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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  July 17, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good night america. ♪ ♪ brian: i'm brian kilmeade. welcome to "one nation." look who i have as a guest. newt gingrich is set to start us off talking about how we lost trust in this administration. have you been to madison's house, jefferson's house. it used to be a great tour. dr. drew pinsky notices how the
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president seems to be flying off the handle. athletes and performers are taking mental health breaks. are they weak or does that show strength. nearly all polls reveal the people have lost massive trust in the biden administration. when was that trust lost? almost a year ago after the exit from afghanistan. it became clear their promises were never going to equal reality. >> there will be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof an embassy of the united states in afghanistan. brian: video shows afghans taking cover as gunfire rings out around the perimeter of the
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kabul airport. brian: our exit from the 20-year war embarrassed our country. and crushes those who risked life and limb. later on the show we'll separate fact from biden fiction. with former u.s. ambassador to the united states, nikki haley. we have a more personal story. the domestic one affecting everything you buy. where you go. the administration's track record has everybody convinced they are not equipped to tackle the worst inflation this country has seen in 40 years. their prescription on inflation. >> they feel the impact of our proposals will be transitory. >> transitory. >> transitory. >> what do you say to those
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families who say we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon. >> this is will the liberal economy and we have to stand firm. [♪♪♪] brian: has billy joel sings, "it's just a matter of trust," and they lost it. defeating big government socialism. you wrote the book with a sense of history. you put into context. i have to ask you first to comment on what's happening today.
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do you believe with what you have seen and leaders you have known, that this administration is capable of bringing us back from 9% inflation? >> i think this is the worst president since buchanan in the 1850s who led into a civil war. if joe biden had come out of the basement and we realized how cognitively impaired he was, i think he never would have been elected president. if he had been honest about how radical he was going to be, he wouldn't have been elected president. if he said i won't go to texas, but i will go to saudi arabia. i will beg iran. people would have thought he was crazy. this is the most anti-american energy president in history, and i can't understand why he's so deeply opposed to his own
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country. brian: sometimes people know the right thing to do and they politically duck. when the north star, the economy supply chain become an issue and i'm 78 years old, i have got st? >> deep down i think he buys into the big government socialist argument that if we could all be punished enough we then have to get out of our gas powered cars and diesel powered cars. so i think in a sense they are waging war on the american people. i don't think this stuff is an accident. if 2 want people like buttigieg who came out and said he's glad people were harassing the
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congress * supreme court justices, which is a felony. it's totally illegal. but if you watch their attitudes they are opposed to the average american. a lot of them would think it's fine food prices are so high because you shouldn't eat that much anyway. it's amazing to watch the wase semi religious movement around the planet. it's destroying the economy in sri lanka. in holland the left wing nut case has taken on the farmers and wants to destroy dutch agriculture which is among most productive in the world, and the farmers are enraged. this is going on all over the place. biden represents the american version of the anti-western, anti-middle class, anti-common
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sense movement. >> you talk about being asked to go down to the house floor. and to mingle. but you went down there. first time since you were speaker. what struck you is the separation between the parties, and the tone and tenor in which nancy pelosi expects from that chamber. >> nancy pelosi is running a dictatorship. she is doing it amazingly well. as a former speaker i couldn't imagine with a four or five-foot margin doing all the stuff she is doing. brian: in the big picture we will have to reconfigure our spending. this excerpt i wanted to bring to the floor and talk about how it got off track. maybe in an admirable way. it gave birth to the spending
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era. it says to survive america must replace the systems failing it. if we can't break out from 90 years of rooseveltian evolution we'll find it impossible to compete with communist china. they just kill people if they are in the way. in america the bureaucracy as taken over innovation and the spending has taken or any creativity we have in our budget. >> i am sure it's fixable. when i was speaker of the house we balanced working with bill clinton in a bipartisan way. began paying down the national debt. when i left office, the projections were within 15 years we would have no national debt. alan greenspan and the chairman
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of the federal reserve testified how they were going to manage the money supply. i think we can get back to a balanced budget. but you can't get there with big government socialism and paying the teachers union and the big city mayors. and that's what's got to change. brian: we'll see. it's got to be done in a bipartisan way. there have to be the manchin's of the world, people who want to get things don't and get out. thank you very much, i appreciate it. brian: be sure to catch "what made mayor a today great." we cover hollywood when you liked it. law enforcement. the aircraft carrier and the
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automobile. can you imagine life without it? >> what makes us different is our principles. we had a collection of electric vehicles years ago. we are committed to that. these principles are part of our dna. brian: when you see the black and white footage of the skinny genius henry ford. what do you think? >> i think of my grandfather. brian: there was a generation of depression-era people who appreciated the jobs in america. >> that's what i think of my grandfather bringing his lunch bucket in with my grand mother's sandwich in it. it's part of our american story. brian: that's very nice for ford to open up their vault. president biden sits down with
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saudi arabia in a kingdom he once tried to alienate. the former ambassador to the united nations knows all about that, nikki haley. the president flies off the handle a lot. dr. drew joins "one nation" to make sense of all these outbursts. [♪♪♪] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ discover intuitive technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. ♪ ♪ some people have minor joint pain, plus high blood pressure. and since pain relievers may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor. so we need something super disctintive. dad's work, meet daughter's playtime.
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brian: president biden he barking on a four-day journey to the middle east. both nations remain divided with it comes to the dangerous iranian nuclear deal. then he jetted over to the kingdom of saudi arabia, a country he once all night by calling them a pariah nation. and he met with the saudi crown prince to ask for oil. this is the same prince that he said ordered the killing of khashoggi because they didn't like his reporting. nikki, didn't he realize when he
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called saudi arabia a pariah, there would be something to hans for? didn't he realized when he got into the iran nuclear deal that there would be a price. >> it's interesting how wrong he continues to get foreign policy. we'll be dealing with foreign policy the next 10 years because of all his failures. going to israel, you have to understand getting in iran deal is counter to their survival. if you want peace in that region the iran deal is the last you want to be getting into. it's unbelievable to me that he's going to saudi to beg for oil when he should be begging our energy producers for forgiveness. we shouldn't verb go to another country to depend on anything. he needs to make sure he gets out of the saudi visit is how we are going to counter iran. this is a country that says death to america. all of the arab countries know
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the dangers of iran. israel knows the dangers of iran. it's like biden is the only one who doesn't understand how dangerous this country is. they are the number one sponsor of terror. brian: he said i gave them the deal. it's up to them to decide whether they will take it. jaws dropped. when was that deal done? he didn't check in with senators or his own party. he just said the deal is done. that's stunning. and it caught the attention of the interim prime minister of israel and the president. listen to the didn't ways they characterize the different ways to news rallize iran. >> i believe diplomacy is the best way to achieve the outcome.
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>> if they continue to develop their nuclear program, the free world will use force. brian: who is right? >> it's amazing how naive is acting. america is too nice. too nice. stop being nice to these thugs and tyrants that want to kill us. what israel is saying is you can't have diplomatic relations with a country saying death to america, death to israel. the only way you stop the russias and chinas and irans and north korea is with strength. look at these guys, there is no way they are going to talk to you. the other side is this is obama 2.0. the idea he has thrown a deal out there without telling congress and being transparent to the american people make all
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of us feel uncomfortable and puts the world in danger. brian: i haven't gotten confirmation, but the kicker would be russia would be paid to take the uranium out of the country and it would be brought back if we ever tried to get to the deal. we would be hamstringing the future administration in favor of iran. it's insane. lastly, ukraine. i think the world is pulling for ukraine. i think the president did the right thing. but our allies are getting shaky. some people here at home with inflation at 9% are saying for my $7.3 billion, can i get some accountability? ambassador, how do you answer those concerns? >> this isn't a war about ukraine, this is a war about freedom. when we see a free country being threatened, that's a threat on
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all democracies. i don't think we should be giving ukraine blank checks. i think if they ask for long range missiles, you give them. if they ask for planes, you give them. and you make sure our nato allies are doing their part as well. the reason you do this, brian, is because if russia takes ukraine, they will go after a thank you to country next. that's a whole bigger responsibility. that's a war we don't want to get into, that's something we don't want to do. we just need to give ukraine what they need in terms of equipment, not checks and money. other countries can do that. i don't think america needs to do that. brian: when the mainstream media mocks you, there are consequences. the left's war on history, part two. we showed you how james
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madison's historical homes is under attack. now they are coming after one of his great friend. another founding father. about
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blunt force injuries to her abdomen.
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>> he knows deep in his heart that donald trump couldn't find ukraine on a map. he knows this is an administration defined by ignorance of the world. that's partly of them playing to their base, flying their audience. the boomer rube that backs trump *. you are an elitist with your geography and your maps. brian: they are mocking president trump and also mocking the 75 million americans who supported him. now the masses have gotten their revenge. according to a new story in axios, they are simply not
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watching the net works. no better person to ask than ar a -- than ari fleischer. i didn't come up with that idea to bump into your segment. you wrote about it in your book. why is that emblematic of the reason you wrote it. >> i wanted to begin my back to with that segment because it captures everything wrong with the media. how can anybody in good conscience do that. it continues with don lemon saying thanks, i needed that. what newsroom thinks that it makes journalistic success to mock half the country.
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brian: if they don't think like me, they are idiots and morons. the president of the united states whether it's trump or the man you worked for, george w. bush. most of the media in the studies you found are democrats. not only do they knock republicans, they seem to hate them. >> the media consists overwhelmingly of college educated democrats who only know how to write stories for educated democrats. i ask students who did you vote for in the last election. 24-0 for democrats. i had an opposition research company pull the records of the white house and how they register to vote. it's a 12-1 ratio.
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why isn't it 1-1. why isn't it even? how different the news the american people would get would be. i blew the whistle on the media in this book because there are too many democrats and liberals that's deride republicans. this is why the mainstream media is in decline and in denial. brian: the other networks have lost almost half their audience. joe biden gets elected president of the united states. obviously 97% of the news rooms are elated. so elated nbc takes a shot of the fireworks. you point this out in your book. >> take london, fireworks were set off, celebrating this historic win. let's take this in.
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brian: in reality, ari fleischer, what were they celebrating? >> they were celebrating a 50 to-year-old holiday on the famed assassination attempt on king james i. it had nothing to do with the american election. of course, fireworks were to celebrate trump's defeat. that's deception. it made it on the air on msnbc, but cnn and cbs, too. this is -- on abc, too. brian: nicky hail think being told she spent $25,000 on you are canes when everybody was cutting back.
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it turns out it was ordered before she took the position and they never retracted it. what role does that play in the divided america we see now. the mainstream media is one of the greatest sources much our polarization. they divide us and don't report the news fairly and equally. they are one of the biggest problems we have in this country. i want the media to be fair and neutral. with the mainstream media we can no longer do that. brian: next, president biden lashes out at the media. but why? we have a doctor in the house to help us make sense of these temper tantrums. i will be back on stage live. it will be america red, white
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and blue in newark, new jersey. in new jersey, and in tulsa. i know it says you have to have a vaccine. but you don't. i will see you live on stage. dr. drew is next. only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? only pay for what you need. safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> go back and read what i said. tell me. what a side son much a pitch. >> your message to democrats who don't want you to run again. >> they want me to run. read the polls, jack. brian: the media usually gives him a pass. we prefer to go to the root causes of why this president has been acting more like john
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macken row than john kennedy. joining me to break it down, dr. drew pinsky. >> in that last clip he became the old man standing out on the lawn yelling at people. he's not a young person. i see normal aging. when you get older, particularly males, impulses can't be screened out because of the way your frontal lobe functions and it can't be screened out. a lot of epithets understood his breath. i have to stands in line and yell at you. it's just normal aging. brian: i thought it was bizarre. >> it is, it should be a concern and we should have guidelines
2:38 am
for people in government. we have it for doctors. brian: a 25-year-old announced he will be taking a break fromturing focusing on his mental health, telling fans. naomi osaka stepped away from the tour citing mental health. simone biles withdrew saying we have feelings and at the end of the day people don't understand what we go through. this generation of achievers emotionally strong or weaker. >> it's three different issues. the rock star not touring is a very positive thing. i have treated lots of rock stars. in the past they would say he's
2:39 am
exhausted. now they are saying it's a mental health issue. thank you. in my world it was all addiction. going back to work prematurely is why they die. but the issue with osaka is a more clear example of the generation at large. they are not getting developmental milestones and they cannot handle that much. she did the right thing, but it's a symptom of what's going on. i talked to a therapist a half-hour ago giving me an update on her adolescent patients. it's been the lockdown and the way the world is presented to them. if we don't get green we are dead. if you are not given social contact and told the world is coming to an end, of course you have resiliency problems.
2:40 am
brian: it's what a lot of other people are doing. >> thank god they are being truthful about it just as if they had a medical problem. brian: you have to learn to be resilient. >> all the things that grandma taught us, we left it all behind. and of course this generation is suffering. brian: i am so thrilled, i would like you to come back. >> when? brian: at the end of the show. >> even though gutfeld just preloaded me with all kinds of concerns about you. brian: i don't know who he is. they first came for james madison. now they are going for another founding father. tom brady tells us the hardest thing about parenting. and it's not about lack of sleep.
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brian: tearing down our history the violent way. then there is the 1619 projectle fully backed by the "new york times." now two of the founding fathers are being attacked at home. their home. these houses in which they lived were destination points for families and scholars from around the world as they toured their homes painstakingly recreated to look like they once did. now both have gone woke. we told you last week about what happened at the tours of james madison and the montpelier house. they focus on slavery, equality and reconstruction of history. now we discover the same mission at thomas jefferson's monticello. primary author of the declaration of independence.
2:46 am
focusing on slavery and his human frailties. is this the direction we should be heading as a nation, rewriting and redefining american history. what was your reaction when i informed you of this? >> i was not surprised. we just have a situation in america today for reasons that we can get into if you would like. the situation where the man you stream in american life lacks the moral authority to enforce the principles that made america great. so in places like monticello and montpelier, what we see is people making it a power move on the founding fathers. and saying that they are in a sense illegitimate.
2:47 am
and the greater larger truth about america is not these two great men, but rather america's commitment to slavery. to segregation, to in a sense, to evil. this is where america is at. and it's unfortunate. because this helps no one, brings no truth to light that we somehow missed. it's a naked power move. let me take other institution. they had a great impact on american education. you see it in the corporate world, medical world. sports. where this attitude of protests, of protesting racism comes into play as a way to grab power, to take power. and it's weakening our entire society. >> at the madison house we told
2:48 am
you people were astounded that people who helped write this constitution would be virtually invisible on the tour. then it happened at monticello. jeffrey tucker took his tour expecting to hear about jefferson. they put down his history and reputation. putting him down and demoralizing people on my tour. i thought somehow the house would be protected. no longer, the place is sort of brick-a-back. it hooks like a rummage sale is going on there. brian: i find it awful to think like that. what is the big objective? you are not someone who lived a life free of racism. you understand about jim crow. you lived it. you understand slavery, you study it.
2:49 am
if you go to jefferson's house, there is an area of the slave quarters. there was a tour guide to talk about what life was like for them. what happened to the balance? >> what happened is a vein of power opened up to what we call the grievance elite, those people who made' of america's racist past. and that power is still there, people grab it. i have been to monticello, too. i did a documentary there some years back. it's an overwhelmingly interesting place. the slave quarters were wide open for all of us to see. th was no attempt to repress that part of jefferson's world. we saw it. and it -- i'm presuming it's the
2:50 am
same as it was then. but, you have got now a much more focused grievance elite that will cometh and call him a racist and so forth and make hay of that. make money from that. that's an he thunderstormous power in american life that i think is still -- even though we talked about it, it's been overlooked. it's been diminished. but it's injuring our institutions terribly. brian: you have so many credibility and you do such great work. we just have to push back from the grass roots. not k for a favor. just k for reality. we can't have antiamericanism. americans turning on americans starting in our past. we have to win the war on history. >> we should find our courage and stand up to this.
2:51 am
and stop being so afraid that we are going to be labeled a racist. that's particularly what white america has to begin to do. to have moral confidence in itself and stand up to people who want to revive history as a power grab. brian: i hear you. thanks so much. straight ahead. it's news dual time with dr. drew in the house. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...the burning, the itching. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. tremfya® is the first medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis... ...and it's 6 doses a year
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brian: one of my favorite times of the week. it's "news duel" time. joining us is dr. drew pinsky. you have never done this before, correct? >> except when i was in college, dreaming bit. one day brian kilmeade would have this show and i would be on
2:56 am
it. brian: so, we are going to talk about tipping. but to put it in perspective, i think we start with seinfeld. we don't know what's real or not. >> a donation has been made in your name to the human fund. what is that? money or people? that was understated stupidity. brian: that's my greatest fear. you give and give and you don't know where it goes. a woman restructures the debate about digital flipping when they say if you want to. decide if you want no tipping and be a hater or allow me to eat dinner. >> this came on during covid. i grabbed it thus as t enthusia.
2:57 am
if you try to back off, they are going to write about you online. >> because they know who you are. >> when somebody hand you a coke you don't know if they deserve it. >> they literally handed me a lemon and it's a 22% tip. 7-timelyian was on a flight 7-time olympian was on a flight and the flight attend assistant offered her a coloring book because she is small. what is that sound? brian: it's a buzzer. tom brady and his wife have a problem. their biggest challenge they say
2:58 am
is we have too much money. their wealth has them worried as a parent because they grew up middle working class. they say now we are on planes, we have chefs and we are afraid our kids will get the wrong impression. how do you handle that if you are rich and your kids aren't. >> you better restrict their access to fund and not let them have access. emphasize values and hard work. i worked a lot with wealthy people. it's kind of gross, but it often doesn't grow well. brian: you want your kids to be hungry and understand they have to make their own money. bradley cooper is probably one of the most attractive men you will ever see and dated some of the most attractive women he has
2:59 am
dated. one woman i can't say her name correctly. she is unbelievably attractive. j-lo seems nice. >> he has range. so does uma abedin. usually your picker, if you are gravitating towards anthony weiner, i worry about bradley cooper. brian: always great to see you. you are the best. that's it for us tonight. a request. go to our dvr. put on series and catch us every saturday night at 8:00.
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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter, rumble, and@kilmeade for whatever you want. "unfiltered" with dan bongino ♪. [playing of the star-spangled banner] ♪.


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