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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's a lot more fun time, right, max? yep, it's life changing timele datapoint. it's a longg lasting treatment for allergic dermatitis. he just one injection givenen by your veterinarian can control allergic. it's four to eight weeks. it's life changing. it's life changing. it in life day after day. now's the time to ask your veterinarian reciter point . >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, we reported on friday joe biden was suffering from such severe dementia during the twenty twenty presidential campaign that his wife and his staff medicated him before his public appearances run. guessing about that, we spoke directly to an eyewitness who saw it happen multiple times. that means that everyone around joe biden has done perfectly well for more than three years, that he is incapable of serving
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as president and yet knowing that they foisted him on the country anyway, why did they do that? well, of course, to carry out a task to carry out the revolution. then the historic protections of free speech and self-defense in the united states to hobble domestic energy production, to scramble gender roles until no one can think clearly and then hook the middle class on federal handouts. that was his job. certain species of marsupial's. joe biden's task was to do one big thing in his case, change the country forever and then disappear. we've reached the disappearing part right about now. democrats like joe biden gone soon. he's no longer useful to them. he's just embarrassing. he shakes hands with thin air. he compliments the holocaust on state trips to israel. can't do that. so not surprisingly, almost 70% of democratic voters don't want joe biden to run again. so you can be certain that he won't no matter what his staff is claiming now, they don't want to be relegated to lame duck status. so they're pretending otherwise. but no matter what they say, you will never hear another
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word from joe biden after january of 2020 five , assuming he makes it that long. so the question really is who replaces joe biden? the scramble begins now. now it's early enough that we can't really say we can't say at all. in fact, the only thing we can say is which candidates seem to believe they could be the next democratic nominee and so far , it is an amazing lineup that reveals a lot about the state of the democratic party. twenty , twenty two first on the list, believe it or not, is the governor of illinois, j.b. pritzker, pritzker is an inherited money dolt. he's impressed on a single person who knows him, but he yet spent more than one hundred and seventy one million of his family's money to get a job that he does not seem to enjoy. and certainly isn't very good at. j.b. pritzker is one of the last people to be running, should be running anything and yet somehow convinced himself he's going to be the next president. here's j.b. pritzker in new hampshire in june.
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>> the republican game plan is to blame the hardships imposed by a deadly global pandemic on those who were following facts and science. they want to cast obvious solutions to everyday problems as something exotic or woke. >> they're hoping as the old story goes that no one is willing to say that their emperor has no clothes. well, new hampshire, i'm here to tell you the gop is naked and afraid. imagine the consultant who convinced jabe pritzker to leave his collapsing state and head to new hampshire because really you're going to be president jbi. >> so he's running. >> who else is running? well, if you want to know the answer to that, look around and ask yourself which elected democrats are attacking ron to santos. he's the candidate they think many of them believe they will face. so who's attacking ron santos? well, here's california governor gavin newsom. >> he's got a new ad in
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florida. watch. >> let's talk about what's going on in america. freedom is under attack in your state. republican leaders, they're banning books making it harder to vote , restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california. but we still believe freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate and the freedom to love. >> come join us in california. leave florida. he's waivers. you've got to give him that definition, then gave television interview not saying he's running for president, but suggesting that maybe you speculate about it. >> watch you that that image of you walking in the white house got a lot of attention and you know that you're not you're not going announce your presidential run on this show unless you want to really make news. but we know that that you said in every single possible way that you're not running for president in a foreign language
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,maybe some of the he's walking outside the white house without his jacket on , flexing a little bit. and those teeth, where did he get those teeth? we'd like to know the man who installed them. so those are the two most prominent people as of tonight who apparently believe they can replace joe biden, the governor of california, gavin newsom and the governor of illinois, j.b. pritzker. >> now, if you're not laughing right now, you're dead inside, not least because the way they look and yes, appearance simply matters to the democratic party. it is determinative that party spent the last decade telling us that white men are evil. white men must be removed from positions of leadership except within their party where white men continue to run everything was that reminds you of kind of like flying private to the global warming summit or going marsalis's. you enforce covid mandates, both of which j.b. pritzker and gavin newsom have done. so they passed the hypocrisy
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test already. but as long as the anti white party is going to ignore highly qualified leaders of color like stacey abrams or terremark of rhode island and said continuing to run a white man, do you think they could at least pick nonromantic white men? but no. instead they are getting behind the two guys who run the most dysfunctional states out of 50 . how do we know that by what people do ignore people say be more like your dog, watch actions, ignore words. more people are emigrating from california just to say fleeing from california than from any other state in the country. and some of them are literally running to mexico in the middle of a drug war in search of a better life. and they're getting the thing. californians now pay more income tax than any other state and yet there's more poverty in california than any other state. california leads the nation in homelessness. they are everywhere. check an overpass in l.a. county.
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people living american citizens in the last four years, murders in l.a. went up by thirty five percent already in the first half of this year, homicides in los angeles have set a fifteen year record run on that. gavin newsom, they're dropping frames in your state like it's 1880 and then there's illinois and we don't want to be mean. both are great states, nice people, the ones who haven't yet moved to florida, but four of them left illinois ranks third in net migration. new york's in the middle between california, illinois. the chicago naperville area lost one hundred and seven thousand people just last year. that's one of the highest losses for any metropolitan region in the united states. l.a. and san francisco also right near the top of that list. so again, if you want to judge someone's success, ask yourself, are people moving to the place that person governs or are they running at high speed in the other direction? >> illinois and california are in the second category, according to the illinois policy to illinois loses
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a resident every four minutes. how many people is that? well, over a year. that's the equivalent of losing the entire city of springfield, which is the capital of illinois. how many are going to fall? well, most of them. one of the reasons illinois isn't safe anymore is because people with jobs are leaving as of july 10th year to date, total crimes in the city of chicago are up 34% year over year. >> now, who's responsible for this? who's running? well, j.b. pritzker is running it and everyone who lives there, who still lives there, who's too tired to get out or can't be forced to flee to broward county is mad about it. and that's why every time j.b. pritzker goes outside sweating profusely, he gets yelled at, watch governor , there is the
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mascot outside. >> you just imagine him going back to his box and saying he was saying, what were they saying? i love you. >> love you. but they don't and they shouldn't under j.b. pritzker, illinois has become much poorer, much more dangerous and much less free . the violent crime rate in chicago has increased by nearly 40% against his state. so what has he done about that? how many lives as you say, have no you know, the real problems as janie pritzker it's la biting people in indiana who own guns. >> it's your fault. watch. it is devastating that a celebration of america was ripped apart by our uniquely american plague, a day dedicated to freedom has put into stark relief the one
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freedom we as a nation refuse to uphold the freedom of our fellow citizens to live without the daily fear of gun violence. it's the fourth of july four reflection on our freedoms. our founders carried muskets, not assault weapons. and i don't think a single one of them would have said that you have a constitutional right to an assault weapon with a high capacity magazine haranguing the public people who have done literally nothing wrong except try to protect their own homes from the criminals the sucker has loosed on the state of illinois. no wonder they're screaming at him using punish criminals. he attacked law abiding citizens instead. and that's the theme with pritzker. he's the one who imposed a massive mandate on schools in the state based on non precisely zero scientific evidence. none parents understood it.
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their kids were being destroyed by this. so here's how parents in naperville reacted earlier this year. watch why. >> why are you continuing to enforce the mandate that has been ruled null and void? this type of evil is exactly what the law was intending to constrain. you continue to perpetrate this evil. the judge's words, not mine. where's our family choice? you want your kids to wear masks, then give them masks. you want your kids to take their masks off, then take their masks off. it really is that simple. >> you learn so much with this . everybody talks about everybody's got to be safe. everybody's got to have everything. and we've lost so many children behind. she was going to be able to see other kids smiles. the kids would be able to understand her and she would stop being picked on because
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they could not understand her through her mask because her speech has been delayed even more than her special needs. i will never forgive myself for not fighting more . i feel that i have failed her for not fighting more . so you think if you inherited as much money as j.b. pritzker has billions, you would need to listen to the teachers unions. you fund your campaigns. why do you care what the teachers unions think, which ironically are the national focus of anti children policies? find anybody in america who dislikes children as thoroughly and intensely as the teachers unions do and that person should be in jail. but j.b. pritzker not only listens to the teachers unions, he is their . >> so once you start thinking irrationally and when science has no bearing whatsoever on your public health policy, god knows where you're going to wind up. in the pritzker case, he banned families from stepping on boats because it was dangerous. >> watch.
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it is restricted to two people per boat. it's not you can't have five people or ten people in boats. so if it is a family of four or five like husband, wife and kids, they're going to have to pick two of them at a time. they will give them. >> hey, grace. paul , where did you get the right to tell me how many people can come on my boat? >> nobody questions. >> well, really, it's on the boat or on the dock. nobody said anything. >> and so j.b. pritzker kept going listing. so they love you, but nothing changes. the bottom line fact, gavin newsom and j.b. pritzker run the dirtiest, most dangerous states in the country with the worst cities. chicago, san francisco, los angeles, great places, all places that have been destroyed and the basis of that record of destruction, they've become convinced they run the country. they need to be president. now, that's not hilarious. what is these are ridiculous.
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people. this looks like an ad for plastic surgery clinic compete to be first. you can barely walk to the podium. so again, who's the consultant who managed to keep a straight face while telling j.b. pritzker he could be president? we'd love that man's name. people love you joe biden you can do it. jason whitlock is the host of fearless. he joins us tonight. jason , thanks so much for coming in. you should have gone if you wanted to get rich, you should have gone into political consulting where you can find some inheritance money ,mouth breather like jd pritzker and just whisper in his ear that you could be president. >> why didn't you do that? look, what i should have gone into is television production because that's what the democratic party is into right now. is production of tv shows. look at their january sixth. i wish i had told you this before him when i knew you were going to talk about these two guys. but literally this is a casting call. >> this is an episode of cheers. pritzker is norm and gavin
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newsom is sam malone. and job is to walk into the bar and make sam alone, gavin newsom look better. gavin newsom is the candidate. they're running pritzker out here. the only guy who could be a worse candidate than gavin newsom is j.b. pritzker. so to run him out there so that everybody falls in love with the instagram model, gavin newsom, he's sam malone. they think we're so dumb they think the public is so dumb and they have reason to believe we're this dumb because we fell for the hey, donald trump's a racist and boyle good joe biden is going to save the world. so they're just doubling down on our stupidity and said, look, we're going to put this pretty face. gavin newsom on a terrible game plan for america. we're going to destroy all your rights, take your freedoms away from you, but at least you're going to have this pretty instagram model. gavin newsom, look at you like that better than old joe biden
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. but it does take some stones if you run california to suggest you can run for president. i mean, if gavin newsom had improved los angeles and san francisco and san diego, i'd probably vote for him. >> but he's done exactly the opposite. >> what is he going to say about that? tucker? joe biden is president. yeah, gavin newsom has every reason to believe he can be president. a homeless man in san francisco has reason to believe he could be president if the democratic machine gets behind them and runs the television campaign because that's all this is . this is hollywood people thinking america is so stupid. everything is just a reality tv show. it's an episode of the real world. we can manipulate everything. so let's run the governor of illinois out there is this smokescreen. he's going to make you forget how awful things are in california. i know firsthand i lived in california for ten years. i fled two years ago because of
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the crime, because of the high taxes, because of the homelessness, because of the reduction, because of the taxes. it's a joke in california, gavin, but they're running a bigger joke opposite him. >> such a smart point. jason whitlock, great to see. so thank you for that. >> thank you. so you have to ask after a lifetime of public service, how did nancy pelosi get so darn rich and how did her husband turn into such a remarkable investor? you want to know what stocks to pick? paul pelosi is your man. he just spent millions on a stock right before a key vote in congress. maybe that's a secret we've got to tell. >> but we were in iowa last week. we spoke about some of the politicians who should not be running the country. >> we're pretty specific about it. here's one i'll never forget as long as i live. >> and then she said in order for healing to occur, what
10:18 pm
happens next must be personal and painful for everyone. >> i thought really was. and of course what happened next was personal and painful for everyone. our city burned down. a lot of people died. and i thought why should what happened between a cop? george points out a convenience store in minneapolis be personal and painful to anybody? we talking about? oh, you have no idea what you're talking about. you're trying to please the people whose opinions you actually care about at the new york times. that's just true. doesn't mean she's a bad person. i think she's a bad person. i i've always liked you. she's right here. i told her face, i like you. i don't want you in charge. of anything because because the second things get intense, the second the other side really unleashes and starts yelling so loudly that you can't think clearly. >> i want a leader who can still think clearly. te
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coul protects
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and maintains your local waterways for future generations to enjoy that, take me fishing. >> doug and well, you often hear politicians brag about their public service. >> it's such a sacrifice. and yet nancy pelosi's career suggests maybe you missed her calling. th she spent three decades in congress and yet somehow nancy pelosi is worth tens of millions of dollars.
10:24 pm
how did youns get so rich? well, her husband policyra operates and investment firmbl and he's made a lot of remarkably well timed trades over the years. he really should be on cnbc.r he made another one , paul pelosie snapped up between one and five dollars billion worth of stock in nvidia. the semiconductor company. it turnsan out congress is preparing to vote . $50 billion subsidy to the semiconductor industry. charles gasparino is a senior correspondent with fox business. he joins us to assess this forng sure. thanks so much for coming. is there any way to get paul pelosi's stock tips beforee he does the trades? i mean, this dude is a rising star on wall street. danylo exactly like this guy. >> he almost never misses. >> you know, it really is remarkable. you know, he isn't the joker. obviously this brings upot the notion of is this insider trading? is she giving him some tips? we should point out that, you know, the the ftc and the doj
10:25 pm
have brought cases on insider tips in politico via pillowlk talk. trust me. on it's happened. i don't believe this hits the insider trading bar. you know, a lot of this information about this legislation is bouncing around there. it has to be material nonpublic ,stolen, misappropriated. i it kind of doesn't hit thosead barriers. but what thisin does hit m is limousine liberalism, on steroids.e on i mean, he knows that he has an information age that saying it's illegal, but he knows he has an information that he and his wife talk about stuff. right. okay, he knows what's coming down the pike. sources. and it's not probably not just her. i mean, it's really disgusting looking. and , you know, if you want to understand why people distrust government, it's because of stuff like this. >> that's exactly it's not because it's not because some dignitary went toel the trump hotel, okay, which, i read tons of stories about that when donald trump was president. i mean, oh, they're trying to cozy favor you cuddle up to a donald trump administration because they go to the trump hotel and watchdo nothing.
10:26 pm
okay, this is the bad stuff getting an edge, knowing that it just flies in the face of fairness. again, i'm not saying this is illegal. as a matter of fact, i don't think it's illegal baseded on everything i know about insider trading. it looks like and it makes everyone cynical about democracy and be very simple for congress to ban any kind of trades like this. just puta it in a blind trust. butbl they won't. and it's you know, it's hypocrisy and it's and for someone lectures us on the evils of capitalism likeev nancy pelosi does all the time ,it's really disgusting. charlie gasparino, great. thank you. so we're learning much more detail about how biden sold his father's influence to america's rivals and enemies. fox's kevin quirk has the story for us . kevin tucker, from twenty 2008 to 2016, hunter biden met with his dad about 30 times, either at the white house orsi over at the vp residence. and here's the key. he often did so just days after
10:27 pm
returning home from overseas business trips, and that's according to the new york postvc ,whichh is actually reviewed a lot of material from hunter's now infamous laptop . those gatherings, as you can well imagine, tucker, raise very serious questionsd about c the veracity of the president's claim that he knew nothing about nor everla discussed overseas business dealings with his son . and here just a fewhis examples that would suggest otherwise. aprill 15 , 2016, eight fifteen2 in the morning he meetsrn with the pm of ivoryin coast at nine . he's chatting it up with his dad over at the naval observatory feb. 20 12. courted by russian oligarchs in moscow four days after his return once again meeting with his father at the naval observatory and then this one from march 2012 hunter and joe biden allhe meeting with the former president of colombia whose business hunter had been courting for months and one email long before the meeting, hunter told the former colombian leader, i am checking on my dad's i schedule. the implication, of course, being that hunter was relaying messages to his father
10:28 pm
on behalf of foreign clients. that'siticsents have argued if that's true, joe biden is a liar and worse, he could be compromised. it could also mean multiple fera violations forti hunter, ou something obviously worth keeping a very close eye on as we continue to unpack everything from the laptop tucker. >> what a story, kevin , for. thanks so much for that. you bet. and keep in mind, joe biden hash said in public, i knew nothingin about my son's business dealings with china, for example. a lie and we can prove it. we've gote go much more on bides calendar and we'll have it for you soon. r.well, leon, thomas is a manma biologicallys and yet for some reason he was nominated for the ncaa woman of the year award to an actual female athlete is also up for that award. but how she feels about it now selling a home is expensive and stressful. >> so we created our smart
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10:34 pm
then he decided pretty smart to identify as a woman and hebe became great, notca a scam or anything. e' and now he's been nominated by university of pennsylvania, which is sort of an ivy league school as the quote, ncaa woman of the yearye. so here is a man competing in i women's swimming competitions and getting awarded forin it now rail against also competes for the university of kentucky as a swimmer. she is a woman. she's alsoucs and been nominateo be the ncaa woman of the year. it's 1% rice. thanks so much for coming in.ul whatdn would it be easier to identify as an 8th grader and just dominate kids swimming? >> yeah, right. dothat sounds about like how its going, doesn't it? >> yes, i'm sorry to make fun of it, but i don't know what else to say. t how doha you feel i'm not the nominee. what it is . yes, exactly what exa it is . it's a mockery. that's that's what this wholele thing has turned into something we've as female athletes dedicated our whole lives toou. it's something that people are laughing at. it's ann insultat.
10:35 pm
it's incredibly disheartening and quite frankly, it's wrong f well, especially since swimmingl is ask any swimmers got to be the most painfulul of allhe sports . i mean, pain tolerance is one of the key qualification is for collegiate swimming. right. the ability to endure a lot of q suffering in the pool. so suf you spent years enduring this and some guy jumps ahead aof you. >> i mean, are you bitter about it? i mean, we have and a woman of the year who spent 95% of their life as a male, there's just it doesn't add up. it's a it's incredibly just insulting. think of all the athletes that upend the deserving female athletes who did not get this nominationn't and thomas did afr quite literally only one year woman of the it makes sense because it's been one year thomases spent as a female. f and so, yeah, it's insulting. it's a punch in the gut.he it's a slap in the face and it's a total regression of what title nine stands for. and ironically enough,h,
10:36 pm
i brought this. it's i a letter i got from the ncaa today. to i got it actually as i was walking out of the door to come to the studio, but i picked it up and says that this award a is rooted in title nine of 100% . it's written in title nine and as the fiftiethx anniversary of title nine this year until the woman of the yearti award provides an important opportunity to honor incredible women and reflect on the impact of women on intercollegiate sports . and i just read thiske and honestly, like you said, i just laughed because that'sin what we're doing att this point is laughing at women. it's funny because obviously pennsylvania is a joke and has u been for a while. most people don't know that yet. itet interesting that kentucky, where you go has taken a stand for biology where this quote, ivy league school is taking a stand against? biology? >> yeah, for sure. i think it says something about the southeastern conference.
10:37 pm
yeah, it says a lot obviouslye about the ivy league. but for them to nominate me obviously at the university of kentucky, we have amazing female athletess. e we have abby steiner, who's the u.s. champion. we have ryan howard, who's number one wnba draft pick. and so i don't want to say i feel undeserving because i'vet accomplished great things as well. but i do thinknkell that this ia little bit strategic on both parts. yeah, i think the takeaway for parents is the choice betweenen sending kid to penn or kentucky. you choose kentucky in k a secod . i appreciate coming on . we are rooting for you. riley gaines, thank you. > thank you. thanks so occasionally we come across someone whose writing is so compelling that we want to meet the person. chris bray is one of those a formero is sergeant. the united states army is now a historian and he spent an awful lot of time of observing the country. he's noticed a lot. he's worth reading. he's noticed the emphasis on posturing has overtaken t the emphasis on accomplishments . sohe we sat and talked to him fr
10:38 pm
an hour for brain 1% tucker carlson today. he toldso a story that kind of t crystallized the whole thing about a fire chief in californiathin. >> here's how he described it. to a fire station. i was talking to a firefighter who is doing bicep curls, boxert shorts and a t-shirt. i was telling him, likebo the fire chief says, you know, he's doing these wonderfully sophisticated things. you don't understand his sophisticededth in twenty first century model. and he said to me a sentence that i remembered foror twenty five years and that i applied more and more often to everything i see. he said like stop talking. ea i don'tr care about sophistication. he said someone's house is onmi fire . a family is losing their homein how fast can you put the wetst stuff on the red stuff. ,
10:39 pm
likei for ten years i didn't think about that a lot buthat n the last five or six years i think about it every single day because here's someone who's talking about sophistication and virtue, who's symbolically posturing about the way he's leading the world into a moreic sophisticated place. and here's a group of peoplee who do something and they say here are our equipment problems here. operate no problems. here are the things we need to do to be more effective. fire department, to put out fires to help people in accidents and that conflict between symbolic performancef and people who do stuff is i think, number one , what happened to l.a. and what's happening to l.a. every single day. but. what's happening to our country? >> so the people who do stuff, who fix things, who make civilization better and other human beings happier versus people who talk about themselves on social mediad, it
10:40 pm
kind of is the choice of chris gray sums up the whole conversationon. f >> fascinating. and hehean is really an impresse character. , it debuts:00 a.m.. on fox nation. noticeded that the culture is kind of fraying. kids seem a little brainwashed. it'she social media, right? well, and a lot of cases this tiktok, tiktok isn't just anykt appok controlled by the chinese government. so our question wasroll to chine kids see the same thing on their tiktok. what does the chinese government put different things on their tiktok? we've gotot an exclusive investigation into this afterst a break. for adults with generalized myasthenia grothus who are positive for stokeley receptor antibodye is, it may feel like the world is moving without chie the picturert is changing with sitaram in a clinical trial, 30%tm teamnt improves daily ability with and
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10:45 pm
col. campbell is victim to discuss your case now include nine zero one five nine nine philbert tiktok came out of nowhere to become one of o the world's most popular social media platforms. but what is it exactly? is it a sign up? hmm. well, tiktok is effectively controlled by the government of china. but what's interesting is that the tick tock , the chinese residents, children in china get to seech is very different
10:46 pm
from the one your kids arere looking at here now in china where a tick tock is knownre under different name, videos like these are very common. >> watch these in interesting the rubik's cube olympicste showering the teacher with adoration kids. you can draw like draftsmen. now we saw those by registering an apple device in china justec because we wantedau to know what
10:47 pm
are they watching on tick tock? what american kids your kids are watching on tickth tock stuff like this. last year make it so everybody . what in the world is going to there's also a huge genre on american tiktok of videos convincing your kids to get a sex change. none of this stuff comes up randomly.
10:48 pm
it's curated and it'sne determinedd by an algorithm now in chinese tiktok, you there are lots of videos of college graduations. for example, you're seeing o o your screen right now. so in china, tiktok is wholesome affirming in the united states? well, it's a driver of social chaos. what's going on here exactly? because traveling is a former air force chief software officer. icer us . >> thanks so much for coming on . can this be accidental? no, absolutely not. this is something that china has designed from the beginning. first launching dual dolgen in china with a very different process, first for kids into 14 . you cannot spend more than 40 minutes a day on the application d. they know how toxic it is for particularly for younger generations. but so they are banning the application after nighttimer . that'st very important as well. the other piece is that oeffectively the two applications are complete different, like you said, completely different algorithmff
10:49 pm
. what you're going to find o on the dorland application is effectively pushing educational content, historicaln content and of course, science.e that's not an accident. it's design to effectively pushd the rest of the world toen becoe imbeciles. >> has the united states ever in the past five years actedin e its ownd interests, protect its own people from china ever anywhere? have you ever seen that? or we sit passively by and allow those? >> no, it's definitely>> a perfect example of what you see the chinese communist party leading in really what is effectively a weapon of misinformation. and really at the end off the day, is capable of swayingap elections as well across the world. >>ti yeah, let's convince their kids to get sterilized. okay, nick fallin, appreciateat your coming on tonight for that perspective. e oni don't think we think enouh about this, but we should appreciation. thankut wou you. g have m only so a friend of ours is in the friendzone coming up.
10:50 pm
i'll tell you who it is in just a minute. also, we took some questions after speaking to the family leadership summit in iowa over the weekend. you can watch that q&a and the speech. so i'm tucker carlson. .com. here's part ls people of faith,t people who know for a fact not only that god exists, but eventh more critically, they are notho god . let mehe repeat people who know that they are not gods are the only reason this is stillth a decent society. it's the onlye reason because when you know you're not god , it puts everything intope perspective. there are things that you can'ts do because you're not y allowed to have the power to do that. i mean, what human being has some thought, especially in traffic? i'd like to kill that p person. i'm serious. no,on you don't have the right o do that because you're not god . there are all kinds of limits. but there are also once you realize you're not god and somebody elseou is , there is te
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habit forming. call eighty six forty eight . >> fifty one . eight hundred eighty six . 48. fifty one . mike lindell your goes missing from any nba games. 1000%. it's called human trafficking and it's happening right under our noses right now. firestation and the job description of comedian is not so different from the job description of a journalist as traditional to tell the truth about the powerful comedians who usually a lot smarter, more clever, incisive than journalists. but that's what they'reha supposed to be doing. almost none still do. c adamor carroll is one of the vee few remaining comedians ined the united states, comes out s with a new book called everything reminds me of something advice, answers, but no apologies. hehe joins us tonight in the friends to tell us about it. adam, great to see you. everything reminds me of
10:57 pm
something. >> what does that mean? you know, i just realized that every time i started a story or somebody brought something up, it made me think of something else that i wanted to talk a about. i know you probably are afflicted with that condition and drives everyone around. that's insane. but i just yelled that outin one day everything reminds me of something and i thought that be a goodbe title for a book. >> well, it's a perfect titlee for book, but itbu could also i'm over fifty bucks an advance . so what's the book about? well normally i just sit down and funny books thatn are sort of interesting and hopefully poignant in this particular case i took questions fromse celebrity friends and i took questions from fans of my show and so it forced me to think about things i'd never thought about beforebo because normally you sit down, write a book and you think, all right, here's what i want toto tal about. but when someone says answer this questionn, do you think i've never thought of that question? and it starts to lead you in
10:58 pm
places that you wouldn't have been able to lead yourself like i started thinking about things like and it's in the book when i was younger, when we were just a few years younger, when people would have a faux pas, they misspeak, they would write a letter of apology that saidte if anyone wasr offended, i apologize. nowe. they say if anyone was affected, we apologize and offended is on you. c that just means you couldn't take a joke or you're too a uptight. up but affected means we did something to you. so think about just the use of the word offended as we heardwi growing up and up until recently versus affected and affected means we have to change. that means you must be fired. you must be removed for your job affecting offendingop people. hey dude, lighten up, get a sense of humor. smart language changes imperceptibly, but the effects
10:59 pm
of it arere everywhere. what'sou the best question you'e got? >> i had a question. it said if it's 2020 two males and females are equal, how come you don't see men riding on the back of motorcycles holding on to their wivesles in a world of total equality? and i thought i have no idea. but then i thought about it and i said, the guys who ride motorcycles are old school and the guys that are progressive and are p 50 50 with the wives are scared and would never own a motorcycle because they're double massed somewhere in the basement. and i thoughtd i think that's the answer, but i never would have thought about it had it not been. >> and i know no matter how progressive the man, every man on some level knows if he said your wife, i'm sitting back and hold on to youo, ultimately she's going to divorce you for that. yeah, i think that's just true. adam carolla, comedian, author, great man. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. t thanks, tucker. we are out of time. sadly, of course, we'll be back
11:00 pm
tomorrow night relentlessly every night, 8:00 p.m.elentles, the show that is thee sworne enemy of lying, pomposity, smugnesssw and groupthink at the best night with the ones you love. and nowwon, ladies and gentleme, sean hannity takes over.ans he's rightov. and tucker, thank you. and adam is a great guy. i love his book. a great interview.. thank you. hi . welcome to "hannity" tonight. straight ahead tonight, special investigation into nancy pelosi's husband, the guy that got the dui. but this time the possibility of insider trading. we'll tell you all about it. also, anger towards an armed hero who shot a gunman and likely saved dozens of lives. later, we'll also reveal how border states may have finally discovered the perfect solution to joe biden's open borders policies. it might be the perfect solution. but first tonight we are at the end of a typical monday for ailing commander in chief. while most of you are hard at work today, the president of the united states, he took the day off yet again. it


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