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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harris: this is "outnumbered." hello, everybody, i am harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, joining us in person. kellyanne conway and charlie hurt's. well, first lady jill biden with a keep lock with backlash over
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comments about she had inclusivity. a speech to progressive hispanic voters in san antonio called latinx event. watch. >> role helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community as distinct as the bodega lewis of the bronx and the beautiful blossom of miami and unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. [applause] is your strength. >> harris: kayleigh, she didn't practice. i'm afraid if she did. [laughter] and hispanic journalist fired back with this. nha encourages the first lady and communications team to take time to better understand the complexity of our people and communities. we are not tacos. our heritage as latinos is shaped by various historic
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cultures and food traditions. do not reduce us to stereotypes. the first lady's team has since apologized and said this, "her words were pure admiration and love for the latino community not to mention what she likes to eat. president biden's popularity among latino voters is plummeting. anna republicans are picking up the gap. in new york times poll reveals 32% approve of his job performance. kellyanne, we will start with you, your thoughts. and by the way, bodega. [laughter] i mean i can talk polonia. >> kayleigh: and she's reading from a teleprompter with the latest member of the biden/harris administration who can't speak well even when a teleprompter. look, this is a natural consequence of what is going on with the biden/harris administration and they have
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lost issue with americans and immigration with open borders, education, scream time is not full-time. they heard what the kids were learning. economic motors and also very religious. walk into a catholic church in any suburb in any city in this country and you will see them in the pews every sunday. they don't like the hostility toward freedom of religion during the democratic party. and 40% of hispanics among the poll said they are offended by the term latinx. 2%, 3% said they never use it. what is she doing there? to begin with? in the of thing is look kayleigh and i worked in the white house and the speeches are vetted. people look through them and sometimes you go off script. we worked with a guy that did that and she was reading from the teleprompter. the staff secretary approved, but his approval ratings have
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been cut in half among hispanics since the day he took office. he has earned that. i would note this for you come in that year time cnn poll president trump is witnessing some of the largest gains not among whites but among hispanics and i think it is the agenda we talked about. these are school charter voters and they don't like what they are hearing from the democratic party. >> harris: i want to go because we have a lot to pull from here. can we just remind everybody, president biden's moment? >> i just have one thing to say: ♪ ♪ >> they are coyou go a little b, dance, joe. >> harris: okay, that was awkward. i don't know if he actually ever heard that song.
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>> kayleigh: no, actually love that song. but plaguing that to try to get latino voters for the 79-year-old man, i mean, this is ridiculous. the fact that i look on twitter last night and i see hispanic journalist say, "we are not tacos. we are not tacos." when you have that kind of response from a serious journalist association of latinos, you have done something wrong. rule number one, phase faith politics and an entire group of voters, to a food item. i don't know what they were thinking and these speeches are vetted and they look through this and thought this was a good idea. i would imagine now there will be something i need to sign off on. >> harris: it seems the former, you know, candidates now, president go there as well and some awkward moment. i mean, what is this that we are
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watching? we heard kellyanne talk about the disconnect, the disconnect of tissue so beautifully put. it is like they don't even see human beings. >> charles: it is a total disconnect. these are not gaffes but best messaging which is pretty frightening when you think about it. >> harris: in the prompter. >> charles: in the prompter, vetted in the prompter. i feel like elf walking around here. they are not bodegas or whatever and even i heard that and i'm pretty sure they are bodegas. but no, and it is important for voters to realize this. this is what democrats think of you as voters. this is what democrats think of hispanics. you are upons in the effort to get themselves elected and amass more power. that is what they think and it does not matter if you are hispanic, if you are women or
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any minority. >> harris: how about black's? if you don't vote for me, said candidate joe biden, you are not black! >> charles: no, and they do not care. when you look at the neighborhoods that are predominantly represented by democrat vote politicians that have been for a very long time, they don't care about your life! they are not trying to solve your problems! you are just pawns in their game. >> harris: emily, it is so hard to hear this type of criticism about the people who are representing our nation, not just here at home but around the world. where everybody has a different view of culture. it is the rest of the world. i mean, how do they get that done if this is how they act? >> emily: i don't know. like jill, like joe to your point. remember what joe said august 2020 speaking to the national association of hispanic journalist "unlike the african american community, the latino community is incredibly
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diverse community with incredible diverse attitudes." you go to florida and find different about immigration than arizona so it is diverse. >> harris: monolithic apparently. >> emily: you hit the nail on the head appeared to those liberal elites, to the democratic party, they know better than you person of colort in a box, i know better than you what to say and i know what you should be saying. i know you think. i have, indeed, showed you into a monolithic box and i expect you to vote a certain way and keep quiet for quite frankly. and the performative activism objected to and we are allies, we are this. i am dedicated to have a vice president be a woman of color and supreme court justice be a person of color. frankly, everything out of both of their malice has been nothing but disrespectful at a minimum downright racist. >> harris: i'm going to ask the team to let us think this up because she just turned 100-year-old blue seat down in
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texas. hearing from her on this issue is something we want to do before we go to commercial and she says this, this is what she tweeted, "they just don't get it. latinos are not buying the liberal pandering. we care about housing, food, gas issues that impact everyday americans. no matter how loud they yell the made-up words, it will not change the reality of their field policies." her marco rubio said stick with the image of a taco. and ted cruz said personally i am to read so, egg and cheese. [laughter] >> kayleigh: marco rubio with the epic troll. that just gets to the heart of it because every person he tweets bible verses in the mornings and if you didn't know the story come up when you saw the profile picture, you will learn the story very quickly. >> harris: all right we will move on. up next president biden meeting with mexico's president at the
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white house. awkward! 26,000 illegal immigrants arrested in texas alone in just one week. the big question now, are the two leaders doing anything to tackle the search of people coming across the border along with the drugs? stay close. ♪ ♪ it's a new day all across america. home values are soaring and home equity is at all-time highs. that's good news for veterans who own a home and need cash. that's me. the newday 100 loan lets you take out an average of $60,000. that's me. that's 25% more cash than you get at a bank. that's me. rates are low but starting to climb. so call now.
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report show border agents have arrested nearly 26,000 legal migrants at five texas border sector's interest under a week. and after governor greg abbott signed an executive order directing the texas national guard and state troopers to arrest migrants and return them to the border, kellyanne, part of the presidents remarks that he said earlier reading from notecards largely, he said, "despite the headlines we see, you and i talking about the president have a strong relationship and i would argue a partnership. i believe those statistics say otherwise." >> i'm so pleased he didn't refer to the mexican president as a burrito. [laughter] but moving right along, this is a very serious matter that he put the vice president of the united states and deployed almost immediately with the term has the borders are. somehow she needs a russian title to take care of the southern border and done very little. she went there one time and not
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even close to the border. the problem that we see here is that you have the governor of texas, greg abbott is taking on the responsibility that does belong to a federal government, why? not just the national border but texas border. sweet figures i have to protect sovereignty and security of my state. whenever you deal with the federal government, they have failed to do it. you are very grateful for joe biden. all the drugs are pouring into our country and people want to come here, as you say. but i'm personally offended by all of the sentinel getting into the communities and the kids in this country. president trump and first lady melania trump work on the drug issue and they have reduced overdose drugs for the first time in 30 years last year, emily over 170,000 filled up yankee stadium and every seat. it is very offensive. last point, yesterday i want to talk about what jill biden did
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not say in san antonio, texas. 53 migrants lost their lives on her husband's watch. as far as i can see in the transcript she didn't mention it and i apologize but it didn't get as much coverage. how can that be? how can you go there and not talk about that? >> emily: you cover so much, harris, talking about the fentanyl pouring over the impact in our communities. the duty by the federal government. and i feel like the choice is always to indicate your priorities, your actions, policies and that shows the american people that you care about. to her point, this administration doesn't care about the fentanyl pouring over the border and impact on the community or negative impact on the migrants objected to a lot of painful things coming across the border also. >> harris: emily, what you're saying, the spotlight can really lift an issue to the point where maybe answers can calm. and kamala harris is the new borders are back then took a flashlight with her.
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so she didn't even try to help the situation. but really, what you point out kellyanne, in terms of the length of time that has passed and the things that has happened over the last year with the amount of fentanyl. and that image of how many more deaths that we have had in precipitously has gone up. all of that would be why now republicans are beginning to beat the drum on every state with a border state issue, right? so where focus on "the faulkner focus" has been a law enforcement in each state to go to the border to help the sheriffs association. those are the people to keep the community safe by stopping it there and by going there and being a back step to the border agent when they can be. and that is really embarrassing to the white house in this administration because they have the federal assets, the resources. it is an emergency. they have fema. they didn't even deploy that for
9:19 am
a baby formula crisis. i don't know what gets beam outside of an actual emergency. but i say all of that because there are so many things with the spotlight that they could do immediately that really would not cost them politically. they do nothing. >> emily: the answer to that is they have no shame. you have the border czar and the president said to texas governor greg abbott, she accused him of flame throwing for defying the president. she said the so-called leadership focused on solutions, not attacks. but i think the issue is to kellyanne's point and articulated, government has absolutely abandoned our people. the reason multiple states signed on to that lawsuit originally was because it has affected all of us. we are all and not protecting the citizens, the lesson we can do. instead of acknowledging that and how can we work together and illustrate to the people of this country how the federal government does support our
9:20 am
local and state communities? instead, an absolute attack. >> charles: what the biden administration has done with a reporter i think is the greatest health inflicted wound both politically and policy wise. that we have ever seen and it is staggering and obviously the trump administration didn't solve the problem, but they stopped the bleeding. they stemmed the flow which was vitally important thing. and you look today, "the new york post" today has photographs of children wandering through the brush, coming up to the fences. where is all the media outreach about that? and the reason that is happening is because joe biden opened the gates and has recreated human catastrophe at the border. and i would argue that in terms of foreign policy, you know, the greatest foreign policy is always going to be america first agenda because that is what you are supposed to do if you are the american president. but then the other thing is, if you are a president of another
9:21 am
country, clarity. unless you are at war with something, clarity is so vitally important to the mexican president. clarity come i think he would appreciate clarity. you are not getting it from the biden administration. >> emily: a perfect segue, because the diplomacy effectiveness he had with megaton president was because they acknowledge their shared interest peer that shared interest protecting the citizens of both countries and not saying one is better than the other end today, ironically, president biden shouted his accomplishments. the one thing he touted the administration was creating legal pathways for migrants with zero acknowledgment of travesty that has affected over 3 million migrants coming across the border to a depleted wasteland and especially those kids we often talk about. the young girls in situations that are over brimming, overflowing not to mention a late night flights. the list goes on that the president has the legal pathways. >> kayleigh: he says america
9:22 am
first and not america alone. look at the relationship with this which is different than the president ideologically. they wouldn't get along but quite the opposite. he approached this relationship america first and that meant, how can i use this partnership with my southern neighbor and stifle immigrants, he did he threaten terrorists. and the president stepped up and let's work together to create -- that worked. that was a productive relationship. what has biden done? he has lectured the mexican president on trade union. he has told the mexican president hey, you have to get rid of fossil fuel plants. i know they are mexican run but start using international plants in your country because they are energy efficient. they are renewable energy. okay come instead of lecturing them about domestic issues but maybe the mexican people and let's advocate the interest of america in partnership with the southern neighbor peer that works. >> emily: unfortunately, it is not working now under this president.
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: new developments in a story that gained national attention since supreme court overturn roe v. wade. but it is now under serious scrutiny. it is the horrific story of a 10-year-old rape victim with allegedly forced to travel across state lines from ohio to indiana to obtain an abortion. it first appeared in the indianapolis star on july 1st. and it cites a single source. a doctor, dr. caitlin bernard in indianapolis obstetrician gynecologist took a fall from a colleague, a doctor in ohio and out this doctor had a 10-year-old patient in the
9:28 am
office who was six weeks and three days pregnant. can bernard help? indiana lawmakers poised to further restrict or ban abortion in near weeks but for now, the procedure is still legal here. and the girl soon was on her way to indiana to bernard's care. outrage swept across media outlets. >> it is hard to imagine anything more disturbing than forcing a child, a 10-year-old still playing with toys and tablets to carry her father or her brother's child to term. forcing her to travel across state lines for an abortion. and yet, here we are. >> ohio has outboard abortion six weeks of the child will have to travel to indiana to get the procedure. in this case, putting it spotlight on america post roe v. wade. >> a 10-year-old rape victim, that is a child! >> kayleigh: remember, this was based on a single poor spear than president biden, he pushed
9:29 am
the story on friday as he raged against ohio's restrictive abortion law without seeking any evidence that the story was even true. >> this is an imagined war that is already happening. just last week, reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim, ten years old! and she was forced to travel out of the state to indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy. imagine being that little girl, i'm serious, imagine being that little girl, ten years old! >> kayleigh: now ohio's attorney general david said he hasn't heard a single thing about the case. >> we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs and not a whisper anywhere. my office runs the state crime lab. in a case like this you are going to have a rape kit, biological evidence, and you
9:30 am
would be looking for dna peer there is no case request for analysis that looks anything li. >> kayleigh: so kellyanne, "the washington post" fact-checked or woke up from his slumber and decided to check this one. under ohio law physician as a mandated reporter and ohio guide, it would be required to report any case of suspected physical or emotional abuse of a child. they contacted the service agency across ohio, nothing, attorney general, nothing. >> i certainly hope this is not true because the idea it is horrifying to each and every one of us and that is completely nonpartisan, leaf. at the same time, this woman, this one doctor who is kind of like a pendant, always available for a quote, and appearance. i don't know when she has time to do abortions, but she has gone dark. we haven't heard from her. if she has a single source, we all demand answers peer there is no question that immediately we
9:31 am
thought about the 10-year-old, but the idea that this could -- we don't know the facts, but the idea that this could occur relating to attorney general of ohio could be with russian occlusion, cnn had $275 million lawsuit. it's just too rich to verify. it is just too great. it has kicks and clicks. so if they really cared him if the white house really cared about this 10-year-old, they would get on the phone with ohio quietly and not in front of a podium. they would say, "how can we help? is justice being served? we are right about this 10-year-old girl." >> kayleigh: where is the perpetrator question marks me when that is an excellent question and if there were an investigation going on in ohio attorney general's office you might get answers but like he said, there is no biological rape kit or nothing to this case he can find in you know he's looking, right? is telling us that peer that was an excellent interview by jesse, by the way.
9:32 am
the other question i would have is, when are we going to put pressure on the indianapolis star? i don't need to know who your sources are. i need to know that you have them. i need to know that you have some evidence or access to evidence that this actually happened. because right now you are miss reporting this information potentially and it is taking down the president. because the presence people were not smart enough to figure this out on their own that they needed more than one source before he we would repeat it. you can't bake off and say ad-libbing. cleanup on aisle seven, get ready with mop, broom and catchall, right? i mean, come on! if they cared as kellyanne said, and the 10-year-old they could say you know what, we have verified the story. we are working to help that family, that sort of thing. because they haven't come out and said that, they don't know where this came from either. we know that potentially, it is not true! >> kayleigh: karine
9:33 am
jean-pierre was asked about this and have few independently verified the story? and she avoided the question. >> charles: not having evidence that it is not true is not evidence that it is true. that is sort of where the media has gone today. and not to be glib about it, but you know, this is what you get from people who look at hispanic voters and see them all as tacos or something like that. everything, there is no situation but these people are not willing to exploit. and you know, nothing rivals the atrocity of a 10-year-old rape victim. but the idea that you would have politicians in america trying to exploit a story like this and make up a story like this in order to advance their own sick agenda tells you they are not serious about the issue. and they are not serious about the people who are affected by the issue. and you know, i think it is -- sort of discredits them about a field of decent debate about it. >> kayleigh: if the point of
9:34 am
indianapolis star, no indication of the newspaper made attempts to confirm her accounts. the story lead reporter, you made this point during break, did not respond to a query asking whether additional information and thank you for reaching out, i'm sorry but i don't have information to share. >> emily: that is against the backdrop of coded ethics, which includes confidential sources as a sole base for publishing information only as a last resort. under specific procedures that best serve the public's right to know peer that goes to what you were saying. they have deemed the public's right to know is folded in with their agenda. take it from me because my wheelhouse was criminal law as an attorney. there is no shortage of 10-year-old rape victims. there are victims from infants to the elderly both genders and more you can count. there are so many monsters out there. what i find so deeply offensive, they had to make up a fake one.
9:35 am
there is actually so many peer there are countless real ones that i would love for them to ue as advocacy for law and order or actually commitment to prosecution to finding the perpetrator. but the fact that this alleged situation was created and that was to serve the public's right to know and to further their position on abortion by a sort of sensationalist position now that has gone dark with zero acknowledgment of the perp and the victim here and so much more components to this that people have dedicated their careers and dogmatic efforts to on a daily basis that they think we are that simple and reduce us, oh, you eat this up and not ask any questions. it will be really good for your talking point and then it gets amplified? it is horrifying! americans know better than that and are more honorable than that. >> harris: and inside the party, you might say "the washington post" flagged the talking post. >> kayleigh: yes. >> harris: notes. >> kayleigh: left-wing
9:36 am
fact-checked or says they can't verify and i hope it is not true. >> harris: we all hope it's not true. >> emily: my goodness. >> harris: but i hope they tell us the truth. >> kayleigh: single source story that and made into the prisons talking point and they don't fact-check themselves. disturbing video of a toddler throwing punches him swearing at police officers. you will not believe this and what it's revealing about the country. ♪ ♪ riders! let your queries be known. yeah, hi. instead of letting passengers wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes to see if we can save with america's
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avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. ♪ ♪ >> shocking new video has surfaced online showing a toddler verbally and physically attacking minnesota police officers. in that moment is raising serious questions about the impact that anti-police rhetoric is having on our country, watch. >> [bleep]!
9:41 am
>> emily: kayleigh, this is heartbreaking on so many levels. for a long time now, members on this couch and also this country have been seeing anti-law enforcement, anti-police officer rhetoric and imagery that has somehow become a part of the fabric, especially from the progressive left. let's put up a portal at something during -- we will put it up here -- during the protest that actually riots the summer of 2020. there we go. so, that is something that was in minnesota as well, i believe. b3 wow, that is the imagery being subjected to these children. and that is the result, a toddler who has that level of
9:42 am
vitriol for law enforcement, not even neutrality let alone appreciation or gratitude. but straight vitriol. because things like that have been exposed to kids for so long now. it is sad to peer that is the only thing to say after watching a video like that. and i watched another video where the gas leak in virginia and mom looked out the window to see what the officer was doing. her daughters were playing outside. the officer was sitting on the sidewalk with the doctors playing and doing cartwheels with them and engaging in the community peer that is what they do every day. they do not deserve this kind of vitriol. to me, it totally pushes back on community policing which works. the police go into the communities and one positive interaction with law enforcement officers, not law enforcement related to, one positive reaction can last for a month and create internal view of police officers as good, working members of the community. how can you engage in community
9:43 am
policing when 3-year-olds are hitting you that is toxic in the home or in the community? >> emily: many foundations, rafael ramos founded by a widow with an officer in new york that was ambushed, he and his partner peer that is part of their goal to foster that trust and relationship between the community of which law enforcement officers are a part. harris, we see not just imagery but verbal, rhetoric, people shouting -- >> harris: that his physical peer that child, that toddler went up and hit a cop and the cop was very gracious about it and tried to explain in that moment, "no." this starts at home and what the child is exposed to peer they are not seen those images that we show online. so i don't believe that as much as i believe that that is how cops are talked about in their household. and you've got what looks like an african american cop there too, and a child who is just
9:44 am
going off. what is the conversation about police in that child's home? and let's telegraphed this forward ten, 15 years. how does that come out and that child's behavior as they approach adulthood? this hurts my heart up to 20% of our officers in this country are like my dad who served in vietnam to watch this, they know how hurtful it was to have the rhetoric against them and how dangerous it was feared a free country and people can say what they want, but we cannot live in a country without police officers. most people and neighborhoods look like that child, right? so that the language that the teaching has to be in line with "we need each other." it is really heartbreaking. and i know i keep saying it that way because it is, it brings me to tears with someone who has much misunderstanding. we don't know the child's history, but i can tell you he
9:45 am
hasn't had language that long. he is only to cope you read whatever he's got coming out of his lips didn't come from tiktot inner circle around him at home or whoever is home with him all day long. >> emily: charlie, to bring up language, some of the peaceful protesters the media characterize as such shouting things like fry like bacon. incredibly anti-law enforcement. we have video of that and nfl players colin kaepernick who were pig socks with law enforcement -- so we talk the cultural implications here in this country, it is one being amplified if nothing but support and appreciation. it is anti-law enforcement fabric being pushed and amplified by the mainstream media. now we are seeing it reflected in toddlers. >> charles: we voters need to know that politicians who exploit this type of thing to advance anti-police rhetoric need to be held accountable and
9:46 am
thrown out of office. this is a much larger problem. do you think that child comes from a family of parents who are capable of self-governance? who have dignity and purpose in life? i don't think -- we are talking about a generational thing that does not exist. that is to me, the larger problem is a country we have to deal with. >> emily: we don't know about the family. >> charles: we know about his parents. his parents taught him that sort of thing. >> harris: the inner circle whoever that consists of, yeah, absolutely. >> emily: kelly. >> kellyanne: someone is denying these children what children of all background should have, which is to look at the police officers and law enforcement as refuge. as someone to protect them from danger. and so, in making them so hostile towards the police, they are depriving them may be later on have having a positive interaction. you know, somewhere, somehow someone was watching this video
9:47 am
and saying, "why don't those kids have masks on, not close, not manners, not parents." to your point, here is, i did read the reports on this and the report stated there was an adult male in that group that maybe we can't see in this shot referred to the african american police officers as oreo heads. >> harris: i heard it! >> kellyanne: they are hearing more of it as we are witnessing this. and officers don't have that platform. they can't speak up so we do it for them. we think you every day. and we hold appreciation for all law enforcement everyday. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership.
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>> kayleigh: welcome back. we have yet another example of wokeness going overboard. critics are slamming journalist mason p glow from the wire news after she claims that white people who get along with their relatives must not be challenging their loved ones racist views. take a look at her crazy twitter thread from last week. honestly, if you are a white person who says they are committed to racial justice, you are in good standing with most of your family come i have questions for you and they are deadly pointed to. i am in contact with exactly three members of my birth and extended family.
9:52 am
i bet you are, jessica. how committed are you really? and even the good white families a racist when you scratch the surface and a little racist. charlie i hope you are in good standing with your family. >> charles: oh, my goodness these people are so miserable it is amazing they can get anybody to join them, right? this is a result of viewing the world through the lens of race viewing everybody based on race. there is a reason decent people do everything they can to not do that. >> kayleigh: emily, how bad, the members of her family. >> emily: we can imagine why. i definitely think this is a reflection of her and her situation rather than reflection of me and my family. she can take me and my family -- >> kayleigh: i think this was an effort to get likes or tweets or some kind of controversy brewing. i knew it was going to be controversial when i tweeted it. >> emily: she can definitely
9:53 am
use a hug. thanksgiving i bet is really exciting for her. i just think social media and rants like this allow people to be narcissistic because otherwise they wouldn't have a platform. she could be screaming into the wind about it but she gets eight platform. she is a color list my colorist journalist. stop projecting on everybody's life and family. i will pray for you but stop pretending that everyone situation or wishing it were. >> kayleigh: why is this a good thing to tweet? >> harris: she is sad, she is just sad. half of my family is white. so, i would just challenge her to meet biracial kids like mine and to sit with my white husband and see what he says. i mean, maybe you're circle is so small that she doesn't know anybody, you know, that is not like her. she has weeded out members that she doesn't even hang out with in her own family. she has nothing to challenge
9:54 am
this. anybody who uses the word scotia after 1965, you know in terms of racism, i think, it is a little odd anyway. kosher is like a little paprika on your double dead. [laughter] i don't know where she's going. but she doesn't know people. >> kayleigh: she was clearly craving attention and we gave a little bit more to you jessica. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. here, i'll take that. ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar. enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big. ♪♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. to win big. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield.
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♪♪♪ >> such a nice summer jam. kellyanne, lean on your polling expertise as we edge out with the last couple minutes in the show and what you are seeing in terms of enthusiasm at the poll. i was reading this morning, democrats think particularly on abortion they will get a huge boost, maybe in some places they are, but what does it require?
9:59 am
>> "new york times" poll says 5% of abortion is the issue, 1% of males, 9% of females. i think pro choice and pro lifers will be animated at the poll but we are not single thinkers, enthusiasm deflated on the left side, openly challenging joe biden already for 2024 and the election is two and a half years away and the enthusiasm is historic in some places, some were wary people would be suppressing their own vote, thinking it does not count. wild enthusiasm in turnout. big question into the fall, how much the democratic candidates want joe biden around them or talking about them. >> the wave is real, and we are seeing exactly why that same poll said i think 33% of voters think that joe biden is too old, that's a polite way of saying they are tired of gas prices and
10:00 am
inflation. >> really? wow. >> and add that to the people who are complaining about his policies, it's what, 65%? >> yes. >> two-thirds. >> done. >> when you said wave, i thought beach and got kind of excited. 119 days to the midterm elections, we are counting. right now, "america reports." >> harris, thank you. welcome to fox news special coverage of the january 6th committee hearings. lawmakers are set to hold their seventh public hearing in just a moment now, the focus is going to be on former president donald trump's alleged role in bringing rioters to the nation's capitol as part of a last ditch effort for him to remain in power. good afternoon on this tuesday, john roberts in washington. hi, sandra. >> sandra: great to be with you, john. sandra smith in new york. inside the two-minute warning, we will head to the capitol a short time from now. the committee wants to show the impact of a tweet


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