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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ speak of this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno here with my cohosts, kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner. also joining us today is shannon bream and joe concha. an interesting new development on the questions surrounding president biden's mental fitness. fox news has learned that former president obama reprimanded his own former white house physician, ronnie jackson, for raising questions about affair jackson worked under three
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presidents in the white house medical unit and he was the chief medical advisor during the trump administration. he also served as former president obama's first personal white house physician. in 2020 he ran and looked when a congressional seat in texas. it was during that time that jackson called out the media for ignoring then candidate president biden's gaps in the campaign trail. including this one. >> have a simple proposition here. i'm a year to ask you for your help. where i come from you don't get far unless you ask. my name's joe biden and on the democratic candidate for the united states and the pair looked me over if you like what you see if not -- give me a look though. that's all i've really got to say to you. >> that led jackson to tweed remember the cognitive test that i gave a real donald trump? the one he aced? sounds like some deals might need some duct testing done. scary. jackson writes that within 20 minutes of posting that tweet he received a scathing email from president obama which read in part i have to express my
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disappointment at the cheap shot you took at joe biden via twitter. it was unprofessional and beneath the office that you once held. it was also disrespectful to me and the many friends that you had in our administration. you are the personal physician to the president of the united states, as well as an admiral in the u.s. navy. i expect better and i hope upon reflection you will expect more of yourself in the future. kaylee, scathing indeed from his former patient. >> that's right. when i came into the trump administration dr. jackson was no longer there but i kept hearing about this love and admiration for dr. ronnie jackson and how i found that to be true in the case. but i think the obama emails so neatly sums up the problem with the 2020 election. there is this guy in the basement and there were certain things beyond question. what was beyond question was who could not question his health. you cannot question his son in
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the business dealings of hunter biden and the relation that had to joe biden. you cannot question why he stayed in the basement, why you would call at 9:00 a.m. you couldn't question these things. and the obama email was an attempt to silence one of those questions from somebody who is a doctor. you compare that with what happened to president trump when he hydroplaned down the ramp, when they said he struggled to drink a glass of water when he went to walter reed for routine procedure, all of those things were called into question and he did five rallies a day and clearly did not have health issues. >> when you dare to go against the machine dr. jackson wrote about that as well, he sort of toyed about how to respond, he then discarded any response whatsoever and he said you guys demanded to me while i was struggling during my confirmation process. i only hear you coming back when i dare to question the machine.
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>> that's what bothers me about this letter. you hear the former president obama saying that you're my doctor and you're my friend. so whenever i have to error some grievances, like a festive list of grievances, to my friend i get out the email and some something as formal as that. no i pick up the phone and i say come on, what are you doing? this sums up with the author was as far as being elitist and pretentious but it turns out dr. jackson was right in his perspective as far as joe biden was concerned i'm old enough to remember when we weren't supposed to question members of the medical community, particularly those who have treated three presidents. but now jackson was at fault for the bottom line is that barack obama knew and didn't wanted to get out that the possible successor to donald trump was already having some cognitive issues at age 77. it's now that "the new york times" pulled say two-thirds of democrats don't want them to run again because he's too old. when you break it down by age,
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shannon, comes to 94% of those under 30 don't want them to run. the perception is real. we all see what we see. >> shannon: do we all see it or does one person not see it? let's show throw up a video on how the president responds when he talked about that very fact. >> mr. president what your message to democrats who don't want you to run again? >> they want me to run. look at the poll. you guys are all the same. the polls show that 92% of democrats if iran would vote for me. >> majority of democrats say they don't want you to roll one again. >> but 92% say if i did they would vote for me. >> here is a poll that said something different that you just reference. democratic voters that say 64% would prefer a different candidate in 2024, shannon. >> first of all that's an extreme close-up when he approaches the camera like that. but he says look at the polls,
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jack. it says 92% say they would vote for me. so that's a different question that that bull number -- the pole he's talking about asks democrats if president biden was running against president trump who today who would vote for. he says rightly that 92% of democrats that they would vote for him but that means 8% of democrats right now if he was running against president trump would vote for president trump. those aren't great numbers for him. he wants to slice them up as if they are. >> the thing we are talking about is now the mainstream media has come on board peanuts become part of a national conversation. >> harris: i don't know if they've come on board but they are calling out sharp shiny decks. so i think because how do we know that? when the president says something like that you don't get the kind of pushed back with facts that you would hope that you would get from a press corps, right? you don't get what she meant to
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said like mr. president he might be riding about that in hypothetical with mr. trump. if that's not the question that was asked. it's difficult to go apples to apples in the moment. but that is their job. i wouldn't give them so much credit. they do have to keep up. we do have a festiva's miracle for you. >> joe: seinfeld can be worked into anything good. >> there are so many gaps in so many missteps. physical and mostly verbal, right? so the festiva's of grievances. also it includes policy. it also includes what's happening in crises. i can't ignore the fact that on this date in 1981 that was the last time that we were dealing with inflation this high. i know we are going to get to that but there are some people who have been hurting or about to really hurt in this country. we need somebody to be free for a while.
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like that's the festiva's of grievances where i would go -- that we are hearing about from the american people. >> joe: i don't tell mike i want to defend that reporter. he's like wade, who is jack? is he talking to me? it was mark. mark is like is jack around? spewing this out like a colloquial insult? >> joe: may be back in the end 50s you call somebody jack. >> didn't he do that when he challenged somebody to a push-up contest? >> emily: coming up not even starbucks is safe. starbucks is safe. across the country. that's next. can get an average f
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>> here's a reality of the crime spike and democrat lead cities across the nation. businesses are moving out of areas under woke leadership. starbucks is now bringing that growing list. the company reported rampant drug use of both paying and nonpaying patrons taking advantage of their open bathroom policy. the coffee giant announced this morning that it will permanently closed more than a dozen of its stores in cities like seattle, los angeles, portland, philadelphia, d.c. over the so-called disruption. >> joe: when i lived in hoboken, new jersey, way back when i went to starbucks because they had a peaceful vibe and a wonderful scented you could concentrate and get things done. >> harris: and free wi-fi. it was a big deal then. >> joe: you absorbed the
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whatever the cost of the coffee was. for whatever reason it felt like a tranquil place beer that you see what happened in portland, seattle, los angeles. you go from being high on caffeine and the peaceful days to now people coming and high on opioids and fentanyl and shooting up. they are a danger to staff and customers alike. when you look at the crime stats of 2021, 16 democratic run cities set homicide records in this country. it was the common thread. even when police officers, the ones that didn't retire or resign or have had low morale actually caught the bad guys, the district attorney would let them right back out and commit that crime anyway. you've the congresswoman from new york was tight until we start electing different leaders in places like chicago, new york, los angeles this will continue to happen. >> harris: why not just close the public bathrooms, which are part of a private -- i mean they are inside the starbucks anyway.
9:15 am
why shutdown? how bad does it get for this to happen? >> shannon: i think i would clash for it with their persona that we're here to serve the community and what i can ask questions. my first thought when i saw this was -- we can't do the woke thing anymore. what i thought back to early in the year they said we couldn't take the crime and the nonprosecution and the security costs were too high pair they couldn't do it. i was reading through some of the old articles were people who lived in those neighborhoods that this is like a lifeline for me. i buy food here. i buy groceries here. seniors and people who don't have cars and can travel to other locations, when these businesses start to shut down and the community is left and people are that i'm kind of scrambling and left in the worst-case scenario. people it's not easy for them to move out of those communities and get to their pharmacy or get what they need. >> they are food and pharmacy deserts. we may say welk starbucks coffee might be a bit pricey but people are eating and there too.
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they're getting the fresh food or whatever sandwiches they can get their hands on in those locations that are deserts for those resources. emily, talk to me about this for about this recidivism that so bad that you have to start to close stores like starbucks. >> emily: it's rampant. it's in all of these democratic cities but the worst homicide i have ever seen it was in a bathroom in a starbucks. it was like a vampire exploded in it or -- that's the reality. this is a company learning the being woke does not lead to utopia. it would lead to reality. this is on the heels of a 2018 -- the state needle deposit boxes that was 2019. 2018 was the open space policy. is that our spaces are open to anyone, regardless of whether they are a paying customer and that includes a bathroom. and it's bark this debate with people arguing conceptually known outcome of this is just meaning that there will be safe disposal and will protect employees, including the two in eugene, oregon, low on that were stabbed by needles bid they said this won't encourage drug use.
9:17 am
the reality is that solving one of providing a solution to one issue does not solve the problem of the other. and it absolutely did inspire and encourage drug use and all of the ancillary behavior that goes along with it to the tune of employees that i'm being threatened and endangered as they continued to be spiked with needles or encounter recidivists either violent conflicts or people who will lead to really scary situations. this closing was frankly absolutely predictable and it appears that everybody but the company. >> harris: . >> harris: distress signals a a change to me, kayleigh. it is when i talk about that war of loss against the criminals against the people who will take advantage of a system that won't hold them accountable. see you leave your doors open and you get taken advantage of as a corporation. but are we even being realistic anymore about who has the power? >> our elected officials are supposed to have the power but they don't use it.
9:18 am
this reminds me of another story we did there was congresswoman mary scanlon in philadelphia who helped to put forward a bill to replace medical professionals, police officers to take over the place them de-escalate the situation. otherwise saying the phone the police. it turns out she got carjacked in broad daylight. all of these cities. philadelphia, new york city, ally. they just like mary scanlon and they have been metaphorically carjacked. they are being carjacked in broad daylight. their citizens are. and all the businesses early innate leaving because of their naivete. until you fix the problem with elected officials you're not going to fix the problems on the street. >> harris: you have to pressure them. that's what congressman welch's talking about. would we see that across the country? >> fire break that's a good start. >> harris: all right let's move.
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coming up lebron james has taken some heat for his comments on brittney griner 108 detention and that she says maybe she shouldn't want to come back to the united states. okay you know what? i can't. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> nba stars lebron james backtracked after questioning the biden administration's efforts to free wnba player from a russian present paired she's been held there since february after russian authorities allegedly found cannabis oil in her luggage. here's what lebron said in a trailer for his youtube show. >> brittany griner, she's been
9:24 am
in russia hundred ten days. i would be feeling like a wave and want to go back to america. >> keep in mind that was a trailer meeting he thought through it and it was edited but he still put it out there. that is clarifying his singleness, that his comments weren't knocking our beautiful country i was simply saying how she's probably feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions et cetera inside the cage she's been in for over 100 days. so maybe she wants to stay in russia where we persecute political enemies can sometimes assassinate them. 1% of people that's on the get better society, shannon. got an education immediately shoved backwards like centuries into what's happening. i want to read a letter she wrote to the white house. she talked about the
9:25 am
fourth of july being away from her family. she said this is normally the time our family -- including my father who was a vietnam work but are imputed hurts to think how i usually celebrate this day because freedom means something completely different to me this year. i think she would say 100% she wants to get back to the u.s. get back as quickly as possible. >> i saw the part of the letter, harris. britney's p15 said she was protesting the national anthem but she said it didn't have anything to do with her patriotism. her father fought in the vietnam war. it seems like she does appreciate fourth of july now in a way that perhaps we all shut. >> harris: lebron james come on. you're being hypocritical. we all know that because of the nba's ties to china and whatnot he probably would be home by now. that's the quiet part out loud, nobody wants to talk about that. why was the nba's so silent for so long? why isn't he pushing to get this
9:26 am
american home? i realized as a couple of boroughs sitting around just chatting but it would be really helpful if somebody with some posh could actually call the white house. like you don't think they would take lebron james the way they love how it would? i think they would take this call. why can't he help the situation? he cut. i don't care about the trailer. i'm not gonna watch it anyway. it doesn't really matter. he's got -- >> somebody is using her pulpit. here she is on cbs this morning take a look. >> i will not be quiet anymore. being quiet they are not moving, they are not doing anything. so my wife is struggling. we have failed her. >> you know lebron -- how can you feel like america has her back. how could she feel he like abide and has her back? i do think america does. >> i agree with the america has her back and she wrote also in a letter to president biden, she
9:27 am
said i believe in you. she said i have so much left to do, like more with my freedom. that stood out to me because it was similar to the point you're making about lebron james. she sang acknowledge my pulpit, my platform, and this freedom protects what i have. where she can utilize her position for greater good, for greater advocacy and greater advocacy. i think what saddens me about this is not only the notion that our country whatever turnout -- or but that somebody can so flippantly treat the position they have paired up lebron's position is one of enormous power and influence, whether he intended it to be or not. i think it's obvious that he's pretty intentional with a lot of comments that he makes. he's aware of that influence. it would be really wonderful if you would ever so flippantly as well advocate for her return in
9:28 am
so many other things they could pushed under the rug. >> president trump, even the media give him credit. here cnn, this is something trump can boast about. american hostage policy the art of the hostage deal and as a candidate trump promised the dealmaking -- trump has indeed pushed forcefully. where is president biden forcefully and personally talking to the -- 's b5 l of the passive-aggressive abide by cnn. this is something. i'm old enough to remember there
9:29 am
was a shooting in columbus, ohio. where a 16-year-old teenage girl was charging another 16-year-old girl with a knife. both were black. the officer had no choice at that point. he had to save the life of the person unharmed and about to be stopped. unfortunately the 16-year-old girl, she was killed unfortunately. that officer had no choice. you are next. with the photo and that caption putting that officer's life in danger. she has a right to speak out. go ahead we don't have to listen however. he will never be confused with michael jordan on the court he lost six more times in the finals i should add. it's true. >> harris: that's beyond dumb.
9:30 am
being generous in this moment, there is an argument the fact that she pleaded guilty. the quiet we are hearing from this administration. i'm crossing my fingers that's true. >> harris: i'm trusting her loved one on getting the word out. it still needs to be spoken about. >> harris: we need a president that does something. according to a new public service announcement new yorkers have something even bigger to worry about. a nuclear attack. ♪ ♪ for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: this is not fun. new yorkers already worried about rising crime and the cost of living can now add nuclear radiation to the list of their growing concerns. what to do in the event of a nuclear attack? >> there's been a nuclear attack. don't ask me how or why just now the big one is hit. okay? so what do we do? there is three important steps i want you to remember. step one, get inside fast. step two stay inside. shut all doors and windows. have a basement? had there. step three, stay tuned and uncle outside until officials say it's safe. all right, you've got this.
9:36 am
>> harris: that is joe concha's favorite part. this is been roundly criticized on social media. new york city's mayor adam is defending it. >> i'm a big believer in better safe than sorry. i think my hat off to oem. this was right after the attacks in the ukraine. and oem took a very proactive step to say let's be prepared. there are no imminent threats to the city that we know about. but we always have to be prepared as new yorkers. >> harris: for a nuclear attack. you don't get to say that without some context feel like you can ask me why or how but here's what you do. >> three words. you've got this. i'm pretty sure if ups is halfway decent on these things
9:37 am
that -- particularly where we are. "outnumbered" will be preempted if there was an attack here. i love how this and watch the media right away. right? like what does that even mean? >> if you ever seen the movie independence day? -nuclear bomb goes off nobody's going to go back their apartments -- like what is don them and telling you what to do? grade. or get into a basement where nobody has a new york. >> independence day the last time -- so i was at the gym when this came out in their activities in the whole thing and usually doesn't matter if you do could have a super bowl on and nobody cares they are working out. but everybody was like standing around. it was literally kind of scary like what are we watching right now?
9:38 am
my favorite is the twitter responses. my favorite being the nuclear physicist guy the former head of the nuclear strategy and proliferation initiatives tweeted this advice is totally unhelpful. everyone being like you're missing context. all the responses early first of all this is more helpful for any other community, not here. we would all be wiped out. is it really accurate? it's like all of us new york occurs before a new -- >> harris: i'm fascinated by the fact that you follow a nuclear scientist. with this it is 1962. a lot of people weren't even alive then. they don't member what was going on in the world. when a pumped up people think like you said will don't worry we don't have any word of specific threats. that's the first thing people think.
9:39 am
like way the world are you doing this now? it takes time and effort and planning in the city of a drum thought appeared what was the time and effort about. the one person who probably love this is because you know he's always rattling but blowing up the entire eastern seaboard. i think the bad actors out there in the world are probably loving this i'm thinking god lets terrify all of the americans and rattle our nuclear saber and see how that goes down. >> harris: so irresponsible without context. >> stay inside stay tuned, this sounds like advice for avoiding new york city crime not a nuclear attack. if people put in half the time about avoiding crime in new york city. i will play devil's advocate. your point about russia thing we can both both coasts of the united states will see it from mexico come i do think we live in crazy times. i like being proactive rather than reactive. but two of point there might be
9:40 am
a little erroneous content in this psa more appropriate for crime for crime. >> harris: it's just a waste of time unfortunately. if it were to happen there would not be time to find somebody in new jersey or connecticut who has -- >> joe: the original joe's basement. you can come to my basement. >> emily: we will do the show from there. >> harris: we are moving on. also why was she dressed like that? he says don't ask why or how. reportedly rebounding from an -- in case you missed it next.
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if vyvgart could be right for you.
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>> president biden insists fighting inflation is a top priority. why is it getting worse? we have more in your shrinking dollar. president biden doing the 180 on
9:45 am
saudi arabia, now embracing a nation he once vowed to make a pariah. sanity jody herz joined us on that. we have some thoughts on what whether joe biden's mental acuity makes them fit or unfit from mental office. why biden is hemorrhaging support among latino voters. john roberts, joined sandra smith in me at the top of the hour for "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. it's time for in case you missed it. we are now well into the summer and there has been yet another shark attack. this time off a popular long island beach. a41-year-old man was paddle boring and it attacked by a target or shark and suffered a . the incident happening at the same beachwear lifeguard was bid during a training exercise less than two weeks ago.
9:46 am
>> shannon: born and raised on florida, grope on the beach. my brother was actually attacked by a shark when he was surfing and had a big chunk of his leg read stuff. he's amazing and strong and healthy but i had a healthy fear for these guys. this their world. when we get in the water tread carefully. >> is he afraid of the water forever? >> back in better than ever. we are in their world. cut shot point, shannon. i like pools and i like ponds. [laughter] >> harris: i've been reading about scientists who say we may be seeing higher numbers of sharks coming into waters where we swim more. first of all we are not in lockdown anymore sword there are
9:47 am
just more of us in the water. apparently cleaner oh sure inside the bunker of fish, which are nasty by the way. as humans we should meet them because they decay so quickly but sharks love them. they've made us resurgence. they've made us resurgence so apparently the sharks are coming to eat. i don't think we look like them but maybe they get confused. >> all right this is a story we are all excited for. what do you give a 4-year-old for their birthday? if you are carded beyond off-site, who is her husband to come you give cold hard cash. take a listen. this picture posted to instagram shows there $50,000 birthday
9:48 am
gift. my daughter would be happy with the piece of -- >> they people they give their kids elaborate gifts are $50,000 are doing it so they can show up to their friends so they gave their kids $50,000. it's all about the parents not the kid. i gave my kid bicycle even though it felt like it cost a few thousand dollars. >> to each their own but i think they said it was a five figure piece of clothing. >> harris: i'm thinking three letters. irs. that wasn't popular. sorry. >> emily: it's a lot of cash and what do they have to look forward to? it's need to grow up. it i'm so happy that carded b and offset have worked things out. i think that they are very
9:49 am
entertaining and they live large. i say america capitalism and joy. >> does remind me of christmas i give my daughter a mini ipad and she likes the wrapping paper or better than the ipad. they always go for that. i will say that my two thoughts are number one if she puts it towards her education it's absolutely had to get it. would not my kid touched dirty money. cash is disgusting. the former wife of this great college politician is reportedly dating bradley cooper. insiders tell that the couple have been dating secretly for months. and were introduced by anna winter, cooper and aberdeen allegedly were arrived at the met gala together back in may but kept their distance on the red carpet. joe concha, i have a side-by-side avenger and bradley cooper. not who wore it better but who looks better.
9:50 am
>> my wife went to college with bradley cooper. he graduated same year. but -- when you go from someone named carlos danger to the bradley cooper camorra guy whose name -- i think she's a very attractive girl i think she's in cooper's league. >> have a lot of single friends. i implore -- i prefer emily over abedin. >> emily: thank you for that. i will say that to me there are a lot of surprised i feel about the two of them together. but also that this must be the best revenge on the whole world. could you imagine if you are anthony weiner and you are rotting in jail for your disgusting, vile acts in your ex-wife pairs up with the
9:51 am
hottest guy on the planet. he's hopefully still feeling ashamed and inadequate. >> to your point he said when he published his book that she invested everything in this relationship. i'm happy that despite the political differences she's coming out on top. >> harris: you met him before. >> emily: i have he's very handsome. abedin is a lucky woman and i'm happy for her. not politically aligned with her but i will say this, my mom texted me and said you have a single sister, make sure emily knows. like you guys have got this. >> you judge these couples by the name. they get a couple names.
9:52 am
i have the best one. coopagno. >> and emily wouldn't even have to change her initials. it's getting so bad that liberals are eating the rich to cool down. certain ice cream trucks are selling eat their rich popsicles. you can choose popsicles like elon musk, jeff pazo's, mark zuckerberg, and more paired who's your pick, jenna? species for they are selling these for $10 each. they also want to be of the rich. this is capitalism and motion. >> if you choose elon musk does not mean you like them or don't like them? >> harris: i don't know like keep their ear first what does that mean? >> their names apparently come you can pick one munch must come up suck suck and devour them all. these are their names. >> harris: is that daytime
9:53 am
television friendly? >> joe: i choose carrot cake. none of the above. there is just -- >> harris: please go to commercial. [laughter] >> emily: there are lots of tasty treats available on the streets of new york. choose one. morris b30 in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪♪♪ >> last but not least, the sun, sand, the surf, nothing beats catching some rays on the beach. the same is true for sea lions, but not crowded. two of them are chasing away
9:58 am
beach-goers in la jolla cove in california. everyone, it sort of makes me laugh when nature is like, oh, no, we live here, too. like the sharks, it's a brush-back pitch, like back it up. and apparently is mating and breeding season for these guys. >> and they are chasing us, are they blind? >> apparently there was a female and there were a couple of male sea lions fighting over her and their aggressiveness apparently, by one account, spilled over. listen, you know, people, behavior on the beach is bad when you are fighting over a girl. >> interview the sea lions to find this out? >> people fighting over each other at the bars. >> like panama city for me in the 1990s. i can't believe there is a huma abedine sea lion.
9:59 am
>> fighting over emily for sure. >> harris, interviewing the sea lions. >> i don't know what it is. seriously. how do we know who was chasing who and all that, that's a lot of intrigue about a couple of sea lions. do they bite, that's what i care about. i don't care they are having relationship difficulties, i want to know who is going to bite me, get them off the beach. >> they are super cute. >> that's something i saw on the video, some beach-goers were circling back, put them behind the sea lion and no. the last thing we want is for them to feel, the sea lions, like they are cornered. >> ultimate freak-out. >> great metaphor for los angeles, crime drives you away, and hypodermic needles and san diego, my one refuge and the sea lions chase you away.
10:00 am
for florida, we don't have sea lion, don't have crime, and don't have needles on the streets. >> it's san diego, by the way. >> san diego. [laughter] >> thanks, everyone, and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. fox news alert to kick us off, president biden firing back after a poll shows nearly two-thirds of democrats do not want him to run again in 2024. >> mr. president, what's your message to democrats who don't want you to run again? >> they want me to run. >> two-thirds say they don't. >> read the polls, read the poll, jack. you guys are all the same. >> sandra: is the president simply in denial, and what does it mean for his future on the democratic ticket in 2024. we'll ask katie pavlich and marc


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