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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 15, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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laughing, crying, tears of joy, many people think skull emoji means death but it really means that was a good joke, i am laughing. >> just tell us where we can get the doll. >> here to speak about is it, it's the end of the show. have a great weekend, everybody. >> good evening, i'm richardson in for bret baier. breaking tonight, the democratic strategy to ease inflation is facing criticism on both foreign and domestic fronts. president biden's agenda appears to be at the mercy of joe manson's demand for a slimmed-down economic passage but adding he doesn't negotiate directly with the moderate from west virginia. the president spoke in saudi arabia where one of the focuses was to restore relationships with the kingdom
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but american executives argue that biden should look stateside for solutions to gas prices. a controversial greeting with the saudis featuring fist bumps by biden at his senior administration officials in a contentious meeting with the crown prince. we start there tonight. jacqui heinrich is traveling with the president enjoins us from saudi arabia. hello, jackie. >> good evening to you, rich. president biden didn't directly respond to criticism. his fist bump the cia blames for a grisly murder was too friendly. and the saudis quickly seized the opportunity to burnish the crown prince's image, releasing video of top u.s. officials doing the same here president biden says he did not sacrifice his principles in promoting u.s. interests. >> after a broadly condemned fist bump, president biden said he addressed the murder of u.s.-based murder were with a
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man the cia says order date, crown prince. >> for an american president to be silent on an issue of human rights, is this consistent with who we are and who i am here >> biden says the crown prince claims he was known personally to blame here >> i thought he was, he said he was not personally responsible for it and he took action against those who were responsible. >> reporters were not in the room for the exchange but witness to the start of the meeting. >> jamal khashoggi, could you apologize to the family? >> a smirk reportedly grabbing the arm of the reporter. closeness between the two leaders, widely disseminated images of the greeting condemned by many human rights advocates and the media. it worse than a handshake and shameful, writing a projected level of intimacy and comfort that delivers the unwarranted redemption he has been desperately seeking peer
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jamal khashoggi's fiance claiming that biden has the blood of the next victim on his hands. >> i'm sorry she feels that way. i didn't come here to meet the crown prince, i came here to meet with nine nations. >> members of the president's party tweeting if we ever needed a visual reminder of the continuing grip oil-rich autocrats have on u.s. foreign policy in the middle east, we got it today. one fist bump is worth a thousand words. biden said the meeting supplied hope. >> i'm doing well i can to increase the supply. based on discussions today i expect we will see further steps in the coming weeks. >> telling biden in saudi arabia he has vilified the wrong people. >> we your support, not you at every turn trying to shut us down. >> and the president says he has no regrets about his past about a make saudi arabia a pariah on
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the global stage after jamal khashoggi's murder, but the u.s. is also taking credit for brokering a new friendship between saudi arabia and israel. rich? >> rich: jacqui heinrich live from saudi arabia be a thank you. as we mentioned earlier, hopes for an additional spending package appear lost for democrats for now. aishah hasnie is on capitol hill tonight with how the impact could affect the midterm elections. >> it's frustrating but it's kind of predictable. >> you cannot trust what he says. >> i hope no one is naive enough to believe this latest lucy and the football situation with senator manchin. >> fellow democrats are lashing out at senator joe manchin after he once again iced the party's latest tax and spending plan over concerns about soaring inflation. >> i'm not going to do something an overreach that causes more problems. >> the senator reaching out hours after it was leaked to the press that he told majority leader chuck schumer he would
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not support an economic package that contains new spending on energy and climate change or new tax increases targeting wealthy americans or corporations. instead he would only support a medicare prescription drug provision and an extension for health care subsidies. joe manchin later clarified he's paring down the package to try and meet chuck schumer's deadline before those subsidies expire. and he's not ready to spend until he sees the next inflation report. >> until we see the july inflation figures, and stomach until we see the july federal reserve rates, interest rates, then let's wait until that comes out so we know we are going down the path that won't be inflammatory to add more to inflation. >> of the ordeal eerily similar to what happened last fall when someone leaked a memo outlining
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his opinions on build back better. some of his most vulnerable colleagues facing tough elections this fall may feel relieved but senator joe manchin's loudest critics are already using him to energize voters. >> mr. fossil fuel industry in the senate, how is he the one making the decisions about private investment? >> we are just going to have to elect a couple more democrats will overturn the filibuster and fight for working people and not oil companies. >> in the president is now weighing in from halfway across the world essentially telling the senate to go ahead and accept senator manchin's deal and move on those two provisions, the prescription drug and the health care subsidies before the august recess, basically singing to leave climate change and energy to him and his executive action. rich? >> rich: aisha hasse live from capitol hill, thank you. the house of representatives has passed a pair of bills aimed at
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protecting abortion rights. one restores access nationwide and expands on the protections roe vs. wade had previously provided. the other protects women who cross state lines to receive treatment. the legislation is unlikely to pass the senate. a former trump administration senior advisor peter navarro is projecting a plea deal over the contempt charges he is facing for his refusal to cooperate with a january 6th committee. peter navarro's team maintains that officials waited to make tr best at reagan national airport just to humiliate him. his next court date is scheduled. met with a january 6th committee today behind closed doors. he was an ally of president trump and had met with the former white house. at the committee had legitimate questions but he said he does not believe trump suggested protesters march to the capital prior to january 6th. elon musk is opposing twitter's request for an expedited trial over his stalled twitter deal.
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"the wall street journal" reports musk lawyers filed papers, the first legal response from musk after twitter announced a lawsuit. musk is determining his $44 billion takeover over concerned about the number of fake or spam accounts on the platform. the tesla ceo could be on the hook for a $1 billion breakup fee. stocks were up today after a poor week. the dow gained 658, the s&p 500 is up 73, the nasdaq up 201. for the week the dow lost nearly one fifth of a percentage point, the s&p 500 was down about 1, the nasdaq dropped more than 1.5. ♪ ♪ >> rich: california drug enforcement officials say they are tracing sentinel from the largest bust in state history, traced back to a mexican cartel as lawmakers try to address the increasing number of overdoses. officials say many drugs are entering the country.
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corresponded with them illusion reports from the southern border tonight. >> what amazes me the most, as shocking as the circumstances and facts are at the border, that the biden administration does not seem to care. >> biden's border policies in the cross hairs of seven g.o.p. senators in the rio grande valley pet ron johnson, ted cruz, joni ernst, oklahoma's james lankford, and north dakota's john hoeven all visiting the board appeared last night the delegation joining the border patrol union for a tour of the board in la jolla. lots of unaccompanied minors, two little girls traveling alone. [speaking non-english language] >> senator cruz picking up numerous cartel human smuggling wristbands littering the area while senator johnson handed out water to migrants.
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>> i don't see how you could be here and say the border is closed and that they have control of the border. >> this afternoon the senators took part in a roundtable with local ranch owners with several of them saying they were stunned by fox news footage showing this enormous single group of migrants crossing illegally in the eagle pass this week, one of the biggest groups we'd ever seen. >> what is happening here is horrific, it is intentional, it is man-made and joe biden has no intention of stopping it. >> as record numbers of people continue spilling into the country, so too are record numbers of fentanyl. dea and los angeles announcing the largest fentanyl seizure in dea history in california. 1 million fentanyl pills. to speak of these drug cartels e poisoning americans are at record rates. social media is now facilitating a connection. it connects people, brings
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people together. it is now bringing the two biggest dominate mexican drug cartels in the world, bringing them into your home. >> and speaking of all the fentanyl, yesterday texas governor greg abbott announced in 2021 the state of texas saw 1,700 fentanyl deaths. that is more than a sixfold increase over the year 2019 when the state saw 277 fentanyl deaths. we will send it back to you. >> rich: live from the southern border, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> rich: colorado officials recently reported a record-breaking fentanyl seizure but now they are looking for the drug smuggler that disappeared following his arrest. how the suspect escaped in federal custody. >> i can't underscore enough how significant this seizure was.
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>> 114 pounds of fennel powder, the largest single seizure ever on u.s. highway. >> the dea is working on investigating this case. >> with the dea did not say however, the drug smuggler had already escaped their custody three weeks prior and remains on the run. >> of the ramifications are so significant that i can only hope that the investigative agencies involved have a larger and bigger purpose we are just not aware of. >> david maldonado was stopped on i-70 outside of denver where a k-9 found fentanyl in two hidden compartments. according to the court affidavit, the highway patrol returned him to the dea where he agreed to become an informant and deliver the drugs in the hopes of identifying other individuals in the criminal organization. the following day, fled from the dea, alluded to surveillance and
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removed the tracker from his vehicle. no longer cooperating with the denver dea, a proven flight risk and has family in mexico. they refused to explain how they found the tracking device and escaped. >> if you have somebody who was a cooperating defendant and the vehicle was tracked, that would probably also be an installation of in a mobility device, the ability to kill a car if the person ran, for example. >> 11 hand, the driver was likely a small fish in a large operation, so trying to turn to make sense to law enforcement, so we asked belize for a mug shot, assuming they wanted help in finding a fugitive and they needed help to find him. >> rich: william, thank you. an update on the missing texas mom, plus george gascon takes new legal action in his fight
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♪ ♪ >> rich: an olympic athlete who was assaulted by a homeless man in los angeles last weekend said there was nothing she could have done to prevent the attack.
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volleyball player appeared on fox news this morning's book about los angeles' crime policy is fear to speak at f and other victims around los angeles and it keeps happening. everyone is paying attention to me because i am an olympian. the other victims haven't been vindicated. every time someone is being let out on the street again and again, they are doing a disservice and they are pretty much saying that these victims' traumas were in vain. >> rich: she says she hopes her attacker gets the full 11 year prison sentence he is facing. embattled los angeles district attorney george gascon is seeking support from the california supreme court. he's asking for an appeal over enforcing the state's three strikes law. jonathan hunt shows us that tonight. >> a punishment-based approach to the work. >> george gascon has long claimed he has the power to simply ignore california's three strikes law, which has been in
3:20 pm
place since 1994. and now he's taking his fight to the state supreme court. under the three strikes policy, defendants with one prior felony conviction are subject to sentences being doubled and defendants with two or more prior felony convictions typically face sentences of 25 years to life in state prisons. an independent commission reported in december of last year that 33,000 people, a third of california's total prison population, were serving three strike sentences. george gascon says the policies are draconian, and in a statement says he must charge felons according to the law, gascon's office says these policies increase recidivism rates, have no repeat effects and the d.a.'s critics and there are many among his own deputy district attorneys say gascon is
3:21 pm
simply out of touch with the reality of crime in los angeles. >> basically george gascon's policies have told many criminals they are not going to be held accountable for their actions. >> gascon continues to face potential recoil, with campaigners getting 17,000 voter signatures in support of the move, just 566,000 have to be found invalid to trigger a recall vote. 5% sample of those signatures checked by the l.a. county registrar found 78% to be valid. that would be just enough to put the campaign over the threshold, so now the registrar have until august 17 to check every one of the signatures and what is a high-stakes waiting game for george gascon peer to jonathan hunt, thank you. questions remain about the whereabouts of the missing texas
3:22 pm
mother. they are cooperating and they don't have a person of interest because they don't of a crime. casey stegall has the latest from texas. >> good evening, it's been ten days since anyone has heard from or seen 38-year-old christine or chrissy powell. the mother of two works as a paralegal in a san antonio law form and they say that powell never showed up for work on jul. after calling saying that she was running late and still on her way in. a doorbell camera captures the moment powell sprinted out the front door of her home around 10:30 a.m., got into her black nissan rogue, then vanished. >> the unknown is just of the scariest part. it's been hard to wrap our minds around where she might be, what could've happened. investigators say she left her cell phone and her smartwatch behind, as well as medication for undisclosed medical conditions that she had been diagnosed with and was being treated for under the care of a
3:23 pm
doctor. powell lives at that house with her mother and oldest son. >> i can't stress the urgency, because every hour taking by in a missing persons case makes it more likely we will never find her alive. >> christina powell's mother tells us her daughter had a recent fight with her ex-boyfriend, the father of her youngest son. san antonio police say that man is not a person of interest and he is cooperating with investigators. police add they are currently treating this as a missing persons case and at this point there is no evidence of foul play, so it is not being looked at as a crime. powell's mom says this is not the first time her daughter has turned up missing, telling fox four or five years ago chrissy took off with her boyfriend at that time, gone a few days, but says she has never been quiet for this length of time.
3:24 pm
if you have any information on this case you are asked to call san antonio police. >> rich: casey stegall live tonight, thank you. up next, congressional efforts to ease the microchip shortage and boost competition with china. ♪ ♪
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energizer max. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ discover intuitive technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rich: navy leaders have disciplined more than 20 senior officers and sailors in connection with the uss richard arson fire. widespread leadership and other failures contributed to the july report last year concluded the blaze was preventable and unacceptable. the biden administration is hoping a new, simpler number for the suicide prevention hotline will help americans access the resources and support they need, but several states are already reporting concerns with the
3:30 pm
roller. correspondent gillian turner tells us how local crisis centers are preparing for an increase in calls. >> 988 is life and death, so we want this to go well. failure is not an option. >> beginning tomorrow, the health and human services secretary say americans can dial or text 988 to reach a national suicide prevention hotline 24 hours a day compass seven days a week. >> it's almost like a 911 for mental health. >> according to government statistics nearly 46,000 americans died by suicide in 2020 and 12.2 million seriously thought about it. the biden administration say one in six calls to the existing number lead to a lack of accounts due to a lack of state resources. they've spent $400 million prepared for the launch of 988. state run crisis centers say they hope it will help more americans access help on the
3:31 pm
ground where they live, but worry about the increased volume 988 will spur. speak of this is successful we will be challenged to answer all the calls the calls. >> 988 is designed to connect scholars with state and local crisis centers nearby. >> you know the areas, we know how to get people connected with the services we support. >> many states though are already struggling to keep up with the demand. illinois only answered 20% of its calls during the first quarter of 2022, meaning 80% of emergency callers were transferred out of state. others like arizona have a high call processing rate. they say 988 will help them process even more. >> if someone is calling 911, 90% of the time they will have law enforcement or dispatch, but here we are stabilizing over 50% of those over the phone. >> starting tomorrow if you are someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis you can call that suicide prevention
3:32 pm
hotline on your screen. it is just three digits, 988. the old, longer federal hotline number will also still remain active. >> rich: gillian turner in washington, thank you. congressional efforts to ease the microchip shortage are falling short. those microchips are used in everything, from the car as you drive to the phone in your hands. while lawmakers agree with the need to make more chips, democrats and republicans are at odds over how to do that. as china tries to dominate the market, chad pergram is on capitol hill tonight to tell us if there is any chance for a compromise. >> good evening. there is worry that china's dominance of the market poses a national security threat to the u.s. that is why there is a push to bolster chip production. >> there is ability to not only disrupt it at an inopportune time but there is also a way of getting inside the facilities,
3:33 pm
inside the actual tanks, the planes to cause disruptions, to give miscalculations. >> chipmakers sold billions of chips for phones, cars and computers in 2019, 40 chips 0 cr every person on earth. the house and senate each approved a chips built months ago but there are 1100 differences between thels. talks are stalled. the senate bill gives incentives to make chips here. the house bill tries to increase trade oversight. this is why the secretary of commerce gina raimondo wants congress to pass a chips only bill before the august recess. >> you know as well as i do that early august becomes early september, early september becomes early october. the reality is these decisions are happening now and that means congress needs to act now appear >> some house democrats are unwilling to budge from the
3:34 pm
original bill. >> i'm not going to embrace breaking up a package that is consistent with the administration, that has support from some republican senators and overwhelming support from democrats. i think it's a good policy. speak of the bill costs a whopping $52 billion. that is too expensive for some g.o.p. members. >> to spend $52 billion on semi conductors is a lot of money in one industry. when we look at other components, look at baby formula has been an issue. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer plans a vote next week. he needs 68 and he will dare the g.o.p. to vote no. rich? >> rich: chad pergram live on the hill, thank you. up next to the officials, the usaid is falling behind adversaries when it comes to hypersonic missile technology, how they plan to gain ground in
3:35 pm
the arms race. here's what some fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox live in new york, police are searching for a suspect who stabbed a bank security officer in the neck. rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. fox 8 in cleveland where medical examiner says jaelyn walker was shocked or grazed 46 times by akron police. last month, authorities tried to pull the 25-year-old black man over for equipment violations and that is when they say he fired at officers. an attorney says there was no need for offices to kill him. this is a live look from milwaukee from fox extreme. creative engineers they are from across country attempt to fly and fall into lake michigan. these teams will showcase their homemade flying machines by saturday, launching off a 27-foot platform. they will attempt to break a 257-foot flight record. don't try that at home, kids.
3:36 pm
that is tonight's live look outside the beltway. "special report" will be right back. ♪ ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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♪ ♪ >> rich: breaking tonight, mexican forces have arrested an fbi most wanted infamous drug lord, accused in the 1985 kidnapping and murder of a dea agent. raphael quintero had served 28 years in prison. the dea says he has since returned to drug trafficking and has allegedly ordered bloody attacks in the new mexico border state of sonora. rescue teams in ukraine are searching for survivors who still may be trapped under debris following russia's missile strike on the central city. the attack killed at least 23 people and hospitalized dozens. officials say 18 people are still missing. meanwhile, there were signs of progress for possible deal to export ukrainian grain. a russian defense spokesman says a final document has been prepared and proposals have been largely supported by other participants. ♪ ♪
3:42 pm
>> tonight, we took a look at the arms race for any emerging class of weapons. defense officials and lawmakers have warned that the u.s. is falling behind china and russia when it comes to hypersonic missile technology. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports on how the u.s. plans to up its game. >> it's been almost exactly one year since china surprised the pentagon and the world by carrying out hypersonic -- that landed yards from its target. >> it scared the hell out of everybody. frankly, they just got ahead of us appear to speak at the pentagon has resorted to using hot air balloons to provide an early warning system to protect the nation from chinese and russian hypersonic weapons that can now evade u.s. defense systems. some of the pentagon describe the test as a sputnik moment. hypersonic weapons fly at speeds of at least mach five and are
3:43 pm
highly maneuverable and able to change course midflight. in an exclusive interview, the u.s. is still behind. >> we are probably at least five years behind in terms of where the chinese are. they don't mind failing in test. we have this idea that every test has to be a success. they have a series of failures, each one of which they learned something. to speak first assistant secretary of defense for space policy, john plumb, agreed. >> it certainly appears we are behind. >> days after the defense department announced its first test of a full hypersonic system had failed to detach and reach mach five speeds. the pentagon announced that two recent hypersonic tests were successful. a test last may conducted by the advanced research project agency showed the first ground base, hypersonic booster ground system to be launched from a standard
3:44 pm
military truck. more recently the air force successfully tested hypersonic missile off the coast of southern california that could be released from under a wing of the b-52 strategic bomber. russian scientists mocked the failed glide vehicle test last week, saying the u.s. design model for hypersonic weapons is "too complex." congress is seeking $292 million in a new defense bill to fund more research and development for hypersonic weapons. >> rich: jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thank you. the new york city medical examiner's office says ivanka trump ivanatrump's death was accident. ivana trump was 73 years old. the government spending to be a winners and losers. first, beyond our borders tonight, fighting a pair of
3:45 pm
wildfires in the bordeaux region. more than 10,000 people have evacuated the area as high temperatures and strong winds complicate efforts. most of western europe is experiencing extreme summer heat. the office has issued its first-ever red warning, forecasters say temperatures could reach a record-breaking 104 degrees fahrenheit next week. the national park officials pull off a dramatic double elephant rescue in thailand. a 1-year-old calf had fallen into a deep pit during a storm when its mother tried to guard the hole, veterinarians were forced to tranquilize the adult but then she fell in. rescuers eventually got both animals out and revived the mother. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ om verizon. at our best price ever. just $30 per line.
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♪ ♪ >> we are going to in fact make them pay the price and make them in fact the pariah that they are. there's very little social redeeming value of them in the present government in saudi arabia. >> i was straightforward back then, i was straightforward today. >> how can you be sure another murder like jamal khashoggi's won't happen again? >> god love you, what a silly question.
3:51 pm
how could i possibly be sure of any of that? >> rich: let's bring in marc thiessen, kimberley strassel is a member of the editorial board at "the wall street journal" and juan williams is a fox news analyst. i want to get started on some of the video we've been seeing coming out of this. if the president caught a lot of heat from the fiance of jamal khashoggi from democrats and many others just for even meeting with the crown prince and all this fist bumping. to the president get enough out of this meeting given the political cost? >> first of all the fist bump is even more intimate than a handshake. hey, bro, how are you doing? he should have behave like a normal president and show cans with him and not made such a big deal about whether he was shaking hands or not. second of all of you were going to try to make saudi arabia a pariah that is inconsistent with a policy of waging a war on fossil fuels here at home. the whole point of becoming energy independent under trump's
3:52 pm
we were less dependent on middle eastern oil, that we were less dependent on democratic regimes in the middle east. and now we have the spectacle of joe biden going to saudi arabia law jimmy carter in the 1970s with skyrocketing gas prices begging the saudis produce more oil. if he wants to isolate saudi arabia, he's got to produce oil here at home. >> rich: kimberly, the news from the white house as they are going to pump in saudi arabia 50% more oil in july and august. you think that is worth the cost here? then of course the attempt to reestablish the united states in a region, we are about a year removed from the withdrawal in afghanistan and the broader region. what about that aspect and is there a sense that you believe in saudi arabia that the administration is reliable? >> look, it's great, every little bit helps that saudi arabia is actually going to pump more but the reality is a lot of opec producing countries are out there limit,
3:53 pm
and this gets to the point about how the best bet for energy security is actually to be doing something here at home. in terms of the wider regional question here, the big issue here is iran and one would hope that biden would assure our neighbors that he would rather be working with them than with iran. i'm not sure how that has gone. we would also have loved to have seen something come out in terms of a neighbor hammock or between saudi arabia and israel we will see where that ends up but i think there were a lot of opportunities the white house didn't get out of this meeting simply because of the whole set up leading to it and the president's decision to go so hard. >> rich: the administration is still trying to pursue this nuclear deal with iran. they refused to give a deadline of when they would be willing to walk away from the table if iran doesn't accept what is on the table.
3:54 pm
how does that play in here and how much time can this administration give the regime in iran to consider whether they want to do this or not? >> i think you have to hope they get a deal, right now they are saying the deal is on the table and they are leaving it up to the iranians. the reality is on this trip, with iran, with the saudis, you have to deal with some people who are pretty despicable in terms of their behavior. two things can be true at once in terms of the saudi business. these audis are rogue murderers, in my opinion. that is the kind of regime they are but at the same time they are critical in terms of our effort to counter the iranians, our efforts to deal with the chinese, not allow the chinese to step in there and become the saudis ally and considering we are basically in a cold war status with russia, we can't allow the saudis to not to be a player in the oil market and on to our advantage.
3:55 pm
all of these things are true at the same time. it's difficult, i understand that, it's complex. but i think it's the reality and you need a leader who's going to step into that. and you see joe biden taking some heat for what he did today did today. >> rich: will have a couple minutes left but we are talking about now what happens back home here and this is senator joe manchin walking away from at least the green energy portion of what democrats are trying to do. he has said in a radio interview that he would be willing to talk about some other provisions but when you are dealing with people who just want to eliminate fossil fuels, there was no further discussion needed. we don't need to talk. marc, do you think there's anything left for democrats to negotiate or discuss, or is any effort on this, any piece of build back better, is this all dead? >> i think the best thing that ever happened to our economy was the 9.1% inflation figure because it spooked joe manchin. a few days before that figure came out, "the new york times," "the washington post" both reported the talks were furious
3:56 pm
and they were making progress. mitch mcconnell started threatening to hold up the china bill if they moved on it, so he was taking it seriously and all of a sudden it disappeared because of the 9.1% inflation figure and it probably saved us if we don't get that bill from even higher inflation. >> rich: kimberley, what about that? what do you think democrats do from here and is there anything to be done? >> if they were smart they would take joe manchin's advice. he's doing them a favor, the likelihood of actually spending money and seeing a worse inflation report, putting all these house democrats of having to vote for higher taxes et cetera right before an election. in some ways, maybe he took one for the team and saved some of them from having to walk that plank. >> rich: the administration now also saying it is going to the president saying he is going to have a more aggressive epa on all of this. guys, it's time for winners and losers of the week. it was your winner and loser of the week? >> american drivers are a
3:57 pm
winner. we've seen gas prices going down for a month. 30 straight days it's down, $0.14 in the last week. it looks like given what we have seen coming from the president's trip that we can expect those prices will continue to go down. >> rich: kimberley? >> mind winner is nasa's webb telescope. the pictures that came out of this week just gave us an extraordinary view of how much is out there and how much we still don't know. >> rich: marc, winners and losers, what do you got? >> my winner is an amazing coffee shop that just opened up in georgetown that employs people with developmental disabilities such as autism and down syndrome. their motto is "not broken." they just opened in georgetown. my son jack was a college student with autism so if you want to get some great coffee had down there and he will take care of you. >> rich: right on the line. >> secret service reputation and credibility after apparently losing emails around january 6th, that hurt them and
3:58 pm
they were such a high esteemed group in this town. >> the d.a. was still not yet dropping those charges against jose alba, the bodega worker. speak of the joe biden presidency is such an unmitigated disaster, 64% of democrats don't want him to run and only 30% would vote for him in a democratic primary. >> rich: think so much for joining us tonight. >> you're welcome. ♪ ♪ >> rich: it's friday, time for notable quotables. >> if you have to pen an op-ed defending your trip then you have issues. >> the only thing worse than iran now is iran with nuclear weapons. >> the only way to stop them is to put a credible military threat on the table. >> you need to go and get where you need to go to do the work appear to speak of the rising prices of everything. >> how does that all affect us?
3:59 pm
>> it creates a lot of issues with stability. >> i'm a vegetarian because of the price of meat. >> our economy, our labor market is uniquely strong. >> i think people can see -- and i don't think they like a. >> i don't think it is a secret how much the american people disapprove of the course of democrats have put it on. >> what is your message to democrats who won't sell don't want you to run? >> they do want me to run, read the polls, jack appeared >> if he does i intend to run with hi. >> -- concede the election, at a point in time, yes i did. >> nancy pelosi says she thinks she knows more about having babies than the pope. yes, i do. >> these communities as unique as the breakfast tacos here in san antonio. >> personally, i identify as a human sandwich. >> that is just this week.
4:00 pm
monday on special report, bret baier is back in washington. join shannon bream this weekend on "fox news sunday." she will interview florida republican senator rick scott. that will do it for this "special report." i am a rich edson in washington. "jesse watters prime time" starts now. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: during the cold war, the american navy guaranteeing the free flow of oil all around the world. this kept our allies well supplied in exchange for their defense against soviet communism. america protecting saudi oil fields allow the oil to flow safely and cheaply. the system worked and communism collapsed. then 9/11 happened. most of the hijackers were saudis, and america toppled the kingdom's neighbor, iraq. and for thousands of troops and