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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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watching you, thank you for everything you have done to grow the game. >> i can't wait until august. trey: i need shots. thank you, for joining us, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests. representative elise stefanik and larry kudlow, we have a lot to go over, but before, i am going to prove to new next 10 minutes that joe biden and democrat party are responsible for sabotaging our economy.
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and sabotaging our energy industry. it is nothing to do with foreign forces and foreign powers or boogie men, but actual policies that have been in the process now for decades. these policies they put under the name climated change or green new deal, they started out in 1970s in europe, where professors from world activists, marxists, left wing politicians, they met, and they came up with this notion of climate control. as a venue, a system through which they would push their economic agenda. their economic, agendis, if you read research and scholarship, which i have done, is economic degrowth. degrowth the central society . marx hated the industrial
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society, he was shocked when he saw in latter parts of his life in united states as our industries grew and our capitalist system expanded economic activity and prosperity, that rather than the workers rising up and over throwing the owners and managers, quite the opposite occurred. that is, the life style for most people went up, creating a vast middle class, which is the heart and soul of america and american system. the opposite what was marx intended, the left have been fighting this since, and how come to a head, in the biden administration he has the most radical appointees in these department heads, in the bureaucracy. in every unit and office and division in the federal government in american history. they are abiding by a half
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century old degree movement, they can call it whatever they want, but that is what it is, a war on capitalism, you know what, it is working. it is not putin, not the world economy. it is biden and the biden administration and the democrats who embraced every syllable of this propaganda. let's take steps together, as fox pointed out on january 20, 2021, first day in office biden's first action to revoke approval for keystone xl pipeline and im pose moratoriums. roughly 25 percent of u.s. production comes from federal areas, keystone confirmed to many policy watcher biden's willingness to use favorite tactics blocking midstream pipeline to restrict upstream
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production, targeted to reduce greenhouse gases, what are greenhouse gases? sounds ominous, no, that is in -- atmosphere, you ever drive by a glass building they create a greenhouse gas environment to grow plants in the winter and harsh season. the vast majority of greenhouse gases are condensation, water, carbon dioxide, represents, you have a stadium of 10,000 seats, 4 seats, 4. what else, without carbon dioxide we die. the federal government does not have regulatory
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authority to regulate it. it is not a pollutant. it is oxygen for plants, they use carbon dioxide to create oxygen for you and me, we used to like frees trees, they suck up our carbon dioxide and push out oxygen. let's go on: >> if you buy an automobile, a very expensive automobile, even a rolls-royce, and they have electric features, you have a 7500 dollar
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tax break, it's sick. continuing: >> march 21, 2022 biden's sec -- proposes landmark climate rules, which hast has no authority to pro pros at all. and to push the leftist agenda on every company in america that reports to the sec as part of their auditing requirements. >> fox was actually very kind in the way they talk about the biden administration in a sense. they had those issues, but here is afp, they have 25
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steps that biden administration has taken to smother energy production, investment and development. you can look it up. it includes everything from adopting new epa oil and gas rules to restricting or impeding energy projects, rejoinings paris agreement. forcing states to restrict driving. raising the price of cars and trucks, instituting a new policy on issue carbon taxes, raising price of common household necessities as a result, stifling energy innovation, altering regulatory cross analysis, imposing new cost on power generation, impeding american exports, and raising american taxes across the board and fueling the fire for future regulation and lack of future investment. another expert, u.s. natural gas prices in northeast face
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more upward pressure amid russia's war with ukraine because there is insufficient pipeline infrastructure for north east to gets it natural gas of pennsylvania, of which there is a ton of. the pipeline construction has been halted. we're sending all and gas to china. to india, all over the world . but we can't get it from pennsylvania to new inland new england in an efficient way. 81 things that biden administration has done or proposing or now, to sabotage energy production and price of fuel in this country, this is a disasterrous disgrace, they are sabotaging american industry and stealing from your pocketbooks. they talk about electricity all of the time.
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what are they doing 'b electricity? according to another expert. americans can expect to see electricity shortages this summer, traditional power plants are being retired more quickly, and require battery storage, warn they are straining as conventional power plants fuel by c. >> are being retired. it comes from wind and solar farms cannot produce electrically 24/7 as americans demand it. independent grade operators warned that rate of the additions may not be fast enough to offset the
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closures. furtherric as per rating problem by biden administration in blue states to electrify the car and heating and on and on, they believe there is too much fossil fuel generating, not enough wind and solar. they -- pure fantasy. since these renewable generators need a reliable back up, the belief is that battery storage can do the job, but when no wind is blowing no sun is shining there is no excess power. and cost of battery storage is expensive.
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>> they had extentsive government subsidies over decades tax benefits, state mandates, yet, they represent a total of 12%. of our energy capacity. independent system operators are warning that america can expect electricity shortages, shortages are caused by reckless move of transitioning country to wind and solar power and retiring existing conventional generating technologies, we're not ready for this we're not ready at all. later in the program, i will focus on inflation. joe biden said that inflation and economies allest on world are having a problem. our core inflation rate is higher than almost every core inflation rate in the world. with the fed understands is they have to put brakes on the economy, that is called,
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not just a recession but stagflation, ha how you destroy a country, it has nothing to do with russia invading ukraine, nothing to to with saudi arabia. it has nothing to do with anything but joe biden, the democrat congress and their radicals, you know what their plan is to fix the energy situation? hey broke the system. they have no intention of fixing it i'll be right back. ted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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every search you make, every click you take,
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every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. mark: welcome back, representative elise stefanik to the program. first of all, may i call you a woman is that still okay among republicans? >> it is. i am honored and proud to be a woman. mark: okay, great. now, january 6 committee, i think the
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longest this goes on, they destroy their own credibility, the lies out of the committee and phony evidence and witnesses who seem to have been tampered with and trended, and the fact that there is some basic questions that any opposition, any lawyer on the other side would ask that would expose this for what it is. they are not investigating january 6, are they? they are investigating the republican party. mag aand donald trump. is that about -- maga and donald trump. >> that is right, this is been attack on trump voters this is a partisan attempt by nancy pelosi for her hand-picked members of congress to go after president trump and all republicans. because they know that they will lose at the ballot box in november. and when is really interesting, mark, as i talk with my constituents, i do every day, whether nim i am in washington or home, they are not asking
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not asking or concerns about january 6, they are concerned about inflation and doubles of gas prices. the issues that impact them daily, the january 6 sham committee is way worse than the impeachment which hunt parts one and two there is no republican appointed members. for the first time, in the history of congress, you have no ability for minority party in this case, the republicans, to appoint those members, why is this important. because there needs to be cross-examination of witnesses and a close eye on evidence presented. we know now there is educated excerpts and edited text-messages of jim johnson, and witnesses coming forward saying their statements have been taken out of context.
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they are losing on every single issue, whether border security, they are obsessed with continuing to go after president trump, american people are smart, they can see through this for what it is a partisan witch-hunt. mark: are you aware of any other civilized democracy or republic that set up a committee or a commission like that to go after a former president? >> no, it is unheard of. un-american. family, and -- fundamentally. you have one office, that is ahead of the investigation that is nancy pelosi's office. they said at start of witch-hunt, everything is fair game except for the speaker of the house's office, we know that speaker's office was made aware of potential threats and violence that day, they failed to do their job, to
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ensure the capitol police had support they needed to secure the capitol. and they have not turned over the communication with the sergeant at arms office, the american people deserve to have that transparent, this is family un-american. -- fundamentally unamerican and a waste of taxpayer will dollars. mark: if nancy pelosi has nothing to hide about her fantastic leadership on january 6, why doesn 't she make herself available for testimony on the record. and her text-messages and e-mails, why does she even have to be asked. what about her staff and family members, they did that with trump. shouldn't we know what she did. it is interesting this
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committee having another public hear, not a single witness or video or statement that makes this clear there were 5 witnesses who have said that donald trump offered the national guard 48 hours before he spoke. and that gives to lie to the insurrection nonsense lead by donald trump. >> you are right, nancy pelosi should turnover all of the documentation, rones republicans have requested. this is not conducted on bipartisan basis, we have made the requests. you had democrat chair of the committee hand-picked by nancy pelosi saying her office is off limits, why? they know, that she was offered the national guard from the president of united states, they failed to secure the capitol because of their concern with
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political optic, there needs to be accountability. the other issue, republicans have been consistent we condemn actings of violence, and any considered on january 6, we -- that occurred on january 6, and as cities were torched to ground during riots of 2020, democrats failed, to condemn, and convinced american people that lighting churches on fire was a form of peaceful protest, that is violent rioting, republicans have been consistent, if this committee of focused on securing capitol they would ensure they got the resources they need. they have failed this democrat congress failed to take act to provide resources needed by capitol police and take action on those recommendations.
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>> how many hearings, i would like to know have been held in democrat controlled house on joe biden financial relationships with foreign countries, including china through his son indirectly? how many hearings held on failure of joe biden to comply with article 2. the 61stution to hold up the immigration laws and targeting of parents and school board meetings, held on the environmental policies that have led to current situation, of increased gasoline prices and soon to be shortages. how many hears have been held on the murder rates and other crime rates this are going up in the country, as a result of their party controlling the different cities, isn't the january 6 hearing a way to try to divert the attention of the american people when we come back, i'd like you to address, that we'll be right back.
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>> welcome to fox news live, i am bryan llenas, shocking new reports of multiple systemic failures by uvalde police responding to the tragic school shooting at robb elementary school, you may find the video disturbing. >> 400 officers were at school and waited over an hour to confront the gunman,
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the report stating that gunman fired at least 100 shots before any officer entered school. >> we're monitoring a situation at a mall in indiana, police investigating a shooting at greenwood park mall around 6:00 sunday evening, two people are dead, multiple others injured. and the authorities say that shooters have died, but asking people to avoid the area, back to "life, liberty and levin." i am bryan llenas. ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america. representative stefanik. we have separation of powers not to investigate former presidents. but to keep existing presidents, check and balanced. how many hears have been held in house of represent representative to look at manchurian
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candidate various financial issues of his son and brother. any hearings? >> there have been zero. republicans will hold this administration accountable as we work secure the majority. supported by house democrats and democrat in the united states senate. that is one reason i believe that democrats will fail at the ballot box this year, they are top issues that american people that i hear about that people are hurting because of the failed policies you talked about. when it comes to illegal ties to crime, that joe biden is directly involved with, with his son hunter, american people deserve to
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know that. the fact that media is the mainstream media is participating in essentially a cover-up of hunter biden's illegal relationships with shine china and with other foreign entities he should not be involved in and joe biden profited from that,y intend to investigate, we made the document requests, we're not going to hesitate when it comes to utilizing our soup subpoena power, american people deserve accountability. the en biden family, profiting off of joe biden's position as vice president. they look the other way on these illegal controversies
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from hunter biden. mark: you won't have the benefit of media. that said, you make an important point. they are trying to concoct some relationship between trump and violence that took place on that day, they can't square it, they have to go to social media to look at what some kooks said or cherry pick information or you can't cross exam -- cross-examine witnesses. yet in case of joe biden, if you are a lawyer, a litigate or, a prosecutor, there are stack this was stuff in front of you showing conflicts, showing moneys, showing dealing with foreign entities, and not registered. raising tax questions, stacks and stacks, they
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ignore it. are the republicans ensuring you say they asked that documents be protected, the republicans ensuring that the documents will be protected? even with the january 6 committy what is response from nancy pelosi. >> the response from nanu nancy pelosi has been no response, they have not complied. we will pursue that when we earn the majority, with the multiple controversies of joe biden's illegal entanglement with hunter biden's transaction. the actual role of congress, to have oversight, an american role that a democrat control congress has failed on. we hole them accountable.
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not just the biden crime family issues, the border, they have refused to turnover documents and to make administration officials available with the border crisis. joe biden is not living by the rule of law, they are avoiding anything and having wide open amnesty policies that are not according to the rule of law, not according to what congress passed. and it has been a disaster, the most open border and most insecurity border in our history, we intend to use oversight tools, it is so important in government. >> in context of the abortion. joe biden mentioned that poor 10 year old girl, who was raped. and received an abortion, from one state to the other, what joe biden didn't
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mention, she was raped by an illegal alien, and he does not mention how many rapes and molestations are taking place because of his refusal to secure the border. i want to thank you congresswoman, keep up the great work. we pray and hope and we the people have to make it happen. that the parties change in the house. all my best, god bless. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, inflation is rampant. larry kudlow, my next guest is a economist. you know larry. they spent 1.9 trillion out of the box.
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sent 1400 in checks for every person in a family, increased unemployment insurance. a child tax credit like never before, hundreds of billions of dollars. they didn't need to do a lot of that, because the economy was coming out from under. and they spend 3 to 400 billion dollars hands money to the states, particularly the blue states, they didn't need it like the worst way to spend money, just redistributing wealth, just printing and printing. the democrats are talking about spending more money. including manchin. what is the situation today? what do you make of this? >> well, look at if you want
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to go back at very beginning, trump gave them 6 .5% growth rate, 1.5% inflation. and very low interests. it could not have been a better transition if you will, he passed over a terrific economy. what you say is right, they jammed down a 2 trillion dollar spending bill against advice even some leading democratic economists, they warned them about inflationary impact. the other thing. they removed work requirements from the federal assistance plans. now, you have a position where people are getting paid not to work. with no penalties, that they destroyed welfare reform of
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25 years ago, which was so successful. right now, we find ourselves in an impossible position. a year and a half later, just 18 months later, this economy is running double digit inflation. and i might add the inflation report, cpi and ppi of last week, they reports show inflation is more deeply embedded and actually increasing particularly away from the energy situation. inflation is deeply embedded, i think, we are already in front end of a recession, as federal reserve attempts to lower inflation rate the recession will deepen, i will mention, even manchin
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seems have to jumped ship, dances cheek to cheek with chuck schumer, that is always a bad idea, 400 billion dollar tax hike on small businesses. there may be a trillion dollars in spending, even more green new deal tax credits, which i decimating the economy, the whole radical climate activism has been destructive. i cannot imagine if that bill passed. it will increase inflation rate and deepen the recession, i don't know it will pass, i think democrats may have cold feet, but the sheer stupidity of that bill given our situation today, hard to believe, hard to believe. >> in 20 months or so, 18 months, this party -- this president this administration, have destroyed energy
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independence, i don't mean just for today, as you know research, development. capital expenditures necessary, they stopped it in its tracks, now we're another net importer of energy, we were a net exporter, it didn't matter what russia did, we could handled that, but no. we're retracting then they attack the victims of their policies, look at the money, the federal reserve, job of the federal reserve is to create ensure sounds money not be drug dealers to the fiscals on the fiscal side, and democrats are economic illiterates, they are out of control, you don't spend more money in face of inflation, unless you want to openly create a
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depression, what is going on, ideology. >> that is key. from day one. actually, from the biden campaign, when he pledged to end fossil fuels, this radical climate activism has been a destructive force, that past week biden is begging saudi arabia for oil. you know, there is nothing wrong with american oil and gas, america has the cleanest oil and cleanest gas, and i might add, america also has cleanest air and cleanest water of any of the large central -- industrial country, they have attacked fossil fuel. to use newt gingrich phrase, this is big government
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socialism, they want to transform the economy, from day one, away from the principles of free market capitalism, and institute a kind of regulatory government planning socialist state. which emphasizes redistribution, and income leveling, not growth, not prosperity, they have no interest in growth. this is the left, this is the crazy left this is the bernie sanders left. this is dominated by this presidency up to now. i don't see any reason why it will change, you can go every step of the way, big spending, big deficit, you noted federal reserve comes in print money buy bonds and finance debt, inflation rate shoots up from under 2 to double digits, it will end in recession, when you listen to them talk, to them
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talk, they are in complete denial about the impact of this on the long range of the economy. that is really the biggest problem. they don't get it. they don't understand why they are wrong. why modern monitor theory is a failure, and why socialist planning is a failure, these experts are wrong, they aretationing our country apart -- they are tearing our country apart, tearing it down. mark: when we come back, the recession, could be stagflation. what does that mean for the average american? we'll be right back. im aleve. who do you take it for?
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mark: welcome back, larry kudlow, american people are already suffering, in particular lower middle class and middle class, my question is, what else can happen to the american people if we have stagflation or a full-blown recession? >> all right, real wages have fallen by i don't know, 5 or 6%. and that is really a killer. you got high prices. falling real wages, they are making more money from
5:51 pm
employment. but the money is buying less. unfortunately, it is the middle class. the working folks who will get hurt the most by this recession. it always the case, they get hurt the most by high inflation. that is always the case. and interest rates by the way, are just starting to go up that will be another big factor. so it will be difficult, look. i believe in america. i believe that this crazy socialist interlude will come to an end, mark. the cavalry is coming in november, i believe that. and i think that this will be thrown out the window, but between now and then, it will be very difficult. i think people should just do what they always do, americans should do what they always do, they should work hard, they should stick to their own values, disregard the craziness going on in washington, d.c. they should try to take
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advantage of whatever opportunities are still available. i don't think they should get so down in the dumps, you look at the polls, right way, wrong way, there is a rejection of joe biden. but that is good. but there is no rejection of american values, no rejection of american free market capitalism, there is no rejection of american businesses, 160 million people work in business, they know businesses is a force for good, they will disregard what they hear from the biden white house and the current washington seed, work hard, do the best you can to get through this. you could protect yourself by the way, some sense if you are in the market, i would not sell, i don't think that stokes have bottomed yet, but don't sell, keep buying on weakness, better time are coming in long run stock market
5:53 pm
still a great place for ira and 401(k), and government savings bonds, the ibonds they yield over 10%, protect yourself, think about longer term, think about greatness of the country, we've been through difficult times before, you and i worked reagan all looked hopeless in 1979 and 80, he changed policies, cutting taxes and regulations, dee regulating energy. and we count up with a about a 3 decade boom, we'll put our shoulder that you this and be okay. we'll come out in the other side. people should stay optimistic, play that, you are going to bet on america, but don't bet on joe biden, he is a loser, and his crowd
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will be defeated. mark: you are very positive. i need to have around more often, ibonds, i just wrote that down. >> much of that economy is run by executive orders and regulations. so this election is just the beginning. we'll have to do a lot more to get our country back, a lot more culturally too, i don't just view this as an economic socialism problem but a broader ideological problem whether the classrooms the border, the economy. this hate america stuff by the american marxists is killing the country, the sooner we're aware of it push back the better, you have a great program. fox business, kudlow, not a lot of people that can get
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away with that. kudlow, hannity. >> levin. mark: i don't know about that. >> thank you. >>. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. bthis dad and daughterso hawere drivingnts when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly.
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mark: welcome back america. i'm concerned, i hear about this landslide for republicans, as if it has already occurred, you have to go out and get the land slide, we need to comprehend that democrats don't play fair, and comprehend that media hate us. we need to comprehend that there is all kinds of dark money spent by billionaires. who like what is going on in this country, we the people, to quote, a not so great president from bottom up and middle out, that is grassroots, as in virginia, and other parts of the nation in past year, we need to rise up. and take our country back.
6:00 pm
we're we're going to lose it we're already losing, it is up to us. the question is, whether there are enough of us left or enough of us who will vote, enough of us will be activists, i'm counting you on, next time on "life, liberty and levin." 21 dead systemic failures and poor leadership describing shortcomings failures of the school district and on fourth here is texas state representative at the conference earlier this evening. >>


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