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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. ♪ ♪ >> harris: you were watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner. here with dagen mcdowell, lara trump, dr. nicole saphier, and jimmy failla. >> jimmy: hey, hey, hey. >> harris: the luckiest man in america hanging with -- i mean, you got to freddie hang with us. >> jimmy: it is great to be here. this is a really big deal.
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>> harris: she is a doctor and we have time to find out. [laughter] okay come americans are getting crushed as inflation hits its highest level in 40 years. now, they are turning to a last resort. long lines are back at food banks around the nation. in these images are so importunate. working americans finding it harder and harder to see their families now relying on handouts for the very first time. food banks are struggling to keep up with soaring demand, especially since federal programs are giving less food to distribute. and with the price of gasoline nationwide surging to $5 in june, it is harder than ever to make ends meet. it's come down a little bit smooth but the pressure point on our pocketbooks is high. and local charities come as you can see the largest food bank in houston is now handing out 600,000 pounds of food every day, that is up from 50,500,000.
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before we get lara trump's thoughts on all of this come i want to pause the show for a moment to tell you how you are loved here on "outnumbered," especially by me. i'm so sorry for the loss in your family. i know ivana trump died and the former president made the announcement of his ex-wife. i wanted to give you a moment to speak. >> lara: thank you so much. i'm happy to be here. it is my first time on "outnumbered." my mother-in-law would tell me to be here today. she was a hard worker and believed in hard work and the value she instilled in her children, and her siblings, it is a tough time for us for sure. i tell you, she raised three incredible children. i am lucky to be married to one of them. thank you for recognizing her today. >> harris: absolutely, absolutely, we want to get your thoughts on what's happening. because i know in your family and in politics in the last few years leading up to this point was not what was supposed to
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happen. >> lara: clearly, things would be different. i think if we had different leadership. in this country, they know why this is happening. it has been a perfect storm. you had joe biden saying america is no longer energy and dependent. we no longer will produce oil at the same rate that we use to. now, the president's right now over in saudi arabia trying to get help to bring down the cost of fuel. when the fuel cost goes up dumping trillions of dollars into an economy like we have seen the government do, the democrats do, it is a recipe for disaster. that is how we ended up here, 9.1% inflation and americans cannot sustain this. americans are paying $500 more the average family. people can't deal with it. we are talking about people who never had to go to food banks going to food banks. a lot of them feel ashamed to do so. they don't know if this is the right move. but it is a terrible time in
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america. and it is super frustrating. >> harris: dagen, one of the things i don't understand is the messaging from the president. peter doocy reported last hour that on air force one, the expectations for what the president can get about the very things we were talking about in terms of, you know, give us hope, produce more oil and bring down the prices. that is not the expectation we should have out of this meeting with the president. >> dagen: remember the biden administration led by jake sullivan almost a year ago, last august, sent a letter to opec plus begging them to start producing the oil. so a year ago. right now, so he's taking a trip overseas to do the same thing. we are still producing a million barrels a day less then before the pandemic because of the attack on our industry, which a lot of bit you can't see in terms of regulation behind the scenes. opec plus, they can take their
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time. saudi arabia united air minutes, 4,000 barrels a day, but they have been producing as a group c group about 2 million barrels less a day. so for american family roots right now. >> harris: you saw the struggle. what is next? >> dagen: struggle because the biden administration and the federal reserve new inflation was getting harder and harder and harder and they did nothing to stop it. never forget biden and company tried to pass $5 trillion spending plan a year ago. can you imagine where inflation would be right now? it would be in the double digits with inflation. really quickly, if you look at the annual price of goods, the necessities that americans buy over the last two months, it is actually running 32% according to kevin. the only way out of this is a
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recession caused by the federal reserve. so pain becomes a different -- >> harris: they seem ready to give us that pain as they are threatening 44.5% basis point of raising the feds. jimmy failla, you always lift our moods. i was on the radio with you this weekend you were keeping everything serious. you have your bill clinton pain going. >> jimmy: it's only bill clinton i can have winds around the with women like this. >> look how everyone was dressed today. >> jimmy: a whole new show. it is true, it is a dire time the country. the only thing higher and inflation is those that think biden is doing a good job. you know, i mean it. i have so much empathy for the food pantry story. i am obviously not missing meals, look at me periods be when you look good. >> jimmy: if they show doesn't work out i have a gig for a model so i'm not worried. stick with me, stick with me.
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people really are struggling to eat what it brings in mind my thought process back, a month ago biden was trying to pass the buck which is $1.47 because of him inflation, he had that video clip trying to make it about ultra maga and how quickly we forget that people were lined up at food pantries because they couldn't get food at the start of the pandemic and what if the maga crowd, they are not in charge and the food pantry lines are a hell of a lot longer now. so we benefit from a change of leadership i assume you might have meant combat at this point. >> literally anyone at this point. if you had led a nomadic life the whole situation alone, think a much better we would be. >> harris: when you hear intense food insecurity going on in america coming out of a pandemic with a lot that goes undiagnosed. these are becoming more physical things at the doctor's office that i think you would be
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hearing. >> nicole: here is, how out of touch the white house is with the american people that they find them ignorant pair of the strongest economy in history right now, just like expect spring to come after every winter, you will see some growth after recession. it is really easy to say you are having a banner crop here when you took over administration in the winter with zero crops. 17 million children who are hungry right now and that is 6 million more than before the pandemic. yes, we had record unemployment and record financial instability during and because of the pandemic, but there is not been a focus on making sure people come out of that and children out of school, more children hungry than ever before, out of touch with the american people into continued to say they are doing a great job is sad to know because people are struggling and suffering because of their lack of action on all of this. >> dagen: can i add one thing on that note? "wall street journal" the baby food shortage has worsened.
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the availability of formula in the united states early july dropped to the lowest level so far this year. so the biden administration is not fixed that at all. >> harris: they don't even talk about it. the number one producer abbott industries off-line quite some time because of the fda and aptitude to get things moving again. but once i got back online, they suffered so they just came back online last week. we will take weeks longer, well met, i have not seen that update. coming up former president donald trump revealing a new interview that he's already decided about a 2024 white house run. lara trump is here. i can't wait to get to it next. ♪ ♪ that's me. the newday 100 loan lets you take out an average of $60,000. that's me.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: new video fox news no. president biden in saudi arabia meeting with the crown prince president mahmoud abbas and watch, fist bump greeting. can we look at it again? remember who this is, the world watching at the moment having some disbelief now. after president biden said, "this about the 2018 murder of an american jamal khashoggi during a presidential debate. >> jamal khashoggi was in fact murdered and dismembered and i believe ordered from the crown prince. i will make it clear, we will not come in fact, so more weapons to them. we will in fact make them pay and make them the prior that they are. there is very little social redeeming value in the president government in saudi arabia. they have to be held accountable. >> harris: all right, let's
9:15 am
watch it again real quickly if we can so we can see what the world saw. look, he did this when he was visiting with the prime minister and israel too, and they shook hands. that relationship is very different than this one. your thoughts, lara. >> lara: a fist bump is something you do with like a borough. it's like a relief -- you know, it conveys the idea that you are very friendly. it is a jovial thing. obviously, this is a serious situation on a lot of fronts. it is so critical, obviously, to see joe biden fist pumping this guy who he claims, you know, saudi arabia pariah that he was going to hold him accountable, in fact, in fact, you are not. this is so embarrassing, i feel like for america on a lot of ways. >> harris: watch out for the diamonds. >> jimmy: good to see you. as a silver lining guy, it's
9:16 am
nice to see i'm shaking hands with someone who is actually there. these videos where we get the invisible man, but what they see as weakness. they are a pariah and they will pay. fist bump. that is the follow-up to that? that is why i'm telling you, the best job to have them at the best job of selling liquor to the white house press team. you know how hard they were drinking right now question work they didn't want this. this guy was coached. this guy was coach to go into this and be very careful about nbs because it is so controversial to meet with him to begin with. >> harris: let's talk about optics and they can and i the play-by-play and expectations the oil talk looks like and i get that but that is literally less than an hour ago, right? that is on the heels of this happening and the total relationship that biden said he was going to have exchanging. do we need saudi that much? >> dagen: this is a tricky situation.
9:17 am
when you have president biden going to saudi arabia, by the way he had to go home for a few days to rest because he couldn't be at a european trip because too much traveling for him. so he is restful and here he is, but you also have former president trump in the last couple of weeks talking to the oil drilling and talk how we can increase production in the united states. as i mentioned on the first block, the white house has little out of touch with the americans need and want right now. i will say with a fist bump, not to harp on this, but we saw him fist bump right there but what we also saw when he came off of air force one on the beautifully laid out purple carpet, he actually shook hands with people there. but for this one, fist bumped. if we stay consistent in our messaging, it will have a stronger message if he's going into a very important and serious talks. again, we will make these people a pariah and this is how you act, he needs to address why this is happening and not in that op-ed, obviously not written by him. >> jimmy: okay come up and
9:18 am
specifically pertains to the fist bump in the democratic par, the most noteworthy headlines of the obama presidency and speak english and try something new was at the convention when he fist mom to michelle. look at the level of affection come with a fist mount, tates. now we are fist pumping pariah guy on the world stage. >> dagen: wasn't that for covid, wasn't that the whole point of it? >> harris: you are right, they didn't want him touching anybody. dr. saphier, help us out here. >> nicole: by the way, you shouldn't stick your fingers in your mouth after shaking hands. we are not not shaking hands anymore because of covid because transmission is not the way. buddies shaking some people's hands and fist pumping out there so maintain messaging would mak. >> harris: what is the messaging dagen mcdowell, does the fist pump to get real? >> dagen: right now it doesn't. saudi arabia i apologize for
9:19 am
going into the weeds, but i'm a nerd and this is what i do. >> harris: we love that. >> dagen: this is what i do. we can talk about oil production capacity all day long. saudi arabia has already decided production levels for this month and august. they've got a meeting with opec. that that which opec plus, russia's part of it. they will get to gather and decide how much they will pump their quota. this meeting was moved up to this time because the white house is trying to avoid a bigger trip where sleepy joe biden was not going to do well cognitively or energetically if he did a longer trip. the point is is that if this administration cared about climate change, global warming, it doesn't matter where a barrel of oil is produced. a barrel here actually has produced more energy efficiently and more gentle on the climate
9:20 am
and overseas. i know why you don't shake hands. if your hands are clammy and nervous, you don't want the other one to know that you are shaking it. >> harris: oh, my goodness! there is a lot in there. okay, more "outnumbered" a moment.
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: perhaps the strongest signal get donald trump running for the white house. the president told a magazine in an interview, "i've already made that decision so nothing factors in anymore. my big decision will be whether i go before or after. referring to the midterm elections. as we wait to hear president trump's big decision, president biden's job approval is taking another hit falling to a new low of 36% in a new cnbc poll. last week new york cnn poll
9:25 am
shows he's losing support from his own party. 64% of democratic primary voters would refer the party nominate somebody else for the 2024 election, and some democrats appear to smell blood in the water. vice president kamala harris, california governor gavin newsom and even illinois governor j.b. pritzker speculation about the 2024 democratic ticket making visits to florida and the nation's capital. lara? >> jimmy: let's go to lara for no reason whatsoever in particular. >> lara: i don't know why you would come to me. well, i won't tell you what decision has been reached or when any announcement will be made. but what i can tell you, americans really miss president donald trump because obviously things were working a lot better when he was running the show. and americans feel it every single day. we talked on the first block about inflation and how that
9:26 am
that has been for people. the interesting thing about all of this to me is everyone knows there is no chance joe biden is running for the democrats 2024. but when asked, people like gavin newsom say he says he's got subzero interest. to me, there is so much dyslexia that they have depleted this name, if i'm not going to run commit is like in middle school when you have a crush on someone and someone ask you about that person and you say, "no." so obvious these people would try to run and they can't wait for joe biden to say it's not going to be me. >> dagen: harris j.b. pritzker in new york warning that ad in florida. they are getting out. >> harris: they have both been at the white house recently. how do you tell the incumbents that you want to take a job?
9:27 am
but what is it about florida? because j.b. pritzker is going back down there for gala and democrat voters down there this weekend. and they see the trumpets in florida, desantis is in order if whoever it is going to be its coming from florida. remember florida's place, dr. saphier in the height of the pandemic and how different they were from the rest of the country. the different decisions that were made and now out the red state economy is coming so much faster. i would imagine they would want to go down there and talk to republican voters to say what we will say to the other half of the country. >> nicole: a little nod so it's my turn. here is this completely right, you have desantis putting ads up in florida right now. are you kidding me? he has failed what he's done in california particularly to the pandemic. you had it 660,000 people leave
9:28 am
california. it was the great exit from red state, texas, florida. florida had 330,000 people come to florida and governor gavin newsom shut down businesses and schools, massive homeless and drug use in california. they want to bring that to florida? why does he think people want to california on a national level? the fact that more people need california than any other state to tell us people do not want him as leadership. they need to actually look towards the red state to see how they handle things because they are doing much better. >> i thought they put out gavin newsom ad because it was so ridiculous, but he was trying to claim there is more freedom in california and florida. >> dagen: we were both in california recently. i got spit on in the face in santa monica. >> jimmy: i apologize for that, to be clear. we went seriously.
9:29 am
>> dagen: i said to a close friend who is a democrat who lives out there, you know, gavin newsom is thinking about running for the nomination. and they went, "oh, my word, does the rest of the country want to be california, say no." >> jimmy: venice, me, jenny and lincoln got shot at by a stink bomb upon the boardwalk. powell, pow, pow, killed you. this is sad. they created a sad situation in such a compromise and all of these that is taking place in all the states around the country specifically. the way newsom is not that he can win or do the job -- >> harris: is that the hair? >> jimmy: you hear david axelrod saying it's time for newsom, that is obama saying it's time for newsom. the top strategists innocently obama behind the scene saying the democratic party, we have to go a different direction.
9:30 am
the one person you can never rule out, the people's pantsuit hillary clinton is never going to be done running. she will be coming out with her daughter. when watching -- everyone what watching at home, she is obsessed with the president so much so, if you remember eight months ago, she read the speech that she would have given if she won -- that is exact level stalker stuff, your ex and reading the wedding fails you would have read had you got married that day. run for your life! runaway! >> lara: it also makes me think -- >> dagen: it looks like she wore hot rollers that one. you know she's running. >> harris: [laughter] >> dagen: the left is okay with harassing supreme court justices at their home in public. but not for aoc. why some are saying or complaining about a heckler is hypocritical. ♪ ♪
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anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today. ♪ ♪ >> dagen: protesting and arresting supreme court justices at home or a restaurant okay. but protesting elected officials on the state capital with humor is not. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez being accused of hypocrisy for complaining about this, watch. >> aoc, my favorite big booty latino, i love you, you are my favorite. she likes to kill babies, but she's beautiful. you look very beautiful and that dressed, very sexy. look at that booty on my favorite latino.
9:36 am
aoc, nice to meet you. look how sexy she looks in that dress, i love it, aoc. hot legs! >> dagen: aoc took to media and the incident come i was actually walking over to deck him because no one will protect us, then i will do it myself, bt i need to catch a vote more than a case today. but the squad member sang a different tune when it came to the very public harassment of justice kavanaugh at a washington state capitol. she tweeted this, "poor guy, he left before his souffle because he decided half the country should risk death if they have an epic topic pregnancy along the state lines. it is unfair to him but the least he can do is let him eat cake." jimmy failla, he was a target of an assassination but what say you? >> jimmy: clearly a double
9:37 am
standard here and speaking of a big booty latino myself, aoc, ridiculous but i want to make it clear i'm not condoning what the kid said because it was trashy number one but number two, there are multiple reasons not to do that. you don't want to communicate that is okay and a lot of people forget they met on the dating app but stick with me. there is clearly a double standard when it comes to harassment in the democratic party. we know that to be the case. but the bigger frustration and i think the doc will comment on this, she is also weaponizing this rage against scotus justice based on a lie. the pregnancy thing is a lie. there is no where in the country with a topic pregnancy because the doctor explained on my show if it were to go to terms the we are exceptions. the ballpark here? >> nicole: jimmy, that is what is going on. she is upset when someone is being inappropriate, you have to admit that to her and she says she wants to deck him.
9:38 am
and she is a listing people's emotions and fear, particularly pretending talking about abortions and we can talk about this all day long. she has doubled down in the sense if you have an epic topic pregnancy, which is highly fatal to the mother, very high risk and no state at this points says he will not have access to treatment for the pregnancy for the risk as to the mother. but what she does is fear, panic and this is what incites the violence. and justice kavanaugh, that is not okay. there cannot be a doubled standard. everyone should be against violence. i will -- again, she is promoting violence. >> harris: for their own political gain. want to watch this elizabeth warren video. >> senator and activist group to pay people if they send him the location of justices. do you think this has gone too
9:39 am
far at this point? >> harris: well done, hillary vaughn. really, again, you can't -- the woman, all of her ilk that she can't say that is wrong? i mean, that is the most shocking part. they can acknowledge so many on the left when something is so clearly wrong. >> lara: like this! but i think the whole goal here is they want openly for there to be so much pressure and harassment of the supreme court justice that the next time there was a controversial decision they have to make, they want them to stop and think twice about it. that goal she has a mind warrants all of this behavior. it warrants her acting supreme court justices out at dinner. head, someone takes an assassination attempt on your life we have to do what we have to do because they don't want them to make a wrong decision. but again, by the supreme court.
9:40 am
>> dagen: listening to alexandria ocasio cortez come i call it a symmetrical anger or lopsided anger where they get angry about things that affect them in a small way, but there is nothing that impacts the life or the health of the safety of another person and even a bigger way. >> harris: they do all of that. who want this couch, who, anybody, anybody, doesn't believe that she could access taxpayer dollars to give her social security, anybody, show of hands? all of the congresspeople that do that, people on the hill who do that and for a legitimate reason at times when there are legitimate threads, we understand she can get protection. by the way, i watched her clip on twitter, she's talking to the camera and she's all upset. she is saying, "the capitol police couldn't do anything for me." you know why, it was not illegal, it was free speech. that is where they couldn't do
9:41 am
anything for you. it's a queen come absolutely but they did not geo-locate her like what is happening now for the conservative members of our u.s. supreme court. they are being geo-located for cash, some $250 if you can tell us where that justices and 30 minutes later, if they are still there so that activist can get there. the cash will flow then mocha my believe is how they will pay you that cash. >> we know where the people who work for the capital but access to good resources. but this goes back to the idea that she's more special than the rest. we are all special and deserve to be protected. people in chicago on pet neighborhoods do not deserve to have people there and to have protection, lower shooting range. i could talk forever about this but we can't. >> dagen: i'm surprised she doesn't have self-awareness for someone who clearly stares in the mirror all the time.
9:42 am
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>> president biden meeting with the saudi crown prince after he wasn't going to go to saudi arabia to meet mohammed bin salman. senator tom cotton is here and we will hear from the 9/11 victim who wants biden to push for more on saudi arabia involved in 9/11. mollie hemingway on thoughts for the democrat nominee can be in 2024 and brian kilmeade the hardest working man on television on joe biden's work week. i am john roberts and i will see at the top of the hour for "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> harris: i thought it was
9:47 am
chick, chick boom. we are bringing the toys next. it is time for "in case you missed it." law and order store chris maloney is not afraid -- i'm not saying that. i will not say it from the teleprompter. all right, 61 years old, previously revealed he likes to exercise in the while in the comfort of his own home. now he's doing it in front of a camera, can't keep that stuff quiet, i guess it is for a new ad. >> apparently, some people think the way i work out his strange. honestly, i don't get it. me come i don't think using the peloton app at all is strange. sure, amazing equipment and gets me motivated to do lots of different workouts like yoga. >> harris: strategically censored maloney can be seen
9:48 am
doing naked cardio, you saw it naked yoga and even naked weight lifting. like i had to tell everybody what they were looking at in case they turned away. they didn't. [laughter] >> jimmy: first and foremost, it is nice to see somebody naked on the internet besides hunter biden. this guy is in shape and doesn't have a crack pipe in his hand and i've seen enough of those naked photos this week. >> harris: what do you do in your free time? >> jimmy: is a long story, never use a laptop of hunter biden, stick with me. alyssa don't make laugh at this whole peloton and remember the outrage that guy bought his wife a peloton for christmas? what is the encouragement here, get me to the gym? i don't know if it works. the three i think it did work because the peloton app is down right now. so if chris maloney and his nest motivated people. >> dagen: soft and chic on in one of those shots. he keeps his feet from sweating too much and his toe safe but the rest of it was whatever.
9:49 am
i have watch the ad way too much already, probably will get a call from a jar like, "what is going on?" [laughter] be when it is genius and ryan reynolds his agency is behind this. if you walk around my neighborhood you might see chris maloney with clothing on filming "law & order." you never know. >> harris: that is interesting, okay speaking of working out healthy living may not be what it's cracked up to be a new poll finds americans following a healthy lifestyle is making them miserable. they were probably hungry. and he say they have been forced to give up things they love to maintain their health. if you 9% say they wish they didn't have to. dr. saphier, they are whiny? >> nicole: i have three children and i can attest to that. you know what the problem is question marks people think they have to follow strict diet to be healthy and that is not true at all. you don't have to cut everything
9:50 am
else but everything in moderation. by the way if you are eating healthier and exercising more, you may be upset in the beginning but long term you live a happier, healthier life. get over it. it's going to get to look like jimmy failla. >> jimmy: i don't appreciate the eye contact the doctor made with me when she was talking about eating right and having a healthy life. it sounds more like an intervention then a comment on a new show. the things that may be happening or your attitude at the end of the day. i would be happy with the situation because i chose to be. >> harris: thank you anthony robbins. >> jimmy: thank you, by my book. >> lara: i agree with the doctor this is a moderation thing. you don't have to cut everything out. i like to work out, but i enjoy oreos on my free time in a brownie every now and again. i like chocolate. >> harris: by the way, don't you run those races that other people have to sit down halfway through? >> lara: i do triathlon. perhaps some do. >> harris: i like to watch on
9:51 am
instagram, amazing, dagen? >> dagen: i would be inseparable if i didn't exercise, so leave it at that. i get my devcon one rage energy out. >> harris: i like i exercise. and lots of chocolate. it is summertime and it seems like the stench is unbearable in new york city. odor complaints in the big apple have reached an all-time high soaring 54% of the same time last year. in order say it smells like rotting food and dead bodies. one police officer attributes the stink to perfect storm of partner temperatures, band and outdoor dining sheds full of garbage, and homeless people who use the streets as a toilet, dagen. >> dagen: all of that. i was dodging rats this morning. >> harris: no! >> dagen: oh, yeah, there were rats everywhere else i was trying to walk my dog 3:00 in the morning. and it always smells like this. it is like hot -- like living in
9:52 am
a dumpster behind a long john silvers in july. >> harris: that is what new york is like. >> lara: my pastry chef little known fact. what i can tell you from my expertise, and you smell something delicious on the up and come everything is amplified when you heat it up. so whatever you've got -- [laughter] gets amplified in the summer. >> jimmy: and dagen has a right to say this new york city is the only place to bring in the stink. what is bad. >> lara: san francisco. >> jimmy: that was i think about the covid warnings, if you have covid in your sense of smell, bring it on my whole life, covid map. >> harris: summer in new york city, don't you love it. all right, last one you need a good laugh, you have to go sit next to jimmy longer than an hour. he is hilarious. the stress factory tomorrow night and runs with new jersey performing two show 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern.
9:53 am
tickets are still available. so go get yours. jimmy, make us laugh. >> jimmy: my stand up i will say all the things i can't stay here because i can get fire for forcing them. everybody needs to know you can't come on stage, it's not sea world. you don't get to touch the animals. >> harris: are you worried about that since the chris rock thing and getting slapped by will smith? >> jimmy: usually get paid money to get slept on the internet. but the point is, no, my fans are feel-good fans. fox fans in general if you go to fox, everybody is happy. >> lara: like a trumpet rally. >> jimmy: there it is! >> harris: we will wait for you in jersey. "outnumbered," more of it next. ♪ ♪
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>> we are remembering ivana trump accomplished skier who fled communism in the 1970s. a wife and business woman, first wife of donald trump, and she died yesterday at the age of 73. the former president posted on a social media app "her pride and joy were her three children, she was proud of them as we are also so proud of her." in a statement, eric and his siblings called her an incredible woman, a force in business, a world class athlete, a radiant beauty and a caring mother and friend. ivana trump was a survivor. she fled from communism and embraced this nation. she taught her children about grit and toughness, compassion and determination. she will be dearly missed by her mother, her three children, and ten grandchildren.
9:59 am
your family, i can only imagine yesterday, i saw such outpouring across social media last night. >> it's been really incredible, all the support, the stories, of course you have never heard about someone. but you just talked about her fleeing communism, coming from behind the iron curtain to america and there was no greater champion of this country and no person that realized more than ivana how lucky we all are to be americans and how great this country is, and she truly got to achieve the american dream. came from humble background, came to america and obviously became an incredible business woman that we all know and love and love nothing more than her children, her grandchildren and obviously we'll miss her greatly and i'll just say there's a hole in new york city that will never be filled with her gone, and i think so many people know that and they appreciate that.
10:00 am
>> harris: so true. >> ivana was a new york icon, i've been here a long time and she will be dearly missed, and she's in all our prayers, the family as well. >> family, definitely. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you very much. >> everybody, get ready. here comes "america reports." >> john: harris, thank you, and here we go. fox news alert, los angeles district attorney george gascon not giving up and taking his battle against enforcing a three strikes law up to california supreme court. >> sandra: under the law, voint repeat offenders can face more prison sentences. charlie hurt will be here to weigh in on that. >> john: begin this friday afternoon, addition of "america reports" with the


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