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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 14, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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it's the all american xher concert series. >> go to for free tickets and complimentary barbecue. >> let me point this out. the fdny is doing. the wounded soldier ride and putting up that tremendous flag. most patriotic. >> thank you to all our soldiers. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 here in new york and up, up away we go, america. the latest data shows inflation is soaring to new heights and your household budget is going along for the ride. maybe out the window. >> that's great. >> bill: good morning. i'm bill hemmer. dana has time off. hello to you. >> happy to be in for dana this morning. i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: feels like old times. >> always good to be here. moments ago the labor department came out with new numbers.
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not ones to write home about. 11.3% is the jump in wholesale prices from a year ago and came in lot steamier than economists predicted coming off the -- you know what it feels like when you buy things. consumer prices are up substantially. fastest pace we've seen since 1981 back in reagan years. >> you have to go to art laffer to find that out. white house points out wages are up. here is the deal. wages aren't rising at the pace of inflation. you look at a pay cut of 3.6%. >> if you crunch the numbers inflation is costing the average american household $500 a month. setting on fire every single month because you aren't getting anything for that $500. >> bill: questions now including this how did we get here? many economists blame out of control government spending
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along the way. >> democrats are passed more than $3 trillion in new spending under president biden and they aren't taking their foot off the gas as they look to revamp build back better. let's go to mark meredith live from washington this morning. hi, mark. >> i wish i had better news this morning. good morning. today's economic data and inflation report sends shock waves through the public. americans are getting an idea how much more they're paying. butter and eggs are costing a lot more now. gasoline costing close to 60% more than the year ago. think about buying a plane ticket and escape the bad news and inflation, it will cost you 34% more from a year ago. the "wall street journal" editorial board sums it up this morning writing the greatest tragedy for american workers suffering from the largest reduction in real wages since the 1970s. earnings fell 1% in june and now down 3.6% in the last 12
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months. the white house insists the inflation report released yesterday is already out of date. it claims since the price of gas is coming down from record highs in mid june the report is invalid. this morning we're hearing from treasury secretary janet yellen in indonesia saying inflation is the administration's top economic priority and what she had to say. >> inflation in the united states remains unacceptably high. we're taking our own steps that we believe will be supportive in the short term to get inflation down. >> the white house says those steps include getting congress to approve a tax hike on wealthier americans and lower prescription drug costs. negotiations are on the hill as republicans insist the president's economic plans are hurting, not helping, most americans. >> inflation is water boarding the american people. people are scared. they aren't going to be able to retire until they're 92.
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their 401ks have crashed. >> democrats insists it is not all doom and gloom. unemployment below 4%. the bottom of the screen, the stock market a brutal half year for us already. the dow looking to open down close to 500 points, martha. >> mark, thank you very much. mark meredith. >> bill: remember "the new york times" poll that came out this week. issues americans are most concerned about. economy 20%. inflation at 15%. all that has to do with your money in your pocketbook. now this is how inflation hits america. see what we've done on the map. the deeper the red the more suffering you have right now with the rate of increase of inflation. texas area, out here around arizona, nevada as tops for leading the country on that mark. i'll start in the southeast, right? nationwide remember you are at 9.1%. in the state of georgia you are higher. you are at 9.8%.
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you have a mid-term election. what's happening in georgia? a lot of toss-up races. power ranking earlier in the week georgia governor seat, senate seat and one george house seat considered to be a toss-up in the state. watch that number and how it affects voters this november. in the midwest and upper midwest there is all kinds of political action. in wisconsin governor's race and a good senate race as well in wisconsin. michigan, governor, two house seats and in ohio two house seats and the governor and a senate race that we're all watching. similar story in indiana and also in illinois. all those states are higher than the national average on inflation at 9.8%. finally in the american west, nevada and arizona, they lead the pack. they are nearly 10% at 9.9. in nevada you have a governor and senate race. governor and senate race in arizona plus three house seats
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in our toss-up races. you look at this map now and you think what are americans voting on? think again as we take a walk back here with "the new york times" poll told us about the economy and your pocketbook and the economy really being issue number one in a prominent way as we cannot get this -- this tough deal we're in right now. on inflation. it is costing all of us. that's that. >> it is very interesting to look at where the tight races are and see those numbers are higher and you have to ask yourself if by the time you get to this election and potentially the next one if what you will see is increase in unemployment. once you see these inflation numbers you start to see companies make different choices about how much -- how many people they can employ and necessary pain actually according to larry summers to start to cool things down. that unemployment will rise. >> bill: this jobs thing is the next one. special report from the white
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house yesterday. this is how she characterized it with the jobs picture and going forward. >> we have an economy that's stronger than in a typical situation when the fed is generating interest rate hikes. so i don't think it's pre-ordained that we'll have a deep recession. this inflation has its roots in the pandemic. now we have russia's war against ukraine. so when you add these together, we have the unacceptably high levels of inflation. >> bill: three things. pandemic, supply chain, putin's war of aggression in ukraine. at the end of the interview she suggested one of the solutions is raising taxes on wealthy americans and corporations. that might be dead in the water right now given the state of affairs. >> larry kudlow will love that. you know what i heard in the sound bite? she said it is not pre-ordained we'll have a deep recession. here you get the slide of the
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language with regard to recession coming from the white house. what heard this was all transitory. then not inevitable, there would be recession. now what i hear from here it is inevitable that there will be a recession but it won't be a deep recession. so i don't know how that feels to folks out there, whether it's shallow or deep. but i think everybody is feeling it already. >> bill: sound track for 1981 it feels like that. all right. from last hour now overseas listen to this. >> president biden: we have an opportunity to accept this agreement that has been laid down. if they don't made it absolutely clear, we will not, we say it again, we will not allow iran to acquire nuclear weapon. >> that's a message the whole world wants to hear. president biden at a news conference in israel moments ago. all of this played out live putting iran on notice about its nuclear ambitions despite the tough talk the president is also trying to revive the
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obama-era nuclear deal that has caused a lot of friction with america's ally israel in the middle east. there you see the new prime minister of israel. peter doocy joins us live from jerusalem with more. hi, peter. >> and martha, president biden is here trying to assure -- reassure leaders that two things can be true at the same time. the united states can pursue a new nuclear deal with iran and the united states can also use as a last resort military force to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. part of that reassurance the president signed onto a joint declaration. part says the united states stresses that integral to this pledge is the commitment never to allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and prepared to use all elements of its national power to insure that outcome. from here president biden will head to saudi arabia and he really wants to focus on that trip to be on advancing american interests, including
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as we've heard from officials, energy security. >> president biden: when i see the saudis tomorrow i will be carrying a direct message of peace and extraordinary opportunities that a more stable and integrated region could bring to the region and the whole world. >> something president biden will not commit to, though, is direct mention of the american journalist khashoggi's murder which the u.s. intel community has concluded involved the crown prince the president will meet with. >> president biden: i will bring up -- i always bring up human rights. i always bring up human rights. my position on khashoggi has been so clear. if anyone doesn't understand it in saudi arabia or anywhere else they haven't been around for a while. >> so president biden is saying there anybody that doesn't know where he stands on the murder of an american journalist can
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just google it and the president will have some meetings today in israel, tomorrow in the west bank before jetting to saudi arabia. >> thank you very much. >> bill: back home here. stunning video from the southern border. look at this. our fox cameras rolling in broad daylight on wednesday afternoon. hundreds of migrants illegally crossing the rio grande into texas yesterday. many led by smugglers ahead of that pack and the line keeps on going. bill melugin picks up the story in la joya, texas today. hello, bill. >> good morning to you. we're once again back in the rio grande valley where as usual we're seeing large numbers of migrants crossing illegally this morning. i'll give you a look. here this is predominantly family units here crossing, 100 or so here now. a lot of young children with them. unaccompanied children at this border patrol vehicle now. you go here to the left you'll see unaccompanied migrant
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teenagers and little children and in the back we have groups of single adults. so you can see how they are being separated by border patrol now. the rgb has been the busy sector. that's no longer the case. as you just mentioned, take a look at this video we shot yesterday in del rio sector, specifically eagle pass, the new epicenter of the border crisis. one of the most enormous single crossings we've ever seen during our coverage of the southern border crisis. hundreds upon hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing in broad daylight. you will see in the water several smugglers escorting those migrants across the river. this crossing went on for 10 minutes. you are seeing one little part right now. there was no border patrol at first to receive them and these huge groups are hitting there every day. look at the drone video we shot once everybody crossed to the u.s. side. enormous group of seemingly never ending line of people. really only texas national guard soldiers and border patrol agents to receive them. the del rio sector has been
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getting hammered. last week in one week 13,000 illegal crossings. source telling me on tuesday alone in the sector, more than 2,200 illegal crossings. also happening at night as well. look at this video we embedded with texas dps as they were looking for runners trying to sneak through the brush on the private property. five men were taken to jail. more criminals arrested at the southern border. look at these. a mexican citizen convicted of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14 in l.a. another man previously removed from the u.s. convicted sex offender. active warrant for his arrest for fondling a child in indiana. lastly this man, a guatemalan man for felony sexual abuse in new york city. not just families coming across
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or criminals coming across. there is a mix of it and it is all across the border, not just one spot. send it back to you. >> bill: just another thursday unfortunately. bill melugin, eagle pass, texas, thank you. embattled l.a. d.a. george gascon making a controversiesall call in how the city handles parole hearings. why critics say he is abandoning crime victims. we'll tell you about. that >> a state of emergency in southwest virginia after heavy rain and flooding leave dozens unaccounted for this morning. >> democratic hopefuls taking aim at ron desantis out of florida as the polling shows bleak prospects for a biden reelection bid. dave rubin who now lives in florida will react coming up next.
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>> bill: breaking news, more than 40 people including children unaccounted for after a severe storm struck a remote corner of southwest virginia bringing heavy rain and severe flooding there. look at that picture. officials expect that number to decrease as rescue crews continue to survey the area and get in touch with more people. the governor declared a state of emergency for very good reason. he wants to help with the response and the recovery erts and there will be a lot that is needed. so far no confirmed deaths in that part of the state. martha. >> martha: another prominent democrat governor setting his sights on florida as speculation about 2024 picks up. pritzker will be addressing an annual democrat party gala in florida this weekend. the governor of illinois since
6:21 am
2019 up for reelection. the heir to -- an heir to the hyatt hotel fortune. he has a net worth of more than $3 billion. has a home in florida. he is one of the wealthiest current office holders in the country. i believe the wealthiest in the country. he has a $12 million home in the state of florida. that's one of his home away from homes. dave rubin is the host of the rubin report. good to see you. you are a resident of florida. i used to tease you about complaining of florida and staying there. you moved on as so many people have to the state of florida. your former governor newsom going after folks who moved to florida and saying you need to come back to california. here he is. >> freedom is under attack in your state. republican leaders are banning books, making it harder to vote. restricting speech and classrooms and criminalizing women and doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight, or
6:22 am
join us in california where we still believe in freedom. >> martha: very interesting to see these two governors taking on desantis and going after what has been really attractive to so many people in florida, dave. >> yeah. first off i mean everything -- i mean everything that gavin newsom says is a lie. he is just covering up for his horrible governance. california is falling apart, everyone knows it. the deficits, crime, homelessness, everyone watching knows about all of that stuff. it is all the people that are leaving and when people leave not only do they take families and resources but a piece of the community with them. i can tell you living in the free state of florida instead of basically communist california, that all of the californians and plenty of new yorkers who i meet down here most of them are what i would say liberals who have been mugged by reality. mostly moderate democrats who saw what the democrats have done with lockdowns and high
6:23 am
taxes and everything else and come down here and they're voting different ways. i'm proud to say for the first time in my life at 46 years old about two weeks ago i registered as a republican here in florida. there are now 200,000 more registered republicans in florida than democrats and when ron desantis came to office there was a 50,000 deficit. the democratic party here is in complete shambles. you mentioned the amount of money that prytzger worth there are 3 billion. ron desantis is worth $300,000. this guy who is a true floridian and cares about this place has only governed to keep the people free and everywhere you go you see crazy support for him. i think he is what the future of the republican party is but in some ways he is already acting as the president. we have a president who is obviously not doing particularly well and then a bunch of people like newsom and pritzker who want power more
6:24 am
than anything else but looking to push joe out is what this is all about. >> martha: that's what is so interesting in the dynamic in the past month or so i would say. pritzker, the governor of illinois, says biden has said he is running for reelection and i support that. newsom says we have to have his back so they are being polite in the way they are approaching all of this but a piece in the journal this morning. joe biden's presidency is sinking. the weekly column by dan henninger. very interesting read which i highly recommend. he says there will be a primary challenge as there was in 1980 for jimmy carter. that's a reality according to the article this morning. president biden needs to face it. >> let me be very, very clear here on fox news and people can clip it and send it across the internet. joe biden is not running in 2024. he may not make it all the way. >> martha: he says he wants to run against trump again.
6:25 am
>> he doesn't know where he is. he is not runnain. they are figuring out a way to pin all this stuff on him. he is dead man walking and doesn't realize it. and you know what? i think the republicans have a bright future. send newsom out and let's have the florida versus california battle. maybe that's what america needs in 2024. >> martha: interesting. always good to see you. dave rubin now a resident of florida. >> bill: you have to wonder how many hours of tape the rnc has of downtown san francisco. officials charge an illegal immigrant with rape in the case of a 10-year-old girl from ohio who was taken to indiana to get an abortion. immigration authorities say this man is a guatemalan national here in violation of the law. mike tobin on the story in chicago with more today. >> a 27-year-old guatemalan national charged with rape of a
6:26 am
10-year-old girl. this case has garnered national attention and the attention of the white house following the overturning of roe v. wade because the little girl had to travel out of state to terminate the pregnancy that resulted from her being raped. now according to court documents detectives have testified in the case that he confessed to raping the girl on at least two occasions. ohio has a law dormant while roe v. wade stood that banned abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. when roe was everyturned it wasent effect. the "indianapolis star" reports the girl missed the deadline for the ohio law by three days. children's services in ohio contacted an indianapolis-based ob/gyn and the procedure was done. >> president biden: this isn't some imagined horror. it is already happening. just last week it was reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim. 10 years old.
6:27 am
and she was forced to have to travel out of the state to indiana. >> the anti-abortion group ohio right to life issued a statement we failed by offering the band-aid solution of abortion that only added to the pain and violence perpetrated against her. the victim deserved better. sources told our bill melugin that the man entered the u.s. illegally and now an ice detainer pending for him. there is reporting that he had been in the u.s. for seven years. material from the indianapolis is being analyzed to see if there is a positive match to the guatemalan. >> martha: a mystery in texas after a woman leaves for work and then vanishes without a trace. what police and her family are saying. plus prices going through the roof. democrats are pushing more spending. they believe that will be the
6:28 am
solution to ease the pain in the country. we will talk to larry kudlow.
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>> bill: the hits keep on coming america. back-to-back reports on inflation now out. both worse than expected and the markets are reacting. the number on the big board. we have been open for a couple of minutes and down almost 500 points to the negative side. with us now is larry kudlow. hello, sir, to you, good morning. consumer price index yesterday, producer price index today. let us know how much manufacturers are paying to make the goods. what do you see in the number and do you see anything of good news? >> no, i don't see any good news. these are the worst inflation numbers in 40 years across the board. today's producer price index is probably overstating because energy prices have started to
6:34 am
come down in late june and july but you are at 11.3 and the core excluding food and energy for the ppi was 8.2. those are bad numbers. and goods, core goods, excluding food and energy were 9.1. these are 12-month changes and services again core services 7.7. so i'm just trying to take out the volatility and these are, you know, very bad numbers. and so yesterday's cpi was a disastrous number. cpi yesterday, i haven't had a chance to go into the details for the ppi because it just came out but the cpi numbers on a three-month change, the most recent three months all showed increases above the 12-month change. so that tells you that various
6:35 am
core services in particular, that stuff is actually picking up steam. so inflation is deeply embedded in the economy. i think the federal reserve has to raise their target rate at the end of this month by a full percentage point, 100 basis points. i think that's essential. i think they will have to come back in september and probably do another 75 or 100 basis points. inflation is out of control. i want to add just one last point to both of you, this is no time for a trillion dollar spending and tax hike package. that would be the worst thing in the world, particularly with massive penalties, a $400 billion tax hike on small businesses. i mean, whoever thought this brainstorm up really should be -- i don't know, should be banished someplace, maybe to a rival network. >> martha: here is brian deese,
6:36 am
larry, talking about what -- now everybody is asking the administration the same question. what are you going to do? we know what reagan would do, right? we know that there would be lowering of regulation, lowering of taxes, trying to increase growth across the base. here is what brian deese says is the solution. >> inflation remains too high which is why we need action. i just want to underscore if there is one thing to take away from this report it's that there is more urgency now than ever in congress moving to pass a bill to try to build more domestic semi conductors and bring down the price of those goods. >> martha: he talks about lowering costs and the deficit so lowering costs means passing the kind of bill you just mentioned, larry. they think if they put more money in people's pockets it will help them with the increased costs. >> well, it won't. it just increases demand which is a good part of the problem and that's what triggered that over the year and a half ago or
6:37 am
whenever, march of 2021. you don't want to do that. what you really want to do, if you want to restore some confidence and stabilize the economy. how about a spending freeze and congress does nothing on the spending side, zero. the semi conductor thing needs to be looked at carefully. a $300 billion bill point number one. point two. semi conductor prices, which were high coming out of the pandemic, they are coming down. they are coming down in the private investment sector, private investment. there is over 200 billion dollars that has been invested in the chip sector. we don't need government money, okay? it's just a bunch of corporal welfare and industrial policy. intel, which ain't the company it used to be, is building a plant in germany. so i don't want the u.s.
6:38 am
taxpayer to finance intel's plant in germany. they're coming back to this story, okay? this story. look, you don't want to be raising taxes on small businesses. sub chapter ss. that accounts for half the jobs in this country. close to 90% of the output of goods and services in this country comes from small business. let me get this right. you have a bunch of democrats talking about raising taxes on that? that will deepen the recession. they might try it. they'll deepen the recession and they will steepen the inflation rate. martha had it right before. what would reagan do? good question. he cut tax rates. that creates incentives to produce more goods. that would reduce inflation. he deregulated, by the way, decontrolled energy so all prices fell.
6:39 am
that would help a lot now. get rid of all these anti-fossil fuel regulations. that would help now. we need to produce more oil and gas. we need to produce more gasoline for heaven sakes. why don't you help the refineries. >> bill: you have the wrong management team in place at the highest levels to do what you want. thanks for coming on today. >> you think they're the wrong team? i will have to ponder that. >> martha: dow down 56 points. thank you so much. i encourage everybody to listen to the untold story. this is not the larry kudlow we were hearing from, an economic genius, the personal side and downfall of redemption and of salvation and it is really an amazing personal story that larry has. if you don't know it, i suggest you listen to it. >> bill: he celebrates 35 years of marriage. you and your wife, happy anniversary. cool. check this out. >> president biden: the scourge of anti-semitism still marches
6:40 am
around the world. we must never forget the horrors which an unchecked -- >> the far left loves to bash israel and that's where the president is today. not president biden showing support for the jewish state in no uncertain terms and giving the squad a bit of his mind. senator tom cotton on the democrat divide next. snoring? because quality sleep is vital, the sleep number 360 smart bed can gently raise your partner's head to help. ah...that's better. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. save 40% on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed queen now only $1,499.
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>> bill: president biden is in israel on his first trip to the middle east and taking office and he is about to meet with the president herzog of israel. assuring other israeli leaders of america's unwavering support for the jewish state. republican senator tom cotton of arkansas agrees with that. senator, good morning to you. a couple interesting comments i want to get to. you have the whole thing with iran and the nukes, the concerns on behalf of the israelis. a new president there, first trip and really a different region. he said this to a local israeli channel before he left washington about iran. listen carefully. >> president biden: the only thing worse than the iran that exists now is one with nuclear weapons. >> in the past you said you would insure iran would not acquire nuclear weapons. does it mean you would use
6:46 am
force against iran? is that what that means? >> president biden: that was the last resort, yes. >> that's as far as i've heard him go unless i missed it prior. if it was the last resort talking about force against iran what do you think of that, senator? >> bill, unfortunately i don't think joe biden's words match his actions over the last 18 months. iran has repeatedly shot missiles or one-way attack drones at troops and allies and joe biden only takes the most minimal responses. he has allowed iran to race towards a nuclear break-out enriching enough uranium. and wants to go back into the iran nuclear deal that obama went in. i'm not sure if president biden's words have a lot of credibility with iran or friends and allies in the middle east.
6:47 am
>> bill: more words from earlier today. tomorrow he will wake up in saudi arabia as he jets off to the west coast of the red sea, mbs a big topic. asked about it today and the human rights record in saudi arabia. >> president biden: i always bring up human rights. i always bring up human rights. but my position on khashoggi has been so clear. if anyone doesn't understand it in saudi arabia or anywhere else, they haven't been around for a while. >> bill: how would you recommend he handles this? >> saudi arabia has been a friend and partner of the united states for 80 years. joe biden should stop condemning and trying to ostracize their defact owe leader and work with him to bring down the price of oil for american families here at home. and to confront our enemies like iran. saudi arabia a constitutional democracy? no. it's a dangerous world, not a church picnic. we have to take our friends
6:48 am
where we can. their record is no worse certainly than iran which strings up dissidents or the thousands of people who are dying at the hands of a chinese genocide that so many democratic interests are getting rich off china. for that matter joe biden's son got rich off china. joe biden should work with saudi arabia and the crown prince of saudi arabia to help advance our shared interests. as presidents of both parties have been able to do for 80 years. >> bill: i guess he will ask them to drill for more oil. i don't know what's wrong with pennsylvania or northeastern ohio, but he will ask saudi arabia. i don't know yet if they are going to agree to that, do you? >> bill, i don't even know if saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and some other partners have that much spare capacity. you make a good point. friend or foe, we should be producing as much of our own oil and gas in america as we can. it was very, very pathetic when
6:49 am
joe biden went hat in hand to venezuela and iran a couple of months ago as gas prices spiked asking them to produce more oil rather than going to north dakota or texas or arkansas or louisiana and asking us to produce more oil. that's what we should be doing. energy independence is not just a slogan, bill. because the opposite of it is energy dependence. and we've seen that energy dependence in the war in ukraine and russia, in germany and other countries are over a barrel to greatly constrain our freedom in the world and our ability to defend our own people and their interests. >> bill: senator, thank you. the trip continues. see if he has more to say today. senator tom cotton. big stuff on the table. thank you. next hour the widow of jamal khashoggi will join us about her hopes for the president's meeting with the crown prince. stand by for that coming up. >> martha: wnba player britteny
6:50 am
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>> bill: texas now. police in san antonio searching for answers in the case of a missing mom, christina powell last seen on the 5th of july. video from a ring doorbell shows her leaving her home that morning shortly after calling her law office to say that she was running late. casey stiegel picks up the story from dallas. >> good morning. after she made that phone call to her employer saying she was on her way, christina or chrissy powell never made it. co-worker showed up at her house later that afternoon asking where she was, which confused her family because they thought the 39-year-old parra legal was at work. she sprinted out the door 10:30
6:56 am
in the morning jumping in her car and pulling away. the last time anyone has seen or heard from her. >> it's been hard to wrap our minds around where she might be, what could have happened. she is not just a friend she is a sister. >> she lives with her mom which says nothing seemed out of the ordinary leading up to that day. because she was running so late when she left the house she left her phone and smart watch behind. she also does not have her medication, which they say is required for a diagnosed medical condition. her family also tells fox that no funds have been withdrawn from her bank account since she vanished. christina powell has two children ages 12 and 3. if you have any information, san antonio police would like to hear from you. >> bill: good mystery. casey stiegel in dallas. >> martha: wnba player brittney griner back in a moscow
6:57 am
courtroom after pleading guilty to drug charges last week. she was held in jail since february. tyrus, good to see you. good morning. what is your reaction to where this griner case stands now? >> it is going the way i thought it would. once she pled guilty she is going to -- the maximum is 10 years and her lawyers are hoping it will be a lenient sentence. that could be from 2 to 5 in russia. that's still pretty steep. it was a horrible mistake. the only thing i didn't like to hear was she was in a rush packing and accidentally forgot to take them out. you have to be -- i hope that's not the case. it was a mistake. whenever you go to a place like russia as an american citizen and in her case as a basketball star and representative of this country in the olympics you have to be on your a game and follow the rules. >> bill: putin is using her to
6:58 am
embarrass us. i know you disagree with what happened there. a lot of reaction. did you hear what lebron said the other day? >> i was surprised. >> bill: he has the show called the shop on hbo and his first comment two days ago. watch. >> brittney griner is in russia and been there over 110 days. now how can she feel like america has her back? i would be feeling like do i want to go back to america? >> bill: that was the comment that got a lot of attention. the next day lebron says my comments wasn't knocking our beautiful country how she is feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions, thoughts, etc. inside the cage she has been in for over 100 days. bring her home long story short. how she is probably feeling emotionally. don't want to go back to america. >> emotionally she couldn't wait to get back to america and this country wants her back in america. i think the question was about
6:59 am
how many days that she was there. so i would like to think given that i think lebron is one of the most -- not just on the court one of the most brilliant people we have in the country in terms of what he has done for community, etc. the question was open-ended and let's hope that's what it was because he is better than that. we all want her home. it is unfortunate this happened but again, there was some good signs. the accountability goes a long way. she finally got a response from the president. it too pressure. it took challenge and letters. hopefully this white house will get something done but what have we seen since this administration has come in? they fumble things and don't do things well. you don't know if they really are helping you or not. >> martha: the secretary of state says we want her back and others held as well. a tweet from enes kanter freedom.
7:00 am
we call this a walk back. you are free to leave, buddy or can volunteer for an exchange for her. some people have no idea what it is to live in a dictatorship. keep taking your freedom for granted. >> that's a great point. a lot of times americans. i don't know her mind. we go places and think we're americans and think it is how it is here when we go places and we're shocked to find out that they stick to their laws extremely tight and russia just doesn't play. at any time they can make america look bad they'll do it. we kind of threw them an assist there with her having pled guilty to having this. >> bill: do you think lebron made us look bad? >> i think he did the right thing and walked it back and explained himself. >> martha: thanks. >> bill: keep gutfeld in check and wear the hat. crime victims getting the short end of the stick once again in los angeles. far left prosecutor george gascon shutting down the unit that alerts victims about
7:01 am
parole hearings to release their attackers. what is this about? brand-new hour, 10:00 in new york. ifm owe bill hemmer. dana has the day off. a big welcome back to you. >> martha: always good to be with you. i'm martha maccallum. this story to start with in the 10:00 hour on the east coast. d.a. george gascon announcing plans to eliminate the parole notification unit less than a week after fed up last angeles citizens signed a petition to recall him. >> victims have a right to be heard in court as you know and parole hearings. it puts a face to a crime and provides some balance to the reformed felon's story. increasingly that voice will not be heard in los angeles where gascon disbanded the unit that alerts victims to hearings because, he says, he is
7:02 am
understaffed and get this, because notifying victims can be triggering. the victim has a right to be notified they have a right not to be contacted. the parole unit has been contacting victims and their next of kin who have not requested to be notified of such hearings. but a deputy d.a. in the unit says that's rubbish. gascon continually puts forth services as if he is protecting victims rights. he is not. he is abandoning victim's rights and thinks a band-aid of some type of service like counseling will make up for his refusal to protect their rights. >> i do not feel like -- we're not attorneys, we're just a family. now we have to take on the role of law enforcement. >> this family a brother and sister were sexually assault years ago but gascon stopped their prosecutor from attending the rapist's parole hearing. >> the responsibility is in our
7:03 am
court to protect society and that's simply not how it is supposed to work. >> it doesn't sound like he is the type of man who would be paroled but he is an actor and sociopath. >> 37 cities have voted no confidence in the d.a. who is facing a possible recall. with itier's mayor says he is fed up with miss demeanor crimes in his city going unprosecuted because of gascon. >> 700 misdemeanor arrests and quality of life arrests, drugs, under the influence. trespassing, you name it. that the current district attorney mr. gascon will not prosecute. >> so knowing about a parole hearing isn't just a right, it is an issue of safety for the victim. now it is up to corrections, bill, to make that call. >> bill: william la jeunesse in los angeles. thank you. >> martha: case against the man
7:04 am
allegedly behind the steele dossier is moving forward. special counsel john durham requesting 30 subpoenas for testimony in the trial against the man accused of lying to the f.b.i. as part of hillary clinton's campaign effort to link candidate trump to russia. gillian turner has the latest from washington >> special counsel john durham's probe into origins of the russia investigation is heating up again and asking the federal court to subpoena witnesses to testify in the trial against the russian lawyer who was steele's primary source in the now infam yas steele dossier. it requests the court for the eastern district of virginia issue 30 subpoenas for witness appearances in virginia starting october 11th. the witnesses and documents aren't named but commanded to appear. the trial is slated to begin in october. he is charged with five counts of making false statements to the f.b.i. about information he
7:05 am
provided to christopher steele back in 2017. >> i think that danchenko prosecution will further amplify these themes and the role that the f.b.i. leadership played in this, which is increasingly looking fishy and ex politic able. >> danchenko pleaded not guilty and his trial will did durham's big chance to prosecute suspect involved in russia gate since a jury acquitted michael sussman of making a false statement to the f.b.i. back in may. >> i told the truth to the f.b.i. and the jury clearly recognized that with their unanimous verdict today despite being falsely accused i am relieved that justice prevailed in my case. >> sources expect those subpoenaed witnesses will be questioned about danchenko alleged accusations concerning
7:06 am
paul manafort and subsequent sourcing of the claims directly to clinton campaign allies. >> martha: thank you very much. >> bill: we have what could be a very legal, interesting legal case. elon musk and twitter going to war over bots and billions. twitter launching a legal battle against musk to enforce the deal. kelly o'grady, fox business reports on this today. what's the latest? >> good morning. bill. elon musk has yet to formally respond to twitter's lawsuit before emojis and tweets but a wall street seems to think twitter has the upper hand in the battle. yesterday it closed nearly 8% higher. a range of outcomes here and transaction lawyers tell me it may come down to the definition of the word reasonable. it may never reach court. the two sides could negotiate a lower price. if it does seek trial musk
7:07 am
could pay the billion breakup fee. the current deal could get enforced or he could walk away scot-free. twitter is delaware. it is a bit of a toss-up. tyson foods was forced to buy a meat distributor. a number of deals have been struck down due to covid impacts. it will likely ramp up quickly. twitter wants to begin the trial by mid september and can make a case in four days. even if it wins in enforcing specific performance don't expect a speedy resolution. >> specific performance if the court renders a verdict in twitter's favor. if that's the case it would be considered a final judgment at which point it is appealable. this isn't something if it goes that route that will be resolved in the near future. it can be a long, drawn out battle.
7:08 am
>> formally they're fought between companies. musk is an individual. rare for someone to be able to afford that price tag so bill this could set the precedent for how we treat the untouchable billionaires in these situations. >> bill: want to bring-in-law professor jonathon turley to take us through it. good morning to you. is there a case? how does the case unfold? you have a big brain. is musk in for a battle or not? >> he is in for a battle. he did waive certain defenses and committed to a great deal in this deal. but it all comes down to the extraordinary relief that is being sought here of specific performance. the legal version of a shotgun wedding. twitter saying he doesn't want to buy us but you should force him to buy us. shotgun weddings don't make for great marriages. the problem is that there are serious conflicts between musk and this company and the
7:09 am
question is whether the court is prepared to take this extraordinary step. it has done so in a few cases like the tysons case but for the most part it doesn't get to this level. there is also a $1 billion possible charge out there for backing out of the deal. but even that can be challenged in terms of what twitter actually has lost. the problem for twitter is that the board has really been selling a product that a lot of people don't want. they are selling censorship when a lot of people want free speech platform. that has not been necessarily a winning strategy for the company. it has a rollercoaster on value. in fact, when musk made this offer, a lot of people went back to twitter in the hopes that it would commit itself to being a free speech platform. >> bill: two more points. did musk sign a contract? did that happen? >> well, the agreement is
7:10 am
actually not with him as an individual but with his business entities is my understanding that adds an interesting aspect to this. there was a great column in the "wall street journal" by two people in this field who really question whether the delaware court would ever take this extraordinary step. but they actually note that in their view he is not the individual who is subject to a specific performance here. it is the corporate entities associated with him. that is relevant because some people have said he could be held if criminal contempt if he disobeyed the order. what is weird is you have an individual synonymous with his companies. this could not be more interesting. >> bill: i read that piece and bring it up in a second. they said if you hired a painter to paint the castle and the painter didn't want to do it you continue force the painter to paint it. if someone signed an agreement you could enforce that.
7:11 am
the piece you mentioned. twitter's lawsuit looks like a loser. one line. if mr. musk doesn't want to buy twitter, doesn't make much sense for a court to make him do so. twitter might be worse off under his ownership at this point. the fate that twitter's board is legally obligated to try to avoid. parse that, professor. >> well, i thought the best line of the piece was even if you could force the painter to paint your house, would you really want him to paint your house? given your relationship? and that is the real question with musk here. musk is alleging the company has been hiding the level of bots on the site but there is also this really tense relationship, much of twitter has been committed to this censorship policy that has just expanded through the years. indeed, most of the people who are now condemning musk opposed his taking over of the company.
7:12 am
so the court will have to deal with this. the shareholders themselves may be more vocal going forward. it is in their interest for musk to take over this company because it is in the interest of twitter to go back to selling free speech as a communication platform. the censorship pitch hasn't worked that well for the company. >> bill: we may see the workings of the algorithm after all if it goes before a court. that's what musk was demanding. thank you for your time. >> i don't see any good news. these are the worst inflation numbers in 40 years across the board. this is no time for a trillion dollar spending and tax hike package. that would be the worst thing in the world. >> martha: alarm bells from larry kudlow earlier and you can see what's happen with the dow today as inflation continues to escalate. it just might, if democrats get
7:13 am
their way on a huge spending package, be accelerating into the near future. economists say it would fan the flames. >> bill: democrats already face an uphill battle to keep the razor thin majority. rising inflation could spell more danger for those in those toss-up races come november.
7:14 am
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> bill: inflation is raging. you know that. you feel it. you pay the price and the brakes are off. producer price index is out for june and it was bad. wholesale prices up more than expected. all that of course gets passed on to you at home. democrats trying to find a way out of this crisis and their plans seem to just be -- they
7:19 am
might make matters worse. hillary vaughn fox business live on the hill to tell us about plan b let's call it. good morning. >> good morning, bill. plan b still may not be enough for a lot of democrats especially a lot of progressives in the house. with this new inflation number out moderate democrats are saying they need to pull the reins back on government spending. republicans reacting to this inflation number say it's democrats out of control spending in the first place that got us where we are today. they think that democrats are not learning their lesson with leader schumer still charging ahead trying to get some part of the president's build back better agenda through congress before the mid-term election. the president and his economic advisors made the rounds yesterday saying this inflation data is outdated because it doesn't include a recent 40 cent drop in gas prices recently. even some democrats aren't
7:20 am
buying that excuse. senator joe manchin tells me this inflation number has him looking through democrat spending plans with a fine tooth comb saying he is not going to sign off on any version of this skinny build back better that could make this historically high inflation worse. i asked manchin if it's right for the president and his advisors to blame the data for a bad inflation number. >> is he right to blame the data for a bad historically bad inflation number? >> i would hope that he was right and that we wouldn't be. but the same people that might have given him information saying it was transitory. a year ago. it wasn't transitory. so i'm just going to say if you will err. err on the side of caution. the people can't take much more. >> err on the side of caution may mean democrats' teams need to be downsized to get all
7:21 am
their members on board and they need them all on board to pass it through reconciliation and all 50 democrats in the senate. >> bill: here we go again. hillary vaughn on the hill. >> martha: the latest inflation report creating a political nightmare for democrats as they try to avoid a wipe-out in the mid-terms. americans getting crushed on gas, food. yet the white house is down playing it claiming that we shouldn't be that concerned about today and yesterday's numbers because the data is out of date. we are glad to have you both with us this morning. leslie, let me start with you. you hear joe manchin there talking with hillary vaughn on the hill explaining if you keep trying to lower people's costs, essentially putting more money into the bloodstream, you are going to drive inflation up even more. so is that a solution that democrats should be pursuing at all at this point given what we've already seen?
7:22 am
>> no, absolutely not. even though we saw that so far the legislation from the democrats in this administration economists on both sides of the aisle agree impacted inflation 2% or less and you need to look at what's the other problem with the 8%. you don't go back and start to stack on the 2%. it is the economy stupid james carville said in 1992. the house in power will lose the house. i'm a democrat. it is not looking like we'll keep the house. you have to look at reality. gas prices are coming down. we have a good jobs report. inflation is a global problem and it could improve but i don't think throwing more money at the problem is going to improve it. joe manchin isn't the only democrat saying that. >> martha: guy, it doesn't seem like most democrats want to listen to manchin on that, though. >> they don't want to listen to him on a lot of things and he has saved them from themselves multiple times including on
7:23 am
build back better. can you imagine if joe biden, the president, and 99% of his party had gotten their way with $5 trillion more dollars in wasteful runaway spending? the inflation would be even worse than it is right now. the projections coming into yesterday and today on these inflation numbers were bad. the reality is worse. the democrats are seriously talking about spending more money and raising taxes? it is wild. this white house has absolutely no credibility. it was almost a year ago today that joe biden was on another network and he said no one that he knows is worried about inflation including larry summers who had been saying the opposite for months. look at where we are a year later. the credibility obliterated and the american people are paying attention and feeling it. >> martha: leslie, it sounds as though you are willing to just kind of tough it out through the mid-terms, take a lot of losses. is there action that you would like to see this president take in the meantime to change
7:24 am
course on this whole thing? we talked to larry kudlow a while ago. let's make it easier for small businesses and move towards a growth model rather than raising taxes, which is one of the propositions out there. would you like to see a change of strategy from the president? >> i would like -- wouldn't like them to become republicans. one of the problems there is gridlock. almost anything democrats put forth republicans put up a wall. just as the democrats have been accused of wanting a president or economy to fail it looks that way right now for republicans that they, you know, are benefiting from the failures but from this economic crisis. it is a global crisis. inflation is not just american problem or not just a problem because joe biden is president and democrats have control of the house and senate. and we see that and economists back that up. going forward i would like to see a different messaging. i would like to see putting out
7:25 am
there more positives on what is happening with the economy and realities about what is happening to the economy. one final note. i have never seen a white house in power that had any problems economically standing up and going my bad. and gloom and doom. no political party will do that ever. >> martha: quick response, guy? >> it's not a messaging problem. it is a policy problem. the democrats control the white house, senate and house and part of the reason they haven't gotten their agenda through is because of democrats, not republicans. the blame shifting will not be successful here. >> martha: great to see you both. coming up later today on the story i'll speak with mitch mcconnell senate minority leader and we'll talk about the white house strategy here in terms of increasing spending or even potentially increasing taxes on small businesses. what is his strategy? as we head toward the mid-terms.
7:26 am
look ahead to that this afternoon at 3:00. >> i want to know why they did this. i want to see the faces of the people who murdered my son. the people who killed my son. i wanted to see who they were and want them to know what they took from me. 300 days since my son was murdered and no one is in custody. >> bill: chicago mother fighting for justice in the unsolved murder of her son who was only 4 years old. why she says city officials are not doing enough. plus popular beach dealing with what is called an unprecedented string of shark attacks. what might be fueling that other than the warm waters. plus coming up.
7:27 am
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>> bill: a $100,000 reward for a string of deadly robberies in the area of los angeles by 7/11. a masked gunman shot and killed two men at two separate locations early monday morning. three others were said to be injured at two more stores. >> the first thing i said the last time wasn't good. thank god i'm alive. >> bill: monday, by way, was july 11th, 7/11 day. police asking anyone with information to contact orange county crimestoppers. >> as many children are dying here, no one listens, no one bats and eye. that has to change. it was 27 gunshots that went off that day. 27. and two of those bullets struck my baby. people need to know it's real heartbreak. my heart breaks every single day that i don't have my son
7:33 am
here. >> martha: my next guest is fighting for answers in the unsolved murder of her 4-year-old son mj shot an killed on the south side of chicago while getting his hair braided with his dad more than 300 days ago. there are still no suspects in custody. joining me now is mj's mom angela greg. first of all, i'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. we'll show pictures of mj. you want him to be remembered. he is a beautiful child. why is it that you have gotten nowhere on finding his killer? >> honestly, i have dedicated myself to finding justice for my son. i have sat down at the table with republicans. i've sat down at the table with democrats as well, including mayor lori lightfoot. although they have showed me
7:34 am
compassion and support, i still haven't been able to get justice for my son. >> martha: one of the things that strikes me when i look at your little boys are the pictures we see of children across the country who are killed in school shootings. we also think about the stories where there are police involved in some of these stories. they get a ton of attention. 31 children have been killed in the past year in chicago and your child is one of them. and i'm just wondering why it is, why do you think it is that these stories and what is behind this violence does not get the attention that it deserves? >> i definitely feel like people have become desensitized and numb to what is happening to the children in the city of chicago. because it happens on a regular basis, no one is looking into it. no one is -- there is no outcry or outrage. it is frustrating for the parents who feel like grief has
7:35 am
become a luxury. we don't have that luxury because we're fighting for justice and trying to get answers for the people who murdered our children. >> martha: the state of illinois has tough gun laws. we've also seen that there has been an effort to deemphasize the importance of police and law enforcement in many places across the country. where do you stand on that? >> i'm sorry i'm having a hard time. can you -- >> martha: i'm curious what you think would you like to see more police on the streets, do you think more police involvement might make a difference in some of the violence you're seeing in the streets in chicago? >> absolutely. i have been working very closely with the chicago police department in regards to my son's case. i definitely feel like they need more support. when i speak to my detective i'm aware they are very overworked and understaffed and it is an issue. we definitely need more police on streets and we need them in the south and west sides of the
7:36 am
chicago. >> martha: what is your feeling about what happened to your son? what was going on out there in the streets that day? >> i'm getting a lot of information on the back end. me and mj were visiting from alabama. we weren't aware of the war zones and hot spots or aware of everything that has been going on in the city. so from what i understand where my son was with his father is a war zone in that area. so three people, three criminals decided that was a good day to drop down 65th and ellis and shoot into a building and murder my son. that's just where we are. >> martha: i am so sorry for your loss. your son is a beautiful young boy when years old and here you are on a visit from alabama and a visit to chicago your life changed forever. we really hope and pray that you get some resolution in his
7:37 am
case and mayor lightfoot has called for the summer of joy in chicago. i guarantee that joy is very difficult emotion for you these days. thank you very much for sharing your story. we hope there is continued focus on children like yours killed in the way he was killed. >> thank you so much, martha. >> martha: thank you. check out that piece on fox nation. >> bill: strong woman there and very brave. popular beach outside of new york city closed for the second time in a month. a swimmer was attacked by a shark and we're told it is the fifth attack in the area in less than two weeks. what is going on. alexis mcadams has the story today. what are you hearing from officials there? >> bill, good morning. not going in the water today. it's nice out and people are showing up to the beach but they show up and talk about these uptick in shark sightings
7:38 am
on wrong island. two people in one day yesterday and several sightings happening. five shark attacks in less than two weeks on long island. this is the latest attack happened around 6:00 last night. sufficient yok county police an arizona man was standing in waist deep water bitten two times. earlier yesterday at another beach a surfer was bit in his leg when he fell off the paddle board. that man has a 4 inch gash and treated. the surfer said it was a 4 foot long sand tiger shark that clamped its jaws onto its leg. the number of sharks attacks worldwide tells us the bites are not always life threatening. >> what we see is people will say it's a shark attack. you will get your legs eaten, you will die. that's not the truth. it is really normally a small bite like you guys are seeing in new york. >> just last week a shark bite
7:39 am
happened at another beach. a lifeguard was bit in the chest and hand during a shark attack training exercise. today the lifeguard is cleared to come back to duty if he wants to get back in the water. officials increasing patrols to keep swimmers safe throughout the trouble. they're using helicopters to watch the waters from above. there have been at least 24 shark attacks in the united states so year. that's according to tracking sharks.ko*fm. florida, carolina and also new york on the list. they've all reported attacks so far this summer. back out here live we can tell you this morning there was a great white shark sighting in cape cod and still people here are on the lookout. >> bill: thanks. we'll watch it, too. thank you. >> martha: president biden defending his trip to saudi arabia and his meeting that is coming up with the crown prince despite the killing of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. we'll speak with his widow about biden's trip next.
7:40 am
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>> president biden: i always bring up human rights. i always bring up human rights. but my position on khashoggi has been so clear. if anyone doesn't understand it in saudi arabia or anywhere else, they haven't been around for a while. >> bill: that was the comment a
7:45 am
few hours ago in jerusalem. president biden responding to a question about jamal khashoggi before his meeting tomorrow with leaders in saudi arabia. that will include the crowns prince mohammed bin salman. the crown prince approved the killing of khashoggi. his widow sending an open letter to the president saying quote i'm here today before president biden departs to saudi arabia to thank him and express what jamal wanted most in this world, the release of all political prisoners being held in saudi arabia. i do not want those political prisoners to suffer the same fate as jamal, end quote. with me now is that woman, and her attorney. ladies, good morning to both of you and thank you for your time today. ms. khashoggi, i know it's a tough time for you and my same path -- sympathies to you.
7:46 am
you met with administration officials. did they tell you that indeed the topic of your husband would come up? >> yes, it did assure me that human rights issue and my husband's tragedy will come up and that's why they invited me to know his real legacy and the true wishes of my husband regardless. my husband's tragedy. they don't seek the real legacy of my husband, saving people's life at least many months to start immediately release the political prisoners. i care about their lives. >> bill: they told you that would happen. a spokesman said we aren't in
7:47 am
the habit of present viewing our conversations. our correspondent jacqui heinrich filed an email our way asking another official traveling with the president john kirby. there wasn't a commitment like you are describing now. what does that tell you, if anything? >> yeah. maybe i did spoke -- i'm not used to the media hear yet. i answer what i get and i am sure and i confirm based on our conversation i got this feeling it will take up my husband's tragedy and human rights issue with saudi authorities. >> bill: if you could be there, what would you tell mbs? >> i would tell him you will
7:48 am
regret if you know the truth about jamal. and anyone involved in this crime they will regret. they didn't come close to jamal idea. he did not seek political asylum in any western country and he could do and that's telling you a lot. he didn't want to have a problem with his country until the last minute of his life. he stand up for his vision, democratic freedom, justice, equal rights but at the same time he doesn't want to disparage the relation between himself and his country, including the royal family. jamal khashoggi said it out loud and he was honest with his assessment. he was a member of the royal family and they will regret and [inaudible] and i will share more with you. >> bill: i can feel the emotion in your voice. why do you believe the crown prince wanted your husband dead?
7:49 am
>> i'm sorry, can you repeat that? >> bill: why do you believe the crown prince wanted your husband dead? >> i didn't meet -- [inaudible]. united nations report until now i did not retrieve the whole information either from turkish authorities or from american intelligence or saudi side as well. you look at all this evidence and then i will answer your question. i cannot rely just here and there to take my action and represent my husband and carry his name. >> bill: i understand the answer there. will you be in contact with the same white house officials personally after this trip in saudi arabia? >> i think they did give me assurance, they collect information for me even they
7:50 am
know my state and i am seeking when i flee to america and seeking asylum here. they did receive some information from me which show me they care and consider and they are helpful with me. >> bill: rhonda, i am fascinated by my discussion with hannan. what are we missing from the story before we conclude here today? >> sure, bill. part of the healing process for hannan and closure was the white house meeting that we had on tuesday but the rest of us we aren't done yet. this is not the end. if president biden goes to saudi arabia and shakes mbs's hand and meets with him we're not done. it's only the beginning. as her attorney we intend to hold all people responsible for the murder of her husband including two governments and the nso group. we have evidence of all of this.
7:51 am
we need to put it together. we're assembling our legal team but need jamal's devices back from the government of turkey. when he was murdered the government of turkey took his cell phones and laptops. there is nso spy ware on those devices. i've asked for those back formally through the ambassador of turkey in washington and written the letter to the president of turkey and we need the u.n. special report. we need additional evidence from the u.s. government and of course from the government of saudi arabia. but what exactly happened. where is jamal's body and his devices. we're launching legal action in the near future. so this isn't done. this is just the beginning. >> bill: i understand that. it will be a long process and i know you are up for that. rhonda, thank you for your time and hannan khashoggi, thank you for coming and telling the world your story. much appreciated. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you. >> martha: an interesting
7:52 am
interview. france awarding four american veterans with its highest decoration more than 7 decades after the end of world war ii. why france is praising these men for their bravery.
7:53 am
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finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> harris: prices that the companies pay to make the goods we buy, those prices soaring putting more pressure on the inflation crisis. americans fed up. the white house just keeps backing away and deflecting. hot on the heels of a new poll showing president biden losing his democrat base. governors of two blue states are fueling talk now of possibly running against him for the white house. new york congresswoman stephanopoulos and joey jones. "the faulkner focus" at the top of the hour. >> martha: france bestoeg the
7:58 am
nation's highest honor on four american world war ii veterans in washington, d.c. we spoke with three veterans who made the trip. hi, jennifer. >> today is bastille day in france where liberty, equality and fraternity are celebrated mark the day the french government bestowed the legion honor of medal who fought the nazis and saved france from being overrun an occupied. david bailey landed in normandy and fought knee battle of the bulge. >> the oldest veteran of the battle of the bulge that happened in 1944, and i'm 100 years old. it wasn't very pleasant. >> 100 years old. earnest marvel of frankfurt, delaware helped liberate the dachou concentration camp.
7:59 am
he saluted his brother in the street not recognizing him in the uniform after being deployed for two years. he traveled to europe by boat. >> went by the statue of liberty and all in our minds was we might never see it again. but we made it back, a lot of us. >> leslie similar of pennsylvania also joined them. >> i don't want them to make any more veterans, you know? no more wars. >> a reminder that war is still raging in europe. a replica of lady liberty a gift to american people on july 4, 238 years ago. >> the contribution of young american citizens, the sacrifice of many of them for the liberation of europe and france. so on this day we celebrate our
8:00 am
freedom and want to express your gratitude to those americans who give them, the highest french decoration. >> a fourth american veteran came ashore in france was not able to be at the embassy but he will also receive his medal legion of honor medal. back to you. >> martha: extraordinary ceremony. i had the honor to attend one of those. thank you very much. >> bill: nice to be with you. >> martha: nice to be with you. >> bill: see you at 3:00. here is harris. bye-bye. >> harris: fox news alert. the nation learning that consumers are about to get hit by a new problem with the economy. the companies which make the goods that we buy are now being hit by record breaking prices. this is from a new inflation report now out this morning. and why is the biden administration still trying to pass the blame? who knows? it's


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