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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 18, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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know exactly which direction that stock is going to move and can you make a huge profit. this is wrong. this is another example of the media turning a blind eye to nancy pelosi's bad behavior and unethical behavior. >> carley: congressman james comer, thank you for joining us on three very important topics. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ follow me ♪ everything is all right ♪ i'll be the one to tuck you in at night ♪ and if you want to leave ♪ i can guarantee ♪ you won't find nobody else like me. >> brian: so much to say about this. cracker was here. he is a great guy. he also brought his kid down to our control room. he hasn't come back. i haven't heard much from him
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lately he has a good voice. des moines, iowa, i don't know if you watched fox nation i watched speech in des moines. >> ainsley: what is the red. >> steve: he i think it's lighting. ainsley: what did you see? >> steve: red long light. >> ainsley: in the middle of the post. >> steve: the way they lit. >> ainsley: see, right there on the right. what is that, brian? >> brian: let me get into that. >> ainsley: is it a crane? >> steve: it's just the way the light is. >> ainsley: on the side of that building, i see. >> brian: looks like they are working on something and took the weekend off and they are not up yet. so, again, there is no water and no -- there is no sunrise. but i do get the sense that iowa is going to matter very soon. after november, on november 9th it's all going to be about iowa. >> steve: i used to work in downtown des moines when i worked for woi the abc
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affiliate. then owned by iowa state university even though it was a commercial thing it was kind of complicated. i worked in des moines, the station was ames. and -- >> ainsley: you were born in iowa? >> steve: i was i go way back. >> brian: where were you reared? steve combination. iowa, kansas, virginia. >> brian: you were landlocked. you were not going to the beach until you got your freedom. >> steve: until i was 30 the only seafood i had was in a can. chicken of the sea. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: anyway, welcome aboard, folks, to "fox & friends" for this monday. busy day the president of the united states waking up in his own bed again after that trip to saudi arabia. >> brian: you mean delaware? [laughter] >> steve: he is in the united states. >> ainsley: rehoboth beach. >> steve: people are wondering what exactly did the president
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get accomplished? the advance team knew ahead of time that he was not actually going to get them to pump more out because at the end the saudis said we don't have more to pump. what he was able to do for five days change the subject. changed the subject away from his job performance and inflation which is eating us all alive. >> ainsley: we were watching him fist pump the saudi crowned prince. >> steve: never thought about that. >> ainsley: hat in hand begging for more oil. >> brian: couple of things. i think by any president of the united states has to have a relationship with saudi arabia. in that area they are the sunni -- the king of the sunni muslims. no doubt about it. what they say goes. they got the money. they got the oil. and if we want to bring the price of oil down, that should have been one of the things on the agenda. he has waited a year and a half to go there. clean-up is unheard of for an american president.
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and the biggest story to me is number two, again, this is bad -- the big fist bump thing i kind of agree with president biden. why don't you tell me something that's important. why don't you ask me a question that matters when he landed. yeah, that matters. you know what matters? it matters what he was able to accomplish there. whoever the advance team is with his staff should have known when you pull up, what's going to happen? the crowned prince is going to meet you there. what do you want him to do? he is stuck because you can't walk by him. you asked for the appointment. you can't storm past him. that's totally an insult country to country. you make it a situation where either you tell everybody ahead of time you are going to fist bump the crowned prince or tell your team i'm walking into that hotel, that building by myself. what happens behind the scenes what happens behind the scenes. next time you see him sitting side by side always see back and
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forth u.n. don't have to be any great friends fist bump. where was the team they knew this would overwhelm the news if they allowed this to happen. >> steve: back story three days before that, apparently the white house doctors said, mr. president, don't shake hands because of covid, remember that? that was going to be the story. but, ultimately then. >> brian: this is all b.s. it obviously. >> steve: m.b.s. our white house correspondent revealed it sounded like the whole idea the ruse by the handshaking was so he would not shake hands with m.b.s. who, you know, our intel community says killed that "the washington post." >> brian: gave the go ahead. >> steve: what? >> brian: gave the go ahead. >> steve: he green lighted it. we knew that was going to happen and we knew he was going to fist bump because as soon as he landed in israel he started fist bumping. >> brian: in israel they were
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friends. he didn't want that moment. his ad advance team allowed that moment which allowed the whole --ening. >> steve: then it made it look like. >> ainsley: his approval rating has gone down. last june, a year ago it was 56% or 56%. you can see at the top right. now it's 40%. his disapproval in june of last year was 43%. now it's 59%. almost all voters are worried about inflation and the majority expect things are going to get worse next year. >> steve: let's take a look at the next graphic. i want your eyes to go down towards -- let's see how this -- okay. this is a different one. there you go. that's the one we were going to show next. go down to the lower right. when it comes to the performance by the president, when it comes
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to inflation. 73% of you disapprove and 68% of you say the economy essentially is in the toilet. the next number we just showed you when you ask people are you very concerned or extremely concerned about inflation and higher prices. look at that 93% of you are worried about prices. and it's completely understandable because things are through of roof. i went to the dunkin' donuts when i was off a couple of days ago. and i had done a mobile order for a couple of breakfast sandwiches and some coffee, and i get to the door and there is a sign on the door that says hey, sorry, only three people showed up for work today. and so can you please get in the drive-thru lane and i did. there were 50 people ahead of me, nonetheless, it's just a sign of the times. so many people are hurting, so many people are looking for work. so many people are getting paid a little more. but the amount more they are getting paid is not keeping up
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with the 9% inflation. >> ainsley: why aren't people working? don't they need the money? >> steve: you would think so. >> brian: it seems as though they have -- since the pandemic, people have not come back to work. i don't go to a restaurant without having for how much trouble are you having with labor. things got marginally better when kids got back from high school and college. for the most part kids don't feel like they have to work. some people feel as though they don't have to rush back to work because they have gotten some pandemic money along the way. a couple of things. i couldn't believe over 60% of the country live paycheck to paycheck. now if you live paycheck to paycheck. $2 a gallon matters. going tout eat is not going to happen. going to go to a different place. so it all ripples down. the one thing the administration points to -- and they are right. unemployment is at 3.4%. with the interest rates keep going up, if people keep adjusting their lifestyle, that jobs number is going to -- that job number where we have elon
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musk say i'm cutting 10% of my workforce, all these major banks saying i'm predicting recession. people will start leveling off employees. >> steve: unemployment number is low. when you look at the labor participation rate. the number of people actively looking for jobs and stuff like that, it's gone down. >> brian: about 50%. >> steve: people have dropped out. i don't want to work. i got a little money in the bank so i don't have to. my daughter sally was out in your neck of the woods, brian, out in long island, went to a wedding in shelter island, and along the way she saw a great big semitrailer trucker and on the back it said hey, we are looking for supply chain drivers. pay up to $200,000 a year and then there was a it phone number. >> ainsley: did she write down the number? >> steve: i hope she did. >> brian: how am i driving? is anyone driving. >> ainsley: mark levin talked about this issue and blames joe biden for this.
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listen. >> joe biden and the democrat party are, in fact, responsible for sabotaging our economy and sabotaging our energy industry it has nothing to do with foreign forces and foreign powers or boogie men. it has something to do with actual policies that have been in the process now for decades. let me be abundantly clear, this has nothing to do with russia invading ukraine. it has nothing to do with saudi arabia. it has nothing to do with anything but joe biden, the democrat congress and the radicals. you know what their plan is to fix the energy situation? they have no plan. how can they? they broke the snl. and they have no intention of fixing it. >> brian: they are blaming joe manchin. >> steve: and he went to a commercial. >> brian: they are blaming joe manchin for the problem with the agenda. he stopped the bleeding.
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he is subservient to oil and gas billionaires. no, oil and gas workers who wear hard hats and want to work for a living. he doesn't want to sell them out. also, they talk about still pushing for this green agenda. i watched jared bernstein over the weekend. got to push for green technology and green technician. nobody is ready for this. a windmill is not going to save us from anything. electric cars are not ready they are not affordable. you don't have the infrastructure for it yet. you don't have the chips for the cars. and coal is burning the electricity. >> ainsley: pete buttigieg was saying the same thing over the weekend and everyone should buy electric car and make them more oea fordable. right now if you put down 10% of your money to buy this car, over the course of the next five years, your car payment every month would be more than $800. >> brian: try to get the new battery. the new battery costs more than the car. >> ainsley: did you see that story? >> steve: we are going to talk to charles payne about this in half an hour. florida family bought their son
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a 14,000 -- no, an $11,000 used electric car. then they discovered they needed a new battery. the car battery for the $11,000 car is $14,000. >> ainsley: costs more than the car. >> steve: and it turns out they can't even get a battery. so the family is stalled. they are not going through the drive-thru window. >> ainsley: search motivated to boat. 40 percent said they would back a dem now. 44 percent said they would back a republican. seventh straight fox news poll since december where republicans have been ahead. we will see what happens in november. >> steve: what the fox news poll says when you look at the prongz team with that margin republican also pick up 23 house seats. >> ainsley: i saw that. >> brian: the senate is going to be a dogfight. 12 minutes after the hour. >> steve: still ahead after this hour. laptop revelations the "new york post" is reporting that hunter biden met with his father not once, not twice, but dozens of times. sometimes immediately after hunter's overseas business
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and once in a lifetime moments. two tickets to nascar! yes! find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. >> ainsley: fox news alert. three people dead after a shooting law u. mall in indiana. >> man slawflly shot killed him.
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>> steve: referring to that person as a good samaritan. ashley strohmier is here with more from indiana. >> police in greenwood, indiana just outside of indianapolis are trying to figure out why that lone gunman walked into a shopping mall and started shooting. the suspect only described as adult male with a long rifle. several rounds ever ammunition when he started shooting in the food court area. three victims were killed and two others were hurt but fortunately, no other harm was done. thanks to a legally armed citizen with a manned gun. listen. >> the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop this shooter almost as soon as he began. we have done multiple mall exercises, with local law enforcement, for active shooters. >> the man who shot and killed the shooter was just 22 years old a backpack was found nearby in a restroom and it's not been made clear who that bag belongs
3:19 am
to or what exactly was inside. indiana congressman mike braun and todd young both reacting to the tragedy online. braun tweeting grateful for the brave armed citizen who took action to stop the perp and prevent further loss of life. young said is he praying for the victims of the shooting at the greenwood park mall. thank you to our law enforcement officers who responded. now, police are not releasing too many details but they did say on sunday night all of the victims included one man and four women. they are all adults beside a juvenile who was taken to the hospital but luckily with only mild injuries. back to you guys. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. and all the shooting apparently confined to the food court area. we don't note identity of the good samaritan who was armed with a legally permitted gun, but the chief of police thanked him for being in the right place at the right time and stopping, perhaps, other people from being
3:20 am
murdered. >> ainsley: absolutely. >> brian: can't wait to find out what was wrong with this shooter. >> ainsley: a string of mass shootings. grocery store in buffalo, the fourth of july parade in illinois and then we also had that obviously the school shooting down in uvalde with the new video being released. >> brian: all right. meanwhile go over to carley shimkus for more stories. >> carley: certainly do staying on the topic of crime. calling out black lives matter protesters for defending a man police shot after he tried to kill her and her children. >> that man was armed. was not armed. breonna taylor was not arm. this man intentionally tried to kill us. came house when i was alive. celebrate a man's life that tried to kill us. >> wow, how about that mother's passion? she is also sharing these images of the damage done when bullets flew into her apartment. the shooting suspect was killed after a six hour standoff with police. turning to the border crisis.
3:21 am
washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser has an interesting explanation for why illegal migrants are overflowings city's homeless shelters. take a listen. >> i fear that they are being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the united states of america. >> carley: fox news bill melugin responding with d.c. getting a small example of what tiny texas and arizona border towns have had to deal with every single day with far less capacity. that about sums it up. the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage impacting car safety features as automakers struggle to build vehicles. >> volkswagen and audi removing blind spot monitors in rear crosswalk price reductions. also stopped offering blind spot monitors. heated seats, touch screen displays and other non-safety features have also been scrapped in some cases.
3:22 am
jenny from the block is now jennifer affleck. jennifer lopez remarried her rekindle fded bo in las vegas saturday night. nearly two decades after the couple's first engagement. revealing on website she wore two gowns while affleck wore a jacket he had in his closet. there you have it. >> brian: how do you wear your gowns? >> carley: you change your outfit. >> ainsley: lot of brides are doing that one to the wedding and one to the ceremony. >> brian: different gowns. >> steve: different looks. >> ainsley: most brides can barely afford one and most brides are wearing two. >> carley: that's an interesting detail you are honing in now. >> ainsley: jennifer got married. >> brian: she could be wearing gowns from previous marriages. >> steve: she could be wearing white. the chapel they were married at in vegas some place elvis got
3:23 am
married. >> ainsley: love is beautiful, love is kind like the scripture and it turns out love is patient 20 years patient. >> carley: that is cute. i like that. >> steve: that was a heck of an engagement and break-up in between. thank you, carley. let's talk about this. you know, when he was running for president and joe biden was asked hey have you ever talked to your son about his overseas business dealings because, of course, the "new york post" had that story about the laptop and all the things came out and nobody else was covering it, famously then joe biden, former vice president said no, i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. of course, that raised a lot of eyebrows because how is that possible? they seem to be pretty friendly. now, it has been revealed on that hunter biden laptop that he abandoned, when his father was vice president between the years of 2008 and 2016, hunter met with his father at least 30 times at the white house or at the naval observatory just days
3:24 am
after hunter would come back from some of his overseas business jawntsz. >> they found all this information on his personal calendar on that abandoned laptop and here is a quote from the "new york post" report. hunter biden often would huddle with his dad in the days or minutes after high profile meetings between february 15th and 18th, 2012, hunter biden was wined and dined by billionaire oligarchs in moscow including one now wanted for murder. four days after his return, hunter biden met with vice president biden again after naval observatory. >> brian: meeting after meeting. meeting after meeting in russia and colombia. different things they wanted ton. infrastructure projects. some water -- from watered -- water cleansing apparatus trying to put out. so he is the go-between. he wants to set up these deals. take his finder's fee and move. the question is how many of these deals got done and where is the money afterwards?
3:25 am
nobody asked these questions. by the way, do you know who probably named miranda devine's book laptop from hell. biden family. gives more facts to the story that enables people to say this is not just rumor or a right wing hit job. here is miranda devine talking about what is going to happen with when they get the majority. >> when it comes to the illegal ties to crime that joe biden is directly involved with his son hunter, the american people deserve to know that. the fact that the media is the mainstream media is participating in essentially a cover-up of hunter biden'siden illegal relationships with china, his illegal relationships with other foreign adversaries, and entities that he should not be involved with, and joe biden profited from that.
3:26 am
so, we intend to investigate, we have already made those document requests and we are not going to hesitate whether it comes to utilizing our subpoena power because, again, the american people deserve accountability and deserve a investigation to what i believe is the biden crime family. >> brian: the fbi has been investigating for about four years. >> ainsley: we just want to know did the president profit from any of these meetings? >> steve: right. >> ainsley: did anything illegal happen? was the president lying when he told peter doocy he doesn't talk to his son about his business dealings? if you read the article, there are several examples of how he would meet with these powerful people and then come home and talk to his dad; for instance, hunter met with the prime minister west africa. april 15th, 8:15 in the morning. 9:00 a.m. had a private conversation with his dad. >> steve: 45 minutes later who >> ainsley: s who watt vice president at the time. >> steve: that was the key. his dad was the vice president. the big question is whether or not hunter was acting on behalf of other governments in talking
3:27 am
to his dad about different stuff. we he don't know for sure. that is unproven. but, you look at paul manafort, he got in trouble being a foreign lobbyist. the foreign lobbyist thing. are they looking into that? let's just hope the department of justice under merrick garland is, indeed, independent, because we would -- elise stefanik is right we would all like some answers to these questions. >> ainsley: subpoena hunter biden if they take back the house. >> steve: it's fishy. >> ainsley: still ahead. baltimore state attorney appearing to mock the violence in this her city with this parody video. >> we all remember the heart broken footage of the mayflower trucks. >> states spokesperson mosby was only 4 years old at the time. >> ainsley: timberly klacik was warned about the soft on crime fallout for years now and she is going to join us next.
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just like we will. join the fight at if maga republicans get their way, abortion will be banned nationwide, with no exceptions. medicare and social security will end in five years, with no replacement. elections will be decided by politicians, with no regard for your vote. if maga republicans get back in power, your rights, benefits and freedoms will be in danger. democrats will protect your rights. and the only way to stop maga republicans is to vote for democrats. ff pac is responsible for the content of this ad.
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one of the planes was getting ready to land when it collided into the other. one crashed into a field and the other ended up in water we tension pond. the fta and national transportation safety board are investigating: close up shop
3:32 am
early and in some cases shut down entirely. new york based morton williams says stores are forced to spend more on security while losing money on stolen items. meanwhile, starbucks had to permanently close 16 stores across the united states due to increased theft and drug use in bathrooms. store owners are now turning to their local leaders to address the growing trend of homelessness and violent crime. experts say the farmer's protest in the netherlands over harsh climate law is just the twinning. the director of the london based global warming policy foundation warning, quote: i have no doubt that come winter when millions of families can't heat their homes or pay their bills anymore that there will be unrest all over europe. the dutch farmers are protesting a new law requiring them to drastically reduce their emissions as the country struggles with soaring inflation and empty shelves. and event making return to the united states. 36 human powered aircraft taking
3:33 am
flight in army veterans park other the weekend. the object is fly as far as possible without plunging into lake michigan putting on a great show. flying tractors or giant saw sages. the contestants paid tribute to wisconsin with makeshift planes and how about that the banana for the win ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thank you so much, carley. crime in baltimore is roaring. states' attorney seemingly mocking coverage of the news outlet of the crisis. parrotingdeparture in 1948. watch. >> we all remember the heart breaking footage of the mayflower trucks pulling out of town. no one can account for the whereabouts of future baltimore states attorney marilyn mosby. many are actually questioning whether or not she was one of the get away drivers and if shee
3:34 am
master mined the entire ordeal. marilyn mosby was only 4 years old at the time. >> former congressional candidate and baltimore resident chamberly klacik joins us now. good morning, chamberly. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> ainsley: thank you for come on. that actually happened. she posted that on twitter the same day that a 15-year-old was arrested and charged with murder. we are seeing crime go up in your city. what was your reaction to her post? >> yeah. well, i had second hand embarrassment for her posting that. but, you know, for seven plus years we have had 300 plus homicides because of her failed policies. she is a progressive that gives shortened sentences and plea deal to criminal criminals and out on the streets in the name of racial equity. imagine our crime when the same criminal empathizer going after a network brave enough call her out for failed policies. you don't go after a network.
3:35 am
go after your opponents days prior glo you're election. she did so in hopes that her base does not know the truth from fake news. it's unfortunate because you know what? just three weeks ago we had a baltimore sergeant dragged underneath a car for two blocks because her policies and her prosecutors in her office gave a plea deal to a career criminal that had been on the streets for 19 different times and arrested for 19 different times for something that was violent. and so, unfortunately, i'm hoping that the voters will vote for a change this time around. but, this is the kind of joke that we have in office. >> ainsley: well, let me read some crime stats for baltimore. baltimore ranked second in the country for homicides per capita in 2019. the murder rate in 2021 is 58.5 per 100,000. baltimore murder rate is twice that of chicago and more than 10 times that of new york city. how does she keep getting elected? >> well, unfortunately, she does play on her base's emotions. right? we have a lot of people unfortunately that vote based on
3:36 am
their emotions. just in june we had 40 homicides the most in history concerning per cap attachment i applaud any network fox 45, this network fox news for going after these progressives. we have a black states attorney allowing black repeat violent offenders to terrorize black communities, i guess that's white supremacy in 2022. but we have to support these candidates across the country. my pac does just that running against progressives. i otherwise we will lose in november and we can't afford to do it. >> ainsley: parody playing video from the left baltimore even though she was 4 years old. it must be her fault because everyone is blaming her for everything. the parody was intended to bring a levity to the campaign season. nothing more than that we have known that there are biases in the media. we know there are biases in the media coverage in baltimore. anyone upset by this video is
3:37 am
probably complicit in it or complacent by the bias. this will be our only comment. what is your comment to that kimberly? >> she can play the victim all she wants. but people understand her plea deals, the shortened sentencing that she gives is the reason why baltimore city has the homicide rate it has today. our shootings, our nonfatal shootings the highest it's ever been and, again, people are tired you have it i do think she will finally be voted out. i hope that these progressives d.a.s across the country are also voted out. this is the problem that we have right here in america. >> ainsley: i remember your campaign videos you walking through the streets of baltimore showing us the crime in the city that you love and you wanted to clean it up. are you going to run again? >> we are planning to run again. hopefully in 2024 on the presidential ticket. >> thank you good deal. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders, aoc and joe biden. which democrat the media thinks will top the list of 2024 contenders coming up. plus, more bad news for
3:38 am
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# ♪ steve all right. bad news for president biden as new fox news polls reveal how americans feel about the biden state of economy. 75% of you voters out there say you have experienced financial hardship in the last sixth months while a majority of voters predict things are only going to get worse next year. host of making money on fox business charles payne you know, famously, politicians go so as you decide before you vote, are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> right. >> in this case are you better off today than you were two years ago? and during the height of the
3:43 am
pandemic, i think more people would say yeah, it was better off last time. >> it was more hopeful, certainly. i think that's the key. almost everything that came out in the last week, every sophisticated well known poll from the michigan sentiment report to the national federation of independent businesses to the new york fed, when beam are asked a year from now, six months from now these numbers plummeted. and it's interesting because people understand the direction of the economy. long before the economists crunched the numbers, right? and certainly before politicians get it. >> steve: sure. it's, you know, we have the pandemic. we shut down the economy, shock and awe, no one knew what was going to go on and still we had this shortest recession in history. we came back. we came roaring back. what we're living through now is an experiment. an experiment that biden and others thought would work flooding the country with free money, they thought this would be the ultimate platform for a greater social utopiaism but
3:44 am
it's backfired. >> steve: does he need new economists because it seems the economic team isn't doing a good job. >> they are doing what they're supposed to do suspects not about the economy. it's about social justice. read frarps janet yellen back in the day. and her husband. they talked about the idea of paying workers higher wages so so they feel good. have somebody working at mcdonald's. pay them $100,000 so they feel good that would be the better worker. menu price. people in that neighborhood can't eat. restaurant goes out of business but everyone loses. they are all on the same page of this. >> steve: listen, would he know that gas is expensive. so, please buy an electric car. we have got a story about a florida family, here's a quote from the grandfather regarding his granddaughter's electric ford. the ford dealership had advised us that we could replace the battery on the electric car. it would only cost $14,000.
3:45 am
that's $3,000 more than what we bought the car for and that, quote, didn't include insta stall labor relation and labor costs. the batteries aren't available they could cost twice as much and we still couldn't get did. that's what a lot of people talk about. battery wears out and then are you have got to buy a new battery. >> also what happens when the battery runs out. that's the cost to family. what's the cost of society these batteries. remember that ship that sank with 4,000 cars on it earlier this year? >> steve: electric cars. >> enough electric cars in there that was the difference. this was a ship that was designed to be able to put out fires. they never dealt with electric vehicle battery. the ecological damage whether it's cobalt, social damage, list yum to the seas, nickel, strip mining the planet. there is a cost to everybody and the environment trying to to be environmentally friendly with these. >> steve: glad you brought up the point about the car fires
3:46 am
because you have an electric car and catches on fire when you are charging it. i hope it's going to be in your driveway and not the garage. it takes 8,000 gallons of water i read on the tesla site to put it out. >> amazing. all the replacements for these batteries it's a lot of money, 16,000 for bmw, 16,000 for a volt, nissan leaf. 9,500 it goes on and on. very, very expensive proposition. one reason why the government is trying to subsidize them but the free marks, i'm not sure other than tesla which has a built in market people are really ready for these yet. >> steve: ready for new town hall inflation in america, going to be july 26th on fox business. if you have got questions, send them to charles at invested in you at >> better yet if you are in the neighborhood. send email if you want to come to the show. big live audience going to be phenomenal. >> steve: is it catered? >> we will leave something out for you.
3:47 am
>> steve: charles, we will be watching you this afternoon at 2:00. thank you, sir. he is going to be making money. all right, she is making a forecast. she is janice dean, the weather machine. good morning to you. it's hot out there. >> janice: it is. biggest story. snacks are always a good idea, charles. take a look at this across the country over 30 million people have some sort of heat advisory in effect and that is going to be ongoing through the much of the workweek and heading towards the northeast by the way wednesday and thursday. so there are your heat alerts. really incredible from south texas all the way up to the northern plains. we do have a cold front that's going to push across the northern plains. that will bring the temperatures down a little bit. but for the meanwhile we are talking about well over 100 degrees for a lot of these big cities and with the humidity it's going to be worse. can't be outside for great length of time especially those susceptible to heat related illnesses. then we have the thunderstorms. i'm in here today because we could see some thunderstorms in the northeast and mid-atlantic as well as parts of mississippi and alabama and across the
3:48 am
northern plains. see some hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes and heavy rainfall could cause some flash flooding. keep you up to dated on fox for details. happy monday over to you. >> steve: we will indeed. first it was thomas jefferson's estate. next up we will tell you which founding father's legacy is getting the woke treatment today. ♪ with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®. ask your doctor about tremfya® today.
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3:52 am
♪ >> brian: we told you about the accusations of wokeness displayed the jefferson's monticello estate. another founding father seems to be under fire too. visitors to james madison's home say accomplishments of the former president who created the three branch federal system on government, who wrote the bill of rights, played a key role in the writing of the constitution were sidelined with racism, focused on high tech exhibits about madison's slaves. journalists and author dennis richmond jr. recently learned about his own family history of slavery and freedom joins us now. hey, dennis, what's your reaction to some of these eyewitness accounts when they took the tour at james madison's estate? one saying this was a big critical race theory seminar.
3:53 am
>> thank you so much for having me. i'm excited to be here. i would say that folks need to understand when it comes to history we need to make sure we're telling all sides of the story. and what unfortunately is going on is you have a lot of people on one particular side who are pushing an agenda that's what's going on. seeing that agenda being pushed not with just this incidents but incidents all over the country. we need to make sure we know what's going on. >> brian: when you go to mt. vernon they talk about the slave headquarters of george washington. if you don't you are not doing a good job. thomas jefferson they have a separate guide that brought me through where all the slaves stayed and how they worked within the house and everything like that. no one is ducking it. you also can't duck their indispensable role in the nation formation of you our nation. dave rubenstein, he has got then tour. >> not to mention when you look at the tour they have this system set up where you can click to see which presidents
3:54 am
owned slaves. what if you are bringing your children on something like this. now this is a conversation that pops up. >> brian: right. should talk slavery absolutely. but then talk about the greatness and also, by the way. can you find a book from james madison's former slave when they got free they just stayed with dolly madison the rest of her life and talked glowingly about the family. might be a good balance. the james madison estate the people that run it they came out with a statement when they heard about the story that we are talking to you today. they said the leadership at monti pill area not hurting or sidelining, our mission is to tell the complete story of history of madison. genius forming the vital contributions of some 300 americans in his family held in bon dangerous for over 140 years enabled the madison's rise to prominence. doing so is honest and serves the american public.
3:55 am
>> i have quotes here. one hour critical race theory seminar. talked more about katrina than anything else. one baffled dad. thought we might hear a little bit more about the constitution. everything we heard about was slavery. glen hancock, mesa, arizona. all they talked about was the bias that exists in america today. come on. >> absolutely. if i'm not mistaken. i don't even think they had an american flag there. >> brian: they claim there is one at the entrance. what do you claim about your background. >> when i did research i found out my family was three parts of the civil war. when i was in school agenda pushed black americans come from slavery. my family was free not only prior to the civil war but going all the way back to the 1790s. if we're going to tell the story. we have to he will it the full story. each if you go to plantations have you slaves who were able to escape. why is it that there is one particular side who is still pushing an agenda and not being
3:56 am
honest and truthful with what true american history is? >> brian: i feel like they are trying to rupture the foundation of our country. >> absolutely. >> brian: take the new generation and tell them how bad we are and then you say you look past back on our past and say how past. no patriotism in the country collapse from the inside. >> i agree. as a black american, i not only am patriotic but i have a new found patriotism because i know what my family was able to do in this country. my great grandfather fought in world war ii. >> brian: and without african-americans we don't win those wars and it played a vital role in all of them. dennis, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile straight ahead, a big show, piers morgan is booked. miranda devine and thoma naldy preview the home star game.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> the president comes home to some pretty new brutal numbers. >> a majority of americans a prove of biden's handling on inflation. >> 40% disapprove of his job. >> when you spend like a drunken -- consequences are massive. >> visited then vice president father more than 30 times at the white house. >> the american people deserve an investigation into what i believe is the biden crime family. >> there were multiple systemic frarls. >> uvalde's acting police chief now on administrative leave. >> 400 officers all responded that fatal day. >> we cannot excuse the mistakes
4:01 am
these officers made. >> baltimore second in the country homicide per capita. >> mocking news outlets for covering the crisis. >> no one can account for the whereabouts of future states attorney marilyn mosby. >> welcome to the magic mile new hampshire speedway underway. smoke, a big crash. the checkered flag, christopher belle wins. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: sunrise. what is going on. >> ainsley: what a big city. >> brian: airport? >> ainsley: today 72. >> brian: a dry 72. >> ainsley: oh, wait, is it raining there now?
4:02 am
>> steve: no, that's here. >> ainsley: i didn't know it was raining. it wasn't raining when it i came in this morning. steve: the weather just changes from time to time. it's a rainy start to the monday. >> ainsley: we are halfway through june, y'all -- i mean july. summer is almost over in south carolina they go back to school the beginning of august or middle of august. >> brian: if you are in south carolina and part of that border of education, push it back to september. i mean,. >> steve: they got out in may. >> ainsley: that's true they got out earlier. >> brian: why didn't you tell me that. >> ainsley: it doesn't make sense so hot outside in august in south carolina. they should just push it back to after labor day so the kids can enjoy the beach and go to the pool. >> steve: right, exactly. regardless of where you live, generally your school district makes sure that the kids are in the chairs for about 180 days -- 185 days a year. >> brian: are you still aloud to fire hydrants. are you still allow dod do that. >> ainsley: no.
4:03 am
i don't think you are ever allowed to do that. >> steve: i saw a guy doing that in times square. >> brian: was he just hot? [laughter] >> steve: i didn't stop to ask. he had a wrench and opening a hydrant and, you know what? time for me to go. >> ainsley: never know what you will see in times square. >> brian: used to be for the city kids when they are in the city to cool off. i don't know if that was something just from the -- >> ainsley: i loved the curious george books they were always based in new york city. they would have pictures of all the buildings can families in each window and i would stare at the page for a long time. and then when they would show the pictures of the park, central park they would always have these spray water things. and i was like why don't we have those at our parks? and now my daughter when i take her to central park to many solve of the little children's parks she runs through them with all the other kids. >> brian: except for the one i guess you didn't read curious george goes to washington. that's the one i had. had the magnet in the back. >> ainsley: that explains a lot. i love new york city and you love politics and you love
4:04 am
history. >> brian: washington made a whole bunch of i think little paper boats and floated them down a river. >> ainsley: yes he did and man with yellow hat and outfit. >> brian: main characters in the 70s always got themselves in trouble bewitched and i dream of genie, curious george always in trouble. always over did it. >> ainsley: amelia be deal i bea always overwhelmed herself. >> steve: mayor of d.c. is saying the governor of texas is causing problems and we don't like it. obviously, over the last year, we have been detailing the number of migrants coming into this country illegally and being processed. when where hands them off to ngos, nongovernment organizations to transport them throughout the country. they often just take them from the border area a couple of meteorologist down the road to the next town. well, the governor of texas months ago, remember, famously,
4:05 am
said, you know what? i'm going to help that little town. i'm going to offer to these migrants free transportation via bus to washington, d.c. >> brian: not that bus. >> steve: no, not that bus. in fact, i believe this was when those guys came off of that bus live on "fox & friends." this was very popular program. thousands have been transported voluntarily in fact, the arizona governor doug ducey did the same. >> ainsley: they just said we can't handle all of these migrants. they are crowds of people. why should texas and arizona bear the brunt of this. we are going to put them on buses and send them to other places around the country including washington, d.c. she was responding on one of the sunday shows about "the washington post" article that said homeless shelters are filling up now in d.c. and they are filling up with illegal immigrants. >> brian: guess who is paying for that, using pandemic money. for other things giving to illegal immigrants who come here without being tested and then
4:06 am
they get to stay in soft sided tents by in small towns on the border or they get put into buses and dumped into washington, d.c. here's the mayor. >> this is a very significant issue. we have for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses. we think they're largely asylum seekers who are going to final destinations that are not washington, d.c. i worked with the white house to make sure that fema provided a grant to a local organization that is providing services to folks. but i fear that they are being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final >> brian: by do they have final destinations all across america? their final destination should be back where they came from.
4:07 am
bill melugin knows the reality of this says d.c. is getting a small example of what tiny texas and arizona border towns are had to deal with every single day with far less capacity. yet, they got to throw up infrastructure that doesn't exist and disrupt towns that didn't want to be bothered by this but because we refuse to crack down on the border they are overwhelmed. their life is destroyed. >> steve: for the mayor of d.c., the district of columbia to say those people were tricked. they weren't being tricked. when we showed that first bus unloading. >> all the people who got off the bus remember at the end they came over and hugged the people who were driving and are were chaperoning. we know for a fact that if you are in this country illegally, a lot of these ngos will arrange transportation anywhere for whatever reason. there is hugging right there. does that look like those people feel like they were tricked? d.c. simply is finally feeling if this story is true, that the
4:08 am
shelters are overloaded, feeling what other towns throughout america are feeling. but, you know, they could get a free ride from texas anywhere in the country but they chose to go on greg abbott's bus. period. >> ainsley: many of them said they had relatives in d.c. some of them said they this relatives in florida. this was easier way to get down to florida. they did not acted like they were being tricked. she also says she reached tout federal government to get fema money so that they could pay for the people that are in these cheryl's. because the local taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it. >> brian: yeah. one of the bill political phenomenons has been the special election victory by congresswoman mayra flores traditionally democratic area. >> ainsley: south texas. >> brian: one of the reasons is because of this border crisis. they see the federal government has totally dropped the ball and they don't care. she does. listen. >> the biden administration is at fault. they continue to encourage
4:09 am
people to come here illegally knowing that they are going to have to go through such dangerous journey to come here to the united states. why not focus on legal immigration and improve the legal process so good people that to come here to work hard for the american dream. i have family in the town. i cannot visit as often because i'm afraid. people here in south texas have families throughout mexico and they cannot visit their looed ones because of the criminal organizations. i never want no american to ever feel afraid to visit their families i don't wish that on anyone. >> ainsley: born in mexico and became the first female congresswoman and became a citizen. >> steve: before we wrap this up, for the mayor of district of columbia to say look, the reason our shelters is overcrowded is because of agreeing abbott busing people in. that is just not accurate. because if you have been down washington, d.c., in the last
4:10 am
couple of years, their homeless problem has been jaw-dropping. absolutely awful. every once in a while they will clear out a patch in front of the department of the environment or over by the fbi. these encampments throughout the district. so, for her to say, you know, don't blame joe biden, blame greg abbott, that is not accurate. because those gigantic encampments of homeless people have been there for years. in some cases. >> brian: 10 minutes now after the hour. >> ainsley: texas house committee releasing a detailed report yesterday revealing more details on the response to the uvalde shooting. >> steve: it was a systemic failure and egregious poor decision making across the board in retime. >> brian: todd piro here. uvalde's acting police chief now on administrative leave after the release of that damning report into the elementary school massacre that killed 1 children and two teachers.
4:11 am
lieutenant's actions being investigated to determine his role in the failed response. the investigation revealing nearly 400 law enforcement officers arrived on scene. 77 minutes passed before the classroom door was breached and the shooter killed. now, the report highlights the incompetence of the response, quote: other than the attacker, the committee did not find any villains in the course of its investigation, instead we found systemic failures and egregiously poor decision-making. uvalde mayor don mcglaughlin releasing this footage from inside the school massacre to attempt to show the other side of the story. now he is being criticized for publishing the disturbing content. the house committee suggesting there was confusion as to who was really in charge that day and lack of leadership contributed to the poor police response. earlier on "fox & friends first," i spoke to the uncle of uziayh garcia the 10-year-old child killed at robb elementary that tragic day. >> approximately 400 officers
4:12 am
stood by and failed our community, failed the state of texas and failed the children. 75 days later and we still can't shake it. it's like a bad dream you are not going to wake up from rob element i had this they continue deed. >> steve: todd, thank you very much. it sounds like if you listened to the people give the press conference on fox. it sounds like the door they were waiting for the key to, it sounds like it was unlocked all along. they don't know for sure, nonetheless, it doesn't sound like any of them were locked and with 400 cops nearby and nobody really taking charge, you get the frustration. you get why so many hearts are broken. >> ainsley: todd had a great interview with the uncle of that little boy earlier on "fox & friends first." and the uncle said he wished he
4:13 am
could have rewound time and been there to help his nephew who was going through all of this and who eventually was killed. but, he said it's been, you know, more than a month now, and things are still not getting better. he said we are grieving terribly as a family. look after the all these faces. >> brian: just the fact that this 18-year-old known as the school shooter was able to get a gun, hopefully this new legislation be able to look back in background and say i'm not going to sell this guy a gun. he has mental problems and it history of be a hosht behavior which was true. hopefully this new legislation will allow that other thing pretty clear these cops. they say there was no leadership. there no, sir radios. the other experts say you are not supposed to have a radio. shields can be cumbersome, radios sometimes you have your radio on that little noise can key the shooter to turn on you. that's the last thing you want. what they should have had they said there was too many people, nobody asserted leadership and nobody wanted to breach leadership but no one would actually see who was actually in
4:14 am
charge and to see them all sit there and one guy step forward and the other guy get pushed back and see how brutal they were to the parents on the perimeter. it's everything that cops are trained not to do. they are trained to go in. >> ainsley: isn't it hard to believe there were close 400 officers at the school and they waited 77 minutes to go in. and when you watch the video, you can hear the shooter pulling the trigger and more shots being fired and then time would go by. and then they would do it again and children inside the classroom calling to say we know you are all out there. can you please come in. >> steve: can the school's chief of police was heard on some of the video calmly and politely trying to ask the shoot tore put down the gun. >> right. >> steve: obviously that did not work. leo terrell was on the big sunday show on sunday and said those cops had an obligation to get into that room as fast as possible. >> 98% of law enforcement do a great job 24/7.
4:15 am
we cannot excuse the mistake that these officers made because 98% of the officers protect us 24/7. let's also not forget that the person killed is the bad guy. but, these officers' failure to charge the videotape is inexcusable. if we are going to make sure this doesn't happen again. we have to make sure there is policies and procedures in place where officers have a moral obligation to respond to a person who is basically killing innocent people. >> brian: that's what they are trained to do. they are trained to go in. no one could understand what really happened. it was pointed out, too. there were more people there. 376 at the alamo. my goodness, what they could have done if they had gone. in other thing is to keep in mind, this guy was a walking time bomb, the guy in buffalo a walking time bomb. the killer at that fourth of july parade a walking time bomb. everybody that was around him
4:16 am
knew it. that's -- i'm not excusing uvalde and the police but my goodness you have got to be able to protect people. have you got to stop that next kid from blowing up. you have got step in. >> steve: you know what's very telling as you look at what happened in uvalde. on the 24th of may. and then you look at what happened last night in indiana, where a guy with a gun in a mall food court starts shooting, there is a guy nearby with a gun, and he took care of him. >> ainsley: he had it legally. >> steve: he had it legally. you know, and then it could have been stopped so much sooner. >> ainsley: what's heart breaking when you watch the video of uvalde and you know there are children in there and hearing the gun go off at like 45 minutes in. an hour in. and the gun is still going off. and they are not storming in and you know that children are dying and those lives could have been spared if they just rushed into that room in the very beginning. >> brian: in fact, one person i saw interviewed yesterday that said that this one kid was shot in the stomach. and lived for another 45 minutes. and if they had went in there
4:17 am
they could have gotten him. they can't say they did all the damage. 16 minutes after the hour. carley shimkus you were covering this all morning you have other stories. >> carley: i certainly do. starting with bad news for president biden. he just got back from the middle east but his plummeting poll numbers never left. the latest fox news poll puts the president's approval rating at 40% down from 56% last year. this as almost three quarters of voters disapprove of the president's handling of rising inflation, 6 #% disapproving of his handling of the economy as fears grow of an impending recession. a new york city firefighter's leg is crushed while responding to this crash in midtown manhattan yesterday. brian warnock and other fd members were trying to stabilize the black bmw that wound up on top of the white sedan there warnock was seriously hurt when the bmw's driver accidently hit the gas. is he currently in serious but stable condition. no arrests were made at the
4:18 am
scene. delta is spending 13 and a half billion dollars to buy 100 new planes. the 100 max ten jets are coming from boeing. it's delta's first dealings with bowing in decades. the max 10s aren't faa certified just yet. delta's ceo says that isn't as threatening as other challenges the airline has faced. there is not a timetable for when the max 10s will be certified. delta is also talking to airbus to buy a dozen new planes from them as well. and in golf, cammeron smith makes historic final round charge to win the 150th open championship and become the champion golfer of the year it didn't take long for smith to figure out how he will celebrate his first major title. >> perhaps you can tell us how you are going to celebrate tonight. >> i'm definitely going to find.
4:19 am
>> that's like a hockey answer there. the 28-year-old australian made five straight birdies on the back nine. passed rory mcilroy. >> steve: i think it holds three beers. >> ainsley: i like him. i like the stash and the long hair in the back. >> carley: straight multi-u. mullet. >> brian: getting cheered at every turn. didn't work. >> ainsley: thank you very much, carley. >> steve: straight ahead on monday the nascar world is in mourning after the murder of driver bobby east at california gas station. why our next guest calls this another example of the spiral of lawlessness that is out of control in california. >> brian: and, could it be bernie sanders, aoc or president biden? new top 10 list among democrat wannabes. newt gingrich reacts to the pick for 2024 on the dem side. ♪
4:20 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: on this monday morning, the professional community after the murder of three time u.s. auto club champion nascar driver bobby east. east was stabbed in the chest and killed at a california gas station just minutes away from disney land. and the police say the suspect had an outstanding parole warrant. our next guest says this is just another example of tragedy in the golden state where the spiral of lawlessness has gotten out of control. california attorney general candidate nathan hawkman joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, great to
4:25 am
be here. >> steve: it's another one of these terrible stocious. we don't know whether he stabbed the driver because it was a random thing or if he was trying to rob him but, unfortunately, another man is dead. >> yeah, you are absolutely right. bobby east was a nascar champion who didn't get killed driving one of his cars in one of the races but when he pulled over for gas at a southern california gas station he was stabbed with a knife. the person that the police tried to arrest was a guy named trent millsap. is he was a transient convicted of armed robbery. he had a parole violation they ended up being involved in a confrontation and killed him. this is a tragic day of california where you have a spiral of lawlessness. by that what i mean is you have one person in the smallest of crime running out of a cvs with
4:26 am
just $950 knowing they won't be prosecuted which has led to three people running out of a walgreen's, 80 people running out of a nordstroms, smash and grob robberies. follow home robberies. train robberies and a double digital rise in homicides. >> you know, as we look more deeply at the killer, he apparently had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on unrelated parole violation. on parole after serving time following a conviction for armed robbery. but just the fact that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. had they actually -- had the police actually executed the warrant, that guy might not have been on the street and bobby east might be alive today. >> we have seen that tragedy play out not only in this situation but in los angeles where a 25-year-old gerbil was stabbed to death by a homeless man who had numerous arrest warrants. up in sacramento. where people were let out early because they were not prosecuted
4:27 am
to the full extend of the law. we have seen this played unfortunately play out in california. california attorney general, when i get elected in november. i will stop this spiral of lawlessness and bring back a spiral of lawfulness. >> steve: it seems likes a you know, nathan, we talk about these stories where california is soft on crime policies have resulted in more crime. at what point do the people of california say, you know what? we tried this, it didn't work. >> you know, i have gone up and down the state talking to californians. they are fed up, frustrated and afraid. afraid that their children, their parents, their neighbors. i think that is the tipping point. when safety and security has become a top three polled issue in california for the first time in a generation, i think that democrats, independents and republicans. will all vote out the soft on crime california attorney general and vote me, nathan
4:28 am
hockman in as attorney general in november. >> steve: all right. let's see what happens. nathan, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> steve: lrstd. still ahead on this monday, live from new york city, presidential politics and prospects? well joe biden tops the list of 2024 democrat contenders, but gavin newsom is on that list. and wait until you hear who else. newt gingrich reacts to that as california's governor calls republicans ruthless. ♪
4:29 am
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♪ >> carley: we are back with your headlines were. the four first responders killed in a helicopter crash saturday night have now been identified. three members of the county sheriff's department and one firefighter lost their lives in the incident. the chopper was on its way back to helping battle wildfires in northern new mexico. authorities are still investigating what cause dollars that crash. san francisco's new district attorney brook jenkins is cleaning house after her former boss chesa boudin was recalled. fired 15 employees from the prosecutor's office. she has already hand picked new staffers who she says are dedicated to the city's safety. but the people she fired are
4:33 am
crying foul. some even using identity politics to plead their case against jenkins. boudin was overwhelmingly ousted after 60% voted for his recall. ford unveiling its most powerful f-150 pickup truck ever. the ford f-150 raptor r comes with a super charged v 8 engine. 250-horsepower next best truck. all that power starts at 109,000 bucks making this ford f-150 the most expensive ever offered. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: they are expensive but they are really cool. aren't they? >> carley: they are. >> ainsley: thank you so much. carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: "the washington post" still ranking number one in the list of 2024 contenders with vice president harris in third place hind pete buttigieg. the paper admitting quote just as biden appears to be the most
4:34 am
unpopular president at this point in his first term since harry truman. she is one of the most unpopular modern vice presidents at this point. fox news contributor newt gingrich is author of the upcoming book defeating big government socialism and he joins us now. good morning, newt. >> good morning. >> carley: good morning. were you surprised at this list biden number one, even though they say he is the most unpopular? >> no. look, i think encumbent presidents have enormous advantages even in truman's case he was stopping becoming the democratic nominee and promoting add lie stevenson. even in a very weak position truman was a dominant figure in his party. i think as a purely "the pure washingtonianidea that butr run anything effectively number two position. that just tells you about the washington press corps it doesn't tell you about the
4:35 am
country. if you think about it, buttigieg is responsible transportation all the various airline cancellations, doesn't strike me as a very good battle cry to run for president. screwed up your airplane, let me screw up your whole country. and harris has one enormous challenge. her laugh is really weird. i know that sounds petty, but, as human beings go, you watch her for a while, you just think she can't possibly be president. i mean, we have a president who is cognitively challenged but to have a president who is just strange, i think, would be a whole lot to follow. so i think new people will emerge. my personal favorite is tom cruise. as you look at how many people went to see his movie this summer. if trump can come out of real estate to become president. why can't cruise come out of top gun to be president? >> ainsley: a true maverick. also on that list is aoc number 10. gavin newsom number 7 on the list.
4:36 am
and he has been in the news a lot. we saw him walking at the white house on the lawn. and we also have seen these ads down in florida where he is talking about ron desantis and wants people to move to california. he is also investigationing in red states. he told fox 11 to a news anchor there he said they are dominating the narrative talking about republicans. right now up against the ruthlessness of the republican party. you see what's happening to all the progress we have made in the 21st century. all the rights that we have taken for granted are being rolled back in realtime. what do you think his future looks like. will he run? >> first of all, is he in charge of a remarkably corrupt one party state. they had $20 billion stolen from the unemployment compensation fund alone. second, what's his battle cry going to be? you too can have human feces and drug syringes and the largest number of homeless in the world in the record in california, if it weren't for the total
4:37 am
dominance of the democratic party in sacramento. the record in california would lead the democratic party being destroyed out there. and you saw this in the news report you had that the most communist district attorney in the country boudin was defeated by over 60% in a recall. and they are now cleaning out all the people he hired because they were all pro-criminal and anti-victim. so, i think that's very hard to see how newsom becomes a serious national candidate. >> carley: newt you have new book out congratulations called defeating big government socialism. it's out now. how do we reject or defeat these radical policies? >> my view and the whole reason i wrote "defeating big government socialism" we have to do what margaret thatcher did in 1975 set out to destroy socialism as alternative. destroyed it so totally for 40
4:38 am
years no left wing labor leader has ever been picked for vice minister. this is not an accident. the price of gasoline is their policy. the millions of people crossing the border is their policy. releasing murderers back on the street their policy. the price of food is their policy. we have to win the argument then we will win the vote. >> ainsley: when you know their policies it's baffling when you read some of these polls, the fox news poll said that 41% of voters would back a democrat. 44% would back a republican. but that is still a big number for the dems. newt, thank you so much. congratulations on your book. earn go bic it up. >> right. >> ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. new reports reveal hunter biden met with his father not once, not twice but more than a dozen times after his overseas business trips. miranda devine joins us next on the latest revelations from the laptop from hell. ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva.
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>> brian: more fallout from hunter biden's laptop. how many times i have said that, as "new york post" reveals the abandoned computer contained a personal calendar marking dozens of meetings with business partners then a meeting with his dad. the report details house hunter met with his father at least 30 times at the white house from the vice president's residents. often days after he returned home from overseas. including a 1212 meeting four days after being wined and dined oligarchs in moscow one of which resulted in one of these guys ends up being a murderer at least charged that way. here to react the contributor, "new york post" columnist and laptop from hell author miranda devine. miranda, this whole calendar, along with the voice mail is pretty damning. don't you agree? >> hi, brian, look, it definitely is and it just puts the lie to joe biden's repeated denial that he knew anything about his son's hunter oversea's
4:44 am
business dealings, there is so much circumstantial evidence to say that's not true there are the meetings with hunter that, you know are on hunter's calendar with his father just days even minutes after he has rushed from these overseas business trips. what was he doing there? was it just pure coincidence? seems strange 30 times and then will are the multiple meetings that joe biden had with rurent's business partners. he -- he invited them breakfast at his vice presidential residence. he went to dinner with them at cafe milano in georgetown. he even met them overseas in beijing on one famous occasion after he had flown hunter into beijing on air force 2 to do business. so, it's just not sustainable for the white house and joe biden to keep on insisting that he has got nothing to do with hunter's very shady overseas
4:45 am
business dealings during the period that joe biden was vice president and had a lot of power. >> it's unbelievable because you have meetings -- these aren't just one country. this is romania, this is colombia, this is russia, this is china. this guy is all over the place. let alone we thought it was ukraine and burisma. that was the least of it. >> yes. you are so right. and you have got to remember that the main part of this is the money. you have to follow the money. and there was tens of millions of dollars that flowed through from those countries whether it be kazakhstan or china or russia or ukraine or romania, that flowed into the biden bank account. so, what was the money for? >> brian: npr is coming out with a disinformation bureau. they got to make sure the stuff they report is not disinformation by having a disinformation reporting team. do they have a credibility
4:46 am
problem after all? they called you and some of your reporting out when they commented on the hunter biden laptop prior to the election. saying this, quote: we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don't want to waste the listener's and reader's time that are just pure distraction. yes, hard corps emails that could have been verified with a phone call that disinformation team said that's disinformation. >> that's a joke. they have absolutely nothing to recommend them as disinformation gurus. they should stay out of the business. they are just propagandist. they are one of the worst in the media. >> brian: absolutely. miranda devine, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: as i said earlier i think the biden family named your book because it's certainly the laptop from hell is certainly putting them through hell. soon they have to being a knowledge it thanks so much, miranda. meanwhile, i like to check in with meteorologist janice dean. she has promised a fox weather
4:47 am
forecast. for example, where is the sun? >> janice: i told you earlier today that we are going to see some thunderstorms in the northeast and look at what is happening. we are seeing some thunderstorms in the northeast. especially for the new york city area and that is causing some airport delays. so just keep that in mind. we could see strong storms for the northeast throughout the day today. and then we are going to feel the heat as we get in through the rest of the workweek tomorrow. 93 in new york. we are going to get to 95 on wednesday. over 30 million people under some sort of heat advisory today struching from texas all the way up towards the northern planes. 108 in dallas. 102 in el paso. 1 new york city in denver. with the humidity factored in even warmer than that my friend brandon texted me from twitter and said why don't you talk about the southwest, janice dean? so i'm going to talk about the southwest for you, brandon today. 109 in phoenix, 83 in flag staff and it's going to remain warm for the rest of the workweek. see, i cover everyone.
4:48 am
if you tweet at me i will do that, too. brian kilmeade so much excitement happening today. i know you are aware of this but the janice dean podcast launches today. i have worked here almost 20 years and this is probably one of the proudest moments and reason it is one of the proudest moments because my very first guest on the janice dean podcast is the unbelievably famous brian kilmeade. >> brian: yes. i'm honored to be your first guest. >> janice: the reason why i picked you for years now you have been saying the dean's list should become a podcast. i think all of this happened. the good things in my life because of you. >> brian: wow. take credit. i thought give credit to husband and children. january january him to but my radio career and whole career. >> brian: feel good stories dean's list using your name was a no-brainer and now it's a podcast and thrilled to be the first guest on. when is it going to be available? >> janice: 1:00 p.m. eastern today. can you go to fox
4:49 am
the reason i picked you is because you don't get personal on "fox & friends" and i wanted to get personal with you. i do. we cover everything. brine brian yes. we got very personal. so with fox news podcast. >> janice: yes. you made the dean's list. >> brian: i'm honored to be the first. >> janice: the first one. >> brian: and the first time. >> janice: i love this time together. >> brian: janice, go get them. meanwhile transgendered swimmer lia thomas unrelated to the story made waves this year and could be named north korea's woman of the year, no joke, jack. the new award nomination sparking debate. ♪ ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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4:53 am
>> lia thomas transgender swimmer receiving a thomtion from the university of pennsylvania from the north north koreawoman of the year aw. >> steve: the perfect person to ask about this maggie bonnie joins us live right now. maggie, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. it's an honor. >> steve: it's great to have you
4:54 am
as well because you have a unique point of view. what do you make of what the university of pennsylvania is doing with this nomination? >> yeah, i mean, needless to say, i think it's disappointing and concerning for those that close to the sport. it's, you know, i think it's unfair. it's kind of, you know, you don't like to use the word like disgraceful or making a joke of something that's a really big deal to a lot of people and that's effectively what they have done. i won't say it's necessarily a surprise that penn has chosen lia to nominate. i don't believe they have any other national title athletes right now. but, you know, it's kind of disappointing to know that they are, you know, less impressed with any of their current female student athletes and their
4:55 am
talent deserving of this award and they are more impressed with a male bodied athlete competing and beating female in their sport. i personally don't find that very impressive. >> ainsley: who makes the decision on this? this is just a nomination. >> yeah. i mean, i think ultimately the ncaa will vote on it i believe there is 30 finalists that will make it in and then at the amongst those 30 they will vote on a winner. >> brian: maggie, you are robbing a generation of female athletes and maybe future athletes of their moment in time by allowing this to happen. the lia thomass, nothing against lia thomas and her accomplishments, burr it does not belong on the women's side of ncaa competition. that's clear. >> right. i think that's a good point it
4:56 am
is not against lia in particular. it's fighting for the right of women in sport. and i think ultimately the ncaa is wildly failing women in sport grib brian absolutely. >> discriminating against and violating the rights that we have enjoyed for a long time. >> brian: and earned. >> the ncaa has blatantly now really told us that they are not basing their decisions on facts and science and so, you have got to think what else is their initiative. >> brian: maggie, you brought up some great points, maggie, we will leave it there and we hope people are aware and take some action because the courts did help over the weekend. maggie bowen thanks so much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: piers morgan is coming up. stay with us. o♪
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> you are looking live at new roads in louisiana right now they have 75 degrees going up so you know it's humid down there. that thunderstorm in the distance, new roads is such a good name for a town. >> i didn't know it existed. >> there -- if you want to drive
5:02 am
people who love the drive say come to my town. everywhere you go it's new roads. >> it's a town of infrastructure. >> i wonder what the old name was. dirt roads? >> really old roads? >> i love when we bump in on tots we've never heard of so that was one of them. >> and steve got some water this morning. >> didn't you say you are the best song too? >> it was a good one. welcome to our three of "fox & friends." the president of the united states comes home and you hope you come home to your overseas and your four days overseas trips was well received. i don't think he could say that. for the most part he was all
5:03 am
about the meeting in saudi arabia. he went to israel first and it was pretty clear there was a disagreement on iran. when they ask him about the fist bump in saudi arabia i think the biggest story was i gave the iranians a deal, it's up to them to take it. i'm not going to wait forever. >> why wouldn't he just shake his hand on it? >> they didn't want the handshake going in before he even landed they announced on air force one is not going to shake cans because of covid. >> what's the difference? >> he was shaking hands of the g7 the week before. it's all a big snow job. the other thing that subletting as they said two hours ago. you don't want that movement you want to focused on the meeting that the greeting. i wish i could just hold that moment. when the prince wants to meet
5:04 am
them outside and i do that working to be going right inside of the first time we'll see each other. if you don't agree to that you got to get out of it and say i'm going to let them know but just tell everyone. because he didn't and the fist bump happened that's -- >> here's what struck me. it's the same hand as we watch that same hand sign his name on day one to shut down the keystone pipeline. now it's over in saudi arabia with his hat in his hand begging them for oil and fist pumping the guy he's asking for oil after joe biden use that same hand to pan out or signed his name and to delete the keystone pipeline and all those people off their jobs and no gas prices are through the rough. >> when joe biden met the crown prince like that he essentially -- they look very familiar with the fist bump that's what you do with apollo
5:05 am
normalizing things on that after that press conference he says i brought it up and he showed me blah, blah, blah. then joe biden said when he landed that guy's blind. ultimately though because joe biden sat at the table for a while with him what's happened in's saudi arabia ran up with a great photo up with their crown prince is normalized and joe biden has off the hook when it comes to khashoggi. max booth, actually defended the fist bump. he said cut biden some slack. u.s. presidents have to deal with dictators. it talks about how truman stuck cans with stolen and it goes on and on. but ultimately it was a bad optic. >> he got a lot of backlash.
5:06 am
>> a lot of blowback. >> what did you get for the first days? nothing. at least he said were a lot we've made progress were allowed to fly from israel to saudi arabia. the issue of overflight decision we took in the issue of providing connectivity between the countries in the world. we hope that it would make some travelers lives easier. that's it no further steps or plan then he said were going to get more oil and it came out the next and said were not, for more oil. we reach the top of what we can produce. both things are an epic fail and you know is so happy about the fact we are not fracking like we use to? and of allowed ourselves to dip by day and that is saudi arabia. they were incensed we became the soil behemoth.
5:07 am
then they mocked the fact that we continued to pivot the climate change in the green agenda. clearly the technology is not ready. >> they make their money on fossil fuel of course they are going to laugh. >> practically they are 100% right. we are not ready for windmills. were not ready for solar panels to feel this country. >> if you look at these polls the fox news poll's are pretty telling. numbers are a lot different now than they were a year ago. at the top right hand corner 56% approved of him a year ago. 40% approve now. look at the disapproval. 59% disapprove of joe biden's job performance. when it comes to his performance in the economy only 31% approve and only 25% improved with inflation. >> who would even say yes that they approve? >> fox news asks of voters are you very or extremely concerned
5:08 am
with inflation and prices you combined the 293% of you are worried about the economy. charles payne was with us a little while ago and talked about how the numbers are troubling and it's not just inflation. there is also an agenda at work here. >> when people were asked a year from now, six months from now, these numbers plummeted. it's interesting because people understand the direction of the economy long before the economists crunched the numbers and certainly before politicians get it. what we are living there now is an experiment that biden and others thought would work, flooding the country with free money. they thought this would be the ultimate platform for greater social utopianism but it's backfired miserably. it's all about social justice. >> it sinful to think you're not going to go into the country's best interest are good to go for your agenda.
5:09 am
everybody's had reached at manchin because he tripped up this pivot away from fossil fuels. bernie sanders just goes off on joe manchin that is trying to single-handedly destroy joe biden's agenda. he's giving joe biden a chance to win reelection. if you do some things in the build back better this would put gasoline on the fire because what they are trying to do is get more social spending in when there is no money. everything that they've said we've lost total trust in what they've predicted because of the 9% inflation because they said we would never have the pariah nation was saudi arabia and now he's begging them for a meeting. everything the president has said he's come back out and is blaming the gas companies. if somebody would just ask the president the gas and oil companies as he did it which do you disagree with? which ones? has anybody looked at them? >> i saw an interview on "fox & friends" first watching a
5:10 am
show or they are with carly they interviewed somebody that said if you bought an electric car now worth $50,000 you put 10% down over the next five years to pay a fair lawn you'd have to pay more than $800 each month to pay the car off. most people cannot afford that -- >> and they're going to be playing higher interest rates. >> if you can give and get an electric car. >> right. we are in a pickle regarding the economy but the president is trusting the federal reserve to jacked up interest rates. it sounded last week as if they might go up one point. but now the stock market futures are up because it sounds like they're only going to go up .75 and ball straight like that because it will be less of a walk in the head with the economy. >> you know who is hurting worse china. on top of that that's -- as much is as great to see them down
5:11 am
they have so much of our manufacturing there it's hard for them to get up because it's a zero covert policy and the keep locking down city after city. >> one of the problem with the charges many more chips that -- >> stay tuned for that. enough about that. in the meantime listen to this, the videos amazing and outraged mother is now pushing back against the black lives matter protesters, demanding justice for a man she says tried to kill her and her family. she said the protesters showed up and are jumping to the wrong conclusion. it's because she worries her children. where you all protesting? todd piro -- in minneapolis mother confronting blm protesters for defending a man she said police shot after he tried to kill her and her kids. listen to this.
5:12 am
>> this man is trying to kill us. how could you go celebrate a man's life that's trying to kill us. >> let mom e-cig she called police after the suspect fired several shots at their apartment. he was shot dead by police during the six six-hour standoff but despite the circumstances of the shooting blm activists gathered outside the apartment on saturday demanding justice for the suspected shooter. the mother was stunned to see that support despite nearly losing her life and let attack. she shared some images of the damage done when child flew into her home. look at that, multiple bullet holes to the front doors. walls just above her bathroom sink. the accused gunman's parents were outside of the building which he confronted the crowd. they say her son was expecting a mental health crisis at the time of her death. that's the woman after she reportedly lost her job over
5:13 am
this ordeal i had scratcher in the story of had scratches back to you. >> why did she lose her job? >> she's the one in the kitchen with her family when the sky started pumping bullets into her her apartment. >> a lot of unanswered questions i just feel like this the twitter is asian of our world, you act and then think about the consequences. >> he gets killed by the cops but he was arm treating back. >> shooting into her apartment. >> i with those facts matter to the mom? >> she was trying to educate them about what the facts were but they didn't seem to be that interested. >> we are trying to have booker to see if we can get it and get her on the program tomorrow. todd is right, it's a had scratcher. it's one of those things where somebody starts shooting at you you call the police then they come and this person starts shooting at the police as well
5:14 am
and they return fire. ultimately he was killed by a police sniper. but it's one of those things come it's the lead story right now and "the new york post." he's trying so desperately to get her story up but they don't seem to be interested. >> if you see a black suspect being shot by cops that's a story cnn can lead with. the problem is the victim is a say in this matter. >> she said my children will have to have some psychological treatments. she's worried about what this means for her future. and now the protesters are defending the guy that was shooting at them. >> in the same theme, should carley shimkus you have the news. policing greed would piano are still too difficult while the lone gunman walked into a shopping mall and started
5:15 am
shooting. the suspect only described as an adult male with a long rifle also had several magazines with a munition when he started shooting in the food court area. three victims were killed and two others were hurt but fortunately no other harm was done thanks to a legally armed citizen with a handgun. the man who shot and killed the shooter was just 22 years old. police are not releasing many details but said victims included one man and four women. a major heat wave bringing a record high heat waves to europe. a new record high of 109 in great britain. the heat wave grinding drains to a halt at halting schools. france is forecast to hit 111 degrees with a heat apocalypse hitting europe. it's hotter there than in the bahamas and jamaica. so far this month there's been
5:16 am
more than 1,000 heat related deaths in spain and portugal. "the new york post" is hunter biden and then vice president bob biden's father at least 30 times at the white house. more and divide joins us earlier with what these details mean for the white house defense of the president has never had anything to do with hunter's business dealings. into the biden bank accounts. it's just not sustainable for the white house and joe biden to keep insisting that he's got to do with hunter's -- >> some of these meanings came days after hunter biden had just returned home from ford business trips between 2008 and 2016. jenny's in the block is now jennifer aflac. jennifer lopez married her rekindled the bulk of my ben affleck secret ceremony nearly two decades after the couple's first engagement. they are revealing on her
5:17 am
website that she wore to council the big day while ben affleck wore a jacket he had in his closet. sounds about right. >> do this it was just something he had in the closet -- >> it sounds like it was on a whim. >> but not for her she had two dresses. >> these ben affleck so i'm sure he had a nice suit and his closet. >> did you see this documentary on her? it's worth watching. she has all these people to trust her beautifully. she said love is beautiful, love is kind and it turns out love is patient. 20 years patient. >> 20 years before the first engagement in the idea. >> the biggest stories can you imagine if a ride until about the meds who would have them? they were about to buy the mets. could you imagine? >> did they sign prenups in the situation?
5:18 am
>> brian always the sports guy thinking sports. that would be another thing that would happen to the mets. you thought that a-rod and j.lo would last forever. fairy tale. she's had lots of different relationships. >> she's very famous and she's beautiful and a great dancer. we wish them all the best and hope this one will last. >> if speaking of fairy tale romances. prince harry and meghan markle are here in the big apple for their first public appearance. and piers morgan shares his uncensored take on the special u.n. appearance. ♪ ♪
5:19 am
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>> prince harry and meghan markle are in need new york city for a special appearance at the u.n. harry will deliver the keynote speech in honor of nelson mandela day. as a british journalist -- tom bauer writes "without hesitation megan challenged every guess whose conversation contravened herds values." according to harry's friend she reprimanded them about the slightest inappropriate nuance, nobody was exempt. piers morgan will speak with that offer today for his fox nation show, piers morgan uncensored. he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning before we go any further thank you to the three of you for saving my life.
5:24 am
he won't know how you saved my life but because i had to come into the studio a lot earlier than normal just to talk to you i am not outside on the day that britain has its all-time highest heat. so why would a walking though round with my paralytic skin and have tried to death out there. thank you to the three of you. >> thank you for getting up early for us. we appreciate it. tell us what you think about this book. what do you know about it? what else is this guy saying? >> will is a very well-connected author, very highly respected and best on many big biographies of people. the ultimate picture that comes out is a complete culture clash between prince harry born to a great privilege and wealth in the royal family and, as we knew, bit of a fun-loving prankster prints that left to go play in las vegas with a bunch
5:25 am
of friends who are similarly minded. then he meets this ruthless social climbing american divorcee from california who comes and gets her claws into them and obviously finds all of his friends completely horrifying because they do things like tell jokes and of coastal woke brigade did not allow anybody to tell jokes. she apparently spent the entire time pestering harry's friends about how awful she has and then she dragged harry to california to escape this of rich privilege life is a british royal. that picture is not flattering in this book. it's extremely detailed and it confirms my worst suspicions really that terry was a great fun-loving guy. the most popular prince in the country, the most popular royal after the queen. now incredibly unpopular, banished from the balconies and drinking his vent a lot that is before us let yoga sessions in montecito.
5:26 am
>> what you expect out of their book? they wrote a book that's coming out soon. >> you have to laugh haven't you about the timing of the speech, where for some inexplicable reason the united nations have decided the most appropriate person to talk about nelson mandela is prince harry. now they had a book written about them called finding freedom so whether they're trying to make something this connection between the way they found freedom and going to live in an $11 million mansion and abandoned in the sense of world royal duty. they try to compare that somehow to nelson mandela, who would let me remind them spent 27 years in a six by six prison cell as a prisoner of his conscience. then came out and reconciled south africa. i'm not really feeling the link, ainslie, between the two freedom fighters.
5:27 am
i think it's a complete joke. then of course we have the added pleasure of harry's forthcoming memoir, which will certainly be another chance for him to bring down the royal family. he's going to be telling all the talk trait tales, be whining and moaning about everybody and everything and meanwhile were all thinking why don't you just stop the pretense. give up this woke nonsense, come home go get drunk with your mates down at the pop and tell inappropriate jokes and become the old harry we knew and loved. >> i think everyone is predicting that will happen at some point, peers. thanks so much for coming on. wear your sunscreen. >> it is absolutely boiling so thank you i have it again for sparing to me. >> i'm glad we saved your life. i'm going to watch the interview tonight and i'm very interested to hear what he has to say. it's coming up at 4:30 on fox nation. you can watch piers morgan uncensored every day.
5:28 am
as another weekend of carnage rock chicago ted williams goes inside the city's crime crisis. his interview with a former gang member and parent to share heartbreaking stories of children murdered by gun violence bear that's coming up next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling. for some, rinvoq significantly reduces ra and psa fatigue. it can stop irreversible joint damage. and rinvoq can leave skin clear or almost clear in psa. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred.
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>> what else is new? aplenty we could be of windy city with at least seven killed, 15 injured. this is the "chicago sun-times" shows as crimes are going up arrests are hitting a record low over the past two decades. >> fox news contributor criminal defense attorney ted williams joins us now with more. ted? >> good morning, ainsley, brian, steve. unfortunately this is just another weekend in chicago to the city those shots become statistics. but to the family of the victims they are more than just a number. i went to the south side of chicago and stop spoke to some of the mothers who have been
5:33 am
directly impacted by gun violence as well as a former gain member turned community activist. they shared their stories and what they think and be done to quell the gun violence there in chicago. take a look. >> can you tell us a little bit about your cell on that was shot here in chicago? >> use a good person. we were respectable and everything. he never disrespected anyone. she was my baby basketball player. smart, funny, car block them off. she got shot 18 times. that's not random. at all.
5:34 am
everybody loved him. someone approached him. he was somebody. >> watching us on the notes and feeling like i can get joe to. it's not just in the dash it's everywhere. every bit as affected by it now. >> do you feel safe here in chicago? >> now. >> what does it make you feel unsafe in your own hometown?
5:35 am
>> do you feel for your other children? >> yes. i could be cut down one day for no reason. we don't know. >> are you in favor of defunding the police here in chicago? >> not at all. they need more police here. chicago is not like it was a long time ago. it's chicago is worse. >> do you think law enforcement at the politicians here chicago are doing all they can to catch the killer of your daughter? >> no they don't contact me. i have to contact them. >> just another random kid. do you think the mayor is doing something about gun violence here in chicago? >> i can't tell.
5:36 am
we never hear from them at all. >> if you had to send a message to the politicians here in chicago who would be that message? >> they need to do something if that doesn't work try something else. don't just stop. it find a solution somewhere somehow. they're not doing their job. it is too much going on at chicago. >> you know these victims are suffering in chicago by this gun violence on a weekly basis guys. back to you all. >> thank you very much, ted. you know one of the former gang members whose not dedicated to stop violence has a wide style.
5:37 am
if you all went out why. see how you consumption of top chicago violence. >> i hope they can get this under control. every monday morning we get those numbers. >> doesn't seem like anybody cares. that's who makes it worse. i get the normal thing. it's not acceptable. those brokenhearted families. 23 minutes not be for the top of the hour on fox news team won a flood of illegal and grants our next guest is covering the nonstop search at our border. what he sees live on the ground in texas next. of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy
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5:42 am
theories see jupiter island florida. our next guest is covering the nonstop search at our border, daily color field reporter jorge menchu are joins us right now. >> good morning, steve. i understand from your twitter you suggested that you can see the mexican state police trying hard on mexican side to keep the migrants from swimming through across the rio grande river. if they are trying to stop them they are not doing a very good job. >> no, this is just started in the past few days but the mexican officials have not been a bank governor abbott's order. to stop the flow of illegal crossing one of those is right behind in the state of coahuila.
5:43 am
we been embedded with these and we've gone with these migrant caravans to go bypass mexican officials on checkpoints and migrants are not allowed but the mexican officials have not followed governor greg abbott. thousands of migrants jumping into the rio grande river and into eagle pass, texas, here this is the very first seven days already encountered 13,000 here in just one and july 6th. to eventually give them a 30 day pass and then cross illegally into the united states of the mexican officials are playing a huge role in allowing this illegal immigration story to become a disaster now here in south texas. >> sure. so, jorge, as the migrants come to where you are once i get across the rio grande, are they
5:44 am
expanding why they are coming? i mean historically in the summer right now this is the time of year when they don't come. because it's so hot. but they are coming in record numbers. why are they saying they are coming at this point? >> i'm getting multiple reasons. the biggest reason is they feel like the border is wide open for them. another one is they tell me that they thought she had a family and friend who had already crossed illegally and they been in contact and said hey, if my friend is tyler d been released in the united states were making the journey right now. but we normally see a downtrend here in the summer appeared were announcing that at all. were also seeing a huge emigration from emigrants outside of the northern triangle countries. i just left from arizona were encountered migrants from belarus, georgia, afghanistan, russia, really all over the world making migration here. processing these huge influx of cuban migrants making their way to the southern border southern border. >> it's great. thank you for joining us.
5:45 am
thank you sir. coming up on before the top of the other jenna stevens had the possibility of thunderstorm spirit it's been raining like cats and dogs already. >> it really has. my hair is very think the limit side today. nick jones on twitter said janice, i'm in the u.k. and we have historic temperature so let's talk about that. you know this is really record-breaking heat over the past couple of days. they've shut down schools, they are shutting down trains. over 100 degrees from london today and tuesday and really all over the place in paris 103, bordeaux 110. these are record-setting all time temperatures. the good news is that we have some relief coming on wednesday and thursday. back to our seasonal temperatures for london. around 73 degrees this time of the year. really dangerous heat and will be following this story as well. severe thunderstorms parts of northeast. were also dealing with extreme heat from the southern texas region all the way up towards
5:46 am
the northern plains where over 30 million are under some sort of heat advisory so temperatures well over hundred degrees with the humidity it's just people are urged to stay inside of truck on the elderly and your pasts and your kids and bring them inside. all right, steve, earl over to you. >> those numbers out of europe are unbelievable. >> a thousand people have died because of these temperatures. >> it because there are not that many homes and lots of spots they don't have any ac. meanwhile still had we are gearing up for the all-star game tomorrow we've got the insider picks that you need to know before the big game airs on fox. in the meantime, bill and dana are dropping by for a preview of what happens in 14 minutes. welcome back. >> thank you, so good to be here. we've got some new fox bowling and we asked the question where
5:47 am
is the good news for joe biden? because we have looked carefully at this. >> there's not a lot of it. if you look at your vote for the woman of the year one prominent american school pick their's. a bit of surprise. more followed from joe biden's big trip to saudi arabia coming up. swales of the men who saw dark smoke coming out of the house. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪
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>> dodger stadium gearing up for the major league baseball all-star game. the main event airs on fox as the american league looks to extend their eight-game winning streak. here's what we need to know before the big game.
5:52 am
pretty clear this liberty all-star game without fear yesterday pair that was obviously a lot of intrigue and interest there but first things first on the all-star game this is one of those all-star games for the players actually want to plan, right? >> i do believe that that is the case. i certainly think it helps that it's in los angeles. i think people love dodger stadium and they love the opportunity to be part of the summer showcase that has been celebrated for such a long time across the sport. they have a chance to come to one of the media centers of the world and to show up and show out i think players get excited about that. >> steve: also going into this game a lot a big storied lines in major league baseball and one is new york centric. the mets look real good. and the yankees look historically good. i mean is there any bots throughout the country about a possible subway series? >> we are always going to be new york centric to a degree.
5:53 am
there is an unquestioned buzz here. but you characterized it perfectly. it's been historic so far. the pace that the yankees have set. then of course the question is going to be does the pitching hold up? are they going to be able to keep arms healthy and have a solid a bullpen as they get towards the postseason? but they have been a juggernaut to this point. the mets mats, steve cohen is the owner. they are having their arms coming back. jacob graham is coming back. these are two clubs that could be -- could be on a collision course. >> fox broadcast the way they sell this in the production is without peer. all-star gabe fox tuesday night.
5:54 am
he got this new series coming out your first episode on your podcast series -- your first episode is wesley here's a little clip, which you can expect on tom rinaldi's podcast. >> there were shockthe shootinga angels outfielder ball stuck last night. >> and the more than 150 year history of major league baseball only one player has ever been murdered during a season. odds are you haven't heard of him. >> this guy was loved, he was in the peak of his career. he died in so many questions you tackle that. >> brian you were kind enough to have a discussion on your platform last week about why men wesley baugh. first-ever episodic podcast narrative driven, this become such a popular platform as you
5:55 am
know where we can tell stories at greater length with greater depth. in this case of a remarkable man and a really excellent player career .311 hitter who was murdered in the deadliest city in the country at the time, gary, indiana, through absolutely no wrongdoing of his own. wrong place at the wrong time visiting family. a jealous husband pulled up alongside a car and fired into the backseat, killing lyman voss stock. we tell you the story of what happened to that killer and how you entry in the miscarriage of justice and all the forces that shape lemon wesley bostock. it's really a compelling story which probably has been largely forgotten at the time, brian. >> wesley is now out on all major podcast fought platforms. is another place to get it and plan for it. nobody does long form better than you.
5:56 am
thanks for joining us for the preview and outs available for everybody. go get them. >> thanks so much. >> you've got it. more "fox & friends" in just a moment, don't move.
5:57 am
subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick?
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5:59 am
♪♪♪ >> look there. it is joe biden's beach town. delaware. coming on friday we have a special guest for our all american summer concert series.
6:00 am
they'll sing, it's as cold as ice when it is supposed to be hot. >> everybody knows every song. that will be great. this place will be packed. get there early and have free barbecue. >> if you want to register go to "fox & friends." we'll be back here tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. white house starting the week on damage control after overseas fist bump that is sparking backlash at home. as we say good morning, i'm bill hemmer back in new york. team back together with my partner. how are you, kid? >> dana: are we doing that? >> bill: you can do whatever you want. at least we did it with more vigor. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." it is very good to be back with all of you. republicans say the optics couldn't be worse. president bumping


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