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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 18, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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they'll sing, it's as cold as ice when it is supposed to be hot. >> everybody knows every song. that will be great. this place will be packed. get there early and have free barbecue. >> if you want to register go to "fox & friends." we'll be back here tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. white house starting the week on damage control after overseas fist bump that is sparking backlash at home. as we say good morning, i'm bill hemmer back in new york. team back together with my partner. how are you, kid? >> dana: are we doing that? >> bill: you can do whatever you want. at least we did it with more vigor. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." it is very good to be back with all of you. republicans say the optics couldn't be worse. president bumping fists with
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the man responsible for the death of khashoggi. >> bill: whether he damaged america's standing on the world stage. his response at the white house late at night. >> president biden: why don't you guys talk about something that matters? ask questions about something that matters. >> will inflation go down from here? >> president biden: i hope so. >> dana: 93% of americans are extremely concerned about rising prices. >> bill: as costs go up the poll does the opposite. 31% now. >> dana: casting a shadow of the president's reelection chances. 70% of voters don't want him to run again including more than half of democrats. fox team coverage. marc thiessen has analysis. let's begin with alexandria hoff at the white house. >> no events on the calendar for the president today. no chance for him to dampen the
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tone for the american people who are concerned about prices. new fox news polling shows that 75% of americans have been impacted by way of financial hardship because of inflation. yesterday bernstein called the rate unacceptably high but added this. >> half of that increase is energy prices alone. since then, the price of gas has come down 50 cents a gallon. now 20,000 gas stations across this country where gas is below $4 a gallon. still too high but it is moving in the right direction giving americans breathing room. >> saudi arabia won't be lending a production hand despite the president's hope and visit. the king announced they can't increase output. in what j.p. morgan analysts called the most extreme scenario involving gas prices sanctions retaliation from russia. oil prices could jump to a
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stratospheric $380 a barrel. if that were to play out analysts predict it could happen as soon as as october preceding the mid-term elections. in terms of the challenges the president is facing, first lady jill biden came to her husband's defense at a dnc fundraiser this weekend saying her husband had a whole lot of hope for things he wanted to get done coming into the presidency but this, every time he turned around he had to address problems of the moment. bill and dana. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: let's bring in marc thiessen. our man on mondays. good morning to you. let's do call for one, guys. biden's job performance. look at the right-hand column. women, moderates, under age 30, independents well over 60, 70%. i went deep into the polling last night and today. where is the good news? >> there isn't any.
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there isn't any good news for biden and no good news for the country. things are pretty bad. look, it is not surprising biden is unpopular with every group on every issue. he is the most unpopular president in the history of presidential polling going back to harry truman. the reason is -- for different reasons depending which group you are talking to. he is losing moderates and swing voters and suburban women because he abandoned his promise to unite the country and passed this $1.9 trillion spending bill that unleashed the worst inflation in 40 years. highest gas prices on record. biggest decline in real wages in four decades and so that's made him incredibly unpopular with those voters. he is unpopular with his base because he only spent 1.9 trillion. because he didn't follow it up with build back better and all the other climate and other spending. so he is caught between a rock and a hard place. he has gone so far left his
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policies have unleashed disaster but the left thinks he hasn't gone far enough. >> dana: if you look at call for number two who is extremely motivated to vote. democrats 67%. republicans 67. our poll has it even. not born out in some of the primaries that bill hemmer has shown us at the board in terms of people turned out to vote have been republicans in large measure and seeing the results. you say he has lost a base. one of those is even the media, mainstream media. here is what president biden said about bringing up jamal khashoggi with mbs. >> dana: the "washington post" for whom the khashoggi did write occasionally they said this. it was shameful, projected a level of intimacy and comfort that delivers to mbs the unwarranted redemption he has been desperately seeking. how do you see it, marc?
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>> he is a publisher of the post and is right. joe biden wouldn't have been first president in american history to shake hands with a tyrant but the first to fist bump one. it is more intimate than a handshake and look, he has got one of the biggest challenges any president faces is balancing speaking out for america's interests with dealing with pro-american tyrants around the world. and he is stuck in that situation. he is not the first person to have this problem. i remember president george h.w. bush after a massacre that was also appalling. khashoggi's murder was a disgrace and make clear it can't happen again. mbs isn't going anywhere. the son of the king. consolidated power. any alternative to him would be
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far worse and bring back the clerical establishment and three, is we need saudi arabia. it is the biggest threat we have in the region is iran. and saudi arabia is the only nation that can serve as a bull work against iran. any president would have a challenge in doing that. >> bill: last topic you know who is talking a lot lately? bernie sanders. he is doing a lot of interviews. i tell you, marc, watch this story. he is starting to reemerge yet again. here he was on the sunday shows talking about joe manchin. crushing joe biden's agenda. >> i made it clear that you have people like manchin, sinema to a lesser degree who are intentionally sabotaging the president's agenda, what the american people want, what a majority of us in the democratic caucus want.
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when manchin sab tojed the climate change this is for future generation. a threat to humanity. >> bill: that's no understatement there, marc. 30 seconds here. maybe manchin is saving joe biden and the rest of the economy. >> number one, joe manchin isn't undermining joe biden, he is saving him. if you look at the damage 1.9 trillion in spending did and imagine if he had done build back better on top of it? we would have double digit inflation right now. second of all, the democrats are hurting themselves with this obsession with climate change. biden just announced they're banning offshore drilling in the united states when americans are paying record high gas prices. they are at complete odds with what the american people want. you can't address climate change and ask people to make sacrifices in a moment when gas prices are through the roof and energy prices are through the roof and might have black outs throughout the summer.
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>> bill: and locusts. >> dana: here is what happened. a gunman opened fire inside a mall food court in indiana sunday killing three people and injuring two others. a 22-year-old man who was legally carrying shot and killed that gunman. alexis mcadams has more. >> that's right. this gunman who had a rifle and multiple magazines inside that mall was shot and killed by that 22-year-old indiana man now being hailed as a hero. >> it was a very, very fast response. but i will tell you, the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop this shooter almost as soon as he began. >> the shooting happened inside of this suburban man in greenwood, indiana just south of indianapolis. police say the gunman walked into the mall armed with a
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rifle and multiple magazines and opened fire around 6:00 sunday night. the suspect shot five people, killing three. police say four of the victims were adults and one was a child, 12 years old. she is now recovering at home. witnesses describing the scene. >> off in the corner i looked over at a mexican restaurant and there was a guy with a pistol by the bathroom. i believe that guy to have possibly been the guy to have shot the shooter. and when police officers did get there they put the guy in handcuffs. >> according to the mall's code of conduct no weapons are allowed inside of their shopping centers there. the policy was last updated in 2020. the mayor of greenwood released a statement to the fox station in indianapolis saying in part this person saved lives tonight. local, state and federal authorities are still working on this case to determine why this guy walked in and open i had fire in the first place
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asking anyone with information to call authorities and a press conference later this afternoon. >> dana: thank you for your update. >> every time someone is let out on the street again and again, they are doing a disservice and they are pretty much saying that these victims, traumas were in vain. >> bill: she called for change and so impressive. unprovoked attack on the streets of l.a. nearly blinded her. suspect a repeat offender. we'll hear from one of his previous victims coming up today. >> dana: transgender swimmer lia thomas has been nominated for the woman of the year award for ncaa. one of her former competitors calling it a slap in the face. >> bill: jennifer and ben affleck made it official. inside the surprise wedding that was two decades in the making. ♪♪♪
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>> dana: police say the homeless man who stabbed and killed bobby east last week was an parole for a warrant for his arrest. a swat team later shot and killed that suspect, 27-year-old trent millsap. we're following the story with william la jeunesse. >> millsap was on parole for armed robbery. the warrant was out there because he violated that parole. this happened wednesday at a gas station 30 miles south of los angeles. according to a witness east had walked around behind the gas station where millsap slept
6:18 am
with his girlfriend and when the altercation occurred. so millsap stabbed east in the chest and fled. two days later as police tried to make the arrest, millsap allegedly became confrontational and shot after a police dog failed to subdue him. witnesses say the 76 station is easy for pan handling and why people hang out there. millsap was new to the camp and had been there for several days. >> he was new. why they want to talk to a sleeping couple who slept in the back here and then he was here all night, all day leading up to that. >> east was the youngest driver to win a u.s. auto club championship. won three national championships and rookie of the year in 2001 and erased for the junior nascar circuit as well.
6:19 am
>> i'm just flabbergasted to hear it and just shocked. and very, very sad. he was such a great guy to be around. i remember the first time i ever went to the indianapolis 500 i went with he and his family and had a great time. >> he was a native of torrence, california. how east became homeless is unknown. more details should come out later. >> bill: want to bring in in former l.a. prosecutor irene lee to talk about this and other things. you were attacked by the same man who is charged with attacking olympian kim glass on an l.a. street 10 days ago nearly blinding her. she was with us on friday. i want our audience to remember what she told us. >> we all deserve the opportunities of freedom but not if you are a terror to society.
6:20 am
he was let out on probation and he attacked someone else and it was a misdemeanor. before that he had already assault and battered two other people and they were all women, right? and so what does it take, you know? we just keep dropping the ball. >> bill: she asked the question what does it take, irene? >> good morning, nice to see you. thanks for having me. you know, there is just so much to unpack from what happened. i was a prior victim at the hands of this man and as a former prosecutor and as someone who witnessed the court system from the lens of a victim at the hand of this man, we have to restore balance for victims in our systems. and, you know, there are so many law abiding citizens in our society. we follow the rules and trust and live by faith that they will be implemented fairly and justly. unfortunately right now at this
6:21 am
time there is a climate of preferentialal treatment for violent offenders over that of law abiding citizens and that's whether it is the d.a.'s office, courts, legislature. in our particular case, it was the judge who kept releasing this guy on probation after violation after violation. and i think that when victims continue to arm themselves with information, and are aware of what's going on, they can continue to exert or assert their loud voice to the politicians, to the elected leaders because they have to be held accountable to us. i believe that kim's attack was entirely predictable and preventable. this shouldn't have happened to her. i have warned the judge who sentenced the man who attacked me when i spoke out last summer. and i had asked the judge i said how many more women does this defendant have to hurt for
6:22 am
it to matter to this court? and so we do have to speak out. >> dana: i know that -- i think we have photographs that we could put up after you were attacked. when you say it was preventable and predictable. even when you were attacked would you have said the same about him at that point? >> absolutely. because when i was attacked he was already on three grants of felony probation. he had attacked three women, two of them with a golf club and a hammer and he threatened to harm them. and another incident that was about a year prior to my attack where he had gone after a young woman with a metal pipe and struck her numerous times causing injuries. i believe there were enough red flags before the court to say you know what, this guy can't be out there on the streets. he is a danger. and so i believe that the writing was on the wall. >> bill: meanwhile in san francisco there is a new d.a.
6:23 am
that new d.a. fired 15 staffers. and the progressive left in san francisco is not happy about it. here is one quote. san francisco has taken 10 giant steps backwards. jenkins was dangled in front of us because she is a black woman but the firings are terrifying. i hope it makes us realize we need to fight or lose. a shift to the right can't happen in california but it is happening right here in san francisco. what do you make of that? and why do you say a moment ago that the victims don't matter? why is that the case in towns like yours? >> well, all i can say is from my personal experience is that there is just this climate, this feeling that people will get off without any real consequence and that people are focusing on the violent criminals over the victims who are being daily victimized who don't have a platform to speak out like kim does or now that i
6:24 am
do. there is just this climate and this fear that's out there on the streets. brook jenkins, i don't personally know her. all i can say is she has been charged by the voters of san francisco to restore that sense of balance back into that city. and you can't accomplish that goal by having a staff full of public defenders who have not had the experience of protecting the public as prosecutors. so we just -- that's one step forward to bring that balance again. >> bill: you are very thoughtful. >> dana: great to have you. thank you for talking to us about what happened. video from the uvalde school shoot acknowledge. what it tells us about the response on that very awful day. speaker nancy pelosi's husband is in the spotlight again making a $1 million stock purchase. why it could be a problem. congresswoman stefanik is here
6:25 am
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. new fox polling numbers show republicans hold a three-point edge on the generic house ballot. that translates possibly to a gain of nearly two dozen seats. here to talk about it new york congresswoman elise stefanik. good morning to you. thank you for being here. darren shaw helps run a polling group. he says a three-point edge translates to 28 house seats on the plus side. what do your numbers tell you? let's start there. >> my numbers tell me this november is going to be a republican red wave. the american people are suffering through crisis after crisis under unified one party democrat rule. the fundamentals have stayed the same for months unfortunately. people continue to see inflation skyrocket, highest rate of inflation over my lifetime. people are paying double for gas than they were when joe biden took office and crime
6:31 am
continues to pick up not only in states like new york but across america. as i'm looking at this playing field of congressional races across the country, i think we have an opportunity if we pick up 35 seats that would be the biggest republican majority in a century and i think we're on track to do just that. plus the candidates we're recruiting are some of the highest quality candidates i've ever seen since i've been in office. >> bill: two things here. three-point edge translates to a 23-seat gain which puts you plus 18 or plus 19. let's see how it works out. could be higher, maybe it's not. another one has a clear plan for dealing with problems facing the country. that's the question we asked americans about joe biden. this is stunning. 62% say no. how many independents and how many democrats are part of that 62%? you have to ask yourself. >> it's a huge number, bill. if you look at the independence in your recent polling, 72% of independents disapprove of joe
6:32 am
biden's handling and that is a stunning number. we're going to build this majority not just on republican voters but independents and democrats. this is a coalition i've built in my own district winning by significant double digits. it is not just conservatives and republicans. it's independents, moderates, women. look at the numbers. we continue to increase our vote share among hispanic and african-american voters. look at the newest elected member of congress in texas. she flipped a district that joe biden won by 13 points. we have an opportunity to pick up those types of seats all across america because the american people want a congress that understands the challenges they're facing. inflation, gas prices, the border crisis. those are not issues that democrats are talking about in washington >> bill: meanwhile there is this chips bill that may pass soon. it is 52 billion on the tab but it would help big companies line inindividual yeah compete more with countries like china.
6:33 am
i understand it's been held up in the house because democrats tacked on a number of other issues that aren't going to fly on the senate side. let's see whether or not they still stand. paul pelosi, the husband of nancy pelosi, has made a $1 to $5 million bet that this is going to go through and he made the bet on the big chip maker known around the world. pelosi has also said she wants to get lawmakers out of the business of investing in stocks. now, two things here. this is what paul pelosi does for a living. but paul pelosi also could have information as to whether or not the bill is going to fly in the house. how do you as a republican react to that? >> i think this is one of the untold stories of nancy pelosi's speakership and her time frankly in congress. the pelosis as a family have profited by tens of millions of dollars during her time in
6:34 am
congressional leadership. not just the chip manufacturing. this is what we've seen when paul pelosi has purchased stock options for big tech companies making tens of millions of dollars as nancy pelosi slow walked potential legislation to rein in the power of big tech companies. this stinks to high heaven. as the american people are suffering and looking at their investments continuing to plummet the fact that the pelosis are profiting doesn't smell right and frankly one of the commitments of republicans in the majority to make sure that we have the correct rules in place to make sure there is no malfeasance and make sure members of congress and their family members, particularly their spouses, are not able to profit at all over these types of investments. >> bill: a strong populous message you have to sell to the american people. if you get the majority you have to do it. people are watching to see whether or not that happens. please come back. a lot to talk about very soon. 114 days i think until november? just about that. all right. thank you for coming in today.
6:35 am
>> dana: uvalde texas releasing stunning body cam video from the massacre at rob elementary hours after yesterday's state report that calls the police response to the shooting a systemic failure. you may find this video disturbing. casey stiegel is live in uvalde and take us through it. hi, casey. >> good morning. the video extremely painful to watch. the gunman entered robb elementary school and officers were on scene in minutes. >> okay, guys, he is armed inside this building. we have him contained. he is going to be on the building, on the west side of the property. careful with the windows. watch out. >> you can hear the officers trying to determine exactly where the shooter is and
6:36 am
scanner traffic saying shots fired, shots fired. by 11:37 the suspect fired at the officers outside the classroom and they retreat as more and more cops arrive from multiple agencies. >> there are victims in there. call 911. >> bill: some 15 minutes later and information is trickling down about kids calling 911 trapped inside that fourth grade classroom. still no decisions are being made as the clock ticks. >> let's get the students out of here. let's get the students out of here. >> while outside dramatic rescues are taking place, you can see outside officers pulling terrified children through windows and getting them to safety. it wasn't until 12:50 until a border patrol tactical team breached the classroom and killed the suspect 1 hour and
6:37 am
17 minutes after the horror began. >> they call themselves hope. we didn't hear a leader. the protocol is if you got a gun, you get there, you go for the shooter. don't wait for backup. >> the 77-page report released by the texas house investigative committee yesterday says nearly 400 members of law enforcement, federal, state and local were on scene yet it questions why it took so long for anyone to confront the suspect, which is exactly what active shooter training teaches. the report also contains both security failures at the school like unlocked exterior doors and classroom doors, and also missing red flags about the suspect himself. dana. >> dana: casey stiegel, thank you. >> bill: there are some top female athletes that say the
6:38 am
university of pennsylvania has gone off the deep end by nominating transgender swimmer lia thomas as woman of the year. clay travis was some thoughts on that. the revelations from hunter biden's laptop keep on coming. do the troubling questions about the president's son's foreign business trips. >> you have to follow the money. there was tens of millions of dollars that flowed through from those countries, whether it's kazakhstan or china or russia or ukraine or romania that flowed into the biden bank accounts. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack,
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what next? let's get some fresh air. been cooped up for too long. yeah... ♪ bum bum ♪ kardia mobile card is available for just $99. get yours at or amazon. >> dana: i have missed this segment.
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winning a nascar series. along with the trophy he got the added bonus of a 21 pound lobster. cameron smith winning the 150th british open. he started the fourth round four strokes behind and able to claw his way back like the lobster securing the first major victory of his career. must have been hot there. we know it's been very hot in europe. >> bill: a great last round. tiger had a disappointing tournament. he left after -- before the weekend. he said although i'm disappointed to be heading home. incredible week at st. andrews celebrating 150 years. i want to thank the memories and the fans today walkup 18 added to the list. it was a great moment i will add: he looked like me playing golf. >> dana: he means -- doesn't mean to insult you. >> bill: how big is the pot to put that lobster in?
6:45 am
what will you do with a lobster that size? will you put it in the back of a flatbed truck? >> dana: maybe. or a flatbed nascar or something. i don't even know if they have those. congratulations to all the winners of the weekend. now this. the university of pennsylvania is under fire after nominating lia thomas as the ncaa woman of the year. yep, i said that correctly. joining us now founder clay travis. award description. the award recognizes female student athletes who have exhausted they are eligibility and distinctioned themselves in community in athletics and academics throughout their careers. being the real girl in that photo and also university of kentucky's nominee for ncaa woman of the year this is yet another slap in the face to women. first a female national title and now nominated for the pinnacle award in collegiate athletics. ncaa has made this award
6:46 am
worthless. how do you see it, clay? >> thanks for having me. i have to tell you, dana, your analysis of the british open there and tying in nascar may have been the greatest dana does sports segment of all time. >> dana: i worked on that over the weekend. >> i hope the team pulled that to put in the hall of fame. big time. more seriously on this question. this is the culmination of what for years they told us on the left would never happen to women's sports. any time you pointed out wait a minute, there is a lot of men who are deciding to identify as women and this represents a threat at its most fundamental level to women's athletics. somebody who is a man is going to come out and set an all-time record in women's sports and everybody said no, no, you are making it up. this isn't happening anywhere. lia thomas made it happen. lia thomas was on the men's
6:47 am
university of pennsylvania swim team. talented collegiate male swimmer. decided to become a woman during his college tenure. then becomes one of the women's champions in the 500 and now narrowly sets all-time women's records and now is being nominated for women's athlete of the year. i salute riley gaines. what she is saying is what 99% of women's athletes out there feel but most of them are so terrified, dana, because they want to go on to grad school. they want to go on to have a high earning career because most women's athletes can't gopro in sports coming out of college and they are terrified if they apply to grad school or get a good job the number one google result for their name is going to be this. and if you get labeled as
6:48 am
transphobic even if it's totally unfair, it does devalue and impact your career earning opportunities. not just the girls, by the way. also their families because mom and dad, if they speak out, they have issues inside of their own professions and so this is just a culmination of a direct threat to women's athletics which is fundamentally unfair and needs to be rectified, and otherwise every women's sport is going to have the same issue that swimming has now in the weeks, months and years ahead. >> dana: you go from competitions being won and money and awards being won like the skate border we talked about a couple of weeks ago and still do not have former retired professional athletes in women's category that are speaking out of these girls. if they don't do so soon it is the beginning of the end and it would be a real shame.
6:49 am
we'll catch you on >> bill: thank you, clay. june border numbers out and not encouraging. apprehensions up more than 99% compared to three years ago. that's extraordinary. agents have flagged dozens on the terror watch list. plus meet the mother who stands up to black lives matter protestors who were outside of her home and she says i would do it again. >> this man tried to kill us. how can you celebrate a man's life that tried to kill us? crushing topspin. and leg cramp relief. giving it your all? make sure you have the right partner by your side. hyland's naturals leg cramps quick dissolve tablets. no water needed. no stomach upset. just fast, effective relief. hyland's naturals leg cramps.
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>> dana: customs and border patrol reports more than 200,000 encounters at the southern border last month alone, the highest for june they have ever reported. matt finn is at the border in eagle pass, texas this morning. hi, matt. >> good morning.
6:55 am
a busy weekend at the southern border. a small group of migrants detained by u.s. border patrol over my shoulder. over the weekend on saturday and sunday we saw hundreds cross by day and did a ride along last night. last night our cameras captured multiple busts. troopers recovered drugs in one car, gun and illegal migrants. a cuban driver smuggling six people and as seen so often illegal migrants are trying to hide in the trunk or beneath seats in cars. all u.s. citizens involved overnight will be charged with human smuggling. as we were riding with troopers they look for load cars which typically can be spotted with a human eye. the cars are riding low to the ground because they are packed with people. ranchers in southern texas are dealing with a lot. migrants cutting fences, stealing from their homes. saturday night we were inside a
6:56 am
trooper's squad car when a rancher called to police saying he saw a man swimming in his pond. throughout the day saturday and sunday we saw hundreds of migrants in multiple groups crossing into the u.s. i spoke with some of those migrants and they told me they come from columbia, venezuela and cuba. temperatures here hit over 100 degrees, you couple that with the texas humidity. most of the migrants over the weekend seemed to be dressed clean. some women had hair and makeup done. it seems these migrants we saw in the past couple of days aren't those making long, dangerous treks, rather they have their transportation to our border pre-arranged or figured out somehow. just an observation. federal government numbers from june. 1,746,000 migrant encounters at the southern border so far this year ellipseing last year's told of 1,734,000 and still three months left in the fiscal
6:57 am
year. >> dana: astounding numbers. >> bill: a former u.s. border patrol chief. welcome back. june border numbers 207,000 blows the mind. here is another one for you. the terrorist screening database flagged six hits in june. that brings the total number to 56 for fiscal year 22 which is nearly double the 30 in the previous four years combined. that is dozens and dozens on our terror watch list who are walking across the border. dana and i talk, how many billions of dollars have we spent for the past 20 years trying to keep an airplane safe? >> it is incredible. the numbers for june continuing on we'll surpass 2 million encounters at cdp just this year. the year ends in government in october.
6:58 am
in that mix, in that wave of humanity there are specific threats that relate to people who live on the border. the ranchers and the people who live near the line. they see all the traffic coming across. the local communities, and the crime, public health resources. you have this distinct threat of people affiliated with terrorists inside of this larger group. it is not just terrorists, right? it is other people. pedophiles. people wanted for things in the united states, done things in their own country that make them wanted. it's what happens when you have an open borders policy and think about it. the border patrol has so much to do now with thousands and thousands of people coming every 24 hours, they aren't able to find these threats. we are glad for the help from dps and glad they have found these tfcb hits. think what's getting away. there are thousands of people coming to the border every day and thousands more that aren't encountered by law enforcement. >> bill: terror watch list.
6:59 am
you can't make it up. the mayor of washington, d.c., the number of buses where the governor greg abbott of texas offered to bus people to washington and that's happened and she was asked about it on cbs on sunday. here is what she said. >> think they are largely asylum seekers who are going to final destinations that are not washington, d.c. i fear they are being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the united states of america. >> bill: what is she talking about? i fear they are being tripped into nationwide bus trips. we had cameras when they got off the bus at the capitol building and most of them said i'm trying to get to miami. the fastest way i can get there. what is this idea about being tricked? >> what i understand is texas is only busing people to washington to make a point, right? they are being overwemd at that border and not just texas, but
7:00 am
other states as well. being overwhelmed and offering people to take a bus ride to d.c. and they are ending up here and being tricked is not part of the plan. texas is doing this. >> bill: she doesn't want them. say it. >> nobody wants them. to be fair, right, these people are coming for a better life. she says they are asylum seekers. many will never go to an asylum hearing or an immigration judge. they are here and released into the economy. they want to stay here and why so many people are coming. if she is concerned about this she needs to ring up the white house and ask them what their plan is. will we continue to do this hundreds of thousands of people coming every month? thousands coming every 24 hours? i have not heard one plan on how they will fix this or how to make it better. they are overwhelming every single system. >> bill: thank you. we're out of time today and talk later. thanks for coming by.
7:01 am
>> dana: president biden returning home from his trip to the middle east with no agreement from the saudis to immediately boost oil production. national security advisor jake sullivan said no announcement was expected and any decisions would come out of the meeting of opec plus members. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. did you know about opec plus? extra. >> bill: i do now. extra. i'm bill hemmer. the latest fox news polling shows a grim picture. overall approval number hitting a new low. majority of voters disapprove of the handling of the economy and inflation and the president is losing support among several key voting groups. marc thiessen framed it this way last hour. >> biden is unpopular with every group on every issue. he is losing moderates and swing voters, women, especially suburban women, because he abandoned his promise to unite the country. abandoned bipartisanship and
7:02 am
passed the 1.9 trillion spending bill that unleashed inflation and highest gas prices on record. >> dana: edward lawrence is live at the white house for us this morning. >> president joe biden with no public events on his schedule. we can't ask him about this. he did pressure while overseas -- he talked about how oil producing countries must produce enough oil to meet the demand globally. he got again no concrete agreement from the saudis to produce more oil. what he did get was seemingly a new friend in mohammed bin salman with a fist bump with the prince. that's the man intelligence agencies say murdered a journalist from the "washington post". two fist pumped and walked into a meeting together while chatting. >> do you regret the fist bump? will inflation go down from
7:03 am
here, mr. president? >> over the next few weeks. over all inflation is at 9.1% year-over-year tied with the united kingdom. more than every other member of the g-7. new fox news polling shows 25% of the voters approve of the president's performance on inflation. 3/4 disapprove. only 38% approve on the president's energy policy. 84% say the economy is poor or only fair. >> about the energy-producing states right here in our country. that should be the american president's priority is to be energy independent. the national security issue and an economic issue providing jobs, making sure that we are energy efficient here in our own country. >> again, we cannot ask the president. no public events on his schedule today but we'll ask the white house press secretary about what the president got as well as what the president plans to do about inflation and
7:04 am
gas prices. >> dana: i guarantee she will look forward to that one. >> bill: jessica tarlov and charlie hurt. a friend of mine wrote a book called "and the good news is" >> i think i heard of it. >> bill: i went through fox polling where is the good news? charlie, the good news is where? >> i think the good news is for republicans, i guess. i think it's true the president got elected basically because on a 50-year reputation of being a moderate. he is not a moderate. not governing as a moderate. he also got elected promising to unite the country and he has failed on both of those. and yelling at people is not helping the situation. the biggest problem are the
7:05 am
policies he is embracing. they're not working. you cannot hide from $6 a gallon gasoline and you can't hide from inflation. >> dana: maybe the good news is there aren't much lower they can go. >> maybe you smile about that when you hit 33. 33% approval in the poll is disastrous. below where barack obama was at his lowest point around this time going into the mid-terms. august of 2011 he was at 38%. the good news is in the fox poll, i found it. that republicans have just a three-point edge on the generic congressional ballot. democrats led in a majority of polls that came out. it's two points in favor of the republicans and it was interesting roll call had an article out a few days ago if the election were held today the gop would pick up just seven seats in the house. it does give them control but a slim majority. if you think about what we were
7:06 am
talking about four weeks and eight weeks ago we were talking about a 50, 60-seat wave and democrats losing the senate. >> bill: our polling suggest they gain 23 seats. when that number is tied history suggests republicans steam roll in the mid-term races. >> another problem with that is obviously election is not held today and everybody -- but also when you have as much going on in the world, you have -- when regular voters have so many urgent, present concerns it means they aren't focused that much on the election in november yet. that's i think the biggest problem for democrats right now. once that moment comes where they do focus in on the election, i think it is going to be pretty dreadful. >> dana: the first lady agrees with you. she said this to a dnc fundraiser the president had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do but every time he turned around he had to address the problems of the moment.
7:07 am
he has had so many things thrown his way. that is called the presidency. fox news poll also showed this, jessica. how many people want biden to run again in 2024? yes, 27%. no 71%. you are looking at democrats there. 51% say no. 114 days out from the mid-term election and not at the mid-terms and already a list of possible primary challengers for the president which doesn't help them try to figure out a way to get through the next few days. >> it doesn't. i wish his top surrogates would stop playing the game. he made it clear he is running again. that's what you do. fall in line so you aren't wasting the last two years of his first term with becoming a lame duck presidency. show up in places where voters who are persuadeable are watching and listening. go and campaign on the issues that matter. talk about inflation. everyone knows it is going on. 9% is bad. it will be the number one issue.
7:08 am
i read this morning that nancy pelosi in closed door meetings has said stop talking about everything else. this is an inflation economy election period, end of story. just focus. >> bill: i don't think the biggest fist bump in the world can help cure the problem for what ails you, charlie. >> nor does yelling at people. the yelling needs to stop. it is bizarre. but going back to the first lady's remarks. first of all it was a fundraiser in nantucket, mind blowing to me. you read the quotes. it was all in the past tense which was very weird to me. it was almost like she was -- >> dana: put it up again. make a great point. i hadn't thought about that. the president had so many hopes and dreams. he just had so many things thrown his way. >> bill: what he wanted to do. but every time he turned around. >> welcome to the white house. this is what happens when you are the president. i would also say -- and i think
7:09 am
that you probably would agree with me. the same problems that or whatever you want to call them that led to joe biden getting the nomination in 2020, are still at play today. democrats -- the party is still pretty divided and having a hard time getting around somebody else. the reason they reverted to biden is because they couldn't get behind anybody else. that problem exists. >> there is a different boogeyman now with joe manchin. >> bill: trump had a global pandemic. these things happen and you deal with them. >> dana: i'll see you on "the five" tonight. >> thank you for having us. >> dana: developing news out of minneapolis. a mother of two is standing up to black lives matters protestors and standing by police after officers shot and killed her black number accused of shooting into her apartment
7:10 am
wednesday evening. >> brianna taylor was not armed. this man tried to kill us. >> dana: mike tobin live in chicago with the details. >> he was armed, he shot at his neighbors and after a six-hour stand-off with police snipers took him out. blm protestors gathered demanding justice for the police-involved death. sundberg began shooting into the apartment of a woman cooking dinner for her kids. she released pictures of where the bullets struck. sundberg held police at bay. he had a handgun with an extended magazine and a bowl of ammunition in his apartment. as the protestors gathered outside the same apartment where she lived she lost her temper with them. >> the shot went through my
7:11 am
door into the kitchen. i was cooking. my kids -- you celebrate the man's life that tried to kill us. >> the president of the police officers federation in minneapolis says negotiation was attempted with sundberg but those efforts became futile when the suspect endangered the lives of others and to prevent the death or great bodily harm to another officers used deadly force. sundberg's family said he was suffering a mental health crisis when he started shooting at the neighbors. an imperfect human but did not deserve to be picked off like an animal. blm activitys and the family of sundberg are demanding the release of police footage. >> bill: president biden accused of kowtowing to saudi arabia. did he make any progress? we'll ask general jack keane
7:12 am
coming up. >> dana: pete buttigieg suggesting americans sick of high gas prices should just buy an electric car. the response that's getting, plus this. >> you have to get away from the house. now's the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. up to $60,000 or more. the newday 100 loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value: 25% more cash than you get at a bank. give them a call. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. (sighs) here, i'll take that. ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar. enter powered by protein challenge
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>> 80 years american presidents have figured out ways to work with saudi arabia. joe biden comes along and says he will treat them like a pariah. not surprising he didn't accomplish much of this trip. i hope he can find a way to work with the saudi government going forward. it would make us all safer. >> bill: last night the president's trip overseas and a controversial meeting with the crown prince mohammed bin salman. general jack keane is here. there is a lot to consider here, not just energy and oil prices but saudi arabia, israel, entire middle east. how would you score this trip as you look at it now? >> well, a couple of observations. first i thought it was a public relations nightmare because the biden administration when out of their way to tell the american people that he was not going to meet with mohammed bin salman.
7:19 am
that it would only be in context with a meeting of gulf cooperation council with the leaders of other countries being present. but we all saw what happened. there was a greeting and there was also a meeting. that kind of deception i think literally blew up in their face. it became the story, the optics of that. the second thing is the context for this visit to begin with. it could have been better explained to the american people. but the fact is that the relationship between the united states and the biden administration and particularly the arabs and specifically saudi arabia has deteriorated significantly in the 18 months. worst in what we have seen in decades. and it led to a larger view in the region among the israelis and arabs collectively that the biden administration was really moving away from the middle east, much as the obama administration had done, and bill, what happened as a result of that, china and russia both
7:20 am
saw the vacuum and the opportunity. and were moving in. this was the major catalyst for this visit. yes, stabilizing oil prices, was that discussed at the meeting, yes, certainly. extending the truce in yemen, the abraham accords, was that discussed. this was the basis for the meeting. i don't believe for a minute that one meeting like this as important as i think it was that the trust there needs to be between the united states and the arab world and israelis is going to be renewed just on that meeting. it is going to have to be the president's actions that determine whether the arabs and israelis believe the united states once again has their back. and much of this is going the resolve around how does the united states deal with iran? >> bill: take that point a step further. what cotton said in that interview is soush is
7:21 am
pro-american. iran is anti-american. hasn't changed much. but in the u.s. power vacuum that has been the past year and a half plus, russia has filled the vacuum for saudi arabia. >> yes, and also china. china made significant inroads there. also with the uae. and we have to recognize that certainly saudi arabia is pro-american, iran. their arch rival is iran and for years. biden shut down arms sales. we didn't back the abraham accords that president trump had helped initiate and there was a thought that the united states is abandoning us once again. so this is critical relationship that has to be maintained for the national
7:22 am
interests of the united states and the stability of the middle east region. and it remains to be seen what will come of it. >> bill: general, thank you so much. you were great last week taking us through it and again today on the follow-up. we'll talk soon. thank you. jack keane. it was my understanding that president biden did not realize that mbs would be waiting for him at that doorway outside and that came as a bit of a stunner to the white house, the staff, etc. i don't know if that's the way it played out or if it's true. that's how it was initially reported friday afternoon. >> dana: that might happen. that's a possibility if the saudis are that media savvy. it looks like they are. they figure out a way to surprise the president and get it done. if you will make a pivot say we'll do it. fully do it. be a man and shake the guy's hand. there will be people who are
7:23 am
disappointed and angry, but you went there because you had to basically eat your hat. do you use that phrase? >> bill: you can. the hat don't taste very good. >> dana: this a "new york post" revealing new information from hunter biden's laptop raising more questions about president biden's claim that he never discussed his son's overseas business. jennifer lopez and ben affleck getting married in las vegas. jimmy failla joining us.
7:24 am
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7:28 am
>> we're not going to hesitate when it comes to utilizing our subpoena power. again the american people deserve accountability and deserve an investigation to what i believe is the biden crime family.
7:29 am
>> dana: elise stefanik promising to investigate hunter biden's overseas business dealings if the republicans get the majority of the house. it casts new doubt on president biden's repeated denials he had any role in his son's dealing. mike emanuel has the details for us. hi, mike. >> bill: these meetings were discovered by a review of a personal calendar kept on hunter biden's laptop. the breakfasts, lunches and other sitdowns between 2008 and 2016 was believed is -- hunter's overseas business trips when joe biden was vice president. the top republican on the house oversight committee explains why he considers this such a critical issue. >> the whole we're spending time investigating hunter and jim biden. hunter biden is a national security threat and we fear that the problems and the shady
7:30 am
business dealings from hunter and jim biden have compromised this president. >> "new york post" says hunter biden was in russia from february 15th to the 18th of 2012 being wineed and kind by billionaire oligarchs. four days later he met with his day at the vice president's residence. on november 14, 2015 hunter met with the romanian ambassador to the u.s. several days later breakfast with his father at the residence. the conference share is promising serious oversight if the gop wins back control of the house. >> if the mainstream media is participating in a cover-up of hunter biden's illegal relationships with china, his illegal relationships with other foreign adversaries, and entities that he should not be involved with and joe biden profited from that, so we intend to investigate. >> the white house has continued to deny president biden knew anything about his
7:31 am
son's overseas business activities. dana. >> dana: mike emanuel in d.c. have a good week. >> we're starting to see on some models the costs come to where even if your car payment is a little higher and gas payment lower and you come out ahead. >> that from big boy tv pete buttigieg not making that up saying if you don't like those high gas prices, just go electric, just buy a tesla. everyone recognizes that they aren't affordable for everyone. jimmy failla. hello to you, sir. >> big boy if ever there was one. >> dana: i never heard of that. >> bill: an oprah moment. you get a car. >> except you don't get one. this is the hook, oprah. it's not a real solution to the problem. let me give you a metaphor. if you can't afford $5 for gas
7:32 am
you can't afford $50,000. it's like your buddy comes to you i can't get a date. go out with madonna. the point is you are asking them to swing beyond their means. this infuriates me. i used to drive a taxi in new york city. you've never heard me say that on tv. but it drives me crazy. there is a realtime indifference. if you drive for a living you get crushed every day. you aren't making your living in your taxi or as otr trucker like all the guys who call into my show. when they offer this it is not a now solution. if even if you had the money and capacity to go green. you can't do it tomorrow or the next day. we don't have the infrastructure in the country. you don't want to call the fire department and hear you are in luck, we'll invest in technology down the road to put out the house fire but in the meantime it burned down. >> dana: call for number one.
7:33 am
average car costs $48,000. the average electric vehicle $67,000. that's why we're saying it's out of the range. to make up the difference of a gallon of gas it costs about 4200 gallons of gas. reminds me of when john kerry said get a green job, right? those green jobs never materialized, either. >> that's the point. they aren't there. >> bill: another way of saying it, this is a pig and this is lipstick. >> i said this before. the only upside to this whole thing is that arson is so far down. no one can burn down your house at 4.30 a gallon. >> dana: something else happened over the weekend. i was oh flight yesterday watching mary me and i landed and we found out that j. lo and ben affleck tied the knot in vegas. >> did elvis marry them? the thing is like i'm going to
7:34 am
wish them luck in hollywood marriage is a sacred institution. you'll only do it three times. you want to see it go well for them. my concern, okay, is i don't know that it will last because part of the problem with celebrity marriage is they are trying so hard to be relevant and the longer you stay together the less relevant you become. that's why everybody dumps everybody and dates pete davidson. that is not sustainable. i could be bitter because of the gasoline. i wish them the best of luck. i would love it to work forever. i hate having to change my celebrity couple names. it's fine. >> dana: speaking of pete davidson. kim kardashian are getting busted because they have short water usage. they are over budget 245% and stallone was 351%. >> that's insane. >> bill: that's a big yard.
7:35 am
>> dana: kourtney kardashian, not kim. >> bill: the rappers i give a free pass. if they don't water the marijuana plants won't live. celebrities themselves it's ridiculous. there is a two-teared standards with these types of restrictions. same with climate change. telling them to reduce the carbon footprint and hopping on a private jet. if they are fining at $5,000 and you make $20 million a month it doesn't matter. you need to force them to watch the view. sit down, everybody who went over there allotment. here is joy and whoopee. no more. i'll dry it out, i swear. you guys are the best. >> dana: see you in a week. >> bill: see you in a cab. >> dana: sentencing trial starts for the man who confessed to killing 17 people in the 2018 parkland, florida high school shooting. we're live at the courthouse.
7:36 am
the man accused of murdering kristin smart is standing trial more than 25 years after her disappearance. her body was never found. we have an update next. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa.
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7:40 am
>> dana: fox news alert right now. prince harry and meghan mark el
7:41 am
are at the u.n. general assembly. giving a key address for nelson mandela day. >> trying to make some teenous connection the way they found freedom which involved leaving palaces and going to live in an $11 million mansion and fleece the royal titles and abandon sense of world duty and trying to compare it to nelson mandela is a complete joke. >> dana: megan markle spoke at the u.n. in 2015 for a women's day. >> bill: piers is making a living off meghan and harry. if they can do a good thing, bless them. >> dana: nelson mandela day is a good day to celebrate. do you think they took a private jet? i don't care. please don't tell me about climate change later. >> bill: moving to florida. a sentencing trial that begins
7:42 am
today, dana, for the former student who killed 17 and wounded 17 others four years ago. parkland high school, parkland, florida. the 23-year-old could face the death penalty. >> for the jury of seven men and five women ultimately the outcome of this penalty phase for confessed mass killer nikolas cruz is one of two outcomes. either he continues doing what he has been doing for the past 4 1/2 years, that is living life behind bars, or he heads to death row for state execution. that is the possibility facing nikolas cruz. today day one of what is expected to be at least maybe a three or four month mini trial full of devastating testimony from parents left childless, survivors forever traumatized
7:43 am
and extremely gruesome photographic evidence. the prosecution begins with the opening statement that began underway as we speak. families of those whose lives were brutally taken made their way to court earlier facing the killer who took away their loved ones. 23 years old nikolas cruz has pled guilty to 17 first degree murder counts and 17 attempted murder counts and admit i had et from day one he took an uber with his ar-15 assault rifle to his old school. walked into the freshman building and methodically started killing boys and girls, classroom after classroom and floor above floor. 17 shot to death that door three staff members and many of the 17 shot and wounded continue dealing with the physical and emotional pain which for most will never go away. once the prosecution completes its opening statement then it's the defense team's turn which could begin this afternoon or
7:44 am
possibly tomorrow. the jurors are also likely at some point during this sentencing phase to be taken by vans all the way to parkland to personally and physically walk through the freshman building looking at all the dried bloodstains and bullet holes as that building remains a crime scene never to be demolished until after the execution decision is over. >> bill: we'll watch it carefully. >> dana: another trial opening arguments begin today in the trial for the murder of college freshman kristen smart 27 years after she disappeared. body never found. paul flores was seen with her on the campus of the university in may of 1996. in november of 1997, flores refused to answer questions in 2002. the smart family declared kristen legally dead. fast forward to february 2020 when authorities searched four locations and found items of
7:45 am
interest. march 2021 investigators searched flores's father's property. april of 2021 paul and his father were taken into custody charged with murder. they pleaded not guilty and it brings us to today. a murder trial without a body. is there enough evidence to convict? let's bring in an attorney misty maris. when you don't have a body and have two who said 26 years later they are just claiming they are not guilty. >> good morning. this is going to be a really tough case because as you said, there is no body. in any homicide case, the body is the best piece of evidence. it will tell you how somebody died, where somebody died and when somebody died. whenever there is a no body murder case it can be incredibly difficult to prove because prosecutors have to rely on circumstantial evidence. in this case it's 26 years ago. there is another added challenge to proofing the case beyond a reasonable doubt.
7:46 am
now you have age evidence, witnesses whose memories will be able to be compromised especially when they are cross-examined on the stand. it is a very difficult case. keep in mind there is a gag order. we don't know exactly what evidence is going to be presented in front of the jury and whether or not that circumstantial evidence will come to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> dana: this is pretty unusual to have a trial taking place 26 years later. the family of kristin smart has never had closure. they declared her legally dead but never had justice. the added complications of the time lapse of 26 years, how does that factor in? >> that's a huge -- that will be a huge factor and the defense is going to focus on that aspect. there was a podcast. remember, this case has aged a lot of the evidence we'll hear will be from the initial investigation. that is going to include
7:47 am
inconsistent statements by paul flores about a black eye he had. it will include the cadaver dog did smell death around the area in his room where this allegedly took place according to prosecutors. we have all that. there is new evidence. so this podcast generated interest, new witnesses came forward. there was an excavation of the land in rueben flores's house. they found a casket-size hole and there was blood there. defense is going to say this dirt was replaced there because of excavation of another yard and it might not be human blood. all of this new evidence. we don't exactly know what will come forward. there may be enough. it just depends on how much circumstantial evidence really there is from witness testimony from a forensic standpoint and also whether or not it is super vulnerable on cross examination. i do have to say the family, they, of course, want closure. it is such a long time to await
7:48 am
for justice and guess what? we'll see a lot of experts, a lot of witnesses. that's what you see in circumstantial cases. the trial likely to last four months. so we'll see a lot. >> dana: we'll probably see more of you. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much. >> bill: meet a man delivering more than just pizza. we'll talk to the guy being hailed a hero for saving an entire family from inside this burning building. >> i just was pushing time on its edge. i was pushing its limit and literally pushed its limit to the last millisecond. i just got lucky. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $60,000 or more.
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>> harris: president biden arrived home with fresh crisis
7:54 am
many after his middle east tour. the white house is in defense. new information from the hunter biden laptop. it challenges president biden's repeated denial he ever touched hunter's overseas business deal. the staff door again with kamala harris. economic advisor art laffer, pete hegseth, jason rantz, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> get out, out, out. >> bill: wow. that's a pizza delivery guy you see in that camera there. in indiana and he is a hero. he was driving his car, saw smoke inside of a home. a home for people he did not even know. saved four kids and a teenager.
7:55 am
his name is nick and he is here to tell the story out of indianapolis. nick, good morning to you. it is 12:30 at night. 12:30 in the morning. what did you see from outside your car? >> i seen flames. i quickly pulled the car into the driveway and i went into the house to the back and i opened the door and before i was halfway into the door i started hollering if there was anybody in there the house is on fire. nobody was responding for a few moments. i started to think that the house was evacuated. i made a few steps up the staircase and then out ran four of the five faces in the house. and i led them out to the back and i asked them if there was anybody in the house. a 6-year-old left in i went back inside and went upstairs into the parents' room
7:56 am
and i went in there two or three different times trying to make sure i didn't miss no spots and i couldn't find anybody upstairs. i started to go downstairs. when i seen the smoke was -- it was already halfway up the staircase and it scared me a lot. but then i started hearing the child cry and i doubled my shirt over. i ran down there with my hands in front of me and my ears wide open and i found her and i carried her snug fit in my arms up the stairs and i did actually trip over the last step. we fell but we got back up, i made it to the window and i started ripping the curtain off and little string from it got wrapped around her leg and i had to slow myself down a little bit and make sure that her leg got safely unwrapped and we had a safe exit.
7:57 am
once it was unwrapped i busted out the window as fast as i could. no thinking, no hesitation and the poor little girl said i don't want to go through the window. but we went through the window. >> dana: did you have any training? >> no, ma'am. i watch tv, the chicago fire department tv show, chicago pd and blue bloods and stuff like that. i always wanted to be a -- it helps. >> bill: you said god used me like an instrument that night. wow. >> yeah. how or wow. >> dana: wow. >> wow? >> bill: amazing. >> it is wow. >> dana: the family is so grateful to you and it is incredible what you can do in a moment like that when you decide to take action. a great example. thank you so much. >> bill: well done, nick. >> thank you all.
7:58 am
god bless america. i love you all, i love the world. >> dana: we love you. take care. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: bye-bye. in cities like seattle, san francisco and portland crime may be a big reason why. dan springer is live in seattle and has the story there. hi, dan. >> hi, dana. office vacancies are up in a lot of places. the problem is bad in big west coast cities where they have had almost no vacancies over the last many years as this has been the darling for real estate investors. the problem is worse in portland where they have 12 downtown office buildings up for sale. a number never seen before. vacancy rate is 25%. as bad as that is it doesn't reflect the space rented but not occupied. the owner of this building will sell it for a multi-million
7:59 am
dollar loss because it's sitting at 95% empty. employees no longer felt safe going to this area. homeless and drugs around the building. we saw a drug bust go down across the street while we were there. two people arrested for selling crack cocaine and fentanyl. all his employees have had their cars broken into and the security guard has been assaulted seven times in the last year. >> the city shut down from covid. they also elected not to enforce a lot of the laws that were in place. >> and portland has a lot of social unrest. just on july 4th they had another mini riot with people climbing on cars and social unrest is people to not feeling safe going back to the office. one good note. the office rents that have been
8:00 am
sky high on the west coast for many years are coming down a bit. you have to get office workers wanting to go back into the office. >> dana: that's a big problem not only seattle but elsewhere. >> bill: great to be back with you. >> dana: a good week and i hope you continue to watch fox news all day. see you on "the five". harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. backlash intense and non-stop right now from political critics to voters. with inflation spinning out of control, the president was meeting with the saudi crown prince trying to hard sell a fresh iran deal that benefits no one but iran and a threat to israel. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the high cost of food is unbearable for many americans. there is simply no way for the biden administration to deflect from that fact. nation


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