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tv   America Reports  FOX News  July 13, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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lion, don't have crime, and don't have needles on the streets. >> it's san diego, by the way. >> san diego. [laughter] >> thanks, everyone, and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. fox news alert to kick us off, president biden firing back after a poll shows nearly two-thirds of democrats do not want him to run again in 2024. >> mr. president, what's your message to democrats who don't want you to run again? >> they want me to run. >> two-thirds say they don't. >> read the polls, read the poll, jack. you guys are all the same. >> sandra: is the president simply in denial, and what does it mean for his future on the democratic ticket in 2024. we'll ask katie pavlich and marc
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thiessen live coming up. >> john: fox news alert, president biden landing in the middle east as inflation hits a new 40-year high with no end in sight. i'm john roberts in washington. sandra, double duty today. >> sandra: great to be with you, john. brand-new numbers from the government showing red hot inflation has not cooled. consumer price index surging to 9.1% in june. marking the biggest one-year increase since 1981. the president issuing a statement in response to all of it saying "today's data does not reflect the full impact of nearly 30 days of decreases in gas prices and other commodities like wheat have fallen sharply since that report." >> john: americans are not feeling any relief, as the labor department shows, paying more for gas and cleaning products compared to last year.
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we begin with fox team coverage. lydia hu live in new york city with more on the inflation impact on food prices and jacqui heinrich from jerusalem where she is travelling with the president. jacqui, good evening to you. >> jacqui: good evening to you, john. israel leg is not as mired as potential pit falls in saudi arabia, where he will try to bring down prices and oil prices and inflation eventually. because of the saudi record on prices, and they think the crown prince called for the murder of a journalist, and they want to avoid the spectacle, biden would avoid shaking hands for the duration of his time abroad. listen. >> we are going to try to
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minimize, we are trying to minimize contact as much as possible where we can, and so that is what the focus is going to be on this trip. this is up to his doctor as we are seeing what's happening. >> jacqui: well, that plan evidently went out the window when air force one touched down. a line of fist bumps with a full-on handshake with benjamin netanyahu, and then abandoned all together with more handshaking. so, if the white house team is a little more strict about this policy when the president gets to saudi arabia we may not know about it. the white house has not committed to any sort of coverage with the meeting with the saudis and won't be a press conference after the meeting. the president did not take any questions from the travelling press today, the press corps that follows him and questions him all the time. he will, however, have a press
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conference tomorrow but did make sure to issue a statement because the pesky june c.p.i. report got in the way of the focus on what the u.s. is doing to help israel with security and defense. that report 9.1% year over year, the highest in 41 years, and way higher than the 8.8% that was expected. president writes while today's headline inflation reading is unacceptably high, it is also out of date. energy alone comprised nearly half the monthly increase in inflation. so the rest of this trip is going to be focused on how the u.s. is helping israel in its defense and also in its potential reintegration, normalizing relationships with other countries in the region. and part is talk of a potential alliance geared toward countering iran, but the president sat down with israeli tv station today and got a question on why he is hell bent on rejoining the iran nuclear deal when a lot of israelis of
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not hot on that idea. >> iran with nuclear weapons and if we can return to the deal and hold up tight, i think it was a gigantic mistake for the last president to get out of the deal. they are closer to a nuclear weapon now than before. it doesn't have anything to do with whether or not the force is going to stop, going to continue to be engaged and we can act against them, and still have a deal where they curtail the nuclear program. we laid out on the table, made the deal, we have offered it, and it's up to iran now. >> jacqui: of course, the iran nuclear deal has not been resurrected. the talks have fizzled. we can expect plenty of follow-up questions about likely in the press conference tomorrow. john. >> john: looking forward to all that, jacqui heinrich from jerusalem. thank you.
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>> sandra: to the grocery store now, where sticker shock continues for most customers. june inflation report prices for everyday food items up more than 12% from last year, and rising for absolutely every basic food item on the list. lydia hu is live at a supermarket here in new york city. what foods have the largest price spikes that you've seen there? >> hi there, sandra. we are seeing the steepest increases on some of the basics like eggs, milk, even cooking fats like butter. eggs have increased by 33% over a year ago, milk prices are up more than 16%, and cooking fats like butter is up more than 26%. this is really concerning because as you said, these are basic items that are included in every american kitchen and ingredients in so many of the foods and meals that we eat and
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we see these increases feeding into other items going up in price in the grocery store. bakery products now also up more than 13%. watch this. >> i'm still concerned because the shopping patterns are changing for customers, now they are really being careful of how much they are purchasing. they are looking for the deals, like private label, they are looking to go to club, to buy the bigger size to get deals. l>> and now when we look at the month over month food prices, the increase in june came in at 1%. that is down from 1.2% in may. many of the food business -- many people in the food business don't expect prices to dramatically come down any time soon because energy prices and labor costs are very high, and the gentleman you just heard from tells me that the distributor of his cold cuts told him earlier today that prices for cold cuts are going up again because the processing and transportation fees involved
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in getting them shipped to the grocery store. one other example, pepsico increased the prices on all products including gatorade and doritos by 12% over three months, and saying more price increases could be in store for the rest of the year for their product, to give you idea it does not seem like food at the grocery store will get any more affordable any time soon. sandra. >> sandra: still tough out there. thank you, lydia hu in new york city. >> john: doritos are going up, all over. president biden in israel kicking off his first trip as commander in chief to the middle east, and saudi arabia to mend fences with that nation. and joni ernst, great to see you, and the service members of the year at the reagan building, what an event. and weigh in on inflation. true what the president said,
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gas prices have started to tick down a little bit. inflation is 9.1%, core inflation, does not include energy and food prices, only came down .1 of a percent, from 6 to 5.9. so inflation is still very much with us. >> it is, and john, i do continue to hear stories from iowans and most recently have heard stories about those that are actually taking items like electronics and jewelry into pawn shops so that they can pay for the gas that they need to go to work. so inflation is something that iowans are struggling with, every american is struggling with, and this administration and the democratic majority really needs to come to face with that and figure out a way forward, which to me is unleashing american energy and not spending anymore. >> john: the president to
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heading to saudi arabia on friday, he will speak with the crown prince about what saudi arabia can do to increase its production of oil, which apparently, according to many analysts is not much. this seems to be a real victory for soleimani, because during the election campaign, president biden promised he was going to make saudi arabia a pariah. and an op-ed, meeting with him would give them what three years of p.r. campaigns, expenses and new golf league have not. respectability. and u.s. will look the other way. and now the president is forced to do a 180, your thoughts. >> yes, absolutely. i think the president is going on this trip to the middle east in a position of weakness and
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here we are in a situation as the united states where we have a president who is unwilling to unleash our own energy potential right here in our homeland and yet travelling to exactly as you said, john, the country that he said he would make a pariah on the world stage and is now asking them to produce more energy as we face this energy crisis. so unfortunately, the president is in a bad position. what we need to see from him is strength and leadership. we need for him to double down on the abraham accords and show support there. he needs to push back against iran and we do need to find a way to mend fences with the saudis who we have had a very long-term relationship with. granted, there are some issues that need to be ironed out there, but having this dialogue maybe the president can do that. >> the president is playing down
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the oil angle here in an op-ed in the washington post saying my administration has made it clear that the united states will not tolerate extraterritorial threats. when i meet with saudi leaders, the aim for the strategic partnership going forward, and holding true to fundamental american values. any question in your mind oil is at the center of all of this? >> of course oil is at the center of this. europe is facing an energy crisis when the president is unwilling again to unleash energy potential here in the united states, he's going to other nations, particularly in the middle east and asking them to step up to that challenge. what i do hope when it comes to strengthening relationships in the middle east, i hope the president takes a cue from some, an act that i have introduced called the defend act which does bring together the friends of the abraham accord, many of
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those nations in the middle east in a strategic partnership when it comes to national defense activities. i hope that he can focus on that, and come up with his own ideas but again, we need a strong united front as we are moving forward in an energy crisis and we shouldn't be going to other countries and asking them to do what we are absolutely unwilling to do as an administration here in the united states of america. >> john: we'll all be watching to see if he shakes hands, and initially his plan was, because of covid, to just fist bump and the prime minister and president of israel later on, though, he did exchange hand shakes with them and if he was watching that video he may see it as a snub if he gets a fist bump instead of a handshake. >> exactly. yes, absolutely. let's extend every courtesy as necessary to help mend these
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bridges. let's do that now. let's find ways to work together. we have an immediate threat of iran out there and it takes collaboration and partnership to do that. >> john: senator, thanks for joining us. good to spend time with you last night. >> thanks so much, john. thank you. >> majority of democrats say they don't want you to run again in 2024. >> 92% said if i did they would vote for me. >> sandra: the president seems to be in denial over recent polling showing his favorability plummeting in his own party, even some of his former senate colleagues seem to be distancing themselves from him. katie pavlich has some thoughts on why. she'll join us next. >> john: disgraced south carolina attorney alex murdough facing charges.
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>> we will continue to see these numbers go up and up and up. it's accelerating and this thing is out of control. this is about as bad as it gets. and combined with the employment numbers which are not good for this administration, i don't see how they pull out of the crash. >> john: former reagan economic adviser art laffer setting a dire message on the state of the economy, new high of 9.1% inflation. this as president biden is deeply unpopular, not only with
10:20 am
voters but members of his own party. a "new york times" poll showing democrats are looking to turn the page 2024 as biden struggles to find solutions on several fronts. fox team coverage on all of this with katie pavlich standing by. to aishah, what are democrats up there saying about the president? >> good afternoon to you. i can tell you that senate democrats who are in swing states, vulnerable democrats, this coming november are really sort of distancing themselves from the president, really not hot on the idea of campaigning with him. they have been tip toeing. tim ryan, the democratic senate candidate in ohio did not appear with president biden when he visited cleveland a few weeks ago. georgia senator warnock has told reporters he does not plan the administration schedule when he was asked if he would campaign
10:21 am
with biden. arizona senator mark kelly told reporters he has not even thought about it. and nevada senator katherine cortez mastro told me this. >> the president is always welcome to nevada, but let me say, my focus is on, as i run for re-election in my state where i'm third generation, it's about the issue that nevadans care about. >> she kind of p i voted on that. and the president is trying to fight back any talk of democrats not supporting him at a white house garden party last night. listen to this. >> mr. president, what's your message to democrats who don't want you to run again. >> they want me to run. >> two thirds say they don't. >> read the polls, read the polls, jack. you guys are all the same. the polls show that 92% of democrats if i ran would vote for me. >> yeah, so the president citing
10:22 am
the same "new york times" poll but citing a different statistic, that 92% of democrats would vote for him only if the choice were between the president and the former president, former president trump does not quite mean that democrats want him to run. john. >> the president clever with the cross tab there on the poll, aishah hasnie on capitol hill. thank you. >> sandra: the june consumer price index that we have been reporting on showing what consumers are paying for everyday items, it's another loss for this administration as it was a whopper this morning topping 9%, higher than expectations. the white house did not waste any time, however, downplaying that number, as "outdated." >> these numbers that came out today are outdated in the sense that they don't reflect the significant decline in oil prices and gas prices that we have seen. gas prices at the pump down 30 days straight, down about $0.40,
10:23 am
so this number that came out today about half is driven by energy, that is outdated. >> sandra: not sure why this month is different than any other month, katie pavlich, that's the way it works, trying to get a read on a month by month basis what the american people are experiencing and the form of inflation, it is sky high, red hot and the biggest problem and concern for the american people right now. it shows up poll after poll and no doubt that members of the president's own party are starting to distance themselves from this president. >> katie: we need fact checking there on the claims gas prices have significantly decreased. the average for a gallon of unleaded gas is still around 4.60, around $5 many places and diesel fuel on average is still hovering near $6 a gallon, we know, sandra, the way you get goods to the market is on trucks
10:24 am
and planes and trains that use fossil fuels to do that, so that cost gets passed down to the consumer. the administration has two big issues here that have been driving this inflation which is driving up costs for people in america and down the poll numbers for president biden. the american rescue plan, shot inflation through the roof, that's already the horse that has left the barn, hard to put the tooth paste back in the tube, so to speak, and joe biden's war on american energy. he's in saudi arabia trying to beg for more oil to be produced while handcuffing domestic oil producers here. two bad combinations, and not just the pump but the grocery store. and you hear them talk about this is an outdated number, only half of inflation was based on energy prices, again, energy prices are the underpinning of the entire economy and until a
10:25 am
change from the administration you are going to see the prices go up and people very dissatisfied when it comes to going to the polls in november. >> sandra: feels we need to put this on the screen. we are going to put up for the viewers inflation, the day that president biden took office, the month, i should say, january 2021, 1.4%, katie. and look at that stark difference. june 2022, it has surged to 9.1%. so now the big question is, the white house says it's leaving it up to the federal reserve to tackle the inflation and bring down the prices, whether the federal reserve will do it in a way to possibly avoid recession and driving the unemployment rate up while flying to get those prices down. this is also what the american people are living through, food prices, you can put eggs, butter, milk, gasoline, you just heard it from our reporter
10:26 am
standing in the grocery store, airline fares, and jet fuel prices and inflation and the high prices of the goods are outpacing wages in this country. and this has been the story for months now, katie. this latest report showed wages up 5.1%. that's year over year, the average hourly earnings. so this is not keeping pace with inflation. >> katie: compared to the inflation number, wage growth at a negative 3.6%, which means inflation is outpacing people's paychecks, certainly outpacing their paychecks and the problem for president biden, and democrats going forward, no solutions to the current economic environment that are not painful. inflation, of course, is very painful. fed gets more involved to raise rates even further, money is more expensive for people to borrow, means things like the housing market will slow more,
10:27 am
builders will not be able to sell the homes or the commercial buildings that they are putting up as quickly as they thought before. so all the solutions that may be on the table to try and prevent a recession, many argue the g.d.p. growth over two quarters is negative, a sign we are in a recession starting at the beginning of this month. those solutions are not good for the democrats politically, a reason not just increase in inflation at a 40-year high, but a 30-year high of democrat retirements in the house and those democrats are still holding on to fight for their seats, maybe they think they can squeak out a win, they don't want anything to do with campaigning with president biden because his poll numbers are lower than president trump's were and lower than any president since the beginning of polling. not good for the democrats and only getting worse, given the painful solutions on the table to try and correct this problem that was mostly caused by the american rescue plan and by, of
10:28 am
course, this war on energy here at home. >> but not an acknowledgment that that spending is causing the problems. i don't know how you can fix it. if you don't acknowledge it. katie, good to see you. thank you very much. >> katie: thanks, sandra. see you soon. >> john: surveillance video of the uvalde school shooting released and we warn you it is terrifying. what the police were doing in the hallway after the shooter fired round after round and killing 19 students and two teachers. >> sandra: the mexican president has some advice to president biden what to do with those already here. conservatives screaming all over the place. tom homan will react, former acting i.c.e. director. >> the mexican government i believe can go either way. it against on who the american president is. and in this case, the american president seems to want illegal immigration.
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>> sandra: chilling surveillance video from inside robb elementary school is released, giving us a closer look at the police response that day. casey stegall is live in dallas. what exactly does this video show? >> sandra, it shows an awful lot, and there are mixed reactions over how it was released late yesterday. video that was obtained by the austin american statesman newspaper and tv station kvue video we want to warn is disturbing. it shows the gunman entering robb elementary school and proceeding to the joint 4th grade classroom and firing his way in. what we are showing is the police response from a hallway camera. within three minutes, three officers show up. they take fire, crouch down and retreat. that was at 11:27 a.m., 12:50 is when the classroom door was
10:34 am
finally breached, the suspect killed. in the meantime you see officers from multiple agencies, many armed with tactical gear, and they are waiting. as we know, some children dialed 911 from inside the classroom. many had been calling for the video's release. officials decided that would be done on sunday at a special community meeting and that portions of the video would be redacted to protect the victims. however, it all showed up online prior to last night's city council meeting and the city's mayor was furious, calling it a leak, and did some members of the community while others argue the anger was misdirected and should be directed at the cops. >> did anybody see them do a good job? just because they tried to go in there, was that good enough, good enough for the people bleeding out? that wasn't good enough. >> the director of texas d.p.s.
10:35 am
says he was deeply saddened the video was released before the families could have a chance to see it. sandra. >> sandra: all just so heartbreaking. thank you. john. >> john: mexico's president telling president biden yesterday he should "regularize" migrants across the border, and let's bring in former acting ice director tom homan, also a senior fellow and of course a fox news contributor. translation what andres manuel lopez obrador said yesterday to president biden as he was giving him a tutorial on what should happen to illegal immigrants in the country. listen here. >> it is -- migrants have lived and worked in a very honest manner and who are also
10:36 am
contributing to the development of this great nation. >> john: didn't necessarily say what regularize means, but that republicans and conservatives would likely scream about all of this. >> he's talking about amnesty, right. and he doesn't want to fix the problem because last year mexico received $50 billion in remittance, money sent from those in the united states that went back to mexico. so the more we regularize it, the more amnesty, the more mexican nationals come to the united states and send back remittances. and this interview is how he controlled the conversation and what we could do for mexico. trump administration was opposite. here is what you are going to do to help me secure the border and remain in mexico program, third safe country agreements came out of that, military on the northern southern border, and this discussion he's controlling the conversation on what we can do for mexico. not what word about controlling
10:37 am
the crisis on the border. >> john: after he refused to show up for the summit of americas a few weeks ago in los angeles as well. if migrants hear, potential migrants start hearing talk about regularsization, whatever that may mean, amnesty, maybe like in 1986, we don't know, what's it going to do to enhance the pull factor to bring people to the southern border? >> great question, it's a huge pull factor. every time we talk about amnesty, more migrants want to be a part of the give away program. so the president of mexico knew what he was doing. cause more people to cross the border and the border patrol is overwhelmed and it's a national security issue this time. you know, nearly 900,000 got-aways, this is going to make the situation on the border even worse. and president biden should have came out strong, not one word to the mexican president how he can help him secure the border and
10:38 am
that goes back to my point, i've been pushing for over a year, he has not done one thing to slow the flow. >> john: we were talking about the increasing involvement in cartels and smuggling. and the fbi apparently is warning a lot of migrants brought across the border by the cartels who are not surrendering to c.b.p. are held in stash houses in places like el paso and others, and then messages go out to their loved ones here in the united states well, we have charged your loved one x amount of dollars to get across the border but now if you want them in the united states, pony up ten grand. >> i investigationed the organizations three decades, that's how it works, and i operated i.c.e. storm in arizona in 2004, 2005. and they would call the relatives, ok, we said 10,000 but now it's 20,000, pay it or we will kill them. and they did. bodies were piling up.
10:39 am
a few cases that actually called the relatives asking for more money, they didn't have the money, they tortured the migrant so the relative could hear it on the phone. this has been going on for decades but it's worse now, criminal organizations are making more money than they have ever made so they're taking chances. >> john: on the front end and back end as well. and years ago, migrants in groups of 2, 5, maybe ten, but now as bill pointed out, the hundreds. a cartel strategy to suck up resources and leave the border open. >> they send 100, 200 family groups over, they know the border patrol will go on the humanitarian crisis, so pull from other areas. the cartels watch that. when that happens, they'll cross fentanyl and the bad guys who are unguarding the portions of the border. you have record fentanyl, because the cartels are controlling illegal immigration, leads to record numbers of drugs
10:40 am
across the border. >> thank you. >> sandra: a grand jury is expected to charge alex murdaugh in the murders of his wife and son. what went down over a year after the investigation began. >> john: president biden in the middle east, record inflation, surging gas and food prices, low, low approval polls, and growing questions about his mental fitness. all coming up on "america reports." >> every week he's trying to blame somebody different. 64% of democrats don't want joe biden to be the democrat nominee for president in 2024. they are running away from him. i'm tatiana for newday usa with some great news for fellow veterans who own a home. with home values at record highs, now's the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. up to $60,000 or more.
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>> sandra: south carolina prosecutors may soon announce charges for disbarred attorney alex murdaugh on the murders of his wife and son.
10:45 am
both were found shot to death at their hunting estate last year. murdaugh is facing dozens of criminal charges for drugs and financial crimes. jonathan is live in our southeast bureau, we have been following the story for quite some time, jonathan. when can we expect murdaugh to be indicted for murder? >> some time this week, possibly as early as tomorrow. sources tell a south carolina website with the state law enforcement division are scheduled to present evidence to a grand jury on thursday. evidence that implicates alex murdaugh oin the june 2021 shooting deaths of his 52-year-old wife maggie and 22-year-old son paul on the 1700 acre hunting property. sled would not confirm this, but an attorney representing murdaugh says i'm aware the family was advised they intend
10:46 am
to seek murder indictments from a grand jury later this week. murdaugh faces dozens of criminal charges, admitted to pocketing more than $4 million in settlement money owed the family of his housekeeper, gloria satterfield, who died after falling on the steps of the murdaugh family home back in 2018. >> no lawyer has ever seen anything like this. i mean, he is dark, he's evil, instead of thinking about what he could do for his clients, he uses the client opportunity to think how is this going to benefit myself. >> and sandra, murdaugh is no longer allowed to practice law. the south carolina state supreme court officially disbarred him yesterday. back to you. >> sandra: just yesterday, that was a big part of the story how long that took. jonathan, thank you very much. we'll keep following it. >> john: former president barack obama sending a scathing email
10:47 am
to his former white house physician saying that jackson's criticism of joe biden's cognitive health on the campaign trail was a "cheap shot." but isn't it time to start questioning biden's mental acuity now that we have seen some troubling signs of decline? ari fleischer on that next. to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch.
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couple? bradley cooper reportedly dating former hillary clinton aide huma abedin, moving on from her ex, disgraced politician anthony weiner. introducing the high profile couple, several months ago. well, that was news to me yesterday. >> sandra: i'm sorry, i've got the new york post in front of me. i don't know if i can read it out loud, i'll put it on the screen. got that, john? >> john: got that, yeah. >> sandra: huma's new hot dog, top portion. [laughter] >> john: the new york post has got the best headlines, don't they? >> sandra: oh, ok. we'll watch that one,
10:52 am
interesting couple, interesting match making there. even surprised john roberts. ok, now a fox news exclusive. former president obama calling out his doctor for commenting on then candidate biden's health during the 2020 campaign. obama writing in an email that's why i have to express my disappointment at the cheap shot you took at joe biden via twitter. it was unprofessional and beneath the office you once held. ari fleischer wrote "suppression, depression, snobbery and bias" and it's in my possession now. congratulations to you, ari, and plays right into this topic. this is something that the mainstream media avoided reporting on, questioning or even talking about for quite some time. >> ari: compare the contrast when donald trump walked slowly down a ramp after a speech at
10:53 am
west point, and health implications for trump. biden has now fallen twice and the press has not raised issues about it when he walked up the steps of air force one and the bicycle and the press falls for whatever they are told by the biden team. hypocrisy in media coverage is sickening. >> sandra: do they fall for it or continuing to protect him? >> in part they fall for it, they go right to biden's people and say what happened and they print his people saying he's fine, end of story. with trump, they went to antagonist, and what the media too often, mainstream media do their job. and i blow the whistle on it, i could not stand watching the bias. >> sandra: it's fascinating, you write about how much the press gets wrong in recent years and you go on to make the point why they just don't care. i'll put these up on the screen. these are recent now media
10:54 am
headlines where only recently the media started to call into question joe biden's mental acuity at 79, "new york times," says biden is testing the boundaries of age and the presidency, remember that one, just in recent days. the age question, cnn, is. caking up to joe biden. politico writes, poll, voters doubts rising about biden's health, mental fitness. just in recent days. >> ari: and this will be a passing phase. the press is doing this now in part because the democratic base is starting to get worried about joe biden so this was a steam everybody is picking up on. mark my words. if joe biden runs for re-election the stories will talk about his vigor, how strong he is at his age. because they have to defeat whoever the republican nominee is, especially if it's donald trump. >> sandra: isn't that why we are seeing the president's own party trying to get ahead of that by not standing behind him not rerunning?
10:55 am
>> ari: yes, but why during the campaign in 2020 did the press suppress stories of his age and health. they looked past it. everybody else in america knew it and saw it, but there was a great concern about biden's age. you did not see it in the press because the duty was to suppress it. >> sandra: you make the point in the book, ari, as the media continues down this road, the american public is uninformed of what is really happening. >> ari: and i lament this. i get asked all the time, where can people get the news straight, objective and fair and mainstream media, poll after poll, they have lost the trust and conservative media is booming but the mainstream media is dying. >> sandra: suppression, depression, snobbery and bias, congratulations, there is the book. thank you for joining us on day two of the book release. good to have you here. >> john: thanks for the copy of the book. enjoy reading it. new at 2:00, another dismal
10:56 am
record on inflation. this time, one not seen in over 40 years. president biden and his team claiming it's old news and outdated. ah, but is it? larry kudlow is here to break it down for you. marc thiessen on biden's 2024 worries, and cnn attacking the candidates, and dangerous sha -- shrimp in south carolina waters. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan call now.
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11:01 am
"america reports." watch out, rolls into hour two. i'm sandra smith. great to be with you. >> john: great to be with you, too. new normal, goodness. john roberts. report sightings off of long island, and sightings don't happen in some cases until it's too late and today's victim says the shark that chomped on his leg is from one of the most dangerous spark species of all. >> sandra: crews are heading to the scene. we are going to take you there live, but first another fox news alert. and november 1981, that is the last time that inflation in america had been this bad. >> john: today's number the latest dismal record facing the white house. while americans see costs surge, the current administration says it's old news. >> june c.p.i. data is already out of date because energy
11:02 am
prices have come down substantially this month, and are expected to fall further. >> these numbers that came out today are outdated in the sense that they don't reflect the significant decline in oil prices. >> well, some of that, again, is a bit out of date in the following sense. some things that really matter in the production of food and feedstock, they have also come down somewhat in june. but they are still very highly elevated. >> john: sounds like somebody distributed talking points. but critics point out, sky high prices, gas, airfare, food, clothing. the cost of men's suits up a whopping 25%. >> sandra: holy cow, and who is buying them, right? who is dressing up? there are economists meanwhile predicting that prices may have peaked in some cases. others are warning there is more trouble ahead. bank of america saying the country is headed for a "mild
11:03 am
recession" but i believe saying a severe recession may be needed to tame inflation. we'll talk to larry kudlow about that, he joins us on set now. larry, great to see you. just take us through that. >> larry: i don't want a recession. i mean, here is one thing. this is a disastrous report and it's not about energy, ok. if you look under the hood of this report, food and energy, that thing rose 7/10%, highest in month. three-month change, listen, 7.9%. the 12-month change is 5.9. when am i saying? i'm saying excluding energy and gasoline, even excluding groceries, which we shouldn't do, but excluding -- >> sandra: that's what the fed looks at, core inflation rate. >> larry: and getting worse.
11:04 am
services, the biggest component, take out energy, the three-month change is 8.5%, that's way above the 12-month change, what you've got here the last three months, 7/10, 6/10, 7/10, getting worse. cleveland federal reserve has this trimmed mean, they take out the top 8% prices and the low 8% prices, all the outliers, and it is soaring up. 2% beginning of last year. >> sandra: what do you think of the white house saying this is old news. >> larry: this stuff is hinting towards the future. you are deepening and broadening and increasing the inflation rate right now. it's not about energy, it's about all the other prices, like 5,000 prices, everything is going up. 68% of the c.p.i. is now running
11:05 am
above 5% inflation rate, ok. so, you just can't isolate this and call it yesterday's news. and i'm going to say this. the federal reserve, whenever they meet next week or the week after, they have to raise the fed funds target rate by 100 basis points. one full point. >> sandra: talk about what that means for the american people, millions would see their loan costs go up, greatly affect the housing market, you already have people walking away from sales, contracts. what sort of pain would that inflict? >> larry: it's going to be very difficult, and this is the thinking, you know, should have done the thinking 18 months ago. unfortunately the seeds were planted. >> sandra: hard working americans are going to pay the price. >> larry: they are already. real weekly wages are down $26 per week since last year, minus 6.2% in their own, that's median income. typical families, getting
11:06 am
killed. fiscal policy could help. now, joe manchin put out a statement today saying essentially inflation is bad, let's stop spending. well, then i would say to joe, my friend, joe, why are you flirting with chuck schumer and a reconciliation bill that would raise spending by over a trillion dollars and would raise taxes over a trillion, including small businesses. what you ought to do is be freezing spending, freeze it, and you should be cutting taxes and deregulating energy and all other businesses so the supply side of the economy could give this inflation fight some help. right now the inflation fight is getting no help, the fed is on its own, need to go a full percentage point and yes, i'm not happy, but i'm saying yes, ordinary folks, working folks, going to get hurt by this. >> sandra: the very people the administration says they are out to help are going to hurt the most, and when you say all items
11:07 am
less food and energy, when you dig through this report it is amazing. i urge everybody to print it off and look at what's happening. what people are feeling. rent, the largest monthly increase for rent in this country since april 1986, larry. that is unbelievable. and if i could finish off by putting the tweet up, a former obama economist, previous white house economist, awful u.s. inflation data, 9.1%, well above the median forecast, highest since 1981, core also higher than expected, details appear equally worrisome, agrees with you, bottom line, further blow to economic and social well-being. highlights fed worst policy mistake in decades. >> larry: also, also -- also, he should also concede, i know he is a democrat, but blame on fiscal policy. spending packages last year have
11:08 am
a lot to do with this. the fed bought the bonds and printed money like it was going out of style. now they have to stop printing and yes, this kind of go/stop is very painful. but again, it's the core. i give muhammad a point on that. it isn't about this white house nonsense, well, oil is coming down, gasoline -- gasoline will probably come down another 35, $0.40, what the futures market is saying. i don't have problem with that. i have a problem with the rest of the c.p.i., the rest of the c.p.i. is deepening, broadening and accelerating. those are not good ways to describe inflation. >> sandra: you are going to have a rocking show at 4:00, eastern time. larry kudlow on f.b.n. thank you. good to see you. >> john: good to see you, too, larry. see you at 4:00. president biden insisting his party wants him at the top of the ticket in 2024. but the poll he cites is proof sends a different message what
11:09 am
the president claims. marc thiessen, here is what the "new york times" poll found. should we nominate joe biden in 2024. nominate, 26% said yes, nominate someone else, 64% said nominate a different person. now, biden was asked about this last night at this garden party at the white house, and here is how he spun it. >> they want me to run. read the polls, jack. you guys are all the same. that poll showed that 92% of democrats if i ran would vote for me. >> john: what he was citing, cross tabs said if it was a hypothetical match-up between biden and trump in 2024, and you were a democrat, would you vote for biden. 92% said they would vote for biden and not trump. it does not change the fact that 64% of democrats said they want somebody else to run in 2024, not biden. >> that's exactly right. biden said read the polls, jack, i read the polls and the
11:10 am
democrats are telling him hit the road, jack. that's what's happening. poll numbers he cited are absolutely correct. a harvard harris poll, 71% of americans don't want him to run for another term and only 30% of democrats would vote for him in a democratic primary. it's not surprising that 92% of democrats would vote for him in a rematch with trump, that's because they hate trump. if you ran against the devil, 92% would vote for him and most democrats think trump is the devil. >> john: not saying we want him to be the nominee, but if he were the nominee. so why don't democrats want him to run, 33% said age, but 32% said job performance. so those are just about equal. >> yeah, the reality is they can read the polls as well as we can, and they know that joe biden is the most unpopular president in the history of presidential polling. 500 days into his presidency, no
11:11 am
one from truman to trump had numbers like this. worse inflation, crime wave, highest gas prices, border. people are hurting, people are having to choose between food and gas. and so of course they are not -- biden is unpopular and democrats realize it. the problem is, they don't understand why. they think it's because he did not spend enough money, did not go far enough and it's the opposite. >> sandra: and still trying to bring build back better in some form. mike emmanuel put buttigieg on the spot on sunday asking president biden and whether he would support him if he runs again. here is what he said. >> yes, i do expect him to run, i'll support him and let me tell you why he's going to have a lot to be proud of. i'm proud to be a part of this administration that has done such work to bring america back from the brink of a recession. >> john: brink of recession,
11:12 am
wait a minute, hang on, a lot of people including art laffer say we are on the brink of recession, and said that three days before the horrible inflation numbers came out. >> bad for biden if even his own cabinet was not endorsing him. but the problem the democrats have, they have no alternative. why is joe biden the president? democrats in 2020 tried to find any alternative to joe biden and they ended up with him, he was the least worst candidate, the only person who presented the moderate exterior that they needed because so many trump voters who like trump policies but did not like him were wary of their leftward lean. who is going to replace him, bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, kamala harris? less popular than biden? the only democrat that could beat a republican, joe manchin. joe manchin. >> i thought you were going to say hillary.
11:13 am
>> joe manchin in tune but he's a pariah, because he stopped build back better and will probably stop it now. >> i think the chances are greater that joe manchin will be a republican rather than the democrat nominee. >> sandra: long island, a shark attack forcing another beach to close as we hit the height of summer. a new warning how common this may be coming. >> john: president biden wrapping up his first day in israel as leaders plead to get tough on israel's nearby nemisis iran. home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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>> sandra: mexico's leader appearing to take a swipe at our nation's gas price crisis right
11:19 am
in front of president biden. was he mocking the president, that is just ahead after a fox news alert. >> the president is going on this trip to the middle east in a position of weakness. >> they will learn on this trip that they have an opportunity to unite our traditional allies, both israel and the sunni arab gulf states in opposition to the terror supporting regime in iran. >> we are in a dangerous phase of middle east relationships. the president has to go there and reset this thing strategically. >> sandra: from war to sky high oil prices, president biden staring down several crisis around the middle east. first up, israel, he landed this morning, where not everybody in america's biggest ally is confident in the president's ability to get things done. trey is in jerusalem for us.
11:20 am
>> good afternoon. security cooperation between israel and the you state continues amid growing threats from countries like iran. almost immediately upon arrival president biden viewed an array of missile defense systems, like the iron dome are used on a regular basis to intercept rockets fired by iranian proxies in places like lebanon and gaza, and he focused on the continued friendship between the long time allies and his view for the future of the region. >> greater peace, greater stability. greater connection. it's critical, critical for all the people of the region. which is why we'll be -- we'll discuss my continuing support, i know it's not in the near term, the two-state solution. >> no major announcements are expected on the israeli palestinian conflict, biden will
11:21 am
meet with the palestinian president on friday before heading to saudi arabia. and reportedly announce $100 million in funding to palestinian hospitals in east jerusalem during a visit to one of the facilities. over the next 48 hours, our focus here, the more controversial leg of the trip begins on friday. biden is slated to meet with mohammed bin salam at that point. a difficult time for the world with the war in ukraine but also does not want to look too friendly with the crown prince, someone he called a pariah during his campaign for president. sandra. >> sandra: live in jerusalem for us, thank you, trey. john. >> john: mark serves as c.e.o. for the defense of the foundation of democracy, let's talk, mark, about the president's upcoming trip to saudi arabia. it strikes me and other people this could be a big victory for
11:22 am
mohammed bin salman, the president vowed he would make saudi arabia a pariah, and now going up to the head master to say please, i want some more. this is a big 180 for the president, some people are calling it an embarrassing climb down. >> well, john, it is. who would have predicted there would be a major geopolitical crisis that would lead to a spike in oil prices and the united states president would have to go to the saudi leadership and ask them to release a couple million barrels to dampen oil and gasoline prices. everybody should have predicted that, it happened dozens of times in the post world war ii period. so this is geopolitical malpractice for the president for not having predicted this and for having tried to malign the saudi leadership, a complicated but important strategic ally for the united
11:23 am
states for decades. >> in an op-ed in the washington post which previewed the trip, the president recalibrated the policy, said from the start the aim was to reorient but not rupture relations with the country that's been a strategic partner for 80 years. that would not seem to ring true. his statements about making saudi arabia a pariah would be the very definition of rupturing the relationship. >> john, he almost ruptured the relationship. obviously the relationship that is built on common interests, some really profound strategic interests, and so it's not a relationship that's going to break, but it was a relationship that was severely damaged. i've been to saudi arabia three times over the past six months and saudi leaders are furious and frightened by what they see as lack of u.s. leadership in the region encountering iran, and also are looking for super power cover.
11:24 am
so what that means is the saudis would increasingly look to the chinese and the russians for backing against iran. this is not good for u.s. national security. >> john: china, very adept at filling vacuums, no questions about that. members of the president's own party are highly critical, adam schiff said i would not go, i would not shake his, m.b.s. hand, butchered an american resident, and cut him up, until they make a change of human rights i would not want anything to do with him. obviously america has long been worried about saudi arabia human rights record but not having a strong relationship with saudi arabia as you intimated a moment ago has its own set of problems as well. >> yeah, i mean, listen, the murder of khashoggi was outrageous, and we should acknowledge the profound social
11:25 am
changes, the country is not recognizable to people that have been going there for years, and millions of saudi women are being liberated by m.b.s. and they love the crown prince. so we have to acknowledge on one hand the brutality of the murder of khashoggi and continued human rights abuses. the other hand, acknowledge some of the profound positive changes taking place. it's a balanced view of saudi policy, you can reorient it and recalibrate it, but not rupture it if you care about economic and national security. >> john: how is president biden seen in israel as compared to president trump. 54% of israeli's said they don't trust biden to take israel's interests into account in its relationship with the united states. >> yeah, listen, i think israel is, israel is one of the most pro american countries in the world. july 4th, tons of american flags
11:26 am
on the streets so israelis take great pains to have good relationship with any president, but when you talk to the man on the streets or the driver in the cab, they'll tell you overwhelmingly that they trusted trump because they believe trump was fierce in the region and that's the key point, in the region like the middle east it's better to be feared than it is to be loved, and certainly biden is not feared by american and israeli adversaries. >> john: good to talk to you, thanks for your thoughts. appreciate it. >> thanks, john. >> sandra: mexico's president appearing to take a swipe at our nation's high gas prices telling americans, hey, come on over here, you can cross the border for cheaper fuel. as he said it right in front of president biden. >> we have decided that it was necessary for us to allow americans who live close to the border line so that they could
11:27 am
go and get their gasoline in, on the mexican side at lower prices. >> sandra: during a visit to the white house, president andres manuel lopez obrador said 3.12 a gallon. here today, 4.63 is the average. ouch. >> john: you know the relationship between these two leaders is interesting and it's a lot different than the relationship of former trum had with amlo, and amlo seems to like to tell biden who to do. >> sandra: and you can't help but also think about in recent months with the baby formula shortage crisis that there were reports of many who were driving over the southern border into mexico to buy baby formula when they couldn't get it on store shelves here in the u.s. >> john: you know, if you are that close to the border, why not. hey, a surfer, listen to this story, sandra, enjoying a nice
11:28 am
summer morning until he was bitten by a shark. we are live on long island coming up. >> sandra: oh, boy. plus cnn under fire for saying some republican hispanic women are not the real deal. a few things to say about that next.
11:29 am
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joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. >> sandra: brand-new cnn opinion piece attacking gop latina candidates saying all hispanic women lean democrat or they are not real latinas. the article's headlines reading the gop latina candidates are not the real deal. >> john: referring to mayra flores, and others. and we are joined now. the column was written by raul reyes, said these gop latina candidates are not the real deal. these women have drawn national
11:34 am
attention for seeming to shatter the myth latinas generally vote democratic but they may have a moment in the spotlight they hold views outside the latino mainstream, flores said as for i'm not the real deal, maybe i'm not the right type of taco, relating to jill biden's comments the other day. what do you say? >> i think the democrats are feeling threatened by the rise of the latina superstars who happen to be conservative who happen to be republican. and look, their message is very clear. flores' message talking about loving this country, standing up for our constitution, being pro life, pro family, pro second amendment, i mean, that is what you are seeing are these really dynamic leaders popping up at all levels, at the local, state and federal level, and i would like to say to raul reyes who wrote the cnn piece, bring it
11:35 am
on, us and latina women are fierce and ready to continue to talk about what republicans stand for and that is clearly that we know we want a strong economy, we want to make sure that our children are able to receive the best education without being indoctrinated and we are going to stand up for religious liberties and the second amendment and i think that those -- those pillars alone i think the democrats are very threatened by. >> sandra: and of course i'm not the right type of taco, referencing a recent gaffe by the first lady who has apologized because it received a lot of criticism. i spoke to mayra flores, bill and i this morning, she ultimately accepts the first lady's apology but said this. >> we are proud americans, and
11:36 am
they only are doing this to get our vote and they think that by giving us tacos and playing latin music that's all it's going to take to vote for them in november, it's going to take a lot more than that. >> sandra: and mayra flores is a huge part of the story and asked her about the rising support of hispanics for the republican party as we have seen in a lot of the recent polling, mercedes. >> look, i've been doing hispanic outreach, grassroots coalition building for decades, and one thing that i've learned is that what you have seen with the democrats is they have gone too far. when they are trying to change the spanish language, whether they are trying to bully and force us to accept terms like latinx, which is exactly why jill biden was speaking, latinx inclusionx luncheon, what's next, latinx heritage month? this is the type of stuff the hispanic families have had enough. they don't want their kids to be indoctrinated with the gender
11:37 am
confusion and the division among race that the democrats have pushed forward. they want to ensure that their children have greater opportunities than they ever had, and it's why the economy is such a central issue for hispanic families, and guess what, they want a security border. and that's something that obviously we are seeing joe biden incapable of doing because they support open border policies and in essence i think that's why you are seeing this rise of hispanic leaders on the republican side voicing their opinions having incredible stories to tell about how they have come to america, were born in america and are very proud of not only their hispanic culture, but also so proud of being american and i think that that story just resonates so much in these hispanic communities. >> john: mercedes, in the last couple of times we have been talking about a "new york times" poll, a disaster for president
11:38 am
biden and statistics of support, 32% of latino voters approve of the job he's doing. 63% disapprove. back in 2012, president obama got 71% of the hispanic vote. president biden would only get 32%. he's in real trouble here and maybe we don't have to wait until 2024, he's going to hit coat tails in november. >> that's a great point. i will tell you when i worked during president trump's campaign there was a big focus on hispanic outreach and increase of support for president trump. we did notice with the biden campaign they failed to launch an effective hispanic campaign strategy and it really hurt them and so i do feel that the democrats have taken these voters for granted, they have felt that the hispanics have just been part of their coalition for too long, but what's happening is that more and more hispanics are becoming more independent. they are saying wait a second, i want to see which party is going
11:39 am
to have the better deal here for my family, and for myself. and i think that the republicans have a real big opportunity to make gains and keep the hispanic voters on their side. >> sandra: mayra flores was clear, when i asked what do you attribute the rise in support for the gop for the republican party from the hispanic population in this country, she said the economy. people just want to feel secure. >> john: everybody wants to get ahead, no question about that. thanks, mercedes. >> safe communities, safe families, that's what we need. >> sandra: the latest shark attack on a popular beach on long island, new york. officials say a surfer was bitten by what he describes as a tiger shark, one of the most aggressive sea predators, second only to the great white. it happened at smith point beach in suffolk county, since closed to swimmers. the same beach where a lifeguard was attacked a couple weeks ago during a training exercise.
11:40 am
alexis mcadams joins us live from long island. she's there on the beach where people are starting to hear about this, and wondering what do we need to know, alexis. >> hi, sandra. when we rolled up here in long island, we had a few people mention, are you here for another shark attack and unfortunately the answer is yes, and days ago another incident happened. the latest incident happened earlier this morning. a man bitten by a shark here on long island. this is the fourth shark attack, sandra, in less than two weeks on long island. this is where it unfolded, you can see some chopper footage earlier today, happened around 7:30 in suffolk county. 41-year-old man was on a paddleboard when he was knocked off and bit on the leg by a shark. local officials tell us the man has a four-inch gash and was treated at a local hospital. he said it was a four foot long tiger shark.
11:41 am
the man tried to punch the shark while he was on a paddleboard before a wave pushed him right back to shore. >> to have two of these incidents happen for us for this facility, for this beach is unprecedented. we have not seen this before. we had not seen our beach closed to swimming in the history of smith point county park since it opened in 1959. so to have a second incident like this certainly is not something we would expect. >> this morning's attack happened while no lifeguards were on duty, which is important to point out. last week a shark bit a lifeguard in his chest and hand during a training exercise at a nearby beach. they were training for a shark attack when the lifeguard was bit. the shark patrol teams are out in full force throughout the summer. they use helicopters to watch the waters from above as they keep a close look for sharks.
11:42 am
this marks the 23rd shark attack in the united states so far this year, according to florida, california, new york and south carolina are on the list. suffolk county beach is back open, it opened back this morning after the shark attack. stay near a lifeguard if on duty and swim with groups. >> john: sandra, problems brewing at starbucks, specifically crime. and now the coffee giant has to close in some places. wait until you hear where, coming up next. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans who need money for their family and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan
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>> john: who going woke. the global health organization changing guidelines to no longer reflect just two genders but now men, women, and beyond. that's ahead, but right now a developing story. embattled los angeles county district attorney george gascon accused by critics going soft on all sorts of criminals. now giving a break to the director roman polanski, a
11:48 am
statutory rape case 40 years ago that caused polanski to escape the united states to europe. william is live in los angeles with the latest on this. >> the outcome could be that roman polanski could return to the u.s. and does not spend a day in jail for forcing sex on a 13-year-old and fleeing a criminal warrant. a filing on tuesday, george gascon asking an appeals court to unseal transcripts of problems in the case, the judge ignored a plea deal fearing a public backlash. 1977, after plying the girl with alcohol and drugs, had sex. he was sentenced to prison for mental evaluation. after 42 days officials let him go saying he was fine. prosecutors and defense reached a plea deal, dropping the rape charge in exchange for a guilty
11:49 am
plea for unlawful sex for a minor. polanski would get probation and time served. transcripts allegedly showed a prosecutor improperly influenced the judge, rejected the plea favoring a long sentence. polanski heard that and absconded to france where he remains in exile. a judge said we are not going to unseal this, it sets a precedent. but yesterday gascon says the transcript should be unsealed, the public and the victim have a right to know and scrutinize the transcript as it relates to the conduct of judicial officers and prosecutors who served on their behalf. so now the victim, now 60, foregave polanski and believes he should serve no prison time, but two things. one, no certainty gascon will be in office in a few months given his possible recall, secondly, times are different, right. weinstein got 23 years for sexual assault, an acting coach
11:50 am
got six years for sexual misconduct with a minor, and polanski does face prison time for the absconding charge, all questions that need to be answered. >> john: the latest on that controversy and topic. sandra. >> sandra: starbucks closing up shop in several locations in democrat-led cities. the company citing safety concerns for workers in cities where crime is spiking. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in los angeles for us. jonathan, we'll see what congress eventually does and how they can help the crime situation to that point. but when you look at what is happening in the cities it is devastating, and companies are having a hard time hiring and retaining workers because of it. so are they closing stores in really dangerous neighborhoods? >> well, it's interesting, sandra. right now we are standing in the heart of the tourist mecca of
11:51 am
hollywood, i'm literally on the walk of fame here, it's one of the most visited parts of l.a. and yet starbucks now believes it is not safe enough to seven a latte here. this is 1 of 16 stores being closed nationwide. six in l.a., six in seattle, two in portland, oregon, one in philly, one in washington, d.c.. closing and opening stores is obviously a normal part of business but starbucks does admit these are being closed for safety reasons saying "after careful consideration we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate, to open new locations with safer conditions," and detail in a letter to employees saying "you are seeing firsthand the challenges facing our communities, personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a growing mental health crisis, rising drug use
11:52 am
and more, with stores in thousands of communities across the country, we know these challenges can at times play out in our stores, too, we read every incident report you file. it's a lot." certainly is a lot, and there is some good news, starbucks says they will be offered positions at what starbucks says are nearby stores, but overall, sandra, you look at these closures, you think of a company like starbucks and really is a startling indictment of what a major corporation sees as the lack of safety and security on the streets of a number of major american cities. sandra. >> sandra: and perhaps the company did not specifically state this, it's hard to keep the workers safe, but they are also having a hard time hiring to staff these stores. it's been a huge struggle. i'm sure a lot of people have noticed that with their local coffee shops or starbucks.
11:53 am
great to see you, thank you very much. >> sure. >> john: now to the world health organization going woke, global health officials set to update guidance on gender to declare sex is not limited to male or female. gillian turner with the details on this. >> gillian: so our sources are telling us the updated guidance the world health organization is putting out is a big deal because the gender manual, it's actually put out, clarify, with the united nations. it's a reference document, used by doctors and hospitals across the world w.h.o. says they are "going beyond non-binary approaches to gender and health and that gender identity exists on a continuum and sex is not limited to male or female."
11:54 am
they say the w.h.o. took a major hit covering up the origins in china of covid-19. >> what we are witnessing is an attempt to change the entire medical lexicon to not only describe differences in gender, but also to encourage the notion that gender is something that children choose, maybe an opinion by a small group of individuals in the medical profession, but certainly not backed with a lot of data. >> gillian: medical experts who support the policy say precisely the opposite is true. >> gender is internal perception of one's identity. it does have some components to anatomy and what not, but more so specifically you are looking at sex, you will look at the more physical components, one of the key components. >> gillian: gender diversity, identity, intersectionality, all
11:55 am
terms are met with controversy here in washington among the nation's politicians, but sources are telling us the medical community is poised to undertake a similar battle. >> john: for young kids growing up, this is all getting very confusing for them. my kids ask a lot of questions about this, what is a boy, what is a girl, what is not, how do you know sort of thing. >> gillian: i don't have to answer those questions yet, my daughter is only one, but i'll come to you for advice when it's time. >> john: what about you, sandra, are you getting the questions? >> sandra: yes, i will hand those in. yes. gillian, thank you for that. sorry, i'm thinking about taco tuesday, but you know, that has passed. but john, republicans are deciding that taco tuesday can live to see another day. they are now selling shirts, ok, shirts after the big gaffe on the part of the first lady, and that you are seeing egg in somebody's hair instead of shampoo. we'll get to that story in just a moment.
11:56 am
including startling shrimp that can now slice human fingers to the bone. that was an interesting write-up, host of fox across america. jimmy, first off, start with taco tuesday. [laughter] because republicans have decided that they are going to sell jill biden breakfast taco shirts after her big gaffe where she referenced the hispanic community as unique as breakfast tacos in a speech. so they are not wasting any time, the r.n.c. is now fundraising on it. >> i think it's hilarious, but the same time, i'm such a slob, the first thing i thought was tacos sound great right now. but getting past the fact i need a culinary intervention, i love this, it's fun fundraising. not in the name of outrage, but in the name of cartooning the ridiculousness that was the pandering of jill biden. the problem the democrats have, when you have a boring president
11:57 am
stuff like this does not go away, biden comes out, he has the public schedule of a groundhog, so when you do something stupid it's going to stick around. the one benefit trump had, he generated so much content, silly on tuesday, by that night it was gone, talking about something else. this is going to stick and it should stick because it's ridiculous. >> sandra: wow, the shirts are out there, you saw the picture of it, not your breakfast taco. and now this is a vision you saw on the screen a moment ago, somebody washing with shampoo. according to the "wall street journal," people are ditching their shampoo and washing the hair with pantry items. i guess -- eggs are among some of the ingredients they are using. i mean, shampoo is expensive, i get it. but -- >> how does it work? go to the salon, two overeasy? stupidest thing i have ever heard. sounded like a tiktok challenge, little teenage kids are washing their hair with stupid stuff but
11:58 am
this is crazy liberalness. the woman said she started this because she was trying to avoid using plastic. so started as i'm going to save the earth and now it's a movement. >> sandra: apparently a no poo movement, backlash against modern hair care. >> forgive me, i was just in l.a., we need a no poo movement on the sidewalk. >> sandra: the egg thing in the hair, like avocados, that's been and a long time. but i don't know if it can replace shampoo, we'll see. meanwhile, this is terrifying. sliced human fingers to the bone, potentially dangerous shrimp that are found in south carolina waters along the coast there, this is a shrimp species, i don't know, what is it capable of, jimmy? >> they say it can cut your hands, it has all the things,
11:59 am
and people don't go into the water, just take instagram pictures. it's supposedly vicious. and we are staring down as i read the article, not technically an edible shrimp, it's poor meat quality, cannot use it in a jill biden breakfast taco. i brought it back. see what i did there? >> sandra: it's the mantis shrimp, sometimes called incorrectly rock shrimp, don't get this wrong, and i quote mantis shrimp can be eaten but have little meat to your point of poor quality. >> this is weird one, a rock shrimp, not -- it's not a rock lobster by the b-52s, those were friendly. this is not your friend. this might be the one up side to everybody being so instagram obsessed and not going into the
12:00 pm
water. you are not going to be eaten by a shrimp this summer. >> sandra: i feel so bad, i feel like i missed out on "wall street journal" thing with the shampooing, and a girlfriend said i smell like scrambled eggs. thank you, jimmy. sorry about that, john. got carried away. sandra smith, thanks for joining us. >> john: i saw the mantis smith >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. want something scary? here's a shocking inflation report, folks. this number came out after that one, that was the big headline at 9.1%. ouch! how about this one? the average american family has lost $6, 800 in annual income burned up by inflation. just throw it in theba


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