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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 14, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: ambassador mikko hautala, could just be perfunctory, but they all have to write off on this as the ambassador pointed off. it is expected, but you can well imagine what the countries involved that they want it the sooner the better, given what is happening in ukraine obviously. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, i am just the water along with judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera, katie pavlich and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> disapproval rating is topping 70%, approval rating still in the 50s, but if we compare that to every single other president at this point in their first term throughout pulling history going all the way back to the 1940s, he is the worst
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on both. and the reason he has the worst overall is because inflation is eating his presidency alive at this point. >> jesse: the democratic sharks are circling and cnn is putting a play on the presidency. reeling from another series of batter and poll numbers on the disastrous handling of everything. the latest survey reveals only 18% of americans want to see him run and destroy the company to enact country a second time. those numbers have democrats back at home measuring the drapes outside the oval office, and gavin newsom looking pretty comfortable walking around the white house grounds while the president is away. the liberal leader has been dropping subtle clues he is itching to run for president after running attack ads against ron desantis and urging floridians to move to california. at some laying out as 2024 of vision in the speech. >> i do believe that education is under assault in ways that i've never experienced in my lifetime. i really believe that.
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but what is happening now, banning votes, suppressing speech, the other ring of our students, teachers, parents, it's alarming. >> freedom is under attack in your state, the republican leaders are banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms and criminalizing women and doctors. >> jesse: power-hungry democrat trying to get his name out there by provoking ron desantis, set to give a keynote speech this weekend at a fund-raiser for florida democrats. but maybe don't count joe out yet, the president looks like he wants a rematch against donald trump. >> i am not predicting, but i would not be disappointed. the one thing i know about politics, american politics in particular is there is no way to predict what is going to happen.
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i'm not even halfway through my term ant, so there is a lot of room to figure out what is going to happen. >> jesse: all right, judge, you've seen the landscape over the last 24-48 hours, what is happening? >> i have to tell you, when he said, you can't predict this, even i can't predict this, he cannot predict he was going to win, but look. the blood is in the water. 13% of the people in this country think it is not going in the right direction, first, first of all, i would like to know what they think specifically is going on the right direction, but more than that, i mean, it makes sense, everybody is going to jump out. they know that joe is weak and kamala harris can't do or say anything. gavin newsom, more power to them, it's a democracy, this is america. but i have to tell you, man, the democrats are great at turning things around. man, free speech, banning books, yeah, the books that are being banned are books where they want to talk to a 5-year-old about how they identify and showing
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kids what oral sex is. to me that is banning the right kind of book. so it's going to be a race and a culture war, its not want to be about the facts. it's not going to be about anything other than the democrats saying that republicans are the nazis and they are the freedom fighters when it is the opposite. >> jesse: they can't run on policy accomplishments, so they have to go to the sticky tack other ring things, what does that mean? >> geraldo: you know, kids look different, they have different sexual preferences, there you go, different places, but let me say that i've been thinking about this in the context of something that i truly understand myself. i am an old man, and a jump on my vote and i don't jump as far as i used to, and not as skilled as i once was, and i look at joe biden and i look at donald trump and i say to myself, these guys are over. our generation is over, the baby boomers are over.
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the silent generation is over. it is time for the gavin newsom, ron desantis generation, it is their turn. it is jen i ask is up, it is you guys, now go out there and what good ideas do you have to solve problems. stop whining if you are a democrat and backing up, that's the best thing, his the only democrat who does not feel guilty about being who he is and i like that. i like his style and i like -- i don't like their policy is necessarily here or there, but it is the new generation turn. times have changed. >> jesse: geraldo has passed the torch, katie are you ready to run with it? >> katie: sure, i will take it but i would still like geraldo to be around. so yesterday when i saw gavin newsom parading around outside with his jacket off in front of the west wing, i just started laughing, because i thought it was hilarious. so savage to be in the white house when president biden
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is overseas away from washington and there are ways to go and discreetly, but he made sure that people knew and he walked near the cameras to make sure that everybody knew that he was there. and he is about to kick a joe biden when he is down. he is the most unpopular president in the post-world war ii era, he is in a lot of trouble. he can go anywhere in terms of his agenda. when he says i am only one year into my presidency, that is the point. that's how bad it isn't just one year. and democrats are saying that the type of 2024 is now, telling the magazine that he's probably going to announce either after or before the midterm, republicans are doing the same thing, so 2024 off to the races as soon as midterms are over. and he is getting ready for that. >> jesse: greg, gavin newsom with his blazer off. >> geraldo: looked a little thick in the middle? >> greg: i hate them. it >> jesse: you hate him question marks before he is
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elegant, good-looking, tall, you can't have a president that says other ring. what is with the democrats and the english language? why are they trying to mutilate it? you want to operate on little kids and are doing the same thing to the language. and then gallivan actually visited joe's chief of staff and claimed that they were talking about california issues. that's like walking in on your wife and the tennis instructor in bed and she goes oh, we are just doing post lesson stretches. sorry, buddy. and the reason why they are not talking about kamala harris is for her to run, she has to -- a vp can't outshine her. every vp, it's like trying to find an opening ban for maroon five. every ban is going to make them look terrible, so she is toast and i know i'm not supposed to compare people to breakfast foods, but she is toast. when you watch what is going on right now, there might be a rich
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relative may be in their 80s that gets a slight cough and all of these money-grubbing cousins that show up and they are acting like he is already dead. and waiting for so many to go up to joe and start measuring him for a cough and you know? they are circling him like vultures like he is all lost hiker. >> jesse: do you think he knows? >> greg: we thought he was too old then, maybe the presidency is not important when you have other people pulling the strings. the other good thing as it is nice for young folks to finally have their own jimmy carter. so when we reference jimmy carter and they go who are you talking about, they can say, joe biden. and go oh, that malaise. they have their own jimmy carter now. >> jesse: just be careful when you book tennis lessons for your wife. coming up, america's crime crisis getting so insanely dangerous and liberal cities the big stores are being forced to shut down business. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: planning crime is raging unchecked and through our city is forcing companies to take unprecedented steps to protect their customers on their own workers, starbucks for example now providing baristas with active shooter training as robberies are surging nationwide. the step comes after the forced to close 16 of their stores. now urging all los angeles locations to shut down at night to allow police to invest in a spring of deadly robberies. now being tossed to the curb in l.a. is hyper liberal d.a. george displays the unit that could be releasing their
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attackers, defending his decision to kill the hearing saying "while a victim has a right to be notified, they also have a right not to be contacted." what does that mean, judge? >> judge jeanine: it means he is a fool. >> geraldo: it means to save a couple of dollars is taking way our sacred right. >> judge jeanine: you a tribute to him a good motivation come it's not about saving money, it's about endangering victims as benefiting the criminals. this as they call it in california, every d.a. has it. what you do is to prosecute people, they go to state prison, if they are up for parole, what you do with the prosecutor and i would send my prosecutors out. they go to albany and new york and then they would argue before the parole board as to whether or not that person needs to come out. we would also call the family members who were traumatized by this if the victim is deceased and we end up calling other people to the parole board to know that there are people still
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afraid. now understand, this nonsense. they have a right not to be, he is full of it. the law requires him and that's why they have a right to be notified. you know why we have that wall? because when these dirtbags get out of prison, they come after the family members. they come after the people who have testified against them and they come after the families that were in court every day on behalf of the victims and those victims families are in danger in order of protection is nothing but a piece of paper and is not going to save them. so the lease that we can do is to give them notice that this person is coming out. this man is incapable of running a d.a.'s office, in fact, he should not be allowed at the d.a.'s office. >> geraldo: we will see what happens with the recall, katie, you have starbucks, it's so ironic, the a pit in me of lightness and sweetness and modernity. and now they are teaching you know, shooter training. i mean, how bitterly ironic is that? a >> katie: the fact that they
2:17 pm
have to close all of these stores in the city is just proves that the criminals are running the show. when you have to start leaving a number of locations because it's unsafe for your workers to be there and who suffers most? it's people who are trying to make an honest living by going to work at starbucks. by going to work at the as other stores across the country leaving town. and when one part of the system which is the l.a. case or in the d.c. case and others in san francisco and we see philadelphia, if one part of the system is broken, meaning that the d.a. is not prosecuting, the cops drop and run cleanup because the criminals are running free. i remember being in times square six months ago in the convenient score, the walgreens and these guys just came in and put stuff under their jackets and walked out. and we walked out and there are police there. and if the workers cannot put themselves in a position by stopping them. they don't know if they are armed or the liability, not to mention that others are on the hook for it too assumed he gets hurt or killed in their store,
2:18 pm
they may be liable for its given their deterrent of these neighborhoods to the criminals who are absolutely in control. >> geraldo: it reminds me of the freddie gray that shows the only one as service in the neighborhood on the west side of baltimore. the 7-eleven closing and all of the inner cities, what is happening is that the presidents of the community are being denied and deprived a vital service whether they need milk at 9:00 at night. >> greg: that is the issue with i would say elites and others is that they don't go to 7-eleven and they have their employees handle the starbucks run, so they don't -- this is not something that directly affects them until it does if they continue this way. i will defend gascon, he has a tough job, he has let out so many thugs and scumbags considering the phone bill having to call all of the victims. i mean, that has to take days to do that.
2:19 pm
i know, that's my joke. and about the victims being women, this is another case of the feminist groups, why aren't they speaking up? and then the excuse, the parole notification, he used the word triggering. which again is ironic, but this is another case where they are so obsessed with the b.s. woke jargon words instead of authentic action as if this is -- i'm really worried that me calling you might hurt your feelings coming out, but he is going to come and kill me. so it's like coming were replacing a real concern with a fake concern and you are telling them, you can't handle the truth, we are not going to tell you. this is -- it is crazy. this is a dystopian nightmare. >> judge jeanine: he is lying. oh, go ahead. >> jesse: it's okay. >> greg: i'm not lying! >> geraldo: in terms of starbucks, can you imagine what shooter training what look like, a burst. >> katie: they are just
2:20 pm
teaching them to run away. >> greg: throw hot coffee, and go back at ridgemont high, he stopped. >> jesse: throw them in the face or somewhere else. >> geraldo: meaning? >> jesse: of all people you know what i mean. they usually put it in commercial districts where there is a nice foot traffic and these yuppies can go and plug in their laptops and texts and zoom mom and ask dad for money where people just waste their days and kick up their feet and do what they do. it's like people spend all day there. >> geraldo: it's about the bathrooms. >> jesse: now the bathroom policy got buckled because they opened up to everybody and people started selling drugs and living in the bathrooms. it so they had to back out on that. the fact that starbucks is under assault means that the crime is coming from where crime usually is, places where it is usually
2:21 pm
not. and that's where these very liberal woke people don't want to be disturbed. and we talk about how the democrat party is changing, and if the democrats can't get starbucks without getting stuck up, that is probably the line that they can't cross. >> geraldo: i totally agree except i wonder is it just a coincidence that most of the starbucks that are being closed are the starbucks where there are moves to unionize? because that is a fact of the 16 starbucks closed. >> jesse: was out in the research packet? >> katie: the starbucks in union station is a dangerous place. it's a beautiful place in washington. >> greg: i have not been there, has it gotten bad? >> katie: it's gotten pretty bad. >> judge jeanine: the whole state is pretty bad. >> geraldo: ahead, president biden ditching the tough guy routine as he gears up to big saudi dictators to please produce more oil. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i make it very clear, we were not going to infect sell more weapons to them, we were going to make them pay the price and make them infect the pariah that they are. there's very little social redeeming value in saudi arabia. >> katie: pariah no more, softening his stance on saudi arabia as he heads there tomorrow. instead of ramping up domestic energy production to combat high prices here, he left us no choice but to big saudi dictators for more oil. to the president spending his decision and insisting people bring up human rights. >> what will you say to saudi leaders about the murder and
2:27 pm
other human rights practices? >> my views have been absolutely, positively clear, and i have never been quiet about talking about human rights. i will bring up, i always bring up human rights. >> katie: don't worry, he will reinstate his no handshake policy after appearing to slip up in a brief form with benjamin netanyahu and others. so jesse, has he boxed himself in with his war on domestic energy with no leverage at all? >> jesse: he has, during the cold war actor you provide security to the saudis. so we keep oil prices low and we guaranteed the free flow of oil all over the world and that's basically what won us the cold war. so when that ended we basically pushed the saudis into the hands of the russians.
2:28 pm
with this stupid iran deal, the israeli is paid to the iranians, but obama thought he was so smart and was going to solve the nuclear crisis in iran and it really aggravated the saudis, trump tried to pull them back in the american wing, and then all of a sudden he kills khashoggi, trump says it is not worth destroying american policy over one killing, -- >> geraldo: the 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 are saudis. >> jesse: the same deal of 1945. that country protected -- because they have no army, geraldo. obviously they were involved in 9/11. do you want $10 oil or not? the solution is to deal the united states -- >> geraldo: i don't think that -- >> jesse: we have cheap oil in the united states. if you're going to do that, do that. if you are not, then you have to play the saudi game. and right now we are pushing
2:29 pm
them into the arms of the russians and that's why we have such high oil. >> katie: to your point, don't you think that president joe biden should have embraced production so that we would not have to go? >> geraldo: that's the point it is a sin having domestic oil production? why is he in the position where he has to lick the boots of venezuelans and iranians and saudi us? because he cut up our own supply. we were doing fine. in terms of being the world's largest oil producer. now we are begging for oil. i think it is pathetic. particularly because they never talk to what they did on 9/11, particularly because they have not talked to what they did to khashoggi. and instead they just out laugh, outlasted us and now they are laughing at us. >> greg: coming out rightly say that they were responsibly for 9/11 given that they were from saudi arabia? but you can have 15 american criminals and not to blame it on
2:30 pm
our government. i'm just wondering, i don't know. >> geraldo: i agree with you generally, but that's a lot of people to not have some involvement in state? >> katie: they keep saying they are not going to have joe biden have a handshake with the crown prince or the king, that stupid if you are going to meet with them, why are you trying to cover up the handshake. it seems dumb. >> judge jeanine: it is stupidity in a long line of stupid moves. he should not be there in the first place. he is the one who called him a pariah. he is the one who said general, i am all about human rights when our present and is the one that goes to the united nations and says americans are racists, why don't you give the report and tell us how racist we are,'s so no other countries in the world can say that you admit that you are a racist. joe biden has one obligation, and that is to the people of the united states of america. he should not be out bending me or asking for money or anything else, money, oil, anything, he
2:31 pm
should be opening up the pipelines and drilling here and don't tell me that it's better over there than over here because of green energy. somebody explained to me, because i don't get this, somebody explained to me why we are doing this for cleaner energy? don't we all breathe the same air ultimately? it's clean here, then it's okay, but we should buy the oil over there which is dirty, and we will breathe the dirty air am i stupid? >> katie: there is more going on here than the oil for the iranian agreement, and in the middle east for the abraham accord, and now starting to hear some agreement between israel and the saudis. >> greg: you miss the point, there is no moral superiority to using their oil than ours, because we are being climates conscious. and so that makes us better as we go again praying for oil. but that is the funniest thing as a backdrop to all of this is
2:32 pm
joe flying between saudi arabia and israel, a lot of this is through the abraham accord's, one of the great and very few middle east accomplishments, achievements. basically trump did more in the fear of international relations in four years, and get this, then biden in 40. trump ended wars, perhaps saved lives, biden is starting them in making people crazy all around the globe. and his son too. >> katie: that is true and when it comes to what they have done with energy and the president is going over and trying to meet with the crown prince, not meet the crown prince, saying that they are going to have a handshake, this seems like silly optics given the impact. but moving on, liberal climb into fanatics ramping up their alarmism on global warming, the latest insanity next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: all right, liberal alarmists are at it again. forget about isis and communist china, democrats now say crime change is the largest national security threat facing our nation. >> the bottom line is that the democratic party and the house democratic caucus is the party of national security and the 21st century. we are the party that is dedicated to rule of law to affirming our connection with our allies, to addressing the largest national security threat facing our planet and our country that is climate change which is both a threat multiplier and a threat magnifier. and dedicated to doing this in the right way. >> judge jeanine: all right, the liberal media is wagging their finger at moderate
2:38 pm
democrats refusing to support the radical green agenda. a "washington post" reporter claims that senator joe manchin delaying joe biden's climate change could have permanent and global repercussions. meanwhile climate protesters putting the brakes on tour de france by chaining themselves together and blocking the roadway. officials were forced to physically drag the activists away. now a part of me wants to talk to greg first, but i'm not going to talk to you first, greg. >> greg: what did i do? >> judge jeanine: because i can feel you laughing about them being dragged away. so the person i want to go to is katie. this whole thing about the democrats is a party that is aligned with -- to address the national security threat facing the largest national security threat in our planets, which is to climate change. i'm not even going to ask you about the human law thing, but how is this a national security threat? >> katie: it is an excuse to
2:39 pm
scare people to getting on board with these proposals. if any person in congress could believe that climate change is the largest national security threat to this country should not be in congress, because it is not their job to protect the country, china is the biggest national security threat to this country and the green -- green, it is good and not green, environmentalist agenda which is extreme and bolden's china. it allows us to buy more solar panels from china bloom and china. because we can't build them here due to a lot of our environmental regulations like what you said we are allowed to be morally here and have clean green era, but china has dirty polluted air. this is a national security threat for the country for the left to be pushing this agenda, which is blind because an energy crisis here at home, but also we see it in europe. and most important lien causes a lot of human pain and suffering. when joe biden was in europe two weeks ago and boris johnson, the u.k. prime minister propose that
2:40 pm
as we are seeing the shortage of food and wheat across the world that maybe we should just temporarily turn over some of these biofuel fields that we are using for green proposals to be used for food for human beings, for just a little while, joe biden said no. so they are willing to allow human beings to suffer and starve for the sake of their agenda while at the same time the people pushing these agendas don't live by their own. >> judge jeanine: and he said that we americans, we agreed to suffer and pay higher gas prices too during the ukraine war, because we want democracy over there. >> jesse: i don't know, do we now? gas prices the way that they are. i think at the beginning everybody was like oh, ukraine and now everybody is like what is going on in ukraine? totally forgot. the congressman was weird. it is true, geraldo. this war in ukraine could last five years, seven years, and joe biden is still going to say we have to suffer for ukraine.
2:41 pm
>> greg: may be four months ago and getting a lot of grief. >> jesse: that is very poignant of me. what are they doing now in the streets, are they knifing our tires? that is a lasting want to do. the climate activists. >> judge jeanine: not the ukrainians. >> jesse: if they jabbed into the tanks. that will change. >> judge jeanine: they are unhappy with him. >> geraldo: i have a slightly different take, i do believe that the world is warmth, we can all agree whether it is natural causes or accelerated by man-made activity, i don't know, but i do know that we are facing several existential crises, not the least of which is inflation. it is time to deal with that emergency. it is time -- >> judge jeanine: inflation,
2:42 pm
not global warming. >> geraldo: people have to eat, you don't starve people as a way to reform to save the planet. you don't make people die to reduce the population. so i just think it is a question of priorities and it is, climate change is not the most emergent issue. >> judge jeanine: geraldo speaks finally! the reason i wanted to go to you first, do you remember last time? i can't remember, one of the starbucks where they had their hands on the counter and he made the funny jokes about the fact that, what makes people think that we are going to side with them because they are interrupting the flow of coffee drinkers, and these people chained themselves to the roads or whatever, do you know what the italians do? they throw them off the side. >> greg: we love that. i don't believe that china is the biggest threat to america, i believe america is the biggest threat to america, when you look at geraldo's point, our priorities are so skewed that we are willing to like basically unfree this country, make
2:43 pm
blue-collar workers and blue-collar voters suffer. this is also why democrats are losing the blue-collar vote is because they are championing these abstract issues in a very foolish manner while making the lives of regular people miserable. so it's not just of animalism, but it's also the no drilling, the shutting down of gas stations in california, the banning of gas mowers, the demand to embrace is expensive electric cars that require batteries and gas machines with their little batteries. the legal question i have for you is if you find somebody violating your private stuff, like shaving their tires, can you beat their ass to a pulp? >> judge jeanine: yes, if no one is around. that was a joke. [laughter] put the camera on me, it was a joke. >> greg: make it into a game. >> no, stop, greg. >> greg: we have a free punch rule, we find you we get to
2:44 pm
punch your lights out, then it's kind of fun. >> katie: this is places where people would not do that because of -- >> judge jeanine: what is punching your lights out? >> greg: unconscious. >> judge jeanine: let that go. just what america once, hillary clinton is trying to make yet another comeback. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ age is just a number.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: yeah, that is some real guitar playing. americans clamoring for a clinton comeback are for a real treat. hillary clinton will be launching a new docuseries, whatever that is, for apple tv+, and it is called "gutsy." jerk. the show will follow hillary and her daughter chelsea as they interview their favorite -- >> judge jeanine: why? >> greg: flinging your hands! they are going to interview the left leaning ladies. so now she has a show because she does not have to work anymore, right, judge, they just
2:49 pm
go through the conservative women. >> judge jeanine: i don't know what she is doing, all i know is she sees an opportunity and is jumping into it. she ran for president, tried to run twice, ran once, and lost twice, so why not try a third time? she may lose three times. she think she is entitled to it. she always did. we just coordinate her. they look like thelma and louise. >> greg: you know how that ended. >> judge jeanine: not good. >> greg: geraldo, seems less like a tv show more like like a pity party. royalty for the hollywood left. >> geraldo: absence make in the heart grow fonder, i actually am thinking more positively about the former senator clinton, she accomplished a lot. she came close. i think the bitterness that followed her excruciating loss has painted her in a very highly negative light. the free beacon said something,
2:50 pm
bill clinton is not getting into pot, and it's good for a bill, because the free beacon, he remains married to a scorn, ruthlessly ambitious woman whose lifelong goal was forwarded by a reality television star that did not want to be president. i think that that is cruel. >> greg: yet you quoted it. >> geraldo: i do like chelsea, i wish her the best. >> greg: i hear that bill is endorsing weed, because he likes a cigar, we don't know who? >> jesse: oh! >> greg: can we see that picture again? >> jesse: i love that picture. >> greg: jesse, you can see that smile from a hubble telescope. >> geraldo: the lament >> jesse: what are you saying? >> greg: the name is "gutsy." >> jesse: does not have an exclamation point though.
2:51 pm
>> greg: they knew better. >> jesse: why do they only have to interview women? is that a thing? >> greg: they are sexist. >> jesse: why can't you interview men? >> katie: is lament if this is about gutsy women, maybe they should interview jolene maxwell? >> greg: no, it has to be monica lewinsky. >> geraldo: do you think that they have spoken? >> greg: who? she trashed everyone that bill clinton slept with. >> judge jeanine: she devoted trashing every woman that her husband came across. "one more thing" is up next. . the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for "one more thing," judge jeanine. it's beyond sad news, we found out that ivana trump has passed at the age of 73. she was a skier from czechoslovakia, and escaped communism and came to america to live the american dream. and live the american dream she did. she modeled here in the united states and of course in 1977, she married donald trump in new york city, she was a businesswoman, she was a style icon, she was someone who was the embodiment of her time and helping women and what they could do with the levels of which they would succeed. and would fly with her many times on the jet.
2:57 pm
she had style and was very gracious, she loved her family and loved babies, i remember the last shower and i think it was for the last daughter, she was there and she was so excited. the daughter of eric and laura, she was like babies, we love babies, we want more girls and she was so happy and so full of energy, so full of love. she was a family person, she loved her children and is one of the reasons that those three kids are all superstars of anke and john jr. and eric, they are great kids because of ivana. unfortunately she is survived by her mom in addition to her children and many grandchildren. and she will be missed. but i say it with a great deal of sadness, and she was an incredible woman, she was an
2:58 pm
icon ivana trump, and i know geraldo that you knew her as well. >> geraldo: she was a lot more than a pretty face, and with the sensitivity. and she may hand her dignity coming in here remember the whole thing with the best sex i ever had with marla maples and tabloid story of the year and she stayed above the fray and was cool, she was apparent to those three children, ivanka especially got a lot from her mom with elegance and sophistication and a fit for business. it's a terrible loss, i had no idea she was ill. she died in her apartment on the upper east side. 60 street, cardiac arrest, but your heart always stops, so i don't know what took her. but she will be missed. she was a great lady. >> jesse: beautiful tribute,
2:59 pm
think you guys have very much. greg. >> greg: at 11:00 another great show. i have tyrus, -- unger saigon, and douglas murray are all joining the show, let's do this, okay! greg's turtle and hurry news. sometimes he can be in a hurry. yes to get somewhere. he can roll if you like it, you want to stare at me forever. i don't care. here it is. >> judge jeanine: how do we know that is a turtle? >> greg: he goes through anyways. >> jesse: it's really good, greg. it >> greg: it should've been clipped a different way. anyway. watch my show tonight. >> jesse: okay, we will. there is an old saying that the ban played on it did not happen in ireland, watch as this irish ban is just roaming around and gets a -- something thrown at them and the irish descend upon this poor lad
3:00 pm
and then they pick up something and they throw it through the window of this house as well. i'm not going to make oversimplifications and stereotypes about the irish, it's not what i do. we are all irish, so i can. and watch "jesse watters prime time" the conspiracy theory, don't miss that. "special report" -- >> greg: they are best friends. >> jesse: bill, take it away. >> bill: jesse, thank you. and good evening, i am bill hemmer in lithgow. >> live from new york city, welcome to our program. breaking the grim economic picture worsens, a second hot inflation report in a row. here's the latest, wholesale prices rising 11.3 percent, weekly jobless claims 8 month high reinforcing the fear of recession as the


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