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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 13, 2022 8:00am-8:46am PDT

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policy when they get to saudi arabia then there won't be a handshake photo with the president and the crown prince there but there might not be any photos of that meeting anyway. officials are saying there won't be a presidential press conference in saudi arabia after he has this meeting about energy security and they won't commit to any kind of coverage yet of that meeting. so who knows what we'll see. >> harris: he is now going to give a legitimate contact with the crown prince accused of killing several people and being involved in the death of khashoggi. i don't think we can clean it up with the term energy security but they can try. we dig into more with retired four store general jack keane in "focus" next. plus brand-new pictures from the border show another huge group of illegal immigrants massing at our southern border. they are trying to get into the
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trip and pitch the iran nuclear deal with saudi and iz re officials and trying to broker an agreement with saudi arabia to -- the killing of a "washington post" columnist. retired four star general jack keane fox news senior strategic analyst and chairman of the institute for the study of war. general, great to have you in "focus" today. first of all your top line thoughts with the president doing what he is said to be doing today abroad. >> what he is really doing is resetting this relationship because this biden administration, when they came in in 2021 they count have more misguided in dealing with the middle east. they came into office after the trump had sanctions were having a maximum impact on the iranians. they were back on their heels due to that.
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a year before that solomony was killed. they were stunned the united states was willing to do that and in their mind it added greatly to their security. and then the paradigm shift in the middle east one of the most significant foreign policy initiatives in a generation had taken place, the abraham accords. the arabs were willing to work with israel. why? to counter the iranians. that's what was on the table when biden came into office. what did they do? they reached out immediately to the iranians and appeased them. eased up on the trump sanctions never telling the american people that. nothing to strengthen the abraham accords and they stopped two military shipments that were heading to saudi arabia and to the uae, military shipments that they had purchased. in other words, they were stifg the arabs. the arabs came to the
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conclusion we have an administration here that doesn't care what's going on. what did they do? zban to reach out to china and russia. and that is what he is trying to fix because what has happened, we're on a pathway to iran acquiring a nuclear weapon. the president will get an earful from the israelis on the path they're on to stop the iranians from getting a nuclear weapon. they will conduct a military strike if necessary. we are in a dangerous phase of middle east relationships. the president has to go there and reset this thing strategically and counter the iranians. >> harris: that's a long list and a big job. i'll get your opinion on whether or not you think he can do that in a moment. "new york post" op-ed saying mr. president, your weakness is making the middle east more dangerous and the "washington
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post" op-ed saying biden's trip to saudi arabia erodes our moral authority. your reaction. >> no doubt about that as i just tried to indicate. they walked away from all the initiatives that were countering the iranians and now the special envoy to the negotiations from the united states just said a few days ago, when probed, how close is the iranians to building a nuclear bomb? answer, weeks away. weeks away. now, weaponizing that may take a year, but we are very close to a situation that is critical and dangerous. >> harris: weaponizing may take a year. it feels like a moment if we don't get done what we need to get done. a lot to accomplish in one trip that was paired down from how long it would be originally. can he get it done and what do
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you anticipate happening in israel before he leaves? >> he will get an earful from the israelis. they have concerns about this administration and no doubts about the previous one. they knew that the trump administration had their back. they are not sure about this one because of all the indicators i laid out. and they will be very firm and strong with the president about where they are and also what help they can use from the united states. strengthen the abraham accords. go back to maximum sanctions on the iranians. let's counter the iranians together with the united states in the lead as opposed to appeasing them. will biden do that? i doubt seriously. i don't think he -- go ahead. >> harris: before we get to the next topic and i don't mean to hurry you along. the crown prince, saudi arabia.
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how do you deal with him if you are president biden? you said you were going to make that a pariah state and now you will going to ask them in the words of peter doocy quoting the administration to help us have energy security. which by the way we had when he came into office. >> look, saudi arabia is a strategic partner of the united states. they have been for 80 years since roosevelt opened up the relationship and we have always operated at an intersection where we have to balance what is in our national interest countering iran and stable oil prices and our own american values and saudi's violation of human rights. we've always had to keep that in balance. biden, i think, was misguided when he isolated the kingdom and when he called out the crown prince so publicly. listen, the trump administration certainly
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fundamentally found his behavior horrific in terms of khashoggi as everybody does. the point is, the relationship with saudi arabia is bigger than the crown prince. it is a strategic partnership to counter the iranians and make certain that israel survives as a state in the middle east. and that is what he has to look beyond in dealing with the crown prince. >> harris: that's so much to accomplish and we're hurting here at home with inflation numbers today that bring tears to your eyes if you have to buy anything like food. certain families in this country this is a heartbreaking day as we watch america. a lot to get done off american soil now. we'll have to see what he can accomplish. quickly the war in ukraine, russian forces carrying out an intense assault on key strategic cities in the doneesque region and the donbas
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region after the capital city, kyiv claimed forces destroyed another ammunition deep owe in the kherson region. it is being called a dangerous new phase. the "wall street journal," ukraine outgunned against russia. your thoughts. >> we've been saying for weeks we're at a tipping point here, critical phase because the russians have had military momentum to be able to establish the security and control in the eastern part of the donbas region. in doing that, they have taken significant casualties. so much so that they are in an operational pause with most of their forces. not all. some are still conducting operations to recover from that and resume operations. what do the ukrainians do? they're planning and preparing to conduct a counter offensive and that's why they need all
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these weapons that the ooubts and others need to get to them as quickly as possible. that counter offensive. we don't know if it can succeed or not. we certainly want it to succeed. and the ukrainians have the wherewithal to do this. listen, they have the skill, the will, the people, the imagination to do it. and they need to get this done if they are going to take territory back. they have a few months to do that before winter sets in. so yes, this is a very critical phase. if they are unsuccessful in doing that, then clearly the momentum will go to russia and they will have the winter when the terrain is better to resume combat operations and take more territory. so yes, we're in a dangerous, critical phase here in favor of the ukrainians and the europeans have to step up and provide the kind of volume of
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weapons in the right time and right mix that united states is doing. too many of the europeans aren't doing enough. >> harris: they are closer neighbors and not doing more. as we head to winter we've seen what putin can and is willing to do. jack keane in "focus" with all his expertise. thank you very much. >> great talking to you, harris. >> harris: starbucks will shut down some of its locations in some huge cities across america. democrat-led cities coincidentally. what's prompting the coffee giant to close its doors? plus the murder charge against a worker at a new york city bodega is causing an uproar. >> it is a prime example that the problem our cities are facing with several of the district attorneys in new york city particularly bragg in
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manhattan. he turned the criminal justice system in that on its head. >> harris: they're calling for manhattan's liberal d.a. to drob the murder charge against jose alba, calling it a clear case of self-defense. what will bragg do? new york republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis is in "focus" next.
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>> bodega, united, >> this meeting was very productive and very assuring to us that he is going to do whatever it takes to keep bodega owners safe. we have faith that he is going to make the right decision and going to dismiss the charges. >> harris: representing the bodega owners of america you
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see new york's cities owners say they're optimistic that alvin bragg will drop the charges against alba. they say he was defending himself against an angry man. the convenience store owners are upset that the deceased man's girlfriend hasn't been charged or allegedly stabbing jose alba. >> alvin bragg from day one said he will not be doing his job on all sorts of laws across the board. how many other laws you would treat them as lesser-included offenses. he views jose alba as the murderer and criminal who should be behind bars and has nothing to say and nothing to do about the woman who stabbed him. >> harris: new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis a member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. great to see you today. congresswoman, first of all we're hearing from the bodega
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owners and their representation that alvin bragg may -- at least is considering. he is looking at dropping the charges. he has been soft on crime and that may not absolve him of what is happening now but may be a flex he chooses to make right now. >> sure. he is receiving a lot of pressure. i'll say everyboefd from the democratic mayor adams to representatives like myself and organizations having calling for him to drop these charges. the reason why we've given him the name backwards bragg. he have decided to release career criminals back onto our streets and yet an individual who is simply trying to protect himself is being now charged with murder. and what the democrats need to understand their poll seals have created a mess in new york city where people don't feel safe. if you have woke prosecutors and judges who refuse to actually prosecute people and instead are putting them back
8:25 am
on our streets there will be more law abiding new yorkers feeling the need to protect themselves because the city is not protecting them. >> harris: i want to visit, if we can, what happened a little bit to jose alba. in that melee in the store he and this man are having a confrontation and video came out that showed alba was trying to de-escalate the situation with some of the language he was using. he ends up charged with murder in ryker's island and from the stab wound from the deceased man's girlfriend allegedly it gets infected while he is at ryker's before they let him go and he posts bail. that journey matters because there are a lot of victims that are coming into contact with potential criminals these days. >> what happened to mr. alba is just plain wrong. again, a hard working immigrant who is simply trying to make a living. an individual walks into the store, tries to take a bag of
8:26 am
potato chips without paying for it and when he said you have to pay for something when you come in the store she leaves and brings back a boyfriend to really not just mistreat but attack mr. alba. so he was acting in self-defense. i think that's very clear from the video. it goes to just show again how an individual who was arrested eight prior times is being released back onto the streets and bullied mr. alba. i think it -- we need to restore law and order. people feel there are no consequences. these individuals are bolder. you saw it with the smash and grabs and the looting during the summer of 2020. they feel emboldened and democratic policies are creating this environment. >> harris: not just the looting and the death of a policeman, if that weren't enough. you didn't see the thirst for justice against the people doing such harm to small businesses in those large cities in america. wasn't peaceful protesting. they were insurgents rioting and setting things on fire.
8:27 am
alvin bragg, one of many of these liberal d.a.s across the country. what is happening to put them in place? new york doesn't have a recall situation. what do you do about somebody like this district attorney if you want to? >> we know there is a movement. a lot ofist is funded by individual like george sore yos who want to place radical district attorneys in american cities. it's an issue. we have the ability for the governor to fire a district attorney and remove a district attorney. governor hochul refuses to do that and refuses to fix new york's radical bail laws that are responsible for releasing thousands of criminals back onto our streets, repeat offenders, people with a dozen or two dozen arrests going back on the street to commit more crime because albany won't fix the radical bail law. lee zeldin running against
8:28 am
kathy hochul says he will fire alvin bragg on day one and push for fixing if not completely repealing the bail law that created this messy environment. >> harris: look, if the kind of pressure that you and others have put on this liberal d.a. means that people like jose alba can say self-defense and charges dropped it worked in this case. you have a journey ahead of you. as lee zeldin said, part of the nomenclature now in upcoming political races. your last thought. >> it is true. if new yorkers want to change what is happening in new york, you can't keep electing the same people. the same people that are allowing this to happen. there was drug cartel smugglers, 1.2 million dollars of meth. they were arrested and released because of the bail law. that is outrageous and shows you how the federal policies at the border and local policies in new york city have come
8:29 am
together to make america less safe. >> harris: yeah, no doubt. congresswoman malliotakis, thank you for being in "focus" today. >> thank you. >> harris: a war of words at yesterday' senate judiciary committee hearing on abortion. >> would that be women? >> i want to recognize your line of questioning is transphobic. >> harris: senator josh hawley of missouri says democrats have lost their minds after that tense exchange went viral. plus president biden hitting back at the doubters saying his political party does want him to run in 2024. molly hemingway joins me next.
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>> harris: president biden snapping at a reporter over doubts he is running for reelection after recent polling shows 64% of democrat voters want somebody else on the ballot in 2024. >> mr. president, what is your message to democrats who don't want you to run again? >> president biden: they want me to run. read the polls. the poll showed that 92% of democrats if i ran would vote for me. >> they say they don't want you
8:35 am
to run again in 2024. >> president biden: 92% said if i did they'd vote for me. >> harris: that's wrong about that particular polling number. we fact check your press secretary on it yesterday. the 92% actually refers to the number of democrats who say they would vote for biden in a hypothetical rematch between him and donald trump. that doesn't mean if there is another democrat somebody they like better or would actually want to have in office that he could beat that democrat. that's not what that means. a recent column asks the question are democrats stuck with joe biden in 2024? joe biden is a very unpopular president whose performance discouraged his party's base. that's a bad combination for democrats who are facing a 2022 mid-term election. if he stubbornly refuses to pack it in, what then? let's bring in molly hemingway, fox news contributor and editor
8:36 am
in chief at the federalist. great to see you today and have you in "focus." the president doing exactly what they did on the lectern inside the white house yesterday using the wrong numbers and hoping that americans won't know the difference. >> he is suffering from horrifically low poll numbers but i think it's also true that many in corporate media are trying to control who the democratic nominee is like they did the last time around and misdiagnosing the problem. yes, biden appears to be incompetent and done a very bad job as president but his policies are really what are plaguing democrats and why they're suffering nationwide and policies are popular within the democratic party but not outside of it. that's the issue they need to grapple with as they have control over every sector of government and instituting policies that people don't like and causing real and actual harm to the country. what we're seeing with the numbers in terms of inflation,
8:37 am
economy, what's happening in global conflict, everything is going very poorly. >> harris: i don't know if you caught general jack keane earlier this hour but laid out a journey this president has to pull off in the middle east. that would be difficult no matter what the circumstances. you have a lot cooking at home. your thoughts on that and we'll move forward. >> in general this president hasn't done well with foreign policy. he mismanaged the entire situation in ukraine, his weakness was provocative there and now seeming to get us into a war with no limit in terms of how much he says he is willing to spend or how much time we're willing to go there. all while things are very bad at home. there is a border at home that is being unwatched even as biden is focusing on ukraine. the amount of money he is willing to spend on that war instead of focusing on domestic policy priorities and even just the issue of taking his eye off the ball when dealing with china, the actual adversary that any serious politician in
8:38 am
either the republican or democrat party should be caring about now and going to the middle east he is desperate for help with energies but his own policies he instituted on day one that led to the energy crises we're sperntion at home. >> harris: "the new york times" congressional control. a college poll shows 41% prefer the democrats controlling congress and 40% prefer the gop in control. those are squeaky tight numbers, molly. >> they are ridiculous numbers. nobody actually believes that democrats have an advantage in a general election. >> harris: not even 1%. >> it's not true and anyone being honest with themselves knows it is not true. a good thing to think about that number when thinking how seriously to take any data point in the poll. "new york times" has favorable polls for democrats. historically have. this one is very difficult to take seriously anything they're
8:39 am
seeing including about a trump/biden match-up when what we all know is that democrats are facing horrific losses. nobody thinks they will have a 1% advantage in the november elections. if you do, you should get out of political punditry. >> harris: a war of words on abortion yesterday at the sen at judiciary committee. her characterization of who can get pregnant. here it is. >> you referred to people with a capacity for pregnancy. would that be women? >> many women have the capacity for pregnancy and trans men capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people capable of pregnancy. >> your view of this is it's about what? >> i want to recognize your line of questioning is transphobic. >> harris: a "washington
8:40 am
examiner" op-ed asks this question. when did it become transphobic to state scientific fact? wait, don't answer that. that was a quote. molly. >> there really is something of a collision between the trans agenda and scientific reality. it is chilling to watch something like this. a professor in a position of authority but not just her but even corporations that will deplatform you if you speak of who is capable of presenting nanosyracuse what a woman is. this is a political issue for democrats. as we have seen they have to speak this way. and the vast majority of americans who are normal look at this and it terrifies them to think about if people will lie who can get pregnant what else will they lie about and how will it affect curriculum in schools, whether they are able to speak freely, honestly and accurately in workplaces? insofar as republicans can make it a campaign issue, it is
8:41 am
difficult because so much of the media lie about this issue in particular. insofar as they can it will further exacerbate problems for democrats. >> harris: not to mention on the left they say they're for women's rights. we can go around circles all day but we can't, we're out of time. thanks for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next. air fore years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years.
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♪ ♪ speak of this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno here with my cohosts, kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner. also joining us today is shannon bream and joe concha. an interesting new development on the questions surrounding president biden's mental fitness. fox news has learned that former president obama reprimanded his own former white house physician, ronnie jackson, for raising questions about affair jackson worked under three


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