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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 18, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: another blow to president biden. 17% rate the economy positively, the lowest number in a decade. >> carley: most people expect things to get even worse. >> just 18 months later, this economy is running double-digit inflation. we're in front end of a
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recession. the recession will deepen. it is inevitable, there is no way out. >> carley: larry kudlow sure about that, i'm carley shimku . >> todd: i'd todd piro. >> carley: new polling shows republicans hold 3-point edge on the ballot. both sides are equally motivated to vote. alexandria hoff is like with details. >> alexandria: good morning, the president is back in washington and must contend with the frustration of the american people. build back better plan has been knocked down into smaller bits. west virginia senator joe manchin said he would not support a plan that includes new taxes to fund climate initiatives.
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>> he didn't abruptly do anything. people like manchin and kyrsten sinema who are intentionally sabotaging the president's agenda. >> i do not know why senate majority leader chuck schumer allows manchin to be chair of the energy committee. >> alexandria: senator manchin fears new spending would exacerbate inflation. here is fox news sunday yesterday. >> inflation is unacceptably high, get that clear out of the gate, went up 1.3% in june. it is hard to conclude we're in recession when you look at job gains we received. it is tricky to look around the corner and i will not predict down the road. >> alexandria: new fox news polling shows the economy
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getting worse one year from now, it hits a personal level. 75% reporting inflation caused personal hardship over the last six months. rick scott weighed in. >> we have balance the budget. every proposal democrats have is spend your money, spend more money. biden administration is do-nothing people, all they do is blame, balance the budget, start with that. >> what is left of the build back better plan, he will support legislation aimed at reducing prescription drug prices. alexandria hoff live from the economic crisis to the border crisis, washington, d.c. mayor has interesting explanation for why illegal migrants are overflowing her city shelters. >> i feel they are being tricked
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into nationwide bus trips when final destinations are all over the united states of america. >> carley: texas and arizona have know sent 4000 migrants to washington, d.c. officials say they have voluntarily taken that trip. >> todd: part of the record migrant surge. retired ice director joined us earlier. >> this is a huge national security issue no one is talking about and this issue alone should cause impeachment. more migrantss have died under joe biden than any time i remember in my 35-year career. where are democrats and aoc's? >> todd: during trump
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administration, alexandria ocasio-cortez appeared to get eshg motional over migrantss being held in detention centers. border patrol seizing 10,000 pounds of cocaine in mr. plaintiff #2: 62% rise over the previous month. >> carley: san francisco new da says the staffing shakeup is vital to restoring law and order. she said i promised to restore responsibility to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reform responsibly. chesa boudin was ousted after 64% called for his recall. president biden return from saudi arabia without a deal.
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>> carley: president biden returning from his middle east trip empty handed after meeting with the saudi arabia crown prince. the u.s. still oil insecure after the botched plan that included israel or any measure leading to immediate rise in oil output, leaving the u.s. more vulnerable is prediction from j.p. morgan that oil barrel prices could triple to $380 a day if russia shuts down its supply. few poll shows 31% of americans blame biden for the country's energy priesz and keystone pipeline worker neil crabtree says the president is completely out of touch. >> president biden, with one hand, a fist bump from the crown
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prince and the other a slap in the face to the american public. workers like myself and the oil producers in the country. the 13 billion barrels they are referring to, probably eight years away, there is nothing saudi arabia can do in the short term and saudi arabia is not interested in biden's problems. >> todd: what is the administration's response? buttigieg telling america to forget the fact americans are dealing with record high prices suggesting we should get electric car. >> we are for the idea of cutting cost of electric vehicles. we are starting to see on some models, the cost come to where if your car parment is higher, your gas payment is lower and prices need to come down for
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most americans >> todd: mayor pete wanted a gold medal. dan, does this administration not realize people who are eliminating meals because they can't afford them, don't have money to shell out for any car, even a cheap car, much less an expensive electric car? >> you can find a car on the lot. hi, todd, good to be back. the secretary is a bright guy, maybe math is not the strong suit. lowest priced tesla is 50 grand, say you put 10% down and finance 5% your payment $831. i suspect most people watching are thinking $831 is out of my league. great idea, but i think practically speaking, we're not there yet.
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>> todd: especially, dan, putting the number on the screen $831, especially when your purchasing power as an american during the course of the biden administration has dropped 3400. extrapolate that out, that is many people's meal budget. now i can't afford meals, but i'll go buy $50's,000. >> i have an electric car, a hybrid and a gas car. the electric car is greats, but it is still a science project. we have to be worried about range or access to chargers. we're lucky enough to have a charger, most americans don't have access to a charger. you and i are worried about putting food on the table, filling our gas tanks to get back and forth to work and inflation, highest in 40 years,
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has taken a bites, pay cut for most americans especially lower income middle income americans. >> todd: biden administration said the quiet part out loud, high gas prices we're saying is intentional push toward electric energy, toward electric vehicles and the like. do they not realize electricity is made by coal and that is polluting the environment? >> i'm glad you said that, most electricity in this country is made by fossil fuel, in our case, natural gas. fairy godmother doesn't deliver electrons, it is delivered to us and as you said in the form of fossil fuels. this is eshg m, todd, we can transition to clean energy future without bankrupting lower
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income, middle income consumers, we can do that, we have technology and wearwithall to do it. we will not do it overnight and shouldn't make folks choose between powering electric car or powering their air conditioning, that is a bad choice, we can do both. >> todd: it makes no sense, it is frustration. 40-year high inflation putting damper on the democrat's mid-term hopes. driving voters toward republicans. >> carley: we asked maryland voters which are issues are most important to them as they head to the polls tomorrow and a candidate will respond.
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map, a lot of warm temperatures. we have heat advisories for millions across the country. threat for severe storms across ohio valley toward the mid-atlantic. possible severe storms, could say heel and an isolated tornado and heavier rainfall across portions of new england. several inches will lead to flash flooding, just be prepared. threat for stronger storms across portions of mississippi and alabama. tomorrow risk is upper midwest and great lakes. we'll keep you posted. the other big story is the heat, factor in the humidity, it is dangerous. dallas 108, from south texas to the northern
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plains. we will continue to monitor that., for details. i'm not sure if i'm walking or not. everyday i hope i don't trip. >> carley: you didn't and you match your map. >> todd: fox weather app, i failed to do that yesterday, i walk out this morning, my wife is like, we're going to have major storms, go pull out the cushions. middle of the night, walking out in a towel. >> janice: fox weather does not tell you to go out in a towel. >> carley: thank you. >> todd: i just grossed out america. -- eye to 2024 after running this ad in iowa, new hampshire
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and south carolina. >> here freedom runs freeway, saddle up, we're just getting started. >> todd: the struggles she faced after losing her father as a child and how she helped north dakota navigate through covid. >> carley: from education to crime, we spoke with a group of voters about the top issues they are considering when they go to cast their ballot tomorrow. >> polls in maryland were closed in 2020 and our children did not have a regular school year. >> elected officials have failed our schoolchildren. >> we see decrease in education performance and we can see increase in crime. >> carley: is on the ballot
2:23 am
tomorrow. pandemic related closures are top of mind for voters we spoke to, what is your reaction to what they have to say? >> i understand and can relate, massive disruption caused by covid shut down a massim impact. these children are lost entire aspectss of their education years and fallen out of the system or fallen behind and it has had impact on mental health. >> carley: you are an intelligence analyst before you decided to run for office. who motivated you to give it up and run for congress? >> absolutely a great job, i was honored to have it. i joined
2:24 am
the military in the air force about 12 years ago and now i'm running for congress because the state of affairs in our country is abiz mal. i was born in somalia and i came to this country and served this nation for 12 years. today i'm running because the biden administration and nancy pelosi have apathy for american lives and now i'm only combat veteran in my district running for congress. i bring 12 years of national level security and high level decision-making at that level. now i'm running because decisions need to be made and governance need to come back to represent our district, state and country and defend our constitution. >> carley: you are running in most of baltimore issue
2:25 am
including a very blue area issue the incumbent is a democrat. everybody is facing the same issues in maryland average gas price is $4.47 and baltimore crime statistics are horrible, homicides up 8%, robbery up 18%, larceny up 7%, violent crime up 6%. what is your plan? crime and inflation affecting every single american across the country. >> my district has been redrawn and redistricted, new and doesn't include baltimore city anymore, which is where i live. it does include howard county and parts of carol county, more compact and winnable district. we can flip this seat and bring maryland and make it a competeative state and win back the house.
2:26 am
the way i plan to tackle issues is with sound decision-making, making tough decisions, not talking or arguing about it, coming to the table and looking at policy and numbers and sticking to my gut, my values that have held since childhood i was raised with and being guided by the constitution. our founding fathers laid it out for us. i put my life on the line for them and i will continue to fight for them. i'm excited we have a more competitive district this year. >> carley: you served our country and now are running for congress, amal torres, best of luck. >> todd: report detailing several shocking systemic failures to the uvalde elementary school shooting. >> there were officers in the building who should know more
2:27 am
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-- >> ashley: it is not yet clear who exactly that bag belongs to or what was inside, indiana congressman braun reacting to the tragedy online >> grateful for the armed citizen who took action to
2:32 am
prevent further loss of life. young says he is praying for the victims and thank you to law enforcement officers who responded. police said all victims included all men and four women, all adults besides a juvenile who had mild injuries. >> todd: thank you. uvalde acting police chief on administrative leave after release of a report into the massacre that killed 19 children and two teachers. the investigation revealing 400 law enforcement officers on the scene and 77 minutes passed before the killer was killed. >> there were officers who knew or should have known more needed to be done and officers who should have seen the chaos going on at minimum if they didn't take over command they should have began asking questions or
2:33 am
offer support and guidance and maybe would have gotten command to have a better response from that. >> todd: 10-year-old uziyah garcia's uncle joins us now. s >> todd: how difficult was it to hear the details of this report? >> good morning. to start, that report, it is horrendous to hear, 376, approximately 400 officers stood by and failed our community, failed texas and failed children. >> todd: do you find yourself asking if just one of those officers would have responded that your nephew would be alive today? >> if just one officer would have stepped up to get to my nephew, uziyah would be alive
2:34 am
today. >> the family is devastated, 55 days later and we cannot shake it. >> todd: the mayor released all body cam images with audio, as relative of a victim, what is your reaction to that? there has been a lot of statements, what is your take? >> i will say this, it will be heartbreaking to hear, i believe it is the right thing to do. we need it out there. we need to know exactly what happened and this is the way to do it. i believe the board is doing everything to get the truth out there. they are fact finders, that is what they do. >> todd: do you feel you are getting the truth? >> i do. a lot of blame falls on the officers and a lot of blame falls on the school itself. >> todd: what other questions do you want answered?
2:35 am
>> can we go back in time? that is the only thing i would like to go back 54 days, 53 days ago and stop this myself if i could. >> todd: what is reaction from the town right now? this town was inundated with media and outsiders coming into the town, what is their reaction right now >> upset and somber, a very small, tight-knit community and when something like this happens, everybody has to come together and some were upset about this, some about that, everybody is on one page. >> todd: you told me you support law enforcement, a major supporter, but in this instance, what they did was reprehensible, how coyou reconcile that
2:36 am
dichotomy you fight with right now? >> i stand behind law enforce ments officers that work for the badge. these guys didn't do their job, we are all held accountable for our jobs. >> todd: the people supposed to be in charge, what would you tell them? >> i think your time is coming, get out of law enforcement. >> todd: what do you mean by that? >> your time is coming, your badge is coming, people have turned their backs on you, you no longer have the support of the community. >> todd: a horrific situation, we continue to pray for you and your family, it only goes so far, but hope you get answer you are seeking.
2:37 am
mitcrenfro. >> carley: coinciding with several of hunter biden's business tripss and republicans want accountability. joe concha said that should apply to the media, too, he's here next. just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? ♪ [beeping] do you want some more?! wait 'til you see me on the downhill... [laughs] see you at home. enjoy advanced safety at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
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>> todd: transgender swimmer lia thomas nominated by university of pennsylvania for annual woman of the year award. a former swimming champ and mother of an ivy league swimmer joined us. >> it is humiliating, devastating, frustrating to understand where the ncaa and ivy league, especially penn is on this. >> there is biological difference in men and women, if we can't agree that is reality, how can we protect our girls and women? >> todd: thomas' record-smashing season, including national championship in the freestyle has been swimming in controversy, the school did not reply to criticism over thomas'
2:42 am
nomination. >> carley: federal judge overruling white house allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and join sports teams. attorney general sued the administration arguing it should be left up to states and expand it on 2022 ruling that protections to transgender workers. >> todd: 42 after the hour and new finding reveal hunter biden met with his dad dozens of times shortly after meetings with overseas business partners. >> carley: brooke singman has the story. >> brooke: they met 30 times at the white house or vice president's residence and some of the meetings came just days after hunter biden returned home
2:43 am
from foreign business trips. s elise stefanik has this. >> relationships with china, illegal relationships with other foreign adversaries and entities he should not be involved with and joe biden profited from that. we intend to investigate. the american people deserve accountability. >> brooke: meetings were reviewed after review of the calendar kept on hunter biden's laptop. the white house continues to deny that president biden knew anything. a voicemail raising doubt about the president's defense. listen. >> pal, it's dad, it's 8:15 on wednesday night. give me a call, nothing urgent, just want to talk to you.
2:44 am
i thought the article that is going to be printed tomorrow in the times is good, make it clear. anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call, i love you. >> brooke: republicans accuse biden administration of obstructing the probe into the biden family. >> todd: bring in joe concha. joe, with every drip, drip from the laptop, doesn't the story become less of hunter biden story and more of joe biden lied story? >> joe: well, exactly, todd. it is pretty obvious hunter biden was involved in shady stuff and possibly illegal activity, which is why there is a federal investigation going on. the question, did the president profit off business dealings? is it compromised by the
2:45 am
chinese, russians or others? there will be hearings, investigations into hunter biden, jame biden, the pet's brother and joe biden himself. i think we'll have to wait to november to -- maybe not november, until next congress is sworn in in early 2023 to get answers. s it's a drip, drip, drip situation from this laptop. i want that memory in my laptop at this point. >> todd: most robust laptop ever. >> carley: joe, the "washington post" changed the headline of the cnn op ed. it read forget pronounces, democrats need to become the
2:46 am
party of building things. the "washington post" dropped forget pronounce, only democrats need to become the party of building things. buttigieg's husband posted a tweet addressing someone by the name pronoun they prefer is free, easy and kind, democrats can watch and chew gim 've gum, build bridges while making it easier to go about your life, that is called freedom. buttigieg is allowed to have that points, that is zakaria's opinion. >> joe: the fact they bowed to the mob on this. when you self-edit headlines, people have screen shots and it hurts credibility of the paper. bill barr said while chinese are
2:47 am
building roads and bridges we are debating what to rename the road or bridge. buttigieg says democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time, use pronouns or terms latin x and do the things that make them feel better while putting themselves on higher moral plane. buttigieg's husband has shown he can't walk and chew gum at the same time. his husband took two months off and didn't tell the american public about it. van joey jones works for cnn and used to work for obama and biden administration. >> these people talk funny, i've never met a latin x, it is bizarre, nobody talks that way, that is how we talk now so that is weird.
2:48 am
not just zakaria, it is van jones, he's a pragmatic guy. when they focus on pronouns instead of fixing the problem, it is fine, it is an op e >> todd: removing the title removes the point of the op ed. >> todd: -- latest to announce departure from the white house. director of speech writing was just hired on april 4th, pretty quick turn. is that a bad sign, joe? >> joe: who leaves this job? you work probably five or six hours per week, i wouldn't put that on my linkedin page, speech
2:49 am
writer for kamala harris, can we see the speeches, because when you listen to the word salad from kamala harris during the speeches, that is something i wouldn't want on my resume. within kamala harris's office we haven't seen exodus like this since modern day san francisco, everybody fleeing that city, this is where we're at at this point. like being carley shimkus's assistant, you don't want to work for this vice president. >> todd: whoa. >> carley: i'm so mean, aren't i? joe, we appreciate you. >> joe: i would work for you, you are probably the most laid back people at home. people at home, don't think i'm actually saying that. >> carley: speaker pelosi husband buys millions of
2:50 am
computer chip stocks just days before a vote to invest billions in thes computer chip industry. james comer thinks it is too convenient. >> todd: brian kilmeade is here to let us know what is on "fox and friends." >> brian: 11 minutes, i'll be working, another found it is father getting the woke treatment, visitors are outraged justices james madison's historical home. all they talk about is slavery, income about the constitution and piers morgan will be here and newt gingrich on the white house race, who will be the democratic nominee and who should be the republican nominee? payne breaks down the latest poll shows president biden's plummeting marks on the economy
2:51 am
and mirandadevine, the latest rev lagsz on hunter biden's laptop and how many times he goes overseas for a meeting and meets with his vice president dad the next day. tom rinaldi will put the baseball game in perspective. don't miss it. it is summer, get dressed. um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet.
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>> you have the leader of the country who was involved in the murder of a "the washington post" journalist. i don't think that that type of government should be rewarded with a visit by the president of the united states. >> going from calling mps a pariah to fist pumping him was really disappointing. >> progressive democrats ripping
2:56 am
president biden over his trip to the middle east. as the president struggles on the world stage, concerns of china's influence in the region are growing. >> joining us now, congressman james comer: one thing he did announce is that saudi arabia is going to be allowing testings of new 5g technology that will compete with cline's huawei. how important is that and how do you think china viewed president biden's trip to the middle east? >> well, china loves president biden. i mean, under president trump, weigh were putting america first on all of our foreign policy and now with joe biden for whatever reason he seems to turn a blind eye to all of the bad behavior by china from stealing our intellectual property and patents to continuing to go into other countries and purchase rare earth mineral mines and all the other types of investments that we need in america to be
2:57 am
able to bring back manufacturing. so, whatever joe biden announced in saudi arabia, i would question because i believe that china is trying to get their foot in the door in middle east. and i believe china has a bigger presence in the middle east than what the biden administration realizes. >> todd: that is concerning. speaking of china, congressman, you are looking into whether china is actually using tiktok the app. of all the pictures to access america user data after the company released a statement quote employees outside of the u.s. china based employees can have access to tiktok u.s. data series of row boast cycler security control approval, protocols overseen by out u.s. based security team. a lot of words there. are you buying it, congressman? >> no. the parent company of tiktok they have already lied to congress about what they do with just data. so, what we have with tiktok is china having their foot in the
2:58 am
door on american information on american data on all sorts of data. and this is concerning. this is concerning about privacy. this is concerning about national security, so, my house oversight committee is working with the house energy and commerce committee. we are requesting information to see exactly what this administration is doing to try to protect the privacy and the data of american citizens. >> carley: i'm sure a lot of parents watching right now who have children who use tiktok want to know what kind of data are we talking about. >> we are talking about everything. we are concerned about facial recognition. they are also collecting data on purchasing, on browsing. on all sorts of activities and things that the children like to be able to influence future purchases. i mean, china, despite being a communist country, is very business savvy. so this data gives them a competitive advantage, obviously by invading our privacy. they know exactly what trends the next generation of consumers
2:59 am
are into. >> todd: finally congressman, house speaker nancy pelosi's husband reportedly purchasing up to $5 million in stock options on a computer chip company ahead of a vet on legislation next week that would deliver billions of dollars to boost the chip industry. congressman, why is this still allowed to happen after pelosi has been called out on this before by both republicans and democrats? >> yeah. this is terrible. this is another bad example of nancy pelosi's leadership. this isn't the first time that her husband did this. he bought stock options ahead of all the big tech hearings. and, of course, nothing happened there. so nancy pelosi is the ultimate insider. and not only is her husband buying stock options on a much higher level than the average member of congress. average member of congress maybe 5 or 6,000, he is buying $500,000 stock. buying stock options which expire. to be able to trade stock
3:00 am
options properly, you have to know exactly which direction that stock is going to move and can you make a huge profit. this is wrong. this is another example of the media turning a blind eye to nancy pelosi's bad behavior and unethical behavior. >> carley: congressman james comer, thank you for joining us on three very important topics. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ follow me ♪ everything is all right ♪ i'll be the one to tuck you in at night ♪ and if you want to leave ♪ i can guarantee ♪ you won't find nobody else like me. >> brian: so much to say about this. cracker was here. he is a great guy. he also brought his kid down to our control room. he hasn't come back. i haven't heard much from


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