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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 15, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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cross the flooded road? here we go, guy in west virginia took the video. recent storm and here is how it went, smitty. is that a chicken? you bet it is. the neighbors put the chicken on the board and all was well. >> sandra: amazing balance. >> bill: thanks for helping out today. appreciate it. >> sandra: happy to be here. >> see you at 1:00 with john. here is harris on a friday. bye-bye. >> harris: breaking news with the president of the united states in a place that he once promised to make a pariah state. biden is about to meet with the crown prince of saudi arabia and his campaign rhetoric was so tough on the saudis and, of course, now we need their oil, he says. he is arriving in that country. the expectations are high for america to be strong. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". we have seen record breaking
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gas prices under president biden. the peak more than $5 per gallon. it has been a tough run and continues to be for americans. the white house, though, insists that this trip goes far beyond oil. to a host of other national security issues. critics say the real objective of president biden's trip is to try to convince the world's largest exporter of oil to ramp up production to drive down those prices for us. while americans are suffering from high gas prices and crippling inflation, he goes there. i've said he is begging for oil. others call it something else like the white house says they are trying to have energy security, okay. house minority leader kevin mccarthy calling out the president. >> let's be honest. the only reason president biden is going to saudi arabia is to beg for them to produce more oil. he travels all the way to saudi arabia to beg them to go
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against everything he said in the campaign simply because his policies from day one have denied america to be energy independent, to have american jobs and be more environmentally sound. it is unbelievable. >> harris: as we await the president to come off of air force one down the steps that they'll quickly be attaching to the plane, we'll cover that live. peter doocy is live for us also in saudi arabia in jetta, where the president is meeting with saudi leaders later today. peter. >> and harris, we have some news already before the president even gets off the plane. as air force one was approaching our location, officials on board were already lowering expectations for today's meeting with mbs. they're telling us now that they are not going to leave saudi arabia with a deal for the saudis to pump more oil in hopes of lowering gas prices back at home.
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>> i don't think you should expect a particular announcement here bilaterally because we believe any further action taken to insure that there is sufficient energy to protect the health of the global economy will be done in the context of opec. >> something else we don't expect a chance to ask president biden anything about this trip to saudi arabia while we're in saudi arabia. there is no q and a scheduled about the mbs sit-down. just a quick opportunity to take some photos and video. that's it. president biden's strategy seems to be to kill them with kindness and praising saudi leaders profusely for allowing flights to land here to take off from israel for the first time ever. he said in a statement as we mark this important moment saudi arabia's decision with help build momentum toward's israel's further integration into the region including with saudi arabia. i will do all i can through direct diplomacy and leader to
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leader engagement to keep advancing this groundbreaking process. aboard air force one today the national security advisor told reporters president biden plans to raise issues of human rights with the saudis but the president strongly suggested yesterday in israel he is not going to specifically mention the murder of "washington post" jamal khashoggi, which u.s. intel officials have concluded was ordered by mbs. that's even though the president was sensitive enough about the questions surrounding this murder to suggest less than a month ago he wouldn't meet with mbs. >> president biden: i'm not going to meet with mbs. i'm going to an international meeting and he will be part of it just like there were people part of the discussion today. >> but less than a month later that's exactly what is happening and we expect to see the president with his saudi counterparts within an hour or so. harris. >> harris: we expect just seconds from now to see the president get off of air force
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one and as that happens before i let you go, you had such a big piece of news there that ahead of him landing in saudi arabia now, work being done by his team on air force one to tamper down the expectations of the kind of deal that he can get, the relationship. i want to try to better understand your reporting on that point because that meeting is set to happen with the crown prince. >> and they are basically saying, harris, that if there is going to be more oil pumped out of gulf partners, it will happen as a result of opec, not the president coming here. they don't want it to sound like and they are saying it won't be a situation where the president just comes in and asks for more oil to lower prices back at home for a political benefit. they prefer saying this is going to be about energy security globally. >> harris: right. >> and so -- if there is no
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announcement -- we've been hearing the president would make a big announcement here. >> harris: is that still happening? >> we won't get a press conference. they are saying he will say something important but it is not going to be that he came here with americans who are paying too much at the pump in mind and he convinced the leaders of saudi arabia to pump more, flood the market so that prices go down back at home. that's not going to happen. whatever we hear from the president, it is not going to be that. if it is some version of that it won't be until he is long gone back at home. >> harris: all right. i understand what you are saying. there are also national security issues, so on and so forth. other things in addition to that point. that's where the american people are. they are stuck on gas prices. they have come down a bit. they will really have to come
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down a year ago when he first came into office. you already know no press conference. no questions from american media to this president. >> that's right. it is possible somebody who is taking a picture or who is taking video at this meeting in an hour can shout something but it is likely i would say the president would not engage with those questions especially if it is before the meeting. but just on the trip as a whole, this is our second stop. we were in israel with him for the last couple of days. when he was in israel today he said that -- when he was in palestinian standing next to the palestinian president he didn't think it was a good time to restart peace talks. so he comes here, no presidential impact on potential peace negotiations and he is in saudi arabia and saying there is not going to be any kind of a big announcement about lowering gas prices back at home. which has us wondering over the next day and a half before he leaves, what is he going to
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bring home? >> harris: a great question. we'll cover the news as it happens. peter doocy, thank you very much. to tell the nation now the president of the united states has arrived in saudi arabia. you see air force one. we're waiting momentarily for him to be greeted in that country by dignitaries there on the tarmac. so as they move closer we want to make sure we catch this moment. peter doocy laid out so well what isn't going to happen in this trip which already has seen one country, israel, the president meeting with the prime minister there, getting israel's highest award. the presidential award to biden. but also not agreeing on how to contain iran from getting nuclear weapons. it has been an interesting trip. i don't know if you would check that as mission accomplished but as peter just laid out, then you have the president standing side-by-side with the palestinian leader abbas and not wanting to go forward with
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peace talks there. i don't know if you can check that as an accomplishment and learning moments ago that maybe not so much about asking the crown prince of saudi arabia to help out with more production of oil. let opec deal with that and there may not be the public announcing the world was waiting for, particularly the united states. produce more oil as the prices are so high. i want to bring in marc thiessen and to finish that thought, marc, maybe oil is not the checked box foreign accomplishment. your top line thoughts as the president. we'll probably see him within seconds. >> it is like the 1970s all over again. we have record inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and a weak american president going to beg saudi arabia and opec to
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produce more oil. and apparently getting rebuffed on that. but the difference between jimmy carter and joe biden is that when jimmy carter was president america -- he didn't inherit an american that was an energy super power. joe biden inherited from trump that was an energy super power. when jimmy carter was president we were the largest importer. under donald trump we surpassed everyone as the largest exporter of oil in the world. biden has come into office with a climate agenda designed to drive down domestic production and then he is going to saudi arabia and asking them to increase production. i mean, saudi oil and american oil produces the same carbon but apparently he doesn't want to produce it at home. he wants the saudis to produce it and get all the jobs and benefits of that production. >> harris: you said rebuffed. you used .
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are you intimating at all -- i don't want to put words in your mouth and why i want to get the exact meaning of what you intended, is that a possibility in this scenario, that on the plane it was already evident that this wasn't going to happen because of something that they couldn't get done with the crown prince of saudi arabia or did i misunderstand? >> i was reacting to peter doocy's reporting looks like they won't get an agreement to increase saudi production of oil. >> harris: that wouldn't just be our thought of not wanting to mix in politics. the white house has said it doesn't want to make it look like there are politics involved in this. let opec get that job done. >> it's a walk back in order to make it seem it isn't a rebuff. they would love the saudis to produce more oil and the most powerful country in opec. if the saudis agree opec would
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then increase production. >> harris: taking steps out of air force one and being greeted at the tarmac in saudi arabia. he has a full day ahead of him and a lot of work to get done meeting with saudi leaders today. not the least of which will be the head of that country, who is accused of multiple killings including that of ordering the signing off and that of an american columnist jamal khashoggi. and again, this is a president who, as a candidate, said that he would turn this into a pariah state. marc, i want to get your thoughts on exactly what biden was thinking in terms of a foreign policy way to have made that kind of a threat. >> so that's another way in which he is channeling his inner jimmy carter. what is the biggest threat we face in the middle east today? iran. when jimmy carter came to office he tried to make the shaw of iran a pariah and the result was he distanced himself.
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the shaw was a staunch u.s. ally with a horrible human rights record. the alternative to the shah was the ayatollah. islamic revolution took over the country and 40 years later we're paying for that mistake because iran is on the cusp of getting a nuclear weapon and spreading terrorism throughout the middle east. what is the most powerful country in the middle east to serve as a bull work against iran? saudi arabia. he is calling them a pariah and trying to distance america from a country we need to be the bull work against iran. one of the hardest thing ever president has to do. we have to uphold america's values but deal with dictators with terrible human rights records in order to do that and advance our interests. keeping those things in balance is one of the toughest challenges any president has.
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>> harris: this president now -- excuse me, i want to talk to what we're seeing here. the president now is getting ready to go off on the schedule. you saw in the background as he was walking down secretary of state antony blinken. he is not doing this all by himself obviously. he has other cabinet members with him as he goes on these, you know, foreign trips and blinken we saw was there. so in the background, what gets done here? if the public word from the air force one not even pulled into the gate area or tarmac area for the president to be greeted by foreign saudi leaders, if the sauk aboard air force one that becomes public for reporters to know about is resetting of expectations about what he can get done particularly for oil, what's back channeled on this trip? >> also the other big issue is the abraham accords. when president trump left office, he signed not one, or
8:15 am
two but three arab/israeli peace agreement. the first in 25 years and on the cusp of a fourth with saudi arabia. are we going to get a fourth abraham accord out of this trip? there has been no indication that's going to happen. if it did that would be a huge accomplishment but again the problem with the whole pariah strategy with saudi arabia. again, would it be better to call saudi arabia a pariah and have president biden say i won't shake his hand? what will he do when he meets him? give him a fist bump and insult the saudis in that way? or would we be better off working with the saudis and concluding a peace accord with israel with long term implications for the middle east. this feel-good strategy of calling them names and distancing ourselves from it at the expense of real national security interests that the united states has is damaging. >> harris: bottom line. who can we trust now.
8:16 am
you took us back to the 1970s when a president had not inherited the u.s. energy super power status that biden walked into office with that former president trump delivered to him. but who is friendly enough with the united states to help us out with our oil problem? >> this -- not just the oil problem. the national security problem. i ran is a huge national security risk. more than the immediate oil problem. we need two things. we need a president who is able to balance our human rights interests and speeng up for human rights and democracy with our strategic interests which lie in having saudi arabia help us confront iran and deal with these other challenges. then the other -- what president trump did in making american energy a super power the benefit of that we aren't dependent on saudi arabia for oil and now in just a year and a half biden made us dependent
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on saudi arabia again. why would we be begging saudi arabia? we should be increasing domestic production here at home to meet those demands. >> harris: great to have you along. you sat in a very important position and the president george w. bush white house senior staff member and on days like this you can give us the back drop of what's going on, not only on the plane. that's becoming public, but what we can expect here. does he get a win on something that matters? >> it would be great for america if he did. but it doesn't look like it right now. i would love to see us have some progress on an arab/isly peace deal between saudi arabia and israel. that's what the goal should be here. >> harris: thank you. three strikes are not enough for george gascon. how the far left district attorney is now stepping up his fight against california's law on repeat offenders.
8:18 am
the effort to recall him clears a significant hurdle, though. so he may be running out of time to get done whatever it is he is trying to get done with his soft on crime policies. democrats ramping up their pressure now on president biden to do more on abortion. >> the democratic party has shifted. it was not so long ago that the democrats own platform was abortion should be safe, legal and rare. how much that has changed. >> harris: democrats want the president to declare a public health emergency over the u.s. supreme court's decision to reverse roe v. wade. critics say no way. tammy bruce in "focus" next.
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>> the test decisions are her
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own. they don't belong to politicians in washington, d.c., in state capitols or the supreme court of the unite et states. we won't negotiate a woman's right to choose. >> harris: democrats are angry over abortion rights and pressuring the white house more than ever to do something about the supreme court decision to put the power in the hands of the states. democrats are losing, though, again on abortion this week. democrats in the senate failed yesterday to pass a bill to protect the rights of women to travel to different states to get abortion. now senate and house dems are united in pushing the white house to declare the u.s. supreme court's decision on abortion a public health emergency. the biden administration is actually considering that now. in "focus" tammy bruce, fox news contributor, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. all right. in that order, take us forward. so you've got the dems with the legislative loss and now they
8:25 am
want a public health emergency declaration. >> everything has to be an emergency, right? it has to be. then that allows them to do pretty much whatever they want. no public health emergency. americans gained more freedom after the decision. all kinds of states have all kinds of abilities. some states have some draconian laws that women can make the changes. it does not belong with politicians or judges in that regard. it is about the people telling their representatives locally what they want. that's what we have now. so there is no national emergency. women can get birth control and access abortions. it is a matter of whether or not they can do so in their own state and what degree they have to go. >> harris: the legislative loss to go back to that for a moment. technically it's a win for democrats -- a win for republicans. what is happening on the hill? >> in this particular case they want a narrative and always
8:26 am
wanted it that it's a danger. something bad will happen if you don't elect more democrats. they don't want a solution here. that's why it didn't pass. also no one is keeping women from going from one state to another. they are trying to find a way to be relevant and to make it look like they are busy and to have an impact on -- reinforcing this idea that everything has gone bad, you are in danger and we're working hard. none of that is true. women have power locally in their states. these are national politicians trying to look relevant and doing things that are theater and facilitating that drama narrative. >> harris: the democrats' argument it is the economics that may keep women from going state to state. we have the evidence of many corporations jumping on board with each other now to say that their employees will be subsidized or paid for to go get abortions or other treatment.
8:27 am
>> talk about another violation of privacy. not your corporation's business. shareholders might not like that kind of expense of money. what it requires is you telling your employer you need to go do x. that's absurd. what we need once again the democrats don't want to do this. create an economy where women can do as they please because they have the money to do so. they never want to look at that now, do they? >> harris: let's get to this. a lot of controversy brewing and picking up steam involving los angeles's woke district attorney george gascon. he is taking his fight against enforcing california's three strikes law all the way to the state supreme court and last month an appeals court ruled he cannot refuse to charge three-strike cases which can dramatically increase prison sentences for some of the most serious repeat offenders. however, gascon calls the law draconian and says it only increases recidivism rates and he is facing a recall effort.
8:28 am
he could get the boot. >> he could. san francisco certainly did that. americans are sick and tired. california, southern california, los angeles is in a horrible situation now. but he is lying about the three-strikes law. i remember it well. 1994 i was the president of l.a. now at the time. it was important because it was about -- such a small percentage of people committal the crime. it is a tiny percentage and they come out and repeat their crimes. this law brought crime levels down. it made communities more safe. but what it also did is it increased the prison population. partly this is about money that the state doesn't have that it doesn't want to spend. they figure you will be collateral damage. let the people out. the state doesn't have to pay for it but it creates more chaos and tension where law enforcement and government can say you need us because we're living in a reality. >> harris: in areas where they defunded? >> even where they haven't
8:29 am
whether it's beverly hills, the inner city of lfm a. downtown, santa monica is southern california. everyone, there are automobiles, criminals like to travel and do their bad deeds. this is -- hard to believe that people would want to have more death and destruction but the left requires victimhood and chaos and this delivers it. keep it in mind. it is hard to believe this is a thing that this man wants but it is. it is. >> harris: does he want war? that's what we have. we have the crime victims against the criminals who feel bold and entitled because they are being treated that way. that's what we have. i don't know if war will keep him in office. we'll see for gascon. >> local decision, which is great news. >> harris: we come full circle. tammy bruce, good to see you, thank you. warning signs from this week's red hot inflation report. >> beyond all the biden lies and misdirections blame and all the b.s., the signs of economic
8:30 am
disaster are staring all of us right in the face. >> harris: experts are warning democrats will pay a big political price in the mid-term elections after the white house repeatedly down played the inflation crisis. 116 days until november 8th. power panel next.
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8:36 am
>> it wasn't that people were wrong with the facts they had. it is that things happened after that that affected the outcome. so we had not just delta but then omicron and gas prices at $3.31 on january 17th when putin first start evidence doing military exercises in belarus. >> harris: the usual suspects. even "the new york times" says americans aren't buying what the white house is trying to sell. the times headlines republicans seize on inflation fears. power panel. matt schlapp, jason nichols from the university of maryland. great to see you boat. matt, i'll start with you and your top line thoughts. reaction to things you just watched. >> inflation is one of these destructive forces in people's
8:37 am
lives but it is destructive of politicians. it doesn't matter what party you are in, democrats, republicans, whether you are gerald ford or jimmy carter when we had inflation similar to the levels we had today they lost their races because when a politician is seen responsible because of his policies. let's be clear. we have high gas prices, the biggest driver to high gas prices is the fact this administration has a hostility to fossil fuels and part of the green new deals, $5, gallon gas is intentional. when you end the programs on the supply side you'll have huge spikes in prices. add it to all the other spikes in prices food and everything else. voters punish the politicians they see responsible for this. the economic peril we face is self-inflicted by the biden administration and voters know it. >> harris: jason, before i come to you let's look at this. senior democratic official is
8:38 am
telling "the washington examiner" the situation is a political nightmare heading into november and there isn't much the president can do to lower prices and working americans want action, not just words. you see there the president is doing everything that he can. your reaction. >> well, i think first of all we have to acknowledge, as you acknowledged earlier, we're about 116 days away from mid-terms. gas prices are dropping. they've been dropping for 30 days straight. of course, we know inflation will drop along with gas prices. so we need to acknowledge where we are and where we've been for the last month. >> harris: wait, i want to cut in. larry summers isn't saying that, of course he is very high profile in the democratic party. no analyst that i have talked with on this program, no expert, no former members, senior advisors from past white house is have said what you are saying. inflation won't fall with gas prices and we shouldn't tell
8:39 am
people that when it is not there in 2023 it will make everybody who said it look like a liar. i want to stop you there. no one is saying it. jason, take it away. >> people are saying that. >> harris: who is saying it? >> first of all, we know -- i'll get to that in a second but we know that inflation is a global problem. that's another very important point. most of the world's economies are experiencing inflation. turkey is up 78%, argentina 64%. 12% in brazil. canada, germany, italy, you name it. i will agree with what matt was saying. communicating that to voters is difficult. they typically don't want to hear what i call the excuse that it ain't my fault. the only people that accept that from their leaders are maga and qanon voters who are just a cult. >> harris: let me stop you there. matt, he called you a name.
8:40 am
he just said matt and i agree and i want to give you a chance to rebut. >> the ultra-maga, all of this stuff. let's take the labels and throw them to the side and say this. we will only get better as a country as we work together on our serious problems. what joe biden said to congress is the way we'll solve our economic problems is to pass more versions of build back better and do more juicing of the economy. a one-trick pony the democrats know, spend, spend, spend and we have to reduce our spending especially at the federal level to try to combat this inflation beast. when we have combated this inflation levels in the past it took a decade to get out of it. this is a very serious problem. joe biden better start coming up with solutions. solutions aren't spending more and drill baby drill. put the programs online. instead of going to saudi arabia and venezuela and iran
8:41 am
begging for oil and gas it's disgraceful. we have it here. we can do that. >> harris: we'll have to make time to give me a list of people that told you inflation will go down. will democrats step away from president biden in the next 116 days if he stays where he is in the polling and if all of these other things stay the same, even if gas comes down another 30 or 40 cents you won't be back to where you were in january. >> are you asking me a question? >> harris: what are democrats doing? will they step away? how do they do that? >> i think most of these elections are local elections and that's one of the things people are missing out on is that when you run -- i was really shocked with some of the results in georgia. i thought there is no way that jody heights about beat brad
8:42 am
raffensperger. whether joe biden is popular or unpopular i don't think necessarily will be what sways the american voters. they're a lot smarter than the media gives them credit for and pay attention to their communities. that's what people will campaign on and that's what they will win or lose on. >> harris: matt, real quick. >> i appreciate that's the best you got. the nation this nation is unified that the biden administration is causing their families trouble. this is a national election rejecting woke and socialism and the war on fossil fuels. they want it to stop. if the democratic party doesn't reach to something in the center it will be out of power for 20 years. >> harris: last word real quick, jason. >> i appreciate that you appreciate what it is that i'm saying but we'll see. you've seen a lot of elections
8:43 am
that you try to nationalize and they come down to local issues. people are concerned about what is going on in their communities. if their communities are strong. and that's what is going to happen with a lot of these elections. that's why democrats are actually out polling a lot of republicans in some of these statewide elections. particularly in pennsylvania with the governor's race -- the senate race there and in other places in the country. people are concerned about what is going on in their community democrat or republican. >> harris: we'll see. gas prices hit everybody. jason nichol and matt schlapp thank you very much. i will let you gentlemen go and see you next time. we've seen the reports democrats are souring on a thought of a biden/harris ticket in 2024. who should run? who has been measuring the drapes inside the white house? the latest warning from liberal
8:44 am
media. >> republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. >> harris: what has cnn's don lemon so frightened and what he is asking the media now to do. kat timpf in "focus" next. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan
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>> harris: prominent democrats like newsom and pritzker are fueling speculation they may consider running against an incumbent democrat president. biden's poll numbers keep tanking. here is jesse watters. >> those numbers have democrats back at home measuring the drapes outside the oval office. gavin newsom looking comfortable walking around white house grounds while the president is away. >> harris: he called him good hair governor. he does have good hair. here is what some voters told fox news. >> newsom, i think desantis would destroy him. >> like to see someone who
8:50 am
would lose right away. clinton. >> probably bernie sanders. >> i think michelle obama. >> kamala is fine and biden. no chance they would come close to winning again after how it's been going. >> harris: kat timpf co-host of gutfeld and fox news contributors. >> i'm surprised it is taking so long for people to be having this discussion about biden running again or not. because the numbers keep getting lower. yahoo poll. 18% of voters want to see biden run again. i think that the problem is that if not biden, then who is the question. kamala tried to run for president and didn't get any delegates and hasn't become more popular since then and i think gavin newsom is thinking about a run. he is running the anti-florida ads. who runs ads for no reason? >> harris: pritzker the governor of illinois is going
8:51 am
to host a gala this weekend in florida. clearly they are worried about governor desantis because they are focusing ad money on him and their time. they are flying to his state. >> absolutely. all the focus on florida isn't just because florida is florida. it is focusing on ron desantis. people expect him to run. i feel like a lot of voters feel gas lit by the explanation of course biden is running again. why wouldn't he be running again? anyone with eyes and ears can see why people might have questions. >> harris: cnn anchor don lemon says the roe reversal by the supreme court and support for president trump after january 6 the media must hold republicans to a a different standard now than democrats. >> we sit around and talk about these things and want to give this false equivalents to democrats and republicans. that's not where we are right now. republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our
8:52 am
society. we have to acknowledge that. we have to acknowledge that it is americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists. because if we don't we aren't doing our jobs. >> harris: did he call himself a journalist? okay. we don't have time for that. he wants to tell me how to do my job and everybody else. >> absolutely. he also trying to tell everyone to have the ideological consideration. we're out of time with inflation and things with the economy where people are having struggles meeting their basic life needs. also if you just look at cnn in terms as a business, this is more of the same. it doesn't seem to be working and we hear these discussions they are considering turning around a new leaf. apparently they're not. this is what we've seen on the channel since 2015 and 2016. >> harris: one of my questions is do they not know who they are in the american public? no one would ever describe the liberal media as anything other than what they are.
8:53 am
that's some of the expectation of the people who are in the box with them. >> absolutely. i think again saying that he called himself a journalist is very interesting. he is an opinion host, which we have opinion hosts here but they are clearly designated as opinion hosts. if that's what you are that's what you are. he is almost justifying calling himself that with that segment saying listen, i'm calling myself a journalist and the reason i talk this way is because i'm a good person. >> harris: let's move to this. this is one of your key points today. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is refusing to condemn left wing activists offering bounties for realtime information on the location of conservative u.s. supreme court justices. they just overturned roe v. wade and you've seen the protesting against them. you saw the attempted assassination alleged against justice kavanaugh. all of this happening as a back drop. watch what happened when fox business's hillary vaughn
8:54 am
caught up with elizabeth warren. >> senator, an activity group is offering to pay people if they send in the locations of justices. do you think this has gone too far at this point? >> to me that's the softball question. i think it is. the term bounty involved there. that should be a softball question. not like some complicated discussion of geo politics. i think it really shows that now to be on the side to be against the policies of the other side you aren't allowed to view anyone on the other side with basic humanity or you are traitor to your own party. i don't think it should be hard to condemn. i really don't. >> harris: you connect this how with what we just saw coming out of cnn. >> the same thing. not treating the other side with humanity and it is some kind of vir true to not see humanity in your fellow man
8:55 am
just because you disagree with the best way to help people. there is a misconception that maybe republicans don't care about people. republicans might have a different method for how to help people or what the role of the government should be. the way that things are now are you not allowed to look at it that way. us versus them, good and evil which is how we get crazy things like we saw on cnn and refusal to ask a simple, basic question. >> harris: "outnumbered" is next. - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your
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