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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm able to pick up jesse jr. just fine. you just have to bend with the knees. cameras not following me. bend with the knees. and that's how you save your back. that's all for tonight. dvr jesse watters prime time, it's in order. watch tucker, that's another water. i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." nobody wants to talk about covid anymore, and that is certainly understandable. this country lost so much in two years. it's depressing to think about it. and the instinct is just to move on, but unfortunately we don't have that luxury, and for two reasons. first, politicians are continuing to use the virus is a pretext to force their agendas on an unwilling and weary population. that's happening still, believe it or not.
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and second and maybe more significantly long term, has got to rescue science from the ideologues who all of a sudden have taken it over. science must be objective. science must be honest. otherwise, everything falls apart. with that in mind, this story. in april last year, researchers at the cdc concluded a month-long study of thousands of health care workers. they included first responders, nurses, physicians buried the point of the study was to assess whether the covid vaccine was working. researchers with the health care workers into two groups, vaccinated and then unvaccinated, and then they watched buried what they found was so significant that the head of the cdc, rochelle walensky, went directly to msnbc to tell the world what researchers have found. and as what she said, this is word for word. "our data from the cdc today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. don't get sick. that's not just in clinical trials, but also in real-world data." now, that turned out not simple to be untrue, but in some sense,
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to be opposite of the truth. in some cases, the vaccinated are more likely to get variants of covid. the death rates around the world for vaccinated are extraordinarily high. but at the time, anyone who had doubts about what rochelle wolinsky said was told to shut up. those who questioned her out loud were kicked off social media. if you kept questioning, you might be fired from your job. doubting rochelle walensky's promises, doubting the biden administration's claims with the covid vaccine was totally acceptable. it was like questioning their views on herd immunity or mandatory masking for children, airline passengers, closing schools. now that we know that virtually everything they said about covid was wrong, however, no one has admitted it, and no one has been punished. no one at the cdc was fired for this. in fact, they were elevated. under joe biden, the people who made these claims, these false claims, have even more power than ever. rochelle walensky is back on
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television. she is demanding the parents force their children as young as six months old to take the covid shot. they are all saying this, tony fauci, joe biden too. watch. >> i know many parents with very young children have been anticipating this day. parents, i strongly encourage you to get your children vaccinated. >> they do get infected and they do pass the infection, so we would hope that family members who are responsible for the children, who realize that and will be enthusiastic about getting their children vaccinated. >> president biden: and finally, covid-19 vaccinations for children over five years of age. finally some peace of mind. >> tucker: amazingly, despite all of their demonstrated failures, all of their documented dishonesty, those three people are still, as of tonight, in charge of this country a posthumous response to covid. it's remarkable if you think about it. so parents thinking about how to treat their own children are in a very tough position. one of the covid shots that they
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are telling you to give your small kids is manufactured by modernity or you might recall that their covert covered vaccine for adults was suspended from use in several countries after researchers found that it caused potentially very dangerous heart inflammation in young people. the other vaccine has been approved for toddlers and united states is made by pfizer. the vaccine for adults has also been linked to heart damage, myocarditis in young people. a lot of parents are wondering, should we give this to our toddler? how do we find the answer? virtually every news show in america seems to be sponsored by pfizer, so clearly turning on television is not going to give you an answer you can trust. you need to find an independent, science-minded researcher or physician whose look at the actual data, and there are very few who have done that and are willing to be honest about it. marty makary of john's hopkins university is one of them. he's just written a remarkable piece and he wrote it with
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epidemiologist -- they found that pfizer and moderna were provided, and we are quoting "extremely we come in conclusive data to justify vaccinating children as young as six months in united states." "using a 3-does vaccine, 992 children between the ages of six months and five years, pfizer found no statistically significant evidence of vaccine efficacy, they wrote. in a subgroup of children ages six months to two years, the trial found that the vaccine could result in a 99% lower chance of infection, but they also have a 370% increased chance of being infected. what does that mean? we have no idea. we don't know how you would know because those data are completely incoherent. they do not present a picture that suggests a path forward. they are inherently confusing. meanwhile, moderna, "claimed a very weak vaccine efficacy of just 4% in ages six months to two years." that is not a statistically significant result either.
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so based on those numbers, apparently those are the underlying numbers, how could the biden demonstration, how could the people who run public health in the united states of america push for the immediate vaccination of children over the ages of six months? we need to assess what exactly these data are and why public health agencies seem to be ignoring them. marty makary, as we told you, is a professor public health at johns hopkins river city, he wrote the piece we just refer to and we are honored to have him on to make your think as much for coming on. thank you from taking a look at the numbers behind us. unless we have just mischaracterized them, they don't sound like basis for recommendation for universal positive vaccination. >> that's exactly right. it wouldn't even get published in a medical journal with peer review, it wouldn't go through the process, it would get rejected. now, doctors everywhere in the world, even in the government, should always be free to speak up about the public health concerns. that is a sacred right that we have to guard.
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right now in the government recently, and this is a trend in the last year, doctors are muzzled. i've talked to many doctors for this piece at nih and cdc who are extremely frustrated. they are smart people. they know that a vaccine efficacy of 4 percent doesn't warrant an authorization. they also know that there's no health emergency right now among kids six months of age. so i learned a lot. if they know the underlying data. they know it's inappropriate. they are not allowed to speak to anyone. if a reporter calls, the commune acacian's office has to approve the conversation, and if they want to ask the scientist whether or not they want to do this, they will say tell us what you're going to tell the reporter and then we will decide whether or not to approve it. at the cdc, a bunch of scientist actually said look, we recognize the insanity of mass testing, trying to chase down every case of the virus in united states. it's ubiquitous now, it's not contained, so they came up with a plan to use sampling data,
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like we do with influenza every year, and to get better numbers from the hospital of those truly in there for covid, not just everybody with incidental covid tests. and that plan was proposed and it was rejected and they say it was rejected by the white house. and over and over in the different agencies, i heard from smart people who were just extremely frustrated that not only are they bypassing the normal scientific process, but they really can't say anything because if they do, they know that their jobs are at risk and will be treated very differently. one person even said is no transparency as to how dr. fauci makes his decisions, he doesn't even consult with the real experts. in other people have said other things, like it's demoralizing. if one person at the fda even who knows the data really well said that they feel they are watching a horror show and they can close their eyes. they are being forced to watch this. if public health wants to restore some credibility and there's good people in public health, they've been sidelined.
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the leaders have to have more humility. less absolutism, more answers like we don't know when that's the right answer. and less paternalism. that's the only way we are going to rebuild trust in the medical profession and in public health. >> tucker: and i think it begins with individual physicians and researchers like you will who act on conscience, speak with integrity, tell the truth regardless. that will restore faith, at least mine. i appreciate your starting that by coming on here. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: appreciate it. going to go to another story that's been brewing tonight. for weeks, as you know, january 6th committee has been holding hearings. they've been widely covered on the other channels, we haven't seen the news value in them. but there is a bit of news to emerge from that story, and we want to get to it now. so the near times has written hundreds and hundreds of articles about january 6th as it happened, describing it as a riot, and insurrection. it's part of its coverage, left
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some are they published a video document or in which the times reported that one man was actually caught on camera planning and insurrection, encouraging a breach of the capital complex. that man's name is ray apps. "the new york times" noted that he was videotaped on both january 5th and january 6th urging protesters to swarm the capital. here it is. >> we need to go in leap to the capital. let's go! i'm probably going to go to jail for it! tomorrow we need to go into the capital! into the capital! >> no! >> spread the word. as soon as the president stopped speaking, we go to the capital. capital is this direction. >> tucker: in a lot of ways, that's the strangest video to emerge from january 6. we've played it several times on the show. "we need to go into the capital
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come into the capital," he tells the crowd. he says it repeatedly. he is so emphatic about it, encouraging other people to commit a crime. the crowd around him the sites must be a federal agent. they began chanting, as you just heard. shortly after the video surfaced the fbi placed him on a list of people wanted for questioning. they released her to the public and you can understand why they did that. according to the justice department, what he did on that video is a federal crime. in fact, the biden administration has charged several people with seditious conspiracy for doing precisely what you just saw ray apps do, urging others to enter the capital complex on january 6. here, for example, is the quote from a doj press release that describes the federal case against five members of the so-called proud boys. a group you're supposed to be terrified of. "on january 6, 2021, the defendants directed, mobilized, and led numbers of the crowd onto the capital grounds and into the capital." again, that's what you just saw ray apps tried to do. here's the difference, others
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who have done that are in prison or facing long term in prison. but no charges have ever been filed against him despite the fact there is no question he did it. that's very strange. it just is. it is strange and we would like an answer to what the heck is going on. we'd asked ray apps on this showed repeatedly to explain why he thinks he has escaped prosecution and we will ask him once again tonight and we will keep asking, we think it is a very obvious and abortive question that gets to the heart of what is this exactly. but it's amazing how little democrats want to hear about this. again, nancy pelosi and liz cheney have spent the last year staging investigation at great expense and then a series of public show trials arresting people in their homes, supposedly designed to discover how and why january 6 happened. but they remain curiously uninterested in the apps case we got what seems like an actual
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insurrectionist on tape but they don't want to talk about it and i definitely don't want you to talk about it or ask any questions. as if to prove that point, "the new york times" just ran a piece explaining that when you ask questions about ray apps, you are committing a moral crime, maybe even helping putin. the piece was entitled "it's just been hell: life as the victim of a january 6th conspiracy theory." so ray epps, the guy telling people to breach the capital, is now in the words of "the new york times," a victim, victim of your unrestrained curiosity. this piece was written by a reporter who has spent years showing openly for the intelligence agency. it may give you some sense of where the story comes from. "the new york times" piece was highly deceptive. for example, the mere time says that he was taped urging people to go to the capital. oh, but that's not what the tape shows. ray epps was doing some thing very different, he was urging people to go into the capital, not to the capital. and there's a big difference
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legally. one is a crime according to the doj and the other is not a crime. that's not all ray epps did. he also told them what they should do once they got inside the capital and this is just minutes before the first breach of the building that day. watch. they go can we go up there? no? >> when we come in -- >> are we going to get arrested >> tucker: leave this here, what does that mean? for some reason the mayor times reported didn't ask ray epps what he meant by that. reporter spent a day talking to epps. it was a daylong conversation according to the story. that question never came up. no meaningful question came up. it's all very strange. "the new york times" is mounting a propaganda campaign on behalf of a self-described trump voter insurrectionist. this is the same paper that cheered ashley babbitt's death, but the same paper is reaping for ray epps -- weeping for ray
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epps because people were mean to him among? it's all most like they're cover something up. very near the end of "the new york times" piece there's a hint, we find this line. "mr. epps also said he regretted sending a text of his nephew well after the violence had erupted in which he discussed how he had helped orchestrate the movements of people who were leaving mr. trump's beach near the white house by pointing them in the direction of the capitol." really? but was in that text? we never heard of that before, and a kind of makes you think the entire "new york times" piece was written to drop that little bomb at the end in the least damaging way. we've never seen that text message before. what exactly did ray epps say to his nephew? have prosecutors reviewed that text? "the new york times" doesn't tell us. nor does "the new york times" tell us whether ray epps' had any contact with any federal agencies in the period before january 6. the core question. but they didn't ask it. why is that? seems like a major omission. but don't ask more questions,
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otherwise ray epps may be killed by mexican drug cartels. mexican drug cartels? what did they have to do with this? we are not sure, but according to the paper there are people have heard "some cartel members talk about killing mr. epps." right, because the drug cartels are committed trump voters and they feel betrayed by ray epps? maybe they are queuing on people too? this is highly strange, and if you're going to spend more than a year looking into january 6 and you ignore this, then it's more than strange. it's an indictment of your motives. one of the reasons this piece was first written, the editor of robber news, which published the first stories about ray epps. i was leaving "new york times" is very worried about his reporting and we are happy to have him join us tonight. darren, thanks so much for coming on. what you make of this? >> well, it's pretty remarkable. i mean let's take all of this in. the one person caught repeatedly
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urging people into the capitol as early as january 5th is the one person of all of the januar. to that "the new york times" just happens to write this ultra sympathetic puff piece for. it's quite remarkable, and to look at the piece itself, as you suggested in your intro, there's some real glaring omissions from a journalistic standpoint to have access to the sky. number one, in the entire piece, there is no blanket explicit denial on the part of epps to have been associated with any intelligence group my dhs, j.t. tf, military intelligence, so forth, just reiterates is very legal denial of being involved with law enforcement. number two, the piece describes epps as of trump supporter. he just went to d.c. to defend
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trump and to attend the speech on a last minute thing with his son to attend the speech on election fraud. the only thing is, epps didn't attend the speech. epps travels all the way from arizona to d.c., this big trump supporter, and he doesn't even attend the speech? instead, he fixates on this bizarre mission to get everyone to go into the capitol? and by the way, just happens to be hanging out right by the initial breach point near the monument on the west side of the capitol before the proud boys even get there? and thirdly, where did ray epps get this idea? this whole piece doesn't explore that question at all. here's the one person calling for everyone to go in. where did you get that idea, ray epps? did it occur 2 out of nowhere? could someone tell you to do it? this piece, shockingly, does not explore that question at all, which is the paramount question that's really the animating --
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the legend animated focus of january 6th committee. this is so dirty. his behavior was so egregious that he was one of the first 20 on the fbi most wanted list, featured as a star in "the new york times"'s own documentary on january 6th, and now he's on arrested, unindicted, he's the only january 6th rioter about whom adam kinzinger has nice things to say and "the new york times" is ready puff pieces about. use the smoking gun of these entire insurrection. >> tucker: and they go crazy when you ask simple questions like what was the role of federal law enforcement or the military in this day, and it's been our experience when they won't answer a question and call you names for asking it, maybe there is something there. i appreciate your pulling this thread relentlessly. darren, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so leading democrats knew that joe biden was literally senile when he ran for president in 2020.
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there's a lot of evidence of that, some detail on that later. but at this point, they are pretending they didn't know and i can't believe how old joe biden is and now they are running away from him. so candidates challengers to joe biden are now emerging and you will never guess who one of them is. the last person who should be running for president, and we will reveal that person's name after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: everyone knows joe biden can't serve a second term, he can't serve this term. he is senile, his family knows that, they've known it since before the 2020 campaign, they told other people they know it, the staff knows it. what you see on tv is absolutely real and if he wasn't doped up he wouldn't be able to speak at all. that's true. and again, everybody knows it. he can't say it out loud, because the second he does it's a lame duck. but in real life there's going to be another democrat on the ticket in 2024. so who's going to be? welcome a california governor gavin newsom be him. can you imagine? is trying to make himself famous outside of his collapsing state before 2024 and that's what he just aired this advertisement in the state of florida. watch. >> let's talk about what's going on in america. freedom is under attack in your
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state. republican leaders are banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california where we still believe in freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate, and the freedom to love. >> tucker: a lot of people are moving from florida and california -- to california. it's hilarious. the left is for free speech it turns out. the whole point of this was to attack ron desantis, who democrats see as a major threat in the coming election. on wednesday, newsom again attacked ron desantis. watch this. >> teachers were under assault because god forbid teachers were homosexual. and somehow, people presupposed that they would be grooming our kids. that was the debate in the 1970s, the press secretary for the governor of one of our
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largest states said people like me that were opposed to -- and i know a lot of people are offended by saying it's not really, really are good don't say bill, but referred to those who opposed it as groomers. >> tucker: this guy. he's just unbelievable. but in the end, gavin newsom is not going to become the democratic nominee because he says mean things about florida. he's going to become the democratic nominee because all about great things he's done in his own state, which he runs. so how has he done there? how has gavin newsom done in the state of california? adam can assess that because he's from california, the author of the new book "everything remind me of something, advice, answers but all apologies." he joins us denigrated adam, thanks for coming on. we just want to go right to an expert on the subject. you live under the reign of gavin newsom, former mayor of simpson cisco, now you're governor. how's he doing? should he be president? >> it's insane that he's talking about freedom.
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the guy shut down churches, he shut down beaches, he shut down outdoor dining, gas is seven bucks a gallon, he shut down schools, he had mask mandates. my kid went to school but had to eat outside. he had to eat lunch outside, even during a rainstorm, because they wouldn't let them into the cafeteria. they arrested a guy who was in the santa monica bay paddle boarding alone because they shut the beaches down. and this dictator is talking about freedom. it's so insane. but kind of a bigger picture, and i think we are on the same page here, tucker. california votes for this guy. now, this guy makes my skin crawl. he's a sociopath, and there is something clearly wrong with him. like i bet cats hate him because they can sense what he is. but there is something about california, it's like nancy pelosi, newsom, adam schiff, these are some of the worst people on the planet.
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what's people -- up with people in california? they are repugnant people! i know they are in your party, but they are horrible people. why are you voting for them? >> tucker: look, i'm not seeing the gavin newsom is actually fidel castro's son, but he does remind me a lot of justin trudeau, is that just me? >> they are both skating by on the same publicist, taylor, and makeup artist, and it is so insane that because -- we are basing our election on hair. it's really -- it's really insane. he's totally incompetent. he came on my podcast like eight years ago, he made the mistake of sitting in with me long form. i absolutely destroy him. if anyone wants a laugh, please check it out on youtube. but the idea that he would be going after ron desantis and talk about freedom is insane. and also the idea that we've
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been arguing over biden, is he going to run again, is he going to run again. i kept going no and they kept going he may run. i go he can barely walk. how is this going to work? >> tucker: that's exec we write. someone should sit down with obama and susan rice and ron klain and the people were actually running the government right now and ask like is this the democracy you talk about? because it's not. adam corolla, thanks so much for coming on. i recommend to anyone who hasn't heard it, your exchange of gavin newsom is unlivable. appreciate it, good to see you. >> thinks, tucker buried >> tucker: so the show has come to iowa for a couple days, giving a speech of the family leadership summit in des moines. lots of people were running for president are swinging through iowa we thought we would assess the field. we're going to stream that tomorrow, go to for access. so here's a pretty amazing story like so many of the really interesting stories completely ignored. grand forks air force base, one
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of the most sensitive military installations in the country, weirdly the chinese government just bought land right next to it. why would the chinese government want land next to a military base in north dakota? we have some thoughts straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: ivana trump, the first wife of donald trump, the mother of his first three children, passed away today in new york city. trace gallagher has that story for us. hey, joyce. >> new york police got a 911 wellness truck and when they arrived at the up reset apartment they found ivana trump unresponsive. police say there are no signs of foul play, but they did reveal that her body was found, quoting here "in close proximately" to the bottom of a staircase. both police and the medical examiner will investigate whether she felt on the stairs. by all accounts she was smart, glamorous, and very influential, not to mention a fixture in both
5:37 pm
new york and national tabloids for decades. today her son eric trump said his mother was, quoting "a world-class athlete, radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend." she was also the mother of ivanka and donald trump jr. and often took full credit for raising what you called great kids. of course ivana trump famously called her ex-husband the donald, and although their 1992 divorce was acrimonious, the two remained very friendly over the years and during donald trump's white house run, ivana said she was both a supporter and an advisor. she died at the age of 73. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher for us tonight. thanks so much for that story. ♪ ♪ the rise of china is the most important story not just of the moment, but of this age. it portends a reshuffling of
5:38 pm
everything, the end of the old assumptions, the beginning of something brand-new and very, very different. nothing is more important than this. so without a mind you should know that china has already purchased more than 200,000 acres of farmland in the united states and likely much more than that. now a chinese company is buying hundreds more acres right next to a sensitive u.s. military base. watch this. >> this is grand forks air force base in north dakota, home of some of the nation's most sensitive technology, including vr q4 global hawk surveillance drone. but in this property sits just about 20 minutes down the road, more than 300 acres of prime farmland. earlier this year, three north dakotans who owned parcels here sold this land for millions of dollars to a subsidiary of a chinese company that says it wants to build a corn milling plant. >> tucker: so would this be allowed in china? could a u.s.
5:39 pm
government-connected company buy land next to a chinese military installation? well, no. the chinese government would just say no, but we have a lot of problems saying no to anything in this country, anything at all. pentagon officials understand if the. jamie foxx wrote a memo in april. "some of the most sensitive elements of grand forks exist with the digital uplinks with unmanned air systems and their interaction with space-based assets. so collecting that data, fox said, "would present national security risk causing grave damage to the united states strategic advantages." but they did it anyway because nobody said no. so what does this mean? gordon chang is the senior fellow, author of the great u.s. china tech war, we are happy to have him join us now. thanks so much for coming on. so is this what it looks like to >> it is certainly what it looks like.
5:40 pm
you know, there's two things here, tucker. first of all, the chinese are is extremely aggressive. but the more important story is that we are letting them do this. we are letting them buy parcel 12 miles from a sensitive military facility where with passive listening equipment they can figure out almost everything we're doing doing with those drones. this just is impossibly stupid. >> tucker: why isn't there any leader in this country who can say no? no, china, you're not allowed to fund harvard, you're not allowed to send us tens of thousands of students every year who might wind up undermining the united states and you are not allowed to buy our natural resources like our farmland. why will no one say that? >> i don't know, tucker, but you know, this is the only similar incident. there's one in texas near locklin air force base were former chinese army officer is buying a big parcel of land, and you know, it really is symptomatic in the united states that we are not stopping this. because there are so many
5:41 pm
problems, not only espionage, but there are so many other problems with regard to chinese purchases of farmland area >> tucker: right. and residential real estate. one of the reason prices rise is because of foreign investment. the chinese are very clever intermediate recalling racism on any pushback against them. they learned that from us and he seemed to be exploiting it fairly effectively. >> they got a lot of help because you have president biden in his first hours in office actually issued an executive order on xenophobia. you know, and that's been a constant theme of the biden administration, so, you know, that is very much supportive of chinese communist propaganda, saying you can't criticize china because it will hurt people like me, chinese americans. this is really wrong, tucker. from a very top to the very bottom, this government of ours is allowing china to run riot not only over american farmland, but as you say, american academic institutions, our companies, you name it. >> tucker: yeah. it's hard to take harvard
5:42 pm
seriously once you realize they are paid for by china. gordon chang, i appreciate all that you've done on this topic, inc. you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so joe biden, to the extent that he actually exists is flying to saudi arabia on friday big salaries for oil but he could be talking about other things since he is going to be in saudi arabia, congressman matt gaetz represents a district were some of his constituents were killed by saudi arabians. maybe biden could bring that up. congressman joins us after the break. ♪ ♪
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: during the campaign, joe biden promised to crush domestic energy production. he's making good on that one promise, he is doing it, but you need fossil fuels to run a civilization. he's discovered that. instead of using american fossil fuels, he's decided to look abroad for oil, and because joe biden is such a fervent gay rights supporter, naturally he's going to saudi arabia. he's going there on friday to beg the saudis for oil. matt gaetz of florida is out with a new op-ed offering joe biden a suggestion for what he might talk about while he's over there. he's calling on the president to
5:48 pm
press the saudis for answers about a mass shooting committed by a saudi flight student that happened in matt gaetz's district and naval air station pensacola in december of 2019. the attack killed three sailors and injured several others. matt gaetz serves in the united states congress, and he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks so much for coming on. so why would the saudi government have something to say about this? >> saudi arabia has been involved in two terrorist attacks on american soil. 9/11, with a provided material support to hijackers and at naval air station pensacola where as you said one of their flight students was not properly vetted, not properly monitored, and then killed three american service members. now joe biden is so intent to kill american energy that he is in turn financially helping the very people that i think are responsible for killing americans. i do not believe that the world's superpower should travel halfway around the globe so that we can bag some ferrari bedouins
5:49 pm
who shoot at our sailors, but we do and the reason we do is because joe biden hates american working class people so much that he would rather have saudis pumped oil and hardworking american men. there have been far too many presidents who have made this oil pilgrimage to saudi arabia, and it is particularly embarrassing and debasing when joe biden does it. >> tucker: especially when it's not necessary, the united states has the right largest recoverable oil reserves in the world, but he won't allow companies to tap them. do you think he will bring up the record on trans rights when he's in saudi arabia. i think that's the most important issue, he has said so many times. >> it seems like joe biden in the mainstream media for that matter seem to be focusing on the things that matter less than what expression. why is it that our government and our media are less concerned about the murder of u.s. sailors at a u.s. military installation on our soil than a foreign national in istanbul who is a
5:50 pm
9/11 apologist and a spokesperson for the muslim brotherhood? it is always foreign reliance rather than american resilience for the biden administration, and if we've learned anything by now, maybe america shouldn't be so reliant on our enemies or those who would do us harm for the stuff we actually need, like oil and food and medicine. i think that's been the lesson of certainly these last couple of years. >> tucker: yeah, that and it's all putin's fault. matt gaetz, i appreciate your coming on with that. i don't think most people even remember that. i didn't. so thanks. >> we do in pensacola, thanks for letting us talk about it. >> tucker: amen. record numbers of illegal aliens are continuing to stream across the united states border, which is effectively open. you are seeing footage on your screen right now of illegals from around the world storming the yuma sector around 2:00 a.m. yuma reports more than a thousand arrests at the border every single day. masters is running for senate in that state in arizona and he's
5:51 pm
promising to end this invasion, which is what it is. >> 250,000 illegals crossed this border every month. this is an invasion. we know what to do. we need to finish trump 'a small buried we need five times more border patrol, and we need technology to lock this border down. if we don't do these things right now, where not going to have a country. >> tucker: blake masters, as we just told you, is running for senate as a republican from the state of arizona. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. republicans in arizona haven't for the last couple cycles talked this way, been this open about what's happening in your state to your border. why are you being as blunt as you are? >> because of the national security issue, tucker. most were republicans are scared because if you speak out about it they come after you. i thought the ad that you just showed was a pretty good at, maybe even a little understated but journalists didn't like it and so they phoned some experts
5:52 pm
and experts said blake masters is encouraging political violence. i'm sorry, what? there's an invasion happening at our southern border. there's literal caravans of hundreds, sometimes thousands of illegal aliens just freely streaming across, but tucker, if you call this out, oh, you must be racist. you're not allowed to notice, you're not allowed to talk about was actually happening. if you disagree with the left they will call you violence, and because you are violent, it sounds like you need to be disarmed the bank and on persons. >> tucker: that's exactly right. point of fact, the polls show that most hispanic voters don't like this anymore than anybody else does. it's appalling. you can't have a country under the circumstances. why do you think journalists are so intent on keeping the borders open, changing a population of the country, making america is volatile and crazy as unchecked immigration always makes any country? why are they for that? >> i don't think they believe in america. i don't think biden believes in america. that's why under joe biden's leadership, the southern border has become a welcome it for the
5:53 pm
cartels. the cartels of the only people who have gotten richer under joe biden. except of course nancy pelosi. tucker, nobody has the right to come to america. that's a privilege. but every american citizen has the right to public order and the situation at the border, it's a pilot program for everything the democrats plan to do to the whole country, right? completely abandon the rule of law and call you crazy if you complain about it. but most people just want the law to be enforced. unfortunately the democrats are the party of lawlessness and intimidation. they will intimidate anyone who dares to speak out. well, we have to speak out, we have to take that power right now. otherwise the democrats will put a gag on your mouth and call it democracy. >> tucker: at some point things start to fall apart, right? people watching this, american citizens, might say if anyone from around the world could just come here, ignore our federal laws and then get rewarded with benefits for, why am i following the law? why am i the last dummy obeying the law? >> exactly. and i think the democrats want it this way.
5:54 pm
they don't care about crime. just look at these crimes that these illegals commit when they come here. just in ohio, a guatemalan illegal alien raped a 10-year-old girl. this is anarchy, this is lawlessness and buy limit democrats don't care. that's criminal. >> tucker: blake masters running for united states senate in arizona, good luck. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ an unthinkable genocide took the lives of six million jews and thousands of jewish survivors
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to more said video tonight of our president abroad. it's depressing but we are going to laugh at it. there he is shaking hands with the air and being led to his seat -- he has no idea where he's going, the him elation. the meds are starting to wear off. we are in iowa giving a speech tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. eastern time. you can see it on fox nation, streamed live. don't know if it will be any good, but it will be there for sure. and we will be back tomorrow night from des moines, iowa.
6:00 pm
the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, capacity, smugness, and groupthink, have the best even with the ones you love, but don't go anywhere. sean hannity takes over right now. >> sean: have a great speech tomorrow in iowa, and held don't i you, welcome to "hannity." warning signs for the economy are flashing brighter than ever. let's pause for a second. all of this is going to impact you, your families, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors. it's that bad. sadly, we are on the verge of not just a recession, not just a downturn, but a full-fledged economic meltdown, all of it caused by the policies of joe biden and the new green deal climate called agenda socialist democrats. we are going to break it down and you and your family need to act accordingly to protect yourselves. biden is failing so much, so fast, so weak, so frail, so decrepit, major democrats appear closer at


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