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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 12, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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john just mentioned, the justice department will decide if there's a case on their own. >> martha: they won't bring it unless they feel like they can win it. thanks. that concludes our special coverage of the january 6th hearings. "your world" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> there is a way to contest elections. that happens all the time. but the idea that the federal government could come in and seize election machines? now that -- i don't understand why i would have to tell you why that is a bad idea. it's a terrible idea. >> neil: the former white house counsel, pat cipollone testifying this is all testimony that he had given. they replayed it today at the seventh hearing of the january 6th committee looking into that
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capitol hill attack. of course, the concerns now, what we've learned from them since and the former president's lengths to some extreme groups others say were overit is aed, some saying not stated enough. i'm neil cavuto in "your world." trying to make sense of this hearing and one to go. where things stand for the former president of the united states and those around him, whether the committee was tipping its hands at possible criminal charges down the road. too soon to say. to chad pergram on capitol hill. what went down, chad? >> the committee focused on what it characterized as a profane verbal brawl at the white house december 18, 2020. it was between aides and those pushing election conspiracy theories. the committee says the fight prompted the president to tweet in the wee hours of december 19. he implored people to descend on
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washington on january 6. mr. trump warned it would be wild. >> trump's purpose was to mobilize a crowd and how do you mobilize a crowd in 2020? with millions of followers on twitter, president trump knew how to do it. >> the committee played sound of a former twitter employee who worried about the president stoking violence. >> the head of homeland security for washington d.c. said red flags wept up about armed malitia groups coming to
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washington. in the meeting at the white house, sydney powell pushed to be appointed as a special counsel to investigate the election. she wanted the military to seize voting machines. pat cipollone was brought in for a lengthy interview friday. >> the idea that the federal government could come in and seize election machines? that's -- i don't understand why we have to tell you why that is a bad idea. >> now, a former oath keeper testified. he said the president's actions could have spark had with he terms a new civil war. he worries about mr. trump using what he called snake oil if he runs for president again. neil? >> chad, again and again, the questions and the themes went back to whether the former president ginned up the crowd, to get them to the point that they would march on the capitol and that that was his intension
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all along. did they score points there? >> this was an argument that liz cheney made early on. that he was getting information that he didn't have a chance to overturn the election. he lost the election. the electoral college was set and he started to have other people whispering in his ear that there was a way around this. maybe get to mike pence. she said look, he's a grown man. 76 years old. he is responsible for his actions, neil. >> neil: thanks, chad. i want to go to tom dupree, the former deputy assistant attorney general. tom, do you think any points were scored today? just on that level and connecting the president to beginning up this crowd to do what it did that day? >> i think the committee succeeded today, neil, in establishing links that we hadn't known about between the white house and some of these malitia groups. prosecutors always try to link
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cause and effect. trump gave a speech and there was a march on the capitol. what the committee did through witness testimony is try to draw clearly the links, showing that the white house was in communication with these groups before january 6, the march on the capitol was not a spontaneous uprising or impassioned demonstration but part of or maybe the culmination of a strategy that had been planned in days and weeks before january 6. >> neil: tom, here's where it gets to be a slippery argument. much was said of these documents that were obtained from the national archives, including that donald trump reviewed that said i will be making a big speech at 10:00 a.m. january 6 at the elipse. please arrive early. the tweet was never sent. and the former president let his allies now, the plan was to direct the crowd to come to the
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capitol but that direct tweet was never sent. didn't that hurt the committee's argument? >> neil, that part hoff it caught my eye today. in other words, a lawyer will tell you the most powerful evidence are e-mails and tweets that are sent. but if you have a draft that wasn't drafted by the president, it is after in the draft item folder on his phone, maybe he looked at it and said, i'm not going to send this tweet. so again, i completely agree that if you're looking for strong evidence, you need to focus on the tweets the president actually sent, rather than draft tweets that were presented to him but he declined to send. >> neil: this is the first of the hearings that i can recall where there was serious consideration on the part of the former president to sort of acknowledge, all right, this was not a steal. this election was not taken from him. i don't know the chain of events that led him to harden and
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resist that urge or that calling. but he did. we know ultimately what happened. it was a lot closer than we thought for him to step back and maybe in the calmer moments and say no. >> it's interesting just seeing this timeline playing out. today, of course, we heard a lot about that meeting at the white house that seemed to have gotten out of hand to say the least. we always knew there was a little bit of crazy in the white house. but now we hear there's a lot of crazy in the days before january 6 with people giving the president just absolutely insane in my opinion legal advice. it's also interesting that the president clearly had some decision points here that many of his cabinet and senior officials were saying, after december 14, this election is over. it's time to move on. this election is done. the president had these decision points and he decided to push the pedal to the floor and go all the way. we saw what happened. >> neil: i'm following the numbers. you know them better than i do.
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three times as many people around him were saying that this was a mistake and risky even foolish mission than those that said it was worth doing. yet he gave in to that minority of aides that might have been gunning him on or might have been thinking that's what he wanted to hear. but that alone maybe gives you an idea of the inner workings of the white house if all of this is face value raufly is accurate thinking at the time but he appeared increasingly unstable. >> that's one of the most fascinating things about this. the former justice department official chooses people for your cabinet, your advisers to have good judgment and you listen to them. they give you advice. here the president didn't like the advice that he was getting from his attorney general, from the white house counsel, cabinet secretaries and brought in people unconnected with the administration that are not the
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top lawyers in the nation to give him contrary advice. we're hearing it was driving everybody crazy. these people were let in, given access to the president, giving him legal advice that was simply bad advice. >> neil: again, i'm not a lawyer. but i could recognize crazy behavior, obsessive behavior, unstable behavior. but is it illegal, criminal behavior? >> you know, in some cases, i think that people that were giving him this advice were coming pretty darn close to that line if not going over it. look, these are all or most of them were lawyers. they had to know that the course of action that they were urging on the president was not authorized. it was unconstitutional. it violated federal law. yet they urged the president to follow this course of action. so again, i always hate to accuse fellow lawyers of criminal conduct but in this case the advice that they gave him was up to that line if not over it?
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>> neil: you think criminal charges will be filed? >> i'm skeptical of that, neil. really skeptical. it's no secret. i talk to my liberal democratic friends. attorney general garland doesn't seem interested this this. doj has president been moving with the speed that the january 6th committee has. so count me skeptical at this point, neil, that the justice department will bring charges against the president. but we'll see. >> neil: thank you, my friend. tom dupree following these developments. on to other news from the former president to the current president and his trip to the middle least after meeting with the president of members could i and then to go to israel and saudi arabia. rich edson has more from the white house. >> good afternoon. business to attend to for the president today before he heads overseas. first stop in a short while, he will hit up the congressional barbecue ongoing here. earlier today, high level
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meeting with the president of mexico in the oval office. this began this morning. president obrador declined the meeting of the americas. in more than 30 minutes of statements, lopez obrador said grievances are not easy to forgeted. he bragged about the lower gas prices in his country compared to the u.s., inviting americans to stop by mexico and fill up. >> waiting for prices to go down. we have decided that it was necessary to allow americans that live close to the borderline so that they could go get their gasoline on the mexican side at lower prices. >> lopez obrador criticized republicans that scream all over the place at the
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administration's border policies and says the world has relied too much on manufacturing in china and that this region is going to have to produce more for itself. later this evening, the president leaves for israel and saudi arabia. the u.s. wants more oil on the market to lower gas prices. biden previously called the saudi kingdom a pariah state for the murder of jamal khaishoggi. khaishoggi's widow met with the white house today. that's according to her attorney. she said she was pleased with the discussion here, though ahead of this trip, they're watching and waiting to see what president biden does and says on human rights as he travels to that region. it happens tonight. back to you. >> neil: thanks. let's get the read on this from gerry baker, "wall street journal" at least. he gets the best guests. gerry, looking at the whole event today with the president and trying to make nice with the president of mexico, even though he had stiffed him, the mexican
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president, at the america's summit in los angeles last month and now on to israel where things should be more favorable there. saudi arabia a wild card. how do you think this breaks down? >> yeah, it's not a very edifying spectacle to see the president of the united states pleading with foreign leaders to help him out because he was in so much trouble and he wants help from mexico on the border crisis, having by the way immediately when he came into affect rejected the trump administration's policies that were keeping people in mexico. now confronted with these enormous border incursions that we've seen. it was very almost entertaining to see the president of mexico there also taking a swipe at biden's own energy policies. come over the border. we're willing to help you. >> neil: i heard that. it's notably cheapner mexico. >> absolutely.
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>> neil: mexico has been criticized of not doing enough to deal with the surge of migrants that moved from the southern border to mexico's border with ours. i don't know what if any progress was made there. but i do know that we're not on the same side on this issue here. where is it going? >> no, we're not. look, it's the u.s.'s problem. that's the view in mexico. the u.s. has a problem that they're not enforcing their honey border thanks to policies that this administration decided to follow to distance themselves from what the trump administration had done. so you know, i don't think mexico is in any particular hurry to help out the u.s. as long as the u.s. has this lacks approach to its border. now they're adding insult to ursaing yeah, come over the border and fill your gas tanks, too. on the saudi arabia front, the president will be going to saudi arabia having come into office essentially declaring that nation a pariah state, declaring
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mohammed bin salman a pariah because of what that terrible crime that they committed against murdering jamal khaishoggi. now 18 months later, he needs saudi arabia. this a gran is tied to his own policies because he has pursued policies designed to weaken and undermine u.s. energy companies and to actually weaken and to limit u.s. energy production. that is contributing obviously to this energy shortages that we're seeing in the world resulting in higher prices. so instead of backtracking, he's going around the world trying to persuade saudi arabia, a country that he described as beyond the pale internationally, he wants them to get prices down. it's not a impressive set of policies that the administration is following. >> neil: if only to be a fly on the wall. if the fly could understand what it was hearing. we'll see. thanks, gerry. >> it is taco tuesday, remember. >> you're right about that. you're right. gerry, thank you.
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meantime, big expectations ahead of the key inflation report in this country. the reading on the june cpi, the consumer price index is due out. it's expected to be 8.8%. that would be higher than the 8.6% exists as the 40-year record. the president has indicated that it's not on him. it's on republicans, that they have not done enough to address this. that brought us up to john thune, the senate minority whip from south dakota. senator, good to see you, this is your fault. >> yeah. nice to see you as well, neil. honestly, i don't know where the president comes up with that rhetoric. that i have unified control of government. they run the whole of government. they have the house, the senate and the white house. and it's his policies and policy decisions that have led to the results that we're facing. the reason the american people are facing 8.5% inflation as you
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said when the numbers come out and could be higher, that i have an energy policy that shut down american energy, they passed a partisan spending billion, $2 trillion that flooded the zone with too much spending and as you know, the textbook definition of inflation is too much dollars -- >> neil: what he was saying, senator, i don't know think you buy this, that there could have been some cooperation on lowering prescription drug prices and the like and that republicans balked him every step of the way. what do you say? >> i don't think they have gotten their act together on that. they don't have a bill that they've been trying to cobble together that could get all 50 democrats. the problem with the policies, they're inflationary, too. you talk about the huge tax increases that accompany any of these ideas, that too is inflationary and creating conditions where workers get
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paid less. now they're taxing small businesses, pass-through businesses. that gets passed on in higher prices and lower wages for workers. these are policies that make the problems we're talking about already significantly worse. that is their prescription for the future, to do more of the same in the past to got us to where we are today. >> neil: we're talking about the upcoming election, the mid-terms. it looks pretty likely and things could change as you remind me that republicans could take back the house. the senate could be more dicey. more republican seats are at stake and some of the candidates that are heading the republican ticket in these key states, they're not the best of the candidates. they're under great stress right now, herschel walker comes to mind in georgia. do you worry about that, that you could be grabbing because of some, not all of these
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candidates, defeat from the jaws of victory? >> i think campaigns ebb and flow. you try every day to win that particular day. all of these campaigns and candidates experience that. here's the issue in the end the american people will vote on. when they get to november and they're looking at gas prices and looking at the price they're paying for a pound of hamburger at the grocery store, the lack of an energy policy, looking at a border disaster literally and all of these economic issues that affect their pocket books, i think they're going to hold one person and one person responsible. that is joe biden and his administration and his leadership in congress. they have unified control of washington. they have the house, the senate and the white house. i think that's going to trump any of these other issues. it's a very simple question for people. that is they're going to be looking at their individual circumstances, financial circumstances and coming to a conclude that this president and his policies have been bad for
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them and their families that will be the test that candidates are measured by. >> neil: you used the word trump in another context, i understand, senator. but we had the seventh hearing of the january 6th committee. you're not a fan of these hearings and liz cheney. you think the revelations we have gotten are disturbing enough to have questions of donald trump running again? >> in the end, that's a decision that he'll have to make. the hearings as would you point out, they have been one-sided for sure. there's not been a republican response on the committee because that was sort of ordained in the beginning. i think that as people think about -- we're focused on 2022 obviously. we want a check and balance against the biden administration and their radical policies. we're trying to get the house and the senate back. i think any of these people that
1:21 pm
start thinking about 2024, they may -- people are making overtures in various states right now. that is all speculative. that's a long ways off. whether the former president decides to run again is a decision that he'll have to make. my guess is there may be some others and there are others that are moving around the country and doing the things that you would do if you're getting ready to undertake a presidential campaign. i would like to see them all focus and the point i made yesterday, i'd like to see these candidates help us win in 2022, get the house and the senate back and then focus on 2024. >> neil: if he were your nominee in 2024, would you support him? >> i said i'll support our nominee. i expect we'll have robust nominating process. again, i would prefer that got underway after the 2022 elections when we can get the house and the senate back.
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>> neil: don't you hate journalists a keep asking that question? thanks, representative john thune. >> neil: we have covid spiking again in china. particularly that macau is shout down the next week. popping up in hong kong. should we be worried? there anthony fauci is in the house. mission control, we are go for launch. ♪ um, she's eating the rocket.
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1:27 pm
retested to see if things are spreading there as well. and we're seeing limited movement in hong kong on the same story. so its repeating itself in asia, jarring those that thought that we were over there. at least there that's not the case. there's spikes in cases here as well. dr. fauci knows of what i speak. he had to endure covid himself and a bad case of it. the white house chief medical adviser joining us now. how are you feeling, doctor? >> i'm doing well. thanks for asking. i'm fully recovered and back to normal thank goodness. >> neil: you were being treated again. was there a flair-up after the flair-up? what was going on there? >> what happened was, i was initially infected. given my age, being a risk person at my age, i took
1:28 pm
paxlavid. i finished the course. i tested myself monday, tuesday, wednesday and it was negative. thursday, it reversed back to positive. within 24 hours, i started to get a return of symptoms with fever, aches, with some little bit of a cough, not very bad. so i went back on paxlavid for another five days. that cleared things up very well. now i've been negative for multiple, multiple days since then. so i'm doing very well. thanks. >> neil: let me ask you about this. when people heard oh, my gosh, this happened to dr. fauci. everyone knows someone who has gotten this again and sometimes again after this. and they're beginning to wonder about the regiment for treating it, whether you get a booster, two shots. they just don't know. what do you tell them? >> well, that's a great question.
1:29 pm
thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify it, neil. there's no doubt that the vaccines themselves, particularly vaccine plus a booster at the appropriate time, for more than one booster, if you're 50 years old, you can get two boosters. one of the things clear from the data, even though the vaccines from the high degree of trans miss ability don't protect overly well against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death. that's the reason why at my age being vaccinated and boosted, even though it didn't protect me against infection, i feel confident it made a major role in me progressing to severe disease and why i had a relatively mild course.
1:30 pm
my message to people that seem confused, the answer is if you weren't vaccinated, the likelihood you would have more severe course than you did have when you were vaccinated. >> neil: there's a lot of people looking at it with the new strain, and i can't keep up with it, this ba 2.75 or what have you, it always seemed to be mutated and always spreading. yet the collective view of the world is, we're over this, time to move on, time to live our lives and time to fly again. we're no longer forcing those coming in from other countries that they have been vaccinated or testing negative for the virus itself. how do you feel about this? >> well, we're certainly not over it. i think that people have an understandable desire to put this in the rear view mirror and say we're through with it. that's not the reality. when i say that, i don't mean to
1:31 pm
scare people or get people to alter their lives or do anything with mandating. we're not talking about that. we're talking about making use of the avail able interventions that we. have let me give you an example. 67% of the people in this country are vaccinated. we rank very low with developed nations in the proportion that are vaccinated. of those that are vaccinated, only about half of them have gotten their first boost. again, we've got to do better than that. we're giving the virus the opportunity to continue to spread in our community. if we do simple things, which are not disruptive in any major way, vaccination, boosting, testing. for example, if you're going to go to a function, you want to get tested to make sure you're negative so if you are infected
1:32 pm
and you have minimal symptoms, you don't spread it. if you have a vulnerable person in your house hold, someone that is on chemotherapy or immune compromised, you might want to test regularly to make sure that you don't inadvertently bring the virus hospital to a susceptible person. these are easy things to do and we're not doing enough of it. that's the message i want out. we don't want to disrupt your life or force you to do anything but do some common sense things that have been proven to be effective. >> neil: so very quickly, doctor, if people are realizing yes, the number of cases has spiked across the globe, nothing like china, but they're not severe cases. very few hospitalization cases. they're spiking as well. that makes americans say, been there, done that, over that. what do you tell them? >> i tell them it's understandable with that attitude, but be careful. we're still having an increase
1:33 pm
in hospitalizations. we're having many more infections than being recorded. we say it's about 140,000 a day. those are grossly undercouldn'ted. many people that get infected do a home test and don't report it. we're still around 300 deaths per day. that is an unacceptably high level, neil. although people say been there, done that, we're at a level that is not an acceptable level for us. we have to do better than that. >> neil: i know this was tough on you because you missed your daughter's wedding to be there in person. i hope everything went okay and you're okay. >> yeah, i'm fine. thank you nor asking, neil. i appreciate it. >> neil: dr. fauci, thank you. the latest on vladimir putin who a lot of people say don't call him president anymore. he much prefers "our leader."
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>> neil: president biden is set to go to saudi arabia this week and we've learned that iran has delivered armed drones to russia to help fight in ukraine. general jack keane has more. the iran trip on the part of vladimir putin, what do you make of it? >> i think it may be significant. because i also understand that erdogan will participate. certainly the iranians are helping out the russians here. and i think that is significant. because the turks and the russians are opposing each other in syria. so that meeting may have a lot to do with syria and maybe from their perspective stabilizing this thing and in return for the
1:39 pm
iranians giving the russians likely hundreds of drone missiles, some of them with armed capability that the russians may just cede their control and influence to the iranians. we'll see. the meeting may be more significant than what people think. >> neil: would the drones be used for the russian fight in ukraine, right? >> oh, yeah. no doubt about it. listen, neil, so our audience understands, the iranians have been developing drones for years. they have got very good technology. they have given them to the houthis and flown them with hundreds of miles. they went after the saudi air fields, the saudi capitol. they've been in this business for while. it will help the russians, no doubt. >> neil: there's an interesting
1:40 pm
development going on in russia. no longer do they refer to him as the president of russia but as our ruler. what did you make of that? >> yeah. i think that came from the elites, not necessarily from the kremlin. they're trying to rebuild the russian empire. not the soviet union's empire. how the czars did things. so ruler falls into that. it implies something higher than a president. i think the ukrainians and many of us are looking at putin the last 20 years would find another name like thug, killer, war criminal, which would be a lot more appropriate. >> neil: general separately, president putin is looking to fast-track russian citizenship for ukrainians.
1:41 pm
what did you make of this? >> they did this in the donbas region when they had a third of the control of the region from 2018 on. i believe they overstate this. the ukrainians can't stand what the russians are doing obviously. not a lot of them are going to voluntarily become russian citizens. that's just the facts of it. if they take a city and own it, the ukrainians are going to fight them for years to get that city back. they will never ever cede that city politically on their own or voluntarily on their own. the russians know fell well that this campaign that they're conducting, even if it's favorable to them, which i have doubts about, they are going to be at war with the ukrainians for years, at least at a partisan basis.
1:42 pm
the ukrainians have no stomach for what the russians have done. they will arch enemies and will stay that way for generations to come. >> neil: i don't see them leaping at the russian citizenship promise. thanks, general. >> good talking to you, neil. >> neil: remember that bodega, that small grocery store owner manhattan that spent a night in jail after killing someone who was trying to kill him or at least steal from him? it was a life and death matter. with all the revelations right now, many are saying this guy has been put through hell. we got to back him. and now they are. finding the perfect developer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in prague, between the perfect cup of coffee and her museum of personal computers. and you can find her, and millions of other talented pros, right now on ♪ well, the stock is bubbling in the pot ♪ ♪ just till they taste what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ]
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they provide the potential for regular income... are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217. >> neil: firefighters still battling that huge blaze in yosemite national park. now i guess they're adding a heat wave on top of that, right? >> neil, if you can hear me, this fire has grown to five square miles. crews have a 22% containment and moving in the right direction. i can tell you in these hot very dry conditions, it has been a difficult firefight here at the southern and this fire continues to threaten a national treasure.
1:47 pm
up the road behind me, take a look at the maraposa grove. it is home to hundreds of giant sequoias. these majestic trees have been under federal protection since the civil war and among yosemite's most popular tourist attractions. while fire got in the grove, damage was minimal. officials credit decades of prescribed burns. everyone is keeping a close eye on the grove because the flames are only 150 yards away. the national park service has deployed hundreds of fire personnel. there's a dedicated meteorologist from the national weather service to provide real-time forecasting and that is huge given the tinder dry conditions caused by the drought. decades of fire suppression
1:48 pm
policies as they burn acres of heavy timber and dead trees are creating a hazard. we've been hearing one of these trees come crashing down, sometimes on roads and that's why hundreds of residents in the fire zone remain evacuated. there were no lightning strikes in this area when the fire first began thursday. so it is considered human caused. exactly what started it is under investigation. overall, neil, the reason to be optimistic. no homes lost and no major injuries and most of yosemite is still open, just not the southern end here which is closed indefinitely. back to you. >> neil: thanks, claudia. meantime back on the other side of the country in new york, the story gets more curious. a bodega worker that fatally stabbed a man in his store.
1:49 pm
the united bodega's of america spokesman. fernando urged a meeting with alvin brag who first brought the charges and some of the high penalties against this bodega owner. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. pleasure to be here with you. >> what happened from your meet something. >> our meeting was very good. it was very focused, very concentrated on crime against bodega owners. it was a blue collar meeting. it was very simple. d.a. bragg, what can we do to drop the charges against jose alba. are you going to prosecute jose alba. he said i haven't made a decision one way or another. it's very possible that i will drop the charges because we're -- they're investigating
1:50 pm
the case as we speak. so his investigation will lead to one thing or the other. >> neil: what's to investigate? the video speaks for itself there. cooler heads, you want to go through this line by line here. it was more punishment needed after a guy being assaulted in his son's store. >> the problem someone was killed. whether it was self-defense -- we know it was self-defense. he was killed. an investigation has to take place. the d.a. has to do his job. >> neil: did you guys tell him he might have overreacted? i know there was going to be $250,000 bail at first. that was later reduced to a $5,000 binder to get him out of jail. the fact that he was in jail that night raised questions as
1:51 pm
to whether bragg was going to be tough on him and still might be tough on him. what are you hearing? >> what we explained to d.a. bragg, we don't think there's going to be a jury or a judge in new york that will find jose alba guilty. why go through this process? but he's the direct attorney. we have to treated him with respect. we asked him with all due respect, sir, would you consider dropping the charges against jose alba? he said absolutely he would consider it. >> neil: do you believe that? >> i believe that he will. you know, he doesn't express -- he doesn't express himself very -- he's not very open with his feelings. i said to him, listen, there's a lot of people out there waiting to see what you're going to do with this case. a mistake was made. let's not do the same thing -- let's not make this mistake again by prosecuting this guy. junior gonzales was the kid that
1:52 pm
ran into a bodega looking for a a safe haven and was killed. the bodega owner didn't do much. he was afraid of losing his life. when someone stands his ground, neil and someone defends himself and saves his own life, there's nothing wrong with that. we're all entitled to stand our ground and basically fight for our life. that's what jose alba did. he fought for his light and he won fortunately for him. >> neil: we'll watch what happens. fernando mateo, a former republican candidate for new york mayor as well. we have a lot more coming up, unincluding getting away from friction of earth to some interstellar images from billions of miles away. billions of light years away after this. ♪ ♪
1:53 pm
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♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪
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♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪♪
1:57 pm
away from earth and with unrivaled clarity it shows ancient galaxy is from 13 billion years ago without the haze of our atmosphere getting in the way. the image captures ancient lights admitted by galaxies as they were forming in the infancy of the cosmos just after the big bang. and it is beyond what the hubble space telescope can do. part of the universe this morning, showing five separate galaxies, stars and dust also showing the creation of new stars, here is a stunning image of the carina nebula, named the cosmic clips. it is a supernova remnants showing gas and dust as well. just rich in data. and a new release, this of a dying star. they go so far back in time, astronomers believe we are seeing the universe as it was just 200 or 300 million years after the big bang.
1:58 pm
truly absolutely amazing, neil. people around the world and all today. >> neil: i marvel at how they can find that stuff. i want to go to anti-al-anon on this. what do you think, andy? fantastic. i think that it should be a very proud day. when i came back from the first space flight asking if i felt significant because i was one of the few in space and my answer was really when you see how many stars are really out there into the galaxy and realize how many billions of stars and billions and billions of galaxies in the universe, you actually feel like you are pretty insignificant. so i think it's wonderful and i think this country can do what is and impossible i make it possible. we do that kind of things that turn fiction into fact and i'm very proud to be a part of all of this attempt very proud to see this happening. it shows how much more we have to learn.
1:59 pm
>> neil: one of the elite few, you guys are always so modest about that. but i want to get your take on the quest for life and finding life that among all of these billions and billions of planets and stars and galaxies, there has got to be life out there somewhere. >> you know, statistically thinking, i agree with that. i certainly don't believe that we have people picking people up in farm fields in kansas and doing experiments on them. but i do think there is life out there. it just statistically speaking there has to be another planet like ours and some kind of evolution going on somewhere. and i believe in the divinity of it all in the higher power, but at the same time it is hard to say that we would be alone in this vast universe out there and maybe one day some of what we have seen in some of the "star trek" shows will show through one day. >> neil: you have lived that
2:00 pm
experiment, my friend. sometimes in this ruckus day and age, politicians screaming at each other, tax cuts, no tax cuts, spending, stop the spending, we step back and look at the heavens and realize that we are about a small fragment of that universe. something to behold, something to make us think. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i am dana perino, along with jesse watered and greg gutfeld, this is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the white house already reeling from a long list of problems now has a new little headache to deal with, first lady jill biden causing some controversy for not apologizing to hispanic voters. >> this organization with


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