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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> harris: that you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner here with my cohosts, kayleigh mcenany. also with us today, kennedy, jackie deangelis, and brian brenberg is here. president biden seems to be looking to jump-start his green agenda. there are reports he may declare a climate emergency as early as this week. the white house is taking a victory lap, as well, over the following gas prices which have come down only $0.50 over the
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past months. remember, we are still hotter than $2 ahead of where we should be. the biden administration still won't take responsibility, though, for why the prices were surging in the first place. >> we have seen gas prices go down in the past 34 straight days. >> it's higher when you took office, though. >> first of all, we have to look at how we got there. if you think about the war that russia has taken on in ukraine -- >> harris: kayleigh, where is her binder? >> kayleigh: she needs one. [laughs] >> harris: let's take a look at the numbers of ourselves. on inauguration day, gas costs in average of $2.39 a gallon. now it cost $4.59. that's with that plummeting after hitting a record high of all time, $5 a gallon, just last month. now the president has never taken the blame for any of it. he's been leading the charge
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pointing fingers at the russian president. well, watch. >> the current spike in gas prices is largely due to vladimir putin. his price hike -- >> pugin's price hike -- >> putin's price hike -- this is a putin price hike. if food and gas prices are going be elevated by putin's price hike -- >> you want to know why prices are so high? there's a number of reasons having to do with putin's war in ukraine. >> harris: he had doesn't have to do with a mismanaged baby formula crisis. >> kayleigh: he didn't. they were asked in the press briefing room yesterday about the awkward pivot between the price hike -- that's not true, gas went up by a dollar before the war -- to the biden bump, where we are extolling biden for $2 off our gas but we are still $2 above what the average was and he came in on inauguration day. you looked at me when the press secretary gave that answer. they need to have better messaging. this means acknowledging the pain of the people during covid. that's what i did from the podium, it was a time of
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national mourning. that's what you need to do. that's what the time asked for and called for and that is just such a time when the economy is so bad. it's not the tragedy of the treadmill, or go to boxing class and get a margarita, as psaki said, and not -- we are doing everything we can and we know you are hurting. >> harris: i also looked at you because i know if you were standing there it will be a different situation. first, they'd be screaming at you, the press corps. brian, let's talk brass tacks about where we are getting prices. the president made two huge oil grabs for our reserves. not putting any back, because we are not producing at the level we should be. >> brian: right, and it didn't do anything, by the way. he shouldn't take credit for prices coming down to $4.50 and he should not be bragging about $4.50. i don't think there's anyone on his staff who drives a truck. if they did, they would know $4.50 at the pump is not good
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news. that's expensive. the reason gas prices have come down is because the world is concerned about recession. we are looking down the barrel of a recession. >> harris: so they are using less, going fewer places? >> brian: if you have a recession you are buying less oil. the price of oil comes down. but we should not be celebrating that. it's not great news to go from inflation to recession. there's a third option, it's called prosperity. this administration doesn't know how to define that so they're in this weird spot of defending $4.50 a gallon. a bad spot to be but they put themselves there. >> harris: what else do they have? >> brian: they have nothing except a u-turn, which they can't do, so they are stuck here not anticipating the follow on questioning which is, gee, if putin because the price to go up, if greed because the price to go up, is that what caused the price to go down? no, of course not. >> harris: the last hour on "the faulkner focus." >> demand went down 3% of the
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first quarter, still 10% below what it was on the covid crisis and when that hit. it's not because the prices are soaring. the biden administration is doing what they can to help oil and gas prices in this country. we should be increasing production. why aren't we the biggest oil producer in the world? >> we know why. >> why do we have natural gas plant so we can get tough, gas to europe? they will have a tough winter of russians cut back on gas. what are we doing? we are sitting on our hands and proclaiming victory when you get a good week in gasoline prices. pretty pathetic. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: does that mean the war in ukraine is over? does that mean putin has been thwarted? that's not what that means at all, and brian is absolutely right. this is not cause for celebration because, by the same token, the president is also talking about declaring a climate emergency. >> harris: what does that mean, by the way? what does it change? he is begging venezuela, one of the world's dirtiest oil
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producers, to help us out, kennedy. he is lying when he says he is dedicated to the green new deal. >> kennedy: he also went and fist bumped mbs in saudi arabia. and there are victims' families from 9/11 looking at that going, this is never -- this has never been made right. and the murder of jamal khashoggi not to mention the myriad of human rights abuses that saudi arabia is perpetrating, and the president is normalizing that with a "hey bro" fist bumped? with more concerning an laughable about this, saudi arabia and opec plus our light, we are not doing this anymore. he didn't get a deal, he didn't get a promise, he didn't get numbers. so that's not a real victory to her for him. not to mention venezuela. what is a declaration of emergency mean for the climate? it means forest austerity. so what will forest austerity do
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to a depression? it will cause a global depression. it wouldn't be good. >> harris: let's talk about forced austerity, the new nomenclature from kennedy i'm going to hashtag after the show. we have a number of people who can't afford to buy the basics so they will cut back on things. live and heads are starting to change. >> jackie: we've had this conversation for a while. we knew there would be a tipping point before people would come back. there's this pent-up demand after the pandemic and we were also oppressed that we wanted to go out and spend money and we would do it at any cost him even paying $5 a gallon for gasoline. but once the summer is over, i think people are going to pull back because they are starting to feel it. i watch these numbers about what it's costing us, a family of four, on a yearly basis. we started at $3500, then we were over $5,000. now the estimates are over $6,000 a year. that's a tax on american families and that is taking a big bite out of the budget. >> harris: i will tell you the part that really concerns me, are the wages. that people are now starting to
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look at going back to work, and they are not going to realize the benefits of that labor after having sat out for so long. and they are eating through their savings right now. >> kayleigh: yeah, when wages don't keep pace with inflation, on the heels of a prosperous economy while wages are going for marginalized groups. >> harris: former president trump, communication. you are there, you had to have been looking down the road at what this would look like post-pandemic, because we had a vaccine and he was putting some things in motion. what was being talked about? >> kayleigh: well, not throttling the economy. he deregulated, so continuing deregulation and taxation, giving businesses the signal that we are not out to raise the corporate tax on you. all those things, but ended in reverse, in this climate emergency, that is suicide. because essentially that would allow him to stop drilling and stop domestic imports of oil and start renewable gas. try that and let's see what
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happens. >> brian: ended so thoroughly anti-democrat, to be clear. the senate will pass a lot because it doesn't reflect people's will on this. so it is a present going to do instead? decree it. that's not democratic. that's not the system we live in. it'll kill the economy and it says the president to be a make the laws, the president decrees them. >> kennedy: i leave my last thought with brian brenberg. [laughter] one of the best people on tv at explaining this stuff, breaking it down and making it understandable. we know we are hurting. he is so great at explaining why. >> harris: maybe he should run. >> brian: run, like run more? exercise commit [laughter] >> harris: he's so funny! well, she went there, again. vice president kamala harris comparing the u.s. supreme court abortion ruling to slavery. when will it stop? look at her just laughing at her little pantsuit off. the white house didn't want to say where biden stands on it.
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>> kennedy: vice president kamala harris has again compared the end of roe v. wade to one of the darkest chapters in the nation's history: slavery. >> our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies. [audience reacts] [applause] and today, extremists, so-called leaders, are criminalizing doctors and punishing women for making health care decisions for themselves. personal decisions. >> our own peter doocy,
9:15 am
white house press secretary press secretary karine jean-pierre. did he get an answer? >> does the president agree with her that the reason the supreme court decision is similar to slavery? >> i have not seen her comments. >> "our history is claiming ownership over human bodies and today's so-called leaders are criminalizing doctors and punishing women for making health care decisions for themselves." >> well, today's decisions are criminalizing doctors and essentially taking the rights away from women. >> so the president agrees? >> i will say the second part of what you just said, the vice president is actually right. >> kayleigh: i mean, he read her the direct quote, harris. you have to have an answer on that. "i haven't seen --" that's your job, to watch their speeches. >> harris: we have the words for you. you don't have to see it, here are the verbatim words for it.
9:16 am
i say this often. to be ready for that job, to be really pressed in that press corps, is difficult. and you are starting to see now a drumbeat, not just from peter doocy, but when the president and vice president are surrounded by reporters, you can't ignore things like inflation. so i don't feel that she's ready for the moment, and i don't want to be unkind about that. she just is not. i'm sure she's very nice, and that's all great, and she's making history in diversity lanes, and that's what she talked about first. but what we need in this country is someone who can talk brass tacks without the binder and look up and give it straight, and you know with somebody like peter doocy sitting there you've got to come ready. >> that's exactly right. as kamala harris makes these comparisons, she's done it twice, you look at the cnn headline that has popped out at me last night, "voters of color are backing the g.o.p. at historic levels."
9:17 am
he goes on to explain the historic margin this century, 40 points. the republicans are currently ten points better than their best year, 2004. >> kennedy: oh, yes. it's a huge again. it's a huge gain and these are also individuals that vote based on their morals and their conscience. and the vice president may not be representing them, especially as such an unserious person she has not internalized what slavery means in this country and what that institution related to people. and the short lives that slaves lived, and the disease and the contagion and the misery in the murder and the suffering. the fact that she lessens that institution to score a political point is so deeply offensive, while also not acknowledging the seriousness of what abortion means, and how she feels it
9:18 am
should be carried out and whether it's a personal decision between a woman and her doctor. and if it's coming down to the question of freedom, that's not a settled question. that is the crux of the issue right now, people feel that a woman has the freedom to choose and it's just her decision. and other people say no, you're infringing on the freedom of an unborn child. so it's not slavery and it's not settled. >> kayleigh: exactly. states will decide. meanwhile, kamala harris is having a hemorrhaging in her office. she's lost 15 staffers. we will put up their pictures. the "washington examiner" did analysis of the biting white house writ large and what they found is, while biden has lost 15% of his staff in the first year, get this, obama lost 4%. trump lost 1%. and i thought he was the big, mean, bad boss. >> brian: yeah, with all the turnover in chaos. i teach at a college and i tell
9:19 am
my students, when you go to a job, especially early in your career, take a job where you can learn and grow, when you are around the best people. that's much more important than what you get paid. i look at what's going on with her staff in the exodus and i see people saying that this is not the place where i'm going to get better, this is not the place where i'm going to make a contribution or make a difference, and i'm out of here. she has failed to build a team because she doesn't understand fundamentally what this job is. you see her flailing about from issue to issue instead of finding a place where she can get traction. she just sticks with the word salad. as a result the team says stay here, for what? so i can get worse and my job and not find a path? go somewhere where you can be around people who are better. >> harris: should i point something out? if we look at the screen come up and down, the deputy director of speechwriting, the director of speechwriting. that has to be the most frustrated people on the planet.
9:20 am
she had a lot of help behind the scenes and has had so little success. >> so little success, and what's interesting, it just occurred to me, these men and women on the screen, if you think she's the successor to biden, don't you want to be next to her? maybe will be the president's speech writer one day. maybe you will be the president's secretary if you are his successor. >> jackie: i think you're right, she's a strong leader and somebody wanting to step up to the pate, they would want to be on her team. but everything, everyone around her, they are realizing she has a tremendous opportunity is the first female vice president as she has let women down in general. not just women of color. i looked at her and said, wow, you could take us and run with it. whatever he gives you to do, i don't care if it's the worst job in the history of jobs. take it and do a good job. and she just dropped the ball on the border, dropped the ball and everything else. honestly she is so scared to get in the fray, she hangs back for the low-hanging fruit here with roe v. wade. so i just think that she took this opportunity and completely
9:21 am
squandered it. she cannot be on a 2020 for a ticket if he doesn't run, and i know that she and governor newsom are trying to raise some money and do some priming for that, but she has not proven herself. >> kayleigh: to run that ball in the end zone, to your point, you have to pick it up for us. the football is deflated on the 50-yard line. >> kennedy: that would be historic. if you think that's going happen, you better believe you're going to dig in and learn and be part of the team that takes her into the end zone. >> kayleigh: they are moving on out of kamala's office. coming up, the district attorney finally dropping that controversial murder charge against the bodega worker who fatally stabbed an attacker inside a store. more on that self defense debate. ♪ ♪ lite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks.
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9:26 am
new york city bodega worker, jose alba, who stabbed a man during a physical altercation at his workplace earlier this month. remember, self defense. he had a lot of support across the city, and the country. the liberal d.a., manhattan district attorney alvin bragg's office filed the motion to drop the charges just this morning. here's a quote. "the law provides that a person may use deadly physical force to defend oneself if the person reasonably believes that another person is using or about to use deadly physical force." this marks the end of the nearly three week ordeal for jose alba, which includes five days on rikers island. he had a wound that became infected while he was there. a stab wound. we will get into that, maybe. it also comes after weeks of public outcry. supporters and activists held multiple rallies demanding that charges against him be dropped. they even met with d.a. bragg
9:27 am
last week to make a case for self-defense. so, kayleigh, just to revisit for a moment, the deceased's girlfriend allegedly managed to stab, at some point, jose alba. and that stab wound is what became infected reportedly when they shipped them out to rikers. >> kayleigh: yes, please he should never have been. you can't undo that damage he experienced. it costs money to get out of prison there and of course the bodega stepped up and helped him come up there's money involved, his life, the p.r. component of this. it can't be undone. and as it's proven by these drop charges, the american people putting public pressure on these radical d.a.s, because look what happened. the pressure, he became a household name, and all the sudden he says he's considering dropping the charges. he issued that day one memo about not prosecuting the offenses. public outcry. he says there is a reckoning on
9:28 am
this and then he decided to roll back parts of that memo. i will also quickly say the mayor of new york city, in the wake of that memo, said, "i know him, i respect him, he's a great prosecutor." well, you enabled this guy. you were his hype man, mayor adams. so it's time to calm the governor for his resignation. >> harris: brian? >> brian: i have family in new york city so i watch all the stories with great interest because i want to know what kind of city and leaving in. is it safe connected and he was around the city stand up for me and my kids and my wife? i see how long it took for justice to happen in this case, and it feels like forever, and that is so bad because everybody in the nation could see this, except for one person: alvin bragg, the guy he was supposed to be protecting me and my family. we end up being in a position of sheltering around this city because we are concerned, if something happens and we are on the right end of it, we could end up on the wrong end of it
9:29 am
just like alba. this is why people leave cities like new york and chicago and elsewhere, and you are right, until a person like bragg is no longer in that seat, it doesn't change. >> harris: two things come to mind. first, they don't have a recall here in new york. i live in new jersey so it's not exactly my problem, but i care. >> jackie: you work in manhattan! >> harris: right here on sixth avenue stuff is happening all the time. brooklyn, shootings, stabbings, everything. but i want to get into it with you, though, i don't know, brian, i don't necessarily know that he didn't see it. i don't give him that pass. i think he did. i think it's a concerted effort now and i think it's a war between us, potential victims, and victims and criminals, and that what they do and how they decide to adjudicate these cases is on purpose. >> kennedy: that's a great point and it's a little people didn't think we would get to you. you have high crime that is
9:30 am
rising, homelessness, you've already got high taxes. you've got robber barons who are running these real estate conglomerates that are raising rent. astronomically. just as people coming back into the city, it's a recipe that is an invitation to get people to leave, and they are doing it in droves. on the east coast, they moving to florida. on the west coast, they are moving to texas, arizona, and nevada. they are going to tax-friendly states because what are beginning for our high taxes connect that's the new level. when you defend yourself, all of a sudden you are the criminal? they are going to throw the book at you? you can shove an old woman in front of a subway and you're going to get a ticket, but your life is threatened and you being stabbed, a woman guarantees, "my boyfriend is going to come back and s you up," and he goes behind the counter and jose alba had no choice. you know what choice he has now? i think he should sue the pants off the city and the d.a. for
9:31 am
destroying his reputation and family. >> harris: and as kayleigh pointed out, you can't get that back. there's no return on any of it. your life has changed forever. jackie? >> jackie: i walk around the streets of new york city, and i've been here for from the side of the pandemic, i've seen alvin bragg come in and deal with the criminals by letting them go and criminalizing the innocent people. i sit back and i say, why did it take three weeks for this to happen? because so much pressure was put on him. but i realize this could be any of us walking on the street. we could be attacked, so angry about everything that's happened, and we can unload on an individual who is trying to hurt us using deadly force, and we could be the ones thrown in rikers. that is scary. forget the taxes and forget the raise rent. that's terrifying. to brian's point, it makes people want to stay inside and not go out or take those kinds of risks. it's sad. it could destroy the city. >> harris: look how empty the city's this summer. when you come in from a different state every morning as
9:32 am
i do, this isn't the same city. it isn't. >> kennedy: no come of it if you ask anyone, they have stories of people going tinkle in public places. [laughter] >> harris: we will move. straight ahead, prince harry is once again bashing america, the country he and his wife, meghan markle, now live in. and this time he did it in front of the united nations.
9:33 am
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9:37 am
speak of this has been a painful year and a painful decade. climate change wreaking havoc on our planet, with the most vulnerable suffering most of all. the few weaponizing lies and disinformation at the expense of the many come from the horrific war in ukraine to the rolling back of constitutional rights here the united states, we are witnessing a global assault of y and freedom. >> kayleigh: he's a retired royal, i would argue he has no following. why is he at the united nations, kennedy? >> kennedy: i don't know! take your ginger scones and go back to the u.k. if you hate it so much! that's fine! i don't want a lecture on the constitution from a guy he was from a place that doesn't have a constitution! it's a series of laws and suggestions, it's not written down into a thing! they don't have first amendment! i'm glad he's using his first amendment rights to blather like an utter, forgettable hypocrite.
9:38 am
and he and his claptrap get into an suv, a massive gas-guzzling suv, presumably to fly back on their private jet, their bombardier 6,000, which accommodates 15 in the state room, of a plane! >> harris: and it's not green. >> kennedy: co2! >> harris: they don't care. they don't want you there, either. >> i think i know why he's at the u.n., because it's part of the smoke and mirrors thing that meghan markle has created and they came to this country and she said, "this is what you have to do, you have to stand up and make yourself relevant," and that's how they're going make money and that's what he's doing. because clearly he follows her drumbeat. but there are a lot of people who say, just because you are speaking doesn't mean you're relevant. he had an opportunity under the royal family to be relevant and have some influence, to go around and work on their causes. don't come here and try to preach things you don't know
9:39 am
about. if you don't understand something, don't speak about it. my favorite thing, what i would say to them if i could if i was standing in front of them, stick to mention, go raise the chickens in the back, and zip it. >> and he's talking about rolling back constitutional rights, ironic coming from a guy who said this: >> it's a huge subject and when i don't understand because i been here for a short period of. you can find a loophole in anything. laws were created to protect people, right? that's how i see it. it is bonkers. >> kayleigh: and he wants to roll back constitutional rights himself. [laughs] >> harris: he doesn't know what he's talking about. and he continues to talk. i love your perspective on that, jackie. >> jackie: it's a business. >> harris: that she puts him out there is an opportunity to make money. i think the only reason he taxesbecause he doesn't get toot home. i'll stick with that theory.
9:40 am
>> kayleigh: that's a very good theory. the epson to we have some twitterusers wis paid "sorry, your family lost the right to lecture americans after that whole taxation without representation thing." i love this one. "the worry and u.k. will finally keep over." "we fought a war so wouldn't have to listen to royals and they follow us over here to bother us. >> brian: we shouldn't have to listen to the duke of sussex. we got rid of dukes when we won that were paid you know how much we spend at the united nations every year? $11 billion. let's claw back a little bit of that. we don't need to hear that lecture from that guide. >> harris: like a credit from bloomingdale's. [laughter] >> brian: something like that. >> kayleigh: i want to get back to that bombardier you mentioned. we will put these facts on the screen.
9:41 am
they used 60 tons of carbon and meanwhile the recommendation in the paris agreement is a person uses 2.1 tons. so in one plane ride -- i can't do the math. 30 times? >> harris: brian can do some math. >> kennedy: are they here to lecture us and take out all the oxygen? they are destroying the climate with their hot air single-handedly. congratulations. >> kennedy: from both ends, harris! [laughter] >> kayleigh: we could make a math problem about the car been used by prince harry and meghan markle. >> brian: the new math textbooks in our public schools, we could use that, that would be great. >> harris: 300 million minus two. >> brian: there's a word problem for you! >> kayleigh: last thoughts, jackie? >> jackie: i think everyone
9:42 am
should stick to what they know and they should stick to what they know. >> kennedy: what did they know? [laughter] >> jackie: not much! she should go back to her acting career whatever it is. you can't have the best of both worlds. she wants to be a royal when it's convenient, she wants to use those titles to leverage your business, and that's what i think this is, harris. she stood back and said, "i'm not taking crumbs from the royal family. i'm going to keep my mouth shut and go to the united states and build my own empire. and harry is going to help me." >> harris: is he in any way, shape, or form relevant though? at least there he did some good. look at princess diana. harry and william come from a legacy of wanting to help people. she could have been part of that. >> kennedy: she makes kate middleton look like a saint by comparison. >> harris: best thing that ever happened to kate middleton. the first woman of color to marianne, it's like she couldn't figure out how to be helpful and famous. she just couldn't figure it out. and relevant. >> kennedy: and you think
9:43 am
kamala harris is bad, bring in meghan markle! >> kayleigh: a fight between twitter and elon musk gearing up with a judge ruling to fast-track the trial. that's next. ♪ ♪ for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years. ...from every length of service... united states army, strategic intelligence officer,
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>> john: if putin was to blame for gas prices coming up, who gets the credit for them going back down? ro khanna, nikki haley, and her economic panel way n. nancy grace is he with the latest on the christians might disappearance and a new investigation into sex trafficking. ambassador robert o'brien on putin's trip to iran, and why isn't there more business experience among white house officials tasked with writing the economic ship. i'm john roberts. sandra is out today. gillian turner and i will see you in the next hour for america reports. >> harris: breaking news now, a delaware court has just decided to fast-track a trial between twitter and tesla ceo elon musk. despite elon musk's efforts to delay that trial until next year. it's not set for october. twitter has accused must give using delay tactics to hurt the company and the court of public opinion. musk's team claims they need more time to dig into the real number of fake accounts on the
9:48 am
platform. it's those bought accounts that prompted elon musk to pull out of the deal to buy the social media site. twitter filed a lawsuit to hold them to that deal. so, brian, part of the reason i'm sure he also pulled out is because it gives you an opportunity to get a better deal. >> brian: he doesn't want to pay that much for this thing. >> harris: i thought it was 44 -- sorry, talk to me like i'm six. >> brian: he doesn't want to pay that. this isn't a win for twitter that the tie trial is expedited, but it's less of a loss, i think. i still don't think twitter isn't a great spot here, that by expediting the trial, it helps them. the longer this goes on, the more we will learn about twitter, the more we learn about those spam accounts and the more it works in musk's favor. i still think the negotiations going on here, but i think we will learn a lot as this trial approaches, because his team is
9:49 am
going to dig in and everything they find is going to say twitter is an empty shell. it's not worth the original price. twitter failed to disclose what they should have disclosed about this. twitter wants it done because they know time is not on their side. >> harris: so, jackie, even if they can do all of what brian said, elon musk's team, does he still have to pay the prenup of a billion dollars? that's what i call it. >> jackie: that the question pair that was the breakup fee. he relinquished his rights to peek under the hood though i would say, it's proven, if they lied in public documents about that bought accounts, it wouldn't matter if he peeked under the hood or not. but i'm not sure how this is going to work. some people actually saying, legal experts, that this court could compel him via the civic performance clause to buy twitter at 5420 for $44 billion whether he likes it or not. i don't think a speedy trial is good for him. i think the more time he has to expose what's going on here, the better off he's going to be. but i think that delaware courts
9:50 am
are more pro-business, they would be on twitter's side and want to get it done quickly before the share price tanks anymore, and before shareholders suffer, as well paid so it's tricky and it is going to be the johnny depp/amber heard busines. >> harris: and he dated her! to think she'll? [laughter] >> jackie: she would look at the jury and just cried. but he's right because they need time to pull out information. if twitter has been lying and it really is half spam accounts and have bot accounts, that is so bad for them. essentially it is a false company that our investment has rested upon, and people will want to abandon that. he was going to want to stick around for a big phony baloney company? so i think he didn't get into this trying to lower the share price that he's buying it at,
9:51 am
but learning what he has learned, he now knows that it is not worth what he was going to pay for it. i still hope and hold out hope that the deal goes through and that he fundamentally changes the place, opens it up, shows us the algorithms and gets rid of the bots. >> harris: we've been noticing an ebb and flow of followers. why are some tweets not going through? some things are happening right now on the platform. i'm curious, is that twitter trying to sweep some stuff? i don't know. >> brian: musk is curious, too, and he won't buy it unless he figures it out. you don't buy a card without an engine. if it's fundamentally a shell, you don't pay this kind of money for it. i still think musk has the leverage, because i think most people in america would say something smells funny about twitter and i wouldn't pay that, either. >> kayleigh: all i know is the moment the deal was announced, i started getting followers, every conservative i know on twitter started posting the gains they
9:52 am
made. the moment he announced it. it's almost as if twitter -- i'm just surmising, it's like they wiped away some algorithms to keep the conservatives down. i hope to kennedy's point that this goes through. 2024 elections are right around the corner and i don't want to see another hunter biden story or whatever that bad story is for the other party, swept under the rug on twitter in the newspaper, one of the largest in the country, "the new york post," centered unjustly. >> harris: we will follow it as it happens. stay close. ♪ ♪ (vo) introducing welcome unlimited from verizon. at our best price ever. just $30 per line. (fran) for real? (vo) for real, fran. $30 bucks. (fran) nice! (vo) keep your phone and we'll help you cover the cost to switch. (ned) easy peasy. (vo) just $30 dollars a line. only from verizon. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect,
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♪♪♪ >> last but not least, something both republicans and democrats can agree on. you may recall this clip of house speaker nancy pelosi on
9:57 am
the late show in 2020. >> this is something you can get through the mail. >> ok. >> oh, my -- >> other people in our family go for some other flavors, but chocolate and then we have some other chocolate here. >> those jenny's ice creams are like $8 bad boys. multiplication, we have brian for that. one impressive supply of ice cream. the speaker keeps her freezer stocked with it at all times and nearly seven in ten americans do, too. i will admit, i tried jenny's ice cream after the pelosi segment, it's really good, in my third canister, they are $8 apiece but are good and i guess we can agree on that. >> harris: i love all ice cream. are we talking about the ice cream we like? >> you get pelosi ice cream.
9:58 am
>> harris: go to the piggly wiggly. >> i do the daddy daughter dance every week, but we don't eat the ice cream in the fridge, we go out. you got to get the big, the cone really matters. like the texture to it. ice cream is a dad trick, you keep relations with the kids on good terms. >> my husband started that tradition, going to the ice cream store and then a park or the golf course, like it is the number one dessert, kennedy, apparently 82% say ice cream. >> and paul pelosi's favorite flavor is rum raisin. >> now so many types, coconut milk ice cream, cashew milk -- >> have you been to van lewis
9:59 am
here? you can buy it at trader joe's right now. >> my 17-year-old found out you can get it on uber eats. >> you have a child who orders ice cream off of uber eats? >> have you not met my child? >> that is next level. >> i'll order like the stone cold tub, jackie, and love of ice cream, shots, remember, chocolate chocolate chip, he loves it. >> i'm a little o.c.d. and no ice cream in the freezer during the winter, it's too cold. only in the summer, can only be eaten once a week on sundays, and a special treat and fancy nancy has 8 or $9 ice creams, i don't, my favorite is mint chip, comes from target, used a coupon, three bucks, so good. texture and the ice cream ratio. >> you have children? >> no. >> once a week -- during the summer, i'm sorry. not once a week, every day of the week and always, even during
10:00 am
winter. >> espresso afagatto, come on now. >> like pouring brownies on, candy canes. sorry to make you hungry, john and sandra. here is "america reports." >> john: kayleigh, dark oregon cherry all the way. kamala harris calling the supreme court ruling overturning one of the darkest moments in american history, the slavery. coming at the naacp convention also suggested election security laws are intended to roll back voting rights. >> gillian: is this the new rallying cry for democrats, perhaps fearing a wave in november, nikki haley will join us on this and more.


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