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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 16, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. charlie hurt, leo terrell, and welcome to the "big saturday show." >> kamala harris' staffers need to be able to go and need to get where you need to god to do the work and get home. >> very well said. leo. >> -- [inaudible] on the terror watch list at a record pace. the national security threat at our southern border is ahead.
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>> and charlie -- >> people on edge after nearly half a dozen shark attacks in two weeks. >> first, president biden is on his way back to the u.s. after a visit to the middle east, and everyone is talking about that cozy, possibly calculated relationship that biden tried to show with the saudis from standing next to the crown prince in the class photo to fist bumping him when he arrived and kicked off meetingses with the saudi leaders -- meetings. white house claiming earlier this week biden wouldn't shake any hands because of covid. well, apparently that went out the window when biden touched down in israel, and this fist bump -- speaking of touching -- even looked worse than a handshake. the ceo of "the washington post" calling it, quote, shameful, and that it projected a level of intimacy and comfort thats to to mbs the unwarranted -- he has been seeking. the gas prices would actually
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fall in the coming weeks, if you believe that, the saudis say that's not exactly how the meeting went. >> oil production specifically wasn't discussed at this summit. it wasn't really a subject for the summit. >> uh okay. [laughter] the president told reporters on friday that, basically, they were going to be talking about this, number one, lara and that, in fact, our gas prices would come down. that was his plan a on attacking our massive gas prices. so plan a has failed, and i'm not even sure they talk about it. what was the point of the meeting? >> great question. the saudis said we didn't really talk about that, oil didn't come up, so, yeah, what was the point of going over there? and it's funny that you referenced that as his plan a, how about it being, i don't know, maybe let's make america energy independent again, maybe open up our pipelines, i don't know. just a shot in the dark there. this whole trip, i think, was so
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embarrassing from start to finish for so many reasons. if you have the saudis contradicting the president of the united states, him fist bumping after calling them a pariah are. all of it just seems so messy and so unnecessary. and i think back to when my father-in-law visited saudi arabia in 2017, and what a difference, i think, in the two trips. it just felt really -- >> could you imagine though if this was the former president fist bumping with the crown prince who's responsible and is a killer of a washington post columnist? are you kidding me? >> yeah. and and he had said i'm going to hold them accountable, and right, leo -- >> oh, yeah. right, we're friends, we're good friends. >> watch out for covid, guys, because he said he wasn't going to shake hands. >> he went 10,000 miles to get oil, didn't get any. there's oil in oklahoma, in texas. he could have stayed right here. >> good point. >> it's so embarrassing. he went over there at the time that the consumer price index
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came out, you notice of all times he didn't want to be in this country because the country's in a disastrous shape ever since he took over office. and i'll tell you one other thing that's also interesting. he is so timid, weak. did you see how he read that document when he was reading. he wanted to make sure he read -- he didn't even look at camera. he kept his head down. we have a weak president who's not capable of running the most powerful country on the planet. >> now, when i read and look down, i pull on my reading glasses, so i'm going to do that now. i have a pretty little graphic called the biden back and forth. [laughter] i actually think i should coin it, a song. president biden had promised during the 2020 presidential campaign to make the saudi government pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are. remember that? okay. also then biden agrees to meet prince bin salman with a warm gesture, of course, a fist bump, and then cia, of course, charlie, has confirmed that the crown prince actually ordered
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the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi. thank you very much. and yet the president is still meeting with the murder or who's responsible for killing an american for doing his job, being a journalist. >> yeah. no, it is a disaster. it's a disaster on every level. >> yeah. >> even if you take his set of priorities of, you know, what his stated desire, desired outcome of his policies whether it's standing up for the honor, integrity of jamal khashoggi, a better environment, clean or environment or turning the saudis into a pariah, he has failed at all three just out in the open. he's failed at all three. and it's a reminder, talking about your father-in-law, it's a reminder, you know, the beautiful thing about having an america first agenda where a strong america is better not only for america, but for the rest of the world, it also brings so much clarity to both our allies and even our enemies.
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and i don't think anybody in the world today has any charity from this administration except that they can take advantage -- >> no, i think that's a great point. when it comes to clarity and transparency, which, by way, the former president was the most transparent -- >> sometimes too transparent. >> i know, i freaking loved it. when the president says this about gas prices coming down, you know americans are listening because he's going to to say they're going to come down. oh, yea, we can plan summer vacations. this is the false promise that came from the president. watch. >> we had a good discussion on insuring global energy security and adequate oil supplies to support global economic growth. that will begin shortly. and i'm doing all i can to increase the supply for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. the saudis share that urgency, and based on our discussions today, i expect we'll see further steps in the coming weeks. >> can i just say this, that was a lie.
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that was outright untrue. we were energy independent under the trump administration, and this guy went to the middle east to beg for oil when we have natural reserves here that can resolve our imaging problem right now. he went over there begging for oil. >> not only that, they can't even -- this is the world's largest oil producer, and the president himself when canadian president whispered in his ear a couple of weeks ago, they're not going to have enough oil for the entire world, the president actually seemed surprised. they a may get to 13, is it million -- >> 13 million. >> 13 million barrels a day, and that's barely squeaking by, so what was he thinking? >> there are so many questions on so many fronts with this entire trip. i don't know, i just think back to, you know, i watched that clip, and all i see is weakness. all i see, i mean, there's nothing to do with strength happening there. and then i think back to my father-in-law. he got criticized, obviously, any opportunity anybody in the press had to criticize him.
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he was a businessman though, and i think about how masterful he was with negotiations. the strength he had and the ability he had to read people, right? many so whether we're talking about saudi arabia, whether we're talking about china, north korea, even our u.n. allies, think about the way my father-in-law stood up to them, and and he was very clear -- >> yeah. >> -- in what he wanted to have happen. and now it's just murky and sad and depressing. and, charlie, you're exactly right, when america is stronger, the world is stronger. >> yeah. >> a weak america is awful for the rest of the world. >> even adversaries like, and i know we're going to get more into this later in the show talking about the broken border, but even with mexico -- >> right. >> when you lay out the, and, of course, trump was mercilessly ridiculed for this by both democrats and republicans. when you lay out the objective this is what's best for us, let us find a way to do something that's good for you and then you help us, it works out really well. and, obviously, he didn't solve
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the much larger problem of illegal immigration, but he did solve the acute crisis at that time. and, of course, out of spite, just nothing but political spite, joe biden went in there and undid all of it concern. >> you know why? >> -- and we're paying the price. >> trump put america first. biden is putting america last. >> yep. >> he works for everybody at the expense of american public. >> first of all, i just want to play some sound about how the kingdom basically admitted to the world that we were naive, i'm not sure, or did we lie as far as how much oil production is out there, how much we're leaning on saudi arabia, and why in the world would they want to help the united states anyway? can we play that sound? >> the kingdom will play this role in this r around as it a-- max mum sustainable capacity to the 13 million barrel. beyond that, the kingdom will not have further capacity. >> okay, i mean, that is an alarming statement coming from saudi arabia considering the president himself actually believe differently.
2:10 pm
who is advising the president that they do have enough oil? i mean, honestly. >> and doesn't it seem like such a slap in the face for them to then wait for the president of united states to get over there, and then to a hear them -- >> [inaudible] >> and my question is, the whole reason that we're even going over there, apparently to not ask saudi arabia to produce more oil, but nonetheless the goal is more oil -- is that joe biden is on this green agenda. why is it better for the environment to drill over in saudi arabia versus here in america where, actually, the the regulations here in america give us cleaner oil, right? like, all of it is just nonsense. if it's bad over there, it's bad over here. like, none of it makes any sense, so i don't know. >> it doesn't make any sense. and here's the problem, joe biden is being basically controlled by the progress i have left. this is the bernie sanders, the john kerries, the green new deal promo that he's running. he's not speaking for himself, he's speaking for the new green deal. >> i want to to play some sound from the if president laughing
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off a question about the fist bump, because, i mean, he was asked about it, clearly we're all wondering why because he was afraid to get covid, he wouldn't with shake hands, and now he's fist bumping a murderer. let's play that tape. >> you're coming under a lot of fire for your fist bump with the crown prince. [laughter] i just want to give you a chance to respond to that. but also how can you be sure that another incident, another murder like jamal khashoggi's won't happen again? >> god love you, what a silly question. how could i possibly be sure of any of it? i just made it clear if anything like that occurs again, they'll get that response and i much more. >> god love you. >> it's laughable. it makes no sense, and that's what's reflected in the polls. >> you fist bump friends. not enemies, joe. >> no. i mean, when you saw that just now, i mean, what was your initial gut reaction? >> to the president or the fist bump? [laughter] they looked like best friends and then -- >> [inaudible] >> he has no idea. >> bless his heart. all right. a shocking murder mystery.
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>> we're back with a fox news alert. former nascar driver bobby east
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murdered at a california gas station. christina coleman is live in los angeles with what we know. >> reporter: lara, sources tell me suspect in this murder case, 27-year-old trent william millsap, is now dead. i have not independently confirmed the details, but tmz is reporting that officers were informed he may have been holed up in an anaheim-area apartment and that a s.w.a.t. team executed a search warrant there on friday, and during the raid an officer-involved shooting happened leading to millsap's death. no police officers were injured. they describe him as a transient who frequented several motels in that area. police believe two days earlier, on wednesday, millsap killed three-time u.s. auto club championing bobby east as he was filling up at a gas station in westminster about a 35 miles south of los angeles. east was found on the ground suffering from a stab wound to his chest. his murder, of course, shocking the race car world.
2:17 pm
>> at the top of his career, there was nobody better than he was. he certainly was one of very, you know, absolute most competitive race car drivers of his generation. >> so there you have it, tragically another victim of some of this ongoing senseless violence. lara? >> thank you so much, christina -- christina. lee owe, you live in l.a., close to where this took place. we don't know, obviously, what's going on in this case, but we do see so many senseless attacks, so much violence. a lot of it unprovoked. whether it's walking down the street in broad daylight in new york city where people get attacked, you get pushed on the subway. it is really scary to think about the fact that this guy was just at a gas station and without knowing the details of things, i think americans feel more afraid now than they have in a long time because of the surge in crime. >> i think you're spat on, lara. again, we're still waiting for the details, because it happened on wednesday.
2:18 pm
right now overall, you're right, unfortunately, i live in california, in los angeles, and the homeless crime is going on over and over every day. you have to have your head on a swivel in order to walk down the street. and just recently a situation involving an olympian volleyball player -- >> right. >> -- who was struck in the place. l.a. is a haven for criminals. criminals are in charge of the city, and they're not afraid. they're not afraid of being arrested, march rah, not afraid of being convicted because they're going to be back on the streets on parole. >> julie, that's exactly right. i have law enforcement in my family. that is such a tough job. you leave your house every day, you don't know if you're going to come back. and why would you go out of your way to try to get people off the treats as leo is saying, they cause a lot of issues for people, part of why crime is surging, when they're going to be out a couple hours later? >> absolutely. first of all, democratic-led cities are allowing and liberal
2:19 pm
district attorneys such as in los angeles, case in point, where two cops were killed by two guys that should have been behind bars for at least three years, but they weren't. and this is not only a problem in l.a. if you look across the country, you're talking chicago, crime and homicides are doubling, tripling from the year 2019 when we had another president in office. and it's not just chicago, it's new york city. and it's los angeles. and all these other cities that are led are by whoo -- who? democrats. but there's no accountability. they blame it on guns. well, this guy had a knife, so what's your excuse on this one? i'd love to hear it. >> i want to know, charlie, do you think we will see this surge in crime reflected in what happens in these midterm elections? i think it's unmistakeable for people around the country that this change has gotten worse. >> yeah, i certainly hope so. and you would think that you would because democrats don't want unsafe streets, don't want this kind of thing going on. and whatever happened at that gas station, minute's dead, two
2:20 pm
people are -- somebody's dead, two people are dead, and that's not a way to run society. hopefully, democrats do sort of wake up to this and start voting on this issue. >> absolutely. well, we'll find out more and bring it to everybody as soon as we know. all right, another two bite the dust. the exodus grows out of the vice president's office, and one of them may be responsible for those delicious word salads, coming up. ♪ muck. ♪ ♪ s the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." the exodus from the vp's office grews with two more staffers announcing their departure. one of them is responsible for some of the word salads of kamala harris like this one earlier this week.
2:25 pm
>> together we are expanding access to transportation. seems like maybe it's a small issue,st a big issue. you need to to get to go and need on able to get where you need to go to do the work and get home. >> the vp's chief speech writer and policy adviser bringing the total to 15 staffers. speech writer was on the job for only four months. julie, at some point, honestly, i never thought word salad was necessarily going to become, like, a regular political term, but here we are. [laughter] as an expert at word salad -- [laughter] but at some point it's not word salad. at some point the policies themselves are just indefensibling. >> yeah. no, the timing is of the essence here because, you know, i mean, much like her short tenure on the job, the significance of the passage of time and the time of
2:26 pm
the significance in that passage of time, if you take a look at the passage of time, i would say that her time on the job of four months is a record. [laughter] i mean, that is a record. >> fair point. >> what did she just say? what did julie just say? >> exactly. isn't that the point? maybe we're just not even supposed to understand what she's saying. everybody dose, what, and you just kind of move on, i don't know. maybe that's part of the goal. >> so it's like your children -- [laughter] >> correct. they just play dumb. >> you know what this shows though? it really shows that she's not ready for the national prime time. she basically screwed it through the attorney general when she was state attorney general, and now she's on the national platform, and she just doesn't have the skill set to articulate a program. and that's what's happening, she's being exposedded. if she had any notion of being a candidate in 2024, forget it. the american public rejects her approach. >> but see, this is the thing i don't understand. how did this not come to light
2:27 pm
before now? >> the left-wing media. they protected her. >> the whole time she was in -- >> oh, i lived in california. she was a golden girl. she couldn't do anything wrong, and it's being exposed on the national level every day. >> yeah. >> and, by the way, don't forget how poorly she performed when she actually ran for president. >> yes. >> i mean, people in your state of california, leo, nobody wanted her. they was scholl -- she was polling at, like, 3% in her home state. you know, it shows that she really was not up for the job. the thing is, like, you see all of these people leaving, and to me it's interesting because there's a difference between having a boss, a tough boss, right, that makes you perform up to your potential, that a makes you work hard, and then there's a difference in having a boss that's terrible because you're kind of leading them, they don't really know what they're doing, and you feel like, is this even my job? that's what's happening, i
2:28 pm
think, with kamala harris. people to who work for her are, like, i can't do this anymore. she doesn't prepare, she doesn't know what she's talking about. maybe that's the whole point, i don't know. >> so it's kind of amazing, you know, when you're in an administration and you're getting something done, you've got incoming all the time, but you feel like you're the underdog, you're actually accomplishing something. it can be actually fun. can you imagine how miserable it must be to be on her staff, biden staff? >> yeah. >> it's, like, it's -- there's no reason to come into work ever day. >> absolutely. there's an elephant in the room are. she was picked for that position for all the wrong reasons, gender politics, identity politics, let's just be honest. not qualifications, not experience, but for gender, identity politics. >> absolutely. and i have to say, you know, just watching her speak, not only is that cringe-worthy in and of itself, but she actually doesn't -- not only does she not understand what's going on, but
2:29 pm
the one job she's given, she can't even perform the task. and that's immigration, which we'll get into later. clearly, they are not going to be running for president. she clearly should not be on the ticket. who else do the democrats havesome. >> well -- >> i'm going to go hillary clinton. >> oh, my -- >> excuse me. they have the new whatever it is that they're doing, she and chelsea are doing some special where they're interviewing people. i don't know. she seems to put herself out there. and the fact that she keeps denying it, but you can tell she's, go ahead and ask me. [laughter] i peel like hillary is ready to take another stab at that. >> i could see that. >> could she win the nomination? >> hillary? no. because she suffers from that horrible disease, she's unlikable. camilla has that. she's unlikable. she's not warm with. >> she couldn't even win the primary? some. >> i don't think she could because there's a core of hillary supporters, but hillary is unlikable. kamala harris is unlikable. her political career is over after this term. >> so if they sideline biden and
2:30 pm
harris and, obviously, the problem with sidelining biden -- [laughter] is because harris is right behind him. but if they a manage to win thi- >> oh, please. no gavin newsom, please. that'd be worse. >> i mean, have your people from california not done enough damage to our country? [laughter] >> i'm sorry. please, do not nominate that guy. >> well, all i know is that he thinks he's going to run ads in florida -- [laughter] to tell floridians, where i live, that his state is a freer state. it is totally insane. >> maybe hunter biden -- >> there you go. >> oh, my god. we don't have enough time to talk about that today. >> at least he's transparent. >> okay. next on "the big saturday show," a national security threat at our southern border as the number of migrants pinged on the terror watch list surges. ♪
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muck she drives me crazy, like no one else. ♪ >> howdy, welcome back to "the big saturday show" with charlie, julie s and my best, best, best friend lara. new numbers are out about biden's border crisis. the u.s. is on pace to have a record 2 million border encounters the fiscal year. there have already been 56 my grants ping on the terrorist watch list, more than the last four years combined. let's go to you, my best friend. [inaudible] as far as number of encounters in fiscal year 2022 versus fiscal year 2021. so far this year with, 1.7
2:36 pm
million, 746,119. last year, the entire year, partner ping why? >> well, why, because joe biden wants an open border because the democrats have done absolutely nothing to secure our border, to keep americans safe. the thing is, these are encounters. these are ones we know about, leo. >> yes. >> think about how people have come to america, last month alone 15,272 unaccompanied children in june alone. and as a mom of two kids, i think about the horrors that these kids must have to to experience to come up through i our southern border. and there's one reason that the parents are is sending them, because they know they'll get in now because joe biden, kamala harris and the democrat party have green lit their, you know, exodus up through our southern border into america, and it's awful for everybody. it's awful for the people that
2:37 pm
are coming here, and it's terrible for our country. this is not the right way to do things and especially when you talk to people who have come into america illegally. they're the most upset about this. it's not right. >> you know, charlie, it's not only the number, it's the ones that are being caught that are being pinged as terrorists, 56 so far this year, four times as many in the last three or four years. is isn't that a national security threat? >> oh, absolutely. if you don't have a border and don't defend your border, that in and of itself is a national security threat. and, of course, these terror risks aren't -- terrorists aren't coming from mexico, because the world knows biden administration is wide open, the border is wide open. and so that there's -- and the amount of money a lot of these people are spending to get to mexico from wherever they're coming from is a considerable amount of money. but, of course, you're exactly right, you know? this is not just a national security threat, a human crisis. >> yeah. >> these children, you know, the
2:38 pm
new york post last week had photographs of these children crossing the border, and, i mean, it's just absolutely heartbreaking. and remember all of the, you know, understandable fury about the children in cages, which was completely out of context, under the biden administration -- under trump administration. well, this is, this is 50 times worse -- >> far worse. where is aoc going down and crying over it? >> right. >> why hasn't she said mig about? >> -- anything about this? >> we were just talking about kamala harris. apparently, biden's overseas, do they see the immigration issue as a national, major issue for the upcoming midterms? >> hear no evil, see no evil. they see nothing, honestly. they have said that 752 children actually are illegally unaccompanieded and smuggled into this border every single day which is up from may. so we talk about the victims
2:39 pm
many all of this, okay? the children, the youth. not to mention the fentanyl, the methamphetamine, the heroin, cocaine. and i want to bring up a name because a man who was an illegal undocumented immigrant who was accused and charged of raping a 10-year-old minor from the state of ohio who had to travel across state lines to get an abortion. why was he in country? if the question and the argument should not be, oh, she had to travel out of state to get an abortion. if -- for me, the question was why in the heck was he here in the first place? but i don't hear the biden administration or kamala harris addressing -- >> never. 26% of those encounters are people who are repeat offenders who have gotten stopped and they try again. apparently, they feel there's a way to get back into the country. >> of course there is. and, you know, you and charlie are talking about the people on the terror watch list that have been caught here. all it takes is one. all it takes is one of those people to get through and do
2:40 pm
something awful here in america and, honestly, it is so scary to know that this is happening, that it's being allowed to happen. and i've got to tell you, something that doesn't get talked about enough is the fentanyl crisis. it's produced in china, comes up through mexico, through our southern border. it is killing our youth in america right now. i think between 18 and 38 it is the number one cause of death in america right now, and it is, it could be preprevented. we could at least try and slow it down, but they're doing nothing. >> but the -- >> go ahead. >> -- the one silver lining is democrat voters conot sign up for this stuff, and i do believe the democrats will pay a price for -- >> oh, this is going to kill them in the midterms. >> they need to be punished a little bit. okay, let's move on. it's summer of sharks. the fifth shark attack in a matter of weeks, should you be concerned the next i'm you hit the beach? that's next.
2:41 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." long island, new york, beaches are on high alert after an unprecedent canned slew of shark attacks. two lifeguards, two swimmers and a surfer all bit by sharks over a two week time span. last year shark trackers recorded 47 bites, a 42% increase from 2020. lara, you're a triathlete. >> i am. triathlete.
2:46 pm
[laughter] >> i wouldn't mow anything -- [inaudible conversations] >> do you swim in the oceansome do you swim with sharks? are you afraid? do you think about them? >> i never get concerned actually in a race because i feel like there's strength in numbers. they're going to go for somebody, maybe the chances are it's not going to be me. there's too many people in the wart. i grew up on the coast in north carolina. we grew up surfboarding, wakeboarding, always in the water, and we knew learn sharks around, but they're not going to really bother you. i feel like what's happened perhaps all these sharks are so filled with rage because they've been watching too much cnn -- [laughter] and heir just with out and heir going crazy, and they've got to attack people i don't know, it's so wild. the only thing i read that made sense to me as to why this is happening, in california, some say there was some protection given to sea lions, and the population has boomed, so all the sharks are coming in for the sea lions, i don't know.
2:47 pm
or they're watching cnn. [laughter] >> our very own lawrence jones talks to a lifeguard tonight. we have a little bit of sound from that. >> and all of a sudden i feel a sharp pain and pressure in my hand, so i kind of, like, pull it in and realize something's attached to it. so i kind of get it to, you know, self-defense and survival mode and i just start hammer punching -- >> where were you hitting shark? >> i'm hitting the shark, i think, in the head. i'm feeling rubber, you know, i connected with it three times, and on third time the whole shark lifted its body, tail hit me in the chest and swam away. >> you can watch the whole interview tonight with lawrence jones with, cross country, 10 p.m. tonight. >> listen, i demand you show the national tv your socks. [laughter] >> he has shark socks on. >> when your children give you sock, you wear them.
2:48 pm
socks. >> was that intentional? >> no, it was not at all. [laughter] it's that time of year for shark week. [laughter] you know who i would -- if i were, if i needed to fight a shark, there's nobody i would want on my side more than you, julie. >> i actually -- >> [inaudible] >> i decided i'm never going swimming again in the ocean, and if i was a triathlonner, i would quit. i am going to stick to walking. i think -- >> land activities. >> they're afraid of you. running down the beach. >> i don't believe that. they say they like shiny objects or they're more afraid of you, like a bee is more afraid of me. my question is why haven't -- it's actually a i amazing that they've gotten away with their lives, but living to tell all these lifeguards -- >> you'll never have to buy tha-
2:49 pm
>> you will never -- [inaudible conversations] >> -- so easily after this. if you're single, you actually want to get bitten. >> i'm a pool guy, only a pool. [laughter] >> see, and in california you have to watch out not only for sharks, but also for the walruses out there. >> not me. not me because i'm only in the pool. >> walrus attacks too? >> you didn't see the clip on the beach where all the people were on the beach and the walruses come up and they were chasing -- >> maybe they'd been feeding them too much. if you get attacked by a shark, aren't you supposed to go for their eyes? not that you have a lot of senses about you -- >> you're supposed to punch them in the face somewhere. >> listen, we've got another survivor from california. listen to this. >> grab me and pulled me up and then dove me down in the water. then it spit me out. i'm not a seal, it spit me out. and it was looking at me right next to me, and i thought it could bite me again, so i pushed it with my hand, and i kicked at
2:50 pm
it with my foot, and then it left. >> oh, my god. >> he was very calm. >> yeah. he told that story -- >> i pushed him out of way because i was getting attacked by a shark. i like the t-shirt though. at least he can wear it. >> me and my boys, we to a lot of shark fishing, and one of the things you learn very quick is there's a reason they're apex predators. absolutely every aspect of the shark is design for speed and full lethality. and, of course, the problem is when your kids are little, what do they want to do? if every shark you catch they want to bring them in the boat, and depending on how many beers you've had -- [laughter] >> you or the kids? >> cut them off after three because, you know, i'm responsible. there's no drinking and boating laws, so why don't we take -- >> why does that not surprise me? [laughter] >> okay. stick around, big saturday flops are next. ♪ ♪
2:51 pm
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>> welcome back to "the big saturday show." it is time for our pick for the biggest fails of the week. there is a new study out about the effects of drinking alcohol, it reveals people under the age of 40 suffer significant health risk from from consuming drinks and should quit the habit. basically, young people, you should not drink. older people benefit from small amounts, and i'm so god this didn't come out in my late teen- >> i want to know who did this survey, because this doesn't make any -- >> and define small amount. is that a bottle of wound or a box of wine?
2:56 pm
>> it says 3.4 ounces. that's nothing. that's your first sip or something. they also say one of the health risks associate with this for young people or younger people is murder. [laughter] what? >> and, listen, i'm a pretty -- i like my alcohol. i've never killed anyone. >> think about spring break, all those kids -- [inaudible conversations] >> not a member of legal aid anyway. >> the entire problem with it is it is they have no way of measuring the benefits. >> yeah. you've got to stop drinking and pushing with your kids. all right, leo? >> the university of pennsylvania just nominated trans swimmer leah thomas for the ncaa woman of the year award. i want an honest opinion. what's the motivation behind this university nominating leah thomas? -- lia thomas? the true motivation? if come on. >> wokeness? >> oh -- >> hello. >> bingo, hello. that's right. >> and, by the way, what a slap
2:57 pm
in the face to women everywhere, female athletes who have worked so hard their entire, you know, time many school and college, and now this is -- >> i agree. julie? >> i mean, it's been physically proven that she has an advantage due to her biological sex, so unfortunately, it is a slap in the face to women who train for their entire lives and somebody takes it away for them. >> i think it's a political strategy to make everybody go clinically insane, and it's working. [laughter] >> okay. i pass it to my partner, lara. >> okay. party deaths were in total shock after a mother of -- party guests, after a mother of the bride got engaged at her daughter's wedding. now, here's the thing, the mother of the bride was not in on this as you can see from the video, and the bride obviously was part of this whole thing, she was working with the fiance. the only real issue i take with think of -- any of this is that the mother of the bride wore white to the wedding, which is a big faux pa. you're not supposed to do that,
2:58 pm
leo -- faux pas. >> that's all wrong. she wore white shoes with it. i would have gone with a pastel -- >> and i give the bride a lot of credit, because on my wedding day, i wanted all the attention. and most brides want that. and you know what? good on this bride with for sharing the day, i guess, with her mom. >> i guess. but it's also, i mean, it's kind of a weird relationship. i mean, right? it's the, like, it is supposed to be her day, right? but even i know you're not suppose to to wear -- i'm not supposed to wear a white suit to a wedding -- >> and you love a white suit. >> or anywhere. >> really? >> i don't know what parties you're going to. >> okay -- [laughter] twitter has finally suspended the group ruth sent us more than a month after they released the home addresses of conservative supreme court justices after the leak of the opinion roe v. wade
2:59 pm
overturning draft. so great, i guess, but what took you so long. and literally took -- they did it after a justice had to be threatened -- >> yeah. >> -- with, you know, acemented assassination. >> yeah. -- attempted. >> it makes no sense. the timing's office. and you look at what was going on. they were giving out addresses, and then they bothered kavanaugh at morton's restaurant. it's the timing. apparently even twitter had enough of it. >> well, but twitter still allows terrorist organizations on will and not the former president of the united states, but i digress. [laughter] i mean, it's -- they're still not doing a great job. at least they did get rid of this group, because that is just so sick, what they were doing. >> yeah. >> and just horrible and how nothing has been done about it other thanking twitter banning them, i mean -- >> yeah. i got banned from tiktok. i don't even know how. >> you posting --
3:00 pm
>> i mean, i did a couple dances. [laughter] i mean, i'm not a good dancer but, jesus, i didn't think i was that bad. >> i never got on tiktok, because my father-in-law said not to. >> that does it for us. back here tomorrow 5 p.m. for the big sunday show. bryan llenas in for jon scott, "the fox report" starts right now. resident biden back to the u.s., good evening, i am brian yunus in for jon scott. this is the fox report. the president met with middle eastern leaders before leading saudi arabia after the meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed last yesterday. president biden said he confronted the crown prince over the 2018 washington post journalist, jamal khashoggi as th


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