got to toe the line and
6:54 pm
if law enforcement and the criminal justice system is not going to protect the victims, then we the people have to fight back. jose alba had one choice. it to stop him over and over and you saw the woman who started it all pulls out a shiv, she goes home and has dinner and he goes to life. law and order knows if they didn't bail them out. >> sean: let's bring up video we also have buried the kid looks like he's in a bathing suit or a diaper, they're punching and hitting the cops and the cops are going to hit a kid. how did they learn at that age to hate cops like this? >> this is the culture that we've created. it's unfortunate, sean, the reality is in the wake of george floyd, in the years preceding that in the wake of ferguson, what we allowed to exist in the country is the idea that police are evil.
6:55 pm
police should be disrespected, police should be taunted and attacked, and that's what has created this toxic environment where police officers are getting killed far more frequently. if the that they otherwise would be protecting are still getting killed. no more people protected likewise then law enforcement on the video that the don't like you are shorting that curtis reacted to, remember, this all started because the woman couldn't afford to pay for a bag of potato chips. was angry that he told her she needed to but the potato chips back. they tried to force $500,000 in vail and eventually brought it down to $250,000, they lowered it again to $50,000, but they
6:56 pm
will not keep anybody in jail in new york city. this is the response. >> sean: should not have been out of jail in the first place. thank you both. more "hannity" after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening, thank you for making the show possible and set your dvrs though never miss a episode in the meantime. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. >> laura: we missed you last week, did you have a good time off? >> sean: i'm not the best vacation relaxer. his fee when i don't think you are exactly. i'm a total loser. it's me when you've got to be working because you get very antsy when you're on vacation i can tell. i know you for 25 years. i've heard it. i've heard it from all of our friends. okay, i'm glad you looked rested and ready. you look like you're back in action. >> sean: we've got a lot of work to do. >> laura: all right, thank you