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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, capacity, smugness, and groupthink, have the best even with the ones you love, but don't go anywhere. sean hannity takes over right now. >> sean: have a great speech tomorrow in iowa, and held don't i you, welcome to "hannity." warning signs for the economy are flashing brighter than ever. let's pause for a second. all of this is going to impact you, your families, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors. it's that bad. sadly, we are on the verge of not just a recession, not just a downturn, but a full-fledged economic meltdown, all of it caused by the policies of joe biden and the new green deal climate called agenda socialist democrats. we are going to break it down and you and your family need to act accordingly to protect yourselves. biden is failing so much, so fast, so weak, so frail, so decrepit, major democrats appear closer at than ever to jumping
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ship. look at your screen, biden earlier today in israel as tucker just showed you, literally appearing to not even know where to sit down here and where do i sit down, what do i do? let me say hello, let me shake the hand of the air. hello, error it's not the first time we see this. and once again appearing totally disoriented -- thank goodness, the israeli prime minister helping him, dazed and confused. these latest struggles come as biden's agenda is imploding here at home because, yes, it was yet another day with another bad, horrific batch of bad economic news for the biden economy. this is on top of yesterday's -- you know, for biden this was his 41 plus year record high inflation, 9.1%. today we learned that wholesale inflation, just the measure of inflation before it gets to you at the retail level, consumers, is surging even more, a whopping
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11.3%. that is nearly the highest number ever. yet another painful reminder of the failures of this far left disastrous, destructive biden economy. frankly, there are signs of even more pain in the days and months ahead, and frankly years ahead. so let's make this perfectly clear so you and your families understand. pretty much everything you are buying is costing you a fortune more because of the reckless number radical policies that joe biden, the climate alarmist called indoctrinated brainwashed into going to like manna from heaven. remember, inflation was 1.4% to be precise when donald trump left the white house. joe biden lied back in december. he said oh, inflation is only transitory, it's only temporary. i think the worst has passed us. look at the graphs. they speak for themselves. put together by "the new york post" -- look at this. and it lays out just how major and massive biden's inflation failures really are.
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you go to the grocery store, that's costing you more. you go to pump up your car with gas, that's costing you more than double what you are paying under trump. you want to take your family out to dinner, good luck. that's costing you more. you want to buy a new car, that's going to cost you a fortune more, probably above msrp because they don't have the parts available. want a used car? that's up dramatically. want to renovate your house? that's costing you more, but when the housing market crashes, and it will crash, you might be able to finally find that contract you've been waiting for. if you want to buy a house, yep, interest rates are way up. it's going to cost you perhaps thousands more every month. and you have interest rates spiking, the fed is now moving closer to a historic 100 basis point increase later this month on top of the .75 basis point increase we had last month. we haven't seen this since jimmy carter, but according to biden, the democrats, we are all supposed to just suck it up, go along with their anti-energy,
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green new deal, economy-killing agenda is the hardworking men women in this country and their families suffer more and more and more. we are all supposed to believe their endless lies and we are supposed to pretend that this was all caused by putin and the pandemic. the pandemic was happening under president trump. we didn't have these problems. we've got cheap oil because it was domestic oil. we were energy independent and a net exporter of energy. joe gave all of that up, so joe blames big oil, blames rich people. now blames this week the republicans, blames donald trump, blames fox news. listen to one white house so-called economic advisor with next to no experience, completely stumble after actually being asked a tough question. believe it or not by fake news cnn. take a look. >> the rate of inflation in the u.s. is higher than canada, france, italy, japan, india, mexico, china. why? >> well, here's a couple of
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things. first off, let's be clear, the bulk of the increases in prices last month were due to energy and food, and most of that was indeed due to energy. and so this is really the result of, you know, the united states and countries everywhere coming out of historic pandemic where we have seen these ongoing challenges with supply chains, these fragile supply chains business is creator of the world that have made it difficult to get products to shelves in the time of this recovery from a pandemic. you add on top of that this unprovoked war that putin has been waging in ukraine and that's why we have seen prices rise. >> sean: she's right about the energy part except she's not telling you the main part. the main part being of course that joe biden, well, he eliminated energy independence. somehow he think it's better to import oil from countries that hate us like russia, iran, saudi arabia, opec, venezuela. many in the mob and the media, you know, they are still in a never ending fight with truth
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and reality, still on a never ending crusade to defend biden at all costs. listen to the ladies at that hard-hitting "abc news" show "the view" letting us know if there's nothing joe can do. yes, there is. drill and frack, but take a look. >> inflation rates just hit a 40 year high and there are calls coming from both sides of the aisle in the media for the biden administration to figure out ways to fix it. so here's my question. what do you want him to do that he's not doing? i mean, i don't -- i don't know. you know, this -- [laughs] i don't know very many folks who could double this many balls in the air at the same time. >> sean: especially not this guy, probably doesn't know if today is thursday. how about this, he can return to the economic and energy policies of donald trump. donald trump achieved energy independence for the first time in 75 years. we were a net exporter of energy, and his clinging to new climate alarmist religious
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cultism caused us all now to pay double what we were paying. everything that's delivered to every store you go to cost more because diesel costs more. joe biden artificially reduced the world's supply of energy. supply and demand crisscross, that dictates the price, and guess what? demand remained constant. the price went dramatically higher. joe biden repeatedly attacking the oil and gas industry, they want the leases back. they want to finish the keystone xl pipeline. they want exploration in and more, all of which joe is prohibiting. joe rolled back a marriage american energy independence and we are all paying the price. joe biden, as he said during the campaign, he would eliminate fossil fuels, look me in the eye, trust me, i will eliminate it, i'll get rid of it. it's joe biden that signed into law the so-called covid relief bill that was not actually for covid, perhaps the most reckless, irresponsible piece of legislation in modern u.s.
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history that fired up and already overheated economy. does the administering have no understanding of inflation at all whatsoever? we learned yesterday from steve moore they have next to zero experience in the business sector and beyond all the biden lies and misdirection's and blame, and all the b.s., the signs of an economic disaster us during all of us right in the face. inflation, 41 year high, energy prices, record highs, and just this week, the imf cut their 2022 growth forecast and warned that avoiding a recession will be "increasingly challenging," meaning not going to happen. that soft landing they talk about, that's not going to happen either. now add to that the cooler consumer spending, weak bank earnings, slumping stocks, rate hike fears, you have a brutal biden economic cocktail and it's only just begun. wait until you see what happens. new home construction is going to stop, sale of existing homes
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will stop. home values will plummet, nobody is going to want to sell their home with a 3%, 30-year mortgage, and moved to another home, and guess what? that's going to impact the economy. wait for the housing market crash, that's going to follow all of this. the man in the white house clearly is not up for the job. we should really have an honest conversation. if he's not up for the job, we really need to consider the 25th amendment. piers morgan is right. and just in case you weren't quite convinced, let's remind you once again. >> the political coverage -- look... some of the political players and some of the -- let me ask a rhetorical question. no, i won't. anyway. >> sean: so finally even "the new york times" recognizes
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wow, sean hannity has been right all time. we were way ahead of the curve, we were telling her during the campaign. let me get a little ahead of the curve again. batman is not mentally fit to be president, and the people around him covering all of this up, they are the worst type of enablers because they are putting the country at greater risk, even the world at a greater risk. here with reaction, author of "here's the deal," kellyanne conway, number one "new york times" best seller, and fox news contributor joe concha. kellyanne, look, i pointed out during the campaign, i got criticized. i don't think there's anybody that has any ounce of intellectual honesty can argue with the fact that he's just not up for the job. it's that simple. will democrats take the bold step and tell him that? >> he's not. well, they fear that than the next person in line for the job isn't up for the job either. her name is kamala harris, and she doesn't do much better at
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the talking thing and he does. >> sean: i agree. she's not up for the job either. >> strongly so. she's not. so there is that fear, by the way. you know it is so fascinating, isn't it, that when the democrats now are coming out of the woodwork and saying somehow a guy who wasn't too old 18 months ago is to all now, and infirm, they stop short of saying get rid of him now, just don't run again in 2024 because they don't say let's just get kamala to step in there. she neither, like him, she also does not inspire confidence or demonstrate competence. look, this is binary. under donald trump, record low poverty. under joe biden, record low approval ratings. under donald trump, we had the highest on a plummet in 50 years. under joe biden, highest inflation, 40 years. why is this important? well, it's important because it was more about the individual personalities or even presidents, it was about policy. and i think we are all being
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seduced into talking too much about joe biden. as fun as it is, i think we should be talking with the democrats, sean. the difference with 15 seats republicans in the fall, the ability to make all the democrats, not just joe biden, own and eat all these terrible policies per you have the these politicians now pretending that she was worried about inflation, she was mourning the biden white house, oh, no, what can we do. it reminds me of the democratic moderates who were upset after the 2020 election saying don't you ever again under the three words defund the police, and was less messy. now they are saying about inflation. these are democratic policy proms, not just biden problems. i want them all gone. >> sean: you know, i look at this, joe concha, and now we are seeing the media two and a half years later and acknowledge obvious that we had. this two points about this. one, and a democrat might replace biden's probably going
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to adopt the same policies and similarly the holden to the climate alarmist called that is the democratic socialist party. so things won't change in that respect. but what about the people -- i mean, to be honest, they all know how bad his condition is and it's probably worse than we even can see. you know, do we not get to the point where it's borderline elder abuse with this guy, forcing him out there and stumbling, stammering, you know, tripping and falling and the wind blew him over, at some point, does anybody care about him enough to say joe, i think it's time you need to hand the reins off to kamala or somebody else? >> one would hope so, sean. but i think when we focus on age, the premise seems to be that when joe biden had his fastball, he had the proper instincts and have the proper perspective and policies to move the country forward. and you ask robert gates for example, who was his defense secretary under obama and biden,
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this is what he said in his book in 2014, that he was wrong about every foreign policy decision throughout his 50 year career, whether it be in the senate or as vice president. remember, this is the guy who told barack obama he should not go into pakistan and get osama bin laden. this is the guy who voted against the first gulf war that even al gore had supported at that point. his instance on foreign policy have been horrible, and when his instinct now, or at least the instinct of his handlers is let's spend trillions more so we can lower inflation, you know, that's not the way it works, but then to the age thing, when he gets up in front of the press on an international stage and again does that whole "they gave me a list of reporters to call in thing," he is done it multiple times as president, at several flavors of stupid in the flick the porch light is on and no one is home. you would think someone sane and sober the white house would pull him aside and say please stop sharing that information because it may look like you are avoiding hard questions and calling on those who only ask
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the cotton candy variety. and obama won reelection but not because his policies and performance were all that great, right? but because he could put together a good speech and get coherent answers. unlike his former vice president is now doing as president, but one more point. kellyanne is exact the right. you can make every democrat that is running in the congress and the senate for a seat or election to joe biden on inflation, on education, on gas prices and on crime and if you do that and you focus on those four issues like a laser, i don't see how too many of them will lose, because democrats don't have a bumper sticker, and they know it, sean. >> sean: quick exit question and prediction for both of you. kellyanne, will joe biden finish his first term? >> yes. he's not going to finish any sentences, but he will finish his first term.
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>> sean: that's too funny. i can't not laugh. joe concha. >> it's like trying to take the keys from your grandfather who is 84 and shouldn't be driving anymore. he's not letting go of those keys. joe biden is not letting go of his presidency. >> sean: if it was my father or mother, i would take the keys and i'd find a way and i would hire a driver, get him an account, whatever need to do. kellyanne conway, thank you, joe concha, thank you. while biden suffers more blunders abroad, ask yourself why is biden so hostile to american oil and gas and domestic production? why has he been so soft on american adversaries like china because he's given them our strategic petroleum reserves and he's giving them a pipeline to vladimir putin. why do we need to ask this question? is the biden family compromised in places where hunter and his associates made millions and millions of dollars, like china, ukraine, russia, and others?
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we have mr. 0-experience doing business all across the globe despite no qualifications, being a, having a proclivity for women of, let's say the night, and he and joe -- guess what, joe biden said over and over again i never talked to hunter one time about my business dealing. well, there he is pictured, guess what, with kazakhstan oligarchs. hunter got money from them. here he and joe pictured with hunter's mexican business partners who hunter excoriated after he gave them all access in the world and wasn't making money from them and joe and hunter were also pictured together, oh, those are executives from burisma, and according to hunter's former business partner, joe was very well aware of what hunter was up to but yet joey continued to lie and continues to claim he never talked to hunter about any of these foreign business dealings. you may recall. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to
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your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. and what i will do is the same thing we did in our administration, i will be an absolute wall between personal and private in the government. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son's overseas -- >> yes, i stand by that statement. >> sean: in recent weeks, a whole other trove of videos reviewing yet another troubling chapter in the life of hunter biden. look at your screen. this video obtained showing hunter filming himself in something called a float while apparently doing drugs. that's not all. more video reported by the daily mail showing hunter also on a train with alleged prostitutes, apparently transferring them across state lines, some of the payments reportedly coming just
6:19 pm
hours after dad wired him the money, but he didn't stop there. yet another video showing hunter appearing to way illicit substance, looks like crack cocaine according to reports, while he was with an alleged prostitute. why is this so important to highlight this behavior? ask yourself, why would rich foreign businessmen want to do business with a guy that had no experience at all whatsoever that was a? why would foreign businessmen want to be associated with someone who had these severe drug problems, personal problems, chaotic life and has no experience, no qualifications whatsoever? is there any other reason other than his last name was biden humic imagine if his last name was trump. any other reason that his dad was the vice president? answer is obvious. also remember joe biden was in the senate, he was one of the biggest crusaders for harsh
6:20 pm
punishments. guess what? for crack cocaine users. joe, does that apply to hunter? here's a quick trip down memory lane. >> if you have a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter that i am holding in my hand, one quarter of $1, we passed a law for the leadership of senator thurmond and myself and others, a law that says you're caught with that, you go to jail for five years. you get no probation, you get nothing other than five years in jail. judge doesn't have a choice. >> sean: almost looks like hunter had what would be 25 years worth of stuff to go to jail, and here's where it gets even more interesting. remember last year we learned that hunter purchased a gun from a licensed firearm dealer back in 2018, wrote on his 4473 form no, he was not a user of any
6:21 pm
illegal substances. looks like hunter lied, and that's illegal. it's also a felony. add to that the incident where haley biden reportedly found hunter's gone in his truck, removed it, tossed it behind a grocery store just a stone's throw away from a high school, forcing the secret service to intervene. again, based on the facts as we know them, that also appears to be illegal. does joe have anything to say about any of this when he talks about uncontrolled? what about the media mob, why are they ignoring this? imagine if it was someone else besides having the last name biden, wouldn't there be severe consequences? what did joe know, when did he know it? here with reaction, fox news contributor charlie hurt, republican congressman jim jordan. jim jordan, if i did it, where would i be? >> you'd be in big trouble. here's the key take away in my mind. it's worse than we thought. we knew about the millions he took about the wife of the mayor of moscow, knew about the millions he got from the grains of oligarchs -- we knew when the
6:22 pm
company was tied to the chinese commonest party, we know about the laptop, we knew it was real two years ago, but now we know that there are 150 suspicious activity reports that the united states treasury had in joe biden's treasury department will not share those with congress, which has been the tradition throughout time, frankly. they will not do that. what are those -- what are those but suspicious -- they are banking transactions that raise concerns, the person that he is having to deal with or the amount of money or the number of transactions, 150 of them has been reported by the press, so that's what we want to see and ranking member on the oversight committee has asked to see that information. >> sean: and they are too busy likely, charlie hurt, let's see, pouring over my tax returns and auditing me yet again. and i pay my taxes. >> oh, yeah. without a doubt. you know, all of these investigations we've seen out of the house so far have been entirely politically motivated,
6:23 pm
which is on two levels terrible. one is that it's a terrible waste of time, but it also undermines the very important work that these committees should be doing in which i think jim jordan will be doing come -- by this time next year, which is to investigate real, real crimes going on with this it administration. normally when you get a trove of this disgusting stuff out of the hunter biden laptop, your concerns about like blackmail targets and things like this. but this is so much farther beyond any of that. there are more smoking guns in this thing than i would think anybody would even have time to investigate all of them. but if you just look at the big places where hunter biden has himself compromised and his father compromised ukraine, china, and mexico, and then you look around at the world stage at all of the hot spots under the biden administration where the biden demonstration has
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given away american interests. it's in ukraine, mexico, and china. do you think it's just a coincidence? i don't. >> sean: okay, answer that question, jim jordan. the north stream pipeline waiver, canceling the keystone pipeline, strategic oil reserves going to china, the price of a gallon of gas has never been higher? with got about 35 seconds. >> i don't know if there's a direct link or not but this is why we have to investigate. but what frustrates me the most as we knew this two years ago and the mainstream press that we are going to hide the story. the followed the template, create the like, big press reports like i'm, big tech amplifies the law and then when we try to tell the truth the call's names and try to cancel us. that's what happened two years ago. we may not have been in this situation if the truth came out then. >> sean: merrick garland, director, where are you guys? thank you both. when we come back, the white house refusing to say if biden will address the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi
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during his trip to saudi arabia as he is sucking up to the crown prince that he called a murderer. is he going to address human rights violations, how they treat women, gays, lesbians? i doubt it, we will explain coming up. we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: so as joe biden's disastrous trip to the middle east is continuing and as he prepares to meet with saudi crown prince in the coming days to bed for oil and get them to sign off on his idiotic iranian deal, the white house has been silent, they won't say whether or not joe will address the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the multitude of other human rights atrocities that occur in saudi arabia. remember, joe blamed all of this, the murder, on the saudi crown prince before promising during the 2020 campaign to make
6:30 pm
the country a "pariah nation." here's your chance, joe, are you going to follow through or is this just another one of those endless broken promises? khashoggi's widow broke her silence in an emotional interview with our very own bill hemmer earlier today, take a look. >> if you could be there, what would you tell nbs >> i would tell him you will regret if you know the truth, and to anyone involved in his crime, they will regret. >> sean: instead of committing to discussing the murder with the saudi crown prince, joe had this to say. >> president biden: i will bring up -- i always bring up human rights. i always bring up human rights, but my position on khashoggi has been so clear. if anyone doesn't understand it in saudi arabia or anywhere else, then they haven't been around for a while. >> sean: so are you going to hold them accountable for the
6:31 pm
murder of khashoggi or not? are you there to bed for oil or not? what about their treatment of gays and lesbians? the treatment of women? some people punished in a number of gruesome ways, in some cases just for being gay. what about their oppressive laws against women who aren't even allowed to drive until 2018 or obtain their own passport until 2019, and it's not just saudi arabia biden is doing business with. he's doubling down on this idiocy of reviving the iranian nuclear deal. iran is the world number one state sponsor of terror. they boast similar oppressive laws against women, gay people, including the death penalty if you are gay. ask yourself where all the radical human rights activists, all the woke people in america that are democrats? how come they are not upset that joe is doing business with these countries? here with reaction, human rights attorney, executive director of the lawfare project, brooke goldstein and fox news
6:32 pm
contributor tammy bruce. tammy, in a way, i guess i'm the one standing up for human rights. i always have. i would want nothing to do with any of these countries. i don't want their money, i don't want there oil. they are hostile regimes that records.ocious human rights >> they do, and you laid it out perfectly. many have noted that the changes, the small changes when it comes to women's rights in the kingdom, were really made for p.r. effect. it is still very difficult in the kingdom. in saudi arabia, homosexuality is dictated by the criminal code, which is dictated by sharia law. and recent executions of homosexuals there as well. it is horrendous, and it's a protected environment in that they want to show something outside to foreign countries while it is still repressive and horribly so internally. but this is more of a story with what you outlined regarding
6:33 pm
joe biden. with biden, everything is transactional. i believe that he meant that about tics, but now look at what he's willing to do in order to keep america weak. he is willing to go to a place that is known to be a horrific abuser of human rights because his priority is to keep his own country as weak as possible. that speaks to the nature of joe biden in a way that i think should shock the conscience of everyone watching this program, no matter who you are. we believe in human rights because we are america. we are not perfect, but when we talk about it, when we learn about, when we care about it, we mean it. with joe biden and the democrats, and perhaps the establishment in general, this is transactional. he now wants something from saudi arabia, venezuela, even russia, china. because it suits his purpose of keeping america in trouble, and that is where we are at right
6:34 pm
now. it's a horrible place, and he's now going to stand next to this horrible dynamic in saudi arabia because it suits him. >> sean: broke, where all the woke leftists in this country? where all the liberal activist, human rights activists in this country? because their silence is deafening and joe is only doing it to appease the climate alarmist religious cult that believes it's okay to import oil, but not produce it domestically. >> you know, you're absolutely right. we are faced now with the situation where the president of the united states has to embarrass himself because of his own policies. he had to do a 180-degree turn where he used to be calling saudi arabia a pariah state saying "they have to pay the price" for being bad, and now he's going over there begging for oil because it is his
6:35 pm
administration that refuses to make america energy independent, and if this dual faced -- two-faced hypocritical natured diplomacy that really pervades what's happening in the middle east. on the one hand, you have our ally israel. he's over there signing jerusalem declarations declaring that we are going to do everything we can to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon, and then at the same time, turning around, pushing for the iran deal, reinstating $200 million worth of funding for the palestinian authority and for hamas, a terrorist group in gaza allowing the pay for program to continue where american taxpayer dollars are going to pay terrorist who murder often americans as well who are in israel, so the hypocrisy is why we are losing face on a daily basis in the middle east, and i think it's really important to add one
6:36 pm
thing. there is such an outrage over what happened with khashoggi, and it's absolutely terrible, but where is the outrage when american citizens are killed by palestinian terrorists and the biden administration does absolutely nothing? continues to allow american taxpayer dollars to fund this terror administration. >> sean: broke, thank you. tammy as well, thank you. straight ahead why is the left continuing to encourage incivility against our own supreme court justices? to any of you have the courage to stand up and condemn these threats? wait until you see what happens when senator elizabeth warren was asked about it. that tape was next. ♪ ♪ if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin
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thanks for the apoquel. ahh, that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. ♪ ♪ the one earlier today are very on hillary vaughn caught up with senator elizabeth warren to ask
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if she would condemn a far left group putting out bounties on the heads of sitting supreme court justices. take a look at elizabeth warren's response, or lack of. >> senator, an activist group is offering to pay people if they send in the locations of justices. do you think that this has gone too far this point? >> sean: hello? waiting -- where is the answer? in fact, we did check and we couldn't find a single democrat that condemned these threats. meanwhile, biden's own transportation secretary mayor pete told fox news earlier this week justices, they should actually expect these protests to happen. so it looks like we're back to the summer of 2020 when the left either refused to acknowledge the 574 violent riots, or they lied and said they were mostly peaceful, or openly encouraged them and helped bail out the rioters like kamala harris. by the way, where's liz cheney and her friends on the generous
6:42 pm
six committee? are they going to condemn this threat against an important branch of our government? are they going to investigate? how about investigate those rights too. here with reaction, the host of the larry elder show for the epic times. larry elder. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. all right, both of you are lawyers worried gregg i will start with you. u.s. code 1507. it is against the law to harass, intimidate not only judges, but jurists and court officers. the language, and it speaks specifically to people's residences and their place of work. the law is very clear. no ambiguity. >> no. it's clear, merrick garland would not enforce the law. when you abandon the rule of law, you invite tierney. look, putting a bounty on the whereabouts of supreme court justices for the purpose of harassment, intimidation, and vile threats, that's truly despicable, sean, and elizabeth warren has been leading the charge for many
6:43 pm
unhinged tirades against the justices, ginning up anger and hatred with incendiary words. a rational person in high office, u.s. senator, for god's sakes, would be acutely aware that words matter. especially after the attempted assassination of justice kavanaugh. but warren continues to jack up the animus, it in so doing as she had others are actually imperiling the safety of those justices. she is so quick to accuse others like donald trump of incitement while she is guilty of it herself, and her refusal today to answer a legitimate question, to condemn the bounties and instead take refuge in a vehicle shows she's nothing but a coward. >> sean: you know, larry, i would never -- we've both been doing shows for decades. the idea of sending activists to people's homes is so reckless and irresponsible, because you
6:44 pm
don't know what people are capable of doing, and you might have a crowd of mostly peaceful people, but then you might have a few bad apples in that crowd too. i in good conscience couldn't do it. but every democrat seems to be okay with this. even the bounty part. >> yeah. it wasn't a trick question great all she had to do was say i condemn it, and she couldn't bring herself to do that. understand there was a new poll that showed the majority of democrats want the supreme court packed so they can start getting the decisions that they want, or they want the judges to be, wait for it, democratically elected. never mind the constitution. they now hate the supreme court almost as much as they hate donald trump. and remember the chair of the january 6th insurrection committee, benny thompson, referred to clarence thomas as an uncle tom and people like elizabeth warren did not say a word. chuck schumer stands outside the supreme court and threatens
6:45 pm
kavanaugh and threatens neil gorsuch. not a word is said. maxine waters tells people to surround member's of donald trump's cabinet and let them know they are not wanted anywhere anymore. as you pointed out, sean, you got four months of mostly peaceful protest in the streets, over two dozen people murdered, 2,000 cops injured, $2 billion in damages, and they didn't say a word. that's how this party rolls, so what is warren supposed to say? now all of a sudden she is supposed to suppress outrage after -- these people want to stay in power, whatever it takes, it doesn't matter. one final thought. harry reid goes on the floor of the senate during the 2012 rates when it appears that mitt romney might beat barack obama and lied, knowingly lies and says mitt romney has not paid taxes in ten years. years later he admitted that he lied, and when he was asked about it, he said, well, they didn't win, did they? whatever it takes. the ends justifies the means. >> sean: sad state of affairs.
6:46 pm
something happens, they will have blood on their hands, and you know what? we already dodged one assassination plot, so you would think they would be less reckless, more responsible, but you know, i guess i ask too much. larry, thank you. gregg, thank you. when we come back, you won't believe what radical soft on crime the l.a. d.a. did this time worried even as crime is surging in his city. we will check in with lawrence jones and leo 2.0 terrell straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: failing l.a. d.a. george gascon has just announced he's disbanding a part of that office that notifies crime victims when the people that hurt them are up for parole. we welcome a concern about crime is already so high in l.a. that
6:51 pm
starbucks is now closing several stores there and 7-eleven locations in the area were recently forced to close because of security concerns after a string of fatal robberies read sadly, the, well, crime wave that is now happening in city after city, you know, has gotten so out of hand -- well, in atlanta it is so bad that the neighborhood in atlanta known as buckhead, they want to succeed and form their own city. by the way, i broadcast four years, i don't blame them. our friends lj, lawrence jones, will have a full report this weekend on his show. that is saturday night at 10:00 p.m. he joins me along with leo 2.0 terrell. you are in los angeles. first let's go to gascon. so here are the people that are victims of crime, they're not going to be notified when they are for parole so they can sneak them out the door and not get any heat for it. >> exactly. let me tell you right now, gascon is facing a recall petition, we are waiting for the
6:52 pm
results but this guy has doubled down. not only has he disbanded this unit preventing parents from being -- victims of being notified, he does not allow lawyers to attend from his office, this guy has allowed the criminals to be in charge of the county. he's not a prosecutor, he's a defense attorney and with all the crime that has gone down in the city come at the starbucks closing, 7-eleven -- 7-eleven never closed, but this is a shooting. this is a terrorized city and county because we have a george soros progressive d.a. >> sean: from '92 to '96 -- lj, i know you weren't born yet -- but i lived four years -- >> i was born '92. >> sean: figures. anyway, i was broadcasting in buckhead at a local radio station there. great city, it's not the same, and never has been the same for a long time. i don't blame them for leaving
6:53 pm
because they're not getting the protection they want, need and deserve. >> this was the breaking point. we've been covering this for a while. a lot of liberals and when you listen to the media, they say the reason we are seeing the surgeon crime is because of the pandemic. that's just simply not true. of course it's added to the problem, but we covered it when i was your correspondent for four years straight. liberal cities in crisis. the number one issues facing these communities was the crime and many people just that it's going to be major cities. we warned people that if you don't get a handle on it, but it was going to spread to the suburbs, so you're seeing it everywhere, and these people are hopeless, they are begging their city leaders to do something about it. when you look at it, even los angeles, gascon is a former police chief. this is a guy that has never prosecuted a case in his life, but again, a lot of these people are bought and paid for by george soros. they are married to their ideology no matter the amount of people that they hurt.
6:54 pm
this is going to hurt more victims, people won't come forward. it's already hard to get people to come forward to begin with, but the moment you start releasing these folks and allowing them to not even notify the victims, we are going to have huge problems on our hands. >> sean: we see this demographic shift. we talk a lot about it, leo. you have more minorities moving away from the democratic party towards the republican party. this issue of law and order and safety and security, choice in schools, if republicans make that promise, i believe that there will be a new american majority and that the republican party will be the party of safety, security, and the party of the working men and women of this country. they can do all of that. if this is an opportunity for them to fix the problems democrats have ignored. >> you're absolutely right. the working class, middle america -- i want to be very clear. democrats have become the party of the elite. they have abandoned the middle
6:55 pm
class and what they have done which is very embarrassing, all of these school choice, safe streets, they assume that minorities don't want that. they want that like every american regardless of color. the democrats are locked up into a progressive agenda to destroy the values of america, civilized liberty and freedom, and that's -- they have abandoned those ideas. >> sean: great point. go ahead. very quick. >> it's very easy for the republican party to win. they got to talk about wealth over poverty. i've traveled around in cities, diners, i'm going to my local barbershops. sean, the barbershops and the diners are both talking about how bad america is and blaming joe biden for the disgrace of america, the demise of america, you know the democrats have a problem. all republican's have to do is focus on the right message. >> sean: we are going to be watching your show sunday night at 10:00. don't miss it right here saturday night on fox. more "hannity" after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: before we go, we learned former president from's ex-wife passed away the age of 73. she was an amazing mom. raise three amazing kids. don jr., eric, ivanka. our thoughts and prayers go out to her, family friends and children. that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. laura is here and ready to go. >> laura: i'm glad you said those words. she was an incredible person, a lovely person. really, really smart and very funny the times i had a chance to meet her. >> sean: they all say that she was tough as nails but she had a hard life background and lived an incredible life. by your fruits, you will know them. kids are phenomenal. >> laura: i had a chance to meet her mom as well. the kids' grandmother and she's