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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: not impressed. >> judge jeanine: this look lucky little guy. a heart-warming story about christie gardner army vet and dog lucky. she has two prosthetic legs. unusual leg defect. it's a beautiful book and you will love it she sent me peppermint patties. >> greg: your teeth are blue. [laughter] >> dana: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bill. >> bill: tell her there is always dental floss. >> judge jeanine: dental floss doesn't work. >> bill: you got you covered. happy birthday to the "the five," guys. good evening from new york. i'm bill hemmer in for bret baier. live from headquarters in manhattan. and breaking tonight, the house select committee investigating the capitol riot holds another public hearing. today's testimony featuring a former spokesman for an alleged
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extremist group and a man convicted for crimes related to entering the capitol. the committee also played clips from its deposition last week with a former white house counsel pat cipollone. chad pergram watching it all joins me live now from capitol hill tonight. chad, good evening there. what happened today? hello. >> good evening, bill, allegations of witness tampering. liz cheney says the former president tried to call a witness who has not yet testified before the committee. the panel told the doj about the contact by the former president. >> the committee focused on a late night verbal brawl in the oval office with trump loyalists fighting with white house attorneys, including pat cipollone who just talked to the committee on friday. >> i don't think any of these people were providing the president with good advice. >> in the conclave, trump advisers challenged top white house aides that they needed to go to the mat for the former president. >> i'm going to categorically describe it as you guys are not
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tough enough. or maybe i put it another way, you are a bunch of [bleep] >> quitter. i yelled back come over or sit your [bleep] back down. >> appointed sidney powell special counsel to investigate the election. she wanted the military to seize voting machines. cipollone was appalled. >> to have the federal government seize voting machines? it's a terrible idea. >> after the meeting, president trump fired off a tweet which the committee says fueled the riot. coaxing his supporters to descend on washington on januar. the president said it would be, quote. wild. >> how do you mobilize a crowd in 2020 with millions of followers on twitter, president trump knew exactly how to do it. a former twitter employee testified anonymously if president trump were anyone else they would have suspended him long ago. >> my concern was that the
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former president was speaking directly to extremist organizations. and giving them directives. >> a former member of the violent militia group, the oath keepers told the committee how bad 1/6 could have been especially after the president stoked the mob. >> we need to quit mincing words and just talk about truths and this could have been the spark that started a new civil war. >> stephen ayres is one witness arrested during the riot. he told the committee he would not have gone to the capitol had the former president not pushed election fraud. bill? >> bill: to look just a bit further here, the former president could run again. what does this hearing mean for his chances if that is the case? >> well, these hearings could slice into g.o.p. support for the former president. the "new york times" says slightly less than half of all republicans now support mr. trump running again. florida governor ron desantis is
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a distant second at 28%. one in five voters believe mr. trump went too far trying to cling to power. now fox was told that these hearings are essentially a preimpeachment. there is also concern that mr. trump could cost the g.o.p. the senate. bill? >> bill: that again still to come if that comes to it. chad, thank you from the hill tonight. mexico's president meanwhile saying that both he and president biden need to be bold in order to fix a broken immigration system. their meeting today comes after president biden was snubbed just about a month ago in california. senior national correspondent rich edson has that story tonight from the white house. >> despite the overhyped headlines that we sometimes see, you and i have a strong and productive relationship. >> and the major differences on immigration and energy. mexican president andreas manuel lopez obrador met president biden at the white house this
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morning after declining president biden's invitation last month to the summit of the americas in los angeles. >> in spite of our differences, and also in spite of our grievances, that are not really easy to forget with time or with goods wishes. not easy to forget. >> in a 30 minute oval office presentation, lopez obrador bragged gas prices are lower in his countries and americans near the border should buy their fuel in mexico. he criticized republicans who, quote: scream all over the place at the administration's border policies. the latest "new york times" cinema college poll showed the border is well behind issues like the economy, ahead of biden's trip to the middle east first lady jill biden is left apologizing for her remarks to a latino advocacy organization. >> the diversity of this community as distinct as the bodegas of the bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of miami, and as unique as the
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breakfast tacos here in san antonio. >> national association of hispanic journalists responded, quote: we are not tacos, our heritage as latinos is shaped by various diasporas, cultures and food traditions do not reduce us to stereotypes. dr. biden's press secretary tweeted, quote: the first lady apologizes that her words portrayed anything but pure admiration and love for the community. the president has just responded to the south lawn of the white house to the new poll. 20% of the democrats want the president as their nominee in 2024. the president prompt -- after prompting from a reporter, quote: read the polls, jack, you guys are all the same. that poll showed 92% of democrats, if i ran, would vote for me. now, that's true if the matchup were president biden against former president donald trump. bill? >> bill: we got that thanks,
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rich edson from the north lawn there. a bit of a storm coming down in washington. the border and crime crisis coming full circle tonight after suspects in a major drug bust are cut loose due to rebeings laked bail laws. drug traffickers catching on to state loopholes matt finn joins us with more. >> hi, bill. two' ised mexican cartel drug smugglers from here in california were busted where you are in new york with more than $1 million worth of crystal meth, despite being arrested with a staggering amount of drugs. the pair was freed on supervised release, which the new york narcotics prosecutor's office tells fox news requires no money and can be considered less secure than being out on bail. police say last tuesday 19-year-old lewis aced to have d carrying 40 pounds of meth in a suitcase. three days later on friday carlos santos was also arrested with 100 pounds of crystal meth hidden in air compressor
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canisters. yet, when arraigned in a manhattan criminal court, both suspects were let go. because under current new york state law the two men could only be charged with second degree criminal possession of a controlled substance instead of a serious criminal narcotic charge. new york city special narcotics prosecutor brigitte brethren none says that under new york's 2019 bail reform, methamphetamine crimes were not included as bail eligible offenses. brennan calls it a big problem that she says probably was an oversight and she hopes legislators will change. custom enforcement tells fox news the federal government has the ability to fix this 10 year mandatory minimum and also have a bail policy that makes this a presumption that they would be detained. so this is an area where the federal government should step up. >> and prosecutors say in 2019 when the law was passed, new york city was not a have
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distribution hub for meth but now it is. meth seizures in new york have increased 1300 percent since 2021, according to the d.e.a. bill? >> bill: matt finn, thank you, in southern california tonight. breaking tonight, also twitter is now suing the billionaire elon musk in an effort to force him to go through with his deal to buy the company. musk in his legal team maintained thesome giant is withholding information related to the number of bots and spam accounts on that social media platform. twitter calls that reasoning invalid and wrong. we may find an answer in court if it comes to that stocks were off today over a global recession worries. the dow dropped 193. s&p 500 slipped 36, and the nasdaq was off about 108 points today. president biden will have a full plate as he heads to the middle east a bit later this evening. concerns over iran's march towards a nuclear bomb is on the table. tensions in israel's west bank and those high oil prices are
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among the many issues. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich waiting for the president in jerusalem as we say good evening to you, jackie. >> good evening to you, bill. the president's trip is seen as so light on deliverables he penned an op-ed over the weekend explaining why he is going. hopes to increase global oil supply and the war in yemen and normalize israel's relationship with other countries in the region. but biden's critics say the drawbacks outweigh potential gains. >> president biden's first trip to the middle east since taking office has been canned even before it begins as likely to deliver few returns. no major strategic deals are in the works. be it a promise from riyadh to produce more [inaudible] relations with israel. the white house is so apparent who i have leary of an awkward photo showing the president shaking hands with the man the u.s. intelligence blames for the murder of a u.s. journalist is abstaining for handshakes duration of the time abroad
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citing coronavirus. jake sullivan hedging on those reports. >> in terms of the resize modalities i will leave that to the folks actually organizing the trip. >> the widow of dissident killed jamal khashoggi biden will use the moment to negotiate the release of political prisoners. after meeting with three senior white house officials today, a lawyer for hanan khashoggi wasn't there to tell president biden not to go. if you are going to go and is he and you are going to meet with the crowned prince and he is, this is what you should say and this is what you should do. biden has been criticized for control pro-mizeing on principles after pledging to make saudi arabia pa rye a other gulf states can or will ramp up oil production. insist biden's worth it even if it hurts. >> frankly, given the dynamics in the world, given what's going on in ukraine. given the fact that iran still will not take the deal that is on the table to deal with their nuclear weapons program, there's
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an awful lot for the president to discuss. >> meantime, biden's trip begins with criticism from the right. >> we now have a president head to the middle east to beg the saudis for energy we could produce here at home. >> and the left. >> i don't think it's sufficient to convince us that this trip was necessary. >> one deliverable reportedly to come, 100 million u.s. dollars for palestinian hospitals in east jerusalem. bill? >> we will watch it from here. jacqui heinrich thank you in jerusalem tonight. in a moment, ukrainian forces striking russian held territory in southern ukraine as moscow receives assistance from a foe familiar to the u.s. we will have more on. that was first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. first stop sacramento, california and fox 40. a wildfire in yosemite national park growing overnight. that blaze is not expected to advance now into a cluster of giant sequoia trees. the fire has been burning for six days and threatened to
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spread to a nearby grove which is home to more than 500 sequoias. fox 10 mobile, alabama, former escaped convict casey white has been charged with felony murder. this after the death of a former jail guard who allegedly helped him escape. the pair on the run for 11 days before being located in indiana. vicki white was believed to have died of suicide before facing arrest in that case. here's a look tonight in new york city. one of the big stories we are covering tonight from fox 5, three men indicted for possessing stolen lyrics from the eagles album hotel california. the suspects held around 100 pages of handwritten notes and lyrics. despite knowing the man my scripts were stolen, the man tried to still sell them and auction them online. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we will be right back in
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: eight candidates officially throwing their hat in
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the ring to replace boris johnson in british prime minister and leader of the conservative party. candidates had to receive a minimum of 20 nominations to make the list of the first round of voting will begin tomorrow. see how it goes in london. the pentagon says top isis leader. u.s. central command revealing al agal was killed in a drone strike earlier today. centcom saying one of the top five isis leaders and the leader of isis in syria. another senior official in the islamic state group injured. strike carried out on town northwestern syria close to the border on turkey ukraine ukraine top u.s. intel official say that iran set to provide russia with a boost.
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>> explodes just north of crimea, more than a dozen hit in recent days it will rockets are helping slow russia's advances in the south and east. russia still controls more than 20% of ukraine an area approximately the size of mississippi. as more american weapons arrive, the treasury department announced plans to send an additional 1.7 billion in economic aid, including paying the salaries of healthcare workers and help ukraine rebuild. like this apartment building, destroyed by a russian missile over the weekend in eastern ukraine, the death toll now at least 43 killed. some still buried in the rubble. here in ukraine's capital city the charred remains of russia's assault in the city on public display. this woman brought her three children. >> we are here because i want to show my children what the
3:21 pm
russian army did to our ukraine. i really want them to remember for the rest of their lives. it hurts a lot. >> u.s. officials have identified a new lifeline for the kremlin. >> information indicates that the iranian government is preparing to provide russia with up to several hundred uavs weapons capable uavs. tanks like this have been destroyed here in ukraine. one of the reasons u.s. officials say russia now wants drones from iranian. >> national security adviser jake sullivan says iran will begin drone training russian forces this month. >> it's strategic objective was to take kyiv, the capital, to end ukraine as a country. to eliminate ukrainian identity from the map and to subsume ukraine into russia. they have failed at that kyiv stands. >> kremlin says vladimir putin will visit tehran meeting with leaders of iran and turkey bill?
3:22 pm
>> bill: nice to see you don't back in kyiv in ukraine. thanks, lucas. new details in the case against the new york store clerk charged with murder after defending himself at work. first, yawns our lrdz tonight japanese citizens pay their final respects, slain prime minister shinzo abe. hundreds filled the sidewalks in tokyo to say farewell. abe was assassinated during a campaign speech in japan. finally approved croatia as the 20th member of the eurozone. croatia will make the currency switch the start of 2023. here is a live look at london, one of the big stories there tonight, barbie goes green. latest doll that picks prime toggle just james goodall made from recycled plastic. comes with a represent politic call chimpanzee. she conducted her research in
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africa. some of the many stories beyond our borders tonight. and we will be right back. ♪
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ask your gastroenterologist about rinvoq. and learn how abbvie could help you save. >> bill: breaking tonight, new questions over the authenticity of a reported case of a so-year-old rape victim. the original story out of indianapolis suggested she had to travel from ohio to indiana in order to receive an abortion. but tonight there are more questions about the truth. aishah hasnie has that story live on capitol hill. asia, good evening. >> good evening to you, bill. that's right. after days of fact-checking by various media outlets on this story, a source familiar to this situation is confirming to fox news tonight that indeed there is a 10-year-old girl from ohio who traveled across state lines to indiana to seek an abortion and also tonight we are learning, bill, that the doctor
3:29 pm
who was in charge of caring for her is facing repercussions for this story getting out the way that it did. now this horrific ordeal was first reported on july 1st by the indianapolis star newspaper. it was then retold by president biden last week during a speech about abortion rights. now, biden said the girl was raped and then forced to travel across state lines to get an abortion because of ohio's restrictive abortion law. that followed the supreme court ruling on roe v. wade. now this story was doubted by many because the indianapolis newspaper cited only an antidote from the indiana doctor who was caring for this girl. that doctor is kaitlin bernard. and she was at an abortion rights rally talking about this situation involving the young girl and we have learned tonight from a source that her employer has filed a hipaa violation against her for sharing details about the young patient. what is still unclear tonight,
3:30 pm
bill, is whether this girl was forced to cross state lines as the president alleged or was she simply referred to an expert in a different state? as ohio's attorney general told jesse watters last night, the girl did not need to leave the state. she would have been able to legally get an abortion in ohio. >> ohio's heart beat law has a medical emergency exception. she did not have to leave ohio to find treatment. >> and, bill, as of last night. the a.g. told jesse watters that he hadn't heard of even a whisper of a criminal complaint that would track with this situation. rape of a young 10-year-old girl. we have reached out to police authorities in the state of ohio to find out if they are any closer to finding a suspect in this race. >> bill: we'll follow it. aishah hasnie thank you from the hill tonight.
3:31 pm
offering money location of conservative supreme court justices. meanwhile, the attorney general merrick garland is facing a growing chorus of calls from republicans to do more to protect them. correspondent david spunt has got that story tonight from the department of justice. >> the overturning of roe v. wade has sent us down a dark agonizing path. >> strong emotions during a senate judiciary committee hearing focusing on the future of abortion in a post roe v. wade world. senate republicans scolded their democratic colleagues for not doing enough to protect supreme court justices. >> lack of a response from both the justice department and the white house is extremely, extremely disappointing. ♪ is a coward. >> attorney general merrick garland forcing daily calls makes it illegal to protest outside of supreme court justices home.
3:32 pm
that same 1950 law says it's also illegal to protest outside of a federal court. >> it's very different to protest in from of somebody's private residence in their neighborhood than it is in front of an iconic public building. >> a man is sitting behind bars for threatening to kill justice brett kavanaugh last month and several businesses with pro-life connections have been damaged since roe was overturned. >> violence is never an appropriate form of protest. >> last friday fbi director christopher wray told fox news his agents are seeing a new trend in increase in attacks targeting pro-life establishments. >> we are viewing those, treating those as potential domestic violent extremism. >> president biden has condemned violence but not protest. >> keep protesting because keep making your point. it's critically important. >> bill, late this afternoon, the department of justice announced a new task force that will help people navigate in a
3:33 pm
post roe world different option force different states. >> bill: david, a tenth exchange between a college professor and missouri senator joshua hawley what happened? >> this happened a couple hours ago during that hearing today. senator josh hawley from missouri, the republican from missouri being labeled as transphobic online on social media after this exchange with a berkeley law professor. watch. >> are have you referred to people with the capacity for pregnancy, would that be women? >> many women, sis women have the capacity for pregnancy many sis women do not have the capacity for pregnant transmen capable of pregnancy and nonbinary. >> this isn't really a women's rights issue? >> we are told the judiciary committee will likely hold more hearings on the post roe world in the future, bill. >> bill: thank you. the department of justice locked in all of that for us. the world health organization reportedly set to unveil new guidance saying that sex is not
3:34 pm
limited to being male or female going beyond the use of binary terms to recognize gender and sexual diversity. others call the move a dismissal of basic biology. and could lead to medical advice being de-sexed and overcomplicated. there are multiple reports tonight indicating south carolina legal heir alex murdaugh will face murder charges for the murders of his wife and son. maggie and paul murtaugh were found dead in family home last summer. alex murtaugh in jail on fraud and embezzlement charges relating to money he stole from the law firm. murdaugh's attorney says they will have no comment until charges are brought against him. new york city police public health as they search for serial slasher wanted in connection with a string of knife attacks targeting homeless people sleeping on benches in the new york area. according to police the male suspect allegedly sneaks up behind three people in three
3:35 pm
separate instances and plunges a knife into them while they were in parks throughout manhattan starting on the 5th of july. one assault resulting in the death of a 34-year-old in new york. tonight members of a bodega worker's group rallying behind a store clerk charged with murder after stabbing and killing an attacker reportedly in self-defense. the charge receiving a flurry of criticism as protesters assemble to show support for their colleague. david lee miller is on that story tonight here in new york. [chanting] >> members of the united bodega workers of america rallied outside the offices of manhattan district attorney alvin bragg to show support for store clerk jose alba. bragg has come under fire for charging alba with murder. >> security camera videos obtained by the "new york post" show alba telling 37-year-old austin simon, quote: i don't want a problem.
3:36 pm
seconds before simon shoves al ball. simon was upset earlier dispute between alba and simon's girlfriend. their their struggle alba grabbed a knife and allegedly stabbed simon at least five times. at a meeting this morning workers told d.a. bragg case of self-defense. >> we are very hopeful that he will say alba's case will be dismissed. will be dropped by the district attorney. he has not made that determination yet. but he certainly left the doors and the wind co-s open for something like that to happen. >> some of alba's supporters are calling on the d.a. to charge simon's girlfriend with a crime. a court document says that the two men fought, simon's girlfriend, quote: took a knife from her purse and stabbed the defendant's arm. the daily published photos of alba's injuries including what appears to be a stab wound. the "new york post" today
3:37 pm
quoting anonymous please sources felt the girlfriend was defending simon. following the meeting with district attorney bragg, the spokesman for the bodega workers urged members to legally carry guns to defend themselves and their businesses. bragg's office issued a statement saying quote: more guns in our communities make us feel less safe. bill? >> bill: that case continues. david lee miller here in new york. in a moment why the new covid variant hard to track as the virus refuses to disappear. tiger woods sounding off after dozens of players take greg norman was lead to play in a saudi backed liv golf tour. we will discuss all of this. a legal matter possibly with jim gray of fox sports. >> i know gray tried to do this back in the early 1990s. it didn't work then and he is trying to make it work now. and i still don't see how that's in the best interest of the game.
3:38 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bill: medical experts are warning the u.s. could find itself in a difficult position come this fall when it comes to estimating the severity of future covid surges.
3:43 pm
all this coming as one variant dominates recent infections. correspondent charles watson has the story tonight from atlanta, home to the cdc. >> the cdc and fda are considering plans to offer a second booster to all adults. this as concerns grow over a summer surge in data that show weakened immunity within months of taking the first booster. >> if you have been infected or vaccinated and your time comes for a boost, that's when you should go and get the boost. >> feeling concerned is ba 5 is the latest subvariant representing 60% of the 130,000 cases the u.s. is averaging every day. as more americans rely on at home tests. experts say infections could be as much as seven times higher and it could put the country at a dissed a van teenage should cases and hospitalizations grow. the biden administration confirmed the purchase of 100 million doses of pfizer's omicron target vaccine in an
3:44 pm
effort to bolster immunity moving forward. though getting those shots into people's arms could be a tough haul with just two thirds of americans fully vaccinated and less than half of that group boosted. the idea among many is that they will get sick regardless. >> having something more targeted towards what's circulating is always going to be better. when you look at protection against severe disease it's still intact. >> cdc is now recommending mask indoors for 20% of u.s. counties that currently have high transmission rates. the approach coming under fire from some medical experts who say the mandates are less than helpful. >> the mandates don't work. they are for much earlier in the pandemic if at all. >> on the point of masks, cdc director dr. rochelle walls says the agency strongly recommends masks be worn on mass transit this despite a federal judge rescinding the mask mandate back in april. >> bill: that's still out there. charles watson from atlanta.
3:45 pm
the justice department launching an investigation into the pga to see whether or not there are antitrust violations. this after its fight to prevent players from joining the saudi backed liv golf tour. i want to bring in jim gray of fox sports to talk about this tonight. jim, good evening do you. i want to quote a spokesman from the pga earlier today saying this was not unexpected. we went through this in 1994. we are confident in a similar outcome. how do you see this playing out? >> any should be less confident because they don't have antitrust exemptions. so while they do believe that the players have violated the tenets of earning a pga tour card by asking for exceptions and not getting them, this is going to go to court. and every legal expert that i have seen weigh in on this says this is very problematic for the pga tour that the players who have opted out probably should be and will be allowed to play. i will about bill you have a politics angle on this with a trip to saudi arabia coming this
3:46 pm
week with the president. a sports angle with the opening being played in scotland. in fact, tiger woods was asked about that a bit earlier today and had this to say. >> the players who have chosen to go to liv and to play on -- to play there, i disagree with it. i think that what they have done is they have turned their back on what has allowed them to get to this position. >> bill: you can question the sport here, jim, you can question the politics. where do you put your focus as this thing moves forward? >> well, i think tiger is also looking at it from a competition standpoint that the trophies mean something now what liv is doing 54 hole shotgun the lowest guy totem poles getting guaranteed 150,000. no to practice. violation of everything that
3:47 pm
golf should be. many players spoken on tiger's behalf rory mcilroy, justin thomas, jordan spieth, just so many of them. other guys have left. tiger woods is not in this camp alone. but i think cominged from the british open. he won twice because he is the head of the liv tour. this going to get nasty, it won't end well. it's total upheaval to the sport, bill. >> we will see how far the don takes it. jim, nice to see you don't. diswrim gray, thank you. >> nice to see you, bill. >> in a moment the panel on the riot hearing from today, a you w tranche of polls on how republican voters feel about a potential trump presidential run. ♪
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(vo) get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. matching your job description. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. >> december 13th is the date that certified votes and sent them to congress. in my view that was the end of the matter. >> federal government seize voting machines is a terrible idea. that's not how we do things in the united states. >> these nonaligned groups were aligning and so, the -- all the red flags went up at that point. >> on january 6th trump knew the
3:53 pm
crowd was angry. he knew the crowd was armed. he sent them to the capitol anyway. >> bill: just a sample from the three-hour hearing a bit earlier today. bring in our panel. ben domenech editor of the and host of the podcast. morgan or taking gauze former state department spokesperson and juan williams fox news analyst. good evening to the three of you don't. morgan, ladies first, how much did they move the meter today during this hearing? >> if you look at the politico morning consult poll this morning, 69% of americans said that this -- these hearings would have minor to little affect on how they vote in november. >> a very famous democrat politician once said it's the economy, stupid. so i think as long as the shelves are empty and the food that is on the shelves is, you know, expensively priced. as long as you can't fill up your tank of gas and your grocery cart, these are the things that americans are going to vote on and the things that americans are going to focus on
3:54 pm
if you look at all of the polling thus far. >> bill: juan, how did you read it today? >> i think it's clear from today that it's hard not to understand that this is something that went beyond january 6th. that it wasn't just -- january 6th was just the tip of the iceberg. today we heard about a meeting in the oval office with the president, pat cipollone, the white house counsel said he went in there and there were people in there. he says he doesn't know how these people ever got into the white house. and, of course, later today, we heard from others who talked about president trump being tied to the oath keepers, the proud boys, other white supremacist violent groups. and liz cheney said, you know, you can't just somehow say oh yeah, these other people, sidney powell and john eastman are influencing the president. the president is a 76-year-old man. he got to be able to be held responsible for his actions. so, just picking up on what morgan was talking about, i don't know what the impact will
3:55 pm
be specifically on the midterms, but, if the democrats are able to make it matter about donald trump, that can't help. >> bill: ben, not so sure how many hearings we have, but they are not done yet. >> they are going to drag this out as long as they possibly can because it's the only thing that they have to hang their hopes on for the fall is to turn this into, as juan says, an election about whether you think donald trump overstepped the bounds of the law or something along those lines. it's not something, unfortunately, that is high priority for the american voter, from the perspective of democrats instead, you know, they are facing the headwinds of an american people who have no faith in this white house, this president, his agenda, or his team to deliver anything other than what they have delivered to this point, which is leaving the american people out to dry when it comes to the economy and certainly a much higher priority for them than re-litigating
3:56 pm
january 6th. >> bill: let's turn our attention to the current administration and president biden. just this hour leaving for saudi arabia on the south lawn of the white house. stopped and took a question. "new york times" poll released yesterday just devastating. this is how he answered it. >> mr. president, what's your message to democrats who don't want you to run again? >> they want me to run. >> two thirds say they don't. >> read the polls, jack. you guys are all the same. that poll showed that 92% of the democrat if i ran would vote for me. >> bill: so you have that and you have today among republican primary voters the "new york times" finds this. donald trump, who would you vote for? 49% choose the former president, 25% select ron desantis out of florida. morgan, is your old boss going to get back in the game? >> probably. i hope he does. i mean, listen, i think president biden is right. he should run. right? as someone who is going to
3:57 pm
support the republican nominee in 24, i hope that they believe all of the things that they just said. we know in that "new york times" poll that 13% of americans think that the country is on the right track. 1%. among 18 to 29-year-olds, which is democrats, some of their biggest demographic, 19% approve of biden's job approval. so, listen, as someone who wants republicans to win in '24 i say run, biden, run. >> bill: he sounded, juan, a bit defiant in that answer we just played. >> juan: clearly, there was bad news there, bill, about the number of democrats who are, you know, dispairing about biden and don't really want him to run. but he is right. let's give credit where credit is due. if he runs and it's against donald trump, he is right. what did you say 92% or something would vote, 92% of democrats would vote for him. i mean, you got to realize that in part this is the dilemma. what we saw in that "new york
3:58 pm
times" siena poll was there is like half of republicans who are still behind donald trump but half who are not especially younger republicans, college-educated republicans. that's a big challenge for senator mitch mcconnell, the majority leader trying to get a majority in the senate from kevin mccarthy in the house because they got a balancing act. how can you -- they can't lose either one of those contingencies and expect to win in the midterms. >> bill: ben? >> the challenge for ron desantis and others who have their eyes on the white house is they would have to beat donald trump. he will not go away quietly. he will have to be beaten in order for him to succeed. the challenge for democrats is that joe biden really needs donald trump to run in order to have any hope of winning. and the fact that is he wasn't answering that reporter's question honestly because the reporter is bringing up the number of democrat who don't want you to run. they will vote against you against donald trump yes, they will. they don't want you to run. that number is going to continue
3:59 pm
to shrink as long as this administration continues to perform in the feckless and irresponsible way that it has to this point under joe biden. >> bill: something to watch and a lot to watch, too. nice to see the three of you. ben domenech, morgan ortagus and juan journalist. nice to see you. ♪ finally, we have today's throw back, proving time is on their side 60 years and counting 60 years today the rolling stones played their very first gig. on stage at london's marquee jazz club july 12, 1962, and the rest is history, that band went on to become global super stars and six decades later they still tour and still play. they were on stage this past week in ventriclena, austria friday night. 60 years later, top that. tomorrow on "special report" global food crisis with a look at whether or not u.s. food
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production could become self-sufficient. see you on "america's newsroom" and thank you for inviting into your room. prime time. few second to spare. you say prime time. >> bill: got slide that way. >> jesse: very smooth, thank you. ♪ >> jesse: do you know how kids sometimes really like someone and they don't know how to express it first grade. treated to impress her. you didn't know how to get the right words out. next thing you know you are insulting her. >> why did you do that? >> because you smell like dog food. you are so stupid. just like dog poop. you are made out of poop. >>