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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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american homes make other your record label taking off, but so is your sound engineer. you have a higher and indeed indeed you do indeed..c match instantly deliver quality candidates matching your job description, visiting .com flash higher. good evening and welcome to g tucker carlson tonight. not to brag, but we're coming to you from iowa.m we'll explain why in just a minute. but first, here's ann interesting story. ronnie jackson is a physician. hein joined the white house medical unit many years ago under president george w. bushme . >> he i stayed in that job. he went on to serve as physicians. the two subsequent presidents, barack obama and donald trump. swannee jackson knows a lot about what it takes to runtr the country during the twenty twenty presidential campaigndu.
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jackson was home watching joe biden deliver a speech and what he saw biden say bothered him deeply. >> as a physician, biden had just announced that he was a candidate for the u.s. senate. >> what i'm here to ask you for your help where i come fromsk, you don't get far unless you ask. my name is joe biden. i'm a democratic for the united states senate. ro so running checks and saw that and then went on twitter and he made the obvious point. joe biden, before this goes any further, should undergo a cognitiveth examination. >> the country deserves that well within twenty minutes, jackson recalls in his new memoir, barack obama sent him an email, a characteristically sneering one . >> and we're quoting,raen i havo express my disappointment at the cheap shot you took of joe biden via twitter. obama said it wasnp unprofessional. i expectro better. >> so that wasn't just obama speaking thatn' was the uniform command of the people who runpe the democratic party throughout the twenty campaign. >> do not notice what joe bidenl
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is actually like if youly see hm on television turn away because you might conclude he is fundamentally, physically, cognitively unfit for office. you can't say that.t and if you do, barack obama will scold you personally immediately. >> we'll fast forward a few years. joe biden is now the presidentli and mental decline is no longer possible to design. >> therefore, it's no longer off limits. barack obama isn't going outck and defending joe biden's competence anymore. >> everybody watching everyone in the media that would include barack obama's formerr advisers is now in agreement that joe biden is senile and cannot govern the united states. >> he subtle sometimes he has, you know, you know, mobility issues that the doctors have identified. he sometimes his speeches tende to be a little listless or he seems to momentarily confuse or have trouble summoning names. >> a third of them, the largest numbers age that he was too oldt
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. i >> that is a problem. that's not b going to get bette. he's not going to get younger. he's not y going to get any younger. i think there are a lot ofot people who have looked at him over these o last years and he isn't what he used to be ten years ago.fe >> he knows he's 80 years old, 79 , 80 years. he knows he's an old white guy in a party. it's demographically changing and diverse and the future is not going to be white guy when he does badly, whenn he stumbles, you get nervous at and you wonder, is it just a stutter? or something else? they're doesn't. if anybody said the democrats aren't beginning to have these questions behind closedeh, thats not true. people are. so the problem with joe biden, says mark mckinnon, is that he's white. i was a casual racism of t the last 2020 two. it's ubiquitous. you barely even notice it. that's not the problem. joe biden, who cares what his skin colors the problemhe joe biden is he's cognitively unable to serve p, but taket three steps back . >> that's not joe biden's fault. it's not his fault. he has dementia. no. the fact that joe bidens
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is president is an indictment of the media and the democratic party because they have no control. what they're telling you now, joe biden's decline, his full blown senility has been obvious for more than three years. we noticed we're not doctors, by the way. we had no special animus toward joe biden at all, but we watched him and we said this out loud for the first time. wewe checked today on may 14th, 2019. as of today, pretty much everyone paid. ev prognosticate on television still considers biden the prohibitive front runner int the race. b he checks every box. therefore he must get the nomination. that's how theyust think because they're dumb what they're leaving out of dum the equation is biden himself.s b watch this videoiden him and ask yourself if joe biden is reallyy going to be thesi democratic nominee, much lessde president of the united states who shot? yes,teates they in new hampshir. keep in mind, we've not also in any way this is entirely real watch because if i have a comment on the final question
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,voters, yes, i do. d the president has done nothing but increase the debt and the trade deficit way. you have to proceed as we haveav to havee our allies with us. it's not just us that we keepth the rest of the world together . secondly, we should labor should be at the table as well as our allies because that's the only thing. and the fourth thing we should do is be focusing on the things that in fact i'm talking about for a long time. china's greatest violation is the way in which they steal our intellectual property. we should make it quid pro quo. as i told when i was there. and i think it should be simple. here's quo the deal. you say that if in fact has to be owned 50% by chinese to invest in china, guess what? in america, the same thing.he this idea of dealing with all the only people who are paying the price are farmerse and working people right now. >> he's going about it all wrong with a lot of bravado. no, but wait a second.
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you're saying yourself that didn't make any sense. not a single aou phrase in a ful minute of talking, conveyed intelligible idea o, not one tht wasn't even word salad. itno o wasne a verbal jackson painting nouns, verbs, j adjectives spilled by cans, paint bleeding into each other, a sticky postmodern messs. at one point, biden actually jumped from point to directly to point for just let you know that you're old fashioned linear assumptionslept about numerical sequencing are no good here, man. that's yesterday's mathematics m . so we put it on the air back in twin nineteen . >> it did not because we werens particularly against joe biden. he seemed a lot better thant beto o'rourke or mayor p. >> we put it on because wepe happened to be watching one dayn and tried to follow whatol he ws saying about trying because it seemed important, not shion one national news organization had noted at all that this guyzi couldn't speak in complete sentences, couldn't convey coherent ideas. nobody had com ever mentioned t.
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>> and of course, anyone inne washington knew joe biden 10% ib seventy two . >> and basically most people kind of liked him. it was a friendly guy. en >> this was not the joe bidenoe anyone who knew joe biden had seen before, he completely b bwh changed. . this was clearly cognitive decline and dementia obviously . >> so we drew a conclusion that , but it t ridiculous seems logical at the time. thisis guy can't be the democratic nominee. he can barely speak. >> how did he manage to get through the campaign? well, it turned out we learned later his staff supervised by dr. jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance, checking the time and at a certain hour giving him a dose of something.e >> now, it's not a guess. we're not making that up. we spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happenm multiple timeses now beforee taking the medication, this person said biden was quote,akin like a small child who could not communicate with him. he changedd completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs. and what's pushing some withw those drugs are we should know.
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>> but the point is joe biden'ss dementia was perfectly obvious to everyone around him. more than three years ago. n soev we never thought this coulo happen. you can'tpp make a scene alone e the united states. this is our country is a real country, needs a real leader. even when you disagree with that, someone is in full possession of his faculties. no f one would ever do that. >> it's crazy. we're completely wrong. we're wrong because we underestimated the cynicism and the recklessnesse of m the democratic party and the media who serve that they willel say literally anything noit matter how implausible orf immoral if it i brings them more power. >> they knew exactly how incapacities joe biden they lied about it. and the disaster we're i living with today is a direct result of their lying and it's getting worse. >>it it's humiliating. yesterday, for example, wee won for now we're not going to but just sum it up.e yesterday, joe biden tried to shake an invisible man's s hand, not the first timee he's done this, do the same thing inhe april. and both of those sad moments are on tape. >> here they are. congressmanre o bruno bruno, thy
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you very, very much. so there can be no feltl simply thank you for that. and that's okay. and president biden. >> so if you don't like biden or his agenda and we certainly don'tt, there is a kind of partisan glee you take from this. >> look how pathetic he is . >> but you know, if you're an american, there's no upside. actually , this is horrible. for all of us . d it reflects poorly not just on the democratic party or biden himself, but on our country. >> and it's happening constantly with increasing frequency. >> on wednesday of this week, during a trip to israel, biden announced that we have to keep t live the , quote, honor of the holocaust continue, which we must do every every day. >> continue to bear witness to keep alivend the truth and honoo the holocaust horror of the holocaustlo. i
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it's just it's absolutely awful. and again, there's no upside. ks so joe biden, seno, everybody w knows we wine a prize down-and-out. we watch p our country the grea. >> so you have to ask who dide. this to the rest of us ?sp who's responsible for putting this guy inon a position where e was elected president? well, we can start the list off the culpable with joe biden's 2020 campaign manager, jen o'malley dillon . >> she did this. >> where is she now? she's now deputy chief of staff in the white house. she knew exactlyow how senile joe biden was. >> susan rice knew well, too. of course she susan rice now runs america's domestic policy out of the white house.n ron klain knew perfectly welll that joe biden was not fit too be president. h he has dementia. ron klain was elevated to white house chief of staff and of c course, hidr. jill, his wife wal perfectly aware members of joe biden's own family knew perfectly well and told other people about it. we've reported that before and it's true. and yetore they didn't stop him. mike donilon was the chief strategist of joe biden's presidential campaign. now he's one of biden's quote.
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senior one advisers say it's ana dunn was once coke campaign manager. >> she's now anothern, m senior adviser for biden and the co former obama communicationsmm director . she has massive power in this country. that's how she was rewarded for foisting this guy on the rest of us . >> brian d same thing the screwed up our climate and energy policy during the obama years. >> heit knew perfectlyh scrur l joe biden was senile, but he wanted power again. so he didn't say a word once again, same principle at work. >> people make grave errors in judgment. >> they doju something horrible to the united states ofng ameria and they'reat rewarded for it. >>de they're never punished. that rewarded these people. noww t run the country. . >> and above all, barack obama, barack obama knew perfectly well that joe biden was barack obama spent eight years making joe biden and degrading joe biden because joe biden has no dignity. >> he putn up with . but obama knew that biden wasn't fit to be president and that matters because obama is and has always been the person actually running the democratic party.
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>> and of course,ty the media knew they knew perfectly well, but they lied from day one . they lied here. they are telling us during the campaign that joe biden actually shut up juste is perfectly fine. >> well, he just decided to bypass the primaries and go right to the main event and kind of consign everybody. e so the kiddy table to joe bidenv at hisin best. is that is someone who isth authentic and isat the reason he connects with people. he is having fun. this is not heavy lifting for for joe biden. joe biden never gave up on joen biden and it reminded me so much of 2008 john mccain. >>el look, help is on the way. help is on the way. joe biden, we need him. you know, you play on your phone or whatever . and there's uncle joe , grandpa joe biden talking in a way that i think americans want to hear the person the person who joeer biden is a welcome entry intoso this race. >> every one of those people k
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knew again, we knew it said sod well, not because we have l some special entry into the secrets of the democratic party. we certainly don't. we're hardly democratic party insidersrsty. but because we watch tv for 90 seconds and we saw unmastered w, arguably the signs of dementia in joe biden, every. one of the people you just saw lied about what they knew. > they hid that fact from you and the rest of the country. rbecause they wanted more powe. >> but now the game is over for joe biden. >> it's mark jus mckinnon said s he's just too white. so suddenly our media is admitting what we noted three years ago and that everyone knew thatyery this was a scam. >> they areth living with a mess they created and we hope that they will never be allowed to avoid responsibility for what they did. >> miranda devine is aof columnist with the "new york post". she's watched all this from the very beginning fauci in fngm the media business, having spent her life in it.nt i and we're happy to have herso join us now m. thanks so much for coming on . so it does seemm to me like the media once again reportingor a story three years late is trying to get away fromwa their responsibility for this disaster r is so right. s
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it was crystal clear tost everybody back in early 2020 in iowa and new hampshire where joe biden was just woeful. he needed to cart aroundt a teleprompter to the smallest town halls with the most obvious stump speech that every other candidate could recite i their sleep. i watched as thisis sort of you look around the audience and itt people thatieo this guy was not all there, that there was a screw loose. he was really a special needs candidate. he was ignored. no one showed up to any of his events. it was an open secret in the media. heed bottomed out in iowa. number four, number five ine new hampshire. and one of the the main culprits that you left out of your very good list of culprits is james clyburn, who used his authority in south carolinala among black voters to swing the vote behind joe biden to
10:15 pm
give him the momentum because the democratic party had just decidedmo, barack obama as well, that joe biden had to be installed to beat donald trump because he was the only one who had a sort of a moderate image and he had a very carefully cultivated image. that was a myth that he was this unifying force, that he was an old washington professional, a great foreign affairs expert and a kind man, a family man, a decent man, you know, working class joe and full of empathy, which the country needed after covid. none of that was true. e, and the problem forle the democratic party was that as soon as voters pretty much after afghanistan, when joe biden were so tallas, so dishonest and so incompetent, the american people saw, including biden voters saw who he really was. and i think once somebody that you have admired and respected
10:16 pm
looked to trusted, once you realize that they're none of those things, they're a liar,po that they're possibly corrupt, that they they lack empathy, e then you can never go back. you recoil. and we're seeing that in pollsus which are just woeful. i mean, you know, just twenty nine per cent i think off democrat voters want joe biden to run again in twenty nine . and of course, the media now sees that they don't want to be on the losing side. and joe biden is surplus to requirements now. re they don't need him that can discard him and they'llee be brutal. is the cnn presidency s and they should forever live with that stain, i think. senator biden, l i appreciatema your summation of it veryti muc. thanks. thanks. >> so there's always an inverse relationship between the slogan and the reality. so the more they tell you trust the science, the more they become intense. unfortunately, to ignore the science, of course.
10:17 pm
and that's why believing in biology is quickly becoming a criminal offense in c countris around the world. >> one woman in norway is now facing prison for saying that men cannot be in the commercial break to think about how that might work. >> she a joinsbo us after the bk . >> plus, we came to iowa to give a speech here, something family leadership summit is uphe right now on fox nation. .com. and also watch the weekend, lots ofm. dotcoms, brickbat. hello, i'm mike lindell and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers on my pillow. or call the number on your screen. now use your promo code and you'll get your very own. my slippers for only forty nine . ninety eight . that's ninety dollars off in the biggest savings ever. what makes my slippers different is my solution for later design that you will find in any other slippers. my slippers pattana layers make
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web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. and cockroaches can make you sick. get the effects test dog. so i'm even waiting fors the nominees for the twenty twenty two ncaa woman of the year award or out and leahea thomas and tells us the other day called william thomasec because he's dude was justau nominated by the university of pennsylvania for the award.. now you penn takes millions in federal subsidies every year and of course its endowment dollars billion. >> dowman is not taxed. why dos n we send them money and why don't we tax their endowment at the same rate that you payndat? >>nk those are questions to thik about. but just to restate the case, william thomas, whatever he calls himself, is a man the whov because swimming against women who were biologically disadvantaged right. >> but for some reason, our media is celebrating cheatingt? in college sports . watchhe any advantage held
10:23 pm
by leah thomas. i mean, the margin of those victories m are pretty astounding, right? >> no,t they were very long races for those sorts of s margins happen. so whyor arere we so afraid of a trans athlete doing well? within striking distance ofel the long held collegiatel? record by missy franklin and katie ledecky. tong course, we're going be watching to see if she touches those records. let's just take a moment and i would love to do hereca on the show because it hasn't been done in the media very much to celebrate the atomic. so usually when you get caught cheating, you are apologetic, you're ashamedic, . >> cheating is wrong. it's offense against everything that's noble. > oh, they get caughtet cheating. they try to browbeat if you notice it. >>if meanwhile, the university f kentucky, riley gaines, is a woman born that way. still is . she's just been nominatedas by her university for ncaa woman of the year. >> she joins us on monday to
10:24 pm
tell her what she thinks of all of this. she's a brave young woman. >> so it is quickly becoming illegal to point out thatt menom are not women no matterha how they dressed or what kind of shoes they have, no matter what they paint their nails. >> so this is an attack not just on biology but on speech, on conscience. >> c you're not allowed to say obvious thingsay. here's an example. f a self-described feminist in norway called christina ellingsen is facing a threeea year sentence in prison. she's facing the possibility of going to jail for years because she affirmedec the reality ofol biological sex. >> specifically, ellingsen tweeted that menog cannot be . >> probably never thought about this in depth, but it'steut technically true. shehe also said that menai cannot become mothers now again, that's true. >> but in norway, as in all of the west, the truth is no longer defense. >> norway is now investigating for hate speech.h. >> we, of course, similarly wanted to talk to her officially. ellingsen joins. >> m christine, thanks so much for coming on . this is one of those stories in
10:25 pm
norway is obviously a highly civilized country. it's the richest country in the world. of great people in norway. it's hard to believear thisdan is realt. av >> so i just want to check, are we leaving anything out? op not surprised.ig thisht is the case. i've been well, you can't have you can't defend women if you can't define what a woman is . and all over the world stating biological fact is considered by a lot of groups of beingon directly hateful. so, yeah,ee this is what i'veha been doing. i've beent stating the obvious fact. us but men cannot see women. s men cannot be girls or mothers. the same. i >> and now i'm facing the risk of three years in prison. tell me how the country of norway again, a country to which we give every benefit of every doubt filled with goodit people. , >> beautiful place. but are you celebrated as a hero by people who stillnd
10:26 pm
believe in science and freeee speech or people supporting yous ,huh? well, a lot of people are supporting me across the entire spectrum of political , religious everything. but a lot of people are also considering me on level with someone who's calling for . i've been compared to and everything from a fascist to a maoist to a supporter of t westboro baptist churcho, which i don't even know what is , but basicallyy the entire spectrum of everything i've got in the world is being hurled my way. absolutely. ed mbut also a lot of support. >> i or are you surprised? >> i think you're on . i'm just guessing. i think you're on the left. i don'tri think you're a right winger. i think you're from b >> are you surprised by all of this? >> unfortunately, i'm not surprised because this has been
10:27 pm
in the cards for a long time. if you can't talk about biological reality, it's unavoidable that this is simply unavoidable. but yeah, no, i align myself with that with radical feminism. i've been voting left all my life. now i'm much more critical to what they are actually saying. and it seems like it seems like all parties in norway are supporting pseudo-science. uc scary.kewe we know the feeling. thank youu for joining us tonight, christiane. very much appreciated. >> so it's been a while since we brought you an update from national public radio, our state media. but rest assured, we've been a e listening every day to that. youu don't have to. s now, youo might think that energy prices, the stock market ,the impending worldwide food shortage, the threat of nucleara war with russiati might be something a national news organization would cover. but not at npr.
10:28 pm
npr is always focus on the bigger issues, the ones that matter issuesuenes so greaw couldn't even invent them if we wanted to because we lackd t the imagination. >> this, foron example, is an actual segment thatt aired on npr last month. >> listen, many people who are ,whether they are trans or some other form of genderqueer, whatever it is , we love dinosaurs. >> along with being a dinosaur is herselffy transgender. and according to riley, there is a whole community of genderqueer dinosaur enthusiasts online. idea, we had no idea, so we checked it out. suret. enough, there there we found dozens of paleo artists online that identify as s type dinosaur into the lgbt spreaded hundreds of results with pride. danos, rainbow, danos, dynel mom died of dads and a lot of puns like ally saurus, trans serotypes, the trans serotypes. at first we thought we
10:29 pm
knew where the segment was going to go .o, >> trans dinosaurs. so transgenderism isn't something that appeared out of nowhere big yet it datesf back to dras kara, the trans serotypes. >> but that's not actually we're experimenting with it steadily. rubinow david attenborough documentary on non binary to t spirit t rexes. >> instead, the segment turned is all npr segments inevitably do towards self-love and its twin self pity to see our social enemies for lack of a better term. taking these symbols and trying to use it as their dog whistle . it was something where it's just like, wait, where's this even coming from? this mixture and also dinosaurs are ours. >> i hate to speak for the entire trans ordi genderquer community, but like now, we've already been wondering about them and drawing them interested no matter who you are. you see something beloved taken over by someone else, that can be hard. suddenly genderqueer fans of dinos everywhere felt under
10:30 pm
attack as turfs kept dropping the emoji into their feeds. ir it's also crazy that you might be tempted to dismiss it. but what it really is is what everything that side believes is which is a species of narcissism. >> titus'sch dinosaurs are they belong to us , saysto the trans dinosaur expert complaining about, quote, something beloved being taken over by someone else. >> now, again, some might call that an example of projection since when dinosaurs belong to , everyone.ommunity > but it makes sense actually , because it's npr appropriating pterodactyl emojis. >> the other side is basically killing dinosaurs all over again. that's a much causingxt extinction. we'll stay on the story by which we will keep listeningk to npree the moment the dinosaur lobby has been decolonized. we will let you know. well, it's almost long overdue a
10:31 pm
for another final exam. so we'renoal giving you one dagn mcdowell believes she has what it takes to bringat down jimmy fallon, who for the record has never actually won. and she do it by know the white house is aware that a tidal wave is about where's hunter? he's under federal investigation. suspect money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying. the story's not over yet. now judge judy is back with a hit series who is by taking me to this game, i would just, you know, having , filming and doing the corruption has completely ignored it because they want to joe biden what the president secrets surrounding huckerby. you can deny something for a very long time. eventually the truth can't seem to speak the people at hunter by flying hunters without the connector, which is a all
10:32 pm
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option. we've got to get out of the city the entire first season before new opportunities for 100% live. i'm ashley strohmeyer in new york . the january six committee announcing it will subpoena the secret service following accusations the agency deleted text messages after the riots on capitol hill. the panel learned of the deleted text in a closed briefing from the watchdog for the department of homeland security. the secret service allegedly erased the messages on january 5th and 6th but claim they were lost due to a device replacement program. jaylen walker, a black man killed by police in akron, ohio, was hit with at least forty six bullets. that's according to an autopsy released on friday. the twenty five year old was pulled over last month for a traffic violation. police claim he took off
10:37 pm
and opened fire at officers first. all officers involved are currently on administrative leave and protests erupted in akron following the incident. i'm ashley strohmeyer. back to you. tucker carlson tonight for all of your headlines, log on to fox for it on the road to iowa. we went to the to do list atke the very top of the to do listrr always is tape, a riveting final exam with two ofyy our favorite contestants. >> so we didid that. here it is . this is the game where you pick the news geniuses against one another because he has been showing up for work. >> he's been working remotely. d who knows what the news is ? this week's contestants, fox business host degageem mcdowell and fox nation hostwe j jimmy fallon 1% has been on the show a bunch of different times and not to rub it in has never won for him this evening. that's up to you. oi thank you both for doing this. oh, w it's an honor to be here.a
10:38 pm
i am the reversely thomas. i keep competing against the women and losing. can i just win one sweet meat man? that's all i ask your wife will is ah i ah. >>uc i think if we did a ladies only you would still lose. but we can talk about that off camera. all right. you ready now. you know the rules don't repeat them in case you don't t hand them buzzers. i ask the questions. the first one to buzz inn gets to answer the question critically. you've got to'v wait till f i finish asking beforein you answer. >> i'll acknowledge by saying your name every correct answer is worth one point. every incorrect answer subtracts a point fromst the total best of five which are you ready? oh, this is war. this is war is good luck. >> i'm going to kick you know r what? t that's probably right. i 5% said that because she's the only one armed intu the studio right now. it's not war,di it'sow just a ct chat allegedly allegedly. so a these are all multiple choice question. pasco county in florida under siege tonight by invasive species. this species eats plants.nv the species also eats paint
10:39 pm
and stucco off your house. >> y what is this species? is it a asian long haired giant african snails or c, european green crabs? c, oh, mcdowell. she got dig in the beetles. >> you know, that would be my guess. but, youou know, i don't know the answer to that. roll the tape and find out if you're right. >> tampa affiliate psp says one thousand invasive giant have been hls collected, but how can the florida agriculture officials say they can eat at least five hundred different types of plants? >> it turns out it's even more repulsive than beetles. it's snail. but you know what? i have fulls sympathy. that was incorrect, however. all right. y youou could deem yourself on ths question to concerns america's doctor . that would be dr. jill. she's taking a lot of also the first lady taking a lot of criticism for comparing latinos to tacos, specifically
10:40 pm
the breakfast tacos of san antonio. but there's anotherer problem. many problems with this. but i here's one .ot san t antonio is not a city that claims to be the real home of the breakfast taco. what city is it? a austin, texas. is it b, albuquerque? new mexico or is it c, tucson, arizona? jimmy i go a, austin, texas. >> the point, tucker, you think> that's the home of t the breakfast taco? >> dude, i'm havin tacos.d look atin me, tucker.look at i'm paying tacos. i need a new contract. tacos and fried chicken red. we're not old enough. and oddly enough, i'm dressed like the waiter that brings the but okay, we do eat well here, i must say. >> all right, we'll table finder out if you're correct. a new york based writer for eater claimed that austin owns the title as the quote, home of the bressay marco rubio of boy when the real and then you put egg and cheese. wow.
10:41 pm
lubic one how's that? >> tasty. but they will turn you into a communist because austin is the people's republic of austinst. it really doesn't belong in texas. oh, yeah. but d they do have good tacos. o they are. t tucker austin is so liberal they want to defund the cop in the village people. it's terrible. i think he's the one they likeik . alle. right, question three .hr so joe biden is new publicist is called karine jean-pierreer and it's a tough job and she's had a tough job doing the toughs job. she doesn'the seem to answer any questions. phraseead she uses this ,quote, i don't have anything on that. for one point, can you tell us how many times karine jean-pierre didn't haveha anything on that at her julyy 5th briefing was5t five times ws it seven times or was it nine times? e >> he didn't have anythingha on thatt?. jimmy , is it okay if i check out binder?
10:42 pm
>> sorry. whoa, hold on . i'm sorry. i got a a badad okay, maybe some drinks in the control room. >> dagon the judges are sayinghe seat nine you believe is nine times. i believe it's on . all right. if dagan's correct. i we'll take i actually don't have anything for you at the top, but i don't have anything. we just don't have anything to share. i don't have anything to share i on that either. i don't have anything else to read out. i don't have anything to share. again, i don't have anything. i i just don't have anything to share. i have nothing to say on , youe know, she just doesn't have anything. but you do have something which is deep knowledge of karine jean-pierre you win that points arr. . really i could have answered that question if you let meuick check my binder. it's's a really good book. next time. >> okay, question for also multiple choice. e >> la hoya cove, north of san diego is very famous for sea lions. but recently the behavior ofs
10:43 pm
the sea lions has alarmedha visitors to the cove. whatat have they been doing? have they been a throwing rocks lions been eatingat seals b or c?in have the sea lions been chasing beachgoers? >> i was just i was just there and i dore believe it is sea chasing beachgoers. okay, that'll be my guess. no one in the royal likes tourists, not even the seaea lion. but let's find out if you'rea correct. here we go . lifeguards and beach goers, we're dealing with a precarious wildlife encounter. >>t it's a video that's been seen all over crowds running for the of bull sea lions. but the local things are dangerous. they're giving good.ow how bad a talker. i'm a new black man.t, okay, so this is a two point question. so everything hangs in the balance. both of you prepare yourselves and it concerns justin trudeau ,who's not only the singlee worst head of state in the world, he also has the most
10:44 pm
ridiculous costume justice who loves to dress up the same e samples on the screen right now. some callth s us cultural appropriation. some call it something darker. this call i week, trudeau is atw again. to he wore a new costume to an event and was heckled by a man in the crowd. what was justin trudeau dressed as he was yelled at? was he dressed as a cowboy, be a biker or c speaking iner the village? people are, construction worker again. >> he was dressed as a construction worker. >> that would be my guess. with the naughty little mustache. but let's find out. was justin trudeau as ae, construction worker? >> roll tape, please. real estate in the wizard. big deal now, tucker, wait, i got something to say. i think that the big reveal
10:45 pm
is that tucker thinksio construction workers have naughty little mustache. no, i don't. i think i should do encourage them to. construction worker has a naughty of. but can i also add here, jimmy , just one village people question. >> oh, this is my moment. i'm going to sing one time by whitney houston and this is a big deal . "on your prize is a commemorativene mug of a man called kpl. moment of silence, ladies and gentlemen, who remains in prison today and is not watching butriso will be out at some point in the next 30 years. the jagan jimmy , thanks to you both. jimmy , congratulations. and we knew this couldn't lastce forever. the leo thomas of trivia. i finally made the experience the best two good final >>r: we'll be right back . victims of mesothelioma and their families may be entitled to receive a cash award from over thirty five billion dollars in asbestos trust funds with over
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ immediate family communication, protecting your family is the best plan you can make. we're back in iowa. just gave a speech to the family leadership summit, a barn burner stemwinder. > pick your oratory cliche or none at all. >> you can watch it if you want on fox station over the weekend, you can find out. t
10:51 pm
>> tucker carlson, .com. so tech companies are spending millions of dollars to stump stop something called the american innovation and choice online caln act. the vote could come as soon as next month. so why are they interested? >>este so the law would limit th companies ability to abuse their monopoly status to crushhe their competitors, which of course is their entiree t busini model. they'll remember whenre amazon,d google and apple use their monopoly power to crush the social media app parler. >> so don't want to live in that kind of country where a bunch of chinese influenced multinationals decide what you can say or think. in >>k. so how can we stop that kid of abuse and where do republicans stand on this? >> whose side are they on? >> mike davis is founder and president of the internet accountability project . hewhich unlike so many tech loby groups, is legitimate. he just wrote a piece on this and we're happy to have them join us now. >> mike , thanks so muchow. for coming on . first, just sum up, since youre are the expert crisply force t,
10:52 pm
if you would, what this bill does. >> sure. big tech monopolist google, amazon, facebook and apple have too much power there, too influenced by china and theyy use this power to crush competition, shutter small businesses and silence conservatives and othersis with whom they disagree. and whatag this b bill does is t finally break up big tax gatekeeping power over commerce and information in this country. and there is a rare closinge bipartisan window of opportunity this summer to finally to break up this gatekeeping power. and republicans must get on board with this. it's timee for them to put up or shut up. >>or so for republican leaders, you're either on the side of google and censorship or you're on the side of your own votersur and free speech. >>reed let's name names. who isis on the wrong side? whoe who do youds fear will be on the wrong side? who needs to be encouraged? well,ur this will be a big test
10:53 pm
for house republican leader kevin mccarthy. this will be a big test for house judiciary ranking f member jim jordan. my former boss, chuck grassleyck from iowa g has delivered the republican votes inn the senate. where mccarthyta and jordan stands on this crucial bill to hold tech accountable. >> so a lot hangs on thise quickly. >> if you're following at home and you're not deep inn the minutia of congress, when can we look for this to become a major news story? when's the vote? well, there hasn't been a vote chuckk schumer needs to schedult the vote in the senate. vthe votes are there. chuck schumer needs to v move forward with the vote and then house republicans need to get on board. so there's a bipartisanpud to coalition to get this done this summer. this month before republicans and democrats go into their warring camps for a mid-term election. >> this has to happen now or it's not going to happen like davis. i appreciate you'reor
10:54 pm
paying attention to this, all the work you do on it. soyo few people you can trust on this. thank you for coming on . t thank you. from iowa for you. coming up in loay mike lindell. and i want to give each and every one of you one last chance to get my original my slippers, go to mypillow, dot or call the number on your screen. now use your promo code and you'll get your very own. my slippers for only forty nine . ninety eight . that's ninety dollars up in my biggest savings ever. what makes my slippers different is my solution for later design that you will find in any other slippers. my slippers and layers make up ultra comfortable, extremely durable and they help reduce
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it was late with this filthy stinking rich and i mean filthy rich screaming out on fox nation. this is the life of a rock star is in our house tonight. our what happens when tucker meets kid rock and gets a better understanding of the man and how he became uncontrollable. nobody i'm beholden to. you can't. tucker carlson, original life of a rock star kid rock screaming now excuse on fox station for us tonight. we just spoke in iowa, the family leadership summit. you can s streamum it on fox nan .com. >> w and of course, we will be back every night, 8:00 p.m. so that's a sworn 8 enemy flying to
11:00 pm
fungus and group . think of the best weekend you ever seen . >> and welcome to hannity on this busy breaking news b friday night. joe biden wrapping up yetre another disastrous week of his imploding presidency filled with more bizarre blunders, more failed policy and yes, more really horrific economic data. we're going to break it allllwe down tonight. now, earlier today, joey was seen fist pumping with the saudi crown prince. youri know, the same prince that he called the murder of jamaal khashoggi, the same nation that he called a pariah nation. . biden claimed in his remarks tonight he did bring


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